(upbeat rock music) – “Johnny Bravo”, I did watch– – “Johnny Bravo” – Quite a bit I loved all the sexy girls that he would come across and hit on How did I ever think I was straight, honestly? – I remember playing RuneScape, and that was my first game where there was a lot of other people And I immediately just got kinda (beep) on for being new at the game – I wish I could tell my younger self, hey, these girls are putting you down because they’re threatened by you, and they don’t want you to look prettier than them, (beep) them, wear and look however you want – Hated Jimmy Neutron with a passion (laughs) Why did you hate it? – ‘Cause he’s an (beep) (laughing) He doesn’t learn anything ever (upbeat rock music) – Sound sync for me real quick (clapping) – Sound sync for Damien (clapping) – Well done – I’m kidding, I don’t need to sync – Well done, Damien – Thank you, thank you I think, did I just hear Kevin? – What a Damien? – Was that Kevin? Get outta here – Kevin, get out – Stop it – Go on, get – Go on, get outta here Don’t you see we can’t keep you anymore, boy? – Boy Boy, buh buh buh buh buh – Buh buh buh buh Ba ba, oh bye bye – Ba ba, oh bye bye Oh bye bye – Oh bye bye – Oh my gosh, I just realized you’re wearing your, one of those shirts – Actually it’s How Much in The World Money is It Does It Cost? – Is it, does it cost? – That’s the name of the shirt that we made up – Excellent – But thank you Yeah, yeah yeah – I didn’t, sorry Gotta put my phone on Do Not Disturb – That’s okay, I’m assuming that we’ve already started and that this whole minute-and-a-half is already in I’d like that very much – Oh bye bye, oh bye bye – Oh bye bye, oh bye bye (laughs) Kevin says, sure – Kevin, Kevin (laughing) – For those who – I’ve got the itchiest nose Sorry – No, it’s fine For the people who watch or listen, we usually record on our own computers, but then we go through Zoom, and Kevin is sometimes able to hit us up in the chat on Zoom, and either remind us, tell us if the sound is bad, which usually is what he has to tell me And so, yeah, that’s usually what we’re referring to – Mm-hmm, mm-hmm – But hello, welcome to another casting of a pod We are, it’s I, Courtney, Mayor of “Smosh”, alongside of my right-hand man, Dame a Men House – Hi, it’s me Dame a Men House I am known as friend of Courtney and employee of “Smosh” – Employee of “Smosh” So Olivia is CEO on “Smosh” Ian is President of “Smosh” I am Mayor What would the government official position would you like to take for “Smosh”? – I would like to be the viceroy of the principality of Smoshers Colonies – What is that? – I don’t know, a viceroy (laughing) is just some kind of official, sorry – Nice – I’m in like the goofiest head space today I’ve been all over the place this morning Do you ever just like wake up and you’re like, ah, I feel dumb and cranky, all at once I feel like I’m there – Yeah, what did you– – I just wanna be honest – Eat before bed? – I didn’t, that’s the thing So I had a very bad stomach last night, and although I ordered some delicious Mediterranean food, it remains in my fridge to this day ‘Cause I was like– – Oh no – No food for me, not on this day – Did you eat this morning? – I did, I Postmated some Starbucks as a treat – Ooh, nice – So I had some coffee and then I had some of their Sous Vide Egg Bites, – Good – Which is a brilliant marketing technique by them ’cause they’re like, how can we just like rapid-fire crack some eggs and like 20 cents worth of eggs, charge some idiot $6 – Yeah – I’m that idiot, hi (laughing) Thank you, yes please – I always get those little bagel balls – Oh, the bagel balls – The bagel balls, they’re pretty good – Oh I wonder wonder whom I do my whom What’s in a bagel ball? – Well, it’s like an everything-bagel, but it’s like a little sphere, and inside is this veggie cream cheese – Ooh, what’s the ratio of bagel to cream? ‘Cause I feel like it could– – It’s actually pretty good And I usually, I strategically will bite certain spots so I’ll get some extra cream cheese there, and I’ll nibble on some of the bread there – Oh, so it’s like a soup dumpling You bite it first, blow on it for whatever reason (laughing) – Yeah, it’s a good on-the-way-to-work treat – Nice, well, back when we used to leave our homes – Mm-hmm, dude, I used to feel so good whenever on our way to work, on our way to the office, I would go through the drive-thru at that Starbucks near me The workers there are so sweet and friendly And it’s not the annoying sweet-and-friendly where it’s like it puts a bad taste in your mouth – Yeah – It’s like genuine kindness And I’m like, I’m literally as they’re like, okay, you have a good day, okay? And I’m like, yes! – Yeah – And I’m driving away, and I’m like (beep) yeah, that was so nice Yes, niceness And then I have a good day (laughs) – I didn’t really realize it until you just said that But I think I define different points in my life by which coffee shop I would go to and how the employees were So before I ever moved near Smosh Mythical

in the first place, there was a coffee shop on the way that I’d stop at And it was like just the nicest people They’d be so happy to see me again And they’d be like, no, I’m gonna spell your name right one of these days (laughing) But they’d remember the order and all that stuff And then after that, I started going to a closer one that was a drive-thru like you’re saying And they’re very nice, but they did have a little bit of that saccharin-like, I’m so happy to take your order today – Oh, yeah – And I’m like, I don’t know if you are And it’s nice that you’re saying that, but you can just give me– – Yeah, you tried – The bean water and will be polite But you don’t have to be like– – Hot bean water – This is the best moment Hot bean werder – Hot bean water You were the first person to ever say that to me And I think it’s so funny, hot bean water – That’s funny, thank you – Yeah, I’m really excited about this episode of the podcast, oop! – Me too, and I oop – Because we’re diving into our childhoods a little bit We asked on Twitter– – Who needs therapy, am I right? – I know, it’s weird because I’ve actually been taking this time in quarantining I still do video chat therapy, and I’ve been just taking this time to dive into my past and really digging out the issues that have affected me today – That’s awesome, that’s huge – It’s a lot I feel like it’s also made me kind of extra sensitive in these last few weeks, because those wounds are open – Yeah, yeah – But I’m getting, I think I’m finally at a point where I’m like, okay, I’ve gone through all of that dirty laundry, and I think it’s good I can go now – I can definitely relate to that I had a lot of rough patches as a younging, a lot of weird, difficult circumstances Everybody’s got their struggles, but mine were weird I feel like I’ve done a good job of capping them and being like, all right, that’s in the back of my brain We’re good, and all that stuff And I can go through life being just fine So it’s like you’re saying, do I open the wounds again and be like, all right, time to deal with this, and what is there to deal with? – I know, I think one thing I’ve learned is you have no idea how much these small things that happened in your childhood affect you when you’re a 40-year-old It is, even the smallest things, I realize, I have entirely built this entire construct in my head of how I look at everything in my life But also, it’s also the positive things that affect our lives Like toys and video games – Yeah – That really shape our creativity – I like that, good segue – Thank you, I try, I do my best But yeah, so– – I’m gonna call out every producery thing (laughing) that we do here I’ll be like, hey, I see what you (laughs) – That’s gonna be a good edit – Yeah, it’s gonna be, ah, why edit at all? – But yeah, so we got questions on Twitter from all you guys asking, basically wanting to know what your questions were, or references to things that we had growing up, whether it was video games, memories, cartoons, stuff like that, so– – I’m gonna say toys too I saw a lot of response about toys, so I’m gonna slip that in there too – ‘Cause our notifications were fricking, so much– – Popping Banging – And just pictures A lot of them were just pictures of toys So yeah, I’m down to do some mentions of those as well – Nice – Are you ready to get right into it, my guy? – Are you ready to get right into it, my guy? Yeah, yeah (laughing) – You are too good at that, let me try – Are you ready, to get right into it my guy? – That was the, how did I say it twice? Wow! You did the same thing (laughing) You did the same thing twice – We did it, okay – We did it – All right, the first question comes from @topicbreezes What were your favorite games growing up? I didn’t have a console, so the first game that really stuck with me was The Sims 2 Oh, did you play Sims? – I did, I only did at a friend’s house – Mm-hmm – ‘Cause my parents were open to video game stuff right off the B.A.T, so – Nice – I remember we had like an old Mac and I tried to play SimCity on that, the original, I think, SimCity – Oh, yeah – So I was familiar with it there and I really liked the city-building aspect of the game My first video game memory was I was in Germany still, so I must’ve been three or younger – Oh! – And my family got a Super Nintendo, which is really lucky I can’t even imagine inflation-wise, how much that would have been a hit to a family back then So I was really grateful to have it So I remember watching my sister play Super Mario World And then when she was done, I would play Super Mario World And I must have been two and a half or three And then from there, all the Super Nintendo things like Donkey Kong Country, Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, which I think influenced my love for dark souls ’cause it was hard as hell, – Oh yeah – And very spooky Star Fox, F-Zero, all those games, I loved them And then the first game that was ever mine was We had a poetry competition in my school system

