so again wonderful good morning to all of you from Germany today I would like to talk with you about a very very very interesting theme which is beam that is extremely important for a lot of people all over the world that helps them to use their communication devices I would like to introduce you into our concept that we like to say mounting may easy or that we like to call mounting made easy but at first electric introduce you to Who I am and why I like to talk with you about that so my name is Robert Hills I’m European salesman from the company rare that engineering and over 10 years experience in working with AC devices with mounting solutions in Germany and I’ve worked for a big German a/c company with a lot of different kind of communication systems with all different kind of communication content of access methods so everything from printing boardmaker symbol up to programming very very complex communication contact on tobe devices on the other box devices is everything that I have worked for a lot of years what is the content that will be want to talk today about we want to talk today about the general overview about the needs and considerations when we’re talking about planning and mounting solution for an AAC device and foreign customer I want to give you some case studies some case examples that we all see and where I would like to show you how a modular system that we are using with our components can be extremely beneficial I will also show you today about a little bit of how we assemble a mounting solution to a wheelchair I have prepared for that a couple of little videos that I want to show you today will will show that you have a lot of examples today about Universal and custom-made mounting solutions to introduce you into our commitment we can make the process of mounting more easier because at the moment a lot of people think that mounting is something that is extremely difficult and extremely dramatic or you need to have studied to install a mounting solution and we see in the nowadays also at the moment with all crazy influence of corona that is everywhere at the moment all over the world that we want to find ways to stay in touch together to communicate together and to find remote ways to be in touch with our customers and giving them clear recommendations about how they can use her communication system with the proper mounting solution so I would like to begin with you to talk about the benefits of assistive technology so as you know assistive technology devices and all of these tools that are nowadays available they are extremely important and amazing because they’re allowing our customers to communicate independently to interact with their direct environment to participate with people all over the world to have an access to the environment into the world and I think you all know how important it is to have an access to your smartphone to use social media to have the opportunity to head to do an telephone call to write whatsapp messages and to use all of these ways to stay in touch with your friends with your people all over the world and I think this is something that is extremely important and valuable for all of us but on the other hand we see that there are very very very high challenges for our customers to use the technology for some of them it is only the fact that we are talking about that it is challenging to get the operational skills to use tools in a bar in the best possible way that we have a very very very different level of training skills of supporting skills and also about competence and knowledge and also the point of costs is a very very important part because we know that also in countries maybe northern Australia but in countries like in Eastern Europe for example where the funding situation is different like for example in Germany or in the United States or in Australia but this can also have a huge influence in thinking about ways of using assistive technology so when we think about mounting solutions and about planning and mounting solution for a customer we need to have a couple of things in mind that are extremely important to be able to use and mounting solution and in communication device in the best possible ways so one of the first points is that

the communication tools or an AAC device must be ready accessible in all environments where the customer is into it that could be in a school that could be on the work place that could be at home where he is but it could also be in a hospital so it must be available as much as possible because the question is always how much are we all using our voice answer is very clear we all using our voice every day all the time so but also in and an AAC device must always be positioned properly and ergonomically so that the customer can experience the greatest the greatest success out of this so a mounting solution must always be flexible enough that you have the chance to adjust and to adapt it depending on the needs of the customer but it also must be extremely safe because when we’re thinking about using an eye gaze system that is hanging 60 centimetres away from your face when you’re laying in a bed you don’t want to be scared the communication system is falling down on your face or when you’re driving around outside and you want to meet your friends and coffee store or something like this and you’re driving over a general ground then you want to make sure that the device is positioned there safe stable securely and strong and also the fact that when you’re outside and when you’re meeting people and when you are having in communication system that is installed at your chair at your power chair you want also that it looks nice because otherwise you might be scared that maybe other people will think what is that what he has there on his on his wheelchair what is that is that something alien like or I don’t know and so we want to make sure that our mounting solutions also don’t stigmatize a customer even more so that he is scared and not interested in using it so I think the benefits from your customers that you are working with are for the people that working with AAC device is very very clear they can use it in a wheelchair it can use it in a bed they can use it outside when a meeting famous people like like people like Barack Obama or their famous musicians that they really like they