[Applause] foreign hold up hello mate how are you doing i’m good thanks how you doing good good nice to see you again yeah yeah seems like ages especially when i don’t do a saturday show okay you’re there gp you copy everything good um just check audio audio because i’ve got lovelier on what’s that okay let’s just grab this quick do a little hello i didn’t get his name but he’s here with his son i didn’t get his name i think his son’s on youtube or he’s on youtube seven five seven seven six seven pilot folks uh here at london heathrow with his son uh ex boeing 757-767 with british airways uh just told me a fantastic story which uh he’s got a mate who’s possibly uh no no promises but uh he knows someone who’s got a 757 simulator so we’re going to um see about um re uh reliving that uh well you see it took all of eight minutes um but we’ll jump on that a little bit later yeah my earphone [Applause] oh oh really no no everything’s all right what me my headset my headset okay hold off till after this one jilly and then just pull me back

the francaise [Laughter] yeah your kittens ears that’s it that’s it sorry yeah well they’re big as well you know what i mean but uh anyway um so here we are folks welcome uh back it’s only been a couple of days gotta say a big shout out to everybody who’s uh who’s obviously given us uh a lot of support um i’ve got to say quickly to uh to um oh what’s his name um hold on a second just stand by just stand by um my um it’s avtom i think it’s to have tom my my um predictive put act on on youtube so i think it’s av tom on youtube um giving us a shout out folks we’ve got a 747 abc 747 due in uh very shortly within 20 minutes uh just a quick shout out to let’s have tom over there he’s one of our youtube and there’s the fella with his uh with his son over there sitting on the bank over there 757 and there’s another one of our followers all right mate how you doing um but yeah absolutely fantastic thanks to avton uh for giving me that heads up 747.8 abc 747 maybe a farmer jet who knows um and when i talk about farmer i don’t mean farmer giles i mean um it’s full of turp turnips abc full of turnips uh no it’s not farmer uh 20 minutes he said i thought he said 20 minutes he might be wrong i don’t know but i don’t think i don’t okay okay well we’ll just have a little look at that uh so hope you’re all doing well folks um let’s just grab this one so you’re not going to miss any aviation action that’s that’s the bottom line but uh stuff to talk about of course um one thing that uh i have to uh i have to mention is um what a great job british airways did um in their post-production delivery of the 747 retirement here at london heathrow only one thing missing was the rotate shot they should have asked me man i would have given it to them for nothing and i wouldn’t have wanted my logo in there or anything you know all i had to do was make a call i’m i’m very open to sharing footage man you know with anybody for no charge and you know just for the love of aviation not about selling out you know so uh a wonderful um tribute to the 747 last two 747s here at london heathrow a couple of days back well done to british airways and the editing crew who put together a great piece i have to say hampered by the weather weren’t we eh what a terrible uh state of affairs that was it’s almost like mother nature didn’t want her to retire because it it went really murky just before they lined up for departure and then as soon as they’d gone it was as soon as the yankee had done its uh flyby it cleared up you know cloud base opened up and everything what an absolute shame but uh but still uh lots to do and we’ll um we’ll obviously we we’re gonna we’ve we obviously did the live piece and it was wonderful it was it was uh outstanding and it was great to see so many people uh joining in as well am i still on lavalier julie i think i’m still on lovely right so let me just uh yeah i am yeah yeah still got still got audio yeah is it a little bit louder is it like you know anyway so yes what have you been up to folks good shout out to dave lakeland if you’re around dave thank you for the uh kind words of support and the t-shirt very interesting indeed thank you so much for that having a lot of aviation dreams at the moment emirates related one last night so

oh wow yeah oh that’s a proper bit of controversy isn’t it oh yeah did they know something we didn’t you know watch out for the watch out for no i’m not gonna i’m not gonna mention it because it’s like you know um yeah um tunes for the jumbo tunes for the jumbo uh one that came to mind the other day was um the love i lost the love i lost was a sweet love and all that harold melvin in the blue notes remember them uh no of course you don’t he’s like what is he talking about um but there’s some interesting news from zul getting a little bit of news from zul about the a380s i think a high number i’m hearing a number of a380s are going to be moved let’s just get this one [Applause] so a lot of people are aware the uh the majority of british airways 380 fleet are currently um stored in chateau rue now they there is word of the moving to cqm which is in spain um whether that’s just for just just for to free up storage for uh for chateau rue or um whether it’s um because they’re saying long-term storage that’s uh that’s the words that came out of uh out of the source that we had um how many of them we don’t know but let’s not forget that the other day we did have uh this 380 uh come to town um i’ll tell you what i’m gonna do julie uh okay okay she is inbound right okay thank you 380 uh sitting there which i i’m thinking possibly is the one of the 380s i’m not sure exactly how many they there was mention of over over over one at least um 380s to be reinstated into the um schedule with british airways nice lamppost mate yeah it is nice isn’t it um look at that beautiful galvanizing uh effect on the uh thanks um but yeah so songs for the quick now in terms of uh what we’re going to do with the a little bit of exhaust there’s a speed up got a little tiny little bit of a crosswind nothing too hectic but the sock is blowing um south easterly so that’ll be a north westerly i’d imagine that we’re we’re in at the moment did have a an american airlines triple seven go uh go around flew straight over the uh the house this morning so some uh what that was as a result of i i don’t really so yes interesting um interesting things happening uh with regards to our 747 um special that i wanted to do we’re looking at a way look at that only just notice that flipping it two la tan triple sevens uh in town now when’s the last time that happened looks like a neo we’ll grab it in a minute so yeah we’re we’re looking to do a uh a celebration on the 747 but uh we’re just looking at the capability of uh

running a a sort of like a day with uh all together in the office uh in the edit suite grabbing uh pieces of our favorite uh shows and that means literally going right back in the archives folks so you can join me live as we sort of like go back in the archives and look for those amazing shots oh it’s greased out frankfurt i’m guessing this has come from or munich have we i think frankfurt’s the busier of the two isn’t it but we are going to frankfurt ladies and gents we’re just waiting on next week’s final uh schedules regarding uh not next week but the uh well actually it is next week we’re just looking for uh no it’s the week after sorry um you lose you lose track of time man when you’re doing this i’m telling you um but uh we’re just looking we’re holding back on a couple of cheers man i’ll be back in a minute all right um we’re looking for um a break in a schedule because there’s quite a few things happening which are sort of on the fence at the moment i don’t want to be away when they happen uh some really exciting stuff but that will be a two member-only show folks um that’ll be just for our members it’s you know i mean that’s what we want to do we want to do at least one european show a month and um bring that back to our members and thank you again for all your support of course really appreciate it the great murray walker was like 97 years old yes and it’s go um yesterday so happy birthday murray walker and anybody else’s birthday who it was yesterday uh come to your comments in a second injection 1000 look at that new member straight in there george adams jazzy john g’day jeff bundy sam beck kevin henry bulldog uh looking at bulldog 617 he’s our man up at marham ladies and gents uh i can go to the let me just see if this main mic makes a difference easy for you to say julie stand by switching right now it will go off and then go on [Applause] that’s taking the lavalier off because i was going to do a ptc and uh it sort of like never works out the way i want it to work out you know we’re gonna run the titles no too late oh that’s the jambo jet dreamliner look at that for um [Applause] airline recognition dreamliner behind the uh 350 tail still interested to hear about that whole thing about that the a350 winglet that it being developed from uh the harris hawk um designed off of the harris hawk as in the bird of prey not the um yeah the hawk aircraft but the harris hawk is a uh there’s a bird of prey so it’s wing-fed as i’m guessing it’s uh wing-lit feathers uh obviously have been studied i’d imagine do you want julie did i stop what yes oh okay that’s good then that’s good because that means the lavalier works really well um let me just sort this out so that it’s because it’s uh on the night shift right sorry yeah bulldog 617 coming on there and um uh faiz luckman welcome back to faiz lookman um next week folks we’re gonna do some military stuff uh if you haven’t been with us on the military shows uh yet then can i uh can i suggest that you join us and if you like fast jets and reheat or after burner depending upon which uh which part of the world you’re from um f-15 strike eagle from the um from raf lakenheath which is u.s air force base folks and um it’s the liberty wing i said it in scottish the liberty wing it’s not it’s the liberty wing um up there at lakenheath raf lakenheath and uh bus

so we’ll be there on wednesday folks now there’s a possibility that i’m gonna do that and then head south to south uh down to um no no sorry it’s gonna be conningsby first then then then lakenheath on on thursday potentially that’s what we’re looking at so raf collinsby for the eurofighter which is just awesome uh don’t forget folks that a lot of these plans are all dependent on weather conditions and uh wind directions and so on and so forth so as you can appreciate things do change from time to time we try to stay stick to the schedule but when mother nature uh jumps in like she very nearly did um for the 747 show she did most definitely but uh you know it could have been worse put it that way but luckily it wasn’t wayne dyer good atu my friend darren graham abc in soon thanks very much down there we are here we go i think this is her now isn’t it let’s see if the old camera no of course it’s not going to behave or is it oh no this is big man’s uh all dreamliner okay might see the jumbo just uh appear behind her there she comes now is it banking into the is it banking into the shot now there it is this could be a this could be a cloud busting um is it this could be a little cloud buster this one this jumbo if this uh if this dreamliner doesn’t um mess with the focus we might get that jumbo busting through the cloud dragging a big load of cloud wither as well come on girl there she is there she is or is that the sas that’s miles off claw course blimey no i think that is the jumbo actually ah yeah no i think he’s on i don’t know actually okay looked like the jumbo was taking a quite a tight turn i thought he’d be coming out about round about there but uh no that’s not a jumbo that’s the sas no no that’s sas isn’t it so he’s still off course by the looks well he was okay so that was the sas pulling into the back of the stack then uh call me on that abc is she coming from north or south okay all right okay we should get that so i’m guessing that the the aircraft that they literally chucked around the skies at that one time at farnborough is uh is actively flying i’m guessing unless boeing were using it as a display aircraft or if it was i think it was actually bimmins wasn’t it sure it was bimmy’s [Applause] okay now let’s just keep an eye out i can see the jumbo man i can see the jumbo there she is look bloody lamppost standby [Applause] come on baby stay with me stay with me stay with me [Applause]

