the ad SMS ana’s came as a aim was aimed a man and a mad and a knife came off came a knife to this is Pastor Tommy bates write your independence Kentucky and I’m so glad that you have joined us tonight you know the name of our churches community family church and we indeed are the family and we thank god for all of our Internet and I need you lot of times when I’m out preachy and you say things like when you grab the economy almost all the time you save that we indeed are the church that believes in , just a natural family who we believe in the family of god we believe we’ve all been born again , precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ regenerated by the spirit of power of the holy ghost in in our church services deal Wednesday night we have like we department Allies in so we have classes everywhere across our campus and in this age where we still have all fashion church it’s not televise the Wednesday night’s is our time is generally all of u good looking people out of the much of the young people and their teenagers us a look you can’t look this good 18 years it takes in our adult class , we have the Mayan the name of Ron he’s had challenges in his life but to all of these challenges god gave him a gift he knows nothing about music knows nothing about the notations and all of tho that god has given him a gift and he’s been very sick

that he was able to be with us tonight in our church family said we want to see Ron play the organ one more time and so rod is with the city beginning of this service and I want to understand what’s going on now want you to just worship the lord with us or a saying in just a moment of I’ll come back and praise the lord little bit when he’s finished will o then he is just so full of joy and were to be saying Glory to his name Maria glod I’m not in dolls where my sae MMM MMM an MSDN on MMM MMM on add a MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM add MSAS ANC SMS am I a M a NSFSAECM 9 PM nine add MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM mad a MMM, MMM MMM MMM MMM Board and Jesus namely asking god to touch is visible money and not only his body when everyone else’s of reward for terminal illnesses, ask in Uganda bring the healing virtue of Christ Je there are saying a lot of old songs tonight and I like new songs and I like the old songs that the songs and they have chosen songs and talk about live in the face of my sister was signing of autos to burst into two ye living by Fay and songs and I’m never shall forgive and a win all the burden is on my soul and the way since the child and 54 years own home or have mercy of its me so I can sing harmony in four years ago and I can say every verse to every song victory in four years and I think that those songs than just a deeper meeting tonight as they’ve ever had in my life were to believe god’s common touch you and you up and encourage you not want to get on social media ventures also connections right now if what I’m feeling in my soul

and is any indication of what’s gonna happen in this service demand and we are in store for an initial touching down the healing MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM SMS 99 MMM MMM an ad -MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM an ad SMS SMS dad SMS 999 MM add an SMS and add mad an SNMP MSN add a nine MM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM-add

mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad and a low as soon as the morning of the fee when I was five years, Monday night and doesn’t mean you can’t tell from Dallas, one has b announcements: surpassed away from cancer and fell when I was the heart of the inside my world had been taken away from another , everything that battle of the net digest items as the memory I was unharmed and that I was I am a man and a man and yelling an MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM-MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM madden MMM MMM MMM, MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM 999999

mad mad mad NSF MMM MMM MMM MMM SMS UCSF MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM SMS mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM add MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM-add mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad MMM MMM MMM MMM-MMM MMM add ms MMM MMM a mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad a FM-add

mad mad mad mad of the season as the twenties is much less Gerald one suspect some nights, because if you watch and never has before, very well , been able to douse that about the years ago so many do something with 4 minutes ministry so I prayed about it in five and believing he appointed me to do so as to reduce the back of a cup of the ministers to five to team up with me, and, say that we have I believe reestablish Fuhrman’s mystery a strong today as ever been , they’ve been the weekend fire obstacle to get into one of the problem is betrayed Dobbs. The spirit of all the plays crab on three days later Wednesday, July 17 of driving field of a tale of way, slickers, fall asleep on what you will realize it’s getting worse and worse with an hour to have all left leg was completely numb juice was like the feeling that movements on got into the hospital within a couple days directly was affected somewhat less 10 men’s volleyball walk and a house there for six days with no national direction, select the city to a rehab hospital seven days in the we’re basically teach me how to walk with a walker in order to move the village cannot and 13 days that this happened to me they will be to the front door and wheelchair, got up and I walked without a walker to the main goal of the doubt for the hello it’s taken so much for that , say this that I believe was happening is all that is built at, life because of an obedience to god because of an able to do is about appointing me to do with the master’s college play today that a Austen novel of numbness of about a lot of discomfort , but I know that it is by this tragedy of Oregon he’ll not be planted evidence and a one , leaving some bell and it was platform 1 inch of the beginning of the ways by an ideal , courage and today as part of a spinoff are many years now submit really not been updated for the distance of this month for this March 1120 fourths of jesus’ teachings of the site was how to pray this to say to believe that you might get its mission hope to get it says to believe that you have receded not receive idea what they dozen other plans on vacant so what’s the big valley of Newman plays, leaving which involved a swing or onstage was still reeling from a song about, has been going so good to me the bible says that the contents of the more that leaves Ventura and I’m so thankful for god’s goodness that it be on the variab the U.S. also sold the knife president a lot about base in my life I shared my testimony a few weeks back with a lot of very abu outweighed every battle with the evil thing via the idea of some thankful that it was god’s goodness that led me to repentance o that god loves a cheerful view of the bat were cheerful and needs overwhelming an extreme amount of joy am optimistic and so, what the word optimistic needs of the sidebar lists of the circumstance, so the situation in choosing to t

