hi guys hey I wanted to spend some time here sharing with you the video that put together compilation sometime that yesterday December the 15th we went out and had a little time with Sparky one of the guys from the wood gas fart forum he showed us his Dodge Dakota truck and fully converted over to wood gas sort of a hybrid runs off wood gas or gasoline and he gave us the Grand Tour give us a ride in his truck and showed us what was all about Tom I personally was very impressed with Sparky’s knowledge and his skills both then mechanically to build this device and also his knowledge of how to make this all work very efficiently Sparky’s done a few trucks and conversion and he’s also as a real good results as you’ll see here from the video so just a nod adieu let’s get over to the video and I’ll show you what my time was Sparky hell it all went so you load up this okay so that’s your burn chamber here that’s the gasifier and then where’s charcoal charcoal right at about this level here yeah right about there yeah okay that’s why it’s still warm yeah that’s not fun there okay so you load up and you got Springs in case you get to blow black or something so down to here where’s your boy using for a fan there elephant you have no fan you just use the intake from the engine oh you need to start up in right for it oh you use it just for starting it up and you shut it off starting up when it’s cold it’s not even permanently mounted truck yet I just built this this is still fairly new okay I haven’t hardwired anything you had her hard foam anything and I just okay I just use that just restarting up okay you’re fine but so let’s say we wanted to get to load this he would load if you focus to the oh wait about you oh that with charcoal – in order to help it go faster not in the door it’s loaded with wood okay you will not steam out of yeah well that’s the sense of water that’s condensing out of the wood gotcha okay you load it in there fill it up it’s good for 50 to 70 miles depending on your driving okay also depending on the species of wood uh-huh okay and then it’s kind of the gases will be made in this area and they’ll exit this drum and they’ll go into that middle container there that’s a condenser and heat exchange your drop box okay okay from that point it enters the cooling rails up here in the front and it’ll wrap around the truck to the back here okay alright what comes out of this is a carbon dust water vapor and your gas look at your your your condensing the gas and all the water will stay here in these containers here okay so this is where you capture all your water a majority of that risk okay through through this container then we route it PVC plumbing up through the final filter and the final filter will catch the remaining of the carbon dust do use a straw or our sawdust for the filter your filter a straw straw straw work guys that pulled you over so zero question well well I doesn’t I don’t see any emission top of the sundae I mean it’s like the EPA has visited me four times just to check on my trucks and just because they’re just generally curious about right they love it they absolutely love you don’t melt those this PVC Belva no no I would think this would get a lot hotter I see this is rubber here yeah but I saw in one of your videos that you had like flames shoot now you burn out that koreas the creosoul and there’s a I’m doing there in the video is I’m just looking at the color of the flame the different colors in the flame okay different gasses right if you get blue you get a cleaner bullet burn if you got orange why you want to see a little bit of a blue purplish face to it okay that’s what I’m looking for how do you work to the air ratio or the rate of flow oh no no that’s all in the design video are you seeing the design of the gasifier I’m amazed that you don’t have a fan on that because all the other ones I saw in demos I do use that fan over there four stars right yeah that’s why these rubber caps are here

because that fan will fit right over one of these rubber caps gotcha okay for ease of clean out for you ah that looks exactly like my fan yep duck fan okay so you just okay you got it all set there to where it’ll just fit on there and pull your draw and the venue got it started to start my draft okay the rubber caps are there for that purpose they’re also there in case of emergency if you had an explosion in here you’d blow these off rather than rupturing or blowing a pipe off anything right right and that’s where it’s going to let go purpose and they’re also there for easy clean out so so you say clean out how often you have to if it seems like I generally tend to wash it out every thousand miles or so I think that were you just use a garden hose or yeah guardhouse with water and a little bit of dish soap okay nifty yep empty so you have this switch to where you can start up on gas while this is kicking in or and then because that’s what I saw that when Keith was doing he had his system starting on gas and then he cooked because he because you don’t go instantaneously with wood to have it burnt if you’re going wood alone it’s pretty it’s pretty quick uh-huh betting on how how you got your system running is pretty quick for the changeover but generally we do start off on a little bit of gasoline and then within five to ten minutes we can switch over to wood pulley okay now if you had the blowers set up on the truck you could start up on one hundred percent with my other truck is plumb my leg okay one fifty I can start the f-150 up on gasoline or on wood cold start okay so with this size chunks is I I see you have here you don’t have any bridging and there are that you have Revit you probably went through a lot of design stack oh you get 4i where you are today bridging you are using like Winkies method or using the one of the public methods you have your own it’s kind of a little bit it’s similar to wanes with with my own twists to it okay those are four clean outs in case you’ve got a blockage in the pipe you got to push you can push water through here and you can jet it out Barb and build up high sides he probably is a pressure washer yeah exactly so that’s what you do with the pressure washer exactly okay you can if need be you need be nine times out of ten you don’t know if it’s not that expensive you don’t have to pay that for okay here I can show you inside the inside the cab area show you the instrumentation so you get a lot of tar I would think and this no no this system is car free really inception others because I that’s my worst fear about the this is getting now there is no tar there is no tar whatsoever both my systems and Wayne system may be Korea’s salt I know just that you got a burning right you’ve got to have a good combustion to get tar free gas okay okay but this is 100% tar free fuel because I that’s my first thing I’ve seen with you a lot of people would gas I’ve seen there was a lot of tar the first guy I went to visit here in Florida he’s got 55 gallon barrels and we had a blowback and he had a big old brick on that and it looked it like put off the ground but it’s probably just a design we did just a different design this design will not make tar underneath it in the right hands of the right offer it will not make tar have you had bull back on this source huh it’s not something that happens on a daily basis okay prayer like once in a blue moon okay it generally that that’s from oxygen air leaking into the system where it shouldn’t be right okay that’s why you get those right and it’s long as your system to sealed up tight and you’re not going to go okay awesome yeah take a look inside I’ll consider some Lucas lotto you’re not in enough of any contaminants in your engine oil run justice yeah it turns you old black but it is still oil it’s not breaking that stop bringing it down it’s still motor oil so how many hours I mean miles do you think you you’ve put on so far that truck or the trucks you have together I’ve probably driven over 50,000 miles in the past three years on wood and if you’re comparison for gasoline versus wood well you got the free source on I

