brandon your author for the evening this is magellan the uh macaw we got smart and uh just hung a toy for him so he wouldn’t be so eager to try to eat my pens and or my buttons uh and he is very interested in his new toy so um if anyone out there uh wants to own him a call let me warn you your toy bill will be quite high they love things to chew on particularly if they can hang on them like he is you may see him going all the way up the chain to try to eat the ceiling uh and then climbing back down uh theoretically he should keep you entertained as you watch since what i’m doing is pretty boring i will be signing copies of tip-in pages of rhythm of war for uh gallants my uk publisher since i am not going on tour this year uh and will not be in the uk as i was planning to be because of covid uh we’re signing a bunch of these and they will be in bookstores so they will take this and print it right they’re binded into the books right at the front so uh and as always we’ll be doing q and a’s while i do this uh isaac will be stopping by and we’ll have a special guest star steve argyle i believe is going to be coming by uh steve has done a lot of art for us he’s got uh he’s done a lot of art for the kickstarter he does a lot of magic gathering uh legend five rings um if you have a copy of lily on the veil that is one of his most famous cards so he’s gonna be stopping by he’s a good friend and a great guy uh so if you have questions for steve it doesn’t have to be about my art uh keep those uh handy for when he shows up in about an hour um and i don’t know where isaac is he’ll show up eventually he’ll be showing up earlier than that but i imagine 8 30 or 7 30 7 45 or so i’d imagine so and magellan is doing his normal thing he spends a significant portion of his life upside down um so uh why don’t we start uh throwing questions at me uh to get us warmed up adam has a few questions already right yeah this one i don’t know if it’s for you specifically or if you’re asking in a broader context of writing but austin says how are i guess how did you go about linking all of your magic systems together in the context of the wider cosmere in a way that feels natural so i like a lot of things really into the cosmere had a leg up because i had written so many books before i got published uh i had written 13 novels before i got published and among those novels uh were six or seven uh pretty decent magic systems and i started to notice sort of uh fundamental things that i did when building a magic system um that were very common to my writing and for a while i’m like well i’ll just i want to make sure i’m doing lots of variety so i’ll push this further but i also kept noticing these connecting tissues um such as um what are some of these connecting tissues such as intent being important behind the scenes um to how the magic works to the idea of the three realms which is uh romantic theory showed up in dragon steel which is the second cosmere novel that i wrote um and it’s based a little bit on plato’s theory of the forms and uh things like that but kind of taken my own way and i always kind of started thinking of magic in those that context and because i had designed all of these things and was noticing themes uh i always ask myself where does the power for the magic come from right i don’t want um i’m going to bend the laws of thermodynamics but i’m not going to break them i’m going to have a different sort of power source that’s just fundamental to how i like to do magic where does the energy come from um and so building a common energy source to all of these uh was the first thing that i started to do just very naturally and it’s part of what made me want to link the cosmere together um having the story i i kept having these stories where i want to tell stories about uh these kind of divine forces the powers of gods put in the hands of mortals uh what does that do that’s a common theme uh that started showing up in the stories that i was writing before i got published and i said well if it’s a theme it’s something you’re really interested in why not build it into the entire continuity and that’s where the idea of the shards came from and i’m gonna and i’m gonna do this and uh creating shadesmar and all of that just it grew out of things i did naturally and saw as themes in my writing um and the the linking then was very natural because they all were coming from the same essential power source and they all had a few fundamental rules they were following uh mostly because that’s how i build magic systems right uh if i have a problem it’s that when i try to build something that ends up not in the cosmere like arithmetist it still just basically works with

cosmere magic because that’s a way that i build magic systems so um yeah good question but like a lot of things a lot of my careers success can be traced back to the fact that i was really bad at this when i started and i got a long time to practice uh before i went pro philip wants to know uh if any of the characters in the cosmere are inspired by specific comic book characters uh specific comic book characters boy um i would not say that any of them are specifically inspired by comic book characters um right granted i’ve often mentioned my favorite antagonist of all time is magneto and that’s lead left a big imprint on how i design relatable villains um and like most people i really like the you know the whole spider-man idea with great uh power comes great responsibility and i read that in an early age and it’s been a part of how i view power dynamics um particularly for super powered individuals uh since i began writing right and so kind of splitting out that um and you know watchmen is a foundational text on how i view multi-genre storytelling um um is oh you get to see something fun from joan mcdonald needs could we get some water do you have a water bottle over there so i can give him some water he really wants to dunk uh here you go jello here he loves the dumplings you can’t have the bottle today you have to drink the water yeah no you can’t have the bottle today you have to yeah don’t laugh they’re laughing i’m not saying you guys can’t laugh but now he’s laughing too uh he imitates our laugh yeah i know you want it you want it really badly look look at this whole toy that’s a good question thanks kara i’ll i’ll try to keep them a little closer um so we don’t wash on them because yes he is going to as you see dunk his pieces of wood into the water he dunks everything anything that he can get in his mouth he takes over his water and dunks it maybe to see if he can make it soft maybe because he just likes the texture that way he’s still look at this he is like a toddler the bubble wrap is still as interesting to him as the 50 toy that i bought him uh yeah just like uh when you buy a kid a toy yeah play with the boss play with the box the bubble wrap is still um yeah it’s still a very much interesting but he will spend the whole uh evening cracking those pieces of wood and dropping them and he can he can work through a toy like that in a day uh maybe two um if he’s if he’s very dedicated to breaking it apart so that’s a that’s that’s one of the uh the cost everyone warns you macaws are expensive so i i was well aware of this but if you aren’t aware um if they get bored then that’s a very bad thing and so you want to keep them always entertained and usually that means colorful pieces of wood hung from uh whatever otherwise it will be a couch yes yes otherwise you’ll be your couch or the buttons on your shirt um or he’ll just sit there and screech because he’s bored in a give me something to do uh sort of way so i’m gonna alter this next question a little bit to exclude anything that you’ve created but troy wants to know uh what is your favorite fantasy race favorite fantasy race uh excluding what i have created dragons right um that’s cheating but that’s uh that’s my my favorite probably um you consider those a race not mythical creature i guess i mean they’re intelligent they are intelligent so depending on the book uh depending on the book so um from there what is my favorite if it’s like you’re saying you’re meaning humanoid uh i am super partial to the oger uh from robert jordan’s wheel of time um and it would be i would be hard pressed to be like if you’re like who do you want to hang out with uh uh who do you enjoy writing uh like i had so much fun writing the little bits of the oger i got to write so probably probably oger cool um by the way there’s an oh year street in uh charleston uh that when i went to visit harriet for the first time she’s like oh i’ll take you down this street and i looked i’m like hey she’s like yup so that’s where robert jordan is from oh excellent um clayton says i think you said you started with the surges and worked from the bottom up so what was the oh so what was the hardest radiant order to conceptualize in terms of virtue or ideal oh yeah um so virtue or ideal uh

or or powers i can probably do um all of those so uh cracking how i wanted the um the dust springers to work was probably the trickiest of them all um because um i knew that we were going to have not to give spoilers but some things happening with the dust springers that would predispose readers toward them in a certain way that i did not want the radiate order to exemplify and i wanted to be sure what i thought the distinction was and why it was possible that they could go in a different direction trying to circumlocute all of these things to not spoil you um but oh by the way there i’m wearing it finally you only gave this to me like two months ago cara our raffo shirts um and so if you aren’t familiar with this phrase it was a phrase that robert jordan i used quite a bit um that kind of got associated with him and the fandom and then one of the the things that i inherited uh was saying grappo read and find out um and so we eventually people have been asking us enough for a raffo shirt that we went to harry and said hey um would it be okay if we made a raffle shirt like it’s not trademarked or anything but it was robert jordan’s thing and she was fine with it and we give a little bit of money to amliodosis research for each of these sold right kind of in robert jordan’s uh memory that’s the plan yeah um these are we can we have we started selling these yeah okay yeah so we go we give a little bit because it was his thing um um and yes i’ve inherited it but you know we wanted to be a little bit uh aware of that so yeah you can you can uh you can get raffo shirts now um designed by isaac um so uh so they were the hardest probably uh building up which how to make the surges work um i would say that um building um building up how i wanted um the strong force and the weak force and turning them into fantasticalized versions um that basically have very little to do um like i even went kind of the surface tension and things like that those were the trickiest like gravity was pretty obvious and ended up working pretty well right um and so i i didn’t one-to-one move the fundamental forces over by the way i just took the idea of fundamental forces but i wanted there to be nods uh to most of the fundamental forces in these surges just because that’s where the inspiration was and because i was going to be using gravity uh quite obviously uh because that’s the one that made me most excited and as you can see the windrunners uh and the skybreakers were two of the first ones that we dealt a lot with but there you are um so isaac is here you can come on if you want you don’t have to oh as he’s eating a cupcake yeah ooh well let me ask you a question while he finishes cupcake and then you can just hang out whenever you feel you feel like coming on same for you steve we’ve got steve argyle early whenever you feel like coming on nope and and oliver over duck under here so dallin got to come on last week so my youngest son oliver is like i want to be a youtuber uh the coolest thing i’ve ever done oh he you got to say hello to jello now that he sees you uh whenever he sees one of my children he says hello to them um anyone he recognizes uh oliver you like youtube a lot huh yeah you like to watch unspeakable and stuff i want you to yeah every time you use screen time jello he already said hello to you you don’t need to ask him five times um and so i promised oliver he’d come and say hi do you want to answer a question from people or you just want to say hi you want to answer a question anyone got an a question for a seven-year-old um that you you need you need burningly answered um um they’re wondering if he has a favorite avatar character oh uh last year bender they didn’t specify but i’m assuming so no they have we tried to show them uh avatar and they all were like this is boring basically because we chose it we plan to try again at some point but yeah they won’t watch it anything that we choose another one is oliver what is your favorite book i don’t really um i have a favorite book i like i like a lot of books but dog man would dogman be your favorite probably dog man that’s what you read though man dogman is like the only one i read you read over and over again we’ve read some other books together but dogman’s the one you read over and over yeah uh what’s your favorite youtuber

