okay teves so how’s she doing today so justin has a quick talk and I’m this is for savage no more he was telling me about my northern tools they have a dump box kit for trucks and trailers and you know etc and stuff okay well man I looked at him now I north until they don’t show you the pictures of the actual thing so I had to google it do actually find some pictures I did find some pictures you know that would guess it you know please give me an idea what they looked like um yeah I do like them um the thing is man I for one there certain way to friggin expensive I’m night I can buy me a cylinder like these here that i’m going to show you i mean i can get them for like you know 80 bucks you know and then the things I northern tools I mean I know you can get them other places too but they’re just going to be too expensive I mean that’s going to take me a whole year to save up that kind of cash so so this is going to go for both projects for the i’m still debating on the generator trailer if i should still put a ram on that or not I don’t really know but for the big trailer I know it’s going to put a cylinder on that now I’m talking about these Rams you know is hydraulic rams they got I think three different kinds they have this North track or nortrac or whatever this company here and then they got this this company here you know they got that cylinder and he got the prints or whatever um now this one here is rated for 2,500 psi I don’t know how much that would lift so I don’t know anything about these PS eyes I mean I need to know how much they’ll lift that’s the kind of thing I want to know most of these are rated for about 3,000 psi which for the gender trailer for that little project I I’m thinking that the little 2,500 there would be good enough I seem to be an awful beefy ram but this is such a small into but it’s 3,000 psi and I don’t think I’ll need 3,000 psi I don’t know what this is the hydraulic link ok yeah with that we don’t need that would do me any good so um for the John Deere trailer because i was hoping to stick of ram on that too i’m just thinking maybe this guy here this guy would do c24 100 psi see then they have the bore and the stroke the thing is I don’t know how far it would shoot out I guess you could just wing it i guess my like died whoops but oh yeah by the way we got the toilet fixed it’s running at fifty percent now yeah we got the new lever put on and stuff so that’s working good guard is sitting to just our liking and now we’re going to invest in the flapper come payday so and then the toilet should be running at one hundred percent we got a slight leak somewhere in the we got a leak in the pump to seems to be leaking a little bit but it just leaks right into the tank so I’m not going to worry about it because it’s well whatever and it seems to be leaking around the bottom of a TI think that the seagulls worn out so but whatever but I mean you got so many different ram links and everything I mean the smallest one is a two-inch bore an 8-inch stroke or myself aight know could be inches because i think they also go by feet too but i think it’s only got these have the double markers on it so i think if you get the one with just the one and then that’s feet or foot or whatever so this

looks like these go by inches see now for the generator trailer guys I don’t need a really a big Ram because I don’t want to over tilt the bed you know the dump box and then bend it all the hell i think i just got a bang i know that the frickin kid at the people are the school are parking on my yard again so me but anyways so I’m thinking this is this is the smallest ram you can get is a is a that’s from price I would like a North track one though but needs look off a freaking beefy these look like beefy sons of [ __ ] so here’s a shorter one well here’s a shorter one as I started in the end one it looks like yeah well this one’s ready for 3,000 psi so uh well maybe 3,000 psi won’t be that bad then I know that something else that you can get I don’t think it’ll work yeah you can also put on a speed control to and how fast how you want to hire drugs to come out but I don’t think my ex I’m 24 could have that set up unless I built this to the trailer and the runner holds us up to that but I don’t think I’ll because the X 720 for hydraulic is slow but in the end it’s fast enough for me I think it’ll be all right but these are like flow control valves and so you can control how fast you want the RAM to go out or in no I would want to go out probably as fast as possible to be done with it so well maybe 3,000 psi won’t be that bad because this is this is a small ram and I don’t need a big rim because if it bolted for money if you put it underneath um this is how this is how Bill tmax did it so he’s like he’s done beds here then it ramms underneath so as his ram pushes out it does that to his bed right well it’s bed will go up like this not like this but like this right so that’s what I’m thinking of doing with both the trailers damn late stay on staff is no more I do like you know those big lifty thing is but they’re awful freaking expansive and I think they’re they’re like like 4500 PSI if not more or something I might if you got to remember I’m going to be using it with my x 720 for right now until I get a bigger tractor I don’t know what my tractors I’m gallons per minute output is I guess I could look in the manual would tell me what’s our privacy to go do that ship weight is nervous for this guy Oh 99 2201 and okay this one ship weight is 16 pounds at at 80 bucks now that’s just a cylinder that’s not the hoses so I’d have to go somewhere and get the hoses I’ll just take the ram with me and I’ll tell me I need to get a setup for this and I got to get it set up for the for the truck or two E and all the couplers and everything I stood I got the quick catch couplings you know their standard with that tractor there on the tractor right now but you got to put the things on the hoses so you can push that into your you know your quick catches up there so I like this Ram but look at the length on it that’s way too long and they’re higher pricing so for the for the little guy on your trailer I’m thinking of what I might do this might be a bad idea I don’t really know well I’ll first of all sing of building the RAM or welding a ram directly on the frame like here’s the frame so i’ll just put you know also took right there but i kind of want a private because i don’t know if it’ll fit there so I’m thinking about if I put it on the side I don’t know and I’m just telling you things that I’m thinking a lot the truth I probably should put it in here and you know look at it but I guess the only thing thing i don’t like about a queue is that these ramps well they’ll have a float mode Adam I guess as long as the tractor has a float mode because my tractor has a float mode so

