alright so without any further ado I would like to get started and let’s talk about growing your team with virtual assistants all right so what is a virtual assistant let’s start there we really have to answer the question what is a virtual assistant well ultimately a virtual assistant is anyone who performs work for you from a location other than your own you know it’s interesting I was on the phone with a real estate agent this morning who was thinking about buying office space and the discussions centered around well you know I really don’t want to have to buy off his face but my team is outgrowing my current location you know and she’s now hiring virtual assistants thrust which is helping her because now she doesn’t have to go higher ergo rather go buy office space she’s gonna take the existing team that she has and rather than buy office space for them because right now they’re working out of her house and she doesn’t want to continue to do that she’s going to have them working from their homes which are local to her right there in that in her part of the country but ultimately that’s going to make them virtual assistants also does that make sense because they’re performing that work for her from their home instead of from her home and now she’s also going to be adding virtual assistants that we’re going to be hiring for her from all over the world as part of her virtual team but in essence what’s happening now is she’s able to build and grow her team without any of the overhead and expense of the office space and we’ll talk a little bit more about that later all right well I’m about to show you why top businesses hire virtual assistants and why you should too I’m going to hopefully change your perception of virtual assistants forever you know the old cliche is that virtual assistants are only good for low-level tasks like data entry and SEO and blogging and we’re going to talk today about some of the high level tasks that many virtual assistants are able to accomplish and the difference between kind of those walmart of VA’s out there and the nordstroms type VA is out there and and there’s a big big difference between them and there are some very talented people out there that you can get a very very affordable price that really want to work for you and you would be amazed at how talented they can be we’re going to talk about how to select the aight virtual assistant you know it’s tough when you don’t have enough help it’s even worse when you don’t have the right help just hiring somebody is not enough you’ve got to hire the right people and when you have those right people you want to put them in the right system and you want to support them the right way and make sure that they have the tools necessary to do their job will talk a little bit about that later as well we’re going to talk about how to know when and if you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant you know a lot of people to be honest with you just aren’t ready to hire virtual assistant and that’s okay we’re going to talk about how do you know if it’s time how do you know if hiring a virtual assistant is even the right move for you and your business right now and it may not be and that’s okay if it is make sure you do it the right way then we’re going to talk about how you can test drive a virtual assistant absolutely for free now one of the things that we’re going to do today for you I don’t know if you read it in the email or not but for everybody that registered for this webinar because of those technical challenges that we had earlier we are going to give you an extra special bonus at the end of webinar now you can find out about that bonus if you go to advanced REO secrets net let’s advanced REO secrets dotnet you’ll find out about that that freebie i’m going to give you something that’s literally worth up to a thousand dollars absolutely free now it’s important that you know that there’s not gonna be any selling today so that is your opportunity to connect with us is to go to advanced REO secrets net all right well let’s get right into it so let’s talk about how i went from being the lone ranger to you know just kind of doing business on my own it was me and my wife against the world selling real estate to becoming a world-class team builder and more importantly how you can too you know i always tell people i’m a recovering real estate agent you know about two years into the business you know here I was just out of well I had gotten out of high school went and served a mission for the church for a couple years came back and immediately went back into real estate two years into that career my parents were recommending that i get a job at McDonald’s and their comment was well Michael you’d make more money if you work for McDonald’s and despite being the number one age at my office at the time the scary truth of the matter was they were right you know it was great that I was number one in my office what do you do everybody else was broke too right i was i was making any money i was broke and I had to figure out how am I gonna do this so like you I sought out an expert just like you went to Frank Patrick I went I sought out an expert that can help me learn about real estate and I went to one of their seminars and he made a comment that hit me like a ton of bricks he said if you

don’t have an assistant you are one I’m gonna say that again if you don’t have an assistant you are one man that is so true that hit me like a ton of bricks and I got that I was scared to death I knew what I had to do i knew i needed to go out hire an assistant but i had no idea how I was gonna do it I didn’t know where I was going to come up with the money you know I was gonna have to pay this assistant more than I had ever made in a year you know it’s and so how was I going to do this I wasn’t going to grow my business by hiring assistance well I took the leap of faith and I did it anyway I just I knew I had a credit card and I knew how to use it so I thought well i’m gonna give it a shot and I hired my first assistant and let me die if she was fabulous in fact she was so amazing that literally for years later she became my wife and I always tell people that’s what I went to work for her but anybody that’s married knows what i mean by that she’s 14 i love my wife terrific gal absolutely the most amazing woman on the faceless plan and she helped me grow that business to over 40 for employees over the next 18 years and I can tell you that sounds great you know so like wow you guys built this huge business you know and that’s all fine and dandy and tell you you think about wow what I really did was I grew 44 headaches right and I got a my payroll was enormous this was the biggest challenge I had 125 thousand dollar per month payroll and it was kind of freaking me out a little bit I you know Here I was making all kinds of money we’re bringing in about 450 thousand dollars in commissions every month but I was spending 125 of that on payroll every month you know and then you have all the other overhead in the office space and all this other well I started talking with a lot of my friends around the country the big mortgage brokers and the big real estate agents that I need all around the country and they started suggesting things like hiring virtual assistants and I thought about that I think I you know I’m really not comfortable that I was really nervous about it I didn’t know how was I going to find them how would I interview them how would I test them to make sure they’re right how am I going to communicate with them on a daily basis how am I going to you know hold them accountable and make sure that they’re working hard for me I had more questions than answers I had no idea how I was going to do this and frankly I’ll be honest with you I I I took a leap of faith I reluctantly hired my first virtual assistant but I gotta be honest with you I did it almost hoping that it would fail you know I kind of wanted be able to go back to my friends and say at see I told you so I knew I wouldn’t work and I gotta tell you I hired this person and I placed them underneath my I had on my staff I was doing about fifty percent of my business was REO and so I hired this person to work underneath the person that was doing all my bpos and I gotta tell you it actually went great I was blown away I couldn’t believe how well in fact this my BPO gal came up to me and she says michael i love my virtual assistant this guy is awesome give me another one I this guy his fantastic he’s doing a great job for me and may you know she he was taken about eighty percent of the work load off for her plate so she was able to get more done do better quality bps which was in turn making my asset managers happy which was helping me get more listings on so on and so on well now take another step further as soon as they heard about it my wife and my office manager came to me and they both started asking me for a virtual assistant well so you know I figure okay well I go for it so I hired two more and you know I’ll be honest out of those first three virtual