the time has come to separate now that the young AJ’s power base is broken in this world only their forces on child knows any significant threat and all of your allies here encore how my queen what would you have done with them they are no further use to me that they have proven themselves useful it might be dangerous to allow them to live without the services of general do next will be easy to deal with but rain are in Phoenix are a traveling resourceful they must all be eradicated sir but I want both general Dukes and phoenixes basis destroyed leave no one alive my queen if I may suggest a strategy but the Protoss enterin forces are resting after our previous victory when we attack immediately but most of them are asleep for Nana where we can whittle down their defenses with relative ease clever how long after our initial attack and we expect them to regroup and retaliating I’d say six minutes that only gives us enough time to launch a surprise attack against one base but it is a sound plan sarod feel free to launch your initial attack against either base failure is not an option slaughter than long yes I’m gonna kill Duke and Phoenix this ought to be good goo but we get lurkers about damn time now my advice well not my advice this is my preference i should say go after the Terran base no particular reason for that but it’s just the one I’m going after kids honestly I’m tired of fighting Terrans however I will use my liquor to kind of take out a couple of things probably throw a group of circlings with them I’m not worried about a little missile turret actually that one we can stay as well are you guys that all you kids I’ll head back down here guys come on whoa where’d all

you come I might not get as much done as I want continue your attacks tournament their defenses won’t last long against us all that forces on the attack here they come we’re ready for them here Oh away I said observer sitting there so they have nukes though yes they do holy crap yeah they’re just sending everything after me evolutionary chambers second one layer at the research burrow at the research burrow even though my lurkers already have it

yes lurkers are definitely one of my more favorite units and that’s because you need detectors in order to be able to legitimately kill them and they’re the only unit that dessert have that can attack while burrowed I’m definitely trying to get their news BES not vs you guys take that bunker that’s generally how I get my lurkers I just take all my Hydra lists that have been weakened just more from i would say lurkers are probably better just used defensively but they can be pretty handy when they’re you know attacking okay let’s make a Queen’s nest colonies up let’s go have my zerglings take out that one missile turret courses as each uborrow you boro boro on you girl immediately I’m not going to make that many lurkers and that’s a shortest span of time files upgrades are really gonna bump them up let’s get you in there then because if they rebuilt that factory I just wanted to see if they were rebuilding the factory yet journeys their speed love you now okay well you guys can ombre oh it’s

always with the gas there I’d always wait till I tell it says nuclear launch detected that way they’re wasting the nuke it’s not a problem really with lurkers that they cost so much damn gas sorry guys yes there is so see if we can’t take it over so the rally point there okay I’ll have those minerals to turn to if I start running hello don’t hurt me I’m just a little well actually to be you know perfectly fair I did attack them so still don’t hurt me make two more drones these hydras hi oh crap dammit okay let it in quite turn out as I landed that their supply and demand spline demand they’ll have to say yeah that’s okay it can’t be fast paced like last mission this one’s gonna be this slow to think that out horses all the time

we can get our last two main buildings up zealots I gotta be mindful that they can build crackers and gets through there more than right there oh crap hey then I got to figure out I think I’m gonna take out that Terran base that’s right below this second one maybe that’ll be my first target then I’ll go after that Protoss base that’s right beside it and then from there I’ll take out the Dominion first I do not like siege tanks no I do not oh crap all right guys come at me I guess they give up on nukes well that ain’t good 8000 right there though set of a shitload of her colonies I places gold and I never didn’t rebuild that oh crap hey it goes oh hey look a goose there’s Guardians oh crap I’m actually gonna need one of them make

one right here Emmett thought I have written Guardians than that yeah well two more Guardians and I’ll be safe I can’t bring a few skirt jizz along in case I rent any battle cruisers I can’t make the flowers can I know I can’t which is fine for the one for two children to shall lead the attack okay so much for those oh crap dammit oh wow crap I definitely need to set up a hatchery here you alright so let’s do that surprised they haven’t really bothered this pace yet it does surprise me meet okay well least my more expensive units made it out okay well someone okay it’s always a nice bonus when I kill those observers all rights get this feeling of satisfaction no for this video gets too much bigger I’m going to cut the video up so see you all see