what a shot what a shot do what oh look at the cloud look at the cloud coming off the jumbo man wow okay we’re gonna go gear down about four miles out it’s probably over uh just coming towards richmond now i’d imagine or twickenham sorry talking them in richmond yeah to the left you’ll see uh richmond park uh maybe going over um q gardens sas i just had to get this didn’t i we’ve got to get the hole we’ll have lots of other neos landing when a jumbo comes to play so like i was saying earlier on folks um it it could be a mixture of freight on board this uh 747 could be uh could be pharmaceutical very highly specialist oh look at this that looks like a film scape didn’t it looks like it’s got a filter on it i might get a little bit of um just gonna pull any cloud behind it i think it’s through that now it’s way past that a little bit of up wash from the uh from the wing you can see there a curve in the in the cloud definitely a little bit of up wash yeah she’s beautiful so general freight um abc specialists um mainly in general freight uh big pieces and uh and pharmaceuticals as well i think the vaccine they’re thinking of is is potentially going to be between five and six degrees i think is the optimum temperature that they need to store it and carry it at i believe maybe completely i’m sure i heard that somewhere so obviously um these guys at abc along with other uh companies i think um uh ups are are working very feverishly for give the pump but um ups working very uh hard at creating a logistical solution for the distribution of the uh the vaccine because they say and i’m not saying everyone should have it i’m just saying that this is just what i hear but um good news is that you know things are really starting to move now with especially uh airports international airports i think they’ve had enough so um joint ventures popping up all over the place one that i’ll read about in a short while from uh with virgin mag group and so on and so forth talking about um pre-testing pre-flight testing but let’s just uh get this jumbo jet shall we folks [Applause] wow sounding great is that cf6 powered that 400 just have a look

not full full beams on the reversers but decent enough i don’t know if you caught that folks i don’t know if you heard that but i hope the mic was picking that up because that was just [Applause] awesome [Applause] [Applause] yes so this um this little bit of news that i picked up off of instagram look instagram sorry um linkedin news from instagram really okay anyway so this is a joint uh sort of like um venture between heathrow airport virgin atlantic virgin atlantic mag and uh easyjet virgin atlanta so this is basically uh and the and the and the [Applause] the personnel the executives uh involved in it at this point i’m sure there are a lot more people involved in it but basically uh we’ve got uh from heathrow looks like yes this would be right uh john holland caith uh heathrow ceo uh shea weiss uh virgin atlantic ceo he puts a lot of stuff out on linkedin uh he’s very communicable with uh with his public uh charlie cornish manchester airport group ceo and johann uh lundgren easyjet ceo um oh man yeah yeah yeah rock what literally over my head because i’ve got one north of me yeah yeah yeah yeah she’s not she’s not she’s not wow a346 or what oh sorry a400 sorry sorry is this it here hold on a minute she’ll she’ll go oh that’s west to east okay oh there she is mate there she is hold on a second yeah there it is all right am i gonna get that though am i gonna get that hold on ah when they’re not trailing it’s ah i can hear it you can hear it but you can’t see it nick wait hold on a minute let me just see if i can i’ve got triple seven darn it there it is ah oh i missed that darn it okay let me just see if i can pick this up because just i’ve got sunlight and everything going on in my eyes man not behaving itself today with the focus man it’s because that lamppost in the way so what’s this one here julie sorry man what’s this one here oh nice cargo luxe jumbo not one of the specials but looking pretty smart time stamp on that gp please okay so i’m going to read this statement out that’s that’s official on linkedin um it’s good news it’s way forward um and i’m all for it i mean i mean full support for anyone who wants to do this cuff virgin 350 on the push ah darn it okay okay ba dreamliner in first

welcome everybody if you’re just tuning in london heathrow live on big jet tv uh we’re gonna he’s pushing back that way so we should get these uh xwbs far enough here we go this is what we do let me just i’ll come back okay listen out for the startup on that 350 stand by just get this dreamliner [Applause] touchdown ah this may be a remote tow i think i think this is a remote tow yeah because he’s not on radar okay should we do that quote now right folks listen up this is um like i say this is like i say a quote from a joint group uh that’s obviously been um uh put together by these guys uh who have decided to take us their own steps in terms of um getting traveled back uh again to the aviation sector and uh so these guys at heathrow virgin atlantic mag group and easy jet um basically this is a joint statement yesterday’s announcement is a step in the right direction by the government to restart the economy and protect thousands of jobs across the country we support the decision to opt for a single test private sector-led very interesting private sector-led passenger funded approach so you will pay a little bit extra for your for you for your ticket okay so we can just build that into our budget um and uh a single test as well which is really interesting uh that does not impact on the nhs in any way another very important factor because that would obviously be a major uh stumbling block if it did in fact affect the nhs but travellers need a firm commitment that a comprehensive testing regime will be implemented in early november a test on day five which the government’s own conservative evidence said would be highly effective and which they’re already doing in germany should be the starting point uh yes that’s it’s very effective what they’re doing in germany we encourage the government to take a lead in moving to pre-departure testing as well as the approval of new testing technologies as soon as possible without a rapid move to testing the uk will fall even further behind our competitors and the economic recovery will fail to get off the ground so basically what they’re doing is they’re uh they’re coming together and uh and putting out a plea to uh to the uk government um like they say to restart the economy and protect thousands of jobs across the country um you know folks it’s it’s a um it’s it’s it’s it’s very sad times so many uh good people losing their jobs and um and continuing to do so the um the the the airline industry is internal right now let’s face it it’s just as simple as that those who surviving are predominantly surviving because they have a short haul uh route system uh much like british airways and and the like fortunately people like virgin atlantic and other major airlines are utilizing their aircraft for belly freight and um and uh bringing income that way you know you need to bring in

revenues um to to to keep keep a big airline um above water so most of these uh airlines still utilizing their their aircraft for uh for belly freights which is why uh a lot of the time uh they do go to remote stand because they’re perhaps waiting for uh for for freight uh to be delivered to them or it’s just their scheduling whichever but even so either way i think it’s a very positive thing that uh that those guys at heathrow are doing because we want to travel again um i’ve been discussing it it’s quite simple uh the simplicity is that there’s there’s no way you know there’s no physical certificate or anything like that it’s a qr code which is unique to uh to the airline uh and to the airport so that qr code is unique to yourself or or whatever barcode it might be you use it on your phone um and all those details all your details your personal details are linked to that so it’s not like you can do it fraudulently or anything like that that would be my way of looking at it so you just got to put get the logistics in place uh to deal with those sorts of things and i think that uh you know um with with with the airline industry being a system of booking and very heavy logistics in terms of passenger movements and so on and so forth um their current use of barcoding and so on and so forth with your with your luggage especially when you see it from my point of view when i went to cologne the other day you see a little tiny box that’s no bigger than six by six inches going up a big old um conveyor belt into the belly of a 747 well that little box is just as important as a great big piece of freight uh and it all bases on a barcode everything is on a car barcode regardless of the size of the piece of freight so your baggage is obviously very important to uh to to the airlines and therefore that’s why they have a very very efficient system of barcoding and tracking um uh baggage so uh to implement that with uh with the testing programs i think personally shouldn’t be such a big deal it’s just like adding a new arm to your existing sort of like systems um test the test the the uh i nearly said the panther there uh test the uh the passenger um give him a clear run and then uh and then obviously the other airport the other destination oh sorry the destination has to obviously um be involved quite heavily in that as well so there has to be unanimous sort of like gateways that are going to start opening up with um with different airports around the world new york being one that’s very important so perhaps if heathrow uh made a success of this testing on site they could trial it just for maybe one um one airport in the u.s maybe new york where you get uh some some travelers on there which are predominantly they’re not holiday makers per se but businessmen maybe and women or business people should i say um so so they can be tracked well they’re responsible hopefully um you know to be honest with you somebody like me who would go to new york walked straight through the airport wouldn’t even go out of the airport because i’d be on top of the uh seven five or oh here we go look is a favorite is this in here the yellow peril 757 is one for our pilot friend over there uh chap here with his son ex-british airways and and there has been wasn’t one of british airways 757s didn’t that go to dhl or something and it’s been back here or something like that wasn’t it didn’t it come back here once or yes it did i’m pretty sure it did i’m pretty sure that dhl have an xba 757 in their fleet and it came back here once look at this beautiful aircraft and uh we’ll see that go out [Applause] all on the brakes weigh anything it’s just all commerce on that on that aircraft folks all parcels um

well 99 anyway rb211 power so if uh if it is xba then um that could possibly be the one that we’d have to check on um okay there we go good afternoon everybody stephen i was love the 757 even the old banger sue lawson uh brand ortho airport next is 737 thank you uh bran donfro um 737x high speed approach being told by pilots that apparently is they do have a five or ten not faster approach speed on the 737 than the estate aircraft read all about it just getting to that time of year now folks where the air is uh really cold up there uh autumn time so we should you know i’ve been watching the aircraft go out over the top of my house and uh depending upon the layer uh we’re getting we’re starting to get those vortex shots and um over wing fluff which is just fantastic to see adam yold uh adam yield is a new member gonna join us as a first class member when we uh head to frankfurt folks two days in frankfurt member only stream hello is this the the old ram or is this no that’s a new one it’s the new one yeah view delivery old set free [Applause] so yeah somebody uh like myself if i was to go to new york let’s just say for example i’m sort of like on that very very very low um risk sort of like um rung on the ladder so to speak um because i wear masks everywhere i go more or less uh it’s in a in a retail environment if it’s in a hotel if it’s in an enclosed space i’ll wear a mask i’d be even whether or not to be honest with you uh the the the twa hotels um upper spotting deck is probably not open at the moment i would have thought um then again it may be but and of course we need to see we need to see whether there’s enough traffic out there which i think there is to be honest with you because a lot of these major airports are um are operating a lot more freight so a lot more 747s especially in the us md-11s dc tens triple sevens just a bit flat there we go united triple 7 200 star alliance haven’t seen that for a while also folks we’ve got meas new 321 folks the 10 000 320 um airbus in the air in the 320 family not 318 not 319 320 the 10 000 320 so whether or not they’ve done uh or the 320 family sorry should i say so maybe they’ve done six thousand three twenties and four thousand three twenty ones i don’t know but uh see you man take it there’s a easy lad look there’s old matey mate harry but it is no tom that’s um i’ve tom on youtube have tom oh oh is it harry is it okay okay is he on the is he on the chat then sorry hold on sorry man