assistants two of them were fantastic one of them stunk one of them is terrible so I had to get rid of that person now i gotta tell you when you think about letting someone go in the states it’s scary because you know people can see it for wrongful termination they can go to the state they create trouble for you there it’s area when you fire somebody in the United States but this person happened to be in the Philippines and so literally all i did was i sent an email saying your services are no longer required we will forward you your final paycheck thank you very much and that was it and I hit Send and I was done I was it I felt like Donald Trump you’re fired and it really did work it was awesome and so and then I replaced that person that met virtual assistant with another virtual assistant who is even better it was ten times better and so now all of a sudden I had three amazing virtual assistants on my team well as you can imagine the next thing I started doing as I started looking around my office and I started thinking to myself well gosh what other positions can I take virtual you know here I’m saving all this money on these positions I’ve got people that really do want to work hard they are accountable they work the entire day they’re not texting their friends like you know I can see and i’ll show you later how i can see but i actually had systems in place where I could see that they were working and and I can monitor them without having to really monitor them it was actually being done an automatic base is pretty cool software I’ll show you but anyway I started looking around the office and

literally eventually i took my entire company virtual so i started taught what we call top grading top grading is where you take the that you keep the very very best people on your team so basically the top twenty percent of people you know you’re going to keep them long term then there’s that middle sixty percent where yeah you know i mean if they if they don’t really you know step it up they probably not gonna have a job long term but they’re good enough for kekeke for now then you get that bottom twenty percent and these are the people that you know I look you know you know your days are numbered I know your days are numbered and so I started with that bottom twenty percent and I started replacing them with people from overseas and I got to tell you all of a sudden my team got stronger we were more cohesive as a team we eliminated the cancerous people in the team and won by cancerous I mean that there are people on a lot of teams that are dragging your team down their negative their attitude isn’t what it needs to be their work ethic isn’t what everybody else is is and they are they’re just like a cancer in your business you got to cut those people out I mean ultimately everyone on your team needs to understand Hey look we all need to pull our weight and then some we all need to give it 110% because at the end of the day if we take care of the business the business will take care of us but if we don’t take care of the business there won’t be a business for any of us and so it’s critical that we all work very very hard toward a common goal well as I began this top grading my team was getting stronger and stronger and stronger and all of a sudden I started looking at that sixty percent you know my my top 20% I sent them all home they got to work from home which they love by the way so now they were virtual assistants from home and I started this top grading process and eventually we just had a rock star team and I literally took my payroll from a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars a month down to forty thousand dollars a month using virtual assistants and by the way that’s a sixty-eight percent savings on payroll or eighty-five thousand dollars a month and I didn’t have to do a single extra transaction to get there that was without doing another transaction that was just doing the current level of transactions I was doing I was literally profiting an extra eighty-five thousand dollars month but get this that’s where the savings began that’s not even all the savings listen to this on the employees I was saving on the wages and salaries obviously I was now saving unemployment taxes because I was hiring people from overseas so I wasn’t having to spend any money on employment taxes which also meant no more social security no more Medicare no more health insurance no more Obamacare no more labor & industries workers comp none of that stuff I didn’t have any of that stuff anymore in fact I even got rid of the office chitchat and the office drama which let me tell you we’re extremely costly and if you don’t believe me go into any office where they’ve got a bunch of people working in office you’re gonna have chitchat you’re going to have drama and it costs you money well all of that went away when I hired virtual assistants the other things I were saving on was all the office expenses because now I didn’t need the office building anymore so I got rid of the long-term leases no more triple net no more insurance no more telephone no more internet no more computers office equipment copiers no more desks chairs light plants cubicles no more toilet paper no more people to support the internet equipment and office equipment to copiers all the sports app for the computers and tell for all that one way you’re talking thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in savings because I no longer had physical facilities oh my gosh the light bulbs went on I mean it was it blew me away I mean it just all of a sudden the light went on and I realized hey I just found the Holy Grail here I just found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and it didn’t you know it only took me 20 years to figure it out but hey at least I figured it out eventually right and so all sort of saving all this money and I got a tire as great as the monetary savings were I will tell you this even if i had to pay the same or more for my virtual assistants when i was paying for my local staff I would have done it and once I knew what I got and the reason is because they were so much more effective I literally once i implemented my time tracking software I literally gained an extra twenty-five percent efficiency with my office staff I no longer had to deal with the state I no longer had to deal with the federal government or anybody else unemployment issues and every I mean it was everything came together it was phenomenal now another reason as much as all the savings and all that and that increased productivity and as great as all that is there are there are other reasons why virtual assistants make a huge difference in your life and we’re going to talk about that in a minute first let’s talk about the VA’s themselves you know VA’s come in all shapes and sizes their backgrounds vary their skills that’s very their pay ranges vary the weather

you hire globally or from the US makes a big difference on how much they cost and and also makes a difference on work ethic and I will say this and I don’t mean to sound unpatriotic please don’t don’t feel that way I’m very patriotic I love my country i will say that i have found personally that the people that I hire abroad tend to have a stronger work ethic than the people i have been able to find locally it just by and large as a group they’re very very motivated they were there they’re anxious to find that better life they’re anxious to work hard for it and they will do whatever it takes to keep that job they’re extremely fiercely loyal and I love that about my folks that I hire from all different kind of arts of the world now pricing it meant you know when you think about price ranges whether you know us is about three times you know anywhere from from forty percent to it can be literally three three hundred percent is expensive to hire in the US as it is overseas also another big impact on prices whether you’re hiring somebody long-term or for a project when you hire someone on a long-term basis that doesn’t mean it needs to be full time it can be part time or ten hours a week or even two and a half hours a week but when you give someone a job that they know they’re going to have over a long period of time you know for the next six months the next year the next five years or whatever as long as they’re doing a great job for you they’re willing to work for a lower hourly rate and so it’s and you also get a much different level of loyalty out of someone that knows they’re going to be working for you for a long period of time so my suggestion is there are things that make sense to do as a project and there are things that make sense to hire someone for on a long-term basis err in favor of long-term if you can some things that make sense for project work would be like maybe you need a logo design or maybe you just need a one-time design for a template or you need a website put together you know something very you know something that’s that’s definitely add it has a definite end it you know it’s once it’s complete it’s complete that’s fine but at the