are enabling the customers to communicate as much as possible in the same best way as we are doing it for example so the starting point when we’re thinking about planning and AAC intervention and when we’re talking about a mounting solution should always start with a five important W questions so question number one is who will use the communication system and this is extremely important because are we talking about a customer with ALS that is maybe an environment at a very young age also the question who will use it who will be around the customer so when we have in these customer was ALS for example or a kid with cerebral palsy who is involved in that AC intervention are these are their parents that working with these customer are their caregivers or their therapists who will support these customers the second p.w question is the question about what what kind of communication system or AAC device should be mounted are we talking about and touch base device are we talking about and communications to loose it as communication solution that is foreign communication starter like and big mag arm step-by-step and what is the access method and this is these are I think always the starting points that you all know is a question question number three is the where so will our customer be are we talking about someone that is sitting 23 hours everyday in a comfy chair then we need to find a solution that works as their in that comfy chair are we talking about someone that is sitting in a wheelchair for six days every day that is sitting maybe in a school and a bean sack oral is laying a bet for five or six hours or something like this then we should also find a solution that covers both of the situation question number four is when how many times will these AAC device used do we talking only about one hour sitting in a wheelchair and 23 hours in the bath or laying in a comfy chair so these are I think and also the question of Hawaii so why is the consumer wants to communicate that is in the beginning point or do we talking about someone that has your picture of importance to be able to now we’d rather we are bring and wide range of mounting solutions that can give your customers the chance to

communicate in all different they’re talking about a mounting solution that can be used maybe on a table for example but it can also be when we were talking about someone that is sitting in a lady that he needs to have a proper rolling floor mount solution hold his device there anywhere and what kind of playing and for example the picture of that young guy that is bang there in a bet with the monitor over his face is one of my last customers that I have met when I was working at an AAC consultant in the field in Germany and this is a young guy that works that lives very very close to university and he’s studying in Frankfurt and he has a lot of caregivers that helped him find solution it can connect these monitor with an mobile eye tracking system which is connected to a computer that’s there standing in the opposite direction of his room for example which was for me – totally new experience that it works extrude work extremely well together with the team that works with a customer together option number three is we are offering also a wide range of mounting solution that can be installed on all kind of wheelchairs and when I say all kind of wheelchairs I will introduce you later in that concept of VMs a little bit and we have done in the last year over 10,000 virtual mounting suggestions for all different kind of mountings solutions for all kind of devices so light heavy devices I gaze devices it doesn’t matter we will always find a way to attach a communication system properly on a wheelchair and we also will find a way to give you and good access of the property as you can hear this is a young boy from the UK that is using only a switch to control his wheelchair so assistive technology beginning can also be to start with an wheelchair control or something like this to understanding if I’m pressing a switch something happens that that cause and effect experience for example so when we were talking about mounting an AAC device then the option or the thing number one is very very clear we talking about mount and communication device with an right axis method that can be touched controlled I gaze control switch control or with an alternative control system and we’re talking also a lot about the possible language system that can be used from that customer and we all a lot of time in thinking about what is the right communication system and what is the right language system and it always only can get an excess and success when we’re also thinking about a way to mounting the device and also the language system into the right spot where the customer can use that tools and the best part way so I would like to give you a couple or a couple of examples of a little customer story example about how we can support our customers during during the time when he is using his device so we have him here for example a customer with ALS so that’s to who the client is using an RIT pet with indirect access currently at the moment he is located in a wheelchair and used the wheelchair at home and also at work so we need to find a way to position the mounting solution in that way that it can be detached or taking off from here when the customer needs to travel to another space when is he needs to have the grip pad installed to the wheelchair for all day using it on the wheelchair but also needing something to position the communication system later when he is living in the comfy chair so and also the why why are we doing that the communication system needs to be mounted properly easy to transport he use this communication tool for his direct communication and also to have an environmental control functionality so there were a couple of questions that I know are you able to share the slides yes cancerous please mute okay okay we might if it were for the recording power looking okay perfect so this is the current situation that we are talking about here with our customer and now we need to find a way to position that grid pet in a good way to the wheelchair of the customer but in real life we experience

