alright I’m a log up back in here I want to make sure people know I’m still here alright here we go haha alright so I think what was the deal wasn’t gonna choose fire can’t remember now I know I’m gonna go back to healing I like to be a healing dude so let me look at this so we got a highest range highest move damage enemies I’m loosening just health combo shield ninjas okay got it alright I was just trying to figure out what everything is for me and yeah red Oh lick 77379 super em 234 there we go all right here we go here we go all the way to the edge here we’re gonna kick the snowball guys but here we go come on let’s go take him down all right oh man let’s see if I can let me back up a little bit here I don’t want to be too close maybe he’ll take one of them and bounce it out all right here goes this round yeah oh that guy is being mean to me all right well it’s time buddy oh wait here we go wait no no no no oh no I’m not getting all right uh use it oh this so close all right here we go about our card oh man I didn’t even get to hurt the guy well at least it healed us all up I think I should be fooled now yes all right next round maybe next round full health okay so we oh I see how it is so we unlock this bonus round by having full health on all ninjas so that’s what we’ve got to do here let’s go ahead and shoot this guy uh-huh okay Oh how come everybody’s attacking me this is really really not fair it’s like they don’t want me to succeed or something okay uh I’m gonna stay right here and then I’m going to use my power card all right in the center here and we’re gonna oh boy oh we’re gonna do a triple triple I don’t know what just happened oh boy I hope they got some of me oh yeah triple combo already got the stamp McCool anyway yeah triple combo boys see ya good bye oh ouch that hurt didn’t it oh yeah it hurt a lot look oh yeah and oh yeah oh yeah goodbye ha ha and we’re all shielded but we need to have full health I got to heal myself enough that that we can get to the bonus round because man and and well hopefully we can get an on I think I think one of these two is gonna get hurt then this round here oh boy okay and oh come on take your shot buddy come on dig him down take him down oh we are a good team that’s right oh yeah okay so we need to be awful health I need to get out of their range right this second all right let’s do that and I need to earn a power card here so hopefully that would get me close and I might be able to get us up to full health or at least me up to full health here oh boy he is gonna this guy’s gonna get hurt pretty bad he’s gonna take shots from everyone ouch don’t okay cool cool cool he didn’t attack him that surprised me quite a big guys okay I’m gonna do that and okay I don’t have a power card so I can’t combo with you sorry oh okay come on take a swing that good swing swing swing it I’m singing it I’m

swinging at him okay Oh power card oh that’s right I forgot he’s a power card so hit both of them boom oh that hurt didn’t it yeah oh no no no no no no no why do you have to go after me huh why why oh okay now I should let’s use the power card all right guys here we go we got a combo here triple combo oh yeah here we go again guys triple combo triple combo haha wow we’ve got two triple combos on one match that’s a record so far look at that look at that look at that oh yeah and oh you know I was gonna say we have sensei in the match that I’ve been a for combo for that stamp but we don’t have sensei yet so yeah bye-bye all right and hopefully this would get us all the full help and get the bonus round let’s see well health no no bonus card we did so well though guys that was a quick match we rocked through that in like five minutes guys oh so fast okay cool all right 39 were set so the next thing we get is the mask and I think it’s gonna take some 39% okay next one and we’re gonna go for the mask here here we go so 39 percent I think it’s gonna take us two rounds to get we gotta get through to guru we gotta get three were around 30 on all both of those matches on all both uh-huh and then we’ll be able to get it so let’s see here come on come on let’s get that mask let’s get that mask up p1 1 4 6 or 9 82 and we got Xaro 9 2 or 92 here we go oh man let’s hope that we do really well we go through it quickly like we did the last one and we can get our well whatever they need but we can get what we need more quickly then or alright here we go alright as quickly as possible I’m not more clicking the quickly than before because we got a really quick last time and ouch this is not a good start I don’t like these guys they are really hard to defeat so I could take him there I’ll take a shot at him there we go oh boy okay yep alright that’s good and you know last time I didn’t get that many power cards I feel like okay maybe I did maybe I just used them a lot uh-oh that’s gonna hurt ouch ah man and when oh and you get hit it hurts too so that’s interesting um let me go ahead and take him there we go alright okay and I don’t think you can take a shot yet alright and this guy is moving along slowly oh I wonder if I can oh yeah I should be able yeah okay so let me see if I can do this right here I should be able to our card all three of those guys um let’s see power card there ah there that’s a better one okay can’t get all three because I couldn’t reach it but we got a we got a double combo here so I’ll get a shield out of it and yeah all right I okay come on oh we almost got him Oh everybody’s stunned that is awesome they all got stunned okay so they’re gonna take him out that’s no question I’m not worried about that at all let me okay I didn’t think I was gonna happen there for some reason okey-dokey boom wait wait you’re not gonna take this guy what are you doing you guys didn’t kill him Oh No not good not good oh jeez it took out all our shields this is not good okay so I’m gonna assume that he’s gonna take out that guy let’s see where he moves to um let’s see what happens so he’s gonna take out that guy I’m gonna back off and I’m gonna take this no wait wait wait wait wait wait okay I’m gonna go here I’m gonna take that guy down please don’t take that guy because that would be a total waste of our resources please take this guy oh man you’re gonna get hurt nah okay all right it is time Oh Tiny’s my bonus card or my uh not my bonus card but okay wait a minute he’s not gonna go after him at all all right I’m gonna go after him then because someone needs to at this point here we go