now I would like to use at that small cart you know the hall the tiller until they get something a little better I guess what I could do is I could just put it in there and put the thing in float and then maybe I could just lift it up by hand and maybe the way to the tiller would tilt a bit for me because normally what I do is I just on I unlatch it I push the tiller to the end and it’ll start to you know Kip the trailer forward for me so I’ll have to make a video on that sometime for you guys so you guys can see how I’m doing it I haven’t made a video on that yet but won’t be any time soon so and part 2 of the things the clothes online video i’m downloading that one to my career right now should be able to upload it tonight hopefully i doubt that video pi won’t be up tonight probably up tomorrow but i just want to own it today so damn might see on so yeah that was more i just don’t think i could go I mean for the big trailer I just think that would be a hell of a project I mean I got a lot to do as it is I don’t want to do any more than I have to assault then I don’t have to go of course with a bigger ram so because he’s this would be too small this one would probably work this one here I don’t know that’s mething kids I’m not good with this you know with his ram [ __ ] either so yeah d rose d located this one is number d the fat guy is 2,500 psi maybe they’re all 2500 yeah they’re all 2,500 psi is these this one’s 3,000 so I’m not going to put a whole ton of weight on them you know i mean the trailer the generator trail is only rated for I’ll aboard a thousand pounds or so well I’m never going to max it out so I mean it wasn’t really matter guessing what the cylinder it just could handle I don’t know I just don’t want to have any trouble moving you know I guess if it’s too small of a ram I guess you could always just get a bigger ram i guess i mean i guess that but that would be too big maybe yeah mmm i think letter age the same is this i think i don’t know so you can tell though to you gotta look at how thick the cylinders are you know the rams inside the frickin thing you know see these are awful so you can tell this one’s thin and this one’s going to probably be a lot fatter see here now these are well if I don’t know you can see there’s a difference in sizes too so I mean the big [ __ ] is it yeah that’s a 4-inch boar by a 24-inch stroke so that’s that’s like the biggest freaking son wish you could possibly get from these guys don’t know well yeah [ __ ] you know how you’re going bigger than that son of a [ __ ] look at that don’t this one’s a 5 what is this 5 inch bore x 8-inch stroke at two hundred and eighty bucks there’s no really no picture of it but damn that’s a bad had to be a pretty freaking big around so I don’t want to go around two huge I mean for the joiner trailer would need to go I mean yeah for the journey that surely would have to go that he which I mean like this room here would probably be fine good to remember I’m not guy can’t I won’t be able to tilt it very far you know I guess I could go with here alright nothing two thousand more I looked at those that lifty kit thing you know I’m for the dump boxes and [ __ ] you know another thing is to that they look like they’re like they’re electric over hydraulic so I think that it comes with him like his own motor or something I suppose it would be running off the trucks power but I’m looking for just hoses to a cylinder I just want to go the easiest way that I can i can get hoses probably principal anywhere i know there’s a a dealer not a dealer but I repair shop over there they sell

hydraulic hoses because my grandma had to get one for their for the bait tractor a 400 so because he was due for a new for a new hydraulic hose so so I can I mean I could just take the RAM to them but hey I need to get it set for this and the lengths I’m going to papi I really don’t need that much I probably only need about three four feet of wire or K or hose maybe I want a little extra I want to live a slack you know it’s not anything so freakin tight I don’t know um yeah what happens more I really can’t do that other set up a big thing that you’re showing me for the dump box in on stuff it just be way too freaking expensive i mean if i was going to build you know a big [ __ ] giant trailer and i had the money then maybe I would do it but this is just going to be you know something to do something like she’s not going to be a major trailer she’s never gonna really haul anything besides you know some dirt me some branches and stuff that’s why I want to make it a flat back / dump box you know so the dump box would be you know for dirt and stuff like that in a flatbed would before you know tree branches or you know really big things you know that that needs a flatbed trailer for so so that’s why I don’t really want to go what’s a big I mean nothing seemed kind of huge and that will take a lot of [ __ ] welding I’m pretty sure of it because it was a square thing you know I mean of course in it tilted like this so I mean it would be easier just to you know take a big bar like you know that’s there something like that well look make brackets you know that’s why you need a some metal in the plasma Carter and you just bolt the [ __ ] ram to it you know be [ __ ] done with it that’s just it i want to go the cheap way this is cheaper and thought it would be a lot easier for me because i’m not exactly you know the best out stiff so but for the gender trailer i’m thinking probably this ram and then put the dumper for the big trailer was there anything on this side I might as well put a thin another 3,000 psi because I wanted a smaller ram like this dog is swim with the frag that seems like it’s a bigger ram but it’s 2,500 psi yeah this is a tinier ram and this is 3,000 psi i’m looking for something like that you know this may be in at 2,500 pound or 2,500 psi because i don’t need a big heavy-duty rams i move that little join your trailer I would need it for that big trailer but then I’m probably going to go with a bigger rim I don’t really want to go so much thicker I just want to go longer because it’s going to take more it’s going to take more of a cylinder to push the trailer up see like this one this rim kind of gives you an idea right well that you guys do shorter I would the chur they would only go by boat yay you know when I wanted to go way up more so I mean you need a cylinder like this but this is just a top link cylinder so I don’t need that but something that length and this these guys look shorter so but you can go longer too yeah I don’t know what I don’t know how much 3,000 psi could lift I guess somebody could let me know but um for the big trailer i’m thinking of one of these Rams I’m thinking letter B let it be stroke or the Boers two and a half and the stroke is 30 inches the shaft is one and a half inches thick 44 pounds of 250 bucks not bad for a ram but I’m i need to go with a bigger cylinder or not thicker but just longer right I’m thinking that Abby would probably do it I can probably go with

