alright guys well here I have a 40 40 and the problem with this unit is that the flag will broke off and he was leaking out of the front this is a bus but we call a certain unit it’s a certified remanufactured from General Motors has a blue tag on it I mean he’s nice and painted but flywheel broke and it was leaking out the front seal actually the converter bushing got damaged nothing happened to the hub right here so we’re going to put a new comforter in it and apply will of course but I want to open it up because he was leaking out the front and the forward clutches are down here and I’m just going to inspect the forward clutches I mean that you want to fix the leak but I want to put it back on and then for a to be slipping in first gear you know it take off so I’m just gonna you know check it out and if everything’s okay I’m gonna close it back up put up front seal in it and I put it back in the car get it back to the customer so we’re just going to go ahead and just check that out you know right quick so first thing I mean you can see the o-ring here it looks kind of new so I’m not sure what’s the H on this transmission but he’s so certified or sort of unit from gerra motors we’ll go ahead and take that off and take this mount off that’s a 15 got silicone around it not sure if it was leaking from the fan for what’s going on it doesn’t look wet at all it looks like they put silicone on it for some reason 15 we get a 13 millimeter talking the position of this sometimes it’s important sometimes it not I mean you have the speed sensors on some vehicles going through here the wire and on some you know you have going through the top just depending on orientation to go just remember that this goes on this side take this off because whenever I flip it alright on autumn or break so there we go now these studs right here he does in the on this model I don’t think it really does matter depends on where the linkage goes some of them you would have the bracket here or here and that comes down to both the linkage but mark it anyways mark an X on it you want to put you want to put this bolt back where you can auto all right now the pan should come off he has to guide pins going to tap it out you see here one die pin right here and the other one over here he has a little bit of rust I mean you can see the little rusty we have a washer here and a seal is out of the way we have to shift solenoids a pressure control solenoid we have the torque converter clutch solenoid it’s a PWM pressure switch manifold this is our pump and then we have a wire that goes down in there it reads one of the sprockets that’s our turbine speed sensor now on the 40/40 he says very common that this all right here melt and it’s a good idea when whenever you have one of these transmissions out you know just go ahead and change it because the top one is not covered with fluid I mean you would have the level somewhere around right here and this all right always melts and that’s why it’s a good idea I mean whenever you’re you have enough – gears missing on one of these units I mean just a check the resistance of the solar

– always going to be open or it’s going to be a rural rural high resistance and you will know that that’s on what is damaged it’s a very common issue so always replace the shift solenoids on the 40 40 or 45 it’s almost same unit all right now you want to remove this without taking the whole body out so the matter of fact let me just take the pump off and just to make sure that everything’s okay in the pump I mean they ran the ball on fluid quick moving a little bit on them for a long time started puking oil get a flashlight and we look in there make sure that our slide it’s a it’s nice and black and it is and it’s a vain type type of pump this is pressed together so in order to get this thing disassembled you got to take this cap off and then you can take the gears off all right we’ll get that to the side and we all should we actually need to check the valves yeah okay just look I’m just looking to see if everything you saw the cameras picking everything up okay so we got a couple of bolts here and we take two tens long ones there’s a few over here that needs to come out this sticks here all right everything she came out goes Galvani but apology for and I’m gonna wait until the compare oh okay a compressor turned off already now we have to be careful here we have three accumulator Springs and you have to note that the three positions that they go sometimes they are color-coded sometimes but sometimes somebody has been working on it it will be it will be discolored there we go okay if you see here we got three accumulator let me get

