WEEKEND GOSSIP Welcome everyone to our show Weekend Gossip Today, we’re welcoming Vannie Le 28 years old – Youtuber We’re also welcoming the reappearance of a very lovely actress with a very innocent look, Huynh Tuyet Anh (24 years old) I said “innocent” and she did this, did you see? An MC, and a talented writer, Lieu Ha Trinh (31 years old) Besides that, we’re also welcoming an actor and MC who is very handsome and intelligent Truong Quoc Bao (26 years old, MC, actor and singer) And we’re welcoming our Director Quang Dang (30 years old, Dance Director) Everyone here has been introduced with their many talents But out of nowhere, someone who could be considered to be a director and a writer, and also a hairstylist, Gin Tuan Kiet Someone else, not me (28 years old, singer and actor) So, here is my Vietnamese team, even though their positions can be a little messy See, they’re all wearing black Then the foreign team must be too colorful Right, like we’re in Hawaii So lively! There’s Harry from Poland (30 years old, Travel Executive from Poland) Alushka Linh, from South Africa (25 years old, teacher) Brian, from America (27 years old, model) Vanessa, from America (31 years old, MC) And Shinsuke! (36 years old, Japanese comedian) Sejun from Korea! (31 years old, manager) Very hot! I have been sweating But I wonder if today’s topic will make it even hotter For sure! Let’s get to our topic today Today’s topic is “dating accidents that made you wish the ground would swallow you up” WEEKEND GOSSIP Dating accidents that made you wish the ground would swallow you up? Remember when you met someone that you really liked and adore But for some reasons, you just wished you could go underground Meaning that you wanted to dig a hole in the ground and go inside “Dig a hole and go inside”? Because you were too embarrassed Let’s examine our cases today to see if there are many similarities between them Weekend Gossip Hey, let’s go play with each other! (seems to be very interesting!!!) Who? Sounds like Adi When you’re too good at Vietnamese that happens Oh, so Sejun Honestly, with Adi and Shinsuke’s Vietnamese, it’s not enough Not enough? They have to be on my level to be able to do this Honestly, I don’t want to tell anyone about this story Really, I don’t want to speak about it on TV like this Because even until now, I still want to dig a hole when I think about it I’m very embarrassed I don’t want to talk about it, but I will anyway He doesn’t want to but “I don’t want to!” The story is like this, when I and my wife just started dating At that time, my Vietnamese was really bad So we talked mostly via messaging After that, on a beautiful day We met each other for real We met each other in a coffee shop After we met, I asked her to hang out I asked her to hang out, but her attitude was a bit strange? She started yelling at me for no reason Like “Are you crazy?” “This is a public place, there are many other people around” “How dare you said that?” “You’re so impolite!” and she looked at me like this I didn’t understand what was going on I thought “What’s wrong?” “I probably did something wrong but I don’t know what it is” I kept thinking And I thought that maybe it’s about asking someone to hang out in Vietnamese culture Maybe every time I want to ask someone to hang out, I have to do it at somewhere that no one would see And we’d have to whisper So I was like “Oh, okay, I got it” So I started whispering And the people around us heard that and they stared at us and I still didn’t understand why I pulled her closer and said “Let’s go play each other” I really like it, it’s been a while since we played together Let’s go play! My invitation was also in a sensitive space It makes sense that people understood it like that “It makes sense” So they understood it correctly I should have said “Let’s go play with each other”

But I said “Let’s go play each other” “I really like it” (His Vietnamese was really bad) You’re so bad! After that my wife understood So she said I was really crazy She kept yelling at me She pulled me in the bathroom and then She told me “In a bit, when you go outside, go sit at that table, and say a Vietnamese sentence correctly that everyone would understand” So when we went out, we have to act like “Let’s go play with each other! It’s beautiful outside” Then we’ll leave So you had to correct it before leaving That’s good It’s like an explanation so everyone would understand But in my opinion, if you didn’t mean anything bad, you didn’t have to correct or explain things So you probably had bad intentions No one stands on the street and tells their girlfriend that “Let’s play each other” “Play each other” People usually understand that you’re foreign and not so good at Vietnamese, they wouldn’t really pay attention Only people like Bao would pay attention to those things (Only a dark mind would think like that!) But I look like Vietnamese Right, look at his face He looks like a Vietnamese singer I think that Sejun is a gentleman, he wouldn’t have those ideas Only Bao would! Wait, but the important thing is where did you go