lettuce see cuz let us seize even longer but we could we could get be at gym we could get a letter be a chance I’m if they don’t work out you just take this [ __ ] apart and you just send it back or just keep it gets for another project I guess I could always buy another one to make myself a damn homemade loader there’s another idea homemade loader for the for the loop for the little tractor but that’s a lot scrap metal boys it’s a lot of metal and don’t think there was any more Rams on this side no it’s just a control valves and where you can get you know he’s a loader valves small you know Robert are you drunk but the X 720 for already has has a dual ease so I don’t need I don’t need I don’t need one so that would be I guess if you’re going to build or if you’re going to put on me more hydraulics I don’t think the x 1024 could have another set of duals you know set up dual remotes man the why you don’t aiming one for the mower deck and one for the trailer that’s all you would need unless you’re going to put a loader on or or or run a snowblower you know but for where i’m going to use it for how do i would just need and that one since I find that he’s in the second remote that’s on the tractor that’s got a float mode in it so it will release all the pressure so the new I guess if you want the man really lift it you could and I want to be able to make this stuff quick catch to see right now they got these stupid or not Carter pins but they’re like the spin you slip in and you curl them out if you guys would be able to see this so not the fun part won’t focus too well on it for you but yeah I’m gonna focus for you guys I need a bigger pictures what I need mmm gonna focus but you know what i mean so because they’re supposed to be kind of permanent but bill t max made his he put our he built himself a clamp for his 110 back hole john deere 110 and he made his all quick catch so that’s what i want to do to the joinder trailer end to the big further so in case I ever have to replace the ram or permanently locked down the bed you know I could and I’m still debating on if i’m going to put a lock on those trailers or not like i’m gonna try that the ram hold it down give when it’s empty or fully loaded so i was thinkin you’re putting a lot some kind of a lock thing on it so if i wanted to go down the road you know it’s not that you know that far but if i want to go high speeds you have to worry about though you know the trailer come fling enough we could just put a bolt in or a quick tap pin or something you know and be done with it but i don’t think I’ll need that i’m pretty sure that it is long to keep the Rams on the pressure i think they’ll hold it but i don’t know if i should stick with a 25 2,500 psi or should i go to 3,000 psi don’t put the gel in your trailer i’m thinking probably 2,500 psi I don’t know I’m saying a letter A would pop it be all right do you know well she did is 2,500 psi but she it’s longer than the 3000 psi so I need another I need a 2,500 psi in the same same thickness you know same length damn white every good so I’m all set that so it just stays on you know not turn off you know Jesus it’s got the settings on it you know because it supposed to be for outdoor use but I got it in here for a shop and for light you know but she super bright dress me she works as you guys can tell ya I got to do at least yet mmm I had one point out that way but it wasn’t any good so I just want both on here and I just put that ever light there now so yeah should be fine um oh [ __ ] i’m thinking i might just go up to 3,000 you know this guy here because it’s short i don’t need a big ram for that john deere trailer i just need it i would need a big one for the bait trailer because i’m going to be doing two trailers but i probably do did you dare trail at first because that doesn’t really require any work and i’m sure we could find some chunk of metal you know somewhere so big chunks and like just you know plasma-cut out old I

think it is both the RAM on to that but i don’t think i have anything here unless I cut that saw blade up use that I don’t really want to use that you know i guess i could find something at the farm i can’t find nothing here because there is nothing here so free no so yeah but cyber tomorrow I just don’t think that that setups I mean it would it would work but that’s just going to be a [ __ ] pain in the ass that’s what I think I mean there’s no reason why we you know for the little Johnny our trailer and one cylinder can’t work you know for the big trailer launch are just one big Ram would work I’m I don’t so I’m capable of dual rams you know the thing is i don’t think i would have enough hydraulic pressure or even that hydraulic fluid or you know whatever ship them to move both those rams so i have to stick with one unless i go with a bigger tractor but you know i’m not buying another tractor just for two cylinders you don’t forget that i could just go with the 14 now for the big trailer I could just go with a longer ram you know I mean if I was gonna hook this up to up to the big tractor you know the 400 you know then it was she’d be picking up more enough power to push that rim this is this is for the X 720 for remember that so not much for power she’s 25 horsepower but I don’t know what the gallons per minute are how much is in the tank heater she’s supposed to have more than enough you know a lot in there to move them more decking up and down and the run other stuff cuz I’m when you use a loader it’s going to take a lot more hired wrote and then