, choose to be as a lawyer for ever and do it with cheer and don’t know if at all things work out together for the good of those only been worshiping again as a family online and we’re just so thankful and broke about people have to make an investment in th you’ve got three ways and if tonight on a very simple but most of the way I live a four way of giving you can choose to begin text to give the number to text is 859359 3997 if you simply text or give to that number that’s on the screen below only the text and never give the concert was set up in in the fairway and it’s the traditional snail mail you can send a check to 11875 Taylor mill road here and independent states of the 1451 citizen of the ways and text again giving him a lot of our web site whe we believe DOS, win and it’s the ground so in fruitful brown has remained Alexei are offering declaration together and as the money in today’s fives offerings and over and above giving we are believable or for the supernatural release of the odds scholarships creative ideas binding money dealing farce Soul and body deliveries to the captives salvation, was an outpouring o and we will be a blessing to others in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ of your home and soundblaster budget reserve in Saint L for this incredible amazing opportunity to worship, and that’s my number so thankful for their faithfulness, being less than to Gloria, foreign Jesus money made a name and publishes you give tonight and I’m out of homes and on and a man MSN add SMS one MINSIIS Issa MMM MMM-and I know ms at MMI add a mad mad mad MSI analyst SMS

MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM-add an ad a mad mad mad MSG on SMS MMM-MMM-MMM, MMM MMM-MMM and add mad mad mad REESIS MMM-MMM-MMM MMM add mad, mad mad mad mad mad mad mad

mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad of all means a lot of them have been slashed his use of the been long, thank you so much tonight, sing a song that I wrote a while back and I have the summit musicians had not practiced but you know one hallelujah song to simply says someone stay on this road and travel and an aunt and MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM of SMS MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM 999 NESS SS MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM, MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM-MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM-MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM-MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM, MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM-MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM, MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM, MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM, MMM MMM than 9:00 AM ESS C’s MMM MMM MMM M

MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM-MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM of a 9 SC999 MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM eye on MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM add ms MMM MMM MMM-MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM-MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM of M9 PM CNN nine MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM, MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM nine add a mad and issued only an explanation of Nguyen, and an already got an identity of some information from the remember it had an all in my memory bank, minus the most just error, holy ghost and so now, the minor evening was trying to think about this coming Friday May 1 during this pandemic bonding in message: the snakebite is a powerful message and I was taxing markets slammed back and forth was discussing what people are doing their independent candidate, said the Boston with more revenue, message tonight tome suspect night the city to send it to me so I can listen to or have someone on my staff to miss and we sensed a star evidently somebody get touched and Markus is going to they’re that message to state my personal bubble congregation here he’s on the air that message made the first on Friday during daystar network’s Primetime I can’t a extensa various that means everyone in the world