after that? I can’t speak about that! So he was asking for real, at least for a bit So you really went play after that? Hey, please don’t do that with your hands People will misunderstand Do you feel bad for the foreigners now? Only a word “with”, has changed the meaning completely Vietnamese is very complicated, just ask the writer (You have to ask the writer about Vietnamese?) Have you ever used the wrong word in a public place? No, I haven’t but my friends have done that a lot because we’re MCs For example when we say “Welcome everyone to the show Modest Vietnam” We’d say something wrong like “Welcome to the show Cheating Vietnam” And it changed the meaning completely, see? No, this is because you always say bad things and you’re used to it (It’s rather because you’re used to saying bad things) I had this accident a few days ago What happened? I’ve done that at a very famous movie’s event The movie “Native Island” I said it very quickly And I said “***** People’s Island” You just had to mess up right there! I have practiced that sentence for an hour, yet I still read it wrong no matter what Even the Vietnamese people mess it up, so I’m sure that the foreigners would have been messing up a lot Right, Vietnamese language’s difficult “Ngu Cu, Ngu Cu” it’s difficult to differentiate That’s only an accident in the language aspect It’s not something huge yet Let’s see if there are anything worse than this WEEKEND GOSSIP The second story “A naughty hand has touched the untouchable spot” (Another thrilling story?) Naughty! “Naughty hand!” Naughty! Whose is it? (It’s this handsome guy!) Brian To tell this story, it was when I was still in my teens Still in high school (A very outdated story…) We went to the beach one day, and there was a girl that I kinda liked So usually when you go to the beach, you would organize some games So we played a game that’s like, there’d be someone running and someone else would have to chase after and catch that person When it was my turn then What did you catch? I was the person that chased after Because there were both males and females, and so I was really focusing on the game and I forgot that they are different How old were you then, Brian? Probably 17 or 18 Ah, he was 17 yet he still thought that male and female are the same You couldn’t differentiate between male and female? Because when I get really focused I’d forget Can we act it out? Bao, come over! Bao will be playing the girl role And react that situation Let’s see how Brian will catch? Take your jacket off You dropped your phone! (The volunteer actor is very passionate) You got tricked already! What happened? Why did you take your jacket off? – Alright, just let me do this – Let us watch carefully the details So I and Brian will act this out, everyone Do you have two balls? Go! So, you run and after that -Run this way -Run this way, right? And I caught two papayas Two papayas! (Very naughty hands indeed!) What? Brian just said something What does “caught two papayas” mean? Omg Bao! I saw he really grabbed it No, actually it wasn’t that hard, it was only like There was a bit elasticity (Quick reaction!) But the grabbing hurt me a little If he was really trying to grab it, it’d have probably taken longer Really! And then what happened? After that, I was really embarrassed and I apologized to her so much And she said “It’s okay!” but her attitude seems to be like she also really liked it

She was affected… I mean she was traumatized Like a nightmare This is similar to the accident that I also had when I was 17 That happened to you too? The story is like this when I was 17 I used to wrestle Wrestle? Usually, I wrestled with guys, but there was this one time that I wrestled with a girl What? Yes, because there wasn’t a competition for females So if the girls want to wrestle, they have to wrestle with guys At that time, I’ve never done that before and I was also very naive And the teammates kept teasing me Because I was known for a position That is laying on top the opponent Bao! No, no! Why am I being treated like the show’s pet? So, I had to be on top and hold the arms together -And then… how do I say it? – Knee bar! And spread the legs apart So that the opponent cannot use their legs to turn over So that I’d win I cannot picture it Bao, I’m still not able to picture how it actually happened Bao, go out there and act it out! Stop, I’ll sacrifice! (Quang Bao decided to sacrifice himself!) -Come here and do it! -We haven’t been able to picture it I invite you You don’t want to? You’re pressuring him so much that he got scared! How? How did it happen? So we were in the ring So it was like that? On the ground Ah, on the ground So like that but we should be laying on the ground You had to lay down I got a cramp! When you were wrestling like that, have your “little brother” ever woken up? “Have your ‘little brother’ ever woken up?” No, never (A very difficult question) I win quickly I think that if Brian asked that question, what he did in the past was really intentional and not just an accident No, it wasn’t Let me ask, how does wrestling relate