from kindergarten to high school And so the first year I did it It was all recitation It wasn’t writing anything So the first year I did it, my parents told me that if you do a good job, we’ll get you a treat And I’m like, oh, okay And I had been playing this demo disc of Diablo, which was an incredibly mature and terrifying game – Oh yeah – I was five years old And so my parents, I ended up winning it, but my parents were like, hey, we wanted to get something for you either way, because you’ve tried your best, and which is, looking back, really lucky, so they got me Diablo So that was the first game that was ever mine And it was like, I was five and it was a very mature game, but I loved it – Yes it is Is that like with Lara Croft in it, right? – No, you’re thinking of Tomb Raider, which is still a mature game Diablo is the one where literally looking back, it’s sort of like a, almost like a D&D-style thing, but it’s a top-down, it’s an isometric view – Oh okay, yeah, I think I played one of the newer ones – Probably, and it’s much more Arcadey nowadays, but back then it was incredibly dark You couldn’t even really see what was going on in the game, and there were just monsters around you, and the walls are covered in pixelated blood and horrifying, but amazing and I loved it How about you Courtney? What’s your first game? What’d you do? – Oh man, so my household, we didn’t have any kind of console I think growing up my mom was very fixated A lot of us were homeschooled – Mm-hmm – My older siblings were homeschooled up until middle school, high school, some of them I was just homeschooled for the first couple of years, but I was in a way kind of raised by homeschool kids So I feel like I see fans making edits of like, this Courtney has homeschool energy, and I think I do – That’s funny – So a lot of our games were computer games that were Reader Rabbit and math games, right? – I loved Reader Rabbit – Great, and I loved them too They were definitely very fun, but that was all I had for a while – Yeah – And then when we would visit my cousins who lived in Utah, they had a Nintendo, and we played James Bond, GoldenEye – GoldenEye, that was great – Yeah, I was always so bad at it, but I loved it And that was the only one I ever wanted to play – That was always the game that you, your cousins had, it was always the game that every friend had I did not have it It was that and Turtles in Time, those were the two that every friend had and I didn’t – Oh, Turtle in Time, I haven’t heard of that one – Oh, it’s a Ninja Turtles – And I didn’t even see the James Bond movies I didn’t even know what James Bond was – Yeah, same – It was just the video game And then my mom had Sims, the very first one And me and my sisters, ’cause you know, I had a lot of siblings, so it was always fighting over getting time on the computer And my mom loved it too, ’cause she would do coding and try and put pictures of people’s faces on the Sims, – Ooh – But it was actually really terrifying-looking (laughs) – Yeah, it’s, yeah – Yeah and then we finally got an Xbox And the first games we played that I love to this day, Halo, all the Halo games – Sure – Played so much of that, and then Dead or Alive 3 – I’ve heard you bring up Dead or Alive many a time I feel like it’s really influenced you – Yes, it has, creatively, sexually (laughs) – I feel like the second one is true for a lot of people who played Dead or Alive – Yes, it’s a very sexy game – I did not, but I know, It’s a very Even Xbox era, which is interesting ’cause how many years in between us, Courtney? Four or five? – Five, I think – Five, so that’s especially like the ’90s to mid 2000s, there’s a lot of technological leaps – Oh, yeah – Just moment to moment there, like you describing Xbox’s childhood, I’m like, oh yeah, that’s right That’s interesting, whereas Xbox for me is like, I’m a little bit older, preteen, so that’s funny I can’t imagine what it would have been like for me to play Dead or Alive at that point (laughs) – I know, dude, wow! But my first my game, oh, and we had Dance, We had DDR, we had Dance Dance Revolution too – Love DDR – We had two of those pads We’d like hide them in the garage – They’re in my car right now (laughing) I have those pads – In your car? – Yeah, well, I don’t clean my car very much, and we had done a video with them at DEFY – Oh – And so, I had put them in a garage storage unit at some point, but then I just moved again So now they’re back in there and Lord knows when I’m actually gonna pull them out and do anything with them – Yeah, it’s a whole thing But now that you have the space, they could look cool in your office or something – I’m literally thinking, I wanna find a way to put a TV up there and have a PS2 connected so I can do DDR And also, I wanna get a VR headset, for my room, so – Ooh, yeah, yeah I think that’s a good idea – Yaw – My very first game that was mine, I remember some other cousins in Arizona were like, Oh, this game is really great because you can actually beat it, ’cause I wasn’t good I don’t have very good motor skills, so they were basically telling me it was easy, and it was Fable II (sighs) Fable, so good – Mm-hmm, so good – So good – I loved it so much The graphics blew my mind at the time And then I went on to play the other Fables as well Fable II, I think was the best one – I’ve only done III – III is pretty good III is pretty good

I haven’t played Fables IV, I don’t think, but– – Wait, then maybe I played IV – I think I played the most recent one, whether it’s III or IV, and then they just announced a new one with a teaser trailer I think there’s something to be said since you brought up graphics I think there’s something to be said about games that go for the fantastic goal as opposed to the realistic, ’cause there was a big push, like take Gears of War, for example, a lot of people love that game for good reason But when it first came out, people made fun of it for being like, oh, how many browns and grays can we jam into a texture? And it’s all like, blah and sad Whereas with something like Fable, even if you’re looking back several console generations, if they’re trying to do a babbling brook next to this pretty green grass, tuft of bushes and a fairy meadow, it holds up and you still get that same feeling of like, I wanna explore I wanna feel, like– – Yes, dude, it’s so nice I remember in Fable II, I think, at certain point in the game, you’ll all of a sudden just start getting heckled and roasted by this voice that’s in the trees – [Damien] Mm-hmm – And for years I could never find where this voice was coming from, ha, you think you’re good at that? You’re never gonna blah blah blah.” And I was, where the freak is this coming from? And apparently, recently, – Was that a pixie? – It’s like some, I think it’s like a dwarf or a Snow White-style dwarf, but, or a Gnome-type thing But my little brother recently went back to play it, and he found one in a tree and killed it (laughs) and never heard the voice again – Oh my gosh I love stuff like that – It’s like, oh my God – That’s– – Yeah – What I do love about Fable, For Better or For Worse, and anything made by So Peter Molyneux is, I think, the dude who originally pitched it and made it, and he’s very much like a dreamer He is the kinda guy that’s like, this game is gonna change everything Like every choice you make in the game matters and will affect the rest of the games forever – Yeah – And looking back, it’s like, no, you choose if you wanna be good or evil, and that’s gonna change the storyline But he’s such a big pitch kinda person that sure, there might be a little gnome in the game chilling in a tree that you can kill Those are the good things that come out of it – Mm-hmm – The bad things are like the, just the shattered expectations when like I’m sorry, you were about to say – No, no, that was the first game that was open-world that I ever experienced – Sure – Dude, open world is my favorite– – Within reason, I like it a lot – And it’s to this day Yeah, I think it’s maybe the ADD in me that is just like, ooh, I can go over and do this thing, and I can finish that task later – I didn’t know you had ADD – It’s undiagnosed, but it’s just so apparent in my being stimulated and everything I’m sure if I wanted to get it officially diagnosed, I could, but it’s