yeah um are your dad’s books too long they’re really long i don’t really think they’re too long oh that’s a great answer hello yes you recognize it is too long yes that is that is way too much stuff for me to have to sign are you going to say something else or just hello dance oh dance for him see if he’ll dance for you oliver and uh there he said it he said dance they taught him to dance and to say dance good bird here give him that good bird oh he’s too excited even he just almost literally just dropped it yep he’s too excited to have his toy and to see you so there you are all right ollie run along bye um yeah go ahead bye-bye oh yeah now jello is going to be mad that oliver has left uh you youtuber potato uh wants to know what happened to your beard oh the beard oh yes you get a clean shaven and well uh groomed brandon this week so um my mom came down for the 24th of july which is a state holiday where you can let out fireworks and so we had to spring the surprise on her early for those who don’t know the beard was being grown because uh eight years ago or whatever um my brother and i who never have beards had beards coincidentally when my mom decided to do family pictures and she’s always grumbled a little bit about uh about the fact that we have these giant beards and so he and i both grew beards when she came down we were gonna we’re doing family pictures in two weeks but she came down early so we made sure that she we were both there when she saw us and um it took her a minute to figure out what we’d done because jordah often has a little is a little scruffy i’m rarely uh scruffy but she uh she saw that and we got exactly the reaction we wanted um which is um the most wonderful thing in the world which is my mother’s eye roll and her brandon um and then i shaved it off um because for a couple of reasons but the main one being that um if you’re going to play a prank on someone like i did to my mother i fully support uh innocent and non-harmful pranks played on loved ones but uh one of the things i think people maybe don’t learn is when to let it go um and when the prank stops being a prank and starts being uh mean is if i insisted on keeping it and making her think i was going to wear it the entire time and actually ruin her picture again uh and so shaving it off the next day just was to let her know no this was just a joke even though i had said that um because i love my mother i love pranking my mother is the best thing in the world but i also don’t want to torment my mother and she would actually worry she would say well he said he’s gonna save it off he probably will but she would sit there and worry and worry um and so um so i shaved off the beard i actually don’t generally like beards i like how i look in them but i really don’t like the feel of them and the two week bark which is where it was last week is the worst week for me um once you get to about a month it starts to be okay uh but uh since i wasn’t even going to be able to get to a month or a month was right at the end i’m just like i am not going to keep wearing this thing so steve sorry you have to uh share uh the stage with uh my macaw if you’d like us to buy you a toy next time just let us know yes please so steve is our special guest that we hinted about at our i told them you did earlier okay because i want people to be able to prepare questions um perfect so um oh there’s a folded one but yes steve the wonderful steve argyle do you want to lift off list off his uh isaac do you have them can you well i i can give some of them and then maybe steve can tell us some of them so so steve’s been working for a very long time started in video games kind of yeah we’re all it’s fair i’m uh i’m getting on in years um so started in video games um but i mean he’s well known for his magic the gathering work as well as work on other card games and um other things but for us he has been doing um these these really great um knights radiant pieces he did some pieces in the mistborn leather bound you did the end papers there and he has also done the um the end of part illustrations that are sort of in this gustav dore style which um really enhances the leather band book

they look really nice so and i i i know oh sorry they were they were really cool to do it’s something i’ve wanted to do for forever basically um i’ve always loved that that style the old wood cut for the really important um really important works of literature but sorry i didn’t mean to catch up that’s all good you were praising me keep going well we uh we own uh one of your vin pieces from the uh from the leather bound which hangs in adam’s office thank you very much i love it it’s actually a really nice backdrop for all the zoom meetings and things i have to do in his office and whatnot so and some of uh i think in some of the q and a’s that we’ve done occasionally that we’ve recorded it’s even been there but you painted that on metal i did because that makes it true yes so that was cool it’s the first time you painted on metal i think yes it’s on like a steel plate or something it’s it’s aluminum so that it’s not a billion pounds but uh yeah it’s actually a really good surface to paint on i was a little worried that i would paint it and it will all just like slide off but uh i have some friends who are really amazing oil painters and i asked them about it and they’re like oh no that’s like the either copper or aluminum or like the best things to paint on the reason we don’t is because that gets pricey in a hurry um but they gave me some tips on how to make sure it sticks and bonds and everything so one of the things i find interesting these days is um a lot of the pieces we’re having done for us like the end pages with the um with the heralds um are not physical medium origin like so it’s this weird thing where there’s an original we have the original this but you painted the digital version and then painted originals after the digital version was done using the digital version as a guide did we print the digital versions in the end pages so um the end pages of oathbringer yeah i believe so howard’s pieces in that so jezreen and uh and vev are both original so we just scan so those are actual photographs yep those are there might have been some digital touch up on that but and then howard goes back and fixes that yeah in oils um i believe that um dash santos is both of them don’t we have the digital versions well ash there is a physical version but he painted after he did i’m not sure on that one or maybe not but but ishar the the priest one um i believe that most of that or a good dan has had a good chunk of that as digital and that he’s in process of finishing the original the original on this yeah just interesting to me that now in this digital realm it’s like you paint a painting then you paint a painting of that painting but the uh that the front end paper is for rhythm of war which now everybody’s like well leaning forward in their seats um the front end pages are exactly the process that you described earlier where they were created digitally by one artist and they are being painted in oils by an a separate artist who um worked with the original artist yeah in conjunction so it’s kind of a it’s a collaboration of sorts which has been painting in the front of words ravens is that way right because didn’t michael work with them michael worked with ben on that one and uh ben created some layouts and and and different concept art that um michael had um contracted him to work on and then uh michael went on to finish one of those yeah so that was really a nice collaboration as well i think and what a cool thing for ben to do so do we have some things to announce first and then we can go to questions or you want to yeah i don’t it depends on how when you want to announce things so so um let’s do the stretch goal rewards because i know that’s one of the things so we are into our last week of the kickstarter basically starting um about now may like tomorrow morning i guess yeah tomorrow afternoon tomorrow afternoon yep we will end next friday not tomorrow next friday at 3 pm 3 pm mountain time so we um and we are very close to um the uh the bumper sticker and so we gave a lot of thought to we wanted to do kind of end with a bag two really cool ending stretch goals um to to get us uh further and so isaac is going to uh show off some of these and so we have one at six point five and one at seven yeah right so um don’t don’t put it up just yet i’ll i’ll let you know when to put it up they should be in order so we’ll want to start with 01 the um first off the i will update the graphics for these

probably tonight on the kickstarter i was sorry working on rhythm of war art that needs to be turned in soon i’m sure all of you want that yeah um so um stretch yes your email slow oh okay stretch goals um and so uh the first one is going to be at 6.5 million no yeah that’s correct yes 6.5 um and it is going to be coasters and we’ll show you the designs for these coasters they’re not all completely finished we reserve the right to change these slightly but it’s pretty close to to what you’re going to get and um we’re thinking of probably a pack of four of these uh drink coasters yeah i think we sent out the survey that was one of the highest responded ones that people were interested in and then we sat and said what would we do and we started ripping off of each other isaac and me and adam emily and we just started laughing uh and loving it and um and came up with four uh stormlight themed drink coasters for you that i just love these are my favorite things uh except for maybe the whitcoin this is my favorite thing that’s happening and as soon as we have our work from those with the poor computer who has to both look this up and stream yes we will we will put them up um but so yeah pack of four pack of four for that yeah i designed the first one just in concept um and then uh you suggested it was adam he suggested the second one yeah i don’t remember who um said who you suggested the last one i can’t remember who did the middle one somebody it wasn’t me someone was here no i i think they they were just bouncing them bouncing them all off of each other like that’s hard to really yeah yeah except for i know i said everything that was awesome and other people said everything that was lame right right right that’s the only thing every day so we’re ready we’re ready okay so let’s pull up the the first drink coaster here right yeah yep so uh is that live okay so i don’t have it here in front of me but uh i’m gonna kind of looking off of adam’s screen so um on the left we have the uh the front of it and on the the back we have the the back of it and that’s kind of how how it’s going to go for all four of these so rapho soda drink raffle soda drew some inspiration from um from the shirt from the shirt for one so you’ll see some uh similar typography but also looking at old dr pepper and coke ads and saying you know what what would we do raffo soda on the back you deserve a nice cold can of read and find out spoiler free i uh this was a really nice edition who came up with that i think that one was mchappy that might have been you yeah that might have been adam um i i like this because i often like i use raffle a lot and i’ve often said you deserve a raffo and almost kind of in this you deserve a nice can of raffo um and i’m gonna open a can of raffo on you um it’s kind of where that came from and so uh a nice little raffle soda sounds uh sounds really good to me second one was uh was adam’s uh suggestion yeah i i think this was isaac and then i came up with the model oh something like that yeah we uh you know can i tell people your favorite drink sure yeah so so adam really likes the white monster drinks and so that’s kind of where i came up with it i looked at adam i’m like of course we need an energy drink yeah yeah so yeah you’re good to put that up so yeah you know when you’ve hit the storm wall is that what it says when you’ve hit the storm wall you know what to do yeah energy chasm themed energy drink and the the flavors on there are um one of these flavors came was come up by uh ben mcsweeney sweet sour spray sweet scale spring scale spray and strawberry jam before or after uh yes no yeah yeah yeah don’t do spoilers yes um but yes um but yeah uh we were really kind of uh searching for uh another drink toaster we could do i i suspect this is a uh a drink from chinavar so some of the flavors are going to be kind of in that vein yes all right number three so number three we don’t have the colors on it yet it’ll probably be a two color one yeah um this is the one-armed herdasian a chowta stand so on the front we’ve got kind of uh our favorite one-armed kardashian with his chouta and the