that would be obvious then isn’t it if you wrote did you write it down okay okay um eric do next unlike me eric dunet is a new member on big jet tv grand dorfo the a380 is inbound uh over a place uh check cheer uh is that right uh donald farmer mark wallace carvey estudian is in the house how are you doing carl hope you’re well angela cooper ps4 gamer ftw can someone ask how long the stream is going to be for a ps4 game until until uh until dark uh ladies and gents uh yo kennedy g’day to you chip has 1990 that star alliance united triple 7 200 service between l-a-x cargo only there we go and that’s uh that’s her just sitting on remote over there so then maybe the reason why they’re uh why she’s sitting on the remote is because she’s uh waiting for freight now whether that freight is gonna be commerce um general freight you know sometimes it can be salmon and flowers and vegetables a little bit of farmer you know pharmacy stuff um when i say foreign who knows that is is it air canada or you say canada or is it uh delta or or that that that that that this um that biz jet the bbj the one we saw at uh frankfurt or uh yeah sort of triple seven um it’s going west to east i don’t have this trip look it may be the dreamliner so right now 7 37 oh that’s fantastic i’ll get me coke i’ll get me coke just get a bit excited you know when you oh yeah it’s definitely yeah a big biz jet oh yeah that’s that triple seven this is ryanair 737 fantastic um william johnson good afternoon and welcome to big jet tv i hope you’re well uh thanks for joining rab h jeff anderson anders anderson uh i’m jeff hey chandelson anderson anderson uh tony sharp it’s a plain seeing office blue simoniz 41. uh talking about simon eyes what gave the wash gave the wash gave the van a wash uh earlier on it’s amazing in it you can go into halfords or wherever you go to get your bits and bobs um there’s all these things isn’t there you know simonized this and simonized that and um uh what is it uh uh the other stuff that you know costs lots of money for like you know all i do is bit bit washing up liquid a bucket a sponge sponge it off and use it use a uh simon eyes simonize is it is it’s a cleaning thing there’s specialists like polishes and stuff like that uh i think um but um that’s a 321 folks oh is there what me or the leads over the other side there’s nothing okay let me pan it let me pan it how’s that is it what was what really it’s like a what it’s not it’s not hold on a minute it’s not a zoom is it let me zoom

so it’s going really it’s not this is it [Applause] okay so if i do this if i do it if i’m if i do that right it shouldn’t happen when i move when i pan or because i’m only very carefully zooming there oh it’s when i let go of it when i let go of it yeah so so i just need to be very careful okay let me just let me just do something here you heard the click then all right okay well let me because because sometimes i’ll go in like this yeah and i’ll let go like that can you hear that click when i let go okay just just just start yeah you can okay okay i’m just gonna do it i’m just gonna i’m trying to work out exactly where it is right let me zoom into these and do what i normally do and i stop it like that okay was there a click at the end when i come to stop yes there was okay now i’m gonna do it now without doing that okay is there a click when i come to the stop oh well that can’t be right it did it did exactly the same okay that’s interesting okay definitely okay let me just try something here hold on a minute just stand by one is is [Applause] i’m [Applause] [Applause] he’s just a liverpool fan yeah he’s just uh he’s just palmed me off with uh he tried to pull me off with a toffee apple that’s unique that isn’t it outside outside um what did you just have to do with the toffee apple oh that’s brilliant in it i didn’t even know you could buy the bleeding things where did you buy toffee apples from another 7.37 blimey they’re like okay don’t don’t just let me i haven’t made this adjustment yet yeah two 737s this time lot [Applause] nice andy hold tight soccer low um that’s funny that is man it’s the last time i saw a bleeding um uh one of them there you go right now just removed the uh the uh the sender unit for the mic gp so now let me just check the uh check to see if we oh look at this

let’s see if you get the noise now julie is that iberia’s 330 nice is it okay all right all right well it’s people are just gonna have to live with it man is it that bad it’s like every time well no it’s it’s a no it’s a uh it’s a hardware issue mate it’s a hardware issue it’s the zoom it’s the zoom toggle yeah i can’t do anything about it now man tell you what would actually be i’m thinking of sort of like an a-team who can fix it um if i put a piece of tape over it it will cause it to it’ll cause it to not be so because it’s floppy it must be all now as it’s floppy in it um i’ve got a floppy toggle um so if i was to put a piece of electrical tape over it it would possibly well i didn’t have the wrong mic and i just didn’t have the mic ah standby now check it jilly now check it are you ready has it stopped no we were on that we were on the camera mic the uh the jack wasn’t um wasn’t all the way in so all that time my um we were on the i think on the on the uh camera mic i think but i’m not sure have to see anyway whatever yeah so that’s sorted now folks sorry about that um look at this gotta love a 330 this their is this their old 200 okay angle of attack the attitude it’s got an attitude look what’s the undercarriage land back wheels first yeah oh look at that d rated might put on a little bit of late reverse sometimes they do here we go just a little tiny bit to get him on that exit did you say harry julie harry and his son okay i think i’ve got that right harry and his son harry x757 767 pilot um and uh had some great experiences on both jets by the sounds of it swashbuckling type pilot kind of stories that the old man used to have and um when i flew on the jump seat with him on the fourth seat on the dc-8 because of course he had the flight first officer captain on the left flight engineer behind and sometimes uh the seat behind the captain is the fourth seat um sometimes sometimes taken up by the load master depending on you know the seating arrangements uh in those old in those old days i think from memory they had a little row of seats right at the back of the aircraft um yeah they had the the g-nets and uh oh just great fun man flying around with the old man down and down to mombasa and places like that you know mainly all um african roots on the freighter with the old man

oh that’s funny that’s really oh that is fantastic man yeah yeah folks is uh yeah that’s that’s that’s really funny man that’s great you know um so so like i said next week um anna lufty is a new member on big jet tv welcome anna lee davis bobby fitzsimmons um sorry folks um wow jeff anderson kisa um good day to you my dogs poor smoker yeah yeah of course do smelly biscuits i have to say uh cats and dogs mark wallace i think it’s the fur keith cornell zombie baker at 600 good to see you here my friend uh mirror man’s in the house here he comes miles high again uh how are you doing sherry hellyer davey uh dave jones in the locker how you doing oh hey interesting he’s not on radar is he that united triple because if he pushes back and starts oh i hope it’s far enough back man that he’s gonna push i think he might be in fact sorry far enough forward because if he’s he’s all the way out there i think he’s at almost one of the last gates hopefully there’s enough room to push him back so he’s facing us and we will at this time of day ladies and gents get that um hopefully i think they’re ge 90s it should be a 115b on a 200 indeed it is ge9115b’s i think 115 000 pounds of thrust on each side of that jetliner man just insane you think of that more thrust on one engine than the old 707 had in all four engines something like that uh banana on the way in 25 minutes 27 years old here roper saying i guess you’re meaning the old banger uh and or or are you perhaps meaning another 757 uh mick mathias uh joey runyan good afternoon to you uh shari helia davey jones miles high um john carly brand dorfo airport exiting military week next week exciting military week next week i saw a c-130 fly low um well we’re definitely doing military uh next week folks looks like it’s going to be two days on the truck connings be on wednesday with lakenheath on thursday um obviously i’ll be um making a few inquiries just to check what the uh what the state of status of affairs is oh here we go here we go i’ll go on mate push it back take it right take it right it’s the bleed air going out through the apu or whatever it is that oh he’s coming out this way and he’s so he’ll basically uh push it all the way back up here folks so that the nose is facing to our left so he’s doing a u-turn basically but backwards and based on the fact that he’ll probably push it back as far as it’s quite a long push back uh sort of like his engines should be about there so we should get this is what i hear from my house uh what obviously used to be every five minutes uh back in the good old days pewdiepie g’day to you on flight radar 24 somebody telling us this is a pure lax freighter flight john collier tcc adam truella good afternoon chris bevin simoniz jealous of the times that i flew him the old man in his dc-8 we had we lost an engine over the channel once had to go into charles de gaulle and um we waited i think from memory it was something like three days stayed at the hotel sofitel um of course me dad being the captain a pilot where was he all the time when i was up in the uh up in the in the room in the hotel room sort of having a pack of crisps and a bottle of bleeding coca-cola he was down in the bar with all the

women when he like ah get old dad fair play mate it’s like an oil seal or something like that engine oil seal that we had to wait for be shipped out back in the old days when they used to sort of like row it across the channel wow eve could say my eight-year-old son was watching that united triple seven coming in this morning on 3d flight radar there we go how’s that that’s a great piece of our whole uh model here on big jet tv is the is the is the community and those people who get involved he was watching it on 3d coming in and now he’s seeing it in the flesh hopefully see how far he’s being pushed back now folks hopefully he won’t start his engines until uh until he’s at a stop got a great start up from a triple seven fedex triple seven in cologne folks if you haven’t seen it uh we’re gonna be putting that up at some point because it’s worthy of uh of a jet blast got lots to do especially this jumbo day that we want to do may stretch over a couple of days as well because we’ve got so much to get through man four years of footage all with 747s in call it three years i’d say see that’s a long push back ladies and gents it’s gone further than what i estimated around about now is when i thought he was going to stop uh where that lamppost is and there it is so here we go folks right let’s angle this up listen out for this actually number two start sean truman it was lax this time last year more or less photo bombing three two one brad kemp welcome

and the chickens watching tv watching tv allen jigglings watching tv in the kitchen waiting for the start and what do what does the wife do puts the people to be watching leave it out mind you you might have a you might have a ge-90 style uh washing machine some people do don’t they when they do the start the spin is like shanghai mouse man rick yes love the sound of big jets definitely man i mean great thing is that these new advanced uh jets uh luckily have got a great unique noise to them uh much like the old uh like the old jets um each engine really has its own unique sound and uh even the uh even the aie you know or the cf of the cf6 cfm56 and these uh these little leap engines as well when they go out obviously extremely quiet on landing sometimes you might get a bit of burst of uh heavy duty reverser but to be honest with you it’s the uh it’s the um it’s not the leap 1a it’s the pratt whitney pw um micro fan uh micro big fan i call it you know um the uh practically pw 70 1700 g i think that powers the a220 they give that a load of stick don’t do much the same on the uh on the lufty 320 neos i have to say uh which also powered by the same engine although i did hear that lufthansa ordered a whole new clutch of a320 neos but that was um pre-covered so that order’s probably been put on hold i’d imagine but uh all of those new orders with lufthansa a320 airbus a320 neos um changing the engine option to the leap engine as opposed to the pratt whitney’s because they did have some major issues with the first aircraft that they took delivery of having to lease aircraft to replace them while the engine’s issues were dealt with all right why do you need that for that then okay d8 350 i don’t know where this one’s headed if he goes left washington okay so he’s going straight dead we might go up over the top but no don’t forget folks got the a380 due in it’s over russia so maybe a another hour i’m thinking maybe maybe a little bit less i doubt don’t really oh that is a stack and you don’t want that um the glide slope as it is commonly known folks okay the god the god i’m not the messiah honestly