this change get this in camera view we see that the top one the second clutch accumulator is blue and this two are higher than this one it takes a spring underneath and this one don’t take a spring so the bottom one or the two planes two plain ones you can actually mix those up and the top one is the blue one top one goes up here two plain ones the bottom one long it takes one spring make it some pliers and get that thing out we go this accumulator and we see this accumulator here and there is no spring on the inside put it back on there we get the this accumulator out and we see the accumulator and here’s our spring so this accumulator takes two Springs one on the bottom and one on the top and this one takes a different color it’s a little little bit heavier it’s a little bit taller and the wire the coil leaning on the wire it’s a little bit heavier as well so it’s a stiffer spring and it also has a spring in the rear we see here double spring all right well let’s pick them up put them there watch your bills here for tap washer we’re going to need to take the little cook off this is our pump our pump shaft or pump drive he goes into the pump and the pump bearing rights on this here it looks in good shape this thing either way this is our input speed sensor the connected the connector is right here sometimes I may not if you put up like a junkyard unit or whatever and the connectors broke this is how far you need to go or you just take the pins off the connector and just plug them in you know either way whatever you want to do if there’s Bella body and channel plate out of the way now we take this off is pressed and you got one on each side that’s the inner sleeve for the Exel seal there we go gonna put a new one in it now that we already took our converter clutch all right here on the on the stator turbine shaft the chain is in real good shape as you can see it’s nice and stiff if you see it lagging you know you know if that changes I’m good okay now I am going to flip it over so I need to take some feedbacks on the bottom for this to come out well actually this will probably come out it will come out but then we have a overdrive band and the sorbonne side go ahead and flip it to the side let’s remove our pan bambbles to the side the filter was removed when the transmission was removed so there’s no filter there and we see nice and shiny there’s a lot of metal the already guy I don’t have the old converter here no more already got the new one but all that is from the converter Bush and he was all was wiped out and out of out of the way and now we remove this feat fives that go to the to the forward clutch assembly down here you have two feet pipes one for loop and the other for forward and we have a band down here and another band over here so we take these feed pipes off first and then the two servos there’s some or eans underneath here on this pipes to make sure you have all the o-rings whenever you go back with it

two four six eight or eans the bolts are different too they’re kind of yellow encoder because they’re almost the same as the servo bolt once herbal they’re both different in size so you cannot mix them up they can only go in one way keep the bowls together get thermo living out of the way now we can start taking this stuff out we’re going to leave this sensor here for now we inspect here let’s go ahead and hold the hole in one piece we have second clutch it’s a good shape now reversing here check reverse whenever you have a fluid loss I mean you try to move it in forward or reverse and you know that it’s full stretches will get damaged as we see here frictions look and get shape put this thing back in there but we’re only expecting to see a distribution got damaged or not put it back together I will feel better to make sure that everything’s good then just to put the transmission back in there and then we have to pull it back out because we have issues let’s get the overdrive and out that’s a little black line on it we’ll talk to the customer see what it wants to do and here we have your red go ahead and check our forward fridge and that’s what we’re here for or finance carrier separate ring here and here’s our former push turn talk a little bit counter clockwise from that spread down there let’s pick up this band this band is in very good shape should it looks brand new actually and here’s our forward frictions let’s go ahead and check our frictions here nothing happened to this unit go ahead and just clean it you know clean it up a little bit and down there it’s only differential and a spray I’m not sure we can get the light in there yeah yep all right well this is this is just the basic teardown just to check it out there we see a sprite down there on top of the differential and that’s all there’s left in there is to say 40 40 a lot of a cabinet here we get some pliers you get this thing disassembled fine it Sun gear show now we’ll check part directions let’s go ahead and get the snap ring out picking it up I got the camera a little bit too close you want everything to be in three instead of a lot of frame direct frictions you’d shape Victor’s in really really good shape these are very tiny little for the friction sphere all right well this is basic tear down on a 1440 my concern was to be a damaged put back together putting burner and I’d seal it up and then we have problems no issues moving I’m gonna clean the valve body I don’t like that metal being in my valves and on our sensors you know metal shavings on the tip of the centuries where they read I mean they will cost problem we need to clean all this stuff up all right guys well and all this is put it down more here but this is as far as we go right now I got to clean this thing out

put back together put it back in the car give it back and cook all right my name is Hiram thanks for watching like it and subscribe