like, I wouldn’t want to take medication anyway, ’cause I just prefer not to take that stuff, but, yeah– – No, I was just relating because I got the OCD label later in life, and it was just like, oh, I understand why I’m like this now, so – Yes, no I, yeah, I’ve had a little bit of that, but with something else that maybe we could talk about off the podcast, because it’s really odd, but yeah And then Knights of the Old Republic was another one of those games that I was obsessed with and it’s like, it’s so sad It’s also like, I tried playing it recently, and it’s a kind of a bad game The story is good– – Really? – But the maps are so insanely large for no reason – Yeah – And empty – What a beautiful time, though in gaming where you didn’t have the capacity, or maybe we were just young enough, but you didn’t have the capacity to be like, this is a bad game I don’t get it – I know – You just have beautiful memories of it I remember being a teenager and getting Digimon World for the PlayStation 1 It is universally despised as a wretchedly bad game, but– – Wait, which game? – Digimon World – Oh, okay, I was like, what? – So, oh no, not KotOR, not (laughing) So I remember playing it and having a really hard time, and just constantly thinking to myself, wow, this game is really hard I need to get better at it As opposed to being like, this is trash And I’m like, what a nice little gift of ignorance? I kinda wish I had that naivete still – I know, and then when we got to that age where you start hearing people criticizing games like that, I was like, what? I don’t understand But I kinda do now when you look at certain games and how they’re done But I think I love, it’s cool, ’cause I was obsessed with Halo growing up, and now there’s Destiny, which is like a kind of an open world – Love it – It’s a spiritual successor made by the same people, Bungie – Exactly, Bungie is great – Yeah – Yeah, Knights of the Old Republic, I heard that they were gonna try and make a series out of that era – Mm, that’d be cool – And I was like, oh my god, that would be so cool to be like in that You ever just like hear about projects that are like literally your soul and you just wish you could be a part of it, but you don’t know how? (laughing) – Oh, yeah, Courtney, I’m a voice actor (laughing) I constantly get emails for auditions where I’m like, all my dreams are right in front of me Am I gonna go for it or let it slip? And then if you don’t book it, you have to be like, that’s okay, everything’s chill I got time

Oh, what was I going to say right before the project thing you were talking about? I still remember, oh yeah! That’s always been sort of my problem with Star Wars in general, and it’s gotten better I like Star Wars a lot, but I’m not a fan that gets upset about things If something is off of my expectations, I don’t care, but I get why people do But I think Star Wars historically has been a very much like a tell-don’t-show kind of series, where someone will show up and they’ll be like, that’s General Parkus, don’t you know? He did the beat bop run in 48 blepples And he once battled all the bleeples And I’m like, show me the battle with the bleeples and show him doing all that stuff They just show a dude in robes, like, yes, you have heard of my tales And I’m like, there’s only so much that you can do and still have me go like, uh-huh, so I guess he’s really cool I can hit it So (laughs) – I’m trying to think of other video games Final Fantasy was huge for me – Yeah, that’s right – Love Final Fantasy, and it was my sister’s game So I remember it being the kinda thing where it was like, I was never allowed to play it at first, because it would be like, no, you’re gonna overwrite her saves You can’t do that – Mm-hmm – But my sister and I had our own individual memory cards And so I remember one day being like, hey, I now have enough knowledge to know how this console works I’m gonna go ahead and play this game if that’s cool ’cause this has nothing to do with her memory card, and changed my life – Hell yeah – I also was of the age to rent Super Nintendo games from Blockbuster – Oh, Blockbuster – Which was so many bad games, so many good games God, I miss it – God, I miss Blockbuster That was the coolest store It’s really sad that it’s not a thing anymore I get that the business model itself was kind of not the best, but the fact that you could go into a store and literally plan an entire weekend, the snacks, the candy, the movies, the video games, the posters, the toys were all there – Loved it, yeah – It was a party going to Blockbuster I remember if I heard my mom was going, I’d be like, oh, I wanna go with you – Mm-hmm, same, I would always be like, oh, can I come and can I pick something out? Yeah – It was such a fun place – They just adapted to it – We used to have one really close to me, yeah – Same, same – It’s gone now – It was one of the few places I could go on a bike Did you bike around your neighborhood and stuff? – Yes, I could have biked to Blockbuster I usually biked to Carl’s Jr. after a sleepover – Oh, that’s cool (laughing) I never did food stuff as a kid, but it would always be like, Do you wanna go to Kmart and just look at the toys? – Yep, yep, okay So yeah, I guess that kind of carried into the next question, which was @thepixelpunchthing First video game memories, perhaps? So yeah, I hope that answered the question, Pixel Punch Oh, this is a cute one This isn’t so much about games or anything This is from @chelstagram, and the question is, not to be cliche, but what would you tell your younger self? – Do you have anything in the barrel ready to go? Go for it – There’s a lot of things There’s also things where, actually one of the things that I was working through in therapy was growing up, the popular girls would kind of shame anyone that tried in terms of looking cute And I had been friends with those girls in elementary school and into middle school And every time I tried to curl my hair or wear cute boots or dress up, they would kind of heckle me and tease me about having curly hair or, wow, why are you dressed so like that for just school? What the hell? When they’re obviously dressing so nice and so pretty You can see pictures of me all through senior year, junior, all through high school I was always wearing hoodies, jeans, or track pants and like maybe a razorback tank top similar to this And if I curled my hair, they just like would glare at you – That sucks – And it was very subtle sometimes And they would be like, they would laugh at a girl who wants would like to wear high heels sometimes And so to this day I have a really hard time looking pretty at things where I don’t need to look pretty – Oh, Courtney – Like VidCon and stuff, I’m like, yeah, it’s fun I can dress up, and it’s a show and it’s a good time But yeah, ultimately, I dress for comfort and it’s not just physical comfort, emotional comfort So I wish I could tell my younger self, hey, these girls are putting you down because they’re threatened by you, and they don’t want you to look prettier than them (beep) them, wear and look however you want – What weak humans they are? – Absolutely – I straight up pity people who can’t raise themselves up, so they keep others down That’s the lowest form of, I don’t know, it’s just so animal to me It’s not human (laughing) – It’s crazy how people need to shake the idea like, other humans don’t exist for you We are all existing in our own space, and we can all do whatever we want with our own space, as long as we’re not hurting anyone – [Damien] Exactly – And, yeah, so even to this day I struggle with, I own skirts, I rarely wear them I own nice high heels and boots, and I did have a period of time

where I would try and wear those sometimes But then I’d be like, I feel ridiculous ’cause I’m like, wow, someone in the corner is going, wow, why is she trying so hard? That is that voice that I was always afraid of – Damn – And I wish I could tell, yeah, my younger self, hey, it’s okay – Yeah, that’s that’s really sweet I’m sorry you had to go through that – It’s all right I think it’s just like, I think a lotta girls, unfortunately, maybe went through that But what about you? What would you tell younger you? – I was trying to think, and I feel like I’ve answered this question before It’s in some interview or some something, but honestly today I kinda feel like it may be a cop-out answer, but I don’t think I would do that I don’t think I would say anything, because for all my struggles, all of And this goes for anybody, all your mental turmoil, anything you go through, it does make the person you are – Absolutely – And the mistakes very much included So I don’t know what my life would be like had I had any extra knowledge – True – And I like where I’m at now. I really do So if anything, if anything (laughing) I might say something to the effect of, hey, you have OCD You need to lighten up a little bit and learn that it’s okay to stray off the straight and narrow every now and then – Mm-hmm, I can relate to that And not so much in OCD sense, but I get that And yeah, ultimately there are no regrets in life, but I mean, I guess I would frame the