oh is it where is it where’s she at no no i don’t care that i’d rather have the old livery um 10 minutes out here linger say 3 30 folks that’s a treat that’s a treat it’s like uh it’s like opening a christmas present under the tree and it’s like opening up oh that’s got to say a big shout out folks to the renaissance hotel here at london heathrow so quiet it’s so quiet ben brown simon morgan kisa see in office pyrotechnics shari helio richie p1 here comes the mirror uh shane smith good afternoon to you lynn keeble good afternoon jane alder uh yvonne helen got some new golf balls and you know why i picked these golf balls because they’re not because of their name in fact they’re not in terms of um you know it’s not the tightness price range although golf balls are gold ball in my ass they’re all probably made in the same bleeding factory the golf ball factory in shenzhen or something like that i’m gonna grab that uh but yeah yeah new golf balls the reason why i pick them is because they’ve got this on them you see that you see the color and normally you have to draw that on there with a pen which doesn’t come out very well because if you use a sharpie it smudges and all that kind of stuff sorry to all uh smudged cats but yeah yeah and it’s in the color of the uh it’s in the color of uh american airlines so that’s why i picked them kind of got an aviation feel about them anyway yeah oh bus bus bus bus bus bus got his ray bans on chips have gone yeah so frankfurt double header for members only folks see ya bye nice to see you um james freeman d-a-e-a-l-a-300 dhl inbound thank you uh james mark uh guthrie wow look at this look at you go mark youtube on my big screen and facebook with freeda on my desktop um fantastic he’s got it all going on and isn’t he beep no no no no we don’t do big jet tv golf bags ladies and gents um oh balls balls right yeah interesting well if we could

i would no oh yeah but not throughout our distributor okay what’s the what’s the price on them what balls are they what balls are they they’re just range balls or something they’re like 50 yards less than what you living in a box sorry oh yeah yeah you’d want to go for the top-notch one i mean uh for a box of a box of three six nine twelve uh callaways is like 35 quid oh okay srixon taylormade yeah you’ve got all the good names then have you you got all the good names okay that’s interesting and what’s the minimum quantity well why don’t we just um we’ll just buy some and i’ll use them and um and and uh but but uh but we’ll put them up in the in the store because i’ll take three you know with a big jet tv logo on it is that what it is big jet tv logo with the rest of it taylor made and the name that the oh then we need to develop a a logo with an arrow on it julie so we need to work on that no no what i’m talking is you when you when you when you’re putting out yeah when you’re putting out if you’ve got a little arrow or these little lines on your ball you basically line them up with your target uh which is the hole obviously or actually sorry if you’re sort of like if you’ve got a big break in it then you aim the the line up at the break you know so that if it’s going to break left or break right blah blah blah blah blah so yeah yeah so maybe big jet tv logo with um with two straight lines uh with two arrows one either side of the logo facing forward with the arrows pointing that way christopher mcdonald upgraded oh he’s got is that a lancaster bomber or is that a uh he’s got a nice emoji there christopher mcdonald uh first class welcome uh brand offroad a330 air lingus here we go in the old livery folks this is this is a treat ladies and gents she’s been in quite a lot recently uh and and as has the uh the new livery but i kind of prefer to see the old one don’t get me wrong it’s not that i don’t like the new livery i think it’s very smart very snazzy but it’s a bit like lufthansa i hope that uh air lingus maybe keep a couple of their jets in the old livery um just for the time being so people can uh appreciate the nostalgia is that right let’s see if i can see the pilots nice aerobrake see where a cf6 engine or 4000 i think cf6 slightly it’s generally cf6s and the um trent seven hundred or trent seven that uh that powers the uh the older generation ceo uh a330s a new variant of the a330 which is the neo the 900 uh is powered by the trent 7000 another exclusive engine by rolls royce uh powering um that the airbus a330 neo the 900 which is a great looking aircraft very snazzy got beautifully sculpted all carbon wing tip those new engines of course and lots of other groovy upgrades christopher uh good to see you here my friend i purchased the picture at tv golf balls i would lose them very quickly

um yes well i mean that’s the plan i can go through sometimes three games with the same ball you know but um in general it’s always nice to have a nice clean ball to start your game with always let your fellow players know what you’re playing because otherwise you know you expect it from them because if they don’t tell you and they put one in the bushes it’s got it like oh have you yeah you know [Laughter] no i’m very lucky though the the the the people that i play golf with are all um you know sometimes you you just come across cheats didn’t you i’ve played with a few before uh really funny but but um here’s another neo ladies and gents now this is the leap edge oh no that sounds like a prank whitney actually yeah we’ve got all sorts of stuff folks and we do have a really cool uh in fact i think we do a bundle don’t we jilly which is these folks which is like that you do a bundle that that’s a really cool sort of like you know very very thick nice um key uh thingamajig okay here’s the old banger it’s a 300 nice bit of crosswind to bring her in with yeah freaked out look at the old dumb ground spoilers on this old thing folks even that actually she’s not that old it’s just the design of the wing it’s just a very old continuing to build these aircraft up to not that long ago wow shaking and rocking and rolling all over the place man look at those old uh looks they’re like shovels well that’s an old-school design or just specific for the uh that particular aircraft i don’t know but uh it’s not any other airliner that i know of that has uh that has ground spoilers shaped like that they’re normally uh continual uh one piece if you know what i mean turkish triple seven might get a bit of a the dj the jd vans sorry yes uh the dj van jd van yes still using the vx1 um tried everything else and uh and and and i’ll be honest with you i actually looked out on i went on did a bit of research the other night on i was just looking at video cameras and the equivalent of the vx1 the sony whatever it is um a lot of people saying that it’s um it’s it’s very inferior compared to its uh rival model the vx1 so the vx1 has got a lot of a lot of good praise from professionals out there i have to say um you love a dreamliner folks check that wing out then robert’s had a week in yorkshire yeah the x1 top-notch camera folks i um i’d have to be uh showing something uh really impressive uh to move away from the vx one i’ve got to be honest with you not not i’m not no one’s paying me anything for that or no one’s you know it’s just i don’t get any special deals we buy them from curry’s pc world you know you can buy them on the internet and so on and so forth always to go good go to a good reputable dealer who’s not going to be busting in five weeks that’s if you’ve got a you know you’ve got a good quality care package is what i do with

curries it’s like eight pounds a month um and there’s no quibble we’ve used it a couple of times as well folks so it’s definitely worth it if you’ve got equipment like this wow the sun goes down if it’s not if it’s not in yorkshire it’s not worth visiting ken speed good afternoon to you what a great second name my name’s speed ken speed uh trone hunter good afternoon carol cupcake uh i love this location i do love this location for footage but missing the horses is that runway shut at the moment no carol it’s not um in fact we’re going to be doing quite a few shows from the paddock um come the um early winter uh because it is great for approach shots it has to be said um so for instance next week the afternoon will be the uh will be the southern runway approaches uh but we want to get those sort of like early mornings um and uh or or evening time you know where you get that vortex as they come through the different layers of cold air wjb welcome to first class um eve osgood i was thinking about buying some exit signs or some seat numbers from the ba 747s on the plane reclaimers website make use of them in the house so the plane reclaimers website that’s interesting uh who’s who who are these uh plane reclaimers though who are they have they gone in and bought the stuff and then selling it themselves or uh or have they been um giving the contract to i mean what i’m saying is you know i mean uh don’t get me wrong you know that everyone’s entitled to do what they want to do but you know i have seen um in the past um websites where parts of um a little bit heavy wouldn’t it i’ve seen on some websites you know in the past where wow look at that for a wheelie come on mate still going yeah uh time time stamp that one gp please little 320 he want to put him wanting to put his triple seven um colleague to shame in his little 320 fair play that was a decent wheelie look at it look it did one big six foot bloke six foot tall float riding it driving it um okay oh is this a three is this uh swiss 220 by any chance it’s a it’s a swiss jet i’m pretty sure of it looks like a 220 to me so now these are the uh leap and uh these are the pratt whitney engines folks now he might make because he likes to get off early whether it’s the same i mean obviously different pilots but they have a tendency to get off on like uh the second or third exit if they can and get off pretty sharpies so uh these guys very whistly noise to the reversers on these a220 engines check this out now he’s uh he was being very uh very sensitive that’s the exit just there where they normally get off this guy’s really looking after his engines fair enough got a bit of a sort of like a mora crosswind now so don’t forget folks uh military week coming up unless things change just bear in mind weather conditions wind direction so on and so forth but the plan is wednesday conningsby with the eurofighter with raf conningsby