the potential two million people is going to be on May 1 first 1st time in eastern standard or we may as it will be on a 12:00 PM that day cover the debt are never were watching 12:00 PM swatch in another time zone in other places he’s gonna show the message and he and at 9:00 PM which is going to give all of our people in Europe and an opportunity denny’s, show at 1:00 AM which is gonna be prime time for Austria you see one page to pay China in that it will install happen its shopping for it’s too late now , send me and I need to go back and listen and see if that’s what I thought it was I knew it was good when a herd of the first time and I listened to the second day in and really touch me but evidently this is a message that I believes the touch a lot of people that need Jesus and what a wall asking all of the leaders about 35,000 more of your right now there be more later on this week’s that’s in Kobe we have a large number of people that I want you to pray that this Friday, May 1 12:00 PM eastern standard 9:00 PM eastern standard 1:30 AM eastern standard I want you to praise that daystar network will give a report in say this has been the largest amount of souls we had seen come into the kingdom of god you know the whole eagles is on something when people’s hearts are convicted in the turn of Christ there’s another thing to want to pray number one a one to pray those who watch it that if there are not saved out a fellowship got are confused about god completely that they’ll have a supernatural encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, our holy ghost secondly I want you to pray that those people that have a star network other television that would give it the time and a I want you to pray that the exact right time and got most of the death if he can find a donkey in the middle of Jerusalem year me he can find you if he knows her sols Del keys are he knows where you are and let’s pray that every one polled to Chile that has daystar network on their television programming satellite programming let’s pray that the pickup that remote and click it, no one said no one uses and that god will come to them in a special way that the lord will come to them and said captain free and can you believe me with that can we all believe that together that god is, do something mighty Oro berating tonight’s seems like I had one more thing seems like a kid usually what happens is, when I start preaching income to me and if I remember it the end I will tell you all I know what I once a thank the lord lord help me , thank all of you for giving you know I haven’t been out preaching which means the money company and is there and just amazing to me how the holy ghost speaking people any of these these young men are called the snail mail them there, for better term and that was a snail mail is bringing in a lot of money because I thank god for the checks and are being written I got one in the mail I, that’s couple of mail that this one particular said you use this however you feel like you spent

if you want us to your personal means if you need for this woman did it went straight to my Mage was Michael I’m not taking anything from a person means five still feel like right this moment that the city thing I need to be done in a place in the ministry all I had a call today from our good friends of washington’s state in the case said the cities will remind him we do send offerings and we won any strings to be time to move the use of how the lord leav I want to know what goes into the evangelist Michael that’s where it goes to reach the world for the Lord Jesus Christ and so a prescient appreciate all of you in any way so what I did was I recognize one of the checks and I doubt they recognize people and soul in a phone call and essays will be called me and said this was just shocked because I’m just missing a day in the wife answered and I know her and her family more than an hour husband and a set of us all your husband’s name and on this letter she said yes he’s a businessman she said god spoke to my husband I was expecting I thought maybe it came from her and her family she said no and if she said my husband came in they said the lord from Brother Tommy bates to my mind I want you write this check in mail and then you put there on that note for anything he wants to use it for his personal lives travels everything and I just wanna give god praise for the now I think the mind is clear the Serna first annual or to be reading out of chapter four vs. 10 and 11 and I need the holy ghost help me and I appreciate these testimonies tonight I mean the odds to one baby and unite here I hear myself all the time of when I get to your these test was a hotel was some more tell me some more about that good name tell me some more about Jesus and our volunteers center here running cameras playing music we cannot thank you enough how the two come here Sunday morning Sunday night Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday night and you continue and I’d like to say something the message that they star network is going to put going to play on their network on May 1 was filmed right here that goes to show you the quality we have nots slacked not one bit we have not selected our dedication our because this will pass in the sun will break through in the clowns will roll back just like to see a reading tonight from first annual chapter four vs. 1011 and the philistines balked against Israel and his role was smitten and a full and they’re an everyman into his tent and there was a great slaughter of very great slaughter the scriptures for their fellow of Israel as 30,000 footman and the art of god was taken in the two sons of the high priest Eli half the insidious were slain just for a few moments tonight and I need the help of the holy ghost in such a way we’re dealing with the subject when the young the knee and die and let’s pray from a we come to the name of Jesus lecture word g in much compassion and much mercy much love and let it go forth in demonstration and power and we’ll give you all the praise and all the Glory in the mighty wonde

