– [Narrator] Welcome distinguished guests, faculty, and graduates to the December 2020 University of Phoenix Virtual commencement We’re honored to be here to commemorate this special moment with you and your loved ones Throughout the program, we’ll be asking you to share the journey you’ve taken to reach this milestone, including the highlights along the way We hope you’ll join the conversation in the chat that appears to the right of your screen Please remember to log into YouTube in order to participate Our program will begin momentarily, but first let’s take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped support our graduates in realizing their dream – Thank you – Thank you – Thanks – Okay, deep breath in and out Thanks for letting me rearrange my hours so I could go back to school (inspirational music) – Thank you for inspiring me every single day Thank you for telling me “You can do this” over and over – [Student] Thank you for taking care of Devin while I study – I’m so proud of you – Thanks for not letting me quit, Grandma (inspirational music) – Thank you – Thank you – [Student] Thank you so much – Thank you, Mom and Dad – To my wife and kids – To my daughter – To Grandma – I’d like to thank my advisors and instructors for encouraging me all the way – Thank you – Thanks to your support, now I can say I am a Phoenix – I am a Phoenix – I am a Phoenix – [Student] I am a Phoenix (inspirational music) (singers vocalizing) – [Narrator] And now, university provost, Dr. John Woods, will begin the ceremony with a welcome message – Hello and welcome to our December 2020 virtual commencement We’re so honored to be a part of this celebration of you and your incredible accomplishment Graduates, remember to check out your special and personalized commencement slide at the end of this presentation Instructions will be shared later in the program Also, please take some time to share your thoughts in the chat Post now where you’re joining us from I bet we have graduates and family from all over the country, online together now, in all 50 states, including Guam and Hawaii, four countries represented I’m also aware of two graduates who are joining us today, a mother and a daughter, who are graduating together Congratulations to Florence Jackson, and her daughter Perlen Eisenreich, who are both celebrating obtaining their BSB HRM degrees They were both inspired to pursue higher education by Florence’s mother, Willie Mae Jackson, who was born deaf in 1921, but defied all odds against her and earned her own higher education that led to a successful career with the U.S. Postal Service Thanks, Florence, for sharing your incredible story with us and congratulations to you and Perlen As we near the end of 2020, which has, without question, been among the most unprecedented years in the history of our world, it’s hard to not think about how much has changed, and how much will likely remain changed forever Among the changes that will likely persist is how we approach our careers The pandemic has, arguably, accelerated the evolution of the workplace into a more virtual and tech-enabled environment I’m sure most people would agree, some form of virtual work will remain, even when the pandemic finally clears Like many of you, University of Phoenix employees are mostly working from home right now and engaging with each other via a number of virtual tools As University of Phoenix students, you already knew what this is like, because in your education, you were deeply engaged in a virtual environment, as you approached your coursework and conversations with fellow students and faculty This experience has likely prepared you well for the workplace of today and the possibility of this new dynamic of virtual engagement persisting, and becoming a permanent part of the workplace of tomorrow It’s plausible to assume that almost every organization is assessing the current situation and working to determine the most prudent and resourceful way forward for their workforce and their customers and stakeholders But the common thread in all these conversations is that the workplace has changed and virtual engagement and technology will likely be central to our careers As University of Phoenix graduates, you are prepared for the changes the pandemic has brought You know how to work in a virtual world, and as you progress in your careers, we’ll be here for you

We want to support you We aspire to be a career partner for you We have an incredible ceremony planned for you today Our special commencement keynote speaker is former Obama Administration Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett Ms. Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran to American parents, and spent much of her childhood traveling abroad Her father was a physician who assisted developing countries in establishing health care systems Her family eventually settled in Chicago, where Valerie grew up and began her career in corporate and real estate law before accepting a position in the administration of Chicago mayor, Harold Washington She later also worked for Mayor Richard Daley before joining the Obama administration as Senior Advisor to the President Valerie will share her perspective on the importance of education to career She will also provide her own unique insight into a University of Phoenix education A key member of her staff is a Phoenix, too, just like all of you You will also hear from University of Phoenix president, Peter Cohen, who will share his thoughts on the future of careers and how the University of Phoenix aspires to be more than just a university, but also a resource for our students and alumni throughout their careers So let’s get started and congratulations You are now a Phoenix, and together we rise – I love this story It’s a mother/son team who are both graduating today from the University of Phoenix (audience cheering) (audience applauding) – It’s rough out here, especially for young men He needs an education – She kinda came with a bet – What if I go to school with you? I’ll make a bet If you go to school, I’ll go to school That’s exactly how I said it – [Commencement Speaker] Ardelia stated to us, how could I preach education when I didn’t go to school? So she led by example – [Ardelia] It was great to be able to go one night a week, get my homework done, and still be able to work 40, 50 hours a week – [Commencement Speaker] The biggest takeaway was that they would motivate each other to succeed at school – I feel like if I didn’t succeed, he wasn’t gonna succeed – The times I was down and getting frustrated with school, thinking I can’t do it, and I’m tired of working, she was the one always motivate me – [Commencement Speaker] She is a first-time graduate for her generation, and he is a first-time graduate for his generation – We made it! We made it! – This journey is a family affair They finish that journey together today, as they walk in stage together to receive their diploma – [Announcer] Ardelia Houston and Leonard Brown (audience cheering) (audience applauding) (inspirational music) – We did it! – Amazing – I’m so proud of you We did it I’m very proud of him – [Leonard] You know what? You proved to me that anything can be done You’re a strong mother (singers vocalizing) – [Announcer] We are proud to now welcome Valerie Jarrett Ms. Jarret is former Obama Administration Senior Advisor to the President She’s also involved in the non-profit, When We All Vote, with Michelle Obama and is a distinguished fellow at the University of Chicago Law School Ms. Jarrett has shared her life’s journey as a service leader and influencer in her book, “Finding My Voice: My Journey to the West Wing “and the Path Forward.” We are so honored to welcome Valerie Jarrett – Thank you so much for that warm welcome I am delighted to be here today, to celebrate the many accomplishments of the graduates and the support and sacrifices of their loved ones who made this day possible Congratulations, one and all What an inspiration to learn from Ardelia and Leonard and their journey together as mother and son to complete their degrees That type of success takes incredible perseverance, grit and determination I applaud them and I celebrate their success They risked it all for each other so that they both could succeed Our world could use more of that type of self-sacrifice As today’s graduates enter into the workplace, with your new knowledge and skills, and I wanna emphasize that building trusting relationships and working together will be essential Because the workplace is changing so quickly, and in so many ways, certainly grappling with the pandemic has triggered significant change, as Dr. Woods outlined in his remarks earlier But change in the workplace and in our world is being driven

by issues that affect our society, such as how employers support working families, including ensuring pay for women, paid leave, paid sick days, workplace flexibility, a workplace free from sexual harassment and discrimination of any kind, all of which helps create a culture of inclusion We only learn by being curious about others, and how having an open mind and an open heart So I encourage you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, and this also means we must be willing to open up and share our unique stories which make us feel vulnerable But we are our stories I personally benefited so much from being mentored, but the only reason that happened was when I was honest and open, so that my mentors could get a chance to know me, all of me, and I’ve tried to pay it forward In fact, one of my favorite people with whom I had the privilege of working for 25 years is a University of Phoenix alum Katherine Branch was a single mom at 16 She faced adult responsibilities before she even had a chance to finish high school I met Kathy in 1992, when I was the Commissioner of Planning and Development for the City of Chicago I was very impressed with her, and eventually convinced her to come and work with me Her desk was located directly in front of Michelle Obama’s desk, who was also a member of my team at the time And as my career advanced, and created new opportunities for me, I provided opportunities for Kathy to advance as well And I encouraged her to pursue a higher education, because I knew that experience would foster important growth for her that would help her advance in her career Kathy, as a working mom, chose the University of Phoenix because it afforded her the flexibility necessary to balance her life, work and motherhood I’m incredibly proud of Kathy, and in awe of her many accomplishments, especially the perseverance and determination it took for her to complete her degree When the opportunity to go to Washington DC and join President Obama’s administration was presented to me, I invited Kathy to join me She did without a moment’s hesitation, and she made a significant contribution in countless ways as the Director of Special Projects and a Special Assistant in the Offices of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, two of the offices that I oversaw Kathy’s an inspiration, and like all of you, she’s a Phoenix When I was invited to speak here, I was incredibly honored And as I’ve mentioned, my career, my life have provided me with opportunities that I could never have imagined when I was finishing my education I’m humbled by these experiences and incredibly grateful But at my core, I, like so many of you, am a survivor and a fighter My only marriage was relatively brief, and while my daughter was still very young, I became a single mom It wasn’t the path that I had expected for myself In fact, for some time, I felt lost and overwhelmed and thought because my marriage failed, I was a failure I slowly learned that when the perfect plan crumbles, the adventure begins It took digging deep inside of myself to find my voice and discover what fulfilled me So I can relate to the journey many of you have forged to get to where you are today I want you all to know how much I admire you and your journey And I have the utmost respect for what you have accomplished I know the road to get here was hard-fought I’ve tried to lead a purposeful life, to be a force for good And as President Kennedy once said, “Efforts and courage are not enough “without purpose and direction.” I think that sums up the importance of leading a purposeful life, a life that is not just about what you do, but who you are, one that serves others and makes a positive impact You all understand that better than most, given all you’ve overcome to be here today Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate your incredible achievements today Best wishes in your future endeavors Stay focused on living a purposeful life (inspirational music) – [Narrator] And now, Peter Cohen,