um it’s a seven six going out um is it three twenty one no it’s a that’s a three twenty one is it sometimes you just can’t 321 neo right okay but sometimes you know i mean you could you could you know from a distance from a distance it’s meow is it the owl is it now go to manchester wow how about that oh easy son flew on euro wings very happy with their service great check-in very careful double testing triple checking uh we had to go through the uh through the process of showing them our documentation twice because uh they just wanted to double check so uh that’s all good it’s good to know that the airlines are doing a great job in checking and double checking um i i’m going to be honest with you folks i’ll be level with you i feel safer in the air than i do on the ground as soon as i walk through those gates of any airport i feel safe because you have to wear a mask you’ve got to abide by the rules and regulations when you get on that place you’re playing you’ve got to do the same thing when you get to your destination you’ve got to do the same thing the only time you’re taking that mask off is when you get the other side and you’re outside of the the airport premises which is great so i personally feel very very safe when i travel um which is i have to be honest with you not the case um all the time when i’m on the ground if you know what i mean when i’m uh on terra firma great video that by fox racing way back in the day terra firma check it out dylan hutchinson brody wolfe uh thanksgiving in canada uh happy thanksgiving to all our canadian friends ladies and gents interestingly enough nowhere canada in town today which is quite rare we normally do have um a couple of uh possibly yeah yeah oh who’s that then uh kelmecki uh greetings jerry wanted to say thanks for the recommendation of the parking deck behind the in and out burger at lax too few big jets too many hamburgers thanks chris chris that is fan oh of course it is uh isn’t that it’s chris anyway isn’t it but yes yes that’s right yeah yeah yeah yeah so uh chris great that you had a good time uh uh where where do you live chris are you you’re obviously on the uh on the on the west coast uh did you just visit lax for uh okay did he uh darren golding trolling hunter and lee davis paul hodges in the house 80 82 20 on finals that’s way back in the comments sorry ladies and gents uh yeah no airlines are serving food but not like you know your big long-haul service food like you know um it’s uh well yeah but it’s like snacks it snacks more than anything else stuff that’s sealed you know oh for god’s sake take sandwiches with you if you if you’re that worried about it you know what i mean go to mark suspenses and buy some sandwiches yourself that’ll put all of that to bed wouldn’t it you know if you’re worried about eating on the plane take a sandwich on with your gold bless your bloody or ollie stop moaning and just have a nice life um since we had a show from the paddock michael k indeed it has been quite some time since we’ve seen the horses they’re morses uh jazz john good afternoon to you um all the folks watching on facebook and youtube right now i hope you’re doing well i hope you’ve had a good weekend hope you’re having a good weekend if you’re waking up or going to bed whatever you’re doing do it safely ben ah i’m getting something from plane reclaimers from the virgin 747 lady but oh okay so um that’s interesting so therefore they must be a company that specializes in uh tags and bits of metal and and and this that and the other uh there are other companies in fact i spoke to one of them didn’t i who do like really specialist like pieces of furniture and stuff like that um and i meant to go and see them but i think i think um kovid sort of like screwed all of that out didn’t it i seem to remember uh karen corporal jersey

john keith cornell good afternoon john uh renee jensen uh plain reclaimers renee just go online on google prep claim reclaim claim plane reclaimers um uk i think uh you should be able to get them there lock it uh good afternoon to you jeff maslin the place has a good reputation for selling x plane parts you can even get planes oh there we go so that’s good they are they are a recommended um uh uh source uh so definitely go to them folks because they’re not i mean they’re obviously not gonna nip over the fence and start taking a chainsaw of the side of a jumbo knit back over the fence sling it in a transit and nip off down an industrial estate and make a load of um uh key cards out of it or something but that would be quite funny actually but no they are obviously they have a wow okay that’s interesting but very interesting that um that obviously uh they’ve got a reputation and they’ve obviously done a deal with uh with with british airways or with air salvage international or whoever the brain uh the the the the breakers yard are but uh that’s good to know that they’re uh they’re a reptile organization uh the the the reason i i i doubt sometimes i’m very skeptical about things folks because you know um there we go they do have a tv show there we go um but um uh there there have been um sites in the past that have uh dealt in um parts of aircraft from air crashes uh bomber from from back in the days of bomber come on which are sort of like you know making money out of somebody else’s you know uh death without um you know digging it up and then selling it i mean i i i dug up a load of stuff and i just gave it away to i put it on a beautiful uh presentation board and gave it uh gave it away to two museums of a halifax that i dug up but uh you know it’s a lot of money to be made of reclamation parts and fair play to them if like these guys at plane reclaimers are legitimate which they are then good for them miles high good afternoon to you andrew foster what have we got what have we got brutal one uh frankfurt sounds great yeah thanks for reminding me bootleg that’s about time that i remind people that um we do have a uh frankfurt show planned this month uh for members only and um it will be a back-to-back uh show so probably a wednesday and a thursday or a tuesday on a wednesday depending we’re going to check the uh we’re just waiting on the confirmation for a couple of things at the moment um in terms of uh possible projects that are coming up which we don’t want to be away for um when they come up so uh we should hear those this week or towards the end of well sorry towards the end of this coming week um so a very good chance it will be are you serious looks like playing reclaimers speak has crashed sorry guys brilliant sold out sold out sold out sold out i know that virgin are planning to do something very special so uh and we’ll be breaking news of that as and when we can but uh lots of things virgin obviously planning for they still have uh 747s in um beautiful sky man still have 747s in um in various parts of the world out in spain uh one left up in um in manchester ruby tuesday and of course forever young still sitting here barbarella’s obviously left now out to uh penal and then um we’ve got forever young still here lots of sort of like things in the pipeline with their 747s that are not quite set in stone at the moment because they’re not sure exactly what’s happening um ruby tuesday is actually owned it’s the last 747 that’s owned by virgin atlantic so obviously uh that aircraft is on the market currently um so that they’ll decide on what happens

to her over the next month or so um other aircraft possibly returning to london heathrow for maintenance wow yeah what a shot um but yeah so we’ll keep you posted as we here we’ll let you know folks oh is that saudi as uh dreamliner on the push in it angela cooper’s got her eye on a lavatory mirror now you see that’s good man that’s that’s that’s good you know um especially if it’s got some kind of well they obviously don’t have any they just got the surround on them and they but if they’ve got the provenance written on the back or in some on some kind of certificate you know like um from um galley toilet number three or something like that blah blah blah rachel dickinson leslie white good afternoon to you mark guthrie darren graham i’m surprised i’ll be honest with you i’m surprised with all the technology these days they haven’t it’s that the trouble with the golf ball is is is it imperative that the inside of it that the makeup of a golf ball i don’t know if you’ve ever dissected a golf ball i’m sure a lot of people did when they were kids but it’s like a a an elastic band that’s about 700 miles long with a little sort of like ball of putty in the middle um which is you know supposed to be toxic but you know you’re not going to get in there unless you cut it apart anyway one day i’m sure that they will develop a little tiny uh card that can slip or be made inserted into the into that center core of a golf ball which has the technology to be tracked via an app much like these uh wallet trackers and all that kind of thing because that would be a that would be a deal breaker that would but i’m guessing i’m guessing yeah but you think about it titleist and the like aren’t going to want i’m going to promote that are they because they sell like half as many balls wouldn’t they you know my g locks lots go in the lake mate let’s go in the lake yeah probably but a lot go in the water but if it’s in the bushes then you know and trying to like like bryson de chambeau last night that was quite funny um that was quite funny last night in the gulf pga in in las vegas the old um the old american commentators like so here we are at uh las vegas uh this golf course whatever it’s called and uh it was quite funny he said um and this uh this this uh this golf course uh dating back you know because like when you’re at like at some of the old royal and ancient courses in the uk you know it’s like uh like black heath golf club um instituted in 1608 so how many you know a long long time ago i think it was the scots that um uh instituted it but um this guy last night the american commentator is very proud of his golf course las vegas been been um been here since 1983 yeah i don’t know so yeah we’re on the lookout folks if you if you get it on your flight radar maybe put it on a on a filter um airbus is 10 000th a320 family jet with m e a uh 321 it is and we’re obviously on the lookout for that um interesting to see airbus still taking orders and delivering aircraft um that’s that’s a really good piece of of news they delivered 57 commercial aircraft in september 2020 57 what is interesting it’s a reduction of around about 40 percent that we’re looking at folks so they’re running at 60 to turn it on its head and make a positive out of a negative

uh they’re running at 60 um 571 um let’s just have a look here um 341 aircraft delivered in uh september same period last year was 571 interestingly enough a lot of people read this and go blimey oh riley they must be stacked up all over the place but they’re not these are orders that are not even sort of like um started yet but the airbus backlog currently stands at seven thousand four 41 aircraft compared to 7133 at the same point this time last year so you know only 300 odd aircraft in the backlog compared to last year so i think toulouse doing a a grand job well airbus in general hamburg as well for the 321 production line uh doing a grand job in still maintaining a good amount of production and also taking orders as well we’ve got to be positive about this folks we must be positive about it and stay positive um whatever walk of life you’re in you know just just just try to remain positive obviously are very it’s very easy for me to say uh very difficult for so many folks who’ve whose jobs are in jeopardy and especially when i talk of the airline industry it’s just you know the real retail sector the hospitality sector with the hotels everything is affected um by this kind of thing interesting does anyone notice anything down there i’m not going to say anything here can i just ask you does anybody notice anything down there look you ready jilly in that shot there that we’ve been looking at for the last i don’t know how many months no i’m not telling you i’m going to look at the comments to see whether anyone gets it who gets it first mark harrison good day to you see you man take care drive safe yeah enjoy cheers man what etty had uh boeing seven eight seven ten ten minutes out oh it’s not their uh it’s not their um it’s not the mint imperial is it um anyway one of the tower cranes is missing allen thompkinson telling us yeah i i you know i thought it was you know i don’t know whatever it’s just you know just something to talk about really beautiful sunset folks get some uh get some departures going out great time of day to fly although i have to say hey let’s be honest um when you get up above the clouds regardless of what time what what the weather’s like when you leave uh sometimes it can be quite brutal that um that um it can be quite brutal the uh the sun through the window so it’s good to have the blinds and obviously on the dreamliner having those um come on girl let’s have you there we go it’s an abc’s freighter optical illusion that looks like it’s only got three engines on the run then when you pull back those uh the uh the number two and three just the angle this cargo lux is it oh wow no that’s cargo lux what liver is that then what liver is that i’ve got a red tail oh wow okay interesting just missed an md 11 folks unfortunately i think okay saudi arabian airlines uh dreamliner gonna take to the skies now this should be a good departure folks you’re ready for this starting to get nippy up on top of zip van but it is what it is uh i’ve got warm stuff with me uh mark harrison upgraded to first class mark how are you doing my friend thank you very much indeed derek gray uh jess franklin um not bent crane i know what you mean about the crane being bent it looks it doesn’t it but uh no we are missing a crane folks which is good so that means that they’ve completed on that part of the project

