promises are being made and they’re not delivered upon governments of the right and of the left sometimes think national interests are more important than community solutions what suffers are the refugees and the cohesion of the european union i’d like now therefore to give the floor to the president of the european council donald tusk thank you mr president your members of the european parliament before the briefing on the european council president i now give the floor to the president of the commission mr juncker therefore european council ladies and gentlemen colleagues along the western balkans route we saw refugees wading through freezing rivers we saw them sleeping in the rain and but soon this will be snow and ice winter is approaching and every day counts that is a president this is precisely why in conjunction with president tusk i decided that it was appropriate for us to bring together some member states of the european union and some three additional countries for a summit on the west balkan route and i therefore invited them to brussels eight heads of state and government participated in this group from the european union the luxembourg migration minister mr ossilborn participated and the dutch representative for for of the incoming presidency also participated obviously also president tusk was there and president schultz attended and the reason that i decided that it was appropriate to hold this summit is that obviously the refugee crisis affects not only the western balkan states but also the european institutions entering the european parliament and our assistance is absolutely urgent not least in terms of budgetary contributions and we must take this action immediately i’d like to extend my thanks to the european parliament because all the proposals that have been put forward by the commission have been taken up by you and there has been a great deal of pressure of time that this has enabled the european institutions to take the necessary political decisions and to implement them in an effective way i’d also i also invited anthony gutierrez from the unhcr and frontex and i invited albania the former the influence of left-wing extremists in this case we need to safeguard this consensus we need to ensure that europe’s pro-democratic forces work together to shoulder the responsibility that is ours to do what is necessary in the circumstances thank you thank you very much i think you you have a question mr ouije to mr weber no microphone thank you very much chairman i think that this double speech is incredible last week at the congress of the epp you agreed with the populistic approach that mr urban represents one of the members of his parties party was elected as vice president of your party so don’t blame the socialists don’t make us responsible because whatever

you’ve talked about the national egoism is to be searched in your party amongst your members stop mr urban and then i will believe your approach thank you thank you very much i don’t know if you didn’t understand through the interpretation when we decided on sharing the hundred and sixty thousand refugees across europe viktor orban uh an epp prime minister was against but so were three socialist prime ministers victor orban said he was opposed but he was prepared to implement it your colleague your slovak colleague robert fitzsale said he wasn’t even prepared to implement it there is no point us uh simply passing the buck to and fro because there are very different issues on the table we need to keep out the influence of extremists in countries like portugal the next speaker on behalf of the socialist and democrats is mr vitella mr president of the european parliament mr president of the commission president tusk i can’t conceal my concern about the increase in the number of possible splits and disagreements in the european union it’s too early to declare the eu dead but i’m worried about all of the act the anti-europeans the anti-globals the anti-islams the anti-israelis the anti-russians the anti-immigrants anti eu europe all of the antis all together these movements could have the slogan and saying just i’m against everything but i think the best way of trying to stop these physical movements is to actually do things europe will succeed when as it acts in the way that president juncker did on the sunday when it comes up with real proposals with real solutions to the problems of the balkans europe will have won when it can show that it is ready to act as the parliament showed through president schultz to implement decisions that have been taken and implement them speedily but europe will in particular have won and would have shown that it can overcome the viruses of nationalism and fear when it’s able to come up with responses which are courageous and convincing i would call upon all pro-european forces in this house to really get together and work together we need to show our pro europeanism now because the challenge is those who want to destroy things and those who want to try to build things and build things according to our european ideals we need to start implementing the list of points given to us by president juncker this morning the system for distributing and housing refugees starting with the hotspot system which will make the borders of the union stronger to defend schengen to protect european citizens not through some nationalistic attitudes and the return to national borders that’s not the way forward but one of the problems is that we haven’t got the greater levels of coordination among member states which we need as we decided we needed on sunday that needs to be brought in the rights of refugees as president said haven’t always been respected they’re just being treated as some kind of inhuman mass