President of University of Phoenix will share thoughts and congratulations on this very special occasion – Thank you, and what an incredible program we’ve had here today I’m honored to be able to share in this celebration On behalf of the university staff and faculty, I congratulate you on this incredible achievement What a journey you’ve been on and what a journey 2020 has been I admire the grit and persistence it takes to complete your education under normal circumstances And this year has been anything but normal So you should be extra proud of all you’ve accomplished You’ve heard from Dr Woods and Valerie Jarrett about the importance of adapting to the change in our fast-paced world and in doing so, supporting one another So we can all succeed by leading a purposeful life And I couldn’t agree more If there’s one key takeaway from 2020, it’s that we’re all better when we work together The world of work is accelerating at a pace that is unprecedented Technology is certainly part of the equation, but so were the goals and desires of employees Even before the pandemic forced us all into a virtual working environment, many employees were already requesting more flexible schedules in order to achieve work/life balance Due to the pandemic-driven changes in our environment this year, more organizations may well have to adopt these types of policies, but the pandemic hasn’t only changed how we work but where we work also The thought of living close to where you work may soon become an antiquated idea According to Harvard Business School, when the pandemic is over, one in six workers is projected to continue working from home or coworking at least two days a week And over the past eight months, we’ve already changed the way we approach many things, be it how we consume our news, eat out or shop for things Why not where we work also? What some are characterizing as the telepresence revolution could also entirely reshape how we do our jobs As technology continues to advance and change the workplace, so will our skills need to grow and adapt The idea of lifelong learning isn’t new, but suddenly, rather than being a personal aspiration, it may become a professional necessity Regardless of what short-term future or long-term realities bring, you, as Phoenixes, are uniquely positioned to thrive because you’re comfortable working and learning in a virtual environment You’ve honed the soft skills through a University of Phoenix education, skills such as communication, leadership, critical thinking According to the World Economic Forum, employers are looking for these traits, plus the ability to problem-solve, think creatively, be flexible and service-oriented and have emotional intelligence And you possess all of these traits because you are Phoenixes

Plus you have the grit, the determination, and the focus to persevere through anything you set your minds to But I do think your experience in the workplace will be very different going forward A 2015 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found people between the ages of 18 to 50 may have as many as 12 different jobs Long gone are the days of working for one organization over the course of your career Instead, your career trajectory will be more of a zigzag, with a series of lateral moves between companies as well as upward trajectories, as your skills and expertise grow You may change careers, also Opportunities to learn online and to up-skill or re-skill will afford you that possibility And I think it’s very exciting, and creates boundless opportunities for personal growth As University of Phoenix graduates, you know how to collaborate, how to lead and how to communicate effectively I believe you are well-prepared for the gig economy, that new economy that relies on entrepreneurship and self-motivation You see, all of those group projects, those oral presentations and class chats that you’ve participated in over the course of your degree, those activities were instilling in you valuable leadership skills that employers seek in their workforce You are well-positioned to be leaders because you have these skills Coupled with your innate drive to succeed, you are winners, and we will be here for you as you move through your career, because you’re now part of a million plus alumni, a proud group who understands your journey very well and are waiting to welcome you into the fold They will be resources for you just as we aspire to be also throughout your career As you celebrate with your family and loved ones later, I want to leave you with a quote from author, Jodie Picoult, that I think we can all relate to, as 2020 comes to a close “The human capacity for burden is like bamboo “Far more flexible than you’d ever believe at first glance.” Congratulations, enjoy this time, and remember, you are now a Phoenix – [Announcer] And now, university provost, Dr. John Woods, will introduce the reading of the December 2020 commencement graduate names and conduct the conferral of degrees – Hello, again, graduates and guests As with many of our traditional commencement ceremonies, today I have the distinct honor of conferring degrees upon our graduates Although there are a lot of people participating today, we wanna make sure we recognize each and every one of you and acknowledge your hard-won achievement To do this, we’ll announce each individual’s name and share their personal conferral card In the left-hand corner of the screen, you’ll see a countdown for the time remaining until the next degree level is announced While you’re waiting to hear your name, feel free to preview your personal conferral card on the marching order website You can download and share it with family and friends on all your favorite social media channels So without further ado, let’s begin by announcing our Associate Degree candidates (light music) – [Announcer] Nancy Aceves LaTiffany Adams Christine L. Ailing Garrett A. Akins Jasmine S. Amos Olaribigbe Khalil Amusa Octavia S. Anderson Joseph Andres Delfina M. Arias Jessica Arriaga Peter R. Attia James R. Babst Anjanette E. Baham Alicia Baker Dorian J. Barnes Armica Bash Gaspar

Wendy D. Beam Cortney Duron Beavers Gaylene Benally (inspirational music) Gabriel Bernal Raven L. Bizzell Chiquita M. Bobo Latonya D. Bonhomme Sahily Bosch Linda D. Bradley Latisha S. Brandenburg Lashunda Patrice Brazell Annie Rogers Braziel Alicia R. Briones Ajhane Sharda Brooks Sandra L. Brooks Britany D. Broussard Charity R. Brown Jeanette R. Brown Kyra Shontel Brown Latosha L. Brown Melissa Brown Samantha Tasha Brown (inspirational music) Shanell Brown Tiffany S. Brown Gerald Bryant Michael R. Buretta Gemma P. Caliguiran Verdis L. Calloway Morgan Carl Courtnee L. Carroll Jessica L. Celedon Adrian Zachary Cervantes Mark A. Chachere Joshua Q. Chapman Mandy R. Chevalier To’Nia D. Clayton Stephanie Dawn Clements Yalonda Y. Cole Courtney M. Cooke Philip Allen Cotton Reginald Courtney Tyesha N. Cowart Renecia Cunningham Quantarshay Shanquise Curtis Vincent L. Davie Kierra Davis Markest Orlando Davis Stuart Davis Kimberly Dawson Redley M. Daza Sharline A. De Laurencio Alamo Malin Coral DeVoue Rosa M. Diaz Kimberly M. Dixon Constance D. Dubose Shannon R. Duby Ashley Dunaway February Emery Kenda L. Eskridge Stacey Evans

Rhonika V. Everette Laquinta Scott Favors Jelesa T. Fields Denise R. Franklin Andrea D. Freeman Tawanna Frierson Jessica Maria Garcia Alexis R. Gardner Harlan S. Gerber Jennifer Gibson (upbeat music) Melissa S. Goytia Joseph A. Grasman Bryan A. Green Doron Greer Kristy D. Griffie Yvette Estelle Griffin Omar Inirio Guerrero Kimberly Guzman Suarez Tyeonna A. Hagood Davritta L. Harbor Lacheri D. Harp (singers vocalizing) Chantell L. Harris Karla Harris Mary Ann Harris-Clay Dionne L. Haskins Michael Healy Christina B. Hedrington Gabriel F. Hernandez Amber L. Hervey Theresa Hewett Chrisjuana L. Hicks (singers vocalizing) Lavinia Hoey Monika G. Hoppe Gabriel C. Hoy Alania M. Huff April Nicole Hunt Nicole L. Hurley Natalie M. Husted Ferlisa Ivy Adam G. Jackson (whimsical orchestral music) Debra Jackson Bobbie L. Johnson Kedrick D. Johnson Terressa Y. Johnson Wanda A.K. Johnson Brittany L. Jones Kecia Lashea Jones Malika S. Jones Dustin S. Jordan Amy Kamara Elena P. Kilpatrick Rikissa S. Kimble Cassie King Nakia K. Kirk Amanda M. Lee Brittney L. Lewis Kydada M. Lewis Ronald W. Lewis Victor B. Lewis Chasity K. Linden