back um adam why don’t you read it because uh you can see it right there uh so it says one armed chowta for the little ganchos two armed chouta for hungry herdasians flatbread filled with four fantastic flavors spicy lavish white spine and gravy chunked chol and grilled sky eel genuine soulcast meat enhanced to initiate oh imitate oh wow entertain various robust flavors savor your snack with any of our spectacular sauces creme white cream vine bud vinegar black thorn peppercorn try our kremlin crisps so uh a lot of this was written by ben mcsweeney filling out kind of the thing i think yours i think you suggested the chowder stand that might have been me yeah but uh and then and then brandon and i kind of revised it to fit some of the lower casting on there and some stuff like that so um so yep and then last but not least yeah i think my favorite of them all yeah this one’s fun horny eater white horn eater white uh uncle lucky moonshine and on the back it says not intended for air sick lowlanders not intended for los airsic lowlander right yeah pictured by uh by then it’s just amazing yeah ah i i yeah i suspect we will see shirts or something like that in the future for these yeah is that going to get full coloring or is it just we’re still we’re still working on it yeah that has full coloring and that’s on there yeah that’s fantastic yeah um and so we’ll see what what they look best as um we don’t want to go too crazy with the coloring because they’re drink coasters and like drink coasters are supposed to be like they look good in two-tone or three-tone but we’ll see we’ll see you know yeah so some of these will be adjusted once we once we figure out where we’re printing them and things like that we’ve we’ve looked into several places but we have to know what their capabilities are so you get a four pack of those everyone who’s already ordered physical rewards as soon as we get to 6.5 if we do those are all yours they’ll be thrown in your order uh in addition so uh it should be noted that when we put these in there it does not change your shipping costs no it’s already something light enough because a lot of the shipping we’re using it’s up to this amount is this cost for what we’re shipping yeah um and so um yep so should be uh yeah i’m i’m really excited by that thank you we have one week left we’re hoping that uh people will spread around the kickstarter it’s already been like done way better than we expected so we have no room to complain um but we know there are a lot of people who uh who haven’t jumped on yet based on how many people clicked uh i want to watch this and then actually bought something and so we thought we would throw on a few more uh stretch goals for the last week and see if we can hit them and and this next one i know a lot of people requested it it’s the one that i’m the most excited about and i completely understand why it is where it is in the structural scheme so it’s expensive so uh before we put that up there this is this is something that if we reach this goal yeah even people who are not part of the kickstarter yeah will be able to benefit from this so this benefits everybody something that would be for the digital only people um because they’re getting if you’re digital only you’re still getting all of these like these these cards and things we’ll be sending you all the artwork um and uh and things like that so you could make your own drink coasters out of them right you will have all of this stuff in your digital art package that you can print off yourself and we will give you i don’t know how the license will look but we’ll give you some little note in there that you can maybe show to someone a printer say for personal use this person can print this right um i don’t know if we can do that i don’t know what our lawyer says but you’re hearing it from me you can take this to a print shop for personal use any of these things if you’re doing digital only and make your own coasters make your own um you know print things like that yeah it should be noted that we’ll be keeping these at the 1920 by 1080 resolution which for most purposes should be just fine for personal right but you have if you’re doing digital art you have my permission to uh to do these things um uh do stuff you know get stuff printed off for yourself with them that’s why we’re that’s why we’re doing the digital art packages so you can do that but we wanted something that would specifically be for people who were not getting the physical rewards that everyone would enjoy okay and yeah you have a graphic for it you are still on the yeah well it’s it’s kind of uh was made about you know 17 minutes ago really quickly but uh we should mention that adam did a lot of leg work for this one yeah we’re going to the the 7 million stretch

goal we’re gonna release at some point in the future the way of king’s prime audio book read by kate redding and michael kramer yeah so and the other thing that’s mentioned on there is that it’s we’re looking into platforms but we’re going to get it on a platform online that is going to be free for everybody to be able to just go and listen to it we will so even if you aren’t part of kickstarter we will we will put it on we’re not sure where soundcloud or something like that maybe by chat but we will put it up in a free place for you to download and listen to um released to everyone um and and where you can go to find that at some point we’ll announce it but it will probably have a link right next to where we have yeah the link to download the the free um ebook version of that book and we you know for those who really like this sort of thing we probably will get a podcast service and just be like hey put it up on the podcast service uh so you can get it to your podcast player if you wanted to or or something like that like we might take it to stitcher or somebody we we have no idea if this gets here though we will we will michael and kate have been wonderful um um and we are going to take the excess money that would come from getting to that point in the kickstarter and we are going to uh pay their very reasonable but still expensive because that’s what an audiobook is fee and uh get you guys an audio book uh so uh so spread it around oh yeah you can’t get to me i’m sitting specifically far enough away but you cannot have the buttons you can try um so yeah spread it around uh tell your friends um and uh let’s you know we’ll do a push for our last week uh we’ll be here thursday next week also on the last day um um and uh and do a stream then and maybe we’ll be there by then maybe we won’t who knows but uh either way we’re we wanted to kind of knock these last ones out of the park and so i think that uh you two have done that isaac and uh and adam thanks thank you and cara and gary yeah well the whole the whole team we’ve just we’ve got so many people working on this that well yes there’s everyone but kathy the team suffered an avalanche there was a literal sander lance yes a literal sander lynch the posters fell over thousands of posters fell on top of uh that they were minor miner oh well i’m sure whoever was hurt deserved it um so yes uh the posters top of the living room yeah because they were in the the shipping boxes that we put them in yeah they’re they’re in triangle boxes which looked really cool on the wall it looked like yeah and but yeah so uh poor hazel is dealing with workplace hazards she had not expected a mountain of posters falling on top of her but uh yeah um let’s go to some questions for a while uh particularly you guys have questions for steve what we’ve done in here or isaac or me any of us it’s fine um and then steve’s gonna show us some of the art uh in a little bit um that some of the the orders uh prints that we haven’t done yet so we haven’t showed off yet yeah and we do have some questions for steve yeah the first one is from philip uh they’re looking to know what your process is for creating art for brandon or brandon’s books and how much time do you spend researching characters or settings to get them right uh well the first thing i do is i i read the book or i read it again like for the stormlight stuff i had listened to it as a books uh book on tape and i realized that book on tape was kind of casual and so i i hadn’t picked up enough detail so i went and i read it real real slow real careful taking notes as i went and one of the one of the things that i like is that there’s a lot of descriptions of impressions rather than really really specific things so that there’s some interpretation open you know uh i i think uh dalinar is described as uh halfway chiseled out of stone like an unfinished statue yeah um and many wouldn’t consider him uh attractive um and uh that he has uh silver highlighting his temples but i don’t do a lot of i do very intentionally um these um i i really like i’ve talked about it before that part of books is that you imagine something in your head and it becomes yours when you do and so really lengthy descriptions i stay away from i try to draw in pretty broad strokes what the image of

the character be and then i love seeing how people paint them and drama and it’s it’s really great for for an artist um it’s it makes it a little more difficult sometimes because you do have that open open road of well it’s it’s not a checklist right um and so i did a lot of sketching trying to figure out the uh shard plate because uh a lot of the descriptions are the impression you get when you see it you know it’s it’s massive it’s impressive you would never mistake it for regular armor but it still works kind of like regular armor it’s plates there’s no there’s no chain mail there’s nothing like that it’s all smaller and smaller plates um and you can go a lot of directions with that it turns out um and you gave us a lot of sketches uh going different directions yeah and it ranged from uh i think the first one i gave you was almost like a like a form-fitting suit of scales elven armor is sometimes drawn um for for tolkien and things like that yeah it’s like a second skin yeah and uh it was pretty clear right right from the beginning like that’s not what shardplay should look like you know and so we talked about uh they should kind of look like walking tanks somewhat elegant scary walking tanks yeah uh that isaac said to me that really clicked when you said oh they’re tanks they’re the the roshan version of a world war ii tank on the battlefield we’re like yes uh so i did a bunch of sketches and i kind of arrived at a a template for this is what i want all shard plate to have and then i i looked at all of the different orders and i said so i want ultimately if i did it right what i want is that if you see a piece of shard plate you will know what order it goes with right you’ll know it’s sharp plate right away but you’ll also be like that looks like dust spring or sharp plate um so i i tried and i spent uh i spent a really long time just sketching idea after idea after idea um trying to get a visual language for for all of the orders um and i hope it shows you guys will see some in a bit uh we can bring them up whenever you want um you could uh you could show off like several of them and talk about how you did them differently or you can take more questions first it’s really up to you sure um so yeah uh to finish up that question that’s um that’s pretty much the process and it’s it’s not usually that involved uh most clients have a real specific thing that they want one of the things i really like about working with brandon is um he kind of trusts the artists and he says i want something kind of like this um we talk about it he’s really open to different ideas and uh and isaac is a great art director to um collect all of our ideas and organize them gives great feedback uh super easy to work with and we really like when an artist says i’ve always wanted to do something like this and no one’s ever hired me to do that we like hearing that we’re like we want to hire you to do that let’s see what it looks like and that’s that’s exactly what happened with um those kind of woodcut style pieces uh we were just hanging out playing magic um and i remember exactly how it started i think maybe even cat brought up a picture and said what about something like this or something i don’t know oh yeah she she mentioned that way back when uh i pitched a graphic novel idea that was um this kind of wood cut stuff and i figured out how to make some shortcuts make it faster yeah um but they didn’t they didn’t go for it and ever since i’m like i just want to do like these wood cut things right by the way right right this was this was ten years ago this was this is when it was probably a good idea that they said no because i don’t know if i could have handled it um but we started talking about like gustav dore and the divine comedy where they used to do these really intense wood cuts that were incredible for their day um they’re incredible now yeah some of those just get so cool even still yeah um and i i got to see a gustav dore exhibit where i saw some of these things in person and ever since then i’ve been obsessed i’m like i have to do this and it was twofold right one i really want to do this but also i need to find something that is like worthy if uh of that kind of well classic street would have to be like a special sort of thing right because um it worked really well for this because a lot of