running a killer or a three-point hitch or anything like that you know takes a lot of hydraulic pressure to make those lawyers move so so yeah for the agenda trailer I’m just thinking this Ram that’s for the little trailer and doing two trailers you know I don’t really want to mess with the joiner trailer too much um how’s that reinforce it in some areas but I’m thinking about just putting this Ram underneath now there is a like oh I think there is quite a bit of a gap between the bed and in the frame not hundreds i’m sure i guess i could go look but i don’t feel like it right now so so for the joiner trailer i’m just think of a smaller am because remember i can’t tell it too far anyway and if this Graham gets maxed out and I badge not tilted all the way well I could probably go with a slightly bigger ram I’m in the 84 99 one that would be a little bit bigger but not probably much they’d probably be the same length i don’t know but time you just gotta wing it that’s all you can do I just gotta risk it and see what happens right so but yeah I mean for the for the big trailer I just don’t think that setup would work because i’m not going to do wiring you know it just be easier just a stick of damn selling the runner running hoses and be done with it you know I mean I know about I know how to do some of the selling of [ __ ] because well I’ve watched built in Max’s videos and he was building himself a dump trailer and you know I like how he stuck his ram on so his ram was it was on the trailer on the underside and it pushed out towards him but as it was pushing out it would tilt this back right so that’s what I want to do with both trailers it should work i mean he did it so i don’t know why my trailers wouldn’t be able to do that you know I’m built one end like for the joiner trailer i put this end on the frame and well this end torch to the to the bed you know i guess i mean it doesn’t matter which way I could do it thought I was just had the ramps you know pushing out toward for me you know kind of thing so it’s going to mess up the freaking John your paint job but I’ll published in the painting over it anyway someday he knows going to be underneath nobody’s going to really see it but the rest i made green ones you know green colored rams because it would match or at least yellow green or yellow but when I guess I could go with a black one but these this one seems to be a bit more heavy duty here from now maybe they

have a say maybe they are this is just a different color well yeah so you guys look at all this this looks like it’s like a square on and then the other ones around I kind of think I like the wrong ones better less chance of something getting stuck on to them you know that you guys will have to let me know what you guys think and but that’s just what I’m thinking because the other thing that savage noir was showing me that’s just way too friggin expensive I mean anymore 12 on at the 1,500 bucks I’m like you know what for that kind of amount of money I could get me a plasma Carter a welder now let’s play about it well I could get a frickin a miller welder for less than that son of a [ __ ] you know I mean the miller while there’s only six seven hundred bucks you know plasma cutter built the same northern tools they do make a our plasma Carter too if i can find my answer show you guys this to you don’t want hydraulics we want the welders oh yeah nothing too damn it it’s going to show you tomm gray some bulbs to [ __ ] lights they aren’t yeah here’s a battery charger that’s what I need look at that right back to the ramp again hmm unfortunate oh yeah see Wow look at the size of that Ram oh my it’s a fuel tanks so I don’t think none of the holes so here’s some couplings I don’t know if that’s what my gender has I think these are bigger don’t I get her societies I guess I could measure mine and then just get something like that and put on the hoses I don’t I wouldn’t need this though I would probably need that unless you can just order those separate I don’t freaking know ah and I don’t think I’ll need a pressure gauge know what do you know if I need that I’m not cheap i don’t think i need it here’s the tanks it would be nice if this has got me thinking again but I know I can’t do this because it’s just so second expensive for the big trailer now if i could put on one of these no these are pretty big tanks I don’t want a big big freaking tank well there’s only two and a half well I would only need probably needs a two gallon this is what they look like what 60 or 70 bucks two gallon tank and then grab well I heard here’s another one daughters a two-gallon 80 bucks I like those better so I could get one of those cuz up here I don’t really have to go big with that and if I am I rx7 24 hard to 540 pto maybe I could sign what that would work now I’m having on thinking because maybe I could have used the tractors pto you know and I just make power that way and power to big rams you know because then all the tractor would be doing is making the power but the pump and the in the field or the the [ __ ] hydraulic oil will be in its own thing you know but these are awful for going to expand 2 and 5 40 this one’s ready for 540 pto use 11.4 gallons per minute that’s from prints the 400 has one of these that’s how we run the loader we use the tractors the tractors 540 pto and it has one of these on the run the hostess from that to the tank and then from the tank into the loader so he’s using the tractors pto to make hydraulic pressure instead of using the actual tractors hydraulics because they’re not there anymore because we took them off because the why because that was a triple remote setup I guess because I didn’t need triple triple remotes by the way I had to cut them off unless they weren’t working anymore but another thing that’s who that’s going to weld on you know I probably never can find them now I catch hearing them send this category here somewhere oh where the hell did you going son of a [ __ ] well if that chain 40 feet holy [ __ ] mine only 25 feet that’s still too damn big yeah these here I think these are tie-down strap hopes I’m thinking about