Phillis D. Lloyd-Collier Kiara Love Alexis S. Lyons Jessica Michelle Maldonado-Savage Shonda Elizabeth Malone Monique D. Mapp Dashaun A. Mascol Natalie Mattazaro Myra R. Matthew Joseph P. McClendon (light piano music) Melvin Kenneth McCloud John C. McGrath Krystal M. McGuire Chauncey McKinney Starlette M. McQuiston Phyllis Mebane-Moses Rafael Osvaldo Medina Mashecia Miller Shayla Miller Simone K. Miranda Carrie A. Mitchell Cassandra Mitchell Shimillion Mitchell Justin D. Moffitt Tiffany Renae Molden Lisette A. Morales Angela Marie Morgan Lauren E. Morris Desrenesia T. Moss Corinna Mounts Olufunmilola Mulero Frank J. Mullin Billiejean Murillo Jade W. Nakila-Gaison Samantha Newcomb Toi Oliver Monicia R. Onidas Nashauna Payne Bertha Pecero Brittnea D. Perez Danita R. Perry Latisha Michelle Perry Alexandra D. Porter Ashley M. Powell William Andrew Ramsey Vanessa Rangle Adrian Leeann Ransom Ashley N. Read Rashundra P. Reedy Hesley Reyes Josue A. Reyes Gonzalez Nikita S. Ringo Renee Rios Sheila Rivera Kimberly M. Robertson Jasmine Antionette Robinson Tederra Robinson Lajerrika Rodgers Laporschea J. Rodgers Pablo A. Rodriguez Moran

Tameka Diane Rogers Brody A. Romero Kalie M. Romine Tangela Rouse Vanessa M. Rowe Amy S. Sachse Adrian Daniel San Nicolas Robyn L. Sanders Jannell N. Saragosa Shaquisha L. Scott Cheyenne Shannon Shauna-Shae Sharpe Bretlan J. Shelvin (light music) Tiffany M. Shorter Paula M. Silvas Shawna T. Sims Shyann Skye Slaughter Derrick Walter Smalls Anita Louise Smith Brittany L. Smith Christina Smith Paulette A. Smith Latia Stroud Gregory Sylvester LaTonia Rene’ Taylor (inspirational music) Stacy M. Thacker Nicole L. Thornton Tasha D. Thurmond Tracy K. Tillman Sherika N. Truesdale Jeana Tuha Jasmine Turner Chevelon D. Tyler Heather E. Uresti Veronica Valles Robert L. Van Ness Rachel R. Vasquez Christina Terry Walker Antonio L. Watkins Garrett Werito Jeremy Derell White Rex L. Whitehair Wendy Whitson Michael Lancelot Wilcox Anita J. Williams Anthony L. Williams Detral N. Williams Kristine Kyle Williams Tenneschia M. Winberry-Smith Sherrissa R. Winder Kieara Winters Mary A. Wiseman Amber M. Womack Jocelyn N. Woods Horstead Keldonte J. Wright Kyle F. Yarger Amari Camara Zivai (“Pomp and Circumstance”) – Welcome back I’ll now conduct the conferral of degrees Under the authority of the laws of the state,

upon approval of the board of trustees of the university, and at the recommendation of the faculty, I hereby confer upon each of you at the completion of the respective academic degree for which you’ve been recommended an associate degree from the University of Phoenix Congratulations (“Pomp and Circumstance”) And now, let’s meet our bachelor’s degree candidates (“Pomp and Circumstance”) – [Announcer] Diana Rebecca Abbott (upbeat music) Marcus D. Adams Shanetrius Dewan Adams Naaman M. Adcock Tabatha R. Adcock Gbenga O. Adeogun Erin Lee Adler Karla N. Aery Sean M. Agee Justin Jordan Agsalud Danette L. Aguero Patricia Aguero Rayna Jude B. Aguon Mustafa M. Alamar Rosa I. Alaniz Jenna J. Alarcon Lashondra Jacquelyn Albury Terasa Lois Aldana Keyatta Spring Alexander Kristine S. Alexander Patricia A. Alexander Tracy M. Alexander Katrina E. Alix Amber D. Allen Montora C. Allen Hani Alsayyah Delaney Alston Diana Alvarez Karyna Alvarez Virginia A. Alvarez Clarence Amis (light music) Bernadine C. Anderson Danielle Anderson Hashim Kendrick Anderson Nichole R. Anderson Stephanie J. Anderson Carrie Angeletti Andrea Antypas Kayna M. Anzai Felicia Applewhite Adriana A. Arballo Darion Arendse Anna Armenta Deborah Elizabeth Arney Jessica Arredondo Niklaus G. Arredondo Deola A. Arvicio Jose Julian Arvizu Michelle A. Ashman Cynthia A. Atchley Lela Atene Jetrie N. Atkins Lauren N. Atkins Jerica L. Atkinson Issam Atoussi

Tricia Lisa Augustin-Theodule Kim O. Avila Veronica A. Avina Joanna R. Baca Elayne Cachola Domingo Bacani Chantel Bailey Sheena Cahy Marlene Bailey (inspirational music) Natalia C. Baines Satinderjit Kaur Bains Renee Baker Sandra J. Barber Natalie P. Barboza Alexandria D. Barger Chaze F. Barnes Yumeika N. Barnes Alejandra Barraza Thomas J. Barrera Jeanie Bartsch Naquisha N. Batiste Kendall R. Beard Shannon E. Beaumier Marcha Ariel Beckham Kristi R. Beets Jordan O. Begay Shanty Bode Beijo Megan Rene Bell Roshawnda M. Bell Tracie Yvonne Bell Alain Bellanton Kenia Benavides Joel Benoit Scotty L. Benton Melissa J. Bernacky Delores A. Berry (upbeat music) Teresa Bethel Tamera M. Billiot (singers vocalizing) Margaret M. Binner Jagvinder Birring Emily Ann Black Renardo L. Black Ursula M. Blakely Alex Blanco-Vega Andreas L. Bleske Martina Blindman Audrina L. Blount Susan R. Blunt Cathleen Boccia Roxanna Selena Bonitto Tiara C. Booker Rosetta Bookman Gina M. Boothe Amine Bounimi Nakia Marie Bowie Gary Wayne Bowser, Jr Dawn Marie Boyd Patrick R. Bradshaw, Jr Adrienne Renee Brady Tara L. Brandt Lateisha N. Brathwaite Clarissa Breaux

Miriam R. Breaux Baham Karen S. Bridges Gina R. Brindley Amanda Bringhurst (bright instrumental music) Lindsey Briscoe Nicole A. Bristol Mellinda F. Britton Ashley S. Brooks Jabari Brooks Lynnette N. Brooks Tiffani T. Brooks Adrian R. Brown Belinda F. Brown Cassandra S. Brown Crystal C. Brown Deshawnda M. Brown Kierra C. Brown Lacy L. Brown Madeleine Brown Myrnia Y. Brown Prashawna M. Brown Peggy Sue Brummett Joshua D. Bruun Sonja Bryant Jessica L. Bubnich Yelyzaveta Buckley Lachysha Bullock-Holloway Stephanie C. Burch Rebecca A. Burke Christopher A. Burks, Sr Scott Everett Burris Nequitha M. Busby Eric D. Butler Kristain Nicole Butterfield (light piano music) Jessica Gabriela Byrne Kara Cable Tiffani Cable Tiffany-Amber G. Caday Marissa N. Cadena Carolyn Lynnette Cain-Smith Evelyn Calderon Nakisha M. Caldwell Corrine L. Calhoun Carol A. Calip Haley D. Callison Camille Camacho Flavian R. Cameron Johnson Margaret L. Camille Kristen Viviana Campanur Sheena M. Campbell Elva H. Candelaria Nellie Ann Cano Coral Cardona Arlene Agnelle Carian Paul Carlisle Isaac Carlos Suzanna Michelle Carlsson Selina M. Carrasquillo Miki L. Carreira-Manin Yvonne F. Carrillo

Allisen C. Carter Camill Carter Jamesha G. Carter Kenisha L. Carter Kristy Nicole Carter (gentle music) Adam P. Cartwright Christopher W. Casey Theresa Marie Castaneda Silvia M. Castillo Michelle Castro Tiffany L. Castro Viridiana Caudillo Antoinette M. Cavazos Gravielo Ceballos Megan S. Celestino Stephen Chadwick Dakota L. Chamberlain Renita Chamberlain Francis S. Chantavong Sean Joseph Chapko Zokia M. Charles Pamella R. Chavez Sara I. Chavez Ivy G. Chiangwa Riccarera E. Chism Angeleah N. Chitwood Sophia Maria Christoulakis Toshibalaquet Y. Clark Daisy Milicich Clarke Laura Lynette Clasen Roxane Claudio Lataya Clayborne Kaalynn Clinton Frances T. Cobb Marvena Cole Nicole D. Cole (light piano music) Amanda Larissa Coleman Dajaneek L. Coleman Meatrice Coleman April L. Coley Brandon Colley Sherrell Y. Collins Chanterius N. Colquitt Frankie Kaipat Concepcion Kimberly N. Conley Alonda J. Conner Cathy A. Conrad Angela Marie Contreras Gregory Cooks Gabrielle Cooper Michelle Andrea Cooper Timothy M. Cord Anielle Correa Dawn R. Correa Effie M. Cossey Pamela N. Cotelleso Megan Ashley Couch Anna Elizabeth Cox Audrey H. Cox Whitney R. Crandle