I’m for an AAC intervention that we spending or forty five percent of time in checking out what could be the right access method and we spending a lot of time in choosing the right communication strategy so is it certain flex is it so no key is it anything I don’t know there are a lot of opportunities of content that are available at the moment but in a lot of cases we experience that when we are talking about the mounting solution that a lot of people spend too less time in planning the solution real really good because it is mostly extremely easy to say so we will take a florist and for that customer at the beginning so he is able to use it on a wheelchair and on the bed and both of the situation it is safe it is stable and it will hold but what when you want to give outside and you want to roll that wheelchair and also the rolling floor mount behind yourself to come to another place so the greatest success and you all know that new chain is stronger than the weakest link and and these little sentence is extremely important when we talking about mountings because when we’re talking about a 24/7 hours using a communication system on every day in your in the week then we think we should always think about the places where the customers into it and then we’ll be talking about he’s located in a wheelchair when he’s located in a table on the table in a school or when he’s laying in a bed then we need to find not only the easiest solution or this most simple solution we need to find something that makes it easy for the customer to use the tools and also for the environment of the customer so in a perfect world it would be amazing if we try to balance that time investment in thinking about device language system and mounting solution in the same way because then we generate the greatest success out of it so when we want to mount a communication system to in wheelchair then we all know we have in our cupboard he’s located in his wheelchair and we have an existing position where the communication system needs to be positioned that the customer can use it in the best possible way so there is now a gap between the communication tool and the wheelchair and this is something that we can close very very easy with a couple of lines and with a couple of points that connect these lines together in real life we say we’re doing that with a proper mounting solution and as you can see there isn’t below at logo which consists out of a wide link another wide link and both of these wildlings are connected with one red link so you can think when you think when you see our logo that these rattling presents the mounting solution that holds both of these parts together the customer and his communication system so when we talking about a wheelchair mounting solution then I can tell you it is with the right components and with the right tools it is extremely easy to install it onto a wheelchair when you know what kind of components we need so what are the components that we mostly need when we want to connect or when we want to build a mounting solution on the wheelchair so we need seven components that I would like to show you now that will be used to mount a solution on a wheelchair so the first thing is we need to have the right base clamp with a base because the basic plan will hold the weight of the communication system and also the weight of complete mounting arm and I think you all know how difficult it is to hold maybe only your backpack for more than five minutes on your complete extended arm try to hold that there for more than two three five minutes you will see that your arm is going down down down down and when we’re talking about an AAC device or about an eye gaze system with an weight of two three five kilograms something like this and also the weight of a mounting solution your all connects your can imagine that the base club must be extremely strong because the base clamp will hold everything together on the right spot it doesn’t matter where the customer will be we have a second part in first tube we have a swivel joint that gives us the opportunity to swing the mount away when the customer needs to go in the chair or wants to get out of the chair we need to have a vertical tube that gives you the length to position the communication system on the right height for the customer and part number five is an universal joint that connects the components together and a universal opportunity to have flexible adjustment options an horizontal

tube to bring it an in horizontal way into the right height into the right distance and also an universal device circuit that needs to be there for to connect the communication system to the mounting solution so what are the options that we have as available so option number one when we’re talking about the bass clip and where when we think about where can we fit the bass clamp on a wheelchair we need at first to identify what are the strip tours that we have here on the way on an existing wheelchair so for example a lot of wheelchairs used to have round tubes where we connect simply a clear good fitting round frame clamp on it but not every wheelchair used to have these round tubes completely simple attachable so some of these round tubes are covered from seating plates seating constructions and also when we need to tilt the wheelchair into a comfortable position for the customer that can also be sometimes very challenging because as you can see here on that right picture there is a round tube on the frame of that wheelchair in front of the front wheel but this wheel or this attaching point will never follow when we tilt the chair or the seat into a backwards position so we need to find a way to position a frame clamp under the seat that will follow it and that’s the reason why we have designed also round frame clamps that have one side opened that we can use to attach the semi-open frame clamp on round tubes that are difficult to attach or also when we have in wheelchairs like comfy chairs that a lot of customers ALS are using where we only have and space under the chair where we also sometimes only can use a semi-open or an health open frame clamp under the seat but also when we’re thinking about power chairs power chairs are days very very very easy to install because all of them having as option number one some holes where we can mount a plate on it with a right base or also a lot of these power chairs at the moment they used to have these t-nut rail systems they