end of the day all those positions at your hiring long-term you know like an executive assistant a telemarketer a bookkeeper you know web developer if you’re going to be putting lots of different web pages together you know and you hire them with that expectation they’re going to continue to work for an ongoing basis they’re going to be much more willing to negotiate with you on their price believe me also quality versus price you know there’s lots of different va’s out there and I like to liken it into the difference between walmart and Nordstrom’s if i want to buy tube socks you know i just need some athletic socks or whatever i’ll go to walmart you know it’s one works great for that their Chi they work their great you know I’m heck I might even buy him a Costco who knows and that’s great but you’re not going to see me at costco or at walmart shopping for a suit so that i get up on stage and present in front of a thousand people in a walmart or a costco suit that’s not going to happen i’m going to go to nordstroms for that because i want the best well let me offer this suggestion when you’re building a world-class team you you build a world-class team by hiring world class individuals world-class teams are made up of world-class people if you want to have ninjas out there crushing it on your behalf don’t hire the cheapest solution out there find great people and pay them well now that being said it can still be very affordable and it can still save you a lot of money going with virtual assistants versus hiring locally or in your local market that being said cheap is not necessarily better be very careful about the quality of the people you hire I cannot say that enough time quality is super important and when you hire you quality people when you surround yourself and you build your team with these world-class people guess what’s going to happen you’re gonna have a world-class team and all of a sudden things are going to happen you’re not going to have to be involved in every little detail of your business because you’re going to have great people doing a great job for you on a daily basis that you know like and trust and you know that they’re going to get the job done right very important to keep in mind all right so let’s talk about some things that VA’s can do what can a virtual assistant do ya remember anything that doesn’t require physical presence in your office can be done by a virtual assistant so as long as they’re not licking stamps in your office or sweeping the floors in your office that sort of thing it could be done by a VA listing in transaction coordinator very very popular positions for virtual assistants listing in transaction coordinator in fact just today I place the listing coordinator with an agent who’s building their team entirely out of virtual assistants now actually I shouldn’t say that they’ve got one local assistant that’s kind of a manager that’s been with them for a long time and now they’re hiring everybody else underneath them that they’re hiring are all virtual assistants fabulous business and you know as listening in transaction coordinators they’re handling everything the agent brings the listing back puts

80 hands off to his main assistant who stuff who sticks it in the scanner and emails that actually they use Dropbox and their dropboxing that to their virtual assistant who handles everything you know from listing input to the multiple to all the advertising fire creation everything the whole nine yards they’re handling it from soup to nuts then when they have a sign ground person sale agreement on that it goes off to another virtual assistant who’s their transaction coordinator who handles everything from contract to close let me tell you very efficient very effective and it allows the agent to focus 107 their time on the three most important things that every business needs to know now you’re going to want to write this down because this is not in my slides so make sure you write this down the three most important things that every business must do I don’t matter what business you’re in these are the three most important things you have to do lead generation lead to follow up and lead conversion I’ll save those again so that you have time to write them down lead generation lead follow up and lead conversion those are the three most important things anybody can do it doesn’t matter how great your services if you don’t have clients to serve you’re not going to make any money and you’re not going to please anybody right we’re all about taking great care of our clients I believe in that one hundred percent I think it’s very very important and it just in my opinion just goes without saying that you have to deliver world-class service now assuming that we’re all operating on that premise that yes we’re going to operate in a deliberate world-class service now we can get to where we understand that look I got to bring clients in the door and I do that with those three things lead generation lead follow up and lead conversion so you as the agent doors the mortgage broker is the business leader as the Rainmaker for your team need to focus the majority of your time on those three tasks and by offloading your listing and transaction coordinator or if you’re a mortgage broker offloading your you’re processing your client care your follow-up all that stuff should be done by your virtual assistants bookkeeping is another big one this is very very popular use of virtual assistants we see more and more people using their VA’s for this all the time now we’re talking about va’s that are specially trained in bookkeeping i’m not talking about taking your executive assistant and try to make them a bookkeeper i’m saying we go out and we get a specific person who is trained in bookkeeping understands quickbooks and it’s a rockstar bookkeeper and oh by the way you can get that bookkeeper for as little as nine dollars an hour unbelievable let me take nine dollars an hour for a killer bookkeeper that’s free I mean if you think about it in the state’s you’re going to pay anywhere from 25 to 65 dollars an hour for a decent bookkeeper I used to have four of them on my staff on my internal staff when I was doing a lot of REO now that I’m doing what I’m doing now now I’m a full-time headhunter for virtual assistants my bookkeeper happens to reside in the Philippines and I only need the one I don’t need for anymore but I gotta tell you this one that I have the Philippines it works for me now is as good or better than any bookkeeper I’ve ever had locally and oh by the way I feel more confident in the security of my money and my finances now than I ever did before because she has limited access to my stuff she can’t access my physical checks she doesn’t have access to my bank account you know what happens is my bank account automatically downloads into my quickbooks every month so all she’s got to do is take the bank statement go in and do the reconciliations with the bills my wife just scans the bills in and shoots those over via Dropbox and by the way if you don’t already have dropbox to go to dropbox com it’s free it’s like a virtual server it’s fantastic and anyway so she just dumps him into that Dropbox file my bookkeeper then does again all the reconciliations she attaches the receipts the you know so that my wife has are also Center all the receipts and those get attached inside QuickBooks to each expense that they have the appropriate expense which gives me further accountability and further makes it easy if we’re ever audited by the IRS or anything like that or if my accountant has questions then what she’ll literally generate the checks and she’ll call my wife up and shall say Tara go to your printer stick the checks printer and hit print Tara goes over the printer sticks checked in hits print out pop all the checks to pay the bills super easy Tara and her entire investment of time is less than five minutes from the time she scanned everything in send it to the VA and printed out the checks it’s literally under five minutes and our books have never been tighter I’ll tell you what if you’re doing REO today you know as well as anybody in the world how important your reimbursements are if you’re sick of losing money on reimbursements let me get you a killer bookkeeper don’t lose another dime on reimbursements and I’ll tell you that most agents that I know that done REO for a long time at some point in their career they lost money on reimbursements and some I know agents that have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because they weren’t on top of