Brynn A. Crawford Caleb R. Crosier Kyle Crumbliss Ricky L. Crump Saroyia M. Culberson Shantel Cumberbatch Melissa Estefania Curtis (inspirational music) Joyious J. Cutno Teressa Dalatri Carly Rose Dallas Contavia L. Dallas-Goolsby Linda K. Danielly Luther Daniels Suzanne Danielson Valerie N. Dantzler Jesse Darden Syamasundara Dasshort Jeannette Davila Danielle H. Davis (inspirational music) Latonya Davis Louvenia Davis Monica Kathryn Davis Symunde Davis Nallely De La Cruz Kyle M. De Vroede Stephanie L. Dean Susanne M. Dean Natacha Melton Deberry Melanee T. Debro Noharys N. Decena Xan Decuir Credeliza B. Dela Torre Alexis N. Delgado Angela L. Deloach Ara Dergarapet Alexus G. Derozen Amy M. Devereaux Tanya Marie Dewilde Jamina Dial Brandy B. Dias Jessenia Diaz Lisbeth Dickerson Idriss M. Diomande Amber N. Disher Pamela Adell Dobard Raymond Donald Jeffrey L. Donaldson Bradley Emil Donalson David Dorsaima Janine D. Douglas Patrice K. Draper-Roberts Tysheya T. Dubose Lavaina S. Dudley Tajuana M. Dunbar Courtney Danielle Dunegan Dsean D. Dunmars-Washington Kevin Andrew Dy Natasha Dyson Monica Ealba (light piano music)

Belle-Alyse K. Echiverri Auriel N. Echols Jessica L. Edwards Katherine L. Edwards Sherrell V. Edwards Perlen Lorease Eisenreich Victoria L. Elder Ahmed Elebrashi (inspirational music) Jada C. Ellis Tanisha M. Ellis Crystal G. Ellis-Thompson Monica Elmore Luke A. Elrod John Emerson Deche Anneice Endsley Nurazsha L. Enous Stacy M. Ervin Stacey L. Escobar Angela Celeste Esparza Vanessa N. Esparza Victor E. Espinoza Yannik Essex Ashley A. Esteban Loucyl N. Etienne India Evans Shundalyn Jackson-Conley Evans Valinda Evans Trisha L. Farinas Angela T. Ferguson Tracy S. Ferguson Rachel A. Fernandez Milton D. Fields Janet Flagler-Keith Devon M. Flanders Jennifer Fleming Monique Yvette Fleming Janette Fletes Alberto Efren Flores Devyne Faith Flores Rose M. Flores Nicole S. Flournoy Keanna L. Flowers Betty J. Fonseca Barbara J. Foots Doreatha Foots Lauryn Ashli Ford Nyketah S. Ford Whitney Jo Ford Katherine M. Foresta Samantha A. Francis Veronica M. Francis Kimberly Francisco Erica M. Franco Alexia M. Frank Aisha Brown Franklin Khadijah G. Franklin Ashley N. Franks (upbeat music) Breana A. Frazier Danisha S. Frazier (singer vocalizing) Patricia French-Johnson Katherine Frias

Gabrielle R. Frye Tiffani Renee Frye Echole C. Fuller Kimberlee Gabara Marie Leilani Kaluhiwa Gabriel Leela D. Gadson Sabrina Gaines (singer vocalizing) Shauntell E. Gaines Kimberly N. Gaines Vaughn Monica J. Gamboa Ashley Garcia Cecilia Garcia Deborah A. Garcia Erika Garcia Ivonne Garcia Jennifer Garcia Jose Garcia Leonel J. Garcia Maribel Garcia Rene D. Garcia Yvette C. Garcia Darrin A. Garrett Khadijah M. Gary Jorge A. Garza Fabiola Garza-Nuno Doris Latoya Gasby (whimsical orchestral music) Awa P. Gasper Marva K. Gaston Dalya Kamilah Gates Charnee Gauthe Lauren W. Gayner Lashelle D. Gee Airieal Dominique Gibbs Aeshia Gibson Edward J. Gibson Brandy A. Giles Sheila E. Gilford Daryl A. Gillard Victoria C. Gillespie Shirley Gipson Aza M. Gise Rana C. Given Kerri Glaspie Brandon S. Glassco Ieshia Nicole Glover Jeffrey Glover Jonathan H. Godbay Thomas D. Godbold Theodore M. Godfrey Brian Godwin Natika R. Golden Ana M. Gomez Kymberly A. Gomez Rita Lemos Gomez Claudia M. Gomez-Lastiri Derek J. Gonzales (light piano music) Jennifer A. Gonzales Joseph Gonzales Alejandra Gonzalez Kathleen A. Gonzalez

Mayra Alejandra Gonzalez Naidene J. Gonzalez (inspirational music) Angela Elizabeth Goodall-Haines Nikki C. Gooden Alexis A. Goodie Lori Goodrich John P. Gooler Melody M. Goonawardena Evelyn A. Gordo Aryca Danieyelle Gordon Sara E. Gorelick Richard N. Gorroden Rebecca Morgan Grab Mark D. Graf Latoya D. Graham Shandale Graham Tamaka S. Graham Im’Unique Grant Aleta Francine Gray Kimberly A. Green Sarah F. Green Ira K. Greene Stephanie M. Greve (inspirational music) Rickey D. Griffin Stephanie Griffiths Reginald T. Grigsby Brittney L. Grimes (gentle music) Byanka Angel Griner Jessica Guerrero Viviana C. Guerrero Glen Michael Guevara Lealani N. Guidry Nancy M. Guidry Malika Mertha Guinyard Rachel Gulley Shannon S. Guss Nicole Marie Gutierrez Sophia C. Guzman Ladonna A. Hale Jasmine J. Hamilton Ludlow O. Hamilton Yolanda Hamilton Melanie Lorraine Hammett Anthony C. Hampton Ashley Shanta Hampton Denessa R. Handy Lady June Harden Carla Evette Hardin Wendolyne Hardin Derek Harrell Brandy M. Harris Dennis B. Harris Erin D. Harris Paige A. Harris Janice M. Harrison Larry Tarone Harrison, Jr Shante Harvey Alanna Amalia Hatcher Shonett Hatten David A. Haught

(light piano music) Casey Hawk Keshia W. Hawk Daysia T. Hawkins Tyra Hayes Bethia Anngelique Hayes-Douglas Stephen D. Head Alesha Camielle Heard Brandon M. Heaven Karina S. Henderson-Thomas Sue L. Her Amanda G. Hernandez Kimberly Desiree Hernandez Pastor Hernandez Paulette Maria Hernandez Gwendolyn Y. Herrera Megan Danielle Herring Brandon J. Heyward Omar Higgins Shontel D. Hightower Nicole L. Hildenberger Nandi Hill Jason Price Hipps Latisha Naomi Ho Sang Taccara L. Hobbs Christopher Holbrook Amber L. Holiday Yolanda W. Hollis Aeja M. Holmes Candice D. Holmes Shelby M. Holmes (upbeat music) Joseph Holmes, Jr Obbie A. Holt Christopher J. Hontz Anjelica Kia Mercedes Hooks Damita Hope Janice Hopkins Lakeshia Ann Hopkins Amanda J. Hoppe Hormoz Hormoz Balanej Lance Sidney Horne, Jr Stephanie D. Houghton Kimberly Denise Houston Kerry Hubbard Athena L. Hucks Charisma N. Hudson Dosche D. Hudson Stephanie R. Huff Michelle Hukill Mary Ann Hulsey-Strange Theresa Y. Hunter Rochelle Hutchison Marivic Ibaldez Kellen P. Ige (upbeat music) Maryam B. Ikharo Denise M. Inacio Rast Sherleina Hokulani Keaulana Iokia Glorianne G. Irizarry Jakedra L. Ivey Brandy L. Jackson Byronica Yvette Jackson

Florence Jackson Kevin E. Jackson Laterica I. Jackson Samone Deshay Jackson Shaneka S. Jackson Tameka Lashawn Jackson Tralaina Tiree Jackson Ebone Alisee Jackson Harris Estefano J. Jacquez Patricia James Tanya T. James Latisha James-Harrison Donald W. Jarrett Arthur L. Jean-Simon Tiffany L. Jeffs Andrea M. Jenkins Angelica D. Jenkins Amy L. Jensen Janet L. Jernigan Swanselyn Nix Jerry Ashley Johns Andrea Johnson Danielle V. Johnson (gentle music) Dernalda Fennita Johnson Dimitra Johnson Hailey Mechelle Johnson Jandia E. Johnson Jaron Johnson Jeannette C. Johnson Joygena L. Johnson Kelly Johnson Latosha N. Johnson Latrinda M. Johnson Lynden Rashaun Johnson Marlies A. Johnson Norbert L. Johnson Pia Elizabeth Johnson Shaunea A. Johnson Tonia Natasha Johnson Vonja L. Johnson Wendy S. Johnson Nena T. Johnson-Colbert Sabrina J. Johnston Aundranikki M. Jones Darryl M. Jones Jean Clarissa Marie Jones Kayla C. Jones Kimberly E. Jones Krista D. Jones Sherry M. Jones Tanasia Monee Louise Jones Teressa Ann Jones Christopher B. Joseph Tatianna S. Joyner Adriana Juarez Erika E. Juarez Laurie Jules Paul Jong K. Jung Behka Jusupovic