UCI was born and raised right here in this church committee family church it started in my grandfather’s living room he was not a godly men in some backs liner he’s a gambling man he was amended to drank but the holy ghost move because his mother was a prayer warrior in his grandmother who received the holy ghost in 1906 they were praying for newly Dewey Sizemore from clay county Kentucky a woman was moved on by the holy ghost and the Appalachian Mts and she made a very long trip with the old country roads, taken are five or 6 hours to get here godsend go the route 60 minutes were this church is located some I have a great harvest on highway 16 the first house on highway 16 she knocked on the doors my grandfather this church started in a prayer meeting from a prayer meeting that it went to a tent that summer from attends find a colder they clean out a chicken house when the congregation’s were too large for the chicken house they scraped the manure out of a barn whitewash to put solve us down in the barn became the sanctuary and growing up in this old house this house of prayer a church that began with a prayer meeting a family my grandfather’s family mind great grandmother mind great great grandmother or people of prayer they knew the how to get Ahold of god they knew how to pour out their souls to god they knew valid cry out unto the lord as a little boy growing up in this church I started playing the piano and eight years old I was a regular piano player there would be testimony as we would saying and people testifies how was no country churches and out which should be and sister lost and her husband Luther was one that with my grandfather and some other me and went to Frankfurt Kentucky and chartered this church before I was ever bo sister also would get up to testify and she said I thank the lord for saving the sanctify me and filming of the holy ghost and my mind goes back and I got a thank the lord one more time for when my son Lawrence went to war in world war two a state of mind these until they were calloused my stomach growl most of the time from hunger from fasting and their feeble and would go up and shake under the power of god and she say but Morris came home when I got called into the ministry 1972 and the Glory of the lord came upon the the holy ghost spoke to me and my bedroom through my own voice I was spray and he said I was seeing you to the people who gave you salvation, no one is talking about putting realize our church was founded by Appalachian migrants those who came from the coal mining camps of Eastern Kentucky Vir but a 1970 to the lord spoke that in two years later and 18 years old at I begin I was preaching before that but I made my way actually Holding Services I was singing in the Appalachian Mts and testifying but I tell my revival in the Appalachian Mts and indeed is very new role places in court and Kentucky when I would preach if the Dorothy holiness church I stayed with an elderly couple couple by the name of Toby and Sarah Sams that living Corbin when I went to ease Bernstein and I stayed with another elderly couple may allow and cap early when I went to the place of Harlan county around blackmond you and a state with Joel and say the whole their other elderly people I stayed with benighted state you know repetitions me over and over like I did with these three coupl

their warehouses and I stated in the Pam lee would be so glad to have needy elderly couple and they did to me I was just a teena there didn’t have any any they did have a furnace and he was told that they knew I was, then I’d stay in those old iron beds and put about four quilts on me if I feel like I was locked up in the cage and they knew I was, and then there was one light bulb in and you could reach and less just that on the bed and I give them a safe Brother Tommy we did want you back to stand up on this day and then have to turn the light on like we do so only time a strained to what we tie that to the bedpost year so whenever you want to like to go on all you got me just pull t I remember laying there that morning when I woke up I could feel the chill of winter on me if I can smell the smell of country h democrats ever in the wall from just a plank boards from an old house and a stadium of that the snow was coming through this and but when I stayed with Toby and Sarah Sampson Maya Lin cap early exchange Owens say the hall and all of these elderly people we would sit and talk and they said Brother Tommy every one of them would tell me the same story they said during world war two in these Appalachian Mts there was never silence the husband wants a Brother Joel or one the other women I walk up their time fixing the talk in Appalachia that of the walk of y there be somebody prey and I’m a small towns there be somebody prey and out on the creek there be somebody prey in the tiny outhouse are nine them are he said these mounds were saying what the sound a prayer you can hear the same alone Gann of time for A and so are 1,000,000,000 the baptist of the only regular baptist the primitive baptist of art shell baptist of it was common from the church of Christ of it was common front of even the Presbyterians of it was common from the Methodist of it was coming from the hole and as of it wa hat is a is a bib overalls rolled up of that he’d come walking down the field of any look at a sand mummy of that as I’m gonna g

