I don’t know if this is gonna be the smartest or the most stupid thing I’m ever gonna do, but bottom line is, I really want an electric pickup truck And more specifically, I really want a Tesla pickup – but they haven’t released one yet And rumours have it that they’re gonna announce one this summer, but it’s gonna be like years before you could actually have one, and I don’t have time to wait for that! I need a haul lumber and dead bodies right now So… I’m just gonna have to make my own It’s the only sane option – okay maybe there would be some other options, but let’s not think too much about that *drumroll* *drumroll* Elon Musk, this is me challenging you to making the world’s first functional Tesla pickup truck I know people call me the Queen of Shitty Robots, and that my track record isn’t terribly impressive so far, but I have an angle grinder, but I have an angle grinder, and a welder, but I have an angle grinder, and a welder, and I’m not afraid to use them We’ve actually been planning this project for over a year, like it’s a year ago that we first had the idea But then I had a brain tumour, But then I had a brain tumour, and some stuff happened, But then I had a brain tumour, and some stuff happened, and, yeah But now we’re back at it! So I’ve been working together with Marcos Ramirez, who I’ve built a bunch of projects with before, and we’ve laid out a plan – and these are the basics This is gonna be super scrappy, like the truck itself is gonna be great, but the process is gonna be scrappy AF We’re gonna make it at of a Tesla Model 3, because it has a steel chassis, which is easier to fabricate for – the Model S has an aluminium chassis And also surprisingly enough, the cheapest option is actually to buy a new Model 3, because they just released their standard range Model 3, and it’s actually cheaper to buy that one than a second-hand long-ranged one We’ve been going through a bunch of different designs, and the easiest thing would probably be to just strip everything at the back and put in a flatbed So it will just be like a Tesla head So it will just be like a Tesla head with a flatbed butt So it will just be like a Tesla head – with a truck butt But I don’t really like the look of that, so instead what we’re gonna do – and which is probably gonna be a lot harder – is to try and save as much of the original body-lines as possible So essentially, just cut out the top part of the backseat and of the trunk, and then embed a truck bed into the existing chassis This is gonna be This is gonna be SO This is gonna be SO much work Like crazy months of work It’s definitely the biggest project that we’ve ever taken on, so we’re gonna need a lot of help Laura Kampf and Rich Rebuilds are coming in for the first part of the project to help out, and also we’re just gonna just bring in as many friends as we can to get this done It’s gonna be a – also known as a PIFF It’s when you pull in favours from all your friends to get somethings done Yeah We’re gonna PIFF all the way to We’re gonna PIFF all the way to TRUCKLA I’m uhh, getting ready to buy the car. It feels like I shouldn’t be aloud to do this Yeah I feel like a grown up is going to come and tell me that I’m not allowed Do I need to ask anybody for permission? -Simone, are you allowed to buy this car? Yes, you’re allowed to buy this car, you’re the CEO of this company, you’re also a grown-ass fucking woman, you can buy a car if you want to Place order [intense suspense] Your order is compelete! [intense enjoyment] Fuck, I just bought a car! I just put a down payment on a fucking Tesla And I’m going to cut it up. I’m going to transform it into my ultimate dream car [laughs uncontrollably] Don’t look it in the eyes, don’t give it a name I’ve been thinking that I should key the trunk so that I don’t get attached to it I’m just excited to, like, have the car and to be able to start taking measurements off of it cause Marcos and I have just been total weirdos in San Francisco and, like, as soon as we see a Model 3, we’re like “Okay, I kinda want to cut it here, like what if we go it against here?” and, like, people come over there like “Hey, this is my car.” [laughs] Are we all set? You guys are all set Yeah? Fuck, I own a car! Ooh Ooh Gosh [mumbles incoherently] I can’t believe I’m allowed to do this I am so nervous that I’m gonna get cold feet, I realize I really like having a five seater car, and then I’m gonna end up and not do it But Laura is coming to town, Rich is coming to town, everybody’s tickets are booked, we have a workshop You’re gonna become a truck You’re gonna become the world’s first Tesla pickup that’s on the roads Kind of World’s most official, inofficial Tesla pickup Should we go fast? I’m ready, you know [enthusiastic laugh] I’m taking the car for its last ride… in its current form, at least [relaxing music] This project is way too big to do in our workshop There’s just not enough floor space, so we’re heading to the new shop that we’ve rented only for this project

I think we have it for, like, 10 days, 12 days and then we’re going to have to figure out what we do after that, cause it’s obviously not gonna be done in 12 days Rich and Laura and Marcos and all the rest of the crew is there so We’re taking the car there and it’s not gonna exit it looking the same way Whole truly I feel like people who really appreciate pickup trucks and people who really appreciate electric vehicles, like, the overlap isn’t that big It’s kind of two different crowds I really want to drive electric just because it’s not feasible for us all to, like, drive around in camp fires And also, I feel like I should pad this a little bit, but I’m not: Fuck oil companies Like seriously, fuck them Well, there’s no backing out now, partially because I’m not sure I can back out of this shop [slight chuckle]