guess is the maintenance more the maintenance is a little bit more because you got to maintain the gasification system on the back of the truck so yeah okay you’re going to spend a little bit of time doing that the time for just load you’re talking about the loading cleaning out the system but you said you once every thousand miles yeah like I said when you’re comparing it to a normal gasoline-powered vehicle the maintenance is a little bit much there’s a little bit more right generally no you don’t spend a whole lot of time what made you think you trust we build them puffs these aren’t something yet that exist this is like a prototype each one that’s what I mean what kind of money are you looking to put into a system liquid running back their truck I’m trying to figure out for gas mileage of those you know which one you have to capture system plunge Burt cover itself if you for a system like that I call that my basic system right there you know we put some finishing touches on it brighten it up a little bit probably looking about $15,000 plus the truck oh all the whole new steel I don’t want to mess it up surplus when it comes to gasification so you do stainless for your burner or you just use standard it’s all carbon if it’s all carbon steel construction okay and we can run it through my roof rack I get all stainless steel there you go Ellie problems best thing this is brick yes it is brittle and it doesn’t tree it looks nice but it doesn’t you Oh bring it bring it to the location generator boom we’re doing right now is reward you so that’s why you use the gas to help pull that through and that’s your fan for the initial gotcha for time I don’t want a bow this way for the oxygen do it saying he’d been there before I see a lot of this I don’t even have to cut but enough to make trust her about BB bourbon perfume

Wow a tragic for I’m sure okay so that should temperature I’m at yeah that’s temperature and then down here we have three vacuums this is 100% wood power nice a silver gauge over here is a air to fuel ratio that’ll tell me how much fuel was getting in a boat whether it’s too rich you’re doing a back very nice thing to have hey so what’s the job what more you looking for for ranges there ah generally in this truck 18 is lean and 8 is rich and I like to run it at low speed I like to run it right around 15 high generally I try to keep it trimmed right around the 15 knotch uh-huh it would gas has got a very wide air to fuel ratio range it doesn’t have to be perfect uh-huh but any any more than 15 and the truck will start to stumble in and choke on a fuel it’s too much okay 18 is pretty much the most you can lean it out and still have good good decent acceleration okay obviously the more you lean it out the longer your wood is going to last whereas the richer you run the more power you throw to the engine the quicker you’re going to burn the fuel up just like on gasoline if you’re out hot rodding right so one load is 50 miles approximately right on this truck if you’re if you’re steadily driving highway speeds and you’re not accelerating all the time right on this type of wood it’s pretty much 50 miles so probably going to be just like gasoline it’s going to take you go get less French if you have to do a lot stop and start it depends again the stop and the stop and go depends on how fast you stop and you start if you excel okay holy it’s going to last a lot longer than if you’re out hotfooting it and trying to get up to speed quickly okay the more you try to do that the faster you burn your wood up okay so you can get on a backcountry road like this one right here and I hide up the speed go 55 and just hold it there you’re going to drive for an hour on this one yeah no hesitation at all no now this truck gets up it goes ideally a very good and there’s no I’m not fighting or hesitate or anything they’re just the air to fuel ratio on the with the manual right yeah some of the things like I’ve watched I read about geek it seems like your entire life was there trying to just carburation in order to make the engine to run yeah failure without – I built one of those also you built one a man I was on the group I was getting I just didn’t have the metal working skills to do it and I was looking at it and thinking you know it all makes sense except they were running their fuel wasn’t consistent so where they can get it set it or and also they’re what they’re running at an agenda if they had one load constant you know generator running one Pacific speed I like charging a battery right on then there I see would be perfect for it right but imagine so how was your experience with game my experience with it is the device it works halfway I didn’t yield any I didn’t see any increased efficiency okay and in my run times with it okay but what I did notice is if you were limited to your fuel right you could only get you know miscellaneous makes us some fuel and convert it for the unit right you wouldn’t be stuck just on gasoline anymore with that system you could