our art in the books has this sort of this was made using an old school process what sort of thing we try to evoke um and so yeah yeah i feel like it goes really well because you’ve got like uh ben’s sketches from from shalon’s sketchbook and stuff there’s a lot of different art that fits really well because it’s embedded in the world it’s not well i’m drawing a picture from a story i read it no these are these are the ones that are in the world sketchbook these like these pieces you can imagine as diegetic someone told the story of bridge four and things like that um later in the storm like someone made up a bunch of wood cuttings to to commemorate that right like that’s what this is i think i just learned a new word diegetic diegetic means in world uh they use it in screenwriting or stuff like that the music that you hear in a film i didn’t know this for years it’s what they call non-diegetic most of the time meaning the characters are not hearing that i maybe have expanded its use um to mean art i’m not sure if i’m using it 100 correctly but diegetic music is when they turn on a radio and you’re hearing it but most music is non-diegetic and our artwork we try to make diegetic they try to make them ephemera pieces of art from the world that the characters could conceivably have in hand and we were just calling them ephemera until until i think ben brought this word up yeah diegetic and you’d heard it too um in screenwriting for things and so yeah yeah so these wood wood blocks um we could even say um if you guys look really closely you’ll find a steve in the the fourth book uh keep your eyes open it’s not too hard to spot actually um that there they they are the creation of steve’s in-world avatar uh in the stormlight archive because he’s an artist too i’m excited for that i have uh uh brandon let me uh in on the uh beta reading but i actually have not done it yet because yeah i’ve already i know you guys are thinking what why and i i just really wanted to focus on getting the artwork done and i knew i’d get audio books don’t you so no is it cat no i do i love audiobooks and i suppose i really like the graphic audio um company that does like your missport and stuff however um for the stormlight archive specifically i like just reading it um i catch more it’s not as casual and i just really like the voices in my head so the first so the way of kings i listened to on audiobook first and uh like i mentioned earlier i felt like i missed too much when i went back to read it and i was like wait i don’t even remember this scene i don’t remember this character and it’s i know what it is it’s that i listen as i work and sometimes i’m starting to think in words as i’m painting and it’s just it it fades off i’m not actually paying attention so um if a book is important to me i read it it’s much slower but i think it’s you and terry pratchett those are the two that i will i will sit down and read uh absolutely you know the number of times that i’ve been talking to someone while signing their books and accidentally written what i was saying uh is yeah is it’s embarrassingly high i’ve done that too or or for me like magic cards yeah they’ll be talking about the the card and i’ll write the card name yeah instead of my name i’ve done that with the book title before um yeah this is people ask why i sometimes go on autopilot when i’m answering questions and answer the questions wrong it’s because this mode shifting i’ve trained myself to start talking and just keep talking while i pay attention and double check that what i’m writing is uh yeah by the way uh isaac uh we need do we need to get a change so that you can climb up and down uh i think this is establishing the guests on the uh on the stream you do uh maybe i need to get a bird i think we need to bring in jenga too right yeah there we go i could chew on jenga blocks well those who are only singing stale he is trying really hard to bite the chain off the ceiling he would be very sad if he made it happen because uh he has done this many times before that he bites off the thing that he is hanging to but uh his uh his feathers have grown into the point that he can he can he can actually hover uh we’re trying to get him to learn how to actually fly but today i signed go he actually gained altitude for a second uh as he was flying off of something so uh it’s not as dangerous for him as it would be for someone else but you would still be sad if you bought bit that off jello and they can only see his tail waggling as he tries very hard to bite that chain off you buy in this nice toy right and what does he do climbs the chain invites the hook on the ceiling yes we are talking about you thank you

so do we want to do more questions you want to talk about sure the art that you have whatever you prefer um sure and you know we can uh if you want you can throw the art up and that could start generating some questions i have a question for you oh okay but this is uh going back to the the dorae stuff i’m really curious about what the sizes were on those because you know the things we’re putting in our books are roughly six by nine and what did they print those old ones at so one of the most impressive things about it is they’re basically page size wow like um i don’t know how they got the kind of detail i mean there are some larger ones too but it’s the whole purpose was to illustrate manuscripts and you just print it while you’re you know you just funk it into it right yeah um so were those copper plate inscriptions do you know i think so they didn’t they didn’t have that stuff they had prints but they didn’t have they didn’t have that actually i really wanted them to have that that would be really interesting to see yeah um nerdy art things yeah and some of the other artists who’ve done stuff like that uh um bernie wrightson did uh mary shelley’s frankenstein and that stuff is great yeah if you haven’t seen it it’s gorgeous um so yeah check that out yeah we’ll go to a question i don’t want to go too far let’s do another question okay so uh the next question we have is for both isaac and steve with the up to brandon okay says um isaac and steve light weaving is obviously useful for art but so is having breaths which magic system out of them all would you like access to and brandon do you think any future books would change their minds when they’re done so the problem is i would abuse light weaving i would be a dark light weaver of some sort i would i would just be like oh i can make anything look like anything i can oh this is dangerous your avatar is a light weaver really okay that’s cool we chatted over with you what order you might be want to be in and so um yes your avatar’s a little more melodramatic than you are um really yes that’s a thing isaac’s isaac’s in world we say avatar his namesake isaacs is a lot grumpier than isaac actually is he’s one of the kindest human beings i know and his in-world avatar uh the royal cartographer everyone’s always complaining about him and uh and uh shalon was like man that guy is uppity it wasn’t it’s something like that one of the books yeah and you even have naz write stuff about him sometimes yep it would definitely be awesome to be a light weaver so i wouldn’t really be evil yeah i’m not sure what i would do with illusion stuff i’d have to think about it but that’s the one i would choose over over the breaths probably because um i think that the thought of where the breaths come from would bug me quite a bit um just just that i had left somebody drab somewhere um even if i got him secondhand i’d just be like i’m not sure i like how this economy is built on i think it’s a cool magic system but light weaving uh cara what would i do with light weaving my wife knows me better than i do you probably would use it and then you disperse it and then use it and disperse it i know what i would do i know what i would do i would i would light weave original paintings to hang on my walls i would have things that looked i would duplicate duplicate original famous paintings like i’d have some van goghs i would probably try to lick them yeah there you go i would have the most authentic larp costume of all time there you go oh man halloween would be so fun as a lightweight halloween that’s what i would do yeah halloween would be it’s already one of my favorite holidays i would totally do that but i do that for every holiday it’s like hey it’s president’s day hello i’m abraham lincoln if there’s a halloween this year i have been instructed that i have to be a pirate this might be our my first halloween here forever because normally there’s a convention yeah usually you’re at luca uh which is a great convention um but he’s in italy and um yeah yeah well they’re they’re doing it like they they’ve decided that italy’s calmed down enough and they’re they’re taking it seriously enough that

luca’s on it’s just uh americans can’t go to italy yeah at least right now so i probably won’t make it so brandon do you think anything in the future would change their minds no i mean there will be other magics uh but we have hit all of the core cosmere magics um except for the aethers um right um and i don’t think aethers would be enough to temp them away possibly um but yeah that would be my guess i mean there will be other little badges because i always have things like that that i’m writing but um there’s only one major magic system uh that hasn’t been used extensively on screen another question uh for steve are there any really compelling scenes from any of brandon’s books that you knew you wanted to paint as soon as you read them uh that’s how much time we got yes an hour and two minutes and um that’s where the um so part of the woodcut thing that’s part of where that came from was isaac was already talking to me about doing uh one of the gallery pieces for way of kings and he was like so we’ve got some of these we’re assigning them and is there one you have a preference for and i was difficult i’m like yes all of them please and uh one of like i i really wanted to do the well i wanted to do the scene i did that was that was my top one right uh yeah we have released that one and it is gorgeous and i love it and then it’s like now my second favorite is um try not to spoil it at the end you know that’s maybe that’s not spoiling no um and i was like so that’s my second favorite then like one of the most pivotal moments for me was early in the book um and it was just kaladin i really want to do that and so uh we’d already talked a little bit about doing these woodcut things so i was just like well we could give you two maybe or and he’s like you know what actually you know you doing those end part wood cuts maybe there’s one per part and as i’m listening through them i’m like yeah actually you know if i wanted to do uh chasm fiend uh i wanted to do kaladin i want to do so um we’ve got the stew the stew and then shalon and so really i feel like i got to hit i mean there are more scenes don’t get me wrong if i had if i had the time i would do one per chapter but that’s a lot of that’s what 92 ish chapters there’s usually a lot which i would love to do if i had the time absolutely um the 50-year leather bound edition oh i’m not making any promises you watch out you say things like that i know then we have chicken scouts then we have chicken scallops yes so you got these did we release the chicken scout art um i need to do that this week lots of lots of graphics and things that need to be done but uh but rhythm of war is taking precedence right now maybe on next week’s kickstarter update is that what yeah yeah yeah you can update them i mean you don’t have to you can just do what we have they don’t have to be yeah perfectly um i was going to try to make one look like the patch because we’re yeah that’s true so this both turned out really great guys i will tell you uh for being a silly little joke they’ve actually turned out very cool i can describe what we’re doing with the chicken scout uh yeah right now it’s called a sticker pack that’s because i was brain dead when i put it up it’s actually a sticker sheet and it’s like the other uh sticker sheets um but this one is basically just going to have sticker versions of some of the badges that you could get if you came to roshar and it will involve our little chicken mascot which we will reveal soon um and also looks suspicious like someone who is dropping wood on our yes um and and has earned his um chain climbing merit patch yeah but those are really great ben is killing it with those doing a great job yeah um so uh let’s do why don’t we do steve’s art sounds good and i believe i have these pulled up in order uh because i think you had them numbered one through three oh they yes but they’re they’re not actually in order i thought about it after the fact i’m like oh actually there is a sequence and i should have done that it’s not in the actual sequence yeah they’re fine okay so here’s the first one which is uh the skybreaker else caller and bond

