Hi, I’m Mike from 1A Auto We’ve been selling auto parts for over 30 years! In this video we are replacing the upper engine timing cover gasket in a 2010 Volkswagen GTI If you need parts for this vehicle click the link in the description and head over to 1AAuto.com I’ll remove the engine cover Just pull up underneath Going to remove this noise pipe Take a flat blade tool and pull up on this clip It’ll slide out Pull this Torx bit out It’s a T30 It’s a caged bolt, so it’s just gonna stay there–it won’t come out all the way And I can take this noise pipe out You can remove these Move these lines right here with a screwdriver I’m just gonna push this out of our way Pull this clip off Pull this hose out of our way To make this easier and to be able to show a little bit more in the video I’m gonna pull the coolant reservoir out But if you are doing this and you had small hands you could just pop this hose out, but it’ll gain us a lot more access if we pull the reservoir out I’m gonna put a drain bucket underneath I’m gonna take this hose off here with some pliers This should pop right off out of the way Pull this wiring harness up out of the way Disconnect this clip Disconnect this bolt with a 10 millimeter socket and ratchet Tip that out of the way I’m gonna use a T25 and an extension Take these two bolts out Pull that wiring harness out of the way Now I’m gonna use some hose clamps, so that I don’t lose all this coolant Right in here And I still have my drain bucket underneath the car I’m gonna disconnect coolant hose right here Use some pliers, move the clamp over You should be able to twist And some fluid’s gonna come out I’ll put this aside I wanna disconnect this hose below it Move it to the side Twisting it back and forth, you should be able to pull it off Now we tip it up Get it out of our way Next, we’re gonna disconnect our camshaft adjustment valve connector Take a right angle pick or a small flat-blade tool I’m gonna come in here and just push down on the tab right there, and it slides right

out I gotta, with a T30 bit, take this bolt out right here It does two things It holds this valve on and it holds the dipstick tube in So I wanna take this bolt out first With the same T30, I’m gonna take this bolt out down here at the base of the dipstick tube That’ll give us more wiggle room with the dipstick I’m gonna come over the dipstick a little more Pull the dipstick out Pull these other cam actuator bolts out This is a T30 Use a flat-blade tool, flat screwdriver Pry this out And it come right out like that I’m just gonna bungee this hose out of my way With a 10 millimeter wrench, take these bottom bolts out Take this bolt out Once you get those loose, those are the two hard ones to get to, they’re gonna stay in the cover Take the other three out using a 10 millimeter socket, extension, and a ratchet This last one is down here Take a flat-blade tool, get in behind here, gently pop the cover out Some of these bolts you might have to unscrew a little bit more Pulling the dipstick tube out a little bit Have to work it back and forth a little Pull it past the timing actuator If you twist it a little bit and then pull out it’ll come out Use a flat-blade tool, you pull up on your gasket I’m gonna pull this gasket out, too Pry in there, push it right out Pull that out Use some brake parts cleaner, clean this up Get some of the oil off

Take a rag, I’m gonna wipe down the cover Install this new seal There’s a little lip that goes all the way around Push it on the cover It’s easier to do it now while the cover’s off And there we go Now take this new seal and push this on The bolts are gonna hold the seal on, so when you push it down you push the bolt up and that will hold the seal Install our cover Pull the dipstick out of the way Slide it down, make sure that the gasket’s not pulling out when you’re sliding it down This gasket popped out a little bit so I’m gonna pop it back in And that looks good All right We’re gonna insert these bolts down here Get that one in Get this bolt I’m not gonna torque it all the way down, just get it started And get this one started Use a 10 millimeter wrench and tighten these bottom ones I’m gonna torque these cover bolts to 9 newton meters, or 80 inch pounds You can only get the torque wrench for these top three Those bottom two, do the best you can with a wrench Cleaning this up with a razor blade There’s a little bit of sealer on here And we’ll wipe it down with a rag We’ll reinstall it There is an O-ring in here It’s recommended that you replace it But we’re gonna reuse ours Ours still looks in good shape Line it up, push it down slowly Make sure you oil it up a little bit before

Put these bolts in Put this bottom bolt in down here, the dipstick, too Put this upper bolt in Send these bolts down Tighten down that bolt These are the bolts we’re gonna torque to your T30 I’m gonna torque them down to 9 newton meters, or 80 inch-pounds Reconnect this connector for the cam actuator valve Pull this coolant hose over This one goes on the bottom I’ll slip it on first Using pliers, I’m going to squeeze the clamp Next we’ll install our coolant reservoir and slide it under here like so And then this one This hose is gonna go in here Once that is on I can pull this off Get that out of the way With the pliers, squeeze the clamp down Get it lined up Looks good Pull this wiring harness over Put our two T25 bolts into the coolant reservoir With a ratchet, snug the bolts down Remember that it’s plastic, so not too tight Move this wiring harness back into the bracket You can connect this connector Pull off this Put that back in place And slip this back down Put the hose back into there Install this hose and this coolant hose back on the reservoir With our pliers, we’ll put it back on Take the washer reservoir, install this 10 millimeter bolt back With a socket and ratchet, tighten this down

Pull our noise pipe over Line it up, make sure this clip is down And we’ll push so it locks it in Take these pipes, put these on Tighten this bolt down Snug that down Install the dipstick Install the engine cover And I’ll push it down And take our coolant cap off We’re gonna top it off a little bit You wanna make sure you use the Volkswagen approved coolant And you’re gonna wanna make sure you let the engine run for a while and recheck your level to make sure if there’s any air pockets in the engine, that they bleed out Thanks for watching Visit us at 1AAuto.com for quality auto parts, fast and free shipping, and the best customer service in the industry