which is flowing from one border to another the states who are most exposed to these migratory flows are spending exceptionally large amounts of money and as mr juncker said we can call upon the stability pack to help them and i do encourage the commission to explore that avenue so that national budgets don’t have to bear this burden all alone as they try to manage our external borders when it comes to turkey we can’t leave ankara to manage the syrian crisis by itself so we need speedily to move forward and apply the action plan for turkey but we should be clear that we won’t sign a blank check for the erdogan government it’s not impossible that we work with turkey on the action plan but still try to move forward when it comes to respect for human rights and freedom of information and respect for minorities in that country finally as president tusk said we have uh we’re on the eve of the valletta summit too often we’ve had a simple series of formalities as far as europe and africa are concerned we’ve been giving the african government’s money they’ve been trying to stem the migratory flows but this is now moribund we need to have a proper partnership not just one side giving money to the other we need to start investing intelligently in africa investing in african democracy strengthening african institutions and fighting against corruption investing in education and making sure that the fruits of growth are re-allocated fairly we pro-europeans should all commit ourselves to do more we should commit ourselves to do all we can to sort out this crisis before it’s too late and as danzay said this will be a proof of honorability if we can solve this crisis mr christopher would wish to put a question to you mr patella is that an order president there is no doubt that we know that millions of refugees need to stay in turkey and to be looked after my question to mr patel is this if you just agree that the refugee crisis is something where all countries have got to show sensitivity including turkey and in this particular case the fact is that there has been pressure exerted on the eu by turkey in order to get certain uh concessions and it seems to me that we’ve got to have the full respect of the anchor of protocol and before we do anything to accommodate turkey we must make sure that they um do their bit as well um and they respect their obligations um as a candidate country and certainly there is no there is a humanitarian side and this is now being abused thank you very much thank you very much colleague i must say that that was really um slightly uh plastic that because i said very clearly in my remarks that we have got to send a clear signal to turkey we’ve got to implement the action plan and at the same time we must advance on the terrain of respect for human rights freedom of information and minority rights as well therefore it is not in any sense that we are relinquishing uh respect for our principles and that extends to the anchor protocol it means also we’ve got to help turkey and not leave them alone to face the brunt of the syrian crisis thank you very much thank you very much for the ecr group now mr come out thank you very much hello us but it’s clear from this debate that it’s not gone away and it’s not going away anytime soon but let’s be clear we’ve got to get away from the well-rehearsed arguments of whether you are pro-european or you’re anti-european let’s get away from the arguments of those who want to do nothing and those who think that we can do everything so instead of a stop-start approach let’s be clear about what we need to stop doing and actually let’s be clear

about what we need to start doing stop sending out a signal that anyone is welcome start focusing on helping those generally seeking refuge stop driving refugees into the arms of the traffickers start helping people narrow their homes stop individual countries opening their borders to all one day forcing others to close theirs and start being clear about what each country can do and is doing to help because we need to face the reality now this is not just a migration crisis this is not just a refugee crisis it is in danger of becoming a geopolitical crisis in syria a proxy conflict is unfolding russia doing all it can to destabilize the eu’s borders to focus our attention away from the ukraine the balkans in danger of destabilizing so against this background we’ve had the commission ten point plan we have the european council road map and now we have the 17 point plan from sunday summit but all these plans are no substitute for action so to solve the crisis we first have to stabilize it accepting only the most vulnerable genuine refugees from the camps as identified by the un’s hcr returning those that seek to bypass that system but even with such a system in place we have to take some refugees into our countries we have a moral obligation yet some countries are doing far more than others some countries are struggling to cope some countries are donating huge sums some countries are paying huge bucks while others are passing the buck so all countries need to understand the scale of the situation and help with coordinated action and when i say all countries i do not just mean all eu countries i mean all countries so while we should acknowledge and support the contribution of turkey jordan and lebanon we should also be asking when will the richer arab countries and the usa step up closer to home eu frontline states and the balkans need to be helped borders need to be strengthened money and resources need to go into processing and returns but we need to be fair but firm helping refugees close to their homes welcoming some to our countries but telling economic migrants to apply through existing legal migration channels and not been seen to jump the queue over those who’ve applied legally let’s uphold these principles to save lives rather than encourage people to risk their lives do you know our grandparents confronted the problems of their generation who’d fought two world wars they allowed our generation to enjoy a longer period of sustained peace and prosperity than any generation ever before never take that for granted for now our world is changing shifting power west to east walls on our doorstep terrorism at home living longer but reproducing less these new challenges will need new solutions and history has taught us that to face the really big challenges we need to work together as allies but stand up to those who seek to dictate to us our grandparents have the vision to meet the challenges of their times our children will face a whole new set of challenges so now it’s our turn our turn to do something for our children and grandchildren face to face or retreat to the past so let’s stop sending thoughts hope to the millions thinking of coming here that they all have a future in the eu let’s move on from road maps and action plans and get on with helping those in need let’s stop pointing fingers and setting quotas and start delivering for the sake of the refugees for the sake of the citizens of our countries and for the sake of the future stability of this continent we are very far behind the original timetable i just wish to bring to your attention the fact that we’re in fact in fact about 30 minutes behind when we get any requests for the floor we get a great rash of blue cards please recall what the purpose of the blue card is it is to try and bring about greater clarity and it gives somebody an opportunity to to pose an um intermediate question but uh what we’re seeing is that people are sticking up their blue cards before the person has even been allocated the floor that’s not the point it isn’t the point to get yourself a little more speaking time mr coburn you had a you had a question i believe mr coburn you have a question for mr kamau no great surprise that you should wish to put one but i