smith oh all together you’ve got all three yeah yeah since it’s wide yeah format yeah um so you maybe can talk about like you designed the armor very they’re all sharp plate but they look different based on which order and things like that and you and isaac spent a lot of time coming up with the colorations that you thought would look good in the poster and things like that so uh how did you decide on various types of shard plate for various orders well i i tried to um take some of their personality and some of their powers and adjust that kind of template shard plate to fit so like the uh the else callers they’re they’re more mysterious they’re darker um for him in specific i was just i just want to do giant crazy that’s that’s the most tank like of them all that guy yes so yeah you don’t want to meet him on a battlefield or anywhere right yeah yeah um and you’ll see with with all the various pieces like i think looking at just these three you’re only getting the contrast of the breakers and the else callers sorry yes uh but like when we get to some of the other ones you can see uh like when we get to the dust springers they’re they’re very angular very sharp of the uh of the shark breaks you did thank you i saw the final on that just today uh it turned out great i think it’s my favorite too yeah it’s it came all came together really well i i love the let’s go to that yeah you said the just spring roll well is that just the next one i can do yeah the black and golden red is one of my favorite color schemes and it just yeah so so one of the things when we were working on this i think we had tried a slightly different color scheme on this at first and it wasn’t quite working and then um i think i said to you make them look like like sith lords but in rochar right just and so i think you did a great job they just look dark and cool and awesome yeah i think the description that you gave me was that they’re not bad guys but they’re terrifying even to other shard bearers because of the way they do things and so they’re not bad guys but they kind of look but they should look they’re misunderstood yeah yes you know even by some of the members in their dirt yeah i wonder how many people have done screen grabs of this so far sorry that is just yeah fine um one of the things that i like that uh we talked about and how it turned out is that some of them both figures and sharp plates some of them neither in sharply some got one in one um and i like the variety of how these all look i think these would look really cool in a sequence all ten of them together on a wall or someone’s favorites of them together something like that yeah i i hope so i think so it’s one of we we started with um some ideas of more scenes yeah where they were in a setting that made sense and they were doing a thing but the more we talked about it more we thought we kind of want them to be a representation of of everybody in a um not uniform but that they all fit together um because we had talked more about at first it was kind of a uh like source book where they just going to be on a black blank background almost like you get in like a d where it’s like here is an arc yeah and so we we ended up kind of somewhere in the middle where uh you get a full body it’s illustrative of what they look like uh what what everything is but they’re still in a setting and they’re yeah um they all fit together it’s like they’re not they’re they’ve got a background behind to evoke the setting but more it’s the focus is on the figures yes so and at some point these will probably wind up on the quiz pages without the background kind of as here’s a representation of that order just to give people more of an idea after they’ve they read about it and uh and take the quiz um so if you look at like the dust bringers you can see and what’s the other one next to the dust bringers on that one i forgot um it looks like light weavers on the left and then we have okay the two ones that are work in progress so it’s a good example of how there are common threads they have the the chest plate that’s got the um the spheres infusing them behind them so you have to have room and it’s extra protection big shoulder uh shoulder pads to uh uh and and the shoulder pads are all kind of the most decorative piece right they have uh a lot more paltrons right cauldrons yeah i’m pretty sure yeah uh chad will correct us if we’re wrong ben might

too it’s true he’s in the chat so that’s like the the general theme is they’ve got kind of decorative shoulder pads big chest plate um hip big hip guards for protection and then within that the shape language changes between the orders so the dust springers have very sharp angular pieces and aggressive designs drawn on them whereas the light weaver challan she has more more flowing soft uh less shoulders uh and so i say that a lot that must be my uh my thinking word is and so i’ll try to i’ll try to avoid that uh and uh filler words get moving on this is that we are not doing we are hanging out don’t worry don’t worry about watching your words all right so for each order i tried to create kind of a theme shape wise whether it’s uh s’more square which you’ll see with the stone wards because they’re they’re the infantry the soldiers they’re the front line so they have the most thick functional armor uh the edge dancers are gonna have a little more sleek because no spoilers and so each one i tried to come up with their own unique shake shape language within the structure of the shard plate frame you’ve done a great job with it too i think they all look very unique and you would see that and go hey edge dancer or or whatever and then there’s one more sheet if you wanted to talk about that that’s gonna be right here your wind runners will shapers and truth watchers all right uh i had a lot of people asking me about the truth watchers that apparently is the one people have wanted to see the most yes so the truth watchers you may recognize one of the characters may not it’s hard to tell who he is unless you’ve seen the other artwork yes so uh no spoilers no spoilers yep that’s been the hardest thing is everybody online is like oh who’s the other one and and they’re they’re putting out their own theories and all this and i’m just like we have we have mentioned when when we uh released some of these that it says yeah there are some familiar characters in here but there are also people who are just representing the miracles yes or not all of these are characters specifically from the books right now or some of them are characters from a long time ago that’s just like yeah so you don’t have to match every person yeah exactly the ones you expect to be able to find you will be able to find but that doesn’t mean that the others are not all the others are deep clues about the future a couple right um a couple are are looking toward the future but yeah yeah so um so yeah um it’s hard not to give spoilers so we’ve done nine of them showed off tonight uh so we have eight that are at least in final draft format right um yeah we were gonna i think we’re gonna talk about a couple of tweaks maybe but yeah two of them tweaks at this point two of them are just previews the stone wards are almost done and then the edge dancers are yeah a little further off but it still they’ll be done quite soon yep so so there we are so what were the ones on that that sheet there there was uh uh it was wind runner wheel shaper and truth watcher oh i do have to mention the wheel shapers because i love their golden purple armor i just i just think it’s so cool i think that’s one of my favorite color schemes on this is i really love the the black red and gold of the the dust bringers and i love the purple and gold of the wheel shapers thanks um and that that’s uh that’s that’s thanks to isaac i turned in an earlier version and uh isaac came and said we actually have kind of reworked the color scheme you don’t have to change yours you’ve already done the work but he showed me the new color scheme and i’m like oh that’s that’s that’s going to be better that’s going to work that’s going to work so i think we were uh so so when i was making these color schemes i took the dominant color that we we know of it’s in the the magic chart at the beginning and then i tried to find secondary colors that would work well with them and usually there was a metallic color that went along with that that was a tertiary

and the wheel shapers tertiary color before was like a platinum color and that that does look good with purple but it doesn’t it’s not quite as striking as gold and purple there’s there’s a lushness to that that is really cool thanks i i like it and i i was really excited to do a uh a singer um yes yes uh i a lot have loved seeing how the different singer art has come in um uh yeah we’ve got some really gorgeous ones both in this book and in rhythm of war coming in so yep um as well as uh i don’t know if we revealed it yet but ben has done some on the stickers oh yeah i think we did the reveal um at least one of those yeah um would this be a good good time for you to talk about the the print oh yes so um if you guys are signed up for certain reward tiers you’re gonna get um either one of these your your chosen order with your swag pack or there is uh the big bundles where you get all the swag you’ll get all 10 and then there is also going to be add-ons where you can just decide i want all 10 prints um i don’t think you know piecemeal right yes pick a different order and say i want a second order but you get all the stuff for that order including the print okay yeah um and in addition to that i will have them available well i have them available on my website right now theoretically we’re launching it right now as not quite as we speak it was probably about an hour ago uh so they’re on my website uh if you go to the same size or they’re a larger size they are larger yeah um i have 12 by 18 inches and i have 20 by 30 inches and what are we saying to give a yeah perspective on that these are 12 by 9 so so uh so your big one is going to be double the size your starting size yeah the small one is is going to be double uh the size of these um if you we have a collection set up so at if you go to steve cosmere i think again we did this just just now there is a collection of all the work that i’ve done for the cosmere and we have a coupon code for 20 off uh if you put in cosmere 20. um there’s also you can bundle stuff together like if you want all of the wood cuts uh there’s a there’s a discount in addition to the twenty percent um sorry we’re gonna say the website one more time i think uh there was some something that cut it off uh steve slash cosmere uh and if you forget that or if i did it wrong and it’s not cosmere um you can just go to and navigate through the galleries to get there um and then the discount code cosmere 20 and that’s 20 off of of everything everything on the store everything for us everything for the cosmere okay so it’s not just stormlight it also includes vin rice um right yeah we were those woodcuts i just wonder if someday we need to do something else with those too uh i really like how those turned out me too i’m and i’m uh as today i was talking with my printer about other ways to do them because what i have for most of my prints they are on this really nice fujifilm uh silver halide paper and it’s gorgeous but i was thinking for the wood cuts i wanted to look like wood cuts um like ink pressed onto paper so i’m chatting with with him he’s amazing he does uh he does all my printing and he has handed me a few proposals the the one he wants the one he says is going to be the most gorgeous but i don’t know if uh how doable it is because the paper itself is like 20 and the prints are 25 uh he’s gonna send me a sample and if if i go with that and you order then no extra charge but they might if i decide to go that route they might either have two options or just the one that’s going to be more expensive because from what he tells me they really look like classic wood cut that sounds um and i’m excited to see them i’m excited to see those out i want to see that so so you people can buy these separately on your website yes if you just want to get the one print or two prints uh steve’s website’s the place to go right if you don’t want to be like i need all of the light weaver stuff you just want the lightweighter painting uh that’s the best place to go and they are going to be bigger yeah the the ones that we have are going to be nice that they they are going to be they’re smaller they’re more intended for if you do wind up getting 10 of them it’s not going to take up your whole