their reimbursements because they weren’t on top of their contractors because they’re their utilities people weren’t on top what they are done I’m Delia all of this stuff can be done by virtual assistants for less than you’re going to hire somebody locally for and they’ll do a better job of it take my word for it and the word of just hundreds of our clients that have gone through the same thing all right receptionist huge and by the way I want to go back to REO real quick how about those utilities you know who’s handling your utilities turn-ons and turn-offs who’s managing your contractors in your and your your rehab work you know all of that can be done by virtual assistants very very easily you know my virtual assistants were literally managing my runners you know so I had boots on the ground obviously in my local market that were going out and putting the flyers in the boxes and taking the pictures of houses and all that stuff well guess who was in charge of them the person in charge them happen to be overseas and it’s great that’s it worked out very very well telemarketing in a point of saying this one’s huge for those of you them doing retail or short sale work or interview if you’re in the mortgage business telemarketing an appointment setting it’s huge for example I now I’ve got tell markers an appointment setters that work for me that literally keep my schedule busy every day so I have my appointments booked every half hour on the half hour on the days that I want to work so I never have to dial the phone unless I’m dialing someone who’s expecting me to call them at that so literally from six o’clock in the morning till five o’clock at night I have literally appointments every half hour on the half hour to talk with people that are interested in talking with me about what I offer what my service is and you can do the same thing maybe you want them to call for sale boners and expired maybe you want to call people whose homes are in distress or potentially in distress maybe you want to call people who refinanced or got a mortgage more than four years ago or whatever it is there’s you can’t imagine the uses that you can get out of this and I’ll tell you for if you’re like me and you don’t prefer to dial for dollars but you know you need to and you know it’s going to bring you the money and frankly folks it does there’s nothing more effective in my opinion that dialing for dollars it is extremely effective it works very very well and i love that i have my telemarketers doing it for me so that i don’t have to search engine optimization clearly blogging social media website design and development client care coordinator blowing teh one of the positions i have a client in California is one of the biggest fannie mae agents in the country and he has a virtual assistant whose job it is to go through he uses REO maestro and this VA her entire job is to go through all the tasks in our el maestro and make sure that everybody and his team is up to date on their tasks because as we know asset managers aren’t going to be happy if it takes you two days or even 2004 ta you know most of them if they say your deadlines 48 hours it’s really 24 hours you got to get on it right now and they time you on this stuff and so having your VA go through and make sure that everybody on your team is doing what they’re supposed to be doing when they’re supposed to be doing it ensures that your asset managers will be happy and that their things will be done on time and that you’ll be getting more listings from the more assets for them huge stuff so client care coordinator now this client care coordinator also is a great position if you want to have someone calling your past clients your current clients you know retail and short sale clients as well just to touch base with them and develop that referral program that you’ve probably started or you’re thinking about starting to develop that you can get retail and short sale referrals out of folks this was huge for our business about twenty-five percent of our retail and seemed about twenty-five percent of our overall business which consisted mostly of retail and short sale came from referrals from those retail and short sales sellers and buyers so research you know if you want to research anything for that I mean it could be you know you might want to research foreclosure data you might want to research you know where where the best place to eat in Dallas is when you’re down there for an event or you know whatever I mean anything you want researched your va’s can research for you obviously data entry managing your client relationship management software checking and handling your emails and voicemails I want to touch on this one for just a moment I want you to think about how many emails or voicemails do you have every single day now how many hours do you spend handling those emails every single day let me tell you it’s huge for most people the average that I’ve heard is that most people spend upwards of three hours per day handling and emails and voicemails now maybe fifty let’s say let’s say a third of those emails need to be handled by you a third of those emails could easily be handled by a well-trained assistant and a third of those emails are just plain junk need to

be deleted well basically what we’ve determined is your virtual assistant once trained can handle two thirds of your emails and your voicemails for you freeing you up to focus on bringing in more business through your lead generation lead follow up and lead conversion that we talked about this is huge if all a virtual assistant could do for you is take two hours a day off your plate so that you no longer have to worry about those emails and voicemails how much more money would you be making how many more listings would you be bringing in how much more time could you spend with your family it’s cute that’s one of the things that I absolutely advocate is making sure that you’ve got someone else handling the lion’s share of your emails and voicemails managing your calendar this is another big one you know if you want to set an appointment to talk with me you’re going to speak with my virtual assistant first and they’re going to set up a time for us to talk so that I know you’re ready and you know I’m ready and when we have scheduled we’re going to be there together and we’re going to be talking together so i don’t have to manage my calendar it manages me literally you know i get up in the morning i look at my calendar I know where I need to be when I need to be there what who I’m talking to who i’m calling all that good stuff booking all your flights in hotel I don’t know about you but this is not something I enjoy doing for myself I love having my virtual assistant doing that they can call you up and program your brain for success every morning heck they could be your chief financial officer project director transcriptionists graphics designers heck if you wanted to teach your kids to play an instrument I you could literally hire someone in another part of the world to teach them how to play an instrument for less money than it would cost you to go down the street you know drive a half hour to get your kid to their lessons wait the hour for them to take less and then drive and a half hour back up why ways two hours of your day doing that when you could let your child learn in the safety of your own home via Skype over the Internet how to play that instrument and then you can take that extra time you can go spend it doing something fun together what a great off alternative we have actually clients right now who are hiring virtual assistants to tutor their kids and different subjects I’ve got one who’s got a college student needing to learn algebra and biology and we’re helping them learn their algebra and biology via Skype believe it or not it’s actually pretty cool they can create full motion animated videos teach you any language if you want to learn a language who better to learn it from than somebody that actually lives in that country I mean that’s I can’t think of a better way to go all right so what would you use a virtual assistant for think about that for a moment what would you use a virtual assistant for in your business what’s your biggest need what’s the thing that you’d love to get off your plate excuse me so that you can focus more on lead generation lead follow up and lead conversion or maybe it’s that you want to spend more time with your family well let me talk to you about some truths about the Aces there’s a lot of myths out there about these you know a lot of people think that that VA’s don’t speak good English and I’ll be honest a lot of VA’s don’t speak good English but let me tell you the right virtual assistants can speak perfect English my assistant you would know I’ve got 27 people in my internal team that are virtual assistants of those 27 people I’ve got some that you know their English is not great because in the position there and I don’t need them speak great English but the ones that are in positions where they have client contact let me tell you they better speak great English I’ve got several va’s that are on my team and many many VA is deployed with clients who speak perfect English literally as good or better than I speak English that you would never ever know that they’re calling you from another part of the world in fact when they call you the caller ID would be from my area code here in Seattle not all not all virtual assistants are from the Philippines or India in fact we hire virtual assistants from all over the world we hire in Central and South America South Africa Europe England you know we hired from all over the world and there’s talented people in every corner of the world the key is finding the right talent in the right part of the world that makes the right sense for your business right now oftentimes they require less management than local employees let me tell you why I have a software program that I use that that would be happy to give you access to just you know reach out to me I’ll get you the information on it but basically what it does is my virtual assistants log into their computer in the morning and they if they step away from the computer for more than three minutes it will literally log them out of this time tracking software now it’ll also throughout the day every nine minutes it will take a screenshot of their computer now they don’t know when this happens it happens at random and so they can’t you know make sure they’re on the right screen at the right time it just takes the screenshot when it takes it they don’t know it’s been taken what that means is you know if they’re working or not you know if they’re goofing around or not in fact if they’re