asked mr come on if you would accept the question then mr kamau the only way to control the uk’s borders when will you and mr cameron finally get it into your heads that the only way to control the borders is by leaving the eu do you have any other method of doing it other than that thank you well mr coburn it’s great to see that you paid attention to what mr shorts was saying about the purpose of these questions you will have your chance to have your say when the referendum comes and let us not forget it was a conservative government that delivered that referendum not you guys shouted from the sidelines thank you very much i think that we shall have more and more of these small british interruptions on the british referendum but uploads applause thank you thank you so dear colleagues the first thing that i want to do is to say to manfred weber that this is not a contest manfred this refugee crisis between liberals socialists or christian democrats it’s not a contest in any way we always lose against you because if you have in your sight auburn with a tough guy and merkel will show compassion you always win and you’re always right the reality it is not a contest between us it is a contest between those nationalists and populists who want to abuse this refugee crisis to get rid of europe and to destroy the european union that’s the real contest and not between us so let’s stop let’s stop let’s stop to make accusations to say this government and that government the problem is the government in europe because that is what jean-claude juncker has showed in 25 minutes and i’m i thank him that he has done it in a very detailed way what he has said was a long list of decisions taken on the european level and not implemented by the member states for months now when it concerns relocation not enough have been done when it concerns the budget not enough have been done when it concerns sending civil servants for the external borders not enough have been done the problem is not here between political groups the problem is that member states are still not understanding that on the european level they can only manage this problem that is what we’re facing today and there we stand together there is no reason to make a battle between us because this battle is only good for them there by their blue cards to attack the european project because it is an existential crisis an existential crisis that can only be overcome if based on the commission mr tusk now the council is deciding on what is in my opinion the first thing to do that is the european border and coast guard so that we can regain control over our borders that doesn’t mean that we have to create a fortress europe that means that it is together in greece in bulgaria that we have to control the border register the different refugees war coming making the facilities so that they can live in in good circumstances and not with the images that we have seen the last days and the last weeks and it is there that we can make the difference between those who are economic migrants and real refugees and it is there where we can organize the relocation so if i have one plea to mr turk then it is let us work together with this guy no it’s not your fault it is the council that at least in the december council they are deciding on this european border and coast guard because the greek border doesn’t exist the bulgarian border doesn’t exist the greek border and the bulgarian border that’s also the german border the french border the dutch border the belgium border it is our common border so that means it’s our common responsibility and that is you what you have to decide because it is there where the balkan route can be stopped it’s not in the balkans itself it’s on the bulgarian border in greece there we have to create this european border and coast guard that has to be multinational and that has to deal with registering and at the same time also with a relocation and then the second time the second point i think is that in the council my proposal to you is don’t give them a christmas break to

your colleagues in the council if they cannot decide now on this common asylum system that we definitely need and at this common economic migration system that we desperately need because everybody knows that many people are abusing the asylum system at the end to come into europe that is at stake in december that’s in a few weeks don’t give them a break don’t go in the holiday keep them there in that building that eastern european building type there in europe uh where the council for the moment has his seat and make this three crucial decisions and finally that’s my last plea to you mr tusk and i know that you are in favor take the decision once and for ever to give a mandate to mrs mogherini to start or so initiatives on her level on the level of europe the end the source of this crisis nobody talked about it the source of this crisis is the ongoing conflict in syria and we have looked away for years of that conflict it’s time that the european council gives a mandate to morgrini to start really in the name of europe to be involved because i find it the same i find it outrageous that in vienna you were there mrs mogherini in vienna a few days ago in vienna there is a meeting in vienna in the middle in the center of europe there is a meeting about syria and who is on the table the us russia saudi arabia and turkey and no european around the table it it looks to me that at least in the congress of vienna