to “little brother” waking up? (The question that froze everyone) How are those related? -So there must have been one time -But what is “little brother”? Little brother should be at home, how is he relating to this? (The most innocent man on Earth) We’re in a show, where has your mind been traveling to? What does that mean? You just got here? Did you just come back from school? -Did you just go get a haircut? -I have been sitting here but I don’t understand Alright, let’s move on, the next story is What other accident will it be? WEEKEND GOSSIP Thought to arrived at Z, but it really was “day” Let’s move on to the next story Do you get it? I got it already Kiet doesn’t get it Wait, how is it Z then “day? How are they related? Did we invite the wrong guest? I think he was supposed to be in the Children Show, the News for Babies or something He was supposed to be on your channel I still get it I’m on the children show, yet I still got it This is relating to girls How am I supposed to know that? I’m a guy It means from A to Z Meaning “all the way” Alright, I’ll try to improve my knowledge Alright, just listen and you’ll understand Whose is this story, Bao? I’m sure it’s not mine Why do you all point at me? This one! The red-shirted man -When I was living in Hanoi – Hanoi, again! Wild Hanoi When I was living in Hanoi, I had a lot of friends and we hung out together And one day, a friend of mine invited me out for beers “Bia hơi” (fresh beer) He drinks beer It’s “bia hơi” I had been invited out for beers by this friend many times before And every time we went out for beers, then we got dinner and finally, we had breakfast together It was like that, so I thought “Oh, so she wants to have breakfast again” So we went to have dinner and we walked around, we went to the West Lake We kissed and stuff, then she said “I’m tired already” “Let’s go home!” “Let’s go to your place”, so she was clear about wanting to go back to my place So we went back to my house So we got to my place, I gave her a towel and told her to go get a shower before I do And after that, I went to prepare the bed and the pieces of equipment What equipments? Basically a lot of things, you guys figure it out yourself -Use your imagination -Do you get it? Raincoat and stuff So I waited for the girl to come in the room, and I had my “fighting” attire But when she came into the room, she looked a bit sad She just covered herself with the towel that I gave her earlier “Adi…” “What? What happened to you?” “I’m embarrassed” “Embarrassed about what?” “I got the red light” (All the efforts were thrown away) What do you mean? So my plan went sour!

That night we didn’t make love And I got my car, went to the pharmacist and got her medicines, then I just hugged her and comforted her (The unfortunate caretaker!) It’s okay Adi, we understand (A very considerate guy…) Then she fell asleep So I slept too, the next morning I had to prepare breakfast Then I hugged and kissed her, drove her home and told her it’s okay, don’t worry “I love you, don’t worry” blah blah When you’re done with it, call me again and we’ll go out for beers (Planning for the next date!) Did you guys get beers after that? Of course, we did WEEKEND GOSSIP -What is that? -Next one It’s about to get hot then I got a stomachache This is similar to the last one -Yes Is it the same couple? (She cannot believe it even until now) Just tell us about this moment only There was a time I was dating someone And we have met for many times before I went to his house on a weekend And we were (Is this that difficult to tell?) In the morning, no, it wasn’t morning, I mean in the afternoon I had Mexican food Mexican food I came to his place and we watched a movie And he kissed me (A perfect date…) And Then he wanted to go to the bedroom I also wanted to but at that time, I got a stomachache It was hurting a lot I think it was because the Mexican food wasn’t good for my stomach Sorry for interrupting, but for the people who haven’t had Mexican food a lot Sometimes when you have it, you can get the Montezuma’s revenge But what’s in it? Is there a lot of chili or spices? Very spicy There are beans And my stomach was going like (Very emergent situation!) Her stomach was running around? (Gin Tuan Kiet’s like he just fell from the sky?!) I also really wanted to go to the bedroom with him So I told him that “Hey, I need to go to the bathroom” “But I know that if I go to the bathroom” “I know what I am gonna do there” (She knows she will make sounds) “And I don’t want you to hear that” (She doesn’t want her boyfriend to hear it!) Give him a headphone Or turn the music up (This is a very difficult situation) I was really embarrassed (still cannot resist though) Because I think he heard me So now we know that if we’re going to have a date in the evening, we shouldn’t have Mexican food in the afternoon We shouldn’t have Bun Dau Mam Tom and what else? Jackfruit Sweet potato, only have a little bit Also pomelo? Pomelo, only have a little bit Also pomelo and sushi? No, have sushi, sushi is okay Jackfruit? Why jackfruit? Jackfruit is fine, just