Hi everyone.. Oh my god I’m super super excited to make this video Because it’s been long time that I don’t record any new videos it’s been couple months, right? That’s happen bcz of I was kinda busy with own work and also with my husband Bcz as you know guys, my husband after we got married and my husband stayed in Indonesia for three months and after that He returned back again to India and come back again to Indonesia So yeaah.. I am here finally I’m in India, I live in New Delhi with my husband. So you guys might wonder where is my husband? why don’t I record my new video with him? well, actually husband is little bit hard to do or to speak in front of the camera and also he’s also busy with his job and then he’s sometime doing night shift and sometimes he’s doing day shift as well. And then today he’s doing a day shift. So, he’s at office right now So guys, in this video I would like to share about me and my husband experience regarding marriage document or the preparation how to get married with Indonesian citizen And also I would to tell in Bahasa to make everything clear for your partner in Indonesia But, don’t worry, I am also gonna put English translation, so it;s gonna be easy for any foreigners who want to get married with Indonesian citizen Okay, after I’ve explained so much things in my previous videos about how do I meet my husband and finally got married with Indian and also my previous videos which is my last video was How to be a sponsor to invite people or foreign people to enter Indonesia with marriage purpose so, for you who are still confused about marriage preparation or about visa preparation you can click in this link bellow and watch the video till you get clear information Okay, in this video I would like to share about what is the first step of marriage document preparation Indonesian citizen who want to get married with foreigner. So, in this video I will not only share what is the first document you should prepare to get married with Indian, but but for you who want to get married with foreigner whether from Netherland, Germany, or any countries it can be useful and it can be your reference for your marriage document preparation Okay, I wanna introduce myself maybe you’ve known me where I am from. I am from Kerinci, Jambi. And I worked in Surabaya last time when I was in Indonesia So, I have lived in Surabaya. So, my marriage date 1st November. So, when I got holiday for Eid Mubarak it was in July or June So, since that month, me and my husband already eager to find out the information about marriage document p reparation. And also in that month I also visited The local Civil Registry Office So, I suggest you when you already have a plan to get married make sure you directly visit The local Civil Registry Office and ask the information about how to get married with foreigner. So, ask them what kind of document you should complete for the marriage and also, normally every local Civil Registry Office has different additional document so, make sure when you get the information through internet or other friends you have asked and clarified to your The local Civil Registry Office. After you visited there, the officer will give you list of document you should prepare whether from bride side or groom side So, in my marriage, I have prepared all the document few months before our wedding

So, since July, August, Sept and October, November Around 4 months Bcz of I worked in different place from my hometown, So, I had to make sure what were the document I need for the local Civil Registry Office before I left to Surabaya on Eid Mubarak Also, I clarified to the officer what were the additional document do I need to prepare to get married with foreigner especially document for groom side. After that, I left my hometown and went back to Surabaya and all the document from my side (bride side) had been prepared by my parent So, you guys no need to worry if you are currently living outside of your hometown your family from your hometown can prepare all the document from your side You just need to put in mind about the list of the document from your foreign fiance/fiancee Alright. The first step is what are the document from bride side and groom side should prepare for The local Civil Registry Office ? From foreigner, the first document you need are Local ID card or Adhard Card if she/he is from And then birth certificate and then Bachelor Certificate if she/he’s graduated from college or any last degree they had then sworn affidavit this is the most crucial part in this document it same like bachelorhood certificate So, it stated that your partner is never married or single. Or currently not as a wife or husband and get the attestation from local court and also from Ministry of External Affairs in their country In my case was my husband did not get the attestation from the MInistry of External Affair in his country and he only got the attestation from local court At the time because of limit information from both of us, he had no idea that his affidavit should get attestation from Ministry of External Affair And after he reached Indonesia and wanted to submit the document to Embassy They directly refused the paper because of no attestation from External Affair We really confused and did not know what to do at that time because my husband had reached Indonesia and to make this affidavit the groom should be present in front of the Ministry of External Affair in his country So, we requested the advocate in India to help us and allow us to process the affidavit/bachelorhood certificate without the present of my husband and represent by the brother’s of my husband So, my brother in law directly sent the new affidavit to Indonesia and it took few days to get that paper in hand and the next document is Photograph with blue and white background So, before your partner come to Indonesia make sure they already have hard copy of their photograph and then NOC or No Objection Certificate this document should be proceed before going to The local Civil Registry Office So, the groom and the bride should go to the embassy to process the NOC This certificate is used by the embassy that they have no objection by marrying Indonesian citizen and then for your husband to be who converted his religion into Muslim should attach Muslim Certificate. And my husband also process this certificate in Jakarta For you guys who wanna know the detail place,, you can leave me a comment And not all the mosques or places are able to provide legal Muslim certificate

So, I found a place in Jakarta from my friend’s reference. The institute is to provide legal Muslim Certificate Alright, that’s all from foreigner’s side Now, we move for Indonesian side So, now I will share about the document from myside as an Indonesian bride I have prepared and started to prepare all my document since July So, I have got all the list for my document First document that I prepared was “Self declaration” that I am single and not married and get attestation from local district Second one was Model N1-N7 that I got from my The local Civil Registry Office that I got from my The local Civil Registry Office After I got attestation from local district I directly brought that paper to my that I got from my The local Civil Registry Office then my local ID card next one is Ration Card and the my bachelor certificate Birth Certificate Photograph with white and blue background So, there are some of the document that we could not submit at that time, such as NOC I should have waited my husband till his coming to Indonesia So, in July, I was only able to submit scanned copy of my husband document My husband reached Indonesia around one or two weeks before marriage It was on 25th October if I am not mistaken And then a week after he reached we also completed all the document My husband document has been written in English So, we don’t need to translate into Bahasa Okay, that;s all the document that you should prepare for The local Civil Registry Office the document that you should prepare for The local Civil Registry Office so, from my husband side were only scanned copies before his coming to Indonesia Second thing you should do after your future husband reach Indonesia is visit the Embassy and bring all the document that I have mentioned for The local Civil Registry Office

For Indonesian are Model N1-N7 then KTP, and also ration card Birth Certificate Bachelor Certificate that’s all for Indonesian side And for foreigner, as I mentioned before Sworn Affidavit who already got an stamp from local court and Ministry of External Affair and passport That’s all that document required for NOC at Embassy The process of NOC at Embassy around 2-3 working days and the fees is it cost you around 365K Also, make sure Groom and Bride should be present at the embassy That’s all about the process of NOC at Indian Embassy in Jakarta