Prabhnoor Kahlon Hakeem T. Kaka Balkaran Jit Kaur Dilpreet Kaur Laquisha M. Kearney Jeffrey T. Keen Tracye R. Keller Terry Kendrick Kristina A. Kendricks-Clark Kacie M. Kennedy Felicia Janese Kennedy-Dinkins Tanisha Kennedy-Dixon Danielle R. Key Mary Helen Key Kayla Cruz Khal Lisa V. Khang Adam Kile La Shawn D. Kilgore Priscilla Llanos Kim Ferhat Kinaci Natalia Kindell (upbeat music) Bridgette King Laterra C. King (singer vocalizing) Kyle Kinser Casey L. Kluge Christine Klumpp Chrysta J. Knight Deonatra Knight Sonya K. Knight Thomas L. Knight Brittany Nicole Koehne Mokuhalii Konanui Michael J. Konowicz Erin K. Krohn Rajnesh Deo Kumar Ericleide Laba Mary Anne Lambie Tieja L. Lampkin Ernesto M. Lanazca Kristen D. Land Keosha Landry Jennifer M. Lane-Pate Joleen D. Langley Julia T. Lapoint Patricia Guerrero Lara Sherry N. Larke Brittany Lassiter Sarah L. Lavalier Kara Y. Lawrence Lashanda A. Lawrence Robert J. Lealiiee Ana Lucia Lederhos (whimsical orchestral music) Christine A. Ledford Stephanie Leija Brandi M. Lemm Jessica L. Lemmons Angelina Beltran Lemus Aracely G. Lemus Shonn E. Lenagar Kristina M. Leon Antone William Leonard

Lisa Leonard Heather Leto Katilyn J. Letourneau Charles E. Lewis Katelin J. Lewis Shanta D. Lewis Shona J. Lewis Lakeisha L. Lighten Allison Rae Lindsey Tanya L. Liulamaga Rudolph Shade S. Lloyd Sherry Loghry Josette Desile Long Rayshell L. Long Carletta Racquel Long-Green Annette M. Lopez Celeste C. Lopez Jessica L. Lopez Manuel Ivan Lopez Tesla Y. Lopez De Ortega Julia Christine Lord Hutchinson (light piano music) Victoria A. Louis La Shawnte K. Love Michelle Elizabeth Loyd Brittany L. Lucero Shelly Patacsil Lum Logan I. Luta Angelique Lynch Nora D. Mack Maria Magaña Dara Marie Kamaile Makaiwi Carlos A. Malcolm Vania Y. Maldonado Marquita Lavetta Mangum Regina D. Manning Matthew Mantooth-Loder Monika R. Mapp Antonio Maramonte Allen P. Marcotte Emily Marengo Rosalva Marquez-Montalvo Winta N. Marshall Elisabeth S. Martin Laura A. Martin Matthew J. Martin Mitzi Danielle Martin Wilson Martin Abel F. Martinez Adriana Martinez Angel Pearl Martinez John Thomas Martinez Carlos E. Martinez Perez Rolando Martinez Villa Leticia Martinez-Morales Jacob G. Martini Angela R. Matias Maryann E. Maurice Lisa Maviglia Beth A. Mayo Virginia B. Mayo

Gwendolyn Mays Shameika A. McAllister Ron McClain April S. McCoy-Henderson Alishia D. McCrary Deborah McDade Heather McDowell X’Zalyn S. McGarner-Oliney James A. McGhee Jimie J. McIntosh Teresa A. McIntosh Kristophher Le’Jon McLendon April C. McMillan Charles S. McNeal Melissa L. McNitt Angelina D. Medina Julissa M. Medina Erick Blanco Medrano Mellanie Sue Meiries Emely C. Mejia Esmeralda Mejia Kelly Diana Mejia Keila Melendez Jaqueline Mendoza (light piano music) Shaccase D. Menina Edith J. Mercado Elizabeth Mesias Brian Metko Amy Jo Meyer Yadira A. Meza Christal L. Miles Yolanda Gale Miles Kayla M. Miller Latrenda E. Miller Les N. Miller Melodie Marie Mills Shanon Renee Mills Kelli C. Milton Melanie Minjares Frank Miranda Ebony Monique Mitchell Ariel Mitchell Williams Michelle K. Molina Jeanice Monroy Amber D. Montanez Allyson L. Mood Brandon D. Moore Kenisha J. Moore Velia A. Moore Mirna M. Morales Dolly L. Moreno Marcos A. Moreno Teontae T. Morgan Michael Morgano (inspirational music) Amber C. Morris Rebekah J. Morris Robin M. Morris Bridgette A. Morrow Selma Mosqueda Rebecca A. Moss

Yong Moua Carolyne Muigai Johnathan K. Mullen Tashawna R. Mullen Jolynn D. Mumphrey-Baskin Terrica V. Mundy Juan P. Munoz-Caracas Colette Nagao Theresa R. Nahrwold Sharmaine C. Nash Natasha D. Nelson Sokpheun Sophie Nem Megan Neuman Montreal J. Newkirk Alexis L. Newsom Madeline Ivette Newton (inspirational music) Rose Newton Peter Phu Nguyen Jaryn Nychelle Nichols Nakeshai Nicholson Zakera Nizam Majolie M. Njock Ubon Monday Nnah Tracy Corine Noble Martinez Danny C. Norberte Emily M. Noreen Janelle Marie North Lynette Null Staci L. Nunez Amara C. Nunley Arzoo Nuristani Ogechi I. Nwachukwu Jocelin Denice Oaks-Kelly James W. Odom Katie R. Odowd Crystal M. Oliver-Swiggett Jessica Olson Christina Marie Olvera Ebuwa Omoruyi-Osawaye Tomiko D. Onyemuchara Kristen M. Oreste Anthony J. Oriente Brytanie R. Orszulak Abigail Carrera Ortiz Brenda Y-Hawks Owens Miranda Lynne Owens Deborah F. Ozen Jovan M. Padia Laura Ann Padilla Alisha K. Pagan Joyce Pagtanac Brittany J. Parish Gregory Parker Allison Bono Partridge Marie K. Pasion Eric Passi John D. Pate Noopur Patel Akeyah M. Patterson Hannah Nicole Patterson

Phelesia S. Patterson Robye Christine Patterson Takarra D. Patterson Tyra L. Patton Emernette Antoinette Pavao Crystal R. Payne Della Payne D’Lynn Pearley Edwin S. Pearson Monica Esmeralda Peele Abigail Perez David J. Perez Jasmin Perez Loraine Santos Perez Moses Perez Tracey D. Perez Diego C. Perez-Martinez Amberly Perkins Karen M. Perkins Zarai Enrique Perkins Waundlyan L. Pete Paris Y. Peterson Melissa P. Peukert Christian Deon Phillips Kelli S. Phillips Mirinda D. Philmon Angelia Pierce Nicole L. Pieretti-Rael Jerry L. Pike Vivian Crystal-Leigh Piorkowski CheRonn Countee Piper Andrea C. Polk Darla D. Pool Krista L. Popham Kara L. Porter Lazaro Francisco Portillo Timothy A. Powers Jesusa H. Prado Shalini D. Prasad Larce A. Preston Christopher Price Kenya Moriah Price (upbeat music) David Primero Jerald Antonio Prince II Patricia A. Pringle (singer vocalizing) Christina M. Proctor Kenneth A. Proctor Rachel Prouty Terry I. Pruitt Charissa R. Purcell Pateah Shanae Quarells Crystal D. Quarterman Morgan A. Quick Jennifer L. Quintero Tracey Rena Rabun Paul V. Radauceanu Shiquita L. Radford Charlene Nicole Rainey Tiffiny D. Raman James Ramon

Jeanette Ramos Kaysi Randolph Marilyn Elizabeth Rankin Sherry Ann Leybag Raquino Prince Junior Rawls, Jr Lahtia V. Reed Vickie L. Reed Gail M. Reeves Janet Reinoso Maya Angela Renee Kristine M. Reynaga Sandra M. Rezentes Jamilah N. Rhym (whimsical orchestral music) Kayla J. Rice Andre L. Richardson Mindy Richardson Rebecca H. Richardson Sydney A. Richardson Allison A. Ridenhour Danelle N. Riggins Mellana Riggins David W. Ritchie Kris Ritualo April Rivas-Ayon Danixa Rivera Nancy Rivera April M. Robarge Nathaniel Roberson Kevin L. Roberts Michelle R. Robertson Courtney L. Roberts-Spaise Ginger Michelle Robin Shannon R. Robins Arron Jody Robinson Deborah Veal Robinson Tanjania L. Robinson Sara P. Robles Jessica M. Rocca Anthony Rocha Francisco Rodriguez Giovanni C. Rodriguez Margot E. Rodriguez Mario Rodriguez (inspirational music) Veronica P. Rodriguez Yesenia Rodriguez Jennifer Rodriquez Linda Angelica Rogers Kawanna S. Rollins Yesenia M. Rosado Jose Rosado-Cabezudo Angela M. Rosado-Figueroa Sandy Rosales Caitlin Sarah Rose Jacinta Rose Brittany D. Ross Yassah E. Ross Paula V. Rosser R’Amair L. Roundtree Michael Anthony Rowe Kimberly Rucker