don’t eat the seeds You’re supposed to eat seeds too? In Vietnam, we boil the seeds Its protein is number one That’s Vietnam’s highest-protein food Honestly, having stomachache when you go out would be difficult to foresee, women’s day is easier From my experience, to prevent those difficult situations You have to train your skills (Surprised yet…) My experience is from going on stage On stage, or in a movie set, sometimes I have to be at places that there’s not even a WC Right? So I had to have the skill To hold it in? (“Magical Holding-In Skill”?!? Keeping everything inside until you get home From my personal experience For example, if I have to be on set at 6 AM I would have to be up at 5 AM to get ready So I have 30 minutes to do whatever But I have trained myself to have a habit that at 5 AM when I get up I would empty myself out right away Just empty it out when you get up We were talking about having that situation on a date though When you’re not on set (He’s continuing to be on clouds???) Me personally, I have never been in those situations because I have been practicing that habit We have to know that Gin has a talent to take in and let out anytime he wants Very wonderful! (That’s also a talent) Magical spell Anyway I wish everything will be smooth for you guys And to not encounter these accidents on your dates I can only say that, but you each would have your own way to solve these situations

Because we have more WEEKEND GOSSIP “Please do not get in my business while I am arguing with someone” Seems harsh? Sounds a bit aggressive Who is it? (This story seems to be a bit stressful) You? Thinking about that makes me so embarrassed Let me tell you if you have a friend in your life or a crush that is like this When we meet in the beginning, in the period when you just started to talk to each other, they would be very sweet Very nice and they would give you rides and give you gifts and stuff And one day when we were having dinner together, and I saw that he was a bit annoyed before that already So when we were having dinner together, the waitress brought out a dish that’s not so good And the waitress wasn’t paying so much attention So he got angry He got angry and started to yell at the waitress, and his attitude was really aggressive He threw the plate down very aggressively He said, “Bring your manager out here, I want to talk to your manager, not you, why are you still looking at me?” I saw that his attitude was over the top and even look down on other people I said “It’s okay, let’s just get another dish if this is not good” And I told him “Let’s just talk to her gently, she’s just a waitress, she’s not responsible for this so we shouldn’t be so harsh on her” “Shut up! I’m teaching the waitress here, don’t you dare talk to me like that” “Don’t get in my business” And you guys were on a date? -Right -Is this a real story? -Yes, it is So he was already annoyed from home, and then there was this situation And there was me pushing him, and also the waitress was scared So the situation was really dramatic until he cannot control it anymore that he had to show his true nature “Don’t you dare get in my business, understand?” Then he was “Oh my god! I messed up!” So that means that he had been acting and it already was like that if we continued to date and got married, he probably would have hit me at home And with his aggressive personality like that, he wouldn’t be able to educate his children And also cannot treat other people right, so he must have a problem They really look down on others, I would never date those people After that day, my attitude changed completely It was a red code, I didn’t know how to tell him I cannot just say it’s because he usually runs red lights Or because he’s really mean to the waiter and waitresses And when I stopped seeing him, after that a few years, I observed and see that his life has been going downhill And I think the main problem was his attitude Why didn’t you tell him directly so he can improve? No, you cannot give feedback on someone’s attitude That’s their personality WEEKEND GOSSIP “After getting what I want, I just fell asleep and snored” Who is it? Would Kiet be able to understand? Meaning that when you need help with something, and someone helps you then after that you’re just so tired and fell asleep So like you’re so tired and you fell asleep and snored, nothing’s so complicated about that Is it a 18+ story again? Let me switch my mind to the 18+ mode Are you able to understand now, or should you just go home now? I understood Which guy that fell asleep and snored? If he’s snoring, I’m sure he’s not able to talk I don’t know whose story this is, but honestly, I have done this a lot Whose story is this? Really, Vanessa? Oh, no doubts that our names are also similar No, actually this story is very cute and innocent So we have thought about it wrongly -So Kiet was right -Kiet was right, congratulations! Congrats to Kiet! Okay, let me tell you, I and my boyfriend used to be in a long-distance relationship And one time, I was mad at this guy for a very long time I was