in 1815 was also indiana we were around the table this time in the 21st century we do it in europe and we are not even present it’s like with with with the summit in the azure organized by mr but also about iraq there was also no european around the table and there in the middle of europe that is not the middle at the outside of europe there was also decided on something so this time my plea let’s give amanda to mrs morgerini and please mrs morgellini use it fully break the door open of these meetings and be present and represent the european point of view thank you very much thank you very much mr hofstadt without great surprise mr etheridge has a card i assume it’s for you seeking clarification from mr verhofstadt you claim that us with the blue cards we’re terrible people because we try and get this debate going and we’re you list all the things we’re against we’re against everything you stand for and then you list it all more immigration more europe more state surely sir the truth is that we aren’t against everything but those of us on this side who seek to get debate going are actually pro debate pro democracy and pro freedom whilst being anti-eu and all of the things that you and your friends seek to push forward surely sir that is the truth and that is why blue cards and debate are so important and you don’t like them i have nothing against blue cards because they are blue so the color of my group is blue so i have nothing again and secondly i have nothing against blue cards it’s also the color of the european union so every time you wave your blue card i say yes we have converted one of these euro septics he is using the european color so continue continue for me i like your blue cards thank you president the first time i took the floor here was 15 months ago representing the gui group it was an honor to do so and to run against you to be president of this parliament since then we have seen changes in europe and we have sought to change europe to make it less tough on the weak and less complicit with the powerful i believe that we need to continue that fight that we began 15 months ago 15 months ago i talked about spanish fighters fighting against fascism those that uh really sought to see a social democratic europe come to pass a europe that respects human rights we heard xenophobic

cries and statements in this chamber i made it clear that they would not succeed now i have heard also much hypocrisy crocodile tears expressed in this chamber we’re not talking about human rights mr weber you talked about what might happen in portugal well should we not respect democracy in human rights the uh wishes expressed by portuguese citizens that may or may not appeal to you perhaps i could say something to the liberals now for 15 months i do apologize uh i’ve not been able to pronounce your name despite practicing in front of the mirror now you talk about liberals uh democrats and it is true that you agreed with the um other parties on fundamental principles but what we’ve seen is misery and humiliation continue we’re here once again to talk about war families at the borders of europe europeans we cannot forget what war implies poverty misery we cannot forget those scourges if we humiliate those people knocking on our door we’re humiliating europe mr v but we would see an end to the welfare state social rights labor rights we need to call the governments to account when they are in hock to the financial powerhouses mr juncker you as minister for finance so we’re in support of secret negotiations with multinationals tax revenue paid of just one percent where citizens were forced to pay hand over fist you mr juncker and people like you mr pittella made it possible for mr juncker to be present here in this chamber the socialists and the epp uh work together so mr piltella don’t claim to be on the side of the people and put an end to this cursed grand coalition let me come back to spain now i would like to see uh the spanish government to rid of people like you and i will return there but before i leave let me say that um the refugee crisis will not be resolved through policies and tears but responsible policies that is what we need responsible actual work for peace rather than fostering war we need to help those fleeing misery let’s not continue to wreak havoc on the dignity of europe mr juncker that’s what that’s what had to do now for the green group mrs harms ladies and gentlemen mr weber if you really wish to contribute to a constructive solution to the problem then please give mr zehova a ring and tell him that instead of always just letting loose in public he might pick up the phone and talk to mr fireman and mrs merkel now and again i think that in his position would be a useful thing to do and would benefit all of us let me try first of all in this debate to get something straight i don’t think that we are primarily dealing with a deep crisis of the european union crisis war this is what’s going on outside of the european union at the moment and many other peoples have encountered far more problems than we are experiencing in the european union hitherto and if we don’t keep trying to conflate this and talking always about our own problems first of all we’ll never be in a position to actually contribute to a solution to the problem in syria or the environment or the sahara or in the mediterranean and it’s pretty terrifying for me how naval gazing we are in our discussion so i think the big pressure of problems that we’re experiencing at the moment and that we keep talking about is really the result of the wrong refugee and migration