late to work if they’re on a website they shouldn’t be like Facebook or Hannah Montana calm if they don’t put in enough hours if they leave early or anything like that it will also send you an email to let you know that that has happened guess what you want to talk about accountability there is no better way to get absolute one hundreds and accountability out of your team and having them on this time tracking software and it’s only ten dollars a month per position see if the you know so it’s literally a 20 bucks a month for you and your VA to each have a seat on the software so that you can watch what’s going on the cool part is that for our clients what those alerts also get sent to my team so that we can kind of help keep an eye on what your staff is doing if you’d like it so you don’t have to have us do this but our clients generally choose to have us do this because it gives them a layer of protection and it makes it so that the client doesn’t have to be micro managing their employees man let me tell you great stuff the word quality of virtual assistants is often superior to what you can find in your local market because instead of drawing from 20 or 30 or 80,000 people in your local market for talent now you’re drawing from billions of people worldwide you have literally the entire world as your marketplace for virtual assistants or i should say for talent for of any kind all right huge stuff now by the way i want to take a step back and i want to tell you about the the reason the number one reason in my opinion why everyone should have a virtual assistant for those of you that are made or back for those of you that are single have you ever felt that you were married to your phone or your email have you ever felt like you’ve been on vacation and your you know your loved one or whoever you were traveling with said hey would you mind putting the phone down and actually spending some time with me while we’re here you know and believe me and anybody in the real estate or mortgage business has experienced this at some point in their career and in their life I certainly have and let me tell you it’s terrible it’s something we all have to find a way to overcome so here’s my number one reason to use Virtual Assistants I said this earlier I’m going to say it again please write this down no success in the world can compensate for failure in the home I’ll say that again no success in the world can compensate for failure in the home let me tell after i took my office virtual i walk you through that whole thing once I took my entire virtual I literally took six weeks off now we all know what it’s like in the REO business I want you guys to think about this for just a moment I took six weeks off I took my family to Europe I didn’t call my office I didn’t check my email I didn’t check in with anybody back in the States I literally disconnected for six weeks travel all over Europe and by the way if you know what mountain that is in the background type it into your screen i would love i’ve got a special treat for anyone for the first person that can guess what mountain that is i’ve got a special treat for you a little little bonus for you but type that into your questions box on your screen there we’ll see if anybody can guess what it is but literally we spent six weeks traveling europe with no contact with my office and guess what my business grew while i was gone now you’re thinking I’m insane you’re thinking I’m crazy how in the world was able to pull it off I was able to pull that off because I had a phenomenal team of virtual assistants working for me now had I wanted to it would have been very easy for me to check in with my office it would have been very easy with me to do my work from anywhere in the world but I chose not to on this trip because I felt like for so many years I had been robbing my family of time with me and I felt like it was so important for me to take advantage of this opportunity that I had to go really invest some quality quality time in my wonderful wife and our amazing kids and let’s say we’ve got some answers coming in here and yes let me see who was the first one to get it I get a bunch of them in here sir people it’s not garmisch it’s not the Eiger nail very close great i love that i agree sanction was a great movie by the way of clint eastwood and the first person to say it right it is in fact the Matterhorn yes it is and the first person to to put that in there was Lloyd Lloyd thank you very much for that you were absolutely correct and afterwards Boyd I’d like you to connect with me I’ve got a special treat with you or a special treat for you I’m going to give you a little added bonus so may sure that you when you get a chance would go to advanced REO secrets net advanced REO secrets dotnet and fill out that form on that page and I’m going to go ahead and make sure that you and I personally connect one-on-one I will talk with you on the phone and i’m going to give you this special gift so anyway

virtual assistants made that possible I could never have done that trip without my virtual assistant and man what an amazing life-changing trip it was I cannot begin to tell you how much closer my family and our dart are now today because of the time that we were able to take on that trip and frankly it changed how I looked at business and since then I have elected to work a three day week and so now I work three days a week and I spend you know thursday is kind of my day if I if I don’t have a webinar that I spend Thursday’s with you know kind of taking care of me time you know getting the things done that i need to get done working on the business that kind of thing but it’s my elective day i don’t have to work that day fridays and saturdays and sundays i spend entirely with the family you know i spend the morning on friday with my wife and then when my kids get home early afternoon on fridays from then until sunday night it’s all family time let me tell you when you really dial in your team that can be possible for you as well alright here’s a great real estate agent he’s a buddy mine down in California Ken Kellerman president of sales advantage group here’s a little testimonial for Mamie says my virtual assistant is terrific she saves me money does a fantastic job and is invaluable to my business the process of hiring through virtual assistant staffing was easy fast and efficient with the free trial I knew I had nothing to lose I highly recommend this service in fact ken has had a virtual assistant with us for going on two years now and she’s been fantastic addition to his team and he just gave her a raise recently in fact she was no such a great job for him so if you’re a real estate agent and you call Ken’s office wanting to know how to write up an offer on one of his listings or something of that nature his virtual system is the one that actually takes those calls make sure those agents are well cared for and happy so that he doesn’t get any complaints with his asset managers he wants to know that though those assistants are taking awesome awesome care of those real estate agents calling in and they do so great really appreciate Ken and his business alright so let’s talk about why should you hire VA or when rather should you hire VA when you’re ready for growth when you’ve experienced attrition in other words somebody’s left your team for one reason or another with your feeling overwhelmed if you just need to save some money you’re ready to take your business to that next level and especially when you can afford one that’s when you want to start thinking about hiring a virtual assistant you know and there’s a lot of ways to look at it but ultimately you know typically if you’re thinking about hiring a virtual says that you should probably expect to spend you know upwards of about five hundred dollars a month depending on how many hours a month you’re going to use them and and that sort of thing but generally speaking you want to