mad at him for like 4 days I was mad at him for a very long time, I was mad at him for like 4 days (Unbelievable!) So he had to make a surprise for me And that night, I went to see a drama show with the students at my campus And when the light just turned off, he pulled out a flower bouquet and expressed his love to me It’s like I was mad and there’s someone that I can be clingy to so I really liked it and I agreed When I agreed to him, it was only 1/3 of the show It was a sad drama play, so the theater was really quiet And I heard a snore I thought “Where’s that snoring sound?” It was really close to me Like that, exactly like that And we were also holding hand, and I felt that he was letting go of my hand And I turned over and saw him, so I poked at him I poked at him and he still didn’t wake up, he even snored louder There! And everyone was watching the play, it was really sad too -It was a sad play? -Yea, it was Meaning that everyone was trying to focus and we were about to cry But suddenly, there was a snoring sound and everyone turned over to look at him I poked at him, “Hey” And he continued to snore Throw you hand, Bao! There, there, just like that! I said “Hey”, and he did that for the second time, so I hit him Like that I was so embarassed Why didn’t you put the popcorn in his mouth? So he wouldn’t snore anymore I was also embarrassed, I thought about covering his mouth with my hand, but people were looking Let’s see if the foreigners would understand so that they can give us their opinions on that Did I tell the story in a way that is easy for you guys to understand?

Let’s act it out Let them see a movie “Poor me!” – I’m in a drama play -No, not that scene -“Why does it have to be me that is struggling?” Snore! (The show is turning into a drama class) Sad drama, it’s very sad “Oh my god!” “Why does it have to be me that is struggling?” Louder “Why does it have to be me that is struggling?” “Oh my god” Like that Do you understand? Very embarrassing! Were you embarrassed because he was snoring or was it because people were looking? -Both -Both? It’s about politeness in public It was just a mistake in behaving in public Meaning that what he just showed you was a really important act Proposing -No, he just asked me out -Ah, asking you out So he just set the mood to be really romantic In the middle of the theater Then after giving you flowers, he doesn’t really care anymore and fell asleep No, honestly, if you think about it, you would feel empathized for him Who knows, maybe he went to Dalat to get you that flower bouquet therefor he was really tired and fell asleep Actually, I also fall asleep a lot No doubts he would feel empathized So how does that relate to Vanessa’s story finally? Vanessa’s story is like, usually when someone really knows how to love me and takes care of me Of course, I only agree to date people that treat me like that I’m pretty, not stupid Sorry! But for those who are worthy for me to date, I would really love them But he would be a really great man, right? So I also tried my best, so I also get tired Therefore I also fall asleep, sometimes if I’m too exhausted I also snored (so the main character here is Vanessa!!) You pass out You probably have passed out I don’t know if that’s related or not -Shinsuke! -Yes He has been waiting to tell his story No, it was because I really want to ask Shinsuke something In Japan, people are very conservative It’s the culture that people are very polite and even when they are dating, right? So for example During the first date, if there is an unfortunate event happens? An accident happens Then how would they react, would they be embarrassed, or what would be the reaction of Japanese women? I’m sure that Japanese women are easy-going So they won’t get angry They would let it go and it wouldn’t cause a problem But… later time… go on a date… again… I don’t know He doesn’t know He doesn’t know if there will be a second time She doesn’t say anything… but… later… I don’t understand So you’re not sure about what happens later, right? He didn’t see her again, that what he means They’re easy-going but we don’t know if there will be a second time I think at this age, everyone must have been through those accidents when we just want the ground to swallow us up, right? It also depends on our partner, if our partner is a considerate, sensitive person and they will help us to overcome those moments easily But if the partner’s not that person, then they’re probably just not the right choice for us, right? When we go on our first date, we also should have some planning ahead Not that we have to go from A, B, C, D But it might be that we should do A first, then we’d have got through the first stage Then surely there will be the next ones So you should know about where you should go to on the first date Thank you so much to our guests and the untold stories Our show “Weekend Gossip” this week has come to an end And we’ll see each other again at 22h30 next Sunday, on HTV7 Channel You can also rewatch it on the Youtube Channel MCV Media, or LoveTV Goodnight everyone, goodbye