no it wasn’t it was blue with a white um with some kind of white wow what are you talking about oh right okay no i’m not seeing any version 330 i’m seeing a virgin 350 are they thinking that that might be a virgin 330 that is right opposite me the virgin 330 did go out of manchester the other day as far as i as far as i know no unless i’m uh unless i’m yeah that’s a three fiddy someone thinking maybe getting a bit mistaken that that’s a 330 uh it’s a three fiddy eddie had on finals claire owen thank you uh azerty uh loving the sunset you can’t beat a good sunset derek gray uh welcome paul prog marriott good afternoon to you karen corporal uh into the sunset mbr over the top dismissed an md11 which is a great shame could be gloves on tonight could be gloves on tonight architect thank you gorgeous guys for sunset flying lorry smoke darren golding chicky uh michael k darren golden gordon smith two virgin 330s did short test flights at manchester the other day yeah they have to keep them they have to keep them sort of like you know um i think they have to fly test them um after a certain amount of time which is quite interesting because those bloody maxes are still there at manchester aren’t they i mean what are they gonna do are they gonna get around all of that you know they have to send the engineers in um re-jig the software i don’t know if it is just a software change if it is then it’s an easy fix for them isn’t it but the biggest part of it will be obviously the um getting the aircraft air worthy again because obviously all the wheels will need to be swapped out full uh full change of wheels and tires obviously and of course a full inspection wow uh craig whitmore apart from abc and cargo lux what other airlines fly to 747-8 korean ups uh air china is it air china or is it china southern air china isn’t it um i think um when does the version 33 return to service max woodman asking for an update on that well max you nobody knows basically whether or not they’re actually going to bring those 330s back into service i said it’s highly unlikely at this stage um because obviously they’ve got the efficiency of the dreamliners and the 350s so i’d imagine that for the time being they’re probably unless they utilize the 330s as uh as freighters um once the um once the the vaccine or testing at port comes on stream which we’re all crossing our fingers for

um i read out a statement earlier on from a group of companies made up of heathrow virgin atlantic mag airport and easyjet basically getting together as a team um to encourage the government to allow for privateer testing that’s really important folks a testing system which basically allows airlines to take uh to deal with it themselves you know but obviously uh not interfering with the nhs um dreamliner inbound there we go so it’s a great it’s a great opportunity that they’ve got there and i’m hoping that it works if the uh if all it needs is just for the government to just just say you know what go ahead do it um we’ll back you you know in terms of uh verbally backing them but the the airlines of course uh the the flying public the passengers will have to abide by all the uh regulations and also pay a little bit of a premium on their um or is the group is it the green light no it’s not sorry it looks a bit green there so nice crease that nice fantastic what’s his name justin mercer if you’re watching right now justin mercer from atlas air uh has reached out to us we’ll uh we’d love to uh reach out to you justin um and look forward to doing that i’ve already i’ve already reached out to atlas air anyway so um also asl airlines as well stewie’s uh group lots of these freighter and charter airlines now uh sort of like making a a big presence uh creating a big presence on the socials because let’s face it um regardless of the price of freight they still need to promote their brands and of course it’s a lot of competition now um with so many of the big players uh getting involved in getting involved with um cargo movements a lot of which is um stuff that projects so to speak or movements that wouldn’t normally be taking place um but because of kovid these guys are being called on to do all kinds of stuff obviously the pandemic has has brought a lot of that back to life and also um kept the industry running but the the ppe stuff is now sort of like a small percentage i would have said of um of the freight that comes off these aircraft the majority of the stuff now is a general freight belly freight um a bit of ppe here and there but uh primarily it’s general freight that would normally be flying in the big freighters um but because the big freighters have uh have been so overwhelmed with uh with the demand they’re uh you’ve only got look at the likes of ups uh dhl and and um even even now you’ve got think of amazon as well uh having their own aircraft and also um calling in a lot of aircraft as well you know on lease that’s one of the older the eye in the sky oh man look at that sunset look at it have a look at that why don’t you oh yeah james taylor james taylor quartet is a new member welcome james i’m going to leave it on that shot just for a little bit because that is beautiful folks the sun goes down lufthansa neo now is this

one of the there it is the howl i’ve just put the fish on in the kitchen uh ian mcdermott uh andy’s crane is the one that’s still operational the other one has gawn i’m telling you at school big mountainous region in the backdrop the mountains of surrey jack palmer good afternoon welcome back to executive jack are you doing uh fastest funk g’day to you ben brown uh architect claire cheatham shane smith jordan haye loving the evening shots yeah so like i said folks we’re um i’m looking at the options of how i’m gonna celebrate the 747 with you folks um i think sitting down and just editing it is just a bit sort of like i don’t know i’d rather i’d rather sit down with all you guys and girls um on a day like a saturday or a sunday so that more of you can join in and just enjoy going through um shows from the past that have 747s and we’re talking about everywhere folks frankfurt los angeles skip hole london heathrow of course um munich uh etc etc you know um some of the amazing things we’ve seen and opportunities that we’ve had filming the jumbo jet and of course yeah manchester manchester at the yeah gatwick yeah the virgin jumbos you know um the turn on point at uh on that left on that southern runway at manchester i mean just take it taking it all for granted haven’t we and now we just think back and it it pulls at your heartstrings well it does me anyway you know it’s like losing a loved one you know like that the fella from the from the heathrow museum or british airways museum speedberg museum or whatever it was um at heathrow my apologies for being a bit uh unsure about it’s the museum of heathrow a lovely fella who was interviewed in the ba piece which um basically uh stating it was like a friend she was like a friend or she is like a friend because she hasn’t completely left us but ba fleets have obviously you’re right down there how’s it going mate you want a sticker oh was he interesting interesting very big battle was fought at highway but anyway more on that later thanks guys hi wickham it was wasn’t it hey guys um yeah so uh interesting um i was watching on um i am utrecht son of utrecht and he speaks very much like that doesn’t he uh but they had a fight and a big fight at high wickham didn’t they uh the saxons and the um and the uh the saxons and the danes and the uh saxons won again and that was where uh prince ethel read or uh king ethelred was uh fatally injured i say fatally injured he was murdered by someone else well if he’s lying on his deathbed not very nice is it yeah yeah but i did think about that that back in those days back in the water look at that sky it would have died he would have died within days you know like you know all they did was put a bleeding like a rag over his head you know to stem the bleeding it’s like oh i don’t even want to think about it but i didn’t think about things like that did they it was obviously a geezer with a with a load of herbs inside a inside of a thing that he kept dabbing in with it’s like oh well thanks for

that you know got any paracetamol uh no we have to wait about another 400 years for that i’m afraid um but there we go uh yes of course folks don’t forget yes yeah um frankfurt this smoke this this month folks we’ll keep you posted members only if you want to join us f already unready citrus citrus nice bit of aero there wow look at that sun ladies and gentlemen look at that marge simpson’s hair in it look it’s marge simpson’s hair yeah so uh you know an an absolutely fantastic piece i have to say by um by the folks at ba well actually the production company that put the little piece together for them but i have to say um the one little bit that was missing i bet you even the editor was like haven’t we got and we’ve got a rotate shot of the jumbo going out uh all they had to do was uh drop me a line and i’d be more than happy to give them my rotate shot with uh for no money don’t want any money and also without my uh without my logo in it you know or our logo should i say because we are all as one um it’s your logo as much as it is mine a380 just flew over barking what’s that etsy bt fastest funk zombie bike cheeky sailor mike sailor mike whenever i read his is his name i always think the fella the fella on family guy who’s got the legs as uh legs and arms as sticks they’re just sticks of wood it’s hodgy in it barnacles definitely cold enough now oh now that’s not going out is it that’s got to be going a gate isn’t it star wars sunset it isn’t it look at that it’s just the uh it’s just the light bouncing off of the clouds as well it’s just it’s just all good looks beautiful man moody did i say something else hello there how long ago did people met here know about barbarella teenager and sack um austrian he’s pushing back to go yeah yeah just fire them up dual start uh option if they want it or single start electric start no air start on these engines folks hello there lonzcoat good afternoon to you neil wardmark sanderson darren golden

great whitmore remember seeing the bim and dc 1030 on its uk tour when it flew into birmingham offering flights wow yes bim and dc10 quality old school stuff man number two start no jill start here we go still start she passed 1990 giving us a destination of silent uh i think that’s pronounced uh and jabir telling us as well thank you javier giving god572 asking can you no longer donate on live streams to be honest with you give and go that we stopped it uh because we want you to save your money folks um your monthly subscription is is you know is enough um to keep the wolf from the door um and uh therefore i would rather you know um both on facebook for super chat and also for uh uh sorry stars on facebook and super chat on youtube um would rather you guys um look after your money give it away to charity if you’ve got some some extra some spare cash um but just yeah please uh that’s that’s why we we turned it off but thank you for thinking of us anyway a38 a380 i just want to get this a380 on short finals uh phil davis daniel bergstrom 380 over cuba i’m right behind my apologies folks yeah don’t worry about it ting tong i’ve got it mate don’t you worry about it got it all in hand son because otherwise that’s what happens okay i’m gonna switch to don’t adjust your settings during the show i don’t like it all that trouble is sending an email can you please not adjust your camera settings while in the show sorry yeah all away some nice oh why not put lights on nice be cal pam the big bird has landed oh and a triple startup

is that bubbles on the front i’m sorry no it’s not it’s a very important person [Laughter] i’m sorry i’m sorry obviously i’m i’m yeah it’s just the angle of his head and everything it’s bubbled it is oh my god oh my god that is hilarious man okay mosey going up now folks it’s exactly what we’re talking about zg68 did mcdonald douglas have a double deck design in the md12 interesting was that three engine uh listen to that all the eastern delights going out now martin smith more engine sound now it’s got colder yes got uh either the kenyan dreamliner i don’t know if she’s on radar but she’s on the push um but some beautiful shots there in this life architect design absolute pleasure my friend 6y eva and air india 20 out um brilliant will the light hold well we can use this camera setting right the way through till dark folks can hear those ges rolling now african travels good afternoon to you uh atom beatty john bolt sun bloke brilliant um mr steve looks like steve wright steve right in the afternoon mr angry uh phil davies nick collins kevin henry uh darren golding a lot of people giving a warm welcome to african travels i think the old snoot’s going on soon ladies and gents oh big old fat flipping 380 coming down here michael k an absolute pleasure take care man thanks for the offer of the old wow look at those gates all completely empty now now she’s she struggles a little bit in this in it there’s a sort of like a um a twilight zone with with the camera when it struggles a little bit regardless of what setting it’s on but if i pan quickly there you go see she just pops out of focus so you just gotta keep be aware of that happened quite a few times in cologne but um of course don’t forget we don’t want to be away when ba uh mind you that’s going to be the beginning of november isn’t it when ba introduced their joburg service lax in san francisco as well so we should be all right for that planning at least one members only show um duel show a month folks minimum minimums and then uh let’s just keep track of this whole thing with uh heathrow and virgin atlantic easyjet and mag airports see whether um the government if they give the go ahead um then we are uh then we’re laughing well we’re not laughing but we’re traveling we’re getting somewhere we’re gonna you know that because obviously it’s all well and good um squaring up you see she struggles in that light with though with those settings um it’s all well and good