well in some of those onto just for when I’m hauling crap you know pitch when I’m hauling stuff down the road Tom’s not something loose like you know pavers or something or you know tree Brandon I get you get both days on two looks like you just bowled well this one get bolt on oh that does I will either just weld them on I mean eight bucks for a letter A that’s this letter A eight bucks weighs one pound that’s the size of it yeah does it work here’s a weld-on hook for buckets remember so you know it would be pretty cheap to put on a 540 pto you know because I’d like to go I might as well get a three point hitch to oh yeah and here’s Jack’s see the I probably need these for the big trailer I’m they’re cheap I don’t know which I kind of like these ones better well oh they’ll all they all look the same to me break it how does he get letter A yes watch is that 80 bucks not bad 84 99 actually not bad not bad so any one of those oh Jesus you got a frickin liquor are you freaking lazy creeper come on no I because I’d be awesome do ya certain people get so damn lazy nowadays 36 so I think I went past the welding supplies that’s the tailor I should have gotten right there instead of that stricken the other son of a [ __ ] it’s got the same motor and everything so I got to get me one of these yeah I draw presses yeah going to get one last year but I never did no I’m probably the investment of those two well that this heat my rims are that just something else all they do Jack’s ok now we’ll need them those big heavy [ __ ] duty to action here’s a full type disk I want to get it i want to buy a disk or two there’s a small disk and big ones dump cart cedars sideways amor said he had to pull type theater that’s what I’m kind of looking for somewhere right there to there so you can put on an ATV yeah hazards and rollers and stuff and i’m going to buy these these just thing here some time to I was going to buy it after i bought the lawn sweeper but the launch papers just rip off maybe someday guys this won’t be on I think I Paris it’s freaking facebook page was on well there’s www well over three 73-72 holy [ __ ] that’s way in there that’s way in this all where’s mine you bastard we’re here we go okay well this is the welder then probably going to get next month in july that the one that’s the one right here right here look Pete ball make sure you’re looking all the freakin light died right here ok and I’m going to get me a plasma Carter some time to you can get 115 volt for 500 bucks not bad but I’m going to need a plasma cutter to bees to honey expect me to cut metal right I ain’t going to sit there and do it by hand that takes too long people so oh yeah by the way it’s new ya reckon rights yeah they think our videos on it too I never didn’t watch that video the ibis says he’s been watching a video on the welder I think I’d other kinds of welders you know I think I just freaking big damn generators this is a 10,000 watt welder / generator look at the size of that he

do you need a frickin big card Jesus what’s the horsepower on this [ __ ] it’s a powered by a two-cycle for selling the 23 kohler overhead vol overhead valve engine dead dog at 23 horsepower game that’s freaking quite a bit that’s what the same as what my tractors got Jesus and then he got some other I was going to get one of these to you about just this brand here but I’m think I’m going to stick with northern tool which just I think right there do ya did we come into me presume okay so okay so I just want to start a fresh video there and close to my time again so our first investment will be a welder and then it probably a plasma cutter and then i’ll probably trying to buy some scrap metal and stuff or metal not scrap metal metal my mom like well you got to get a helmet you got to get you know the big damn gloves and on [ __ ] you know and [ __ ] i’m going to buy it now i know they had them in here God am I looking at ok now yeah you can buy helmets here too but they’re garbage I see never really asked you here they are well I mean that one’s okay that one’s okay they’re ok don’t swim either here’s a hunting one hunting one yeah comes with our own little bag freakin garbage you only doubt but I seen one on north or tools we are in northern tools you dumb [ __ ] on Miller calm or miller welders com they had one kind of like this but with a red light in blue and had american eagle on it for 187 bucks but look at the phrases on these are about the same if not this one’s higher Jesus you’re [ __ ] nuts 219 bucks are you kidding me that’s karti that’s the price of the thing yes it is two hundred [ __ ] box you nuts Jesus Oh talk about read Daniel so I’m just going to get one from from miller welders com give me a nice one and I’m also going to invest some day going to invest me in one of these like will you stop dying and trying to show people things I’m going to invest in one of these kardi things sometime don’t be there’s a nice bigger something better for your holy [ __ ] um but yeah so oh oh [ __ ] well I got a yard oh yeah turtle is making a video guys it’s too freaking early with takes me all day to upload these videos ok catch my breath here for a minute so yeah that’ll be Papa july’s investment and don’t know when that’ll be sometime higher next year yeah well I’ll have to also invest in a grinder now those have to be in a power tool section which I don’t know where [ __ ] that would be yeah it’s also going to invest in a I sort of ryan miller to do this i’m also going to invest in one of these a pinky or [ __ ] work in all these stupid lights um this one’s a little better a little more expensive but it works seeing a video on it and I aren’t there so yeah I’m going to invest in one of those for big red because I don’t feel like being around it so and I Shh I wouldn’t even those reverse camera things yeah with audio what no damn audio you drunk sumbitch whatever here’s some extra lighting and stuff that he needs well he needs this more yeah they were you get one of those big [ __ ] lights holy [ __ ] you can put that you know this light right here you give high put that damn light up there and would probably