question more so like if I were to find someone who’s clearly on the same path, I lately really wanted to, I’ve gotten more and more intrigued by becoming a high school film teacher, because I just really wanna help kids like that, that are dealing with that stuff, and also just giving them good taste in movies and games and stuff (laughs) Because we have good taste, I think – I think so, yeah I think, I’ve had the fantasy of being a teacher as well I think my fear is that I think a lot of teachers start out super gung ho and happy, and then the meanness of youth just beats it out of them – Yeah dude, I believe it And you’re not getting paid enough So how can you feel happy about anything (laughs) But I would hope that if it’s an elective, I would feel okay Yeah, but I think I like that answer though, that you wouldn’t tell them anything It makes sense – Thanks – The next question is from Chloe DT100, or Chloe DT00 Favorite childhood cartoons? And did they shape the type of humor you have today? – Yeah, I was, I was a big Nicktoons and Cartoon Network kinda person – Mm-hmm – Didn’t ever do the Disney stuff, to be honest with you, which is why it was so ironic that I ended up working on the Disney Channel But Nickelodeon stuff, I loved “The Angry Beavers” I loved “Invader Zim” which definitely influenced my humor It’s dark as hell for a children’s show Cartoon Network stuff. I loved “Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy” “Courage, the Cowardly Dog”, again, a spooky, funny show – Mm-hmm – “Dexter’s Lab” was like, uh, for me – Yeah – I loved “Powerpuff Girls” – Oh yeah – Hated “Jimmy Neutron” with a passion – (laughs) Why did you hate it? – Ah, it just is so nestled in that uncanny valley of like, everybody looks horrible and disgusting– – The proportions – And their heads are horrifically misshapen – It’s hard to get past – Yeah, it’s just, there’s no shading on their bodies And his head is the size of a peanut and also somehow like a medium-sized dog (laughing) And he’s also, we can curse on this podcast He’s an (beep) (laughing) He doesn’t learn anything ever, he’s just like, that’s my latest adventure, Goddard Then he ruins everything for 30 minutes, and then wonders why everyone has a problem with him. And I’m like, I hate this kid just as much as the villain is you – His voice, so it was ah, Goddard, what are we? (laughs) – What do we have today, Goddard? – I think that’s– – Brain blast! – And the voice actress who plays him is great She’s awesome, I just, I hate the character – Yeah – How about you, Courtney? (laughs) What are your favorite cartoons? – Well, I watched a lot of “SpongeBob” – Yes, how could I forget? – Yeah, that’s classic I think Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network definitely did cartoons better – Mm-hmm – Definitely did cartoons better than Disney “Johnny Bravo”, I did watch quite a bit I loved all the sexy girls that he would come across and hit on How did I ever think I was straight? Honestly, how? (laughing) – I don’t know “Cause when you you’re a little kid, you probably have ideas and thoughts and feelings, but you’re not sitting down and contemplating like, so sexuality is a river that I’m rafting down – Yep (laughs), exactly – You’re like, it’s a spectrum Let me think about this, I’m three – Yup, I loved “Dexter’s Lab” ’cause it totally reminded me of my relationship with my siblings I’m like, don’t touch my things Stay out of my space What else? I actually loved “Jimmy Neutron” at the time, though I was bothered by the proportions – They’re nightmarish (laughing) They didn’t know when they had to try for romance stories between these children It felt weird

It definitely was like this isn’t, I don’t believe this I don’t know why I liked it so much – Do you know why they canceled it? – Why? – Because the same studio spent a bunch of money to work on a film called “The Ant Bully”, which was equally hard to look at – Oh, right – And it was a cinematic failure – That was a bad movie – Hell yeah, it also made no money, and they spent so much and lost so much on it that the entire studio is like, well, we don’t make cartoons anymore – Amazing – Which sucks, but– – I do remember the “Jimmy Neutron” movie, which was kind of iconic from what I remember – That was okay, that was okay for me – But yeah, the animation, I for one, I remember “Fairly Odd Parents” was a good concept– – I loved that one – And great story But Timmy’s voice, I just remember, I think I’ve told this story before where I would be watching George Lopez till three in the morning and then I’d fall asleep and then wake up to Jasmine, really? And I hated his voice so much – But it’s interesting because the voice actress is also in literally everything you’ve ever heard ever – Oh, I’m sure ’cause I see the pictures of like, I voice all of these characters and that’s like everything I’ve ever watched – That’s funny – Do you remember that show? I don’t know, maybe it was on Disney, about being 16 and it was a group of kids at the mall and they would just always sit at that table and drink smoothies and talk about drama? – Oh wait, are you talking about”Daria”? Not “Weekenders”, not “Daria” I think it was called “6teen” or something, where one girl worked at a lemon booth and she sold, it was kinda like a hotdog on a stick – Why does that sounds so familiar? – And they’re always at the mall There was one skater dude, the girls were pretty and– – This might be the generational thing ’cause this is after my time But are you talking about “Total Drama Island”? – No, but that was the same animators – Okay, well, ’cause that’s what I’m like I did that missed me entirely In the meantime, while you’re thinking of that, I wanna give special shout-outs to the weird Saturday morning cartoons – [Courtney] Mm-hmm – Like the one Saturday morning, “Recess” “Recess” was really good – Mm-hmm, nice – The “Weekenders”, which Kevin just typed was really good Oh Kevin just sent us a message y’all saying, Court, the show you’re talking about is called “6teen” – “6teen” – Oh, I’ve never even seen that – I’m showing the picture in the video right now, but yeah, the number six and then teen, and it’s kind of cool how the cast is pretty diverse-ish – Mm-hmm – Yeah, it was just like a bunch of cool teenagers at the mall (laughing) – I think that’s probably the kinda show that you didn’t watch as a teenager though You watched it maybe like a 12-year-old in excitement for being like, yeah, I’m an older kid I’m watching this older-kid show – Yeah. It’s like when you’re a little kid and you get your first Barbie, clearly this is an adult female doll that was super controversial, but you’re talking about Saturday morning cartoon, sorry – That’s totally fine In fact I got so excited to talk about it, but I can’t really think of any anymore I will say “Doug” was better on Nickelodeon than the Disney version/Saturday morning cartoon version – Mm-hmm – Even being in Germany, watching the Saturday morning version of “Sonic the Hedgehog”, not the Toon Disney one, not that, whoa, Chile Doug’s and, it was a very like gritty one that was kinda dope, and I loved watching it – Yeah, I never got hugely into “Sonic” cartoons But like sometimes you just turn it on and be like, what is this? And you like the episode And then you move on “Teen Titans”, – “Teen Titans” was good – The original “Teen Titans”, especially when it got really dark sometimes with Robin and Slade – Slade – Dude, that storyline was incredible I loved their group too – Yeah And I gotta say I kinda hated the relaunch where Raven was like this cutesy character, really upsetting Really, really upsetting – They’re doing a really good job with that show though The difficulty is that they’re suffering from their own success as a franchise, because the first time, they nailed the style For people to watch like teenage versions of DC Superheroes and care about it even if you don’t care about superheroes, they flipped and nailed it They did – Mm-hmm – And “Teen Titans Go!”, the new one could have on its own been just as good and just as fine, even though it’s an extremely different style, but now you can’t help, but compare the two And if you truly love one more than the other, you’re always gonna have this little bit of a, mm-hmm, just a little bit of a rub, not feeling it – Yep – Speaking of dark shows, there is one more Oh, Kevin’s asking about “The Invaders” – “The Invaders”, yeah, I never got into “Invader Zim” – It was just a really dark show that was made by a comic book writer that had previously done only very adult comics I don’t think they were sexual, but I think it was just the humor was just so dark And how did it shape my humor? I think my humor was already kind of there, but I was like, Oh, this show is here for me And finding humor in the darkness of things And the show would frame humans as being these horribly gross creatures – [Courtney] Mm-hmm – And it was just kinda funny to be like an angsty teen and laugh at that But the thing I did wanna say before Kevin had suggested that, which is in the same vein, this is gonna be a generational thing for us Did you ever know the show ” Mighty Macs”?