a bios would pull away of them would cry you can hear of follow their new he’s riding the bus station of art to train station I less than you of at this very moment of time BU of like I’ve never needed you the follower of doll the cries of crimes and crime of the crimes and crimes 1969 June 5 my mother’s baby sister and Pam she’s only three years older than me about 3 1/2 current Hank was married because he was going to be an alma had been drafted they had a beautiful wedding Hank went to the military he got one did he got to go on leave and Pam and Hank got to go to Hawaii after they came back from Hawaii he got another notice you got to go back to Vietnam he was barely recovered from the one injury he was only 18 years old Wiley was there in Vietnam a hand grenade was tossed by the enemy and when they cut them when the enemy through the hangar native that Hank on the shoulder the blast tore his body a parked and on June 5, 1969 just a little over a month from his first day July 20 18 years old by young Christian boy from our little country church his life was ended and terminated my Aunt Palma per picture was in the Kentucky Post it was also in the Cincinnati Enquirer it’s said that youngest Winona in 10 and Kali winnow its 16 had a picture of Hank and 18 years old when there was sold much crying there was sold any two years somebody said preacher why are you telling us this it calls when you get to the scripture when you get the first annual chapter four and we read it as part of literature we read it as part of the merit of the story and the philistines fought to and Israel was smitten whose Israel of that, the people of the people that have the power of god the people have your goals of g laundered if one has happened if low one has happened and Nash lot has happened along, the bible said that Israel was smitten an everyman’s led to his stepped in the holy ghost said there was some sager and ranks as slaughter and hold gun if the holy ghost would take us right now if the spirit of the living god would take us to the battlefield and we could see mothers and fathers and winds and sisters and brothers walking through a field of corpses picking up those they suspect to be there some suspect of being the one that they’ll of ending pickups and then head of the young man know that’s not him at all and wants one screens bury as they gather around those in them in jail than 18 years old 20 years old 32 years old 37 years old TR one hears sold 21 years old 24 years old

field as far as your eyes and say in a failed of failed of Salem, said Benson honored in this great slaughter and you ask yourself how did it happen Calvin, the people who scouted people that have the priesthood how did people who said who can read in their scripture of how bless you and the city filed bless you and the feel of our calls the happened that calls Eli the high priest began to slack any calls the next generation I have no restraints I’m not gonna restraining your sexual appetites and nine of the race dry and your passions for your lust and I’m not gonna raise drying your grade I’m not gonna restraining your person’s I’m not gonna restraining your filthy miniature if I’m not gonna restraining the way you live as new and I’m not the restraining we’re not talking about any people brothers and that was under the protection and the power of almighty god but now we see this lax and Asil spirited, and and a generation was not restrained they can do what they wanted to do if they can go where they wanted to go if they can say what they wanted to say if they can talk filth and trash if a one into they can live on a drunken stupor if a one in two and there was a known restrains the bible said that not all slash shell and Lori van in this presents and as it’s one thing to live in a flashy manner it’s one thing to walk and carnality if it’s one thing to Leon in a realm of no restraint to but they may have varied band the state they went and got that part of the covenant which represented the presence of god and they began to act as if nothing had ever happened to there was never there was never a ceremony of cleansing there was never the purging of the red hat, if there was never an offering of repentance and nothing they picked up that are pending in the shop just like everybody shouted of even though they’ve been drunk the night before she even though they went from one that a fornication to another metaphor negation even though they were involved in sexual perversion of every time you can imagine if and when the scripture says PCI Liddy and i they sang the songs of cyanide and then jumped up and down of we’ve been living in the most dangerous times we Gotta say enough

law restrains of Wes saying the spirit of knoll restrains a Venice, and up and now they no longer back side of the base else sle a dove and god is not malt of the whatsoever a man’s soul of fat and Shelley also reap of if you sold to the flash of of your fl it is a one world, is alive and greatest power on this earth wind out of his Ira had until the church realizes of that we must c see the greatest revival that we have ever seen of Manuel be done but by the ANC no revival well, my dad that a man who prophesi the until head of hand I have a say in the newsgroups and grace Grace’s the action, had it was illegal for a pray in the tabernacle pushing the sole woman from teddy what you get burned enough by grace low you forget about legalities Ron acetone and the nine and 99 and their buses pray we go back to church of course a little back to church on this everybody had ne you’re never been anywhere my life the pray to god begin a burden for the lost a pray to god that this old house

