hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I hope so are you happy I really really hope you are happy today because December is now here yes December has arrived and we all know what that means don’t we it means that Christmas is on the way and as a way of celebrating the arrival of the festive season here I am in a much Wenlock and as you can see behind me there are lots of things going on there are people buying things there are people eating delicious food there are even donkeys going by lots of things happening today and of course we also have our special guest today he is all the way from his large estate of slack top Manor here he is it’s Lord Steve hello hello there oh here we are that’s when la Christmas Fair I had one or two drinks already and I have been a little tipsy yes I’ve noticed I’ve noticed Lord Steve that you are already sounding slightly different I’m a few glasses of sherry that’s all and I don’t be forward to going on the donkeys later so tell us a little bit about what’s going on today what’s happening here I don’t know oh well there’s lots of things as donkey rides there’s lots of stalls selling all sorts of Christmas wares we just saw somebody selling giant German hotdogs there’s some Indian food which I’m looking forward to having some of that which you don’t normally see at a Christmas Fair but anyway we have got it now because folk song changes and all that yes we live in a multicultural Lord Steve we do and I’m thinking actually of next year of having this on my estate the Christmas Fair why have it image when not when it could be of my thousand acre estate yes slack top Manor slack top Manor is that is a big country house that you own how many how many years if your family lived there Oh bad 800 years I would say altogether 800 years yes many generations pause we have to let the public in now to make money but apart from that it’s a quite a

nice existence really and is it true that you have a lot of cattle in your fields cattle yeah lots of cows sheep horses and we’ve got one donkey that’s lame but yeah we’ve got a lot of deer of course and grouse is it true is it true Lord Steve that during the summer when the breeding season for the cows arrives that you personally milk all is that true Jesus we do that play there now I’ve heard that you do it personally I fir that you go around from wolf to bull all of the balls you milk them personally and then run after the cows with a giant turkey baster that’s what I’ve heard being a little disrespectful and mr. dunk and I have a vet that does that for me what a horrible job yes well I pay him well and for those who think that isn’t a real thing it is a real thing that’s what farmers have to do they have to they have to do sometimes unmentionable things to their livestock I’m not joking I wish I was so are you looking forward to Christmas Lord Steve Christmas oh I don’t I don’t celebrate Christmas these days it’s all a bit too religious for me and also very commercial and too commercial and I don’t think you should talk wasn’t at least well maybe only a week before Christmas two weeks at the most I’m not sure what your point is you just said it’s too religious and then you said it’s too early to celebrate Christmas so do you celebrate Christmas that’s the point I’m trying to get from you well me and my other aristocracy friends yes we are we do we do yes what we do in our own in our own way in our lodges and and we’ve got our own way of celebrating Christmas that is apart from the commercial reality of today so so what about servants do you have any servants at slack top Manor well we don’t call them servants anymore we have to call them other things like but but in in effect they are because they don’t pay them very much so so how much do you pay them I hope it’s minimum wage I think it’s half a crown a week something like that off a crank a crown yeah I don’t think that’s legal tender anymore really well I’ve got quite a lot of them in my safe well I hope you have a super Christmas Lord Steve Lord Steve from slack top Manor here in Shropshire and it’s a special day today there are lots of festivities taking place here in much Wenlock there are lots of things taking place lots of food for sale I think later on we might actually have some of the food because I don’t know about you Lord Steve but I am feeling very very hungry in agonised German sausage I’m looking forward to sampling one of those big German sausages I don’t know why I feel strangely attracted to those for some reason well I’m going to have a samosa a vegetable samosa I have never seen one of those before at a Christmas Fair so you sort of harking back to the colonial days there mind you having said that when you think about it if we were talking religious points about Jesus Christ and 2000 years ago they’re probably the food would have been closer to Somozas are you sure about that yes very it would be spicy food everything III thought Somozas work with Indian food well they are but it’s you know not far away is its middle east and spicy sort of food you’re so sure you’re eating hotdogs are you telling me that Jesus was born in India no I’m saying a mr. Duncan if you would listen that obviously Bethlehem in that area Middle East area the food there is going to be spices and it’s going to be very similar to sort of Indian spicy food I would think maybe Lots only oats hot dogs lots of houmous yes lots of hummus also the Christmas lights here in Much Wenlock are going to be turned on today I’m looking forward to seeing the Christmas lights turned on so here we are today at the Much Wenlock christmas fair and of course i hope you are okay where you are watching we are going to have a little wound around now and we are going to take in some of the sights and sounds of the Much Wenlock Christmas Fair live from Much Wenlock in England on a Sunday afternoon this is live