vaporize just about anything use potable Yap vegetable oil anything that builds any kind of anything that can be burned is in a liquid for not use the heat and you can vaporize that get it into the motor and you can run okay you’re not going to run I like you exactly we’re running on gasoline but nonetheless if you’re still getting energy out if you didn’t have anything it would be the way to get an engine running right you could do the same thing I mean what we’re talking about there is it’s basically is the form of a vapour carburetor ah Holly is just what your make bacon of April car Berea I tried some different makes his abuse motor oil a little bit of this and a little bit of gasoline and it burns it all up but I didn’t notice one was more efficient than the other method I think it burned it all all just done the same haha so what engine did you use it on oh it’s a 5000 won five okay bring grease and strap okay yeah that’s what I’m I’m looking on Craigslist for I’m looking for an old generator to just play around but yeah and I see tons of them just going for a couple hundred they’re just getting rid of them they’re moving and so I think I’m going to get me cheap a couple just don’t start playing because I see people you know have tons of old oil around and seemed like be some place to use it probably I’ve heard with the motor oil is once you filter it real well you can really hurt the engine yeah you got to get one way or another you got to get the good family yeah but there is a lot of energy yeah and I hear no hesitation oh there’s one there’s 70 miles an hour there I’m not going to go any faster on this back right I don’t want you to but yeah my foot is barely touching an accelerator right okay no hesitation and I didn’t see you having to shift all the gears and levers but you probably got this fine Tim you did all the work a hit off that you’ve already done and mechanics that I’m looking at so exactly it takes a spine tuning there and it takes a little bit of fine-tuning to get the truck to run like this but nonetheless the plant can be executed yeah I’ll show you that we can idle it down three running off the vapors yep we’re running off of the with fuel that’s one of the most unique things about this design is it has the ability to drive fast highway speeds like that and then come right in off of a fast highway like that and just idle the truck down and drive 15 ha ha stop at a red light whatever you got to do and there’ll be no hesitation in the performance hmm very cool I always wanted to come down this road I’ve never actually been back here before I wanted to see what was down here today was a good day so imagine you can make a lot of trips huh now whole new worlds open up with you you see something on Craigslist and in three cities down I’m not you get all kinds of range still have the maintenance factor but the fuel factor is in this past year I put 20,000 miles on my other truck my f-150 and 15,000 that was soul wood driving haha the other 5,000 was just a little mild of two mile trips here and there up to the

gas station up to the store or whatever ever need a gallon of milk or something it’s just the right that light again I say if I are gonna you’re going to consume some extra wood on that startup and and then when you don’t fire it down you got are it down it gets still burning you’re not you’re not gaining anything you know you just kind of went through all the time to make that bag of wood it’s just kind of bright smolder away there in the gasifier right it’s best to go out and if you’re going to light it at least drive a hopper and empty it down I’m just going to pretend like we’re stopped at a haha a red light for a second very smooth yes washing wing Keith was totally different to me because didn’t fit the classification I saw with the grass suppliers they didn’t see the plume of smoke and you know I back here I look there ain’t nothing no it’s closed system it’s completely closed when you when you think about a wood-burning vehicle you think steam locomotive and all the black coming out of the dry yeah that was not gasification that was just a wood-fired boiler right because the compression of the steam is amazing oh yeah the power power of hot water very efficient – I still don’t think anything is uh any new technology has ever trumped steam power yet so giver have you worked with HHO for have you worked with alcohol for fueling engines no no alcohol I have played around very lightly with some hho and I found out really quickly that I wasn’t going to be able to make a system that we yield enough right on demand of course and uh what I that’s what I wanted right obviously you know you can’t rule out store hydrogen pure hydrogen and tanks and if you win the vehicle that way it’s more than doable but I wanted something that if the world was going to come then tomorrow right I didn’t want to ride a horse right I wanted to have 230 yellow butter Neath the hood exactly a nice cushion seat with air conditioned right that was my goal and still have your a/c at all yes everything on the truck radio everything still worked just as in the quote some ghastly imagine you could you could do a camper yep and there a lot of wood a lot of wood to run it yeah yeah you could do it a lot of those newark nippers aren’t running on gasoline anymore they didn’t change them all up these ha yeah ah so how hard is it to switch back to gas we can do it I think we can do it this truck without pulling over okay try okay that’s gas that’s that simple that’s wood hey there’s your answer I was watching when Keith it was like six other moves yeah make sure that okay I got to check myself every once a while make sure to

tell it weird all the way yeah well it’s run so close it’s hard to tell yep it is I catch myself turning that little knob all the time making a big issue yeah like I said before the Dakota and gasification all around it’s just a good match to accommodation ha ha Detroit performs very well into the burn a whole lot and very very easy to maintain I think it’s still comparable if you were to just get good pellets like TSC let’s say you did have your free source I think it still to compete again gasoline oh yeah absolutely I believe I believe it could too have to do the math but gasolines not going to stay three-sixty here and 340 gallons so in Mora my concern is one day just might not be there right this is my dry run this is my practice knife right now if and when that day does come right you’re there I’m going to know exactly what you’ll be Amish you won’t even notice right