Jamilya Jurice Rudd Brandon Runske Laura A. Ryan Ezra Maulit Salandanan Juan Salas Jennifer Salaun Jessica Michelle Salazar Malachi J. Salazar Stephanie G. Salazar Valerie A. Salgado Terrance M. Salter Mignon Salters Desiree’ Deleon Guerrero San Nicolas Frank Sanchez Irma Linda Sanchez Aisha L. Sanders Keria L. Sanders Darnishea Sansom Willie Santa Anna Diva Nicole Santiago Isaiah Talamama Saole Melniquia M. Sapp Olivia Sarmiento Kimberly S. Saunders Andrea R. Schaffer Latoyya Z. Schenck Lisa N. Schoenfeld Chitton Y. Scott Ciskei W. Scott Erica L. Scott Shannon Scott Vicki Latrese Scott Janna Maile Corinne Seales Maryjoy V. Sengphachanh Faiz M. Shabazz Ilyas M. Shaikh Nicolette M. Shalita Nicolette N. Shaw Lisa R. Shelley Sidnye L. Shelly Thomas Perry Shelton Jessie Jo Shimko Tiffany S. Shockley Adrianna Marie Shook Shyrika D. Shuler Rosaura Martinez Silva Brandon M. Silveira Kisha Nicholle Simes Marquita D. Simmons Sabrina Simmons Jennifer I. Simon Shavon Simpson Valencia Antionette Simpson-Wiltz Timothy Sims, Sr Herlecia H. Sinclair Melinda Christina Singh Zubeia M. Siraj BJ Sisk Nancy Sisneros Latasha M. Siverand

William Slone Debra S. Smith Ian M. Smith Kilkenny K. Smith Latoya Smith Natalia A. Smith Nicole Donyah Smith Robert J. Smith Rose A. Smith Sarah M. Smith Tina L. Smith Albert M. Smith II Tekeia Snell Peggisue Snow Robertino G. Solis (light orchestral music) Amber P. Solomon Sean D. Sommer Jade Sotomey Lakita L. Spencer Romano R. Spencer Teia T. Spencer Marcus C. Spooney Jenna L. Stamas Rosalind M. Stanford Alesha Shonte Stanton Tequela Starling Christopher L. Steele Megan N. Steffey Christina Marie Steinke Kathy Lynn Stepp Paola Stevenson Shaterika Stevenson Danielle A. Stewart Erica Marie Stewart Tameka L. Stinson Brandie Stone Nicole Stroman Danielle N. Strout Jennifer M. Sullivan TomMacEnia M. Sumlin Marta Swiecinska Stephanie Renee Sykora Laurie Talamo Dalisay T. Tamondong Scholastica Tandongfor Anona R. Tase Charminda N. Taylor Cheryl A. Taylor Elizabeth H. Taylor Kanisha M. Taylor Karen Campbell Taylor Phylise J. Taylor Asia Euline Taylor-Goston Quintin Terrell Racquel Teruel Taryn D. Tevis Kong M. Thao Adam D. Thomas Antoinette J. Thomas Antwishia T. Thomas

April L. Thomas Crystal Lashae Thomas Jaime R. Thomas Latrella D. Thomas Walter E. Thomas Yalanda L. Thomas Carol A. Thompson Lauren A. Thompson Mariah L. Thompson Veronica Renee Thompson Darla M. Thompson-Casteel Danielle Rossana Thompson-Xzavier Kendra Veshon Thorpe Demetria Antwanette Tibbs Alexandria L. Timentwa Daphne L. Tinker Rosalie Torres Josue Torres-Bosch Sarah K. Touy Martin Fitzgerald Triplett Jose I. Troncoso-Govea Stephen Russell Troutt Nelia Tsoka Rebecca A. Tucker Jonathan A. Tufino Amanda Shae Turner Stephanie S. Turner Angela M. Tuttle Jessica L. Tyler Stacy M. Tyler Cristina Connie Urquilla Selina Valdez Jeanette Valencia Fatima Varachhia Astrid W. Vargas Chelsea R. Vega Joshua A. Vela Nicole H. Velasco John Velasquez Michelle Velasquez Daniel R. Velez Dialmarys Velez Gustavo Juan Verrilli Herman Caldwell Versey Courtney Strickland Vicari Amber Lynne Vigor Juan De Dios Villalobos Mercado Elizabeth F. Villalobos-Brasier Sydney Vix Cynthia L. Voorhies Alexander D. Wade Jose A. Wade Mia D. Wade Brittany R. Walker Eric M. Walker Jessica D. Walker Sherahn J. Walker Thenda Walker Angela C. Wallace Adela T. Waller

Karen J. Walls Melissa E. Walters Angela N. Ward (upbeat music) Eric D. Ward Kaylah D. Ward Martina N. Ward Tiffany Ward Ball Philana Ware Roshonda M. Warr Claudette D. Warren Jasmine Cleopatra Warthen Antonio Washington Crystal Washington Destiny Washington Taja Washington Mona L. Washington-Jingles Christy M. Wasson Corbra N. Watkins Carla M. Watson Keisha Talia Nicole Watson Shatieya N. Watson Vada Michelle Watson Wyschekee Watson Latoya Wayne SaTavia S. Webb Shawnaya C. Webb Jasma A. Webster Rey E. Weisskopf Andrea M. Welborn Colandra Wells Lawanda Wells Temiko D. Wells Darwyn A. Welsh (whimsical orchestral music) Jerricho Wendt Kristen West Andrew Michael Whisman Arielle White Chanell White Zackary Thomas White Roselyn A. Whitehawk Stephanie E. Whitfield Shamica Y. Whittaker Lisa D. Wiley Samantha C. Wilhite Terra R. Wilkinson Althea L. Williams Angel L. Williams Charise Renee Williams Christina D. Williams Darlessa E. Williams Ednisha K. Williams Jermaine L. Williams Kennecia J. Williams Kenneth E. Williams Pamela E. Williams Rachel M Williams Raquel Letrece Williams Rasheen R. Williams Raven N. Williams

Rickaiya Shanelle Williams Tammara L. Williams Tarran Williams (gentle music) Tenisha M. Williams Trishida Williams Zilena Williams Vannette Williams-Hill Stephanie Willis Ashley Wilson Ian M. Wilson Tarasa D. Wilson-Evans Joseph R. Wisner Charisse Wolf Deja J. Wolf Christina Marie Wright Ciara Wright Latisha Nakia Wright Latoya Wright Lynn Denise Wright Mariah A. Wright Typhani Wright Lucy Xiong Sandra J. Yorong Lani Y. Yoshida Annabelle Young (gentle piano music) Ivory M. Young Paul J. Young Tameka Latrice Young Jose A. Zapata Carlito C. Zialcita (“Pomp and Circumstance”) – Hello, again Now it’s my honor to confer degrees upon our bachelor’s degree candidates Under the authority of the laws of the state, upon approval of the board of trustees of the university, and at the recommendation of the faculty, I hereby confer upon each of you at the completion of the respective academic degree for which you’ve been recommended a bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix Congratulations Next, I’d like to introduce our master’s degree candidates (“Pomp and Circumstance”) – [Announcer] America L. Abalos (inspirational music) Concepcion M. Acosta Fulvio A. Acosta Khalila Acree Stephani Marketa Adams Babatunde Adeyemi Shiva Adham Jamie I.J. Agregado Karla Aguilar Joseph Ah Yen Khaled Al Turkmani Daniesha Lashay Alberty Eileen B. Aleksani Ashley D. Alexander Marie F. Alexandre Cassie E. Alford Rondsheba Ali Ester M. Altiery-Carrero Dana Anderson Kristen Avilas Anderson John C. Andoh Wendy Andrade LaTonya W. Anzley Patrick James Arata