policy that we’ve been pursuing now for decades the european union felt far too comfortable for too long with this dublin regulation which tended to try and limit the issue to the border countries the countries on the margins of europe and if we hadn’t had ourselves shaken up by ships and boats going down on the mediterranean then we would have maintained this basic level of indifference vis-a-vis the problem in the mediterranean so it’s not easy at this stage to switch off that way of thinking and to get past our indifference but i do think that the european union is strong enough to do that were we to stop trying to break up the european union as part of that effort i think mr juncker that it is right that the decisions have been taken to do more to help resolve the situation improve the situation for refugees in turkey and also in other neighboring countries to syria but what i think is wrong and this is an old mistake is that in the attempt to do something right you ally yourself with a man who in his country is doing exactly the wrong thing i’m talking here about president erdogan there’s a big media group in turkey which has been taken which has been occupied by the police right now in turkey and has akp people put in place so think very carefully about what you wish to do in continuing with turkey i think that the balkan summit that took place last weekend was quite right and i think we’ve finally managed to admit and this is a bit of a breakthrough that along the balkan route we’ve got a humanitarian catastrophe situation and the european union now right now is responsible for ensuring that we bring people a an opportunity to because their countries have been destroyed and the european union is a space in which it is possible to function to the benefit of citizens i would only underscore at the same time that i also believe quite apart from solving the acute problems that we need to think about long-term changes as well what are we going to get in place of dublin what will future refugee and immigration policy look like in europe and how are we going to arrange our borders in such a way that we don’t just shut ourselves off or militarize ourselves as sometimes happens under frontex but that we guarantee european values fundamental rights and that we bring about a greater degree of or a new uh degree of openness in the construction of this new european border policy thank you very much for your attention for thank you on behalf of the efd now mr farage this migrant crisis begins to overwhelm the european union and yes it is an existential crisis perhaps we should ask ourselves what really is the true nature of this project because i’ve heard a lot today about rights well what about democratic rights because i think what we’re seeing is an increasingly authoritarian european union that crushes democratic rights and then actually crows about it everything every single time there’s a crisis it’s national democracy that loses we saw back in 2011 the italian prime minister berlusconi sounding eurosceptic removed and replaced by a puppet prime minister we saw exactly the same thing happen in greece in twenty eleven mr papandreou threatened a referendum on euro membership there was a coup against him he was replaced by a puppet in this migrant crisis we’ve seen four countries led i guess for the strongest hungary making it clear they want no part of eu migrant quotas only to find themselves crushed through eu trickery and made to accept the very thing that they’d said no to and i’ll never forget seeing the greek prime minister mr cyprus sitting just over there having won a general election and then come to this house to be told the manifesto was unacceptable and it must be ditched but i think all of this has reached a new low this week with portugal virtually unremarked upon by the media and yet for those that don’t know there is now following the general election a left-wing majority with a socialist plan for portugal and yet

the president of portugal mr silva is refusing them office on the grounds that they represent anti-european forces and is allowing the minority conservative pro-eu prime minister to stay in place this is the modern day implementation of the brezhnev doctrine this is exactly what happened to states living inside the ussr what has been made clear here with greece and indeed with portugal is that a country only has democratic rights if it’s in favor of the project if not those rights are taken away and perhaps none of this should surprise us as mr juncker has told us before there can be no democratic choice against the european treaties and the german finance minister mr choibal has said elections change nothing there are rules i think for anyone that believes in democracy portugal should be the final straw it should be the warning that this project to protect itself and all its failings will destroy the individual rights of people and of nations my country has always believed in parliamentary democracy so strongly that twice in the last century it risked everything to fight for parliamentary democracy not just for britain but for the rest of europe too and i actually believe that for all of us that believe in democracy and want to see it re-implemented the british referendum offers a golden opportunity you compared situation in eu country portugal with the situation in previous ussr i know you don’t have experience of living in ussr we have can you please bring example where brezhnev for somebody else leading soviet union was confronting results of democratic elections in one of ussr republics or member members well actually although i have to say i wasn’t around at the time of the hungarian uprising it did happen um and we saw a similar one happening in czechoslovakia in 1968 and just let me tell you what the brexit doctrine says shall i because i’m sure you remember it it says when forces that are hostile to socialism try to turn the development of a socialist country towards capitalism it becomes not only a problem of the country concerned but a common problem and a concern of all socialist countries i think what you need to do is cross out socialist and put european union and it fits like a glove on behalf of the enf mr degraff when chancellor merkel last week she went to visit the sultan of turkey and in so doing she sealed the fate of europe turkey gets fast track access to the european union in exchange for restricting the flow of migrants this rings the bankruptcy of democracy where germany simply decides for everyone else the eu abolishes itself and becomes incorporated in the new ottoman empire external borders cannot be made 100 water tight and yet the um restoring internal borders is taboo the european elite would rather sell itself out to the beast of ankara forget human rights as erdogan bombards his own people as he cooperates with isis abolishes democracy in turkey and stifles freedom of expression in violence only in 1913 were the turks definitively expelled from the balkans and only then did the murder and rape of christian populations end and this the eu is bringing back the wars of religion with islam children are raped as brides women are second-class chattels and infidels are persecuted and murdered when mrs merkel says that islam belongs to europe she repudiates all the christian and human humanitarian values of christendom and makes itself complicit in the abuse in the detention centers