English it sure is baby and a big welcome to you doo-doo-doo-doo yes December is here it is a new month and of course a very special month for some people because it means that Christmas is on the way and I hope you enjoyed the introduction today we are going to show you some of the sights and let you hear some of the sounds of the Much Wenlock Christmas Fair that took place yesterday so I hope you are looking forward to seeing more of that so here we go it is Sunday it’s the 2nd of December 2018 just another 4 weeks of the year left to go and then we are into 2019 would you like to have a look outside the window it’s a very it’s a very unsettled day today look at that look at that it’s raining at the moment the rain is coming down quite heavily it’s very cloudy and you can see it’s quite windy as well what a day we are having here in the UK I can’t believe how bad it is and from another direction there is another view live from my studio window and you can see in the distance it is raining it’s very unsettled although having said that it’s very warm today it feels incredibly warm even though it is what we might call a very miserable day quite miserable but here in the studio everything is lovely and happy so I hope you are well and of course we can’t forget the live chat because well that’s what it’s all about my English lessons are here on YouTube and the reason why I make them is just for you so you can improve your English speaking and of course your English listening it is very important we’ll have a look at the live chat in a moment but first do you remember last week I asked if you would like to send in some video clips of the area in which you live and guess what I have received two from Belarus eeeh and also Pedro so first of all let’s take a look at Belarus ears video clip and this is the area in which she lives hello everybody how are you today this is my house do you want to see my street ah here’s my lovely lovely dog my neighbor’s dog Here I am in Argentina this is Sunday afternoon the trees are in bloom because we are in spring today there are very few cars because it’s Sunday the street is full of cars during the week look at the trees falling bloom well goodbye to everyone see you later thank you very much Belarus here for your video clip I do do do it is a Sunday afternoon I must admit I’m feeling a little bit

tired today we were walking around yesterday afternoon all over the place doing lots of filming we will take a look at some more views of yesterday’s Much Wenlock Christmas Fair it is an event that is held every single year and I thought yesterday I thought we would go out and do some filming and that’s exactly what we did although having said that both mr. Steve and myself we are feeling very tired today so please excuse me if I seem a little drowsy but I woke up this morning my legs were aching my back was aching we did a lot of walking yesterday we also walked into town and also back from town in the dark so we had a very busy day yesterday enjoying the festivities of course Christmas is on the way I think about 23 days now 23 days left before Christmas arrives for those who are celebrating Christmas I hope you will have a super-duper time by the way mentioning the season of goodwill which is what we call it next weekend I will be turning on my Christmas lights here at my house so I have been very busy this week putting the final touches to my Christmas light display outside the house even though I had to abandon it on Friday because the weather was so terrible we had so much rain on Friday so sadly I had to abandon it on Friday but next weekend we will turn on the Christmas lights here at my little studio in Much Wenlock let’s have a look at the live chat I think we should so the big question is who was first on the live chat let’s have a look Oh low – Madi raise a hello – Madi congratulations you are first on the live chat and of course for those who are first you get a lovely round of applause congratulations to you you are first you have a very fast finger I think so also Martha in Poland is here matrix is here hi to you Tomic also palmira Simona Pedro hello Pedro we will take a look at your video in a few moments time thank you very much for sending your video in as well sadly I only received two videos so for those out there who want to send their videos in you are more than welcome to do so you can send them to my email address no problem thanks also to French frog hello to you Chris and also my IVA is here hello to you as well our addy is here mr. Bruno hello mr. Bruno nice to see you today on the live chat George is here Olga hello Olga nice to see you back again tam Tran Attila and also Ronda Nellie hello Rhonda Nellie nice to see you here as well on the live chat Maria Maria Giovanni hello to you also Mohammed and also Sharon Wow lots of people today joining on the live chat Raquel also Roo yd or Rwanda and Jimmy’s hero family who says referring back to your question from last week about birthdays I was born on the 30th of November in 1988 Wow I was 23 I was 23 years sold in 1988 can you believe it I was born on the same day as Jonathan Swift Mark Twain and also Sir Winston Churchill Thank You Jimmy for that and yes you are much younger than me you are 23 years old younger 23 years younger than me you are very lucky Martha says hello to everybody Oh Belarus yeah hello Belarusian thank you once again for your lovely video showing the area in which you live it was my godson’s birthday yesterday