Monique Armant Janasia L. Arrington Ruben Arteaga Shuntay R. Asbell Monica Tane Ash Alyssa Ashbacher Baneil Atoardoshahi Ashley Elaine Austin Krystal Dion Akemi Baba Denise A. Bacchues (inspirational music) Jessica L. Bailey Trina Carrier Baker Vanessa R. Balandran Sinneh Bangura Stephanie R. Bass Ericka R. Bates LaTonya Victorian Batiste Shantell Denise Batiste Brianna Bean Teneshia Beatty Catherine N. Beaubrun Sharon Pitman Beckman Ericka E. Bell Erico A. Bennett Maria E. Bernardino Liam C. Bird Jalisa Bishop Hopeth H. Black Renia Jene’ Blair-Nelson Tamica C. Blake Candace Blake Nichelson Kwaku Boakye Anahi G. Bocanegra Sidney R. Bohanen Jasmine Bonner Maurice Bonner Mary-Lynn T. Borne Ruth D. Bowe Tiara L. Boyd Monica Bravo Mendez Pattie Brawner Henry L. Brisco (light piano music) Aljenette M. Brown Jerron E. Brown Justin N. Brown Latonya Brown Michael Brown Sharima T. Brown Teaira C. Brown Sheree R. Brunes Keynocha Q. Brunson-Allmond Carissa Bryan Jamiee S. Bryant Tanela Bryant Nikkia Bunch Kathryn Burgos Susan Denise Byrdsong Tamesha N. Caldwell Erica M. Calistro Ellen Callueng Cangco Ashley Carney Manuela Carpenter Shontavia Yvette Carpenter Charkeia Carroll Amber A. Carter Annet C. Carter

(inspirational music) Demetris Lashone Carter Carol Anne Cartlidge Andrea P. Carvell Tamara J. Channel Lakeisha Renee Chappell Kevin L. Charries Bertha Chatman Chocha Chatmon (upbeat music) Sammy R. Chavira Mabel H. Cheng-Leung Filomise Chery Latoya B. Chestnut Tiana Chisolm Shilpa Chitnis Harmony M. Claus Brittani A. Cleveland Yvette Kristina Cobb Natalie M. Cole Shantay Coleman Tricia Collette Andrea Collins Jason A. Collins Wynde J. Collins Teresa Dawson Compton Charmaine Conliffe Michael S. Conlon Corina Terri Contreras Alicia J. Cooper Milagros Cordero Brenda Joy Cothran Adrienne E. Crosby Carmelo Antonio Cruz Luis Albert Cruz Rosemarie San Nicolas Cruz Sheila Marie S. Cruz Janet Cuellar Jeannie T. Cummings Quanise A. Cummings-Story Christy A. Cupit Christina M. Daigle Laskwesha S. Daniels (whimsical orchestral music) Cristine Cecilia Albano Dapar Marta David-McCowan Brianna C. Davis Candice L. Davis Joseph H. Davis Adam Dealy Krystal S. Deazevedo Shawnta H. Debbs Lena Dees Chorissa M. Deline Megan Demouy-Little Tara R. Dendy Janelle Monique Dennis Trenelle Moniqua Dennis Cassandra E. Dernoll Akash Dhir Roy Dimapilis Felita S. Dixon-Bell Lakiesha Nichole Domingue Heather Donn Marlin Dotson Wendy Theresa Dove Dominique A. Duplessis Dawn M. Dural Miriam Duran Kelly S. Eaford

Keisha L. Edwards Malayshia Edwards Windy Lee Elder Connie L. Elkins Rima L. Elliott Joseph D. Englund Sovanno Eng-Vazquez Rhem (light piano music) Monica Ellyn Ertler Lena Eva Escamilla Moises Escobar Teresa Estrada Natalie R. Estrella-Luna Anthony J. Evans Desiree’ Evans Tracey Evans-Tyler Ruby Manduku Ezzell Ashley L. Ferguson Lizzette Fernandez Christina M. Fields Lia Fischi Shanelle D. Fisher Katie E. Floyd Imani K. Forde Brigit L. Fowler Sylvia R. Fowler Kelly M. Frazier Jeremy Jermaine Freeman Lacondrea Freeman Andrea M. Frias Maxwell Gabriel Salma Cristobal Gabriel Maryjo Galente Ajoy Ganguly Latanya A. Gans Aurora Garcia Ariel L. Garner Janice Y. Gause Gloria Gessow Elena Gharibian Tia S. Gibson Veronica M. Gilbert Kulbir Gill (gentle music) Richard Earl Gillespie III Timothy P. Goff Jigishaben Gohil Kimberlee R. Goldberg Raul E. Gomez Caryn Gonzalez Bernice Graham Michelle A. Grant Timiko L. Gray Glynis Griffin Walter B. Grilho Chelsea Renee Haflich Lyndsay B. Hagedorn Alexis Patrice Hall Lamonica M. Hall Nakisha N. Hall Lashandria T. Hampton Stephanie K. Hand Letisha S. Hardiman Preshes Denise Harmon Heather Denise Harper Demetria Harris Shajuan S. Harris Kendra M. Harrison Lorne M. Harrison

Robert Harwell Shuwanna Louise Haslem Jason T. Helmer Ashley N. Henderson Sakinah S. Henderson John M. Heneghan Kolandra D. Henry Zulema Hernandez Monica K. Hill Gigi A. Hilton (gentle music) Lakishia M. Hines Terrance Lamar Hobbs B. Renee Hoeffner Aisha K. Holmes Allan L. Holmes Judith H. Hook Richard Horn Lundyn Howard Seikia Si’Mone Howard Andrea R. Hubbard Ericka B. Hughes Brett N. Humphreys Kaylee M. Hunt Alisha B. Hunter-Jones Darneisha Nicole Ivey Melissa Iwunze Crystal G. Jackson Elizabeth Jackson Heather Renea Jackson Kenya J. Jackson Lashica J. Jackson Monica Jackson Reuben I. Jackson Sansannah C. Jackson Yolanda Jackson Sirita S. Jacox Leslie J. Jacquet Angela Michelle Jacquo-Baines Elissa D. James Alexis N. Johnson Ashly Patrice Johnson Cynthia Maria Johnson David Johnson Dorothy M. Johnson Edwin Johnson Joanna S. Johnson Kandice D. Johnson Ludvia M. Johnson Monica M. Johnson Sparkle Monique Shaunte Johnson Kelsey B. Johnston Diana M. Jones Joseph A. Jones Mario D. Jones Regina M. Jones Shawnette D. Jones Varsha M. Jones Latoya R. Jones-Stafford Emilia M. Juarez Nichol M. Kahale Hamazasp Kalantaryan Kajal P. Kaur Katherine M. Kays Hillary M. Kelly John H. Kelly Amber S. Kiefer

Charles Kijek Marie Taylor Kindle Thomas King III (inspirational music) Ivy L. Kinney Dominic K. Kirui Samantha L. Klagenberg Brianne Klarikaitis Angel C. Knox Sachin Kumar Shinika D. Lambert Star’Risha A. Lang Selene Lares Monique Lashay Larkin Jean-Paul Larue Rita L. Lascano-Garcia Briel Lassiter Arcella Marie Latimore Jovon Nuance Laurent Charles E. Lawrence Katrina Julia A. Lawson Naomi Christina Leblanc Sheila A. Ledet Benjamin T. Lee Patrick A. Lee Lashunda S. Leggett Krystal L. Leonard Cathy M. Lewis Jaime N. Lewis Jessica Vannessa Lewis Felicia Newton Lexing Sarah R. Lim Alwin Kar Wing Lo Dawn D. Lockwood Brenda A. Lomeli Joshua M. Long Miguel Ezequiel Lopez (gentle music) Orlando Macias Lopez Erin E. Loredo Michael Dumlao Lorilla Ayesha P. Louis Yasmin Lovelace Michael R. Loya Kimnedra N. Luckett Jacqueline C. Lumford Emily Macias Shanelle O. Mack Trevor T. Mack Traci MacKintosh Angela L. Maddox Brittany N. Mager Staci Marie Maiorino-Chase Kristie Louise Major Alicia Lafaith Mallard James Pascual Manabat Lawrence T. Marino Grisel Martinez Rodriguez Brooke K. Massey Veronica D. Mathis Holley N. Matthews Melissa McBride Maryjett B. McCampbell Jawwania McCarden Dorna O. McCoy April S. McCullough Stephanie McDaniel Krystle McGuire Eshia P. McLymont

Sheana C. McMichael Darica Elaina McMurray Tikiki L. Mebane Gloria Y. Mejia Evelyn R. Mendez Francisco E. Mendez Nicole Meyers Catherine S. Meza Mary Mickelson Natasha T. Miller Aundreax Bavon Millican Patisha L. Mimms Jasmine S. Mitchell Shakira M. Mitchell Monica L. Mize Regina T. Moffett Stacy L. Moffett Rafael Aljeandro Mogollan Mavelyne V. Moise Nasya Mundy Monk Josh Mooney Ieisha Browner Moore Tiffany P. Moorer Richard V. Morris Siarra Morris Jevenee S. Mosby Cindy M. Muerer Michael A. Murdock Alexis L. Mure June M. Murray Jessica R. Napier Taylor B. Navarro Betty Nelson (upbeat music) Marcus T. Nelson, Sr Evelyn Nettles Bonnie Marie Niles Shannon Ann Nix Luis A. Nunez Jenifer C. Nye Felicia R. Oganyan Isimoyila A. Ojifinni Latresha Olaosebikan Olubisi E. Oluwasogo Nihinlolawa O. Oluwole Cherhon O’Neal-Barnes Jose Palacios Kristy A. Pang Nirav H. Patel Allison Nicole Pena Patrick Perea Neferty Perez Sara Clark Perkins Brenda A. Pete Deanna Joann Phillip Trina L. Pickens Myra Richardson Gallion Pilachowski Eliseida Pineda Malika J. Pittman Stephanie Polk Nicole R. Porter Timothy W. Porter Sabrina R. Powell Larry Prado, Jr Dhanalakshmi Pramod Kumar Eric Kemond Prater Angela L. Presley (whimsical orchestral music)