yeah yeah whole wall only half of it and we wanted to be able to ship them in the box yeah like we had to pick a box bigger than we were going to to fit them uh but we want to be able to mail them in the box rather than us another uh separate fiasco like the posters um yeah we had to pick that’s why they’re 12×9 because the the cardboard that we ship these out in it it fits that really well there we are um let me give you a break and do a fan mail for a second and then we’ll maybe throw a few more questions at them so we have a fan mail do we have a fancy uh a fancy graphic um all right dear brandon this is from dylan um thanks for the fan mail by the way dylan from tucson uh so i really like tucson they have a they have a nice uh gems festival in tucson um in fact um when i was in the byu band we went to tucson for our bowl game and said yeah um i have two questions a fun one in the writing one my question is did um not be for the legend of zelda ocarina of time have any influence on your coming basil i get this a lot here’s my dirty secret i never played ocarina of time so um i love legend of zelda right um but i had an original nintendo and a super nintendo and i did not have um an n64 or a gamecube um and then i went back to nintendo after that this is because my brother’s the real big gamer and so while i had early nintendo stuff he then while i was serving a mission in korea um i was there for the uh um on the church service uh he sold the super nintendo and bought a playstation which i didn’t mind because i knew the final fantasy was coming out of that final fantasy 7 so i came back and from then on playstation is what i had and i missed that entire generation like i had to leave the nintendo home because he bought he’d paid for part of it it was both our thing and so when i went to college i had no nintendo i didn’t have a tv so it didn’t make sense to bring my nintendo and so i missed the those those generations i missed the 64-bit generation entirely and then the next generation uh it was playstation and so i don’t know ocarina of time at all um and so i really am embarrassed by that because i you know i do know um i have played a lot of zelda games and they’re all great but a lot of people are shocked by that because they list that as their favorite and i never played that i did eventually play wind waker many years later on just i think that was gamecube a friend had a gamecube just you know in the closet when we were roommates and so i haven’t eventually playing that one i never played operative time um i think is ocarina of time tell us on the chat is it uh is it uh 64 and 64. you’re nodding you know yeah um so i missed that one you ever write a story for a video game how would you approach it differently than writing a novel keep in mind that story plot will likely be developed after game plan links even after some character location created how would you approach environmental storytelling like what you find in dark souls um so this is a great question to ask me because it’s something i’ve had to think about a lot lately i should be signing while i do this character finish finish signing brandon um uh so i’ve thought about this a lot uh starting when i first had a video game that we maybe were putting development for mistborn and then later on i have you know good friends who have called me in uh my friends at epic uh chair entertainment they make fortnite uh periodically call me and say brian we’re having a brainstorming session can you come help us with this um and uh it’s a lot of fun they know i love video games and so i thought a lot about how would i tell stories and video games and there are a couple of things that i’ve come up with um i personally really prefer stories that do not stop the game like one of my favorites is uh and things i’m playing borderlands 3 right now borderlands 3’s story has some issues but one of the things that i like um that they kind of took from uh half life back in the day is they don’t stop the story very often the people are talking to you over voice comp uh infamous did this an infamous did a great job i really liked the story of infamous and i like that idea of a story happening as an epistolary story like that’s what we call it over voice records and things while you are playing the game feels very fun to me um but another thing i actually pitched this to blizzard a long time ago i’m like you guys have um a game they wanted me to write stories for overwatch um right so they called me and they had pat roth us in too and just be like hey could we hire you guys to write stories uh for overwatch this is right when it had stopped being with

what they call project titan and they are moving into calling it overwatch um so it was years before even overwatch came out um and they were investigating maybe they wanted novel tie-ins and things and i mostly went into tour blizzard so i told them kind of straight out even over email and i said you want to do this i’m like i am very unlikely to be able to write a novel for your game but they’re like well come in and let us do our pitch and you know we’ll show you all around bluetooth which sounds like fun um and so i went in and uh they they did their pitch and then i had a pitch for them i said you have a captive audience of 10 million plus people however many people play world of warcraft and i have a roommate who loves world of warcraft um and what did he do actually i wasn’t you’ll never make that but you know uh he would sit and go on this quest where he’s just kind of listening to the radio talk shows while he’s killing 5 000 of these to farm for this thing and it was very relaxing for him right um and a lot of games have these sort of relaxing things in them it’s almost it’s past your bedtime this is why you’re acting like this huh um and i said let’s do audio books um where i write an audio book or someone writes an audiobook and you including your monthly subscription the ability to spend five dollars because you already have the audience and then everybody who does that subscribes to getting audio books every month um that they can listen to while they’re out you know farming whatever and i thought that would be a great way to tell a story like don’t interrupt the action wait till the lulls and the type in the game where you’re doing something else and then listen to these these these cool audio drones basically uh they were not interested i still thought it was a cool idea i still think with the right game you could match an audio drama to game play in a really interesting way uh but that’s that’s one thing i’ve thought about um i’ve also thought about how do you not interrupt the story um for the story right like i talked about borderlands 3 and they do one thing really really well borderlands has always done this you’re hearing over your calm uh oh you probably ought to go huh do you need to get down to text emily yeah why don’t you text him what come on what what you want to get down or not no you just want to take part in the conversation is this what you want to do yeah he wants to take some questions he wants to take some questions he just hears me talking and he wants to take part uh he’s gonna try and get my buttons you’re gonna try and get my buttons um he um they do so one thing really really well which is these audio um like when someone wants to give you information and info down they just call you right and they’re facing pictures while you’re doing whatever you’re doing they chat with you they usually have really uh good voice acting um and the characters are fun to listen to um and they do a really good job with that um but they then stop for cut scenes that your character doesn’t appear in because they have four characters that you can choose from so they just left them out so it feels like the main story no glasses you don’t have anything to do with right you’re just doing fetch quests between the main story and it feels really disjointed for that reason um and so um while i really like part of it and that teaches me man i don’t like that you can’t have you can’t have the glasses whenever i don’t pay attention to him he goes for the glasses look come here come here here come here listen listen you can’t have the glasses if you have the glasses then you end up on your back like this yeah um he just is getting tired and he wants uh me to pay attention to him and give him scratches people do not know how cuddly parrots are if you don’t have parrots they don’t expect that your parrot is going to do this and insist on you uh giving them scratches and things like that but you need to go to bed because it is your bedtime all right emily is going to take him he’s going to be mad no don’t fight her come on come here don’t get on my head oh you’re getting good at that all right all right you going on your back again yeah i love parrots other people are dog first people or cat people and i understand that they’re both really good pets but i just love there he’s now he’s talking to try and get us to pay attention to him i love how parrots act just the way their expressions and things sound um but uh i should be a responsible parrot owner and warn you parrots are not easy pets right um parrots this is a tangent but parrots are as much work as having a puppy and puppies are a lot of work

people know that they expect adam is not even said he has a puppy parrots are like that they require training discipline and attention to make a good pet out of them they make fantastic pets if you do that but you know they are they they require a time investment and i i worry you know those of us who who love parrots worry that people think of birds as easy pets and maybe that’s true for like pictures and things i don’t know i haven’t ever done non-uh parrot uh birds as pets um but a parrot needs a social group they are very social animals and buying a parrot and then leaving the parrot in its cage uh for all the time it’s just really hard on the parrots so if you want a parrot they are fantastic pets for people who have done their research to understand what they’re getting themselves into don’t buy a parrot if you wouldn’t if you would think that having a puppy is too much work don’t buy a parrot buy like we bought for my son a tortoise which is a lot less work and still very cute so that’s my that’s my parrot rant i’ve had them since i was uh since i was see i got my first pair when i was 15 um and um i have kind of i wouldn’t call myself a parrot expert there are people who are way more have more expertise but i’ve had parents basically all my life and stuff i do know some things about them um and one is keep them busy just like you keep your children busy uh so we have a question another question for steve they’re wondering if you have ever done art for hearthstone or if you’ve ever played that game i’ve i have played way too much of hearthstone i thought it was is a fantastic fun card game i i like lots of card games that’s why i got into magic the gathering i got into art um because i was a huge fan of a game called legend of the five rings um i haven’t done artwork for them i’ve talked to them a couple of times timing just hasn’t ever quite worked out um and i’m not i think that they’re a little nervous that i can’t pull off their style because it’s more whimsical and they have a very distinct style they do yeah uh i’m i’m confident that i can i have a whimsical style that a lot of people haven’t seen i do like uh these little tokens for magic players oh yeah those are fun they’re cute they’re really fun i they’re they’re like what i do to unwind because they’re just at a con and steve is there go to his booth and look through all the goofy little uh little uh tokens that he has yeah and i think i have them on my website i do have them on my website they’re not for sale but they’re prints of them so if you just want to not print that just pictures of them so if you want to see it’s like there’s a there’s a kraken who uh sorry the real quick pitch of these is that they are creatures who are born to do something but can’t do it the the analogy is their angels with wings that are too small so they want to fly but they they aren’t really equipped their wings are too small but they find a way so like there’s a an angel who he he’s he’s he’s got just the simple like big balloon apparatus there is a kraken who wants to be a tourist and so he builds a robot squid suit that walks on land and in the in the black and white version of the token he’s actually touring temple square in utah [Laughter] but that’s that’s the theme is there’s these cute little kind of stories of hope don’t give up like they’re they’re they’ve all got a thing that they want to do can’t do find a way to do yeah anyways that’s kind of gone away from hearthstone but i love hearthstone yes don’t worry that’s a theme of this stream is uh people ask a question and suddenly we’re talking about you know chicken scouts chicken scouts yes or uh temple square with leviathans uh visiting it’s cute too oh the next question is for isaac all right i’m not sure if you’ve uh or karen have done specific research into coaster materials but people are wondering if we know what they will be made out of um we don’t yet i think that’s also dependent upon the the printing process that we decide to do i have i have two coasters on my desk right now that are done with two different printing processes um i lived in germany twice and have seen many different coasters not because i’m a drinker but because there are