you’d be blind for like ever she’s OD broke it was a [ __ ] [ __ ] LEDs but they got the cigarette lighter thingy plugging anything he’s in them all good so they [ __ ] garbage here’s more lights and stiff what’s this loss is the switch box I guess where your lights and stuff hey some winches I think that was the one that I tried but I didn’t turn out too well so here’s some more let you decorate motor thingies so yeah it’s like my neighbors got a more like that but a little older I think a little older than a couple years um hey my Raptor six didn’t you have it more just like that I don’t know this is the exact same one or not happy not why not you had a stupid disc brand but I don’t know if that was the exact models they got two models here think the RZ 4623 zero-turn 46 inch dick or the RZ 5424 zero turn with the 54 inch deck I don’t know that was a more night you had but um you’d be drunk buying this more look at it look at it it’s so creepy it’s like a freaking damn you looks like a [ __ ] alien ship from hell who the [ __ ] would buy a more like that moles up to 8 miles an hour my ass but your maximum 20 working mo faster than that oh you’re that scary so yeah yeah here’s some some sprayer for ATVs I love let’s get a pull type for the tractor I can get that from John your goddamn order it I guess so Oh get a stretching out tubes been standing here for two freaking long I released if I’m pulling a muscle or in a fat gut too so oh yeah I’m thinking guys that I’m just gonna put a are just a one selling their on both of the trailers I mean yeah I like to go the way that savage nemore data but or told me excuse me but i just want pure hydraulics i don’t want the Indian Eckert [ __ ] you know I hate it gets in the way so I just want two hoses from the tractor to the trailer done and then done you know forget you’re just done you know other wearable anything well into the hoses below but that can be many years away so um you guys have to let me know what you think if you guys for the generator trailer I’m thinking that a 2,500 psi ram would be nice it would be nice but that one there was 3,000 psi so I don’t know what I would do I don’t know what how much [ __ ] a lift gotta dodge ram pickup yeah i can’t i have a Dodge if I knew in my rap 46 is going to sell his ipod just by his damn truck yeah this is a freaking dodge not anything else for now I mean dodge and shave these are and GMC are the only ones i’m sticking with I don’t like four words I don’t care for for its too much so so I’m just thinking I’m just going to stick with you know the one cylinder for each trailer on for the big trailer I’m obviously going to go a little bigger hey I got that engine I which one is it this one right here but this is this was black well it’s an order I can buy my next break and Stratton engine from I didn’t think they were making them anymore I thought breaching starting quit was hard les I’m hearing things

again I think mine was a 900 model 500 serious whatever generator use pomp you is [ __ ] it’ll fit on a frakkin Taylor too because that’s that’s exactly my engine but i think that was block well i guess if I blow up this engine I know where to buy another one Daniel people are trying to look she knew what the horsepower was obviously the whole thing is what I guard but you know I see a lot of money go people oh well I can go with a bigger one that’s even bigger huh holy [ __ ] down tear my teller is freaking Drive [ __ ] all the hell i’ll have you over rev it music oh [ __ ] shake it well look at the cheap well these are breaks and starts to look like friggin wonder they are oh well they ain’t got even bigger Oh [ __ ] holy [ __ ] not even bigger that’s a v-twin holy [ __ ] yeah this one’s bigger this is 305 season the other one and then mine was only 200 5 cc’s holy [ __ ] that would tear my terror all to hell that’s a big [ __ ] motor but yet I think this one’s even bigger Oh CeCe’s I want ct’s not [ __ ] oh nothing freakin say oh yeah does holy [ __ ] you can go up to 23 horsepower yeah doubt that that would blow up my killers frickin everything you know oh [ __ ] try [ __ ] all those [ __ ] on holy [ __ ] this look like [ __ ] big [ __ ] engines holy [ __ ] I’m so know what the horsepower was on this not 23 horsepower that’s fine much bigger this was quite bigger though I don’t know but whatever that horsepower so forget what is going to show you guys now say I want to get these tools here at this brand not brown they seem to be pretty good yeah I see it going to get off see these are the power tools section there are grinders he says are anywhere for NY route 46 says you can’t grind or you can’t well done shitty metal you know it’s got to be clean to weld which won’t be a problem so right here I bet just uh oh well it’s gonna be one of these guys I was gonna get this one’s a 15 this one’s a 10 out of 10 would probably fine free sure you get free shipping on that one no I was on this one too uh-huh oh [ __ ] us on everything [ __ ] I didn’t see that I love free shipping yeah yeah well then takes [ __ ] forever break that noise I’ll just pay for it in you have heard get here quicker look at all the awesome tools that I could wish I could have but you know [ __ ] look at the flash lights are off at me I got me a good one now so those are craftsmen lights that I got guys let’s actually I worked good for flashlights do their [ __ ] bright allowed to make another moment I’m mowing night vid for you guys with the big camera I won’t be anytime soon and I got to get me I got to give me one of these two gotta give me a workbench but I found a nice steal one give me a minute I’ll find it here alrighty guys so welcome back so this is this is the workbench I’m thinking again machine to have gone up on the pricing now so but this one here is good enough rated for 5,000 pounds on the top shelf and 500 pounds on the bottom shelf 2,300 bucks ship weighs 110 pounds 48 inches wide 24 inches deep and 36 inches in height that’s what the smallest size and if I just wanted to you know if I need to go bigger I’ll just add on another one you know just keep going right down the frickin line you know like I want to shop where one side of the wall is on work benches and then the other side is stuff you know nails crap like that tools you know they’ll be tons of tools all over all over the freakin workbench too but you know whatever but that’s the

