well today I’ve been asked in service the JCB big backhoe never had much experience with something this large I’ve run a little backhoe before which was actually pretty cool but uh this is really large be excited to learn how to use this it’s got some hydraulic leaks that uh cost about $100 or soaker hose to patch it up so it sounds stand by I would love to be able to get a hold of this thing the way around really nice hefty machine so my project today I still doing the oil change oil filters are really convenient the drain plug is really convenient I can see it down there not quite sure how many quarts this is going to take you see the dipstick is right here little filler oil dipstick and the filler cap is up there so I can figure out how to get the hood open again never mess with one of these so I’m not quite sure if someone I have to take off the exhaust and the air filter to get the hood open so it looks and yep I have to take off the exhaust in the air filter get the hood open hopefully that’ll work I’m going to put on my protective gloves before I start working here and check the fluids and general maintenance have no gold me getting the tote open was easier than I expected I have to check the air filter as well check the battery water levels while in here and here’s the oil filler cap oil dipstick pretty simple there’s a basic engine might as well check the antifreeze to clean a little simple engine looks pretty small really seriously I’ve seen the Volkswagens with larger sized engines placed in overall length anyway we’ll get this going and get my tools and get the oil draining out a homemade oil drip pan looks like it was actually a gasoline you can cut open so sad but however I guess it works for whatever reasons we have to get something lay on me right back I sure hope this isn’t torque down too hard sometimes these can be hard to get open and who did it last hard to put it on yeah this is one of those cases ha not too bad

just like working on a car let that drain out I will close it off I also sometimes be easy and sometimes it can be hard I should only be on hand tight what time they get tight yeah I need a wrench no get a wrench I’ll be back here’s a wrench oil filter wrench works by just slipping this rubber strap through to tighten to loosen you uh hit the plunger loosen it up it’s really simple actually it’s a universal size slip it tight on there and I’m fulfill trough looks maybe a bit tighter yeah that one’s on there sometimes they’re really on there tight Wow generally that shouldn’t be the problem yeah sometimes the filters are on their heart get a medal why let me see if that makes a difference there’s a metal wrench just works by tightening her out and basically the same type of method yes you what I get some more strength out of the metal one yeah that one works better not the rubber one will be better at in this case my name is on there oh yeah cuz I’m anyone really wrenches down into the ring filtered torques in there nice that’s good you see a crush driven air filter and grip okay miss cakes metal ones better I like it alright here we go Oh oil is flowing into the pan wasn’t once in it since in a long time Big Oil Filter take this this was a drain pan properly here it’s hot today and that’s the bed is the the other day we had a hundred and five degrees it knocked me flat on my back the other day so here we go an oil drain pan this big old metal bin which is drains into a 5-gallon oil container and just let that drain out for disposal service we can well there’s nothing in there not sure if that was an air filter element or

just a pre dirt capture we thought those here there it is again this is my first work with such a machine maybe don’t I just hear the cannister yeah there we go oh-ho not pretty from the looks of it and order an air filter this is learning by doing as told the services beast as I’m just doing figure things out as you go oh that’s terrible oh yeah that’s beyond dirty I want to take it over with hit with the air filter but we definitely need to order one of these that’s disgusting yeah my head it with the air hose hence when I said air filter that’s really bad Oh I’ve got an air compressor at my disposal not even blowing any dirt right nothing’s coming out of that large chunks all difference at all yes beyond saving put that on order here’s an inner filter element as well looks to be oil soaked but that doesn’t look so bad I’m going to put the screws of it to screw back on put this back together and leave it leaving the filter out for now for cross-referencing look up a new filter for this thing that needs replacing Moss is supposed to check the fuel filter I gotta find a fluid reservoir open Jessie gasps really I know the oil is pretty much done dripping put the screw back in actually everything you see here can be used for DIY car oil change is usually a dream Club somewhere in the bottom of the oil pan let all the oil out anyway should warm your engine out for a couple minutes first so it’s the oil drain out but at 90 degree temperatures outside

it’s not such a real problem here and then ain’t liquefied in this heat you want to put this thing on tight but not too much torque you don’t want to strip the threads and you don’t really need to torque it down you know first thing I want to do is put in a new filter with a new filter you want to wet the gasket with some fresh oil so speak nicely I’m definitely fingering the oil cap lenders around the lip here so if we’re trying to do this go to the camera there now it’s ready helps it make a nice seal please now this just gets tightened down by hand firmly you do not want to torque it down hard nice and snug the hand that’s pretty good like that now since I have no idea how much goes in here I’m just going to put in a little bit at a time a MIDI a soft cover and I’ll just have to check the fluid with a dipstick as they go and to get a rag we have no manual sold machine so then the guesswork I’ll be right back with rag as 20w 50 years when I was told to put in this engine oil the only thing it was actually told anything else is just figuring out as I go you need a funnel so they could pour it with a shocker between these things maybe do it the other way right good and pour a few quarts in here and then let it settle a minute and check it now it’s oil settle down for a minute before you check the dipstick and clean it off with a rag oh it’s got a minimum and maximum markings on it what you can’t see any camera steamers a car nothing yet I let it sit for a minute make sure so let itself right get four quarts of oil in and you see just a tiny tip on dipstick get is starting to show up now

put it on a court in and a little bit more half a quart just go to court you see any oil can immediately marked I like that settle a minute trick lipstick again know if you can see that on that dipstick there set the minimum level so I think I’m gonna pop in that last court well let that sit and check it again in a minute it’s halfway between minimum and max so I’m gonna put another half a quart in there and going to be done so it might as well pull his Oh check the thing while I’m doing this wouldn’t hurt to put it on order who knows how old it is what’s the inner air filter it’s not terrible but no know how old it is I might set it out there and let it be replaced – but the guys make their choice on that October o4 is the date on it ten years old not horrible but I’ll let to make their decision all right now the number and no one absolutely the Aussies have holiday now grew up to four weeks right now so some of the parts will have to wait simple stroke more easier than car Thanks Thanks the antifreeze filler the radiators up in here and the host comes out on I call me a killer we down here someone top up the antifreeze while I’m at it I can’t see a thing no no camera then do a different angle in there probably not okay and see it

but I’m gonna try to funnel and see then get some flute in there tap it off oh man the way to reach that is to use a little container the filler neck on it Sena phrase premix see if I can get that in there can’t see the things that he’s gonna cop it off there it is alright it wasn’t no much at all it’ll be good least I know I know I can take that off the list and say I did it without a guilty conscience take down the saying burn up after a service dude