hi folks welcome to my channel I’m Kerri this is my co cadet GT 3200 which it’s got a hydraulic pump problems which I will show you here in a few minutes what’s going on with it and unfortunately we’ve got to take the seat off in this fender well and we want to take the three-point hitch off but yeah to show you what I’m going to be showing you but one you will have to take it off if you have to do well get ready to show you anyway this is it and my foot will help him Bay at night but with the tray in case somebody else runs them on the same problem I had and if it does great for don’t well all I can do is try right so link for my wife come out here so she can film because I can’t hold the camera and just right then I’ll show you we need to do an on same time so at the this is the GT 3200 they can’t wait there is for the tiller which is over there with some stuff piled up on it goes on the three-point hitch in the back so we wait for her come out and hmm we get started all right and we’re Devin show down here got to take these throws out here bolts to get the seat off you do not want to drop your bit down in there don’t ask me how I know that that’s what the what takes it’s about 30 seconds I believe this hook holds the seat down as well as dependent fender well to the frame of the tractor now I got to do the slide the seat back to take the two out the front yeah there’s a help somebody great but don’t I thought I’d make a video of it what problem I had with it of course I had this for five years and four months before I had any trouble with it Keith at the dealership kept asking me if I had any trouble with it and I said no my friend says why do you keep asking me Keith what’s going on with it and he said well Terry he said they’ve been having problems out of the hi-brite pumps and he said some ain’t getting bring me airs on four days to put the quit I know you had your a while and you never had him saying anything about it I promise I had with it was the o-rings and the bed body the controls the valley mower the three-point hitch of course it’s also a pair of 32 but the little o rings kept blowing and I think it’s because the it was worth it was so thin but I got them at Lowe’s for water faucets there was the same size except the rubber was the good thicker and it stopped that problem but two years down the road then I have pump Pro this is what we’re going after this is the main pump getting it and this is the supply pump which keep the when did done this it did all once and you just quit and he told me some supply pump so I bought a supply pump was three hundred and seven dollars they’ve over three hundred one to do yes and bled the area out of it and that wasn’t yet she’s shown over here Deb this is the gear out of it

it came this is the old pump it came out of the center right here that’s what she looks like and Keith told me he said you take it apart one of two things you want to have metal shavings or you have broken gears well got broken gears as you can see so I’ll piece it back together is also if you can tell there’s one piece missing and they’re defined the piece so I’m guessing what happened to went in the main pump and that’s probably what toward the main conduit but I’m just guessing on that on that part but you’ve got to have him loose there’s three bolts there’s one here one here and one here which already got them loose on that side I only got two left on this side and this way here will come on you also have to take the gas cap off because it won’t go over that and you just kind of do this number and you got Poppy’s loose there okay then one day I will loosen take these boats out here already got the other two right here because you have to crawl neat the tractor to get them they’re not in a easy spot these boat ball here’s our seven sixteenths do these ratchet too horrible for the fingers change on the tractor now all that for that also this one’s got a cigarette lighter for cellphones don’t plug the wires off the end to get it to come out they just they’re just some plugs gonna do all right I’m pulling the molinator good all right forget that bond right there this is a plot pump and this your main pump of course the pain keeps it cool all right now Keith told me he says the most likely is the supply pump $300 $300 now he knew I had three-point hitch now you got to take the gas tank off to get to it right here but with the three-point hitch he told my eyes when I have to drop three-point hitch you don’t have to drop the whole thing I found figured out all you guys do is take this cover I peered in it’s got four bolts two on top two in the bottom I got to do is take the to the top out listen the ones on the bottom in the three-point hitch assembly will just lay over the hot rod Sooners down at the bottom it will hinge and then you just pull the gas tank out now I think it holds the gas tank in is actually the three-point hitch back plate as you can tell you don’t don’t have any fuel in it now think if it does it has very little I

got this technique unhook the fuel line unplug the gas get that fuel light and shake them out now I’m not going through all that process but you get you got three high brake lines you got a take out and what they got is a boat with like like a fork hold them they’re also sub sixteenth of leaf and you just take them out and you pull them straight out they have little BDO rings and then this is where the o-rings seat in right here that’s the ones I had trouble in the valve assembly one controls the three-point hitch which is this one this controls the front which on everything in the front that for attachment and this is for the mower deck the belly mower any way you want it will set in make sure I’m telling you right yeah it sets in like this you got two bolts either 1/2 inch or 9/16 or they may be even metric now pry it up remember Rees I don’t remembers because I did this back in what June yes and it’s been setting all this time and like I said we thought was this and it wasn’t it’s $300 and anyway you got two bolts and pull the bolts out after you get these out here and this will come apart and and that’s probably what you will find and I looked everywhere I asked to keep this anyway possible that that piece again and the main pump he said it could but most likely it didn’t well I think it there because the pumps out and I have never found the piece I’ve looked everywhere for it and I can’t find it but anyway anyway it’s not the supply pump and way it’s made kind of cheap no wonder they discontinued it and resigned getting the pump the main pump for it it’s a thousand sixty four dollars as an oppressed attractor comes with it of course you know they said no but thanks for asking but anyway that’s what you’re looking at now they only had one left on the shelf at the time and I asked them if what kind of warranty I would have with it and really they get a straight answer but I kind of think kind of think they’d beaten by the best a another in the warranty I mean you’re a guarantee that it won’t do it again pretty much we we told me was it could be five months to five years I got five years our mind and let’s see how many hours on the tractor it’s going to do its little thing 260 I think what it is with a dark a kink with a tail maybe or no – and 26 hours on so hope this helps anybody out or not but anyway that’s why I came across on it but what happened was I just had serviced it I had a change hydro going at that spring the 2015 and in the summer in June I had I moved to part of the yard up in the front just nothing to get it nice and hot and I went service the engine put a new air cleaner pre cleaner on it change the filter oil filter of course and put new oil in it and in the field filter – made my yard define went down the which we’ve got almost three acres not quite with a dead two points another right anyway since almost three acres moded the mode here to have been trouble traveling down the road I guess what 600 feet down down the mats and start them all around there and they’re fine and went to back up went forward and she changed her tune the hydro pump change the sound first thing I thought was I’ve hit the something in the filter there’s a fit like break filter done at the bottom straight below this fan if you can see it right that’s right here first thing I thought was something hit that