are perfectly made to attach some nut stones inside and an adapter ring so it’s in questions of Sega or seconds to install the frame plant there and they holding extremely strong and extremely good to install the mounting solution so a frame clamp and the base component consists always out of a frame clamp or a base clamp and the base and these base part connects later the second tube so to find out what is the right frame plan we have different kind of options and these are extremely important because when we are meeting a customer and when we want to plan a mounting solution and we have identified spot for example with a round tube then we need to find out what is the right size we can do this with some simple measurement tools so a couple of you may know that there are these kind of digital calipers so these digital calipers are perfectly made you just open them and close them around the tube and you can also then measure how the diameter of the tube is and these digital calipers give you a clear feedback about the diameter of the tubes also there are available these kind of measurement post-its that we are offering also or what we have as components in our service kids and a lot of other kids so these sticky notes are not only just note papers they are made to do and diameter measurement so as soon as you know you’re having a round tube and you want to measure the diameter then you can use these these digital at now these non digital papers you just put them on the tube you wrap them around until the paper is empty and then you’re just taking a little pencil and make a sign at the end position off that paper this gives clear picture and clear information that this tube has a diameter of 25 millimeters so it’s up to you how you measure as long as you measure right so then we have our first tube that we normally connect to our base component that give us the flexibility to adjust it into the right angle where we’re not covering stuff like food rests or breaks or something like this so these stuff gets connected in this way at first when we want to install the tool wedge here we need to open the

frame clamp I hope you can see that video I hope the internet connection is good and strong enough for that so you just open the frame clamp you’ll bring it to the wheelchair you connect the frame clamp at the wheelchair spot where you want to connect it together you tighten up the ball there and then at last you connected the base component with a tube that is the base for all the further installations all right so the next component in that chain is our swivel joint the swivel joint is a flexible joint within quick shift lever that can be used to swing the where the mount way to the side so the customer has an easy opportunity to get into the chair and also to get out of the chair with a little swing a ball rail and this swivel joint is always connected with an index ring and the vertical tube that is us the right height to bring the communication system into the right position and also these components are getting connected very very easily together so we’re just taking the vertical tube we’re just taking the index ring putting it on it we’re taking the swivel joint putting the swivel joint onto that first tube tighten it up in a good spot where we can position it good enough as you can see also here in that little example video and then we’re only connecting it with a vertical tube and that index way you you you and at last we only adding it to the swivel joint and a quick shift lever can then afterwards after we have positioned it into the right spot where the customer can have an easy exit and a way to get into the wheelchair so this is how you install the swivel joint in combination with an index ring so that index ring has not only just only the functionality to swing away to the side it also keeps the vertical tube into the right height that it doesn’t flip through and slip downwards so the next component is something that we call a universal joint so Universal joints can give you the complete 360 degrees adjustability option so with them as soon as you open them you can bring the vertical tube add the horizontal tube into every position that you need and you all know when you’re working for example with a kid with or with an within customer with ALS for example and they sitting in a wheelchair and during the day when they’re losing just power to holding themself in a good in a good stable position and they just moving downwards in a wheelchair then it sometimes might be needed that you reposition the horizontal tube into a lower position and then you can just simply use that universal joint as soon as you have a quick shift lever you open the quick shift lever a little bit and then you can do always some little fine adjustments to position it into the right spot part number six is the horizontal tube as you can see here at first when we want to connect the horizontal tube with a vertical tube we are needing that universal joint that gets connected at first to the vertical tube also hear a little explanation video at last the horizontal tube and clamping it together and closing it there you and the last component that gets connected to the mounting solution is something that we call universal device socket or better UTS and the UTS is always the connection interface that all of our mounting solutions used to have it doesn’t matter if it is a floor stand is it a wheelchair mount is it a table mount so these are the connection system between the communication tool and the wheelchair and the universal device socket it has also two components so one is the ball joint in the front of the connection plate and the other component is the tube connecting