you want to budget for at least five hundred dollars a month now is it possible to hire virtual assistants for less yes it is especially if you’re not using them full time if you’re using part time or quarter time or even just two and a half hours a week of course but generally speaking if you’re looking to build your team and really grow it and you want to put up ninjas and rock stars on your team that are going to be with you for many many years I’d suggest that as a good starting budget now even if you’re not there even if you just want to connect with us and just kind of stay in touch with us so that when you are ready we can kind of you know get together the jump on advanced REO secrets net still outperform and we will definitely take care of you and we’ll just keep in touch until that time is right alright so how do you find the right virtual assistant let’s talk about this there’s lots of services out there now you know obviously we have a virtual assistant headhunting service that’s what I do and of course I would love to work with you but i’m going to show you real quick how you can do it for yourself maybe you want to save a few bucks maybe you don’t want somebody doing the interviewing process for you and going out and finding all of the a’s for you and doing the testing and all that for you maybe you just want to do it on your own and save a few bucks that’s okay and so here’s the do-it-yourself method you can do craigslist calm you go to Elance calm fiver 99designs odesk guru monster job boards there’s lots of different services out there now many of these services specialize in kind of project works for example if you just need a logo done if all you want is just a logo done for your company go to 99designs you know for a couple hundred bucks you can easily get a logo design that would just knock your socks off you’d be really happy with but you know you want to go to the right place for the right person for the right reason so 99designs is a good one for that now if you want to hire a headhunter and you know someone like me obviously I would love for you to hire us but whether you hire us or someone else expect guaranteed results expect them to give you a free test drive one of the things we’re going to do for you in part because of the snafu we had with technology today and in part simply because of my relationship with Frank and how important that relationship is to me and I know that you guys have a lot of

confidence in Frank Patrick as well and it just kind of as as our way of saying thank you to him for connecting you and I we’re going to give each and every person that would like to take advantage of this a full free week of virtual assistant time that’s up to 40 hours and I’ll give you example let’s say you used a web developer you know it and you could that could be a $25 in our position for a really high end web developer that could literally be valued at a thousand dollars so we’re going to literally give you a thousand dollars of valuable virtual assistant time just because of your relationship with Frank and because of how important we feel our relationship with Frank is to take advantage that you just go to that advanced REO secrets net in fill out that form and we’ll contact and we’ll make that happen alright so again regardless of who you hire you’re gonna want to make sure they have a proven system for finding vetting and hiring that virtual assistant you’re gonna want to make sure they have flexible plans because frankly some of you may not need a full-time virtual assistant you may only need somebody for two and a half hours a week or ten hours a week or maybe you as much as 20 hours a week you never know but you want to make sure that whatever company you work with has flexible plans and can accommodate whatever I’m schedule you want to have you also want to make sure that they’re managing all the payroll taxes resolving any issues that come up between you and the VA you know up to and including replacing that VA for you if necessary I would never ever ever ever pay an upfront fee when hiring a virtual assistant company that’s a common scam be very very careful with that never ever ever pay an upfront fee to hire virtual assistant if the company that you’re working with believes enough in their assistant to place them with you then they should believe in them enough to give you at least you know that free one week test drive so that you can make sure that that virtual assistants the right person for your team and that’s exactly what we’re going to do you know once once you fill out that form on advanced arioso your net you’re going to get a call from somebody on my team who’s going to dig really deep into your needs you know find out exactly what it is that you’re looking for in a virtual assistant and then we’re going to go out there we’re going to find that person for you that process usually takes about two weeks then we’re going to bring them back to you so you can test drive that person make sure that the right fit for your team when you love them keep them and we’ll begin building after that trial period if you don’t love them for some reason will replace them absolutely free and we’ll give you another free week with the new one again I just want to make sure that we’re your long-term resource and that you’re happy with who you get now I want to also I want to talk to you about another topic real quick here guaranteeing your success at every event you go to we all go to networking events we all go to industry events and we meet lots of people with these events there’s great networking that happens there but the challenge is you come away from that event you’ve got a whole bunch of business cards and what do you do with those cards when you’re done you throw them in your drawer when you get home they sit on your danced and up on the kitchen counter and your wife throws them away because she thinks for garbage you know whatever I mean at the end of the day that oftentimes we don’t follow up with the people that we want to follow up with but not because we you know are deliberately not following up with them just because life happens and we forget it just you know stuff happens we don’t get to it well here’s how you avoid that happening here’s what I do when I collect business cards in an event before i leave for the airport before I leave the hotel we go to the airport and go home I literally stopped by the front desk and I hand them all the business cards of all the people that I met that I wanted to follow up with and I asked the hotel to scan those card didn’t email them to me I’ve never had anyone charged me for this they always do it for free and then they send me the email then what I do is I forward that email to my virtual assistant my virtual assistant then inputs those cards and calls every single one of those people and sets up an appointment for me to talk with them which means I get one hundred percent follow up with every single person that I’ve met at that event that I want to talk with afterwards do you think if all your VA did for you was in put those business cards into your CRM and contact each one of those people to set up a time for you to speak with them if that’s all your VA did how much more would you be making how many more transactions would you be doing every year how many more asset managers would you be working with how many more you know commission checks would you be cashing literally every single month because now you’ve got those relationships in place real estate is a relationship game it is not about any numbers is very important don’t get me wrong but it’s not transactional contrary to a lot of people think it’s not a transactional business it’s a relational business you have to take care of people you have to show people that you can’t remember people don’t care what you know until they know that you care all right you can do this I know that you guys can do this a lot of