all right fine go on now these two should take him there we go there we go very close let’s go ahead and use the bonus card here all right so I’m gonna move into their area their area and I’m gonna use this up here right there kaboom yes all right oh yeah come on oh is it gonna heal him knows I’m gonna heal him he moved out of the range does it will it see that’s that doesn’t really that shouldn’t you know it shouldn’t do that okay so now we run round to see that was a hard round guys because I’m gonna go ahead and heal here that was a tough round because it took a long time to get through it but I think the next two rounds are gonna be balanced better so that makes it easier for us but we’ll see all right so we got sensei’s card right here and he’s gonna take a shot of me because I’m lower nope it took a shot at you okay that’s okay all right so now oh ouch okay so now what I’m gonna do I’m gonna do this power card right in the center there it’s gonna get everybody it’s gonna heal us it’s gonna mess them up it’s a good move I think let’s see all right so good yep gone then power card send and say for everyone since safety he saves the day oh yeah now you guys have some trouble or now he has some trouble we don’t have trouble oh ha ha ha ha ha ha I hate their laugh I hate it alright let’s hit him ok come on come on Oh goals alright we got him this time don’t laugh at me go for him cuz oh not funny I really don’t find that funny at all I find that so unfunny that I’m gonna use my power card oh yeah okie dokie come on well yeah but let me use my Mark Arden you don’t get a combo that means we could shields I didn’t notice that we got a combo oh yes everybody’s getting healed everybody’s getting shields yes oh man so that’s round two and around three what do we need to get the bonus shot I didn’t notice all right so round three should be pretty easy because no one in just down oh no one’s fallen so oh yeah oh yeah we got this guys this is awesome oh man you’re going down buddy you are going down we’re getting the bonus round and I’m getting maybe I’ll get my video although I don’t think so but I might have enough no maybe maybe we’ll get enough to get the video by getting through the bonus round this time oh yeah come on take him down all right come on let’s take him down oh yeah here we go here we go boom and you got him that’s right baby all right we got the bonus round yes okay oh man okay so I’m going to back up here and I’m gonna go after this guy right here yep thank you oh cool a power card nice he’s gonna get triple power card right there that is awesome oh man I’m so glad he saved that for the end because that is gonna be such a powerful attack yeah nail them all oh look at how my gosh that was good really good okay okay okay come on oh okay oh yeah shield right I forgot oh no no don’t hit him okay okay got shields we got shields okay so now let me go ahead and let’s go after this fellow here oh wow he’s gonna do another power card so I’m gonna go after no I’m gonna go this guy right here no yes sounds close cuz here’s the deal yep he’s gonna hit that guy right there oh I didn’t think it would hit that guy but his power card is gonna take out the two guys in red I think should oh yeah oh my goodness that was so powerful guys alright and I’ll use my our card right here in the center up or not oh yeah there it goes okay see you buddy ha ha bye-bye Wow we kicked butt what a team all right yeah and I use my power card to heal everybody up why not look at that we could have taken another round guys that’s right we’ve earned that dance okay so 39% maybe we’ll get it unlock the bonus beat one beat two beat three