part so we starting with connecting the back part at the beginning on that horizontal tube we are closing the quick shift lever on the back side here that gives us the stability and that holds also the communication system stable enough on the horizontal tube and then at last we having with the ball joint the opportunity to position it into the right angle for the communication system alright so as soon as we have installed everything completely to a wheelchair everything should be really really strong tightened up so that the mount holds good enough together but also after we have installed everything we still have all opportunities to adjust the communication system depending on the needs of the customer and that might change during the days during the weeks during the development of an illness or something like this so we always have the opportunities with a flexible component system to adjust it depending on the needs of your customer so depending on is it an eye gaze system is an in touch based system you can just simply readjust the positions tighten up the components again and then use it again into the right position where as good for the customer so this was just a simple example about how you connect three tubes with a couple of components together to so this is something that we call this is the standard m3/d mounting configurations but there are so much more other variants of solutions that can be installed depending on the wheelchair so when we see we’re having a little kid sitting in a pediatric chair and it also is very it is a very very small wheelchair then we mostly only need maybe only one or maybe two tubes that can be connected together so let’s say when we are having maybe an stroll or on water system then we sometimes only need two tubes when we having an heavy I guys device installed on a wheelchair then we sometimes need to have a more stable bathe a base with a double tube construction that reduces vibrations of the system and that holds also the communication system in a position that is far away than normal then we also have the opportunity to use curved mounting solutions because sometimes when we have in customers that sitting in a wheelchair with an installed lap tray then sometimes a curved mount isn’t a very very nice opportunity to move from a position from the wheelchair more forward away from the from that lab tradit is installed and upwards into the right position and also these kind of curve cubes are available in different lengths in different sizes depending on the customer situation so but as you know the situations when we are working over long times together with our customers they can change and in that example with that client with ALS we see the declined with ALS used to have at the beginning and direct access but at the moment they move their situations have been changed so is not anymore sitting all the time in his wheelchair but now the situation that the communication system needs to be positioned better on the in a bed or in a comfy chair is now more important for the customer and also the situation that the system the rolling floor mound can be transported it is also more important for that customer right now so when a customer is located in a bed or in a comfy chair or something like this they want to have her communication system installed that it is positioned on a very very very stable base when you are moving into a comfy chair and I think you all know that kind of comfy chairs they are extremely comfortable but they are also very very adjustable so you can move the backrest backwards most of these comfy chairs are very very very wide so sometimes that stable base needs to be flexible adjustable in the wide and also when we think about a customer that is laying in a bed and maybe the nurse comes to the customer and they want to reposition it the customer in the bed then most of the caregivers they moving the bed upwards and that also means we need to position the communication system and a little bit higher precision so with an telescopic tube on that rolling floor mount we’re having also the opportunity for an fast high adjustment our

floor stands also have the option to be folded together and to be transported together in a transport bag because as soon as the customer needs to go to in hospital and the ICU team is coming to picking him up in a transport car they don’t want to take some some tools to remount or to dismount all the components they just want to take it put it into a bag and transported it together with a customer so all of these things depending on where is our customer located can be mounted with the right florist and model we only need to choose the right things so we have three different options for different needs of customers so our l3d floor stands for example they are made for very very ligh devices such as iPads environmental control staff tablets suite it’s the classic floor stands or more for that customer is that laying more hours in a bed sitting in a comfy chair with a lot of wide opportunities of different kind of arms that can be installed it could be a free-floating arm but it can also be an articulated tube construction for example and option number three are the pentelic floor stands which have that little small or a smaller star feet with an installed bait weight on the base that are extremely useful and valuable when you’re having a customer that has an environment or in room with limited space for example so these were the options of a floor stand when the situation is changing with a customer but now our customer wants to switch from direct access as you can see here now to another access method so now the access method should be moved over to positioning a switch because not only every customer wants to use an eye gaze system a lot of customers and using eye gaze giving us the feedback that also when they’re using it for more than five six seven days they want to switch between I guess and switch access as long as they are able to be able to move a controllable body part so this could be an opportunity to say ok now we are adapting again the situation for our custom for our customer and using now and mounting solution that can position a switch and jellybeans or in candy corn or it doesn’t matter we have for all these kind of switch systems the right adapter construction on a wheelchair that could be and combination of two switches next to the head but it can also be with the components that I showed you at the beginning a construction that we can attach with the right frame clamp onto every position of a wheelchair depending on the needs of the customer but I mean also gaming can be later for some customer is some very nice thing I think a lot of you have noticed that Xbox or Microsoft have launched last year the Xbox adaptive controller which is a great feature that can be connected to switches and components and give disabled customers the opportunity to control Xbox games and with a couple of write