rain maker suffer from the nobody can do it as well as me syndrome don’t be victim of that know that there are great people out there that can do things just as well as you can and for a fraction of what your time is worth make sure you build your team with those people go out today make a list of everything that you do highlight the things that you want off your plate and start building a job description around that and then we can start bringing people on to your team to take those things off your plate now keep in mind training is critical a lot of the agents I work with are literally the tie in the top 100 agents in the country and those agents know better than anyone that training is critical never trust anyone else to train team it’s important that every day that training be a part of your life that it’s not just something you do once it’s something you do every single day forever and as you do that you will build that team of ninjas around you out there just killing it on your behalf you will really get out of your team which you put into them I train motivate and hold accountable on a daily basis one of the things I really like to do and I hope you’ll all write this down this is another gold nugget if all you get out of today is this one nugget this will be worth your time on this webinar do a daily huddle with your team every every team I not coached many many teams across the country and every team that I’ve implemented the daily huddle with has seen increased productivity inside of there 30 to 60 days every single one of them now here’s what you do the daily huddle is easy it’s 15 to 20 minutes every morning with your entire team might if you’ve got a big team it might take you 30 minutes total you’re going to talk about yesterday’s accomplishments you’re going to talk about today’s goals and tasks you’re going to talk about the potential challenges or roadblocks that might come up on our way to accomplishing those goals and guests you’re going to take the time to motivate inspire and direct the efforts of the troop and you’re going to role play you have to role play on this call role play the discussions that have with clients role play you know what might happen throughout the day and how you would handle this situation for that situation how would you respond to this email those types of things the more you do this the better your team will be the better your team is the more money you’ll make the less time you will have to work and the greater freedom you will have in your life all right some great training tools or Jean screencast Camtasia you can shoot them you know shoot a quick video of training shoot it over to your VA you can do skype to discuss you can use Dropbox to share files these are all free tools by the way alright so once again here’s how it works you’re going to get to test-drive your new virtual assistant for up to 40 hours or one full week on me as my way of saying thanks for being here today and thanks for being a part of Frank Patrick’s group also you’re only going to pay if and when you feel you have the right virtual assistant on your team I cannot guarantee that every placement is going to be perfect but I can guarantee that you won’t pay anything until you’re 100 happy I will always take a hundred percent of the risk so that you don’t have to our goal is to provide you with the right VA take the majority of tasks off your plate help you focus on the money generating activities that you need to be focused on like lead generation lead follow up and lead conversion so that you can work on your business and not in your business we’re going to help you get create more profit less expense and have more free time as we do that we’re going to develop a long-term relationship with you and your team and hopefully then you’ll become a raving fan just like Frank referring us to everyone you know and guess what as you do that we’re even going to pay you a referral fee yes that’s sure we will literally pay you a percentage of every dollar that we are in from every client that you send our way as our way of saying thank you so much for your confidence innocence for referring to those clients alright so again here’s how you claim your test drive jump on advanced Oreo secrets net now with that I want to open it up to questions so anybody that’s got questions please go ahead and type your questions into your screen now and I will go ahead and i will start answering those questions as quickly as i can one at a time of course it looks like we’ve got a bunch of questions coming in here online we get them one at a time go ahead and again type those into your list into your questions box I one of the questions I have is is there any long-term commitment stephanie is asking is there a long-term commitment and the answer is no Stephanie there is never a long-term commitment in fact it says right in our contract that you can cancel anytime with or without cause and you never ever locked in another question is let’s see here sorry I’m just trying to pull this up get a question from this from CH yes CH has a great question i had an assistant and it’s a pain to retrain an assistant if you ever have to replace them i absolutely agree you are one hundred percent correct on that CH one of the ways that you can solve that and

that you can avoid having that challenge is to record your training on video the first of all but the best way to overcome that you just to you know hire the right people the first time and treat them well and educate them well so that they stick around and they want to be loyal and and and hopefully you don’t have to replace them but we all know that you know things happen people have babies people move people get hit by a bus I mean stuff happens people leave for one reason or another you know they get offended by the way their employer treats them from time who knows but at the end of the day if you want to avoid that happening make sure that all the training you do is video recorder but you can use GoToWebinar you could go to use Jing screencast Camtasia all these different resources are out there and and most of them are free and you can just record quick training videos so that you just do that training one time and then next time you hire somebody or you change positions and that happens to a lot of times you have great people but your team grows and you have Chico moving from one position to the other and so you want to be able to say hey Suzie could watch these five videos over here and if you have any questions ask college she’s going to help you with any questions that you have on those five videos so you can learn that job duty or that you know that part of the job so great question chr great comment I completely completely agree with you can you get a VA Matt wants to know can you get a VA that speaks Spanish and absolutely yes Matt in fact I just placed a CA 2 was no yesterday I will send today but it was yesterday actually from Bolivia who speaks perfect Spanish and perfect English for a client who’s a real estate this was actually a real estate agent client in a Hispanic market in Texas that wanted a VA that could communicate with her Hispanic clients and you know she does not speak Spanish and a lot of her clients do and she needs want to help with that so yeah Spanish speaking is not a problem all right keep them going do you feel it’s probably better to have an in-house assistant to manage and train the VA that’s a great question that’s another one actually from ch ch thank you very much for that question and you know I’ll be honest with you I have mixed feelings about this do I think that it’s important to have an in-house you know someone a local assistant no I really don’t in fact I don’t have anybody on my team anymore that’s local every single person on my team is somewhere in some other part of the world for me nobody is even close to me and that’s I like it that way it’s been very effective that way so no I don’t think that it’s important at all they have somebody that’s local to your office now if you have a phenomenal assistant on your team today already I think it’s a good idea to keep that person I’m not a believer in getting rid of somebody just to save money by hiring somebody else I don’t think that’s a great move necessarily you know now if you’re having challenges that person yeah that’s a different story but but you know when you’ve got somebody that’s been with you for a long time they’re doing a great job for it’s a good idea to keep that person on your team so that being said no I don’t feel at all that it’s necessary to have a local virtual assist our local assistant train someone else you know your virtual assistant is it purse is it possible to have an already trained virtual assistant jamie is asking it as a junior James I can’t read the whole name sorry but I was sooo much teeny and the answer is yes it’s absolutely possible to have an already trained ta I will say this even if i had my you know if i was hiring a buyer’s agent in my local market today i would not you know if I brought a buyer’s agent on that he worked with another team and another part of my marketplace as a buyer’s agent and you know they’ve been with that team for a long time you would think they’d already be trained right and that they were already great buyer’s agent but I would never trust that training I would always want to do my own training with with everybody on my team I don’t care if I’m hiring a buyer’s agent a virtual assistant listing agent to transact brand doesn’t matter what position of hiring for I want to train people my way because your way Jamie of doing things is going to be different than my way in the end my way is going to be different than Frank’s way and everybody’s way is a little bit different so you always want to make sure that they’re trained your way what a terrific question thank you for that I appreciate that and yes Matt thank you I appreciate you taking the time to be here and again sorry for that snafu that technical challenge we had earlier how about the demographic and type of business that might be interested in a product or service outside of real estate I have a business and trying to get off the ground and it’s unrelated to real estate and that’s a great question we actually I’ll be honest with you only about fifty percent of our clients are actually real estate agents we have clients in many many different industries all over the world and so yes what I would recommend is lets you and I get on the phone jump on advanced REO secrets net fill out that form and lets you and I get on the phone and let’s talk one-on-one about what