coasters all over germany and they are really cool um and so we’re familiar with what’s out there but if people have requests or thoughts yeah we would love to hear about that oh sorry it needs to be paper-ish paper issues these will be paper yeah pasta yes sarah is the one in charge of shipping these things so but they are going to they’re going to be more like the coasters you get at a restaurant yeah not the coasters you buy free to set out um right you know on your desk that uh these are more like the disposable ones that you find but the ones i have on my desk are disposable and i’ve been using some of them for years yeah um and and i i know that there are some that they’re printed in full color and they have some kind of film over the top of them and they warp and there are others that don’t warp but they are made of a more absorbent material so yeah just let us know maybe we’ll wind up doing a variety of these different things possible um or we might just you know make them out of them the cardboardy sort of stuff and then have more on our website that later on you can pick up a refill package yeah people are requesting that so yeah okay yeah i’ve like this is one of the happy accidents from the kickstarter doing so well is that we had a little more wiggle room before these uh for these things we could hire some more art out we could uh we could dedicate some time and make some things and i i just love how these turned out it was kind of an underdog story in a way because when when we first mentioned them we’re like is that do people want those and so we put it up on that thing and it’s like it was one of the highest ones that people wanted and it turned into a really fun yeah fun thing brainstorming session was just delightful after one of the streams one one week and then out we went out to dinner and talked about it and we’re coming up with all these ideas um yeah we we are we i could totally see us um putting up like a 10 pack of these or 12 packs there’s four so if you have them so that they could be a little more disposable um if you if you want and then i think we’d be open to the idea of doing more things if we come up with an idea that we think is really cool we discarded several things yes um and i don’t know if we want to mention something yeah but we didn’t we didn’t we didn’t come up with something that made us laugh enough for the wines like the colors of wine yeah which seems like a go-to one for a rasharan uh coaster um and yes we did we brainstormed a while um but the others all had us laughing to some extent yeah um those are done one of the yeah one of the ones that uh we root more it’s always fun yeah we replaced with the chasm fiend one it was uh you know we were trying to mash up investigator and yeah oxygen bar and it wasn’t we just couldn’t find the joke that made us laugh with that uh so you know maybe maybe fans will suggest some that will be really great we we like that we came up with like a variety we got an alcoholic drink we got a soft drink we’ve got a chow to stand we’ve got an energy drink it’s a nice little variety um but the fact that we didn’t come up with one for wines just you know makes me think could we come up with one that’s like you know give me the violet or no orange for me please you flip over or something like that uh that was one you suggested um yeah once someone suggested it i was thinking about this brazilian restaurant like the brazilian restaurants but except this one says you know with how level of intoxicating you want your your wine to be that would be kind of fun more chow to please no more chow chow how strong is the horn eater white it’s moonshine it it’s supposed to like yeah you you’ve either got to be a radiant or or a hornader before they were worried to kill the character who decided to drink it um the the bar was like that will kill you so uh coordinators are capable they have uh they they actually are uh human singer hybrids um like the the herdasians but in a different line and they have a different physiology um and they they actually have a like they are not 100 human and are capable of eating and adjusting things that would kill a person can singers eat the horn yes you could you can feed horny or white to your chole probably yeah yeah so i just want to share this message from youtube from gunstar420 he says what is the most important drink a man can take

the next one which i loved oh that’s good nice work that would be a coaster too i think i think when we you know if these do well we can expand yeah some of the other world we could go on forever we could come up with 100 of these we could i i know that wayne has prob probably got something somewhere right mm-hmm yeah yeah in fact he’s probably the one who came up with that so so there you go um so uh we’ve got like a half hour long about 20 minutes 23 minutes 23 minutes so uh anything you want to ask any of us oh wait i gotta do this other thing i gotta do this other thing i gotta sign these other guys okay we’ll do that now that jello isn’t here too come over and so uh the uk publisher is giving away uh for those of you in the uk who do uh point out to us when there’s america only uh at uh contests how unfair that is that’s usually chosen by the publishers but this time we’re gonna have one for the uk where they have posters of all four stormlight books and they’re having me sign them in gold or silver depending on the poster and then they are going to give these away we don’t know how or when we’ll let you know but it will be limited to the the uh the uk maybe ireland also i would guess it depends uh they’ll they’ll tell us yeah um but i don’t know if they’re gonna ship them to australia sorry um aussies that’ll be up to them um but um i am going to sign these right now and these are going to be wetter so i’m going to hand those to the team and they’re going to dry them out so that we get these signed but i’m not sure if you want to share them as you sign them since you only showed the first one yes people should probably still uh it’s sam weber no not sam what’s up green sam green sam green for those who don’t know uh one of the interesting things in differences between the publishers is the um uk generally prefers to print all authors books in a similar same style regardless of series um and um so i’ve had the same illustrator in the same general uh concept uh for all of my books in the uk even the non-cosmere ones generally have a similar theme there’s [Applause] and in the u.s they prefer to brand a series instead of um by the author and so the u.s will have a different illustrator generally for each book series um so some people have asked hey can we get the uk um cover our covers for our u.s books or things like that and we’re actually working on that right uh we can’t guarantee it’s still we’re still in talks but i’ve talked about this for years and the uk publisher seems willing to uh to in their next print run print off some extras for us and send them over here um really it’s going to depend oh is that a quote ben arronovich gave me a quote so everyone tell ben thank you he’s a fantastic writer um i didn’t know that he gave me a cover quote and they put that on there um i haven’t seen that one rivers of london is just a great book um uh they renamed it in the u.s uh which happens sometimes uh i’m trying to remember it’s like midnight riot or something like that uh not quite as evocative a title to save but he’s great um so um anyway um um we are seeing if they’ll print off some extras for us that we can sell in a pack really um what’s going to happen here is we’re going to do this and then if you guys want them you can buy them and that’ll tell us to do more if you’re not actually all that interested we aren’t going to be offended uh but if they don’t sell then we won’t do the rest of the cosmere books but if they do then we probably will do like the mistborn trilogy and probably the the seven mistborn books um in a pack and then eventually get the other uh so that you could um get them on the shelf we found that the way that they do their printing um the covers have enough like space at the sides that they you can fold even though they’re slightly different um isaac folded them up and put them around his stormlight books and they fit just fine yep so the uh one of the differences between the the us editions of hardcovers and the the at least your uk hardcovers is that the flaps that flap in yeah are are like an inch wider so so if we get these flat in the uk in the uk yeah they’re um just standard sizes are slightly different but the heights of the book are the same

and so we get them unfolded we get them unfold them around you floated or folded around the book and that it was kind of a happy accident that they they match yeah so uh we probably do that but no promises might have those for christmas time it’s possible if you’re interested in eventually just getting all the uk covers um for your books then uh we might be able to accommodate you yeah and just spitballing a little bit you know if this works out well would we consider going other regions like i know a lot of people like yeah the chinese are the time yeah the the chinese covers are among my favorites so the the issue is like uh once you’ve bought these will you buy a second sets right you’re going to maybe there are people will be like my brandon sanderson collection i will repackage periodically so it matches the core of my room well i mean i wouldn’t be surprised logistically that’s a little bit harder because they we would have to design them again um what’s nice about these is that they already fit yeah um because the english ones like they’re both using the same text and that leads to books roughly the same length even if they have different sort of paper sizes and things that’s not the case in other countries and so if people really like this i could see us being like here is you know we’ll take a vote on what people want the most up next and we’ll try it and but it would take way more work um so we’ll we’ll it’s been enough work to persuade everyone this is something my fans actually are interested in because everyone seems a little skeptical but when i first but then i kind of point out a lot of people get ratty dust jackets i know a lot of my favorite books you know the dust jacket just eventually gets worn and would like to replace it and a lot of people like the the coolness how the um the uk ones just all look exactly the same on the shelf they have a unifying style so we will see uh there are places out there that do this like officially they come up with new jackets right didn’t we see there’s like an online place um that does this but uh those were really luxury items and they were really expensive can’t remember their names yeah but they did really great work yeah the wheel of time ones are yeah gorgeous um but they’re so expensive that we thought yeah uh and i can understand why i mean we know firsthand how much uh it is to commission a whole bunch of art and that’s why we like having the kickstarter where we have an excuse to take a budget and spend it all and go get one of our friends and do really cool artwork for a while um but uh yeah anyway so question this one’s uh for you brandon yeah this one’s from sean he says is there a specific inspiration for the atheist characters you write he says thank you for writing them where they’re not just jaded or traumatized that makes yes or faith so there’s two uh there’s two ins well i’ll say three inspirations first inspiration um is just getting to know a lot of different people who have a lot of different mindset particularly those who are uh whose life experience and beliefs are very different from my own uh and realizing wow you know we we caricature people a lot uh we do this politically um and like i’m i’m on reddit uh you know and i like to interact there and things and i like to look at the the front page and things like that and i lean a little left politically a lot of my family leans uh leans right and i see the character of what my right leaning family beliefs um and it makes me angry right um and i know that when i get together with my right leaning friend family the things they character of the left make me angry right um and i think this is just it’s human nature but i do think that in uh religious communities we have a tendency to do this to other religions and to people who are are themselves not religious and um i felt as i was being a reader uh that whenever i ran across someone who had beliefs like mine for instance when the people who are members of the church of jesus christians show up in sherlock holmes um it makes me feel sad that the author did not have the resources or time to do the research into the group that the story was being written about how about that um that’s more on the fact that you know you can’t really expect carton conan arthur doyle to be able to have the access to people who uh a wide variety of thoughts and opinions that we have nowadays and i told myself i’m going to do a better job when i write that’s part of it part of it is also that i uh have a very