um setting it all up at this end it’s the destinations as well so they need to start creating these corrie doors for uh for travellers um obviously the most important people that travel first business um important businessmen executives um you know people that need to travel and obviously a very low risk um and don’t pose a high risk uh put it that way obviously they would need to go they would need to have their tap their test free travel pay for it as well um obviously it means that a lot less people are going to be able to travel because it’s an extra what 50 quid 60 quid on your te on your airfare ticket i think this um i think this uh is she pushing to start start wow and you strain absolute pleasure um yeah but folks don’t forget that uh chili is the uh is your live stream technician amongst all other um amazing things that she does for big jet tv behind the scenes folks that you you um you do appreciate when you know obviously but a lot of people um aren’t aware of the amount of work that does go on behind the scenes you know procurements and logistics planning and so on and so forth julie evolved extensively okay oh thank you very much chris 29 1 1 0 0 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 we’ll say him was that chris when his original name was 2 9 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 um i think that’s his uh date of birth possibly brody paul skilling uh kenya 787 departing for uh yeah there we go zombie biker good afternoon to you darren golding edward james andrew the cooper nicola carling this is the slight issue with the test we need private ones to go to bgi which is fine but his family of six is going to be approximately 1200 pounds extra wow plus playing for a retest in in pgi four days after arrival wow see that’s where it’s going to hit people man yeah you can’t afford to do this stuff like that yes wow but surely if um if you’re in a yeah it’s a tricky one isn’t it if you’ve got kids and you’re in a bubble um are there going to be sort of like restrictions in terms of or or or allowances should i say not restrictions but allowances in terms of children within a pod with a within a family pod or something like that i don’t know a certain age a minimum age that you have to be um to uh to go through a test gonna see this a a triple seven uh pulling into the uh evening sky here look at this stay with it sound come on stay with it come on come on camera see that’s when it’s uh see if i pop it on there look let me just do that quick does absolutely nothing brilliant you stupid boy

sorry folks don’t just just step on the thing don’t like it wow quite an extensive amount of runway inspections going on at the moment ladies and gents these boys have been up and down this runway oh chris 29 saying all eldest date of birth yeah 2 000 only be 20 years old of course there we go uh sabira kenya about eight and a half uh hours to mombasa there we go i think that’s uh right michelle taylor jan’s views uh tom pigger a safe live stream for family watching that is why i’m here we have learned so much about planes plus laughter bunch tom pigger great to have you with us and thank you so much that’s what it’s all about folks um us all staying sane and uh and having a good time together oh looks like latam being pushed for uh to go to gate uh possibly insect and a shows only tail stroke flash not wingtips i’m sure they were there um yeah interesting cafe 747 going out darren 747 steggles telling us uh where’s she at how far down wrong where is she is she uh is she taxid far yet either air on finals hodgie telling us thank you my friend timmy two pits good day to you uh dylan james thank you very much indeed don fro dave wyatt zg68 sherry helya mark guthrie there we go mark guthrie well uh that’s that that’s what we’re planning to do something um with the 747 shows or shows that have involved multiple 747s or um a specific one like for example um did we get the 747 ba 747 at lax or i think they were all triple sevens weren’t they i know 380s um and of course we’ve got the lufthansa 747-8 at lax and there is your jumbo uh gonna be climbing into the sky into the night sky uh very shortly she could go up steep and quick it is great to see so many of the 747 pilots um uh landing jobs back in the seat flying 747 with atlas air for example at asl airlines um hiring quite a few um um ex uh virgin pilots i think as well as other airlines as well as uh let’s not forget aquiline as well um aquiline uh a charter company uh flying 747s has uh recently um employed quite a number of x uh 747 virgin atlantic pilots which is great wow judy chaston emma rogers see in office edward james michael johns good afternoon in india is it keith westfeld westfield my apologies uh lynn keeban shakes me edward james okay oh okay run time oh blimey okay is this eva now yeah yeah yeah i’ve yeah i’m waiting for him to uh just tell me when he’s lined up gp oh there he is now i’ve got him i’ve got him just i’ve got a there he is there look there he is there rachel good afternoon to you see what we’ve got on the approaching aircraft see if we’ve got a good shot there we go this is nice isn’t it uh lufthansa hello wait a minute no this is evie

either air sorry lufthansa i’m like wait a minute what left his trip was seven nice jumbo turning on or uh i can see that i know that’s tams triple seven uh just uh i love airports at night that’s about where i reckon the cafe is going to go up see now it’s now it’s starting to behave itself camera’s gone through that little transition point she’s still lined up bosh i know wow q8 triple 73 is only 11 hours late that’s all i wanted to do turbo tim’s world have a word nothing flying over me in the north of devon got something my way to wave at send something my way to waiver north of devon blimey that’s got to be approaching it’s going to be approaching us traffic hasn’t it you know your ba dreamliners and the like right 747 she’s going i think she’s about to roll isn’t she she next up clear take off 2-7 left winds are calm okay gotta be ready she could go up as soon as sort of here or is she heavy okay there she goes a little bit pingy not brilliant on the focus that’s a shame ah that’s a shame see ya take it easy be safe yeah no worries see you later

listen to those cheese man just purring away ken passie welcome to big jet tv ken somebody asking what’s the what’s the biggest amount of viewers we’ve had or something did we break it the other day with the uh 747 yeah i think we had 45 000 people watching live across both channels um [Applause] you know ba did very well but we smashed them out the park it has to be said kaboom um but you know established channel and their facebook page which is great and they did extremely well for a uh for a um for their stream a lot of people enjoying it a lot of people reminiscing x crew pilots cabin crew mechanics don’t forget the mechanics folks they’re an important integral part of the whole operation without the ground teams and the people that work behind the desks you know right the way through um when you come to check in um these guys at virgin have got a great their own terminal here at london heathrow well i say their own terminal their own check-in area um and it’s fantastic ba always very efficient heathrow is just very efficient in terms of uh handling passengers i have to be honest with you obviously the odd issue happens every now and then but hey that happens with any uh organizations that’s running huge logistics has a huge logistical um challenge moving thousands of passengers on a on an hourly basis look at those skies folks current uh is the light on the tail purely to highlight the logo purely to either highlight the logo logo actually uh mr bryson um just something that’s done uh instead there is a uh there’s also a light that has just gone out shot there that um that illuminates the um there are some aircraft have have a have a side light which kind of like illuminates the engine if the pilots need to see it but also the wing lights as well taxi lights and approach lights and basically uh lights just like your car uh rupert great uh thanks for your feedback my friend glad that we uh caught you oh cool wow nice nice love that as they drop the edges

well push the throttles um pull the throttles back um and the little reverser levers that go over the top of them not on all throttle um controls but uh you’re kidding it’s they uh drop the power uh to allow the aircraft to sink onto the runway right ladies and gentlemen we all good gp right folks um stay i’m on um own out here now everyone’s gone home uh thanks to uh everybody for coming by and saying hello i hope you enjoyed your sunday hope you’re enjoying your day if it’s just started um thanks once again folks to the uh renaissance or the uh as it is now because the um the eye i’m saying i’m sorry but the renaissance here at london heathrow folks if you’re a member you will get a promotional discount um which you have to uh message us and email us um it is uh ren discount ren discount at big jet dot tv uh we’ll check your membership status and then we will send you the uh information on how to get discount uh and visit this wonderful place with these views that you’re seeing right here but we’ll be back wednesday folks it’s military week coming up uh we’re gonna be at conningsby on wednesday and then lakenheath on thursday just make sure uh you keep um up to date uh on the app uh in terms of uh download the app so that you can remain up to date um because we obviously change things every now and then you know subject to weather and wind direction and so on and so forth or something um something might just come up last minute uh but we’ll let you know and keep you posted uh whatever happens but uh that’s about it folks uh been great having your company once again um and we will see you next time on big jet tv which will be this sat this this saturday yeah uh this wednesday uh enjoy uh whatever you’re doing be safe and be good to those animals folks we’ll see you later all the best cheers bye-bye and thanks jilly as well by the way folks so don’t say it enough jilly thanks she’s on the other end should we just do a little arty farty zoom out shot to let them let’s just do this one yeah let’s just do this one because this is a big ty it’s time yeah welcome back thai airways man and it’s their 350 as well man yeah welcome back ty airways i know that probably people are going like it don’t go yeah don’t go yeah ty airways 350 on approach what are you doing blah blah blah oh that’s a good job we got that let’s hang around because she’s going to taxi up here as well folks look at that beautiful sky look at it right right oh is he no don’t go anywhere folks okay okay apparently we’ve had a we have a pilot inbound is that right ty 350 chris scapuloo uh thanks everybody for telling us uh brandon’s plane spotter um chris he’s said it about a thousand times uh brandon and chris he said it about four times chris scapular great that we stayed on it oh okay so how far out is he then dylan uh we have a pilot folks a british airways yeah and he’s streamlined yeah dreamliner oh oh dylan a350 ba 350 pilot folks