your business is and we’re your biggest need line and if and how a virtual assistant can potentially help you grow that business and get it off the ground as you mentioned but yeah I love that and yes we do we work with tons of different industries and thank you CH I do appreciate you being here as well thank you for that comment how does this work with local local BPO reports and Neil is asking that question yeah that’s a great question and what we do is when we start off when i first brought i’ll use my first VA as an example the very first VA I hired was doing BPO reports for me and what we would do is my Galvan had been doing my PP o–‘s for a long time and if you’re if you’re the lone ranger ii maybe this is you but she would go through and she would select the comps you would say okay i’m going to pick out the comparable properties i want used for this PPO and she would just email the mls numbers over to the VA the VA then would take those mls numbers and you know and the client information so she you know the VA knew what platform is it was an amen or rio trans or resnet or whatever equator and I said Rio trans now how old does that make me sound anyway they would take that that information they would go do the BPO they would literally take those comps they would do the BPO around those columns put them in there they would go out they’d research crime data demographic information all that good stuff put their own comments in there and then it would come back to my gal and she would just review everything alter the comments tweak anything making adjustments you want to make and hit Send it was fantastic and I’ll tell that it was you know the lion’s share of work in a BPO is data entry and stuff that’s a waste of your time you know eighty percent of that BPO can be done by just about anybody with very little training it doesn’t take a lot to be able to do eighty percent of that vpl now once you get them well trained they could do one hundred percent of it you know all you got to do is drop box the photos and they take care of the rest and so there you go great question all right I’ve got another question here how soon can I start that’s a great one and that’s from Kevin Kevin I appreciate that really you can start any time you know whether you’re ready today or six months from now or a year from now whenever you’re ready we’re here for you we’re not going to pressure you you know again just jump on advanced REO secrets net fill out the form and that will reach out to you by phone and you’ll have a phone call one on one with me and and we’ll get you taken care of right away now i will say that once we do connect it’s going to take me about a week and a half to two weeks to get your position filled you know depending on the type of position it is but we will get that filled right away for you so fantastic questions keep it I keep entering those questions in folks I want to make sure i get to all of them and i know there’s still handful here that i haven’t gotten to so i just want what you know i will get to those alright here’s another question for us the question is how much does a typical real estate virtual assistant cost okay so a typical real estate virtual assistant by the way thank you for that Stacy a typical real estate virtual assistant is going to cost anywhere on and it depends on what your needs are you know it can be anywhere from seven dollars an hour as far up as fifteen dollars an hour but I’ll be honest with you fifteen dollars now is pretty unpretty much on the high end it’s unlikely that as a real estate agent that you would need a virtual assistant that’s that high end sometimes brokers you know people would own larger businesses nail art you know like CEOs and real estate companies like Remax for an example or you know so those guys they will use you know a higher level virtual assistant but you’d probably be okay between seven and thirteen dollars an hour on on and even 13 knowledge now it’s an incredibly high level four assistant I mean that’s the kind of person that can completely take over your office manage other people on your team and handle all your transaction coordination everything from soup to nuts so that when you go on vacation they’re running the show and you know it’s being done right so it went good stuff great question all right and looks like god we’ve got one last spoke we got another one hold on they keep coming in let’s see okay so if we need oh I got several warrior I’m sorry I’m doing the best I can do to them okay if we need assistance training a VA will you assist yes I will happily do that in fact i’m gonna go anyone better my wife Tara ran our office staff and knows more about the administrative administrative side of this business than anybody and I mean she’s literally seen thousands and thousands of transactions across her desk and so she will be very very happy to help you train your VA’s you know particularly those vids would be working in the real estate side of the business but we do have lots of resources for that you know the bottom line is we just want to make sure you’re happy that you’re building a great team that you’re

going to want to keep for a long long time and that were your resource for recruiting and training can I get a link to this webinar to send to my partner on send adventure we are interested in vetting yes and yes the short answer is absolutely i will be i am recording this web mark and it will be made available to you tomorrow i was sending out the replay link for everybody no later than tomorrow so I can’t guarantee by what time tomorrow but I’m on the west coast so you know i would say probably by noon west coast time i’ll have this thing in the email to y’all so that you can replay it you can share it with anybody you’d like and i keep in mind too that as you run into other real estate agents or mortgage brokers or people in any industry for that matter that could use a virtual assistant whether it’s a bookkeeper or telemarketer or transaction coordinator or content writer web developer regardless what it is let me know we’d be happy to work with them and I’d love to pay you a percentage of every dollar that we collect from them for as long as there client so alright well that looks to be home on and keep getting more coming in and what is your base fee structure and there are a lot of variables in the fee structure and that question was from Neil and Neil there are tons and tons of variables in the fee structure it really depends on how many hours you’re going to be using them it depends on what level of English you want you know the heavier the accent the less expensive they are if you want some you to speak perfect English with no accent it’s a little more expensive if you want somebody with a sexy British accent that’s a little bit more expensive if you want to use somebody for fewer hours the hourly rate is higher but obviously you’re not paying as much per month you know that you get the biggest break on pricing when you’re using them full time for example but you can use them for as little as two and a half hours a week so there’s lots of variables basically old is when we connect on the phone will talk about that well we’ll talk about you know what are you looking for in a VA how many hours a week do you want them and I’ll be able to tell you right then and there on the phone exactly how much i’ll end up costing based on your needs so good question I appreciate that question thank you for that general I realizing variables will pop in yeah that’s true there will be a lot of different variables and so okay good what with that I think we’ve handled the lion’s share the questions and I’m not seeing any more at this time so everybody I just want to thank you so very much for being patient with me this morning thank you for being here and you have my commitment that I will personally take care of you and that you know when you reach out to me I will personally be working with you to help you with whatever you need to our and even if you’re not looking to hire VA right now maybe you just want to call a chat and get some it you know my opinion on something or you know just bounce something off me happy to connect with you you know the bottom line is you’re part of Frank’s program I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to reach out to you and to be very you know personally available to you as much as I possibly can to help you build and grow your business and ultimately get more freedom in your life as well so with that I’m going to go ahead and close on our webinar tonight thank you again also very very much and have a wonderful day and remember you are world class