filter much the hole in it that wasn’t the case I set the tractor off pull the dipstick it was still full she checked it again make sure because that’s what I kind of sound like a sonic was low hydraulic all started back up and it you couldn’t steer you had turned the strings will about five or six turns to get moved to move the wheels two inches it wouldn’t raise the mower deck up it would raise three-point hitch up all the hard drives is gone yes it’s got power steering on so and I just had to drag the motor deck back up here to the house and got out here showing hangar driveway then the driveway came down the driveway from your lefty right that’s going back again and I left out cycle so this was having 80 85 degree weather that day and I start figuring what’s going on with it and I thought well I might call Keith next day and I went to back it up and she went back up that’s it you’re done so I had golf of it and pebble fell in Reverse pedal and help push it to get it up in you in here and it’s been sitting here ever since since back in June but anyway that’s what we’re looking at and that’s when I start looking for other tractors now always one get kick out this she’s already grinning well before we got this she said once you talk around a little bit more and get you a better tractor or something little bit bigger what’s your name well that well at the time this is all I need something to tell her to garden with mow grass they’d be good enough well she told me so anyway I got five years out of them four months which grandma Keith told me that’s pretty good considering with love them didn’t last that long so anyway but this time I really done my homework on I looked at John Deere’s kabuto I think I pronounced that right and different ones I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with Kubota I’m going to looking at the queen bee x.25 D and also to be 2601 its lipid bigger-sized tractor then the bx the it’s got a bit more horsepower and hydroxyl bit stronger and bigger it’s got a little bit bigger of a pump yada yada yada anyway I think it’d be a dose it me better here the PX 25 D is by size of this one here but it comes with a loader book in the backhoe and anything extra like the belly more stuff like ATS extra on it but just something a load or nothing like that it’s frame wouldn’t take it on against me for its Paul tiller and know if that’s pretty much about the frame wise and coca that didn’t make this mower by the way Ltd or ldt or whoever which is whichever it is made the cup to death but anyway anyway moving on we I started watching YouTube videos I never really fought with you to that much really Hardy at all really and I came up typed in a search thing as B X 25 days and Paul short Paul Casey short from Canada came up I start watching their videos and that’s how I got to really meet them but start watching their videos and I learned quite a bit from with the BX summits little problems and stuff and of course they all kind of quirky all tractors are but the anyway I learned quite a bit from Paul and if you know what I’m talking about Paul Cathy short Bay Robert Wright Bay Roberts in Canada he’s got his own business going called special specialty prepares and he’s got a website special specialty repairs c8 and look him up I think he’d be well pleased he’s got several videos and it’s a good clean channel and it’s not only you learn hot stuff from Paul but also Paul Kathy makes it funny and their friend Lou comes by once a while and there was no fella talking members name off the bat but and Kathy does a great job on details decals and like labels and such she does a great job if you if you have time check them out if you haven’t

already you may already know who I’m talking about because he’s got quite a few viewers but anyway that’s how that came about and this spring we’re planning on to get a Kubota I think I’m leaning toward the 2601 I believe but anyway we’re going to do some videos and see how it goes if it don’t take all fine I won’t do any more but if it does move well let me see what happens and there’s some projects we’re going to be doing the Sun or really nothing happens but anyway that’s pretty much it thank them close this one out we’re going to do one on the Suns Santa faith they get their own oil filter so he went back to the store to get that an air filter so i thought why he was going on doing that we do this real quick No and now I got to put this thing back together and if you ask the wonder one will do it this thing I had no idea there’s no guy has a tractor just like it and he asked me ask me about asked me about it that’s about it time or anything else about it so no he’s gonna do his motor blood up in his butt this in here it runs fine motors and perfect shape which started up I try to start up on going to help it Petra so but anyway that’s that’s pretty much it for this if you have any questions please ask them please subscribe if you like to see more if you give us thumbs down please tell us why like I said I just started doing on there all this it’s true it’s hard to talk to the camera I mean I used to be the one behind the camera like my wife is right now but anyway let’s let’s known hear from you see what happens we want to do one on the Santa Fe when he gets back and then we got moving his my son’s the dogs cage mate do one on that – of course I think I’d become boring but I don’t know we we see on that one anyway folks thanks for watching subscribe viv like – and God bless no have a good day