with the rapes persecution of christians on a massive scale and that’s going to happen in every town and every village that is islam a takeover of the west and we must stop the invasion seal the borders and turkey must never become a member of our eu thank you very much now on behalf now we will hear from the non-attached member diane dodds thank you uh mr president in listening to this morning’s debate i hope that what we have heard is a more realistic approach to the issues facing european nations in dealing with the flows of refugees and migrants currently heading towards europe i understand that many of those coming are fleeing persecution but i fear that the initial response by some european nations may have consigned even more vulnerable people to trafficking and exploitation by criminal gangs president tusk you focused this morning on the matter of securing borders concluding that even though deals with third countries are possible no third country can replace us in it protecting our external borders president juncker you indicated that we need to slow down the uncontrolled flow of people if this is a more realistic approach it is late but welcome of course it is only part of the answer it requires a dual approach stability in the region and promoting policies to encourage economic growth however i am perturbed by the tone of some of the leaders comments in this debate this morning and let me address mr webber’s intemperate outburst on behalf of my constituents in the united kingdom kingdom we are not a nation of the extremes but a compassionate people who have mandated our government to give aid to the syrian refugee crisis in fact we are the second largest bilateral donor of aid to the refugee crisis in syria and one of the few countries working to fulfill our millennium development goals finally it is disgraceful that from the president of council and commission this morning while we’ve heard much about the role of european nations and the need for more ever more funding from those european nations you have ignored the potential contribution of the gulf states in resolving this very difficult situation it is time we ensured that these states stepped up to the mark and took on their moral responsibility to deal with this crisis along with the rest of us we will now hear from mr royal from the epp the issue of refugees this is a huge problem there can be no doubt from morning to evening i hear about how complicated this is i hear finger pointing who is responsible i hear others say what were the mistakes done in the past and then we have the commission and council working on tangible steps and then nothing happens at the end of the day that is what bothers people it is our job to resolve problems not discuss them not to just pay lip service to them people will have a different attitude if they see their politicians taking action if they see the problems being resolved steps being implemented now this is something that concerns other fields too not just the refugee issue if we could see action and problems being resolved then we would see fewer problems at european level so we now have tangible steps agreed on sunday we saw a meeting uh scheduled where those involved came to round the uh same table not everyone attended the where shortcomings not all decisions went as far as they could but tangible action has been agreed upon to help people to tackle

the difficulties to hand and so i would just issue an appeal to council commission parliament and council has the biggest task here my appeal to you is now live up to your commitments uh pay out the funding give the member states the leeway to take action and uh ensure that the frontex guards can take action that they can put that plan into operation so thank you very much this was a first step and we need to take the second step and get this right thank you very much before giving the floor to mrs fayon i would like to launch an appeal which is to everyone please respect the speaking time because we are behind hand and we’ve got to vote and our guests are here president tusk and president juncker will be speaking at the end and likewise the vote is going to be a major exercise and then there is another debate at 3pm so i would launch an urgent appeal to everyone to please respect the speaking time now madame for one minute cheers thank you chairman august assembly i have visited the reception centers at the slovenian borders i stood by the line of thousands of tired ill refugees look at the footage these are people but who are those that drive them back into the cold river during the night is croatia not liable to respect european rights croatia requested additional tense yesterday whenever i speak about tolerance and solidarity i lack credibility whenever i talk to my slovenian constituents european leaders are undermining my credibility the sending of migrants to unnotified spots is unacceptable in the past 10 days 80 000 people entered slovenia this is just as much as if there were 3.2 million people entering germany slovenia will be forced to kneel chaos will arise and the predictions of the intolerant xenophobes will come true it is not true that things cannot be done some people don’t want to do that i suggest that people who do not want to take decisions let the decision-making be in the hands of those who have hearts common sense and courage thank you ladies and gentlemen the numbers the numbers do matter but i’m afraid the numbers do not balance it is said that this year 700 000 migrants have come to europe but we’ve been also told that hundred thousand people have come to germany that every day five thousand people across the austrian border and they also the balkan countries they are the mediterranean countries and one doesn’t have to be very strong in mathematics to know that the first number 700 000 is not correct and it should be higher chancellor merkel said in this chamber that in the next years about 60 million people will probably leave their homes in the turbulent areas in the search of a better future elsewhere and president tusk said that what we have been going through now can we compare to the great migration of peoples from the prehistoric times if at least a third of those 60 million people will come to europe in the next years we will have a new medium-sized nation on our territory so what conclusions can we draw from these numbers first by avoiding the problem of numbers the politicians i’m afraid conceal the gravity of the issue second the instruments that the eu proposed are certainly not adequate and third i have an unpleasant feeling that the instruments are used more to assert the eu power over nation states than to face what is possibly the greatest challenge that europe has confronted since the end of the world war ii