sort of rational humanistic leaning um mind you can probably see that from the way that i write um you know about magic systems and things and so a lot of the things that are said uh by um by atheists are things that i have felt and i have wondered and i have found my own way where i continue in faith because of experiences i’ve had and beliefs that i have and things like that but you know i can’t blame someone for coming to a different conclusion uh when i have the same questions right um where i’ve had some of the same struggles and so i wanted to do as best i could with each character i put in my books that if you are the person who’s like i am like this one that when you read the book you say yeah you know i know that uh that a lot of the characters you know are not like me that’s why we read right to learn about people are not like me but when i get the character who is like me he gets it right uh that is a mark of pride to me and that is something i really want to be able to do and i guarantee i will get it wrong at times but my sincere goal is to i believe we arrive at truth and accommodation not by presenting weak arguments but by presenting our best arguments the best ideas and thoughts that mankind can offer humankind let’s go ahead and say him again humankind can offer on all different aspects and it’s through thinking about and really uh investigating the best thoughts and giving the best uh arguments that we will arrive at truth not by presenting the weakest arguments different from the way we think and then saying well of course it can’t be that uh which is what i see happening in the political spectrum a lot i think that we would get further if more people would say this side has a really good argument right let’s engage with that argument rather than picking the weakest argument that i can make on their behalf and then write a political cartoon about how stupid they are so that’s my my little diatribe on that i appreciate it um you can thank those who are willing to share their thoughts online because i get a lot of this information from reading blogs by people who are sharing their sincere thoughts feelings emotions experiences um which really lets me understand um how to write a character who shares some of those so those of you who do have public vlogs where you talk about your own struggles uh with faith or your own decisions where it wasn’t a struggle where you’re like you know what this is this is what makes sense to me that is really helpful to me uh there’s a related question um from bayen bayan not sure to pronounce that they say how much research into philosophical work do you do before each book and what inspired you to use these in particular yeah uh kantian uh deontology for the knights radio consequentialism for the olethe and the taravangian and secular morality from free as now um so i had an interesting experience in college in that um you are you have to get your ge’s right your general education things you have to pick like a history course and you have to pick a discourse on that course and i was doing that my sophomore year and i realized hey there are philosophy courses that fill phil my ge course for history my ge course for this history my ge course for um for this uh for rhetoric my ge course for uh there was some sort of logic or thing that i could take the logic class for that was kind of side step to mathematics and i realized i could take like five philosophy classes and get all of these ge’s done and actually be studying something i was interested in rather than uh something i was not as interested in right um there were other histories but everyone expected like me to take the history of literature but i’m like i know literature already i’ve read a lot of this i’ve studied it i want to take something that’s interesting to me that i haven’t spent as much time studying and so i took enough to uh i was like one class off from a philosophy minor but the only thing as i’ve said before more useless than a uh than a creative writing major generally is a philosophy degree um that i wasn’t doing it for any sort of letters i just really liked the classes um i will say this here’s our one of our tangents boy those old philosophers they did not know how to write um i love those guys uh they had really cool ideas i wish we could go back and teach them a little bit about how to construct a sentence that doesn’t go for seven pages

and have 40 commas um and is in the past progressive tense for half of it and in the imperative for the other half right um uh so i’ll just i’ll just mention that some of them are more readable than others um but um but yeah um so why did i choose the ones that i did uh basically i was trying to match um so i really like when stories are not just a conflict of personality they are conflict between ideologies and ways of viewing the world which are all valid ways of viewing the world when i you know um when i put teravanjin and dalinar into conflict each other it’s because they are both looking at it in a very different way uh life in a different way and i’m kind of reaching to different philosophical bases for those um and i will butcher it if i try to use the actual terminologies um because um yeah i am not a philosophy major um but why did i pick what i did uh they matched the characters right and they match what i’m trying to explore without finding again not trying to give you the answers trying to trying to explore theme and stories and i just love doing that it’s what makes me excited about writing uh characters so there you are there’s a rambling answer to it um so you guys can you know you’re you’re in college you can look and be like wait maybe i can fulfill all of this with philosophy ah and then i can tell everyone that i’m taking philosophy classes and they will roll their eyes at you at me every time that i point out a logical fallacy another aside my favorite of the logical fallacies is i i just something about it just amuses me when the logical fallacy becomes the rule right like we often use a slippery slope argument right where we say that’s a slippery slope not realizing that the quote slippery slope was used to say this is an invalid argument saying it’s a slippery slope is by definition a logical fallacy um and granted it’s shifted in terminology and people use it differently but there’s literally a logical a logical fallacy that says the slippery slope argument is a bad argument it’s called a slippery slope argument so saying that’s a slippery slope is in some way saying that my argument is bad um by definition of formal logic uh people hate formal logic for that reason right uh because people with formal logic are like are the ones who like well that’s not actually what begging the question means um so i try not to do that but it does amuse me sometimes i had no idea on that i thought that a slippery slope was like you do one thing and then the next thing is going down yeah so to explain it in layman’s terms either a thing is right or not right depending on your own moral philosophy you may not be like you may be saying you may be relativists and things like that but in general if we just kind of take the strictest um a thing is right or not right if you’re going to draw a line between right and not right there is a line where something becomes not right so don’t cross that line not say i’m not going to do this this other thing which are both right because i might do this thing it’s a bad argument say i’m not going to do this thing that is and that’s a gross simplification of what they say but i actually believe that right i don’t i believe that you should look at and say is the thing that i am choosing to do the right thing to do rather than worrying that the um that it will lead me to the wrong thing is the thing i’m choosing to do the wrong thing let’s not do it then and right like that’s that’s that is like if you’re going to go into my moral philosophy that is one of the things that i believe judge judge it based not on what you’re afraid will happen but whether the thing itself is a uh a good or a not good thing um but uh that one’s taken me a while to kind of settle on where i fall on that uh that uh that line so there’s another one that’s similar where it’s the the rules that make their own rules the fences around the law where it’s like okay don’t get near the thing okay well to make sure we don’t get near the thing let’s put a fence around the thing yes so that we can’t get too near it well but the fence is still pretty near like can you get up to the fence is that that’s still pretty near we need to put a fence around the fence and they continue to build fences around the fences until it’s ridiculous yeah yep and maybe there are some uh some actual uh people who study formal logic they can correct me on any of my my gross simplifications of things uh so if i’m completely off base let us know in the comments but um but there we are there’s there’s our little deviation into formal

logic um i love my philosophy classes they were super hard those philosophers are like we can’t let you get a’s in philosophy because it means that you would be too smart at philosophy and nobody understands philosophy except for the true philosophers and so they would make these tests that are like lists of memorizing and i would go in and argue with them which i think they liked where i’d be like this is not teaching philosophy um this is just you making a uh a random gate that people have to jump through in order to you know uh to do this and not all of them are like that but occasionally i would like like teach philosophy don’t teach dates but they’re like it’s a history of philosophy class i’m like okay yes um but yeah imagining these professors they were like i don’t have anybody to talk to i’m gonna make a really hard test and then they’re gonna all argue with me and i’m gonna be so happy i’m here to have an argument oh sorry this is abuse it’s two doors down right what is that uh sounds like a place well that’s uh that’s uh argument clinic it’s a famous um monty python skit um yeah ah it’s it’s quite amazing so monty python for the far side they’re kind of in the same vein gary larson’s back yeah yeah yeah he’s been doing posting stuff on his website really yeah wow he had the story behind this is is that you know he he wasn’t doing this for a while and then he somehow picked up an ipad i don’t i don’t remember the story and he’s like wow i can do all sorts of stuff on an ipad kind of taught himself how to use the ipad and now he’s he’s kind of his style has evolved you can still tell it’s gary larson but he’s doing new things and coming up with wow some of his wacky jokes he’s not calling it the far side anymore it’s something else but it’s entertaining first opus comes back and then leaves and then comes back and then leaves and then comes back and then opus is back again and now gary larson i would say burke breathed but i don’t know if i pronounced his name right breath it sounds a little bit yeah but uh so he was a comic-con burke is that his first name brethren yeah he’s been like this are you in or are you out uh for a while but i mean i i love his work i had all the bloom county collections when i was young i i still do yeah like he is one of my absolute favorites and the scary thing you go back to read yeah um it’s all about right now yeah seriously he’s got all this stuff in the 80s right and you’re like oh my gosh yeah he’s a prophet um yeah yeah let’s not get too political but yeah uh i um i got my my son joel one of my most proud moments is i have the um the calvin hobbs complete collection you know the hardcovers and they are worn out to the part at their point that they’re falling apart because he discovered them and then took them up to his room and has read them now all like six times i tried farsight on him and he just didn’t get it uh he might be too young for far side still but calvin hobbs just super clicked with them right it’s so good um so i wish there were another comic um that i could get for him to that level because he and i kind of have bonded over our love of calvin hobbs which you know who doesn’t love calvin hobbs but it is still something cool to share with your kid i’m thinking of trying to get him into bone uh problem is bone has like little romantic subplots and things and he’s still in that mode where i hate romance yes i hate it um right um so he may it may be an instant uh no from him if it has if he sees too much romance uh so we have a question that many people were wanting you to answer it may be a rafa okay immediately yeah this one is from valerie jackson she’s curious what order uh of knights radiant dalinar’s plate came from dalinar’s plate came from i will raffle that because i have not uh yeah um let’s let’s let’s leave that alone for now uh we’re not talking a lot of people are saying yes yes yes yes and i know these ones are something on there you go you deserve a nice um can of uh what we can find out um yeah let’s let’s leave that one um alone for now we’ll start talking about we we don’t we don’t even really know where shark blade comes from it’s all a mystery that’s true it’s all a mystery was sharply even from a knight every uh piece of it we don’t know where it comes from the cosmonauts all know they figured it out but we’re just going to pretend that they don’t know um check out scouts it came from the chicken scouts yep that

was the the the final rank yeah [Laughter] uh how are we looking for time uh it’s 902 902 all right um i think we are probably good we’ll be back next week uh i will be back next week uh i think um people uh asked and so we have an in with uh the wells family um who uh who is here right now um uh who uh suggested to his father that he come on the live stream and so i think next week uh we’re gonna have dan uh visit and tell stories about me um for the live streams you will want to show up for that one because yeah dan is one of the most entertaining people i’ve ever known and you put in together with me and uh and hi jinx and sue uh so dan’s gonna stop by next week uh he he’ll probably come a little late uh but he’ll be here um and yeah uh so uh this is me signing off how many more of these do we have uh uh that one about a box and a half about a box and a half probably about halfway about halfway through so maybe we’ll finish them next week um maybe for all the the uk people what’s next on the docket uh we still need to finish the tour ones okay and then um i have some lights from the blades all right so we’ll see you next week that next week will probably be our last weekly live stream we’ll probably go back to uh every two weeks after that um but uh as always thank you guys and if you get the chance to mention the um the kickstarter again to uh to people um we would appreciate it and i’m sure everyone who’s already participated would appreciate it because then their chances of getting uh cool coasters uh go up dramatically so the michael and kate which is what i remember reading the audio uh they are awesome and they’re willing to read it and uh everyone will get a copy uh for everyone in the world who wants one can have one in that case uh thank you guys so much take care