– “Mighty Macs” sounds really familiar – I might’ve talked about it before or maybe it’s something– – No, I think I’m gonna look it up – So it was an older Saturday morning cartoon back in the days where, a lot of people don’t know this probably this generation, cartoons used to be made in conjunction with toys at the same time, so that you could sell those toys – He-Man – Exactly It’s exactly the same thing So “Mighty Macs” was the, quote unquote, boy version, and I know that’s not what we would generally say, but that’s how they marketed it, the boy version of “Polly Pocket” So they would send these little play sets where you can open it up and, yeah, it’s like a little Dungeon You’d be like, you, I’m “Might Macs” But it was about this kid that got a hat that, and it was a very special hat that had these amazing universal powers It’s like the hat of power or something like that And it worked him to this crazy D&D-style world where his companions are this huge barbarian guy And I think his name was Victor, and then this foul Birdman Wizard thing, but it’s so dark I remember the last episode, I’m gonna spoil it ’cause it’s from the ’80s, early ’90s, everyone dies – Wow Wow – They fail They fail And the thing that they leave you on is the last minute the hat sends Macs back in time so that he can start the whole adventure over again And it’s kinda stuck in a time loop that ends with his friends dying It’s like, what? This is for children – Holy smokes – I love it, so good, so dark It’s crazy “Infinity War” stole that premise (laughing) – Sure It’s– – For “Endgame” – “The Time Machine” by I think H. G. Wells, that was definitely came into play but– – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! – Is that? I have to look up who did the “The Time Machine” Yeah, H. G. Wells Okay, cool, I’m not dumb – I really loved actually a weird cartoon that I was super into, but only existed online, or unless you found the DVD, or sometimes if you bought the doll, you get the DVD with it ‘Cause it was super, well, it was a kind of girly thing It was My Scene Dolls, which were, so Barbie was a thing, right? And then this other company came out with Bratz, which was– – Huge – Kind of for-older, more preteen kids And then so Barbie tried to come up with Flavor What’s your flavor? Basically copying Bratz – What’s your flavor? – Do toy companies were low-key savage with their copying of each other – Absolutely – But then Barbie came out with My Scene, which was kind of like Bratz and Barbie were married together where it was the same height in Barbie doll, but their lips were bigger and their hair was more of a lump with multiracial cast And they had these movies on Barbie.com ’cause you could go to barbie.com and then you could switch to the “Polly Pocket” side or the “My Scene” side and you can watch animations and cartoons of these 16-year-olds that somehow go to Jamaica by themselves (laughing) – Before the time of being in influence Now I can’t help, but– – Yeah, I guess you’re right but– – Yeah – Yeah, so I was very much into those cartoons They had “Jammin’ in Jamaica” They masquerade all these crazy little cartoons that came with the dolls – Was that a success as a toy? Because I know Bratz just blew up because like you said– – Bratz blew up – Bratz was definitely more diverse ‘Cause like with Barbie it was like, Oh don’t worry She has a black friend, whereas with Bratz it’s like– – She has Brown hair – Hey, whatever you look like, that is the normal, word advertising all of this – There was straight up a very strong period of time where being a Brunette was diverse, because straight up and the whole cast of “My Scene”, you couldn’t even tell like this one girl, her name was Nolee or Nolee, and it was like, is she Asian? I don’t know You kinda just, it’s like they made them on androgynously different looking– – Interesting – Just playing it as safe as they possibly could – So it was like it was made by a boardroom of white men probably without consulting anybody else (laughing) – And all the boys, they had the weirdest names like Sutton and (laughing) – Sutton, that dude plays Lacrosse I’ve never even seen Sutton and badly plays Lacrosse And he had a shell necklace – Oh, we all did though (laughing) – Were there ever any toys that, maybe even ones that you didn’t have, but just ’90s toys or early 2000s toys that you would just see commercials for that stick with you to this day? – Yeah, dude, the immediate one that goes to my head is the robot dinosaur that could move by itself and walk around – Is that Zoomer Dino or Zoomer Dino Two reason? – Let me see, oh, what were you saying? – I remember there would always be these, not board games, but self-contained games, bulls-eye ball where it would be like, go there’s a trampoline on the whatever, and you’ve got to throw these balls to get up, but make sure you do it before the timer or you get sprayed, and there’s water, ugh! But then in reality, when you play, it’s just like dink, dink, ah (beep)

So am I (laughing) It’s never as cool as the– – The commercials were so epic – They were like they wanted you to feel that adrenaline of open up mouse trap, good luck! – Yeah dude For me, so it was called the Roboraptor – Roboraptor – I’ll show you the picture – Please do – No, no, I don’t want it on eBay – Don’t want it on eBay Get it out of there – They were like this – Oh! – I’m showing a picture to Damien right now It’s like basically it looks like a robotic Raptor And I just thought that was the coolest thing, ’cause we couldn’t have pets We had our cats, but then they got eaten by coyotes and then I couldn’t even have anything else after that Those were the coolest and for-real pets, I always– – [Damien] Yeah – Animatronics were always so interesting to me – [Damien] Mm-hmm – So having your own animatronic pet was the coolest thing – You just blew my mind I think the first one of those that was readily available during our childhood was that dog with the almost emoji, like LCD screen eyes or LED eyes I can’t even remember what that was called, but Holy crap – Yeah, dude, they’re cool – My favorite was also “Beast Wars” Do you ever do “Beast Wars”? – “Beast Wars” – It was made by Transformers, except they were all animals ‘Cause I don’t care about like this 18-Wheeler, this one has 16-wheels – Yeah, I know – Instead it was like, this is a cheetah with a water gun No, this is a polar bear that turns into a bat And you’re like– – I think my brothers had the cheetah – Oh, the cheetah was great ’cause you could actually fill it with water – Yeah, I can remember – And laser people – So I had Barbies and I was super obsessed with Barbies, and then my older brother and he had G.I. Joes, a ton of them – Wow – He had so many, right? ‘Cause my mom loved them too So if she liked them, she would buy you a ton of them So I would mix those, my Barbies and stuff But then also my little brothers had hundreds I think of Hot Wheels cars Hot Wheels were exciting for sure – Did they have the tracks? – The tracks and everything – Yeah, – Yes, we build crazy tracks And then there was this, even there’s a movie, the entire movie is on YouTube called “World Race” And it was these really weird looking cars with super powers and you had to race and you go, you have to go 300 miles per hour in order to activate the portal And then you go into this different world that has this track, but it’s all on YouTube And so, so dorky, but– – That sound amazing – Do you remember which tracks you had for hot wheels? I remember I got the carwash one at a garage sale, and then I had Chris Cross Crash where you just make the track and a four-leaf clover pattern, and it was like, they’re gonna go until they go – Yes, yes, you had that one – You have Chris Cross Crash? – Yes, you do guys – Chris Cross Crash – And then like my dad, when you get the thing that speeds them up, that’s the coolest little device – Yeah, the Chris Cross Crash one was like, I remember it had a dial for the amount of speed that you wanted, and if you wanted it too fast, usually it would just fly straight off the track and probably hit something And then a parent would yell from the other room like, what was that? And you’re like, nothing (laughing) – Yeah I think the biggest disappointment when I had was called Metal Molder It was another one where it was just an awesome commercial of people hammering things with metal and it’s like, you can make real crap out of metal kids And they’d show like, Oh, cool, I made jewelry, a cool school ring And so I ended up getting it for Christmas and it didn’t work I guess my version was broken, but you would get these little pellets of quote, unquote, metal I think it was plastic (laughing) And you would pour it into these molds It was like an Easy-Bake Oven, but for future blacksmiths, I guess – Wow, that’s awesome – Yeah I never had the Easy-Bake of it That was the one that my friends had I’ll be like, Oh my God, it’s amazing – I always kinda wanted one – Just so weird They’re basically microwaving will baby cakes, I guess I don’t know – But it’s not even a microwave It’s done with a 10-watt light bulb So it’s like, Oh yeah, I would love to make a tiny cake over the course of eight hours – Yeah It took a while – Yeah – Oh my gosh So let’s go to this next one I’m gonna go to this one from @cecarrington instead What are some of the movies you watched at too young of an age? I remember watching things like “Predator” and “Seven” when I was a child, which probably explains why Gore horror has no effect on me as opposed to suspense horror – I didn’t really have any restrictions when it came to movies (faintly speaking) and stuff Yeah, my parents were dope – Oh my God – But If there was a nude scene or whatever, they’d tell me to close my eyes and all that stuff, which is probably why I thought sex or anything mentally relating to sex was bad for a very long time It took a long time for me to be like, Oh, it’s not actually bad You just had to your eyes ’cause you were a kid But yeah, I remember we would watch our movies and I was always there for it And maybe I’d play a handheld game at the same time, but it was for a movie night And so I remember, I don’t even remember what the movie was, but I remember hearing my teachers talk about something one time and I overheard them and I walked over and I was like, Oh yeah, I saw that movie. That was good And they were like, I don’t think your parents would let you watch that one And I’m like, no, then this happens and this guy’s there And they’re like, do your parents know you watched it? I’m like, yeah, I was with them, it was a good Can we talk about this like adults that we all