so this strategy failed but it is hardly a consolation in view of what the future might bring thank you i don’t know thank you very much mr leprey for one half minute mr president first and foremost can i congratulate the president of the commission congratulate you for the initiative you took and the measures with the 17 measures which were adopted those who like you saw these terrible images of refugees men women children and going chest through through a freezing river note that this is the humanitarian response that said two reflections the external frontier is a common one as you reminded us and what’s common has to be managed on a commonality basis and frontex with this current mandated statute is it really able to to do that frantex in its present form is really a supplicant which goes capping hand to member states to request assets boats experts coast guards it’s not an operator capable of organizing we’ve got to put an end to this facade if the government border is going to be coming police on a common border then front front texas mandates got to be looked at again dusted down common procedure as a common coast guard under the authority of the common operator you also recalled the need to cooperate with transit countries in particular trunky and i would agree but negotiations with erdogan and the pretext of combating terrorism bombards the turks and that plays into the hands of isis they’re not doing it their dead duane is doing nothing about the border room smuggling industry which is grow grown up the only rule we must respect and with the the european union in response if the tax respond in a the outlook approach then we’ve got to respond looking at the prevailing winds as well thank you very much thank you the slovene police used tear gas against refugees that’s a liberal government in slovenia in hungary you have a party in power that belongs to epp and uses dogs and other weapons at their borders on the 17th of october the bulgarian police shot and killed a pakistan national at their border but i think what really embodies the way the eu treats refugees is the czech government which is marking uh putting a stamp on the arms of the refugees and rounding them up in something akin to concentration camps the huma the european union is supposed to respect human rights but what we are seeing is total disrespect for human rights we should ensure that the uh different political groups here expel the member parties that are abusing human race right so mr patel mr weber your groupings your member parties are undermining solidarity and destroying human rights thank you mrs keller one minute excuse me are they blue cut that chipped on blue sorry blue card do you accept blue card thank you very much chairman i have to react to this very pretentious gossiping of my colleague about slovenia i would like to ask her the following how would you react if a conflict situation arose between migrants themselves we had to handle this to prevent this from spreading into something worse the slovenian police acted in a responsible manner i believe that if we wish to be responsible we must respect human rights and should not use tear gas on those fleeing war and barbarity that is not the way in which you respect human rights thank you miss keller one minute thank you actually and unusually i’m not all that disappointed of what came out on sunday i have to say unlike mr schultz or some other voices here because finally the heads of state president have at least realized that we have a humanitarian crisis at hand i mean it should be obvious that refugees need shelter food water the things you’ve mentioned mr juncker but for once finally we have it in the conclusion so let’s

hope that all of those things are finally going to be delivered and i’m also happy that the geneva convention and complying with the eu eu law was highlighted i’m just not sure how you’re going to bring that together with sending people get back to afghanistan because afghani refugees are recognized as refugees inside the european union they almost fulfill the threshold of 75 to be eligible for relocation so afghanistan certainly is not a safe place and again unfortunately the mini summit on sunday failed to address the crucial questions of a new and fair distribution system fair for member states and for refugees and the question of legal access those are the issues we actually need to address not some weird fortress europe issues thank you very much mr pax says one minute mr president three comments in the wake of the summit first of all finally an admission has been made that europe hasn’t protected its external borders hitherto and the decision has been taken that measures must now be put in place to ensure that that can be dealt with secondly there will be 10 billion euros made available by the council for the african and asian countries in the hope that they that will help put a stop to the flow of migrants that’s naive thirdly colleagues we need we need a new migration policy which will only allow borders to be open to refugees fleeing war regions and these decisions on the accommodation of refugees from some member states and their governments also needs to be clarified we mustn’t turn a blind eye to the fact that the situation is different from the way it looks mr brewer one minute president we are seeing summit after summit in europe and the refugee flows are uh unstoppable the mayor in calais talks about exceptional cultural riches but now we’re seeing inhabitants having to move house because they are at the mercy of aggressive refugees so that is what we have in the european union and the european union shows us full responsibility as