house of prior to the one the restoration of time what the Appalachian people died of when they cried for their boys that, all l the British any peace of god will bring home I’m not gonna be ashamed you see the vision I had this just the spilling out of your own right inside and rob Stengel real my ri 2005 division wasn’t revealing prayer travail in prayer and that vision us all the beast in the book of revelation us all the woman on the be some other harlots agree or a solar is terrifying us all the golden, underhand chief drink the blood of the martyrs of the state’s and I came here for laughing all the most horri the spirit of travail fell on the the beginner week by week to see if somebody gave me the notices said Pastor Tom your sons have both been jailed I can describe and never went tha like that before more after never experienced that now that we’ve been travail from a towel have $2.00 and go the bathroom book: watch what was close to my face , that weeping travail and prayer pass to parse a call me four days later the same god has so god spoke to me see you have a word for world harvests church and you call world harvest value call any information a what’s the biggest move they’ve ever had dealt a the revival of 2006 lasted six months I must say that about myself , saying there will be no revivals outside a prayer and if we don’t catch this message tonight when this pandemic is over those that have been evil will be seven times worse Vols that have been filed will be seven times and wireless in those handrail that hated god will hate god’s seven times worse : the gods gonna have a people’s god is gonna have a people tonight he is gonna have the people like Anna there to find their place even restricted in a single restrictions will stop me she still have respect for the house of Morgan she would not open her voice because it was forbidden to open her voice thank god Jesus Christ broke that for been thing male female every nation every tender never Tom the bible said she prayed so earnestly that the high priest or she was drunk some nice if you mean you can get that depend a prayer hall gas old gas and Swiss Life opportunities always have is opposed to the Prix in church the use of prayer church we have 20 year 15 year tune their five there that I don’t want a church that his prayer meetings he wants a church that is a praying ever by a crane church that any time of the day I can call on any one any brother and sister the sick and you go from a grease from the the word of god tells us that Hannah the grace of god it’s women and means the grace of god was connected to try selling prior

and link race and prayer connect up, if there is no far as there is no power and there he is not a lot of opposition and they can stop the powerful intersection of the saints of god Holliman or is saying passed me know gentle savior and call upon the name of the more you know somebody says in how the world to come up with these messages do you really wanna know to really wanna know if such a how this would pay and 1:58 AM in the morning I got a bum away the bathroom and disallow this you can ever hear anything inside my mind the holy ghost spoke so loud ice, and as a nice scent and what was that my mind’s said Wendy I’m the man that same guy who does the Salomon take you to the scripture and I’m gonna take you, take you by the spirit and I want you to walk answers 30,000, to look at and I want to look at this point it 24 and 23 and 22 and the one god open of our spiritual eyes and I want god open our spiritual eyes and such a way never one is an addict and we see them slaughtered by the power of darkness and I will say saying you will have a and a few wall is the name call Samuel and which means a lot has earned the save the La as iron name and ride there’s a rise of l.a.’s same and mad a nine V ad on ad SMS I add a ME and an ad mad on food add an ad right this moment every person is common to your mind it’s coming to a line right now there’s 35,000 of yo if there’s two on your mind that 70,000 people know that if you want to and I want you to picture them right now and if the enem

demands of an injury and the sale are came just like those Appalachian people mothers and that is and then try and buy them are black, and when we can all over this go on and the cans of the still must hire my brand name through the land known and when of I want you to call out and every one is, the online you call amount of the event shall not a vessel father of SMS of that has so SP mad C9 add a mad mad mad an ad E99 and second is innocent people in need of an Appalachian Mts of Eastern Kentucky is the same and Tennessee Virginia West Virginia and as a special people from foreign countries home this evening sun can write us, and you go few miles down the road is another and they said I’ve traveled all over the world I’ve never traveled in a geographic area and sold so many signs that said repent jesus’s common and as you must be born again, and your calls at

people to pray their children home people that prayed revival the end, and this will change your entire thing and one more time mad on tse ad has me about the key of India this song is older Bio give the Andreas local efforts and search of a low of locale of his smaller than down down only grand parade of god and am and the holy ghost MMM nine PDT 999 PM PM MMM-M MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM AG MSFT 99999 add ms nine by MSFT MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM AM 9 PM add MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM ad on 999, add 999 and add mad MMM-MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM add 99 MMM MMM MMM MMM and add mad MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM add

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