beat for 600 coins and Oh some 94 birds Enzo blows okay all right we’ve got this next round a no problem okay let’s go in all right what a great team that was guys okay so I’m gonna choose my snow and I’m pretty good at snow so I think that’s that’s why I just keep choosing it and I think that’s the case for everyone once they find an element they’re really good at they just keep choosing the same one and then they get better and better at using it so and I’ve gotten all my stamps for the other one so I’m just gonna keep going with my snow cuz I love to heal people we got super SAPO to and p14 to eight five three one one zero and that loaded pretty quick so that means to me that hopefully no one gets dropped out good good all right full health that’s a really hard bonus round to get and actually that’s a stamp the full health bonus round stamp so that’s what I’m gonna try and do in this one that’s my goal is to keep everyone at full health and I’m about to fail on my goal I think nope okay I was gonna say I think these guys alright so yep attack an enemy so yeah I’ll do that and these guys seem to be afraid to attack so all take the lead and I’ll get attacked myself oh oh twice oh boy I’m stranded by myself here okay so what I’m gonna do is move here and then I’m gonna use my power card or right there and get both these guys and heal myself at the same time so there we go we need full health bonus rounds so yep my shot heal myself and take those two down a little bit and I got full health all right and they’re down to yellow now hopefully they don’t both attack me at the same time why see I don’t understand that why do they both target me that’s really not very nice okay I’m gonna go for or let’s go for this guy here yeah yes okay take him down bye-bye okay good stuff I got another bonus card of course why would I expect that anything different than that I don’t know but there we go okay we should all three be taking a shot I think so we should be able to take him down right here one two don’t need three all right good good all right round two guys we gotta get full health full health so I need a full health for myself what I’m gonna do here is move to like right here then I’m gonna use my bonus card right there and we’ve got a combo that means everybody’s getting shields and I am getting powered up awesome that is gonna be huge for our full health bonus round although I don’t think I’ll have enough full health so earn enough full health I won’t have enough health to be full but should be close because of the bonus are the combo I guess let’s see here oh man nice nice nice okay okay he’s gonna move forward oh it’s gonna hurt me Oh Dom okay I got too close guys I got too close um he is this right here again can I not use it what okay gonna use it there don’t know why I couldn’t use it where the person is standing that doesn’t make any sense that might be a bug or maybe it just needs to be an open spot to use the power card but either way this guy’s going down and I’m getting a little bit more power because I’m gonna need that ouch uh-oh out we need our full health when you stop hitting me alright I’m gonna back up here actually to here and I’m gonna go ahead and heal this guy there we go good stuff there we go oh not quite full health very very close oh they got a combo yes and they’re gonna stun those guys and everything take them down I think this guy might get killed right here oh yeah this is gonna happen right here guys it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen oh yeah wait what wait oh yeah okay good wait how come he wasn’t stun but the other guy was stunned ah that doesn’t make any sense to me okay I’m gonna move here then I’m gonna heal this guy right here get him as far up as I can yes okay so hopefully they can take him out yes take your swing buddy oh come on is it is it done is it done oh man I should have I should have taken my shot oh all right okay so one more this guy will be at full health so I can do that

power card don’t use your power card guys on this one guy what oh is this round 3 no it’s not why would you use your power card on him you don’t need your power card on him oh I would have saved that all right well uh okay well he’s gone bye-bye all right okie dokie what we got next round three so we need to be full health at the end of this round okay so I have a chance here guys to get us all at full health oh wait let me let me move there um oh boy is this gonna work I don’t know oh no he wasn’t in it oh I was not paying attention he wasn’t in the circle he wasn’t in the circle of healing Oh No well I get enough well I get enough to get another card No oh jeez oh oh that’s so close to getting another card guys all right I’m gonna do this and heal him but I oh wait what Oh heal him sorry there we go but I have a feeling that it’s not gonna be enough guys cuz I think I need one more turn and we’re not gonna get it ah man so close no bonus round but guess what I get I get a piece I get a piece of this no ninja costume oh yeah dance dance dance cuz I’m getting my mask or oh the helmet or hood is it a hood I don’t know but either way there we go it doesn’t say what it is but I know what it is anyway a mask it’s a mask is it a mask no it’s not a mask I don’t know all right let’s go ahead and put it on okay that is a head item head item and where is it oh yeah come on come on where is it where is it what maybe it’s a face item I could be wrong I thought it was a head item though um let’s see is it a face let’s see oh yeah it’s a face because we got the water in any okay what was I thinking okay so there we go oh yeah guys oh right that was the fit and then the helmet is the last one I got it now how do you see oh yeah right you see your progress here so let’s take a look guys what do we got we’ve got water ninja progress why do I care about my water nature progress okay so we’re where we’ve got so we got okay so we got to get three more movies six no two movies and then we get the helmet and then we go into the shadows stuff all right cool all right guys so um let’s go back and how much percent do we have we got twenty five percent all right let’s go and get our video oh I’m so close all right come on I want it I want it I want it okay snow again that’s my jam that’s my jam okay come on come on come on load it uh let’s load it up father main and oh my real a 2005 alright and up come on oh yeah that looked fast alright here we go I’m gonna move right here cuz that’s where my guy can go yep done done all right let’s move it along guys come on come on fire uh-oh I think fire just dropped out oh I think we lost our fire buddy uh-oh let’s see what happens oh no is it gonna be just the two of us cuz this isn’t gonna go well if it’s just two players if it’s just two players I’m gonna quit the game guys I’ll give it one more try oh there he is okay he’s moving okay good whew alright hey wait what now it really is two-on-one okay I’m giving up guys that’s not gonna that’s not there’s no point of playing that because you just can’t get anywhere so let’s keep going all right oh don’t you do this to me oh I hate you okay all right let’s do snow again here we go think noodles and who and who who n whoo whoo and whoo whoo and whoo we’ve got mug win whoo and a rough 38 all right ninja tips no need to keep your distance from enemies and use your impressive range my range isn’t that impressive at least I don’t think it’s that good I mean I think that the minions have better range than I do but I could be wrong but that’s how it seems

to me anyway Oh No is it ah come on let’s load do we have another timeout ah man come on come on Club Penguin let’s go come on come on come on come on what ah come on let’s load I don’t want to wait anymore I don’t want to wait anymore for ninjas to join the battle come on they should make the time out a lot quicker so that you’re not sitting here for so long cuz or port an axe here you can put an X here for this part I’d be okay with that but oh boy it’s just wow jeez uh well I think it might be time to reel OGG in guys all right I’ll be right back