– Oh! Oh my gosh – Yeah, how about you? What was your situation like? – So I was very restricted to actually very restricted Even we have this weird thing on Sundays, I wasn’t allowed to watch TV or movies or anything, unless it was like the “Book of Mormon” stories that were weird, weird cartoons basically explaining the “Book of Mormon” and “The Holy Bible” stories, which I wonder if I went back and watched some of those, if there was anything weird or not Okay But a lot of them was like, Oh, lying is bad Stuff like that Or David and Goliath weird Claymation Yeah, lying is fine Lie whenever, just lie – Yeah – But I remember watching “Mars Attacks!” when I was way too young – Yeah, that was a good one – That one was weird And still kind of when I think back on it, it was really scary to me – Yeah, I think I was a little scared of that one actually just ’cause of the weird-looking them – Yeah, ad then I wasn’t allowed to watch really scary movies ever – Mm-hmm – Because my mom instilled in me, and I think I’ve mentioned this a little bit where it’s like, you can’t watch those and humor the idea of dark spirits in your home because dark spirits will be (laughing) – Wow, that’s a lot of pressure – So I wasn’t really watching scary movies until I was in my late teens Even then I would maybe watch a thriller I remember the first scary movie, but it was a thriller was the “Knowing”, that Nicholas Cage movie where– – I don’t know I’ve heard that one – It’s so weird It is so weird I can’t even explain to you what’s happening Basically the world’s ending and he somehow knows it’s ending, then I think in high school, I finally watched “The Ring” – That one was scary Wow – Yeah Which one’s the one that’s like seven days? Is it “The Ring”? – That’s “The Ring” Yeah, certainly – Yeah – Yeah – And then I watched “Signs” I think “Signs” when I was really little freaked me the (beep) out and I had nightmares and couldn’t sleep for months and it was just scared of aliens coming Yeah I think that one was the one that turned me off from scary movies for years and years and years And so I still to this day I can’t watch them alone Even murder stuff, I’m like kind of okay with, but I’m usually I have to watch with somebody – It’s just the opposite for a lot of people because believe in what you’re gonna believe in Some people do acknowledge ghosts, spirits are real or could be real – Mm-hmm – But murders are definitely real So I know a lot of people watch something a goblin or a monster and they’re like, Oh, who cares? And with the murder, it’s like, yeah, people are evil They can do that – Yeah, I don’t know why I would rather watch a murderer movie than a ghost movie, even though one is much more likely than the other (laughing) – Well, maybe it’s ’cause you already deal with the possibility of like, that’s a real dark thing that exists in the world directly in front of your eyes and it’s demonstrable and all that stuff So you already have sort of walls built up to be like, I deal with this all the time Whereas like ghosts and stuff, your imagination runs away and you don’t have the toolkit to actually rationalize like, well, if there was a ghost, I would just do it – Yeah, I like those, those spooky (beep) up video games where it’s like, there’s ghosts in the halls and you open a door and you see a face, I’m like, no sir I see clips of those on Twitter and stuff, and I’m like, absolutely filthy, no – Do you know which one you’re talking about? ‘Cause I kinda want to play it I love horrors though – I don’t know (laughing) – I really do – I’m so disinterested when I see those clips that I don’t even wanna know what they were The only time I ever could watch someone play them was PewDiePie because he was so silly – I was literally about to say that Courtney – Yeah – That’s crazy ‘Cause I that’s the whole reason I found PewDiePie – Mm-hmm – ‘Cause he was playing some terrifying Japanese horror game for the PS3, it was Blood Parasite or something – Yeah – It was horrifying, and I loved it and I was like, who is this guy? This is fun and yeah – I would always watch his funny-moments compilations and there was so much of those spooky So that’s probably why I didn’t know what the games are ’cause there was always like a compilation – He was famous for doing Amnesia: The Dark Descent where he’d have a statute called a Stephano and he’d be like, Stephano, and that’s where, barrels, barrels (laughing) Stephano – Good old those old days – Those were the days – Mm-hmm Yeah, I think in terms of movies, I was fairly restricted And when I finally, I think it was when my parents got divorced and I had a different support system in my life at that time, my dad was seeing someone who they were married for a while and I still consider her like a member of my family ’cause she was an awesome step mom and was basically the one who helped to loosen the reigns on my life of like, I was allowed to wear I wouldn’t be allowed to wear this shirt, stuff like that But when we were with her, then my dad, I think more my dad was the careless one So then we were allowed to watch “Superbad” or “Pineapple Express”, all those movies But those were later on I’m trying to think of other vivid movies I had so much Disney shoved down my throat,

and I don’t really complain, but ’cause since my grandmother was an animator forever – Which is so cool – So I had to watch it – Do you think it also came from, was that a safer bet from your mom that you can watch Disney because we know Disney’s okay, or was it still your dad letting you? – No, that was from my mom My mom had a lot of dictation She probably let me buy Fable II because she liked the artwork on the cover – Interesting – But she wasn’t a huge fan of Harry Potter because of the magic – Mm-hmm – ‘Cause that’s not real – I know a lot of People, ’cause I grew up in Georgia, same thing where people would be like, you’re allowed to read those books, and I’m like, what is life like for you? – Yeah, it’s so– – No disrespect, but wow! – So odd A lot of stuff I had to watch was educational or whatever she wanted me to watch, so – Sorry that just unlocked a memory because we’re talking about video game stuff I think I had one before Diablo, even though it wasn’t mine, but my dad would play Doom or Doom II on the computer every night, or Duke Nukem or Wolf’s Shine, all those first-person shooters, very primitive ones, he loved those And so I’d watch him every single night It was like a very special ritual And then as I got a little bit older, probably starting five or six, I would play after he was done. I’d be like, can I try? Can I do it? And I remember I had some neighbors that were pretty religious and they were shocked that I could play that They’d be like, you actually play those games? They’re devil games And I remember it But I remember being so surprised by that ’cause I didn’t have the scope of understanding of why people believe what they believe And I always need to be respectful, but I just didn’t get it And I tried to reason with them by being like, well, no, in this game, you’re killing demons You are defeating the devil Isn’t that a good thing? And they were like, no, it’s the imagery And I was like, okay, well I don’t get it But– – Yeah – And again, if that’s how someone feels is how they feel, but I just didn’t have a tool toolkit as a six-year-old to be like, Oh God – I agree, I have weirdly vivid memories of my older brother He would play games where it was like you’re in a SWAT team and it was a mix of video and I have no idea what it was called – Oh! – But it was very strange, just hunting for someone in a house that was under arrest – Wait, did your brother play Night Trip? – Maybe – That was the game that made there be game ratings Because similarly, like, again, you’re watching these girls have a party and you’re in the police trying to stop the killers by looking at different cameras of actual video footage and stuff But it was like a political thing, where I