one I wanted to get I want to kind of like the end is built from Little Giant so I figured it’d be pretty good day me for what I’m going to use the force should be fine so yeah freakin right [ __ ] I’ve seen some of these up the one store or regal to buy stuff looks like it’s all homemade [ __ ] man establish the market do better than that you guys have seen his a bench that he built out of wood add that looks way better than this [ __ ] so for some trailers and stuff but for now guys I’m going to bomb blew me I’m done showing you guys stuff now time to talk a little bit um I was just thinking about you know sticking those getting windy on them too I think I’ll just stick you know one selling their on each each trailer you know I won’t be this year obviously but at least you don’t get a good idea on pricing and stuff got to give me a frickin office chair in here do there’s nowhere to freaking sit oh this is this different things not very comfy either I tell you ah stabbing me in the frickin ass so yeah when I’m thinking this I’ll just stick one ram on each freakin trailer it should be a should be fine i don’t think it would matter too much so hey she’s kind of equally over here there’s that much for stuff here huh echo you guys can’t hear the echoing and rice probably can but so yeah i’m just thinking of what i’ll just put you know one cylinder on each on the john your trail it’ll be small one and on the on the big trailer they’ll be bigger because i don’t need to let’s scissor there that one lifty thing that savage tomorrow’s telling me I balls I would be too much work I think because you’re not the weld and some of crap you know to support it because you know with around you probably just stick two of those honors one weld the RAM to that I’ll probably not today so you know it’s just as an example you know that beer that peace would go from one side of the trailer to the other anything it built to ram right in the middle and you know you’d be ok alright so I mean I don’t see why it wouldn’t work I mean I would probably need a scrap of metal something like that without name is picking holes I guess I could just build in those holes I guess you know take a lot of wire but oh ah saucisson think of doing he’ll think about this you know sticking one round each freakin thing and be done with it you know a couple hoses here and there and stuff [ __ ] beer she’d be okay I don’t see why not so yeah so I want me but I won’t be buying the welder this month because a lot of the time have things to buy so still gotta try to get that thingy over there and tuba grease and got everything flapper for the toilet and we gotta take our one key to cat in we already made an appointment for him so he’ll be going I think he has to have some teeth removed so if I think he’s getting some rotten teeth or something somewhere so his uh his cheeks seem to be getting kind of fat like a swollen up or something or something like that so I got to get him in and see what’s wrong with him then we’re gonna make my probably we’re gonna part they’re probably gonna make monthly payments on that because I don’t want a lot so now soon be number one hundred bucks but as I just won’t have that kind of money you know so so this

had to be a cheap payment every month so the recording you learn so shut up bird come on and sit your ass so I don’t you know I don’t know why we just don’t do that instead you know just stick stick the one everyone Ram especially for the gender trailer should be fine I mean it’s now we’re going to hold a million pounds not even close to 500 pounds bobbly I’ll probably sticking that ram on and the trailer be like that like two seconds with holy [ __ ] i reset those rams had a built in my friend has it on his on his cultivator it’s a thing that will clamp on to the ram i’m so not because he only called he cultivates i had a certain death that you know every time he isn’t going deeper so so he bought this thing and clamped onto his ram so the one they would hit hit his thing or the thing that that the ram would stare slide into it would actually stop the ram you know I’m for the shiner trailer i don’t know if i want the ram law around might be long so it might try to suck the trailer and further than it should be going in you know and then for the big trailer i don’t know i don’t know if i would guess i don’t know if i would need them but i just don’t want the ram going into far going out too far i guess you know so i don’t know i won’t work anyway but you know i guess you just have to learn on your own you know learn when the freakin stop you know so and one of these days I gotta paint the shop I gotta paint though white I guess the whites coming off the trim so I paint that I’d be awesome second garbage so yeah well yeah I was the more I did look at that you know that thing you’re telling me about I just think that’d be a lot of work I mean he might as well just take a big chunk of steel welded and you know I mean that’s going to make the turlet wezel damn watch I got to keep this turtle aight dude um so I’m just thinking you know a big bar and one cylinder and thin sheet metal all decent anyway there you go you don’t want to go with a super heavy trailer I mean I’m going to be pulling this with big red and the end you know the little tractor so got to keep that in mind doing I don’t have any front waits for that tractor so long as they invest in some of that too whatever there anything it that much anyway it was front wheats you know they just did this slide on the front mount there on the tractor get them the amount for the weights is already built into the frame so so that would be freaking a okay great so so yeah I think we’ll just do that guys I think it would be for what I want to do all that work unless I was the more you want to come or do all that work Brian doing it also I’m fat and I’m lazy now I’m going to do things the lazy way so one ram should be fine if not well then we’ll just go to a bigger ram I guess you know thought we can do and I guess if the X 720 for can’t lift it you know I mean if I’m hauling tree branches if I wouldn’t be that heavy hauling dirt it would be heavy but she can’t tilt it you know fully loaded full of dirt well that’s fine I’ll just scoop it off you know the shovel and then she’d be able to be able to dump the rest after that so until we get a bigger tractor but my next tractor will be pretty freaking huge so I mean he possibly could blow that round the hell you know difficult a big enough tractor but whatever it’ll be fine I think it’ll work I’m just going to draw go with that for now because I don’t want to do all that work one ram should be fine i don’t think we would have to eat duels and cuz i don’t know how the hell you even hook up dual hydraulics we on for one remote you know not be a lot of tricking hydraulic oil x1024 is not rate it doesn’t have much i don’t know exactly how much I don’t know what the gallons