switches on to the right position where the customer can use it good enough we can also position the adaptive control or in combination with some switches onto a good possible spot for the customer we can also combine these access methods or these switch mounting solutions with existing mounting systems like that curved mount here or position solutions like and holder for their coolers oh no Mouse into a spot where the customer can drive through for his head under the construction and take the quiz ona mouse off away from it and we also have created a very very very nice pro product that makes the direct access with switches very very very comfortable because a lot of customers that used to have that use to use switches as an excess or as an access method they have given us the feedback that when they pressing 10,000 times a day on them rigid tube it might be very very painful on that position where they doing the switch exists and that was the reason to create a flex back tube that is a combination of an spring that is covered from some material that moves with the pressure of the customer and goes automatically back into his original position where it was

before which makes the direct access of a switch very very very comfortable from my point of view so now although our sis to our situation has been changed with our customers so now our customer with the Grippit again he wants now to have also his smartphone his in the position or next to his communication system where AG where he can see it all the time and where he also can do some telephone calls for example so for these kind of options we also have for all different kind of smartphones tablets adapter plates adapter solutions that can be connected also to existing mounting solutions so when there is a need to position an iPad or in smartphone next to a position of maybe the command the existing communication system this is something that can be done very very easy with the right with the right adapter plate we also have and flexible universal tablet holder system that covers all different kind of tablets between 7-inch and up to 13-inch so when you are working in an Assessment Center and you want to find out what is the right tablet size for a customer and you want to try it out so this Universal tablet holder gives you the three the free options in adjusting the tablet played into all different sizes of an existing tablet model so but as you know at the moment it is extremely challenging to meet customers in person with a corona system a situation in all countries all over the world it is at the moment not anymore allowed to meet customers and directly in person and to do practical assessments with them together so this is my experience that I see in a lot of countries all over Europe and that was is a situation that might be extremely challenging to giving a clear recommendation to customers and that’s the point where I think our virtual mounting service can be an extremely valuable tool because you have seen there are a lot of options we have 450 kind of mounting solutions that can be used to adapt depending on the situation of the customer but how can I find out what is the right tool for my customer and this is the situation where the VMS service is extremely perfectly for it so the virtual mounting solution is an assessment tool that everybody can use in different ways option number one is we have designed and clear PDF manual that can be used to do an assessment together with in customer so they’re just taking the PDF they’re filling in all information about the customer about his wheelchair about their requirements what kind of expectations do you have depending on the mounting solution and what are additional informations that we need to know about from from the customer and they also can take a couple of pictures and sending us these pictures this is option number one the process is explained in four steps so opt step number one is as soon as a customer wants to have an information what is the right communication mounting solution for these for him they are sending us or the team of link 80 a couple of pictures of their existing wheelchair and also some basic informations about the wheelchair about the communication system that will be used in step number two as soon as we receive all these pictures and informations our engineering team will produce you and visual example of that mounting solution the customer can use or that can be reused for that customer and then you getting back these mounting suggestion after three working days so you receive all the pictures of your wheelchair with an example about how the mounting solution will look on that chair and when the customer decides to choose that solution you get it with clear manuals with clear examples and completely preassembled so in VMs example offer looks like this example we’re having here in customer that wants to use an eye gaze system on his sunrise medical cue 700 so they want to know what is the right mounting solution and water frame clip so our visual example for that what they get is the picture with an information so we would recommend for that customer and double

tube HDI control mound and that will look like this one it is in a combination with an based coupler so the base coupler is an additional part that gets between the frame clamp and the mount so you can remove it fully so all components can be removed so the VM as example looks like that you get in picture of your wheelchair but you also get in picture about how the mount will look like what kind of frame plan you will need for that existing chair and you will also get a quotation about the components and the costs so but this is not only something that you can use for power chairs so also a lot of customers that using Walker systems asking us how can we use a touch base device like an Indy or an grid pad or an gotalk or an iPad to an Walker system so also these can be used in combination with all different kind of wheelchairs as you can see here in the dried example picture we have recommended here at YouTube solution that is extremely small and that can also be designed a little bit with thinner components with an L 3d stuff but it’s up to the customer needs and this is how the example would look what they would get so they would get an monty 3d to tube solution with a round