think some senator was like, There’s a game where you’re trying to trap women in a house And it was like, that’s not what the game is about And they’re like, no, we need to get this out of the hands of our kids They’re gonna do drugs ’cause of it, and – I’m so thankful that we were raised with this technology and with these things around us because with being able to understand them, we are not those people Because these people don’t understand something, they are opposed to it And instead of wanting to understand it, they just think it doesn’t make sense – I wonder if we’ll ever become those people, though I wonder if there’s gonna be a leap in technology where without even realizing it, we just sorta miss the boat And I don’t mean in the next five to 10 years I mean like for we’re 50, 60 – Yeah, I hated TikTok when it first was a thing I was so opposed to it I hope that we never become those people I like to think that we’re just, in general, very open-minded people, so we’ll at least have that in our advantage And with being tech-savvy that we could at least try and figure those things out But I think we’re also in the age where consumption, a lot of it was surrounded around kids And fun stuff, games, was about kids, whereas all those kids have now grown up and these adults are playing video games, and video games are all about older people playing them – And we have disposable income now – Yeah, exactly – Whereas, like before, it would be like, even at best, you’re marketing to their parents – Yeah, it’s a new age – So it’s all sort of pointed at adults in a way, which is really interesting – Exactly – The one thing that I think is bizarre though about that is when I was a kid and I played whatever game I wanted, the most I’d use the internet for would be to like look up cheat codes And that would be fun, but there wasn’t that social aspect to it Whereas I remember playing RuneScape, and that was my first game where there was a lot of other people And I immediately just got kinda like (beep) on for being new at the game And I’m like, there aren’t too many interactions in life or too many situations where a 10-year-old and a 30-year-old would be on the same plane and playing field And so it’s interesting where socially you’re like, how does that affect people? Kids over Xbox live are toxic as hell? Where’s that coming from and what’s that gonna do to the psyche? – Yeah, that’s still like a thing Yeah, in rust and stuff There’s just like toxicity in the game play

Did you ever play or anything? Really something you could play or maybe there was games, but I never did them Did you ever hear about Gaia Online? – I didn’t do Gaia, I did “Ragnarok” – I don’t know “Ragnarok” – Similar, similar – Gaia was, for those who don’t know, it was like a very, I’m sure tons of weaves played it and used it It was basically where it was like Club Penguin but with none of the games You just wear this pretty anime character that would walk around towns and chat with people And then there was forums people would role-play and stuff like that And it was my first time ever seeing anything like that – Gaia and “Ragnarok”, I’m looking it up now They basically look the same – That’s crazy And then Club Penguin, I was very into Club Penguin – Wow, and didn’t do that one I did Neopet – And then Neopets a little bit – Neopets! What was your Neopet? – There was a unicorn that I loved very much – Mm-hmm – I don’t remember the names, but I always tried different ones and I was not very good at maintaining them ’cause I wasn’t allowed to go on the computer very much So they would always be famished and (laughing) things like that – My favorite one was I did the Griffin at first and I think it’s name was just Griffin, but I ended up switching to a Caro A Caro was cool ’cause it was like a little cat-looking thing, but it had this tendril ears – Oh, I do remember I do remember – But there was a really thin live cat-looking one with tendrils, I’m not talking about that one I’m talking about the floppy one (laughing) I feel like for Neopets, they would end up designing three different concepts for the same one, and then some executive would be like, great, print them all And you’re like, well, no– – Oh my Gosh! – This is the tendril cat They’re like, Nope, we got three tendril cats, get them out there – Oh my God, all right We’re running a little short on time – No, I’m having so much fun – I know, this is good stuff, good childhood stuff Maybe we can do more episodes with other people and talk more about it No, no, no I’ve just been so excited to – Absolutely not my guy So the next segment that we have planned is a new segment that’s basically called “What I’m Watching” “What I’m Watching” We watch things, wanna know what we’re watching Oops! I’m gonna open FaceTime, hold on – I am gonna not say a show Actually no, ah, there’s so many things I’ve been hooked on a YouTube channel lately called Extra History – Ooh! – It’s really fun They’ve been doing it for a few years now So it’s really sort of rudimentary drawings, but fun and a lot of personality to just sort of, they’ll basically narrate in a very digestible way something that happened in history that maybe you just need more context about – Nice – And they’ll just show in acted out with these little, not quite stickmen, but– – Is it cartoon animation or? – It’s not quite animation It’s, they might do little bits here and there But I discovered it maybe a month or two ago where I was just sitting around It was midnight, but I wasn’t ready to go to sleep (laughing) And I just thought to myself, I don’t know enough about Hawaii and I’d like to, and I don’t really know about its history before it was straight-up ruined by– – Mm-hmm, and fetishized, yeah – And fetishized by European culture and American culture – Yeah – So I was like, I’d like to know about this So I just googled history of Hawaii, and I’m like, one of the first things that came up was “The Legacy of Kamehameha” who was the person that sort of unified all the islands to make it Hawaii as one unit And it was just like a four-part series And I was just hooked and I was like, this is great And then the next time I clicked on was like, yeah, right? Then the next one I clicked on was about Mansa Musa, who was the richest man to ever live ever, even by today’s standards, the richest person He would travel and just by tipping people, change the economy and make there be inflation People would kinda be mad when he visited because they’re like, our entire economy is in shambles because you just dropped our yearly GDP in a minute It’s just interesting ’cause I’m like, I missed out on that history, ’cause I’m of European descent and I feel like a lot of American textbooks really focus on that So it’s like a black man was the richest man to ever live That’s awesome to hear about And then I was like, I don’t know enough about the Byzantines So right now I’m learning about Justinian and– – That’s really cool There is so much good educational stuff on YouTube that isn’t like, I don’t know why I got such a bad emotional attachment with educational stuff growing up But there is some really cool stuff Shane has showed me a lot of different thing, he’s like, this is what happens if you drink an entire bottle of soy sauce And weird stories about like, this man got a 7-Eleven hot dog and it spread a virus through whatever, weird stories that are real history like that But I wanna check out what you’re watching as well– – Yes, extra History Extra History – Extra History My YouTube has been kinda garbage I always watch on my TV and it’s harder to navigate And I swear to God, I watched one drama, Tea spill video And my homepage is literally, okay, ’cause I used lo-fi hip hop livestreams a lot, and then I watched one (beep) drama video and now

it’s literally like livestream drama, livestream lo-fi drama, Tea Spill, Spill, here’s the Tea Drama, all these different channels And I’m like, God, I don’t even wanna go on YouTube anymore So I need to vet it – It’s so interesting how long the apps have been out for, things like Xbox PS4 Phone, and how difficult it still is to navigate – We’ll get there I think it’s hard ’cause you can only do so much with the controller And with a remote, yeah But I haven’t been watching, yeah I haven’t watched like a ton I’ve been in a weird rut where I was watching a lot of Netflix I love that series It’s a series called “Glow up” where it’s basically “America’s Next Top Model” But it’s with makeup artists and being given a prompt and doing crazy, like, Oh, you need to do this, the makeup for this play tonight on Broadway Okay, now I need you to do this editorial photo shoot And it’s really cool ’cause I love makeup And then there was “Next in Fashion”, which was a fashion– – I did watch “Next in Fashion”, yeah – So good, and I’m sad they’re not making another season I think it was probably because it was too expensive and probably exhausting for people But that was really good – I also think it was kinda weird the way they did teams sometimes I feel like they wanted drama, but in reality I would have just have liked to have seen– – Yeah – More cohesive ideas – There were teams that were like, Oh, these people know each other and they seem great And then there’s people who literally met the day before and that was