and the party lasted until 2 a.m. my goodness so it sounds as if you went to bed very late so I guess you are feeling quite tired at the moment grace chin hello grace hi to you and welcome watching in Malaysia I’ve been to Malaysia many times in fact I made one of my English lessons in Malaysia did you know that well you do now Rianne dance re and an RF orison well that’s a great name by the way Rand rien Rand Rianne Harrison is that better I think I pronounced that rather well hello I am watching in Madagascar hello to you as well miss Ann is here also Ana she rien I think I’ve said hello to you already Chris yes in the Philippines people are in a very festive mood I should think so as well I think so because of course Christmas is on the way and I always get very excited at this time of year because I love Christmas Maria says hello from Chile the big question is is it Chile in Chile hmm alice is here as well I haven’t watched you for a long time mister and mr. Steve it’s wonderful to be able to see you both today Thank You Alice and it’s nice to see you back here as well Ali is here hello mr. Duncan and mr. Steve accent Francisco also to LA Joe hello Ali Joe or Alejo v-mail Wow so many people on the live chat Wow I’m overwhelmed by your company today JC Jordy welcome to the English world of Duncan and Steve indeed I left them thank you very much JC Jordy that’s very kind of you and I hope you’re feeling well today Jacques Araya Zachariah is here also Jenna yes it is a Christmas Fair and we will be taking a look at some more of the views of the Much Wenlock Christmas Fair a little bit later on analytic brain hello to analytic brain hi to you hope all of you are happy and preparing for Christmas well the Christmas festivities got underway yesterday with the Christmas Fair which is held every year Julie is here a very interesting interview thank you very much for that I’m glad you enjoyed it Alberto asks a very interesting question are you back on Wikipedia mr. Duncan well the last time I checked I’m still not there I’m still not there I would love to find out who took me off I really want to know who did it I want to find out who the culprit is culprit that’s a great word culprit the culprit is the person responsible for something so someone does something bad or something towards another person we can say the person that did it is the culprit it’s a great word by the way in Baku it is raining says Abdul faz also we have Rosa thank you very much yes mr Duncan is much wenlock’s ambassador he deserves to be in Wikipedia Thank You Rosa for your vote of support isn’t that lies and we are up to date with the live chat of course it is December and December is a busy time of year do you remember way back in 2013 I made a series of lessons called December drop-in I thought it would be nice to take a look at one of my December drop-in lessons right now and then after this yes mr. Steve will be here well hello there it’s another December drop-in with me

mr. Duncan in England how is your December so far is it good is it wonderful I really really hope so the weather outside today is terrible so today I’m indoors I’m all cozy and warm inside my studio I don’t know about you but I’m always in a hurry quite often there seems so little time to get things done in I dash around like a headless chicken sometimes just so I can get all of my chores done it makes me so dizzy to do something in a hurry can be expressed in many ways you can do something in a flash you can do it in an instant you can do it in a jiffy if someone asks you to do something urgently you can reply no sooner said than done this means that you will do it right away you will do it immediately or in a short while could you sweep those leaves up for me when you have time I can do it straightaway for you if you want when you have a moment could you take a look at my boiler I think it might be faulty sure I’ll take a look at it as soon as I can how long will it take to fix my computer not long I’ll have it put right in a jiffy doctor my wife is unwell can you come over and see her I’ll come over straightaway if something cannot be done soon or straight away then we can say that there will be a delay there has been holdup the thing you are expecting to happen has been put back it has been delayed it has been postponed normally postponed means to cancel something with a view to doing it another time or on a different day you reschedule something you arranged live from Much Wenlock in England on a Sunday afternoon this is live English you hello there oh there you are III don’t know what happened there but we lost the transmission I’m very sorry about that here we go it’s Sunday afternoon it’s live and anything can happen talking of which anything can definitely happen now because mr. Steve is on his way doo-doo-doo I don’t know what happened there has something very strange happened that’s never occurred before something odd happened here he is everyone it is the man who many people around the world seem to love so much and here he is right now it’s mr. Steve hello hello everybody welcome again and nice to be back mr. Duncan on this rather warm and wet Sunday afternoon it is I’ve been outside in the garden for about an hour as I usually do before coming on live with you because I like to get outside because if I don’t it’s dark when we finish at this time of the year and I’d like to get a bit of gardening done it is it looks look look at it at the moment it’s so miserable today it’s gray yes I just managed to dodge the showers so I had to dodge the showers or I had a small window of opportunity yes a chance to do a little bit chance to do a bit of gardening to do a bit of gardening yes it actually