frame clamp so this is just an example so but I think all of you know that we’re having now the year 2020 and a lot of customer wants to do or wants to use that service in a very fast and time efficient way so that was the reason to design and first app for the VMS service so we have designed the VMS to go app that is available in the Google Play Store and also in the Apple Store it is a guided request form to do all the data analysis and it is also a data protective way of doing in an assessment because all pictures that when that you are doing they’re getting saved only on your local device the app has an face detection plug-in inside so the with a face detection it also recognizes all faces and as you can see here in the middle picture of that young lady there is a little a little rectangular sign over her face so the face detection recognizes the faces and blurs them automatically so the app works in seven steps step number one is your doing all the pictures with your smartphone from all different kind of perspectives where your customer is sitting into it step number two is your doing some detailed pictures how is the wheelchair looking from under it how are the brakes working what is the device position that needs to be there where we need to put the mounting solution between and this is something that parents can do that every therapist can do that is able to use a smart phone they can do all these pictures by themselves step number three is they’re filling in all informations about who will ask for a solution step number four or a good point about the client so who will use the communication system what are declined characteristics that we need to know about this customer step number five is the request form about the wheelchair about the communication device that can be used is there an existing lab tray there at the moment and in step number six you can write in all of your recommendations all about your recovery requirements about the mount so do you want to have it on the left side should the mount be positioned on the right side do you want to have too less adjustability options and what are additional requirements that are important for us to know so maybe you’re requesting for the customer and wheelchair mount or Anto bei gate system but you want to combine it maybe also within rolling floor mount or with an switch that gives the customer to start and to switch the device off for example this is something that you can fill in here and in last step you get always a summary about how complete your ream as request has been so have you filled in all informations that we need to know about these particular wheelchair have you done a lot of or enough pictures about the chair and all of these stuff you get a clear feedback about that and then you can decide if you want to send it out as an email directly to the guise of link 80 or do you want to send it directly to readapt and then we getting in touch with you directly with a clear recommendation about the solution so we can generate with that service

all different kind of recommendations for all different kind of wheelchairs so about transport and standard chairs for lightweight chairs but also for stuff like pediatric chairs or active kids wheelchairs we can mount our components also on stuff like strollers or on power chairs that are extremely important for very very active customers but also as you have seen today a couple of times on Walker systems and also on standing devices supportive standing solutions and also combine it with multiple devices like sometimes a customer wants to use not I guess as an access method some of them want to use maybe and trackball in combination with a switch that can be controlled with the feets of the customer or they want to have an iPad next to her existing communication device sometimes we’re talking about multiple devices like having an tablet for the customer in a position where he can use it and on the other side another tablet so he can mirror for example the surfaces so the customer can read what he’s writing there or when they move from a wheelchair to the bat where they can use something that they can simply take off from the wheelchair and putting it onto the bat where they can also use it we can use that for switch mounting for switch positioning or bad solutions for tabletop solutions so it is completely free to use for everything that you want to use a setup support when you’re working the first time with one of these mounting solutions you get with every mounting solution clear assembly and operating instructions with a VM as service also your pictures about your existing wheelchair about how it must look when you want to install it also this is something that can be used when you’re having a customer that used to have a mounting solution that was maybe from an assistant completely readjusted and now it doesn’t work anymore and you want to know okay how can we install it back into this original position then use that service download the app do some pictures send us your pictures and request how can I remount it into the right way we have these these these these components and a set up support you find a lot of valuable information on our YouTube channel during this day’s a lot of zoom meetings guide video calls happening to be in touch with customers to giving them recommendations about how they can readjust it or when the wheel chair is changing they want to know what kind of frame clamp they can use them so they can use this then also for practical installations we have designed stuff like an assessment kit that gives us the opportunity to have the full component of readapt parts in one huge box that you can use to do practical installations I know that a lot of rehabilitation centers therapy centers used to have them when they want to install it directly from the scratch by themselves so they are in very very nice assessment tool and as soon as you are working daily or frequently with practical installations we also have that little practical readapt transport bag or we call service kit when we need to do some little adaptations on a customer chair so that was it that was a little introduction into the concept of mounting made easy on about what are the options that we have when we want to work with an AAC device and how can we position it into the right spot