their downfall – And they’re polar opposite styles where someone’s like, well I want something a little bit more reserved, then someone else was like, I would like there to be a sparkly cheetah pattern and if you could have fire coming out of it, that’d be great And I’m like, well, that’s not gonna work – Yeah, that’s not gonna work – Yeah – Yeah, but it was good And then I’ve been trying to watch more movies that I’ve been putting off Like I finally watched “Silence of the Lambs” for the first time – Ooh, nice – That was really cool – What do you think? – I thought it was amazing It was scary and super intense And luckily my friend was staying with me who had been social-distancing, quarantining and stayed with me for the weekend And got to watch it with her and I’m just like, Oh, I’m like, oh my, is she gonna die? And she’s like, I can’t tell you I’m like, God! – Can’t tell you (laughing) Oh yo, would she look a great big fret person? – God! – And I’m like (laughing) you know what you look like to me with the good bag and the cheap shoes? – So good So good – So good – Yeah, and then last night I watched “12 Years a Slave” – Oh wow! How was that – A random random watch It always was a very sad movie, but it hit me really hard this time around ’cause (laughing) I saw this tweet the other day, a tweet was like white people calling the protests, everything going on right now It’s like, goddamn! – Ooh, wow, yep (laughing) – Yeah, with the protest and everything going on right now (laughing) – Mm-hmm, and there you go, but yeah – I think it’s just ’cause we’re in a huge awakening right now, so that movie was like, it just seems even more insane– – [Damien] Mm-hmm – The way these people were treated Anyway – Yeah – Yeah – Other than that, I haven’t been watching a ton – Sorry, one more thing specifically relating to that, because I’ve always been really interested in Haiti and Haitian history as well – Mm-hmm – Watch the Extra History on Haiti because it’s incredible It is the only successful slave revolt in the history of recorded history – Wow! – And so they break down how it happened and why and what all the social classes were in Haiti and how the French Revolution and American Revolution both effected that all at once But I think it was there that I saw a chart for how long slavery had been going on compared to how long it wasn’t – Yeah dude – So it’s really eyeopening That’s why I’ve been digging history more and more lately is just give me that context, that sweet context – Well, I think that will conclude this segment of “What I’m Watching” I’m glad we were talking about history ’cause I think we’re gonna be learning about someone named John’s history in this episode of “Shoot, Dude!” – Hey Courtney, that was a good segue – Thank you very much – “Shoot, Dude”! – [Woman 1] “Shoot, Dude”! – [Man 1] “Shoot, Dude”! – [Woman 2] “Shoot, Dude”! – [Man 2] “Shoot, Dude”! – [Woman 3] “Shoot, Dude”! – [Woman 4] “Shoot, Dude”! – [Woman 5] “Shoot, Dude”! – [Man 3] “Shoot, Dude”! – [Woman 6] “Shoot, Dude”! (laughing) – [Woman 7] “Shoot, Dude”! – “Shoot, Dude”! And for those of you who don’t know what a “Shoot, Dude” is, these are basically viewer or listener-submitted stories that provoke a “Shoot, Dude” They’re basically embarrassing moments or yikes moments that really suck that they happened So we’re gonna read these stories and we are going to determine if they are indeed a “Shoot, Dude” or something else – Mm-hmm – Are you guys ready? Damien, would you like to read it or would you like me to read it? – Oh, I can do it I don’t think I’ve read one before – I didn’t read it I like to be surprised So please read it – From John, I was just in a call presenting two weeks of findings over the course of half a dozen meetings I was sharing my screen to go over a spreadsheet as a group I always remember to turn off things like push notifications and other personal apps

However, I forgot something this time I was talking to the clients on another monitor and I saw them start cracking up Unsure what the issue is, I just kept going for another 10 seconds or so Eventually, I turned to the screen I’m sharing and seeing email notification saying, your receipt from Manscaped I quickly closed it and then pretended it didn’t happen for the remaining 30 minutes I have a pretty thick skin and so I’m already laughing about it, but it sure felt like a “Shoot, Dude” – Oh my gosh – Courtney, would you say that’s a “Shoot, Dude”? – I think that’s a pretty mild “Shoot, Dude” – It’s a mild “Shoot, Dude” – It’s a “Shoot, Dude” – Yeah – It’s a “Shoot, Dude” – Oh, oh, “Shoot, Dude”! – “Shoot, Dude”! – ‘Cause obviously it’s embarrassing if people laugh at you for anything, even if it were something that you’re super proud about – Yeah – Like Manscaped, let yourself be however you wanna be hygienic-wise or trim your hair, let it grow, who cares? Men, women, non-binary Who cares? Do your thing, live your life – Honestly, I feel like if I saw it, I’d be like, huh, all right, nice, cool – Yeah, I’d be like, hey sir, thank you for the presentation I just wanna say I’m glad to know that you keep it trimmed down there – Nice to know we have a well self-disciplined hygienic queen (laughing) – Exactly No, I think that’s great It is a little “Shoot, Dude” though Anything personal coming up, especially if you’re being aware about the notifications – And you’re totally right It sucks when you’re just laughed at in general, or even if it is something you’re just legit proud about So yeah – Yeah – But yeah, I can’t say I’ve ever experienced anything like that Have you ever experienced something similar? – It’s not an embarrassment thing or a presentation thing, but I do audition for a lot of things voiceover-wise that are very confidential I have to sign nondisclosure agreements to even receive the email And so sometimes I have these panic moments where that’s the last thing lift up on my screen So I’ll open my computer around friends and then immediately I’ll be like, hey, hey, nothing is there There is no new thing from that really cool property that you really like coming out It’s just (laughing) Yeah, so – Yeah, I get that I think the craziest I’ve ever had is showing someone something in my camera roll and being like, shoot, where’s that other photo? And scrolling past a few photos that parents don’t need to see, so – Yeah, I think I’ve done that Yeah, just something, or like, why do I have 10 Chris Pratt photos in the world? That’s weird Why do I have wonderful photos in my camera? – That is the thing (laughing) Working with social media as part of our job, sometimes you pull down a bunch of photos for a purpose – Yep, yep – And then you go back later and you’re like, this looks really suspect, huh! – I could say that my camera roll is very weird It’s a lot of cursed images And it’s the only thing that’s more common nowadays, but yeah – I’m gonna text you one right now and that’ll just be for us – Thank you, I appreciate it Well, this has been a lovely episode of the “SmoshCast”, it’s been quite nostalgic for me – Same – I hope that we sparked some nostalgia in those listening If you would like to submit your own “Shoot, Dude”, you can send an email to us at shootdood@smosh.com That’s S-H-O-O-T-D-O-O-D@smosh.com And oop! I received the photo That looks pretty good from what I’m seeing – Mm-hmm, that’s a pretty funny meme (laughing) – And then if you wanna ask questions for future episodes, follow us on Twitter or Instagram because we post our prompts or questions as tweets or as Instagram stories and if you don’t wanna miss them, you can put notifications on as well But yeah, other than that, you can just pop by to listen or watch us on any listening apps on Wednesdays and then video apps on Fridays, which is basically just YouTube So was subscribe to “SmoshCast” on YouTube (laughing) – And always remember to go beyond plus ultra, do your best – Hell yeah – Yeah – What is it called? One for All This was fun Dam – This was fun This is the most– – You’re the man This is the most you’ve ever talked to me – I know, we never talk No, we’ve got more than this Wait, what did Kevin ask? Kevin said, Damien, how did this one feel as far as “Best Friends Podcast” compared to last week’s “Best Friends” episode? – I feel like we probably got more legit bonding done ’cause I didn’t just look up Wikipedia articles about Courtney the whole time – Oh my God, yeah, I was just a little bit– – No, this is funny (beep) – Yeah, I like talking about childhood stuff because you really do learn about each other and about ourselves in a way, what really makes us happy, so – And I also forget I’ve got a bunch of (beep) – And it’s also like when you find out something that you have in common with somebody from your childhood, that feels a little more special than now where it’s like, Oh, you like “Avengers”? Cool, wait– – Yeah (laughing) – You hated “Jimmy Neutron”? Oh my God Something like that (laughing) – I (beep) hate “Jimmy Neutron” – All right, let’s get outta here, shall we? – Oh, I thought we already done for now for a minute – No, no, we are still– – Oh (beep) – We are still rolling – Please, please, cut all of the things I said – Okay (laughing) Bye – No, I’m serious – No Dam, please – No Courtney (laughing) Courtney – Oh, bye bye – Oh, bye bye (upbeat rock music)