inbound right now and it’s his first night landing so we’re gonna grab that we’re sticking around folks uh that’s a good job isn’t it that we saw that ty 350 and then you’ve seen that oh welcome back thai airways what a great thing to see man we haven’t seen any like um returns of major this is a good this is a good thing to see i hope this is regular um i really do folks oh don’t go that way mate up here dylan a350 pilot folks on his way in now how about that rub your hands together stay warm and dry your eyes mate don’t go yet jeff don’t go yet people we’re staying on for a little bit we’ve got dylan on a va 350 halfway across the channel right now so he’s about 20 minutes out i’d say less than that maybe maybe 15 minutes something like that um okay bang on 20 on flight radar and probably on plane finder as well sorry valerie dickens has the 747 gone out yet uh which one valerie uh yvonne helen never switch off until big jet tv does it first see evon one of the regulars on big jet tv uh that’s oman air over there just parking up we’re gonna see thai airways parker park up shortly as well folks i am busting for a wee but i’m just gonna hold on to it might be doug marshburn trevina denny gell uh thing is with ty 20 minutes later you want another oh no neighbors don’t go yet uh yes right yo on uh high note um thank you to julie and jerry of course uh julie doing a fantastic job keeping everything going the um the uh i’d have to say the uh the beating heart of big jet tv um look at that yeah gotta love shots like that man set uh did you say excellent no um can you imagine that nice okay what’s that triple seven three going out five door going out with ba get should get a nice arty farty with that one wow we’re gonna catch dylan’s first ever night landing in a 350 oh okay shame it doesn’t hold that focus but it’s not gonna so i’m not gonna try it q eight triple seven sixteen minutes out man well that’ll probably be in just before dylan i’d imagine simon harding antonov one two four one hundred heading south coast from where to where uh can’t see her over the top of me too much light pollution i’m afraid from these uh these lights uh yo kennedy thank you uh jorge i never switch off till big jet tv does yeah no exactly man it ain’t over till the screen goes blank or blue as it used to be teenager insect am125 on the way from brides to cypress let’s fly away come fly it i can’t see it it’s from bryce so that’s actually um hey martin hudson glad we tied you down for a little bit longer gary good job david e stewart asleep doug marshburn

whit beats nigel warren paul keys to batch mode eggbert 21 ben brown va’s only operation a uh operational a321 ceo uh number four lands in five minutes one two three four so the one on the back of this stack i think hodgy um i’ve flown on the thai bone 747 from bangkok to phuket wow lucky you man um architect thank you thank you loving it frequent flyer tv good thing we all didn’t tie tie for now oh they’re getting worse um six why will big tv may kyu wait for that triples make you wait flipping it fair play that’s a good one i like that did you see that actually will big jet tv make you wait for that triple seven love that one make you wait hey i like that i like that fair play yeah that is a good one man yeah yeah that is a good homemade joke that is you know uh it was uh 6y jjykk make you wait brilliant all right all right kane harkins uh welcome kane and randy hayes welcome to big jet tv membership julie of betterage love the night time shots you need to do more julie yes well um we’re obviously going to be doing a lot more of that during um during the winter early morning shows as well hey i thought that was gonna be uh that’s ethiopian in it it’s an ethiopian triple seven where’s he come from blimey they normally uh maybe gated quite some way away but that’s quite interesting that he’s coming all the way up either to be uh parked at gate or he’s um he’s uh he’s going to remote we’re not tying you down oh blimey there she is folks they should do big jet tv uh crackers you know the jokes in the crackers they’re all gonna come out okay um great stuff kane upgrading at first class so you can join us in frankfurt oh okay she was down at t3 okay fair enough the grumpy uh ben brown ethiopian was a remote 13 all day that’s definitely ethiopians triple seven being towed up to um t uh up at the remote stands uh tai has been banned flying to us since 2015 after failing faa safety order really wow federal aviation safety audit with thai and they failed it how can it be how can it be i’m going to sneeze oh david mcbride excuse me mr doubley um and there she is ethiopian uh triple seven no not bitty now not bitty now this is the oldest uh

the only operational 321 ceo in the ba fleetplace see yeah and then we’ve got bea inbound haven’t we oh oh okay oh not just the uh not just the only operational one but the only one only ceo in the fleet wow that shows how quickly they they’ve disposed they’ve brought those neos on stream doesn’t it i’m just gonna put oh little chipotle oh okay okay so tai uh chipaz is telling us ty doing bangkok heathrow once a week back to once a day from november so only next month oh so so it’s don’t tell me this is the inaugural one this isn’t the first one that they’ve come back since uh since lockdown could be and if it is mark wins uh we’ve had some good stuff tonight we’ve had some good movements tonight phil davies yes chachi had food before i went out they don’t they won’t let you on the plane of frankfurt if you sneeze i think you’re allowed to sneeze but obviously not if you’re going on there sneezing constantly and like mark barr it is getting grumpy it’s getting grumpy getting nippy sorry oh someone’s just slung a load of garlic on something and i can smell it and it’s absolutely lovely um oh air lingas 330 going out uh she’ll be quite light so we’ll just see her lights climbing out i’d imagine um i went down i went down to uh papa john’s the other night and got a pizza i wish i hadn’t done halfway through it i’m watching them all serve it and and you know aren’t some people who have beards supposed to wear netting around their beard when they’re pre when they’re preparing food at restaurants and places like that uh chefs or whatever isn’t that sort of like isn’t that courteous towards um the public especially if you’re on public view like a pizza place you know we’re all shouting and bawling at each other there’s one geezer who had a who had a face mask on mate he was sweating like there’s no tomorrow you know and i’m thinking i don’t go drop in any sweat in my bleeding pizza son but um you know he did he did keep going wiping his hands which was a good thing but i don’t know the hygiene at the best of times this is ba folks b a b e a b a b h no no you’re right you’re right don’t get me wrong you can’t think about things like that no i know i know but what i’m saying is yeah yeah no no i’d rather yeah yeah and of course once it goes through the oven it’s gonna kill anything blah blah blah and all that malarkey yeah i’m not bothered about that i’m just i’m just quite surprised to see you know if you get if you if you get yeah it’s appeared in my pizza i’m sorry did um i wanted onions uh onion rings oh oh sorry yeah i did tick the beard box sorry sir we’re all out beards we just got moustaches tonight oh no no no no no all that cheese no garlic bread’s nice but not actually so which is what what we wait for uh how far out is dylan the man

jerry the director yeah yeah exactly just so long as you don’t open the box there’s a lot of watch springs floating about all over it i mean don’t get me wrong great uh great um great taste of don domino’s pizza um just wasn’t overly impressed with the hygiene uh did i say papa john domino sorry puppet papadons papa dons hey you chucking on me papa papadon grey phillips i’ll bring you over here later getting cold now where’s me flipping coffee from about four weeks ago for a start i know man i know i’m only joking i’m only chugging george adams a350 air china 25 minutes inbound blimey o’reilly give us a break uh don’t go jerry give some more night landings george adams asking fair enough you know um they are good tony strickland’s loves the old bea livery ian mcdermott um tell by tim as well before the pandora we used to complain about oh yeah okay amanda snuffle good afternoon to you sailor mike hello um i have banana cake mark willis wow lucky you mate love a bit of banana cake um chubby is the only place you can get it get banana cake really i think i i guess you can get a whole cake like sainsbury’s in which case you know that’s the worst thing because you end up eating the whole bleeding thing and like pigging out on it oh look at this 330 nice got no tail light on it which is quite interesting because a lot of these airlines don’t illuminate their tails or sometimes they just don’t bother turning them on because it can’t be bothered frequent flyer would love an a380 retro livery yeah i think the problem that these airlines are gonna have they’re gonna have any spare money to go paint in airplanes uh for quite a few years to come now sure dragons no he’s desperately need it’s all right mate don’t worry about it but we can do that we can do that and you know it’s something that that we can definitely um uh consider uh julie betterage ba 350 just about to turn thank you julie julia sorry yeah she’s on the back of the stack now she’s one two three is she four out including the one about to land oh no no there she is now she hasn’t turned into the back of the stack just yet she’s just um what’s up what’s that sorry trevina daley’s at trivina charlie who is nine years old charlie how you doing my friend um you’re enjoying your sunday i hope you’re enjoying the jets

i was uh okay see very sort of like subtle illumination of the tail oh this is big isn’t it qa triple make you wait brilliant yeah so if if thai airways are doing once a week yeah that means that that is this week’s arrival have we seen a thai airways previous to this week back at heathrow um since kovid oh okay [Laughter] last sunday was the first one apparently jans views paul skinning ejection 1000 in mcdermott eggbert 21 uh what time did the renaissance shut their gates expert not they don’t 24 7 365 they don’t have gates they’re well they do they’re electronic um gates make sure you hit the button with your knuckle folks if you’re coming into somewhere like this don’t push the button with your finger to get your ticket hit hit it with your knuckle brad kemp tim claydon mirror mans munching on a mini roll oh they’re so summer 2020 mini rolls aren’t they especially right now i could polish off a whole pack quite easily no no no no i’m just i’m only joking i mean i’m just saying that you know i still love them but i do have fats folks i do have fats not a light on anywhere apart from the cockpit even that’s uh someone on the jump see maybe a training pilot or uh just one of the relief pilots two out he’s two out and you know you can tell he’s two out look at the uh look at the the lights look at the yellow lights compared to the uh to the bright uh strobe lights of the um of the new airbus a350 mike mould um a great another show i’ve missed mike uh grab ah grab yourself a bit of the of the um of the app uh and then then you’ll get your uh you’ll get your notifications sorry you’ve missed it mike that’s a great shame your app is not working mike multane okay interesting what was that dude we obviously uh yeah okay so uh sometimes it doesn’t ping up and if that does happen mike i do apologize sometimes you have to uninstall and reinstall the app uh

maybe a phone stop had a bit of a a disagreement with it or something like that it does happen uh i can only apologize it’s a shame he’s missed it this is another one so i would recommend possibly all right this is our friend uh dylan so see the uh situate that beautiful a350 such a great profile if we’re going to get a really good shot of it here but wow that’s a lot man yeah yeah yeah i mean if if if you don’t get a notification on the app then surely you you can’t be that unlucky that you’re not going to get one on youtube either is it have you got your notifications on on youtube and all that mike um i i i um i um i’ve been i’ve had the same issues before where i just haven’t turned on the notifications so uh it’s always good to uh to check that out make sure you’ve got that all set up or just uninstalled and reinstalled right you horrible lot that’s it i’m out of here uh you look after yourselves be good to yourselves and everybody about you um and stay safe and we’ll see you on wednesday uh conningsby special at raf conniesby for eurofighter action um hopefully we might get a qra scramble who knows but uh anyway enjoy take care look after yourselves folks and we are going this time we’ll see you next time cheers thanks a lot bye this you