per minute are so but I’ll probably look in the book because you see what the gallons per minute would be on that fire won’t be much but it doesn’t have to be much soul because you can’t lift that you can’t lift it you know save it for the bigger trackers I guess I can the 405 would have would have any trouble with lifting it but we don’t have any extra remotes on that the other stock ones got cut off you know like the actual handles they got cut off I’m Aaron laden with me with a pump quit working and they don’t use them anymore or what I guess she will only be a loader tractor but here i thought that for the people i had it you know people in the future for me you know could a useless freakin remotes but does she she’s getting a week i think she’s losing horsepower she seems to be I got burnt pistons so long she’s and she need to come i freakin damn good overhauling but that’s a lot of money so so we’re just slowly doing what we can do it right now we’re putting new hoses on on the tracker every now and then because she’s a pissing hydraulic oil so we keep having to dump hydraulic oil and do it which gets out it gets expensive because it takes like 5 10 gallons to fill them and yeah it doesn’t even last a year and it’s already out against old so for slowly fixing the hoses so they stopped leaking once we do that then she shouldn’t be leaking anymore she should be able to push I’ll order out all the way she’s got some pretty damn big frickin long frickin Rams tell you that you know for the loader to put the Lord her up [ __ ] to linger long Lord are so big and clumsy I don’t know who puts a little dirt puts a big loader on a little [ __ ] tractor but that load is built from built by our farm hand I guess so I just IH didn’t make lawyers at the time that would fit those tractors they do now but well they don’t make international they make case IH now but internationals run around anymore they are for the trucks but they’re not for the tractors and combines and stuff like that they’re just they’re just building trucks now so know why they would stop making international you know tractors are pretty good whatever just firing room find one with this with low hours or even ancient overall they need to put a new motor in she’ll be like new again whatever forget i’ll let it go for now so I think that’s what i’ll do is i’ll just put a think i’ll just put it you know one cylinder on each trailer and i think i could get the hoses from over there at that gas station i think they still saw you know take hoses I don’t think I should go I don’t go to babies I don’t want to have to I don’t want to have trouble moving around so I think if you keep the hoses small like you know the thickness keep them small it should build more pressure that way and then maybe they’ll actually push to you know actually go to the RAM and actually push the RAM out because you don’t want to go too big because then it’ll be a lot of room there for the liquid to do this and not make pressure so unless you want to go with the bigger hose I don’t know I don’t know how that works you think to me I think I would just blow the smaller hose because they may be little pump it faster and actually make good pressure you know and stiff so are never break it this if we blow holes we blow holes but its cool the bigger size I guess well go up one size out of time till we get it that get it right so yeah my name is guys think I’m going to take off because that’s all I want to tell you guys about talk talk to you guys about that you know I think I’ll just stick with the one cylinder I think that should be fine I mean Sizemore I think it would be a lot of frickin work cuz you have to build a lot of metal for that you know just to hold that son [ __ ] because it’s like a square box on the bottom so I’m not going to load all that [ __ ] in I

could just weld you know good sized bar and then well the RAM on to that be done with it you know I figure two breaks to the velvety in and you reinforce it more you just keep adding more metal to it until stays my phone I’m going to get it for I wouldn’t matter I’m not going to push it too hard like if I actually did get the trailer belt you know yeah I got it actually built I don’t think I would push it harder right away i think i’d take it easy on it to see if she’s going to do any twists and warping and friggin up on me so but i think we’ll get it to work Oh someday won’t be today obviously so I’m also going to try to invest in some of that PB blaxter or whatever the [ __ ] [ __ ] is established amorous telling me about I’m going to see if they have that brand or if they got something close to it and excuse me and if they don’t have that brand I probably get something close to and if they don’t have anything well then they suck it’s got a broken branch there again that’s son of a [ __ ] hasn’t been home forever look at your yard man look at your yard I gotta mow my yard to Jesus we might as well just let my friend cut it for hay and let him bail the [ __ ] [ __ ] is not going to come around motor [ __ ] yeah frickin stupid Canadian some Canadians are stupid i just don’t I don’t get him I don’t get it whatever they’re guarding them or to take off and stuff I got a yard again I’m so tired why I think we’ll just do that I mean that’s just locks brothers yeah building my own lungs log splitter do um that’s a fans stupid froze sheets of sons of [ __ ] yeah we’ll just a little bit where the ramp section was now but you guys know what I mean any of you guys don’t understand me then I don’t know what the problem is but i’m sure you guys understand me all right I’m trying to tell you guys explain this to you guys that it’s just going to be it would be too much work doing it the other way i think i think would just be cheaper just to put one ram on and we done you know i mean yeah i like your idea savage no more but that’s a lot of [ __ ] work i’m not willing to do all that work unless you’re willing to come over here and you know do something bit but yeah we’ll just died one ram should do especially for the john deere trailer that little guy should be a cheap behind so kind of bend my book back in the shape something to bend other shapes see that look at that dick earnest look at books in video net that’s what I say to be down be nice and flat and level any other guys I’m going to take off so I guess you guys let me know what you guys think on that deal over there and here’s the guys this denoising you guys know what to do it leave in the comment section or you guys can just PM me too I guess I don’t really give a [ __ ] how the hell you guys do it I don’t really give a [ __ ] so yeah bring me the girl you guys have a baby don’t forget to you guys smoking cigarettes and stuff so yeah have a good et tubes see you guys later