do the servile governments that do not protect their own borders the summit will not change anything because it insists that it will foster legal migration channels and the strengthening of protection for migrants these are irresponsible proposals i uh on the country would be in favor of immediate suspension of the schengen agreement reintroduction of checks at national borders so that migrants can be placed in detention centers and immediately sent back to their home countries there we have a clear message for migrants one minute mr peters um one minute thank you very much mr president the decisions which were taken by the council are the result of the panic which has overtaken the leaders of europe because of the sudden and massive in the in influx of illegal immigrants and the only thing which the summit was able to do was to upgrade the role of turkey a country which to a large extent is responsible for worsening of the migration problem instead of the european union saying turkey you are a candidate you don’t meet the copenhagen criteria instead of saying you must meet your obligations what they’re doing is allowing um thousands of illegal immigrants to find their way into greece and at the same time through chancellor merkel they are being offered where duan is being offered three billion euros even though he uh was not happy with that and wanted more in fact twice that amount president thank you very much i agree fully with mr tusk’s diagnosis migration is something that is changing has changed

the eu the internal balance of power within the eu as well as the political scene in specific member states if our estimates of the number of migrants are correct what the specific amount is is irrelevant the migrants are an existential challenge for all of us in all our countries and i think it is good the eu has agreed we should help migrants at the source in the countries of the middle east and africa and such decisions have already been taken it is good we have all agreed that our priority should be to protect our borders we cannot help those who are already in the eu if our borders are as porous as they are now because this only is a pool factor for those who want to come to europe from places like syria for instance we have agreed on help one billion euros for a migrants in the middle east is this enough probably not we also need to help turkey turkey is already home to uh two and a half million refugees maybe if we help turkey turkey will put a stop to this migration pressure which is put on us now we may hope to see the situation in syria improve we have to do our utmost to our share we have to cooperate with the un in order to combat this great international crisis thank you thank you very much do you accept the blue card okay do we have a yes okay please thank you mr president honorable colleague you avoided figures and specific numbers but i still have a question do you have specific figures at your disposal or ratios of migrants how many are really those who are eligible for asylum and how many of them are the ones that we should return home i haven’t mentioned any specific groups or breakdowns how many of those are refugees or economic migrants this still requires an in-depth analysis if we had a normal system for registration of migrants we don’t we don’t know we know now 700 000 people up to september this year but any analysis to be carried out still needs to be carried out and the representatives of the council and commission have already said that we need assistance of experts who would help us who are the migrants or refugees thank you afghanistan mr frankenstein one minute president mr president colleagues i don’t want to just talk about the leaders meeting it’s amazing what we’ve had to consider to be a success so let’s leave that there but i would like to thank the commission and in particular mr timmermans uh for the negotiations that have been conducted with turkey i think you’ve earned that praise because first of all you have been trying to get to grips with the syrian refugee issue for a long time and then you’ve also been putting in place the measures required to make it happen and to help refugees and those that are going to be welcoming them but we shouldn’t give we shouldn’t just throw our values overboard in this process because we also have to realize at the same time that morality isn’t going to solve the problem on its own and there are two things i would ask of you that we should try first of all to work with usa and iran and and the and uh russia to find bring an end to the war in syria and we’ll only do that if we are pragmatic in our approach mr marias has got one minute president

juncker in five days last week and despite the storms the island of lesbos got tens of thousands of new refugees despite the fact that the population of the island itself is only 70 000 80 000 people now compared to the population of each country and and percentages issued by the european council we now have much over much higher a percentage than was agreed in the redistribution key and this is at the time when the memorandum has burned down so hard on the country greece cannot be turned into a huge favela for immigrants and refugees and this you clearly have to understand president yunko you must understand that protecting the sea borders is for the sovereign authorities of greece and not anyone else we must stop um accommodating turkey because they are tolerating the trafficking networks thank you very much mr juncker thank you for staging the leaders meeting on sunday it was very useful i did not like very much your critical tone regarding uh the heads of state and governments along the western balkans route you should be critical towards everyone the leaders of those countries are dealing with a 100 percent problem that exceeds their capacities therefore they were nervous yet the meeting was useful my country slovenia is a small country it lies along the western balkans route the route taken by more than ten thousand different refugees and migrants today we are all along the balkans route we are facing a problem that was not caused by nature or the fate it is a problem caused by catastrophic decisions made by politicians the masses of people coming from unfortunate countries are here they came to us as used to us also in the past also in the past we accepted many people of you