Laquicia Presswood Criszalin R. Priagola Ramona L. Price Tiffany Alexandria Price Nelta L. Privitt Meredith Puckett Anum Qamar Maria J. Quiles Jaela J. Radford Oscar John Dunn Rainey Azrrel Ramirez Herrejon Chad A. Randolph Geydi Janeth Rangel Seema Rani Lauren Birden Rankin Toby Diane Reaves Shuntane Y. Reaves-Dean Alyssa Loren Redding Percy Reed Shameeka E. Reid Melani Leone Rezendes Teresa L. Rice Shene Jenette Richards Stanton E. Richardson Gabriel Rivera Veronica Rivera Sharde Rivers Jeanne Ro Trene N. Roberson Shangarleana Robinson Valerie Elaine Robinson Kmerica N. Roche Raquel Rodriguez (light piano music) Hannah E. Rollins Sandra Romero Pesquera Sharlett B. Rose Alicia Ross Romonika Ross Ashley K. Routt Marcos A. Rubalcaba Tanika T. Russell Racquel A. Russell-Brown Labrawn Saffold Jose Enrique Salas-Salazar Patricia Salazar-Lizardi Elizabeth Salvador Melissa Denise Sampson Felicia J. Sanchez Barbara A. Sanders Kendra Sanders Angelito Santos Omar Santos Sandra Sapp Jaquana A. Savage Leah C. Schultz Whitney M. Scott Tamika Marie Scriber Amber Scroggins Brianna N. Setzer Susan E. Sewell Debra L. Seymour Myles H. Shapiro Jhakera N. Shaw Irmi Sheikh Sidney L. Shelton Elsa Simental Becerril Angelia D. Simmons

(inspirational music) Christopher J. Simmons Alisa Simpson Vernita M. Simpson Mahina K. Smith Rashard D. Smith Michael J. Snowden Jennifer A. Sommer Katherine Askew Spraggins Erika M. Springfield Sabrina M. St. Fort Larhonda L. Stackhouse Shaniqua Shenae Staples Campbell Vitaliia Stefurak Larie Shea Stephens Destini Stewart Rhonda L. Stewart Tameka L. Stewart Arielle L. Stokes Jacquelyn Michelle Strachan Alexandria M. Sullivan Kornorton M. Sullivan Kimberly R. Sumpter Raelene Tricia Tabula Regina K. Talton Julie Anne San Antonio Tamayo Lenora M. Tate Alexandria Taylor Autumn B. Taylor LaKeia N. Taylor Todd C. Taylor Yvette Marin Taylor Tanena L. Terrell Cheryl L. Teshima Lynnette S. Thomas Antoinette Nicole Thompson (gentle music) Marquia Thompson Vincent Thompson Porsja Shanee Thompson Dyer Elvin Tiamzon Kevin K. Tipton Makeysha M. Tolver Damaris P. Torres JoAnna C. Traski Tiffany J. Treadway Trinae Annette Tripp Yolonda Jean Tubbs Jadeen Kameaialohalani Tuinei Russell Underwood Christine Iwalani Urabe Diana Urista Krystal N. Utkin Katherine Uy Brenda Van Pelt Lisa Vang Wendy Vang Janitza M. Vasquez Qeisha A. Vaughn Sheila M. Vazquez Lady J. Velez Luz Helena Virguez Garcia Pattana P. Vongdara Rashid W. Wagstaff Addison P. Walker Diamond Emerald Walker Nicole A. Walker Patrice L. Walker April D. Walters

Katherine L. Walton (upbeat music) Robert Steven Ward Justine O. Warren Yurany P. Warren Brandon R. Warwick Keishana J. Washington Clinton D. Watson Kim Denise Watson Latrece A. Watson Rodger E. Watson Britney Deshay Way Sarah K. Webster Londera M. Whitaker Nadia T. White Shandeveia Noel White Teneaka M. White Sara J. Whitmire Natasha M. Wiggins Laura Wilkes Alesia D. Williams Ariel J. Williams Ashona C. Williams Jamera A. Williams Janessa L. Williams Lakisha L. Williams Latoya S. Williams Pamela D. Williams (inspirational music) Phoenicia Williams Ta Koyia A. Williams Veronica Williams Jazmine L. Williams-Gunnarson Sophia Williams-Ivey Asjane Wilson Joevak Lee Wilson Lanaya R. Wilson Tiffany M. Wilson-Bunnell Misha Danielle Wise Akisha Waquay Woods Zachary J. Woolston Jacqueline Darlene Wright Latrice Wright Melinda Wright Kisha N. Wright-Gray Kiana K. Yamashita Lacie D. Yancey Juantonio Dekeitric Yarbrough Jailynn Yoshimi Corey R. Young Miranda A. Young Nyketa L. Young-Holmes Crystal A. Zachary Marissa Zapatero Monica Rose Zehring Eileen M. Zolen (“Pomp and Circumstance”) – Once again, welcome back The time has come to confer degrees upon our master’s degree candidates Under the authority of the laws of the state, upon approval of the board of trustees of the university, and at the recommendation of the faculty, I hereby confer upon each of you a master’s degree from the University of Phoenix Congratulations Next, I’d like to introduce our post-master’s family nurse practitioner certificate candidates (“Pomp and Circumstance”) – [Narrator] Edris Y. Holland (light piano music) (“Pomp and Circumstance”)

– Welcome back Under the authority of the laws of this state, upon approval of the board of trustees of the university, and at the recommendation of the faculty, I hereby confer upon each of you at the completion of the respective academic certificate, for which you have been recommended a post-master’s certificate from the University of Phoenix Congratulations And finally, here are our graduates for doctoral degrees (“Pomp and Circumstance”) – [Narrator] Dr. Yvette L. Artis Dr. Sabrina A. Atoyebi Dr. Evelyn H. Bell Dr. Undrea N. Blake Dr. Erlinda P. Borromeo Dr. Lisa Y. Bullard Dr. MacDonald M. Chaava Dr. Cherlyn Harris Conner Dr. Janet W. Dantzler Dr. Angela Merritt DeBois Dr. Emma L. Easton Dr. Danielle E. Feggins Dr. Sabrina L. Fields Dr. Hugh H. Hines Dr. Pat C. Ikediobi Dr. Mildred Barclay Jefferson Dr. Imena R. Johnson Dr. Melissa Hayes Johnson Dr. Bernita S. Jones Wiggins Dr. Thomas J. Lalka Dr. Donna M. Lockings Dr. Jayco D. McCowan Dr. Ronnie L. McCrary Dr. Marilyn D. McNair Dr. Victor M. Melendez Dr. Amer Melhem Dr. Eugene Minter Dr. Kalayvanie P. Naidoo Dr. Glen M. Nelson Dr. Willie Newell Dr. Akele R. Newton Dr. Christopher J. Newton Dr. Lynne M. Nickolls Dr. Chidi R. Oguh (light piano music) Dr. Juliet E. Olabisi Dr. Michael L. Oliver Dr. Tyanette Laverne Painter Dr. Regina R. Patterson Dr. Pablo Rodriguez Dr. Charles E. Samuel Dr. Melissa Shank Dr. Rebecca Sitton Sledge Dr. Vivian Smith-Del Toro Dr. Scott E. Tilson Dr. Dawn M. Wagnon Dr. Efrem Warren Dr. Stacey Lynn Westover Dr. Christine N. Williams (“Pomp and Circumstance”) – Welcome back It’s now my honor to confer degrees upon our doctoral degree graduates Under the authority of the laws of the state, upon approval of the board of trustees of the university, and at the recommendation of the faculty, I hereby confer upon each of you a doctoral degree from the University of Phoenix Congratulations To all of our graduates, at this time, I invite you to move your tassel from the right side of your cap to the left, symbolizing your newly conferred status as a university graduate

Once again, congratulations Now it’s time to celebrate We’re excited to leave you with your very own digital personal conferral card You can find your conferral card by going to the webpage that’s on the screen and found in the chat Remember, you can download and share your announcement on social media and tell the world about your accomplishment You earned it Once again, we’re so proud of you and honored to call you a University of Phoenix graduate Thank you for attending our virtual commencement ceremony Congratulations And remember, together, we soar (“Pomp and Circumstance”) – [Announcer] Congratulations, graduates This concludes the December 2020 virtual commencement ceremony To get your personalized conferral announcement and share it with your social media family, visit phoenix.edu/WinterGrad2020 (“Pomp and Circumstance”)