mainly sweeping up next door’s leaves which have blown all over the all over the year the patio area you were complaining about this last week weren’t you yes yes I was complaining about next door’s leaves blowing all over our garden and it takes me hours to to sweep them all up and put them into the dustbin it’s not it’s not that difficult anyway our fans and branches that had dropped off the tree and I threw them back over on their fence over there sighs I’m not surprised because it’s so windy at the moment yes it is actually that tree ever fell down you know it’s right near their house it would cut their house in two and kill them okay that’s a big tree you don’t shouldn’t have big trees right by your house you should never tree that if it fell down would hit your house yes I think that’s a bad idea it’s a are you really trying not to get along with our neighbors Wow last week you were doing the same thing if our neighbors are watching you know one of these weeks our neighbors are going to watch this and here we are sort of saying all this and that’s it it’s over saving advice advice it doesn’t sound like advice well I’ve looked at that tree and that the way you know how a tree it always grows at a certain angle yes and I’ve taken into account the prevailing winds and I’ve worked out that I mean that tree must be 100 foot at least tall mustn’t it it’s a big tree it’s a very very big tree and the trunk is about that wide if it fell down it would it would literally demolish their house and I think it would hit their bedroom where they sleep yes so you know if you are watching proper mind you having said that silver birch trees it’s a silver birch tree they’re like stable well silver birch trees are they are indestructible oh yes but if it gets struck by lightning hmm then all bets are off anything could happen well yes so if a tree yeah they are quite stable but anyway we’re getting off track already oh no you ain’t anything could happen when I come on but it’s incredible we had the same problem yesterday we were walking around much when lock doing some bits at the Christmas Fair yesterday and some of the conversations we were having may made absolutely no sense in in the end I had to stop I had to stop it I said this diva said what are we talking about at the moment it makes no sense so we stopped and then started filming again but it was a it was a very strange day by the way we’ve had some lovely video clips remember last week when I asked asked my viewers to send in some video clips of the area in which they live I showed Belarusian oh yeah oh I haven’t seen that mr. Duncan yes I showed it earlier and now we are going to take a look at Pedro Belmont oh so this is the area in which Pedro Belmont lives hello guys this is speed rebelle mall I’m here because I’d like to introduce I’d like to share you show a little bit the place where I live so let’s have a look shall we as you can see today is a sunny day here very hot but it’s okay for me actually actually this is my street my neighborhood I hope you like I hope you enjoy and I hope you understand me so this is a short quick video in order to introduce my neighborhood for you so bye bye sit in the see you in the class bye for now bye bye for now Pedro thank you very much for that wasn’t that great and that is the area in which Pedro lives fantastic thank you so much to both of you I haven’t seen Belarus’s yet that that was wonderful how lovely to send in videos as we asked last week and both the moderators have sent one in so you’re setting the setting the the what’s the word I’m looking for mr. Duncan setting the bar you’re setting the the trend setting the trend a trend so hopefully because if you are out there at the moment and you

have you have one of these you can actually film the area in which you live not your house but you can certainly point your camera around the area in which you live and then you can send it to me via my email address so it’s very easy to do don’t be shy so you can point your camera you don’t have to be on the camera you can point it to the area in which you live and then maybe you can say hello my name is Manuel or hello my name is Jackie or hello my name is Sam and this is where I live this is the area in which I live so it’s very easy don’t be shy give it a try and we guess it’s fascinating to see where other people live and you could hear I could hear all the the wildlife in the distance I must admit as especially Pedro which yes with Birds I know you’d love to see what those birds were they sounded very exotic they did and also we notice and lovely looking red car ah which is that I think it was a Honda yes I think it looks like shiny red car I think it might be a Honda Accord could well be or a Civic we don’t know I like the way no bitch I like the way I sound like I know what I’m talking about I’m the one who talks about cars and eat you Steve is the car person I am the not car person and record they used to be very popular in this country and then they changed the styling and nobody bought them anymore do you look that’s not very nice shall we have a look at the live chat before Steve starts talking about cars again here is the live chat and we did understand a Pedro I understood everything that you were saying I think this is very good and perhaps mr. Duncan will show me Belarus here as video later on yes see that well in the second hour in the next hour we will show both of them again all right okay so that’s what we’ll do get to see it so you will get to see it but no you will be able to see it Alberto says yes it looks very quiet a very quiet and nice neighborhood and also very hot very hot yes yes we understand you Pedro says French frog thank you very much you live in a very sunny place thanks for the video but don’t forget you can send your video in as well just point the camera around maybe the street or the area or maybe the town in which you live and then you can show it to everyone and of course it’s a very good excuse for sharing your English as well and perhaps improving your English and your confidence yes I think so so there’s lots of reasons why it’s a good idea to do that Valentin makes a good comment there about having a big tree in your garden and you need an insurance policy at the same time oh yes I you know what I would never think of that right I would never think of that well obviously if it’s not our tree of course it’s next doors tree if it did fall down a lot of it I’m sure would come into our guard and probably damage our property as well and that’s why I would need to have insurance which we have got mr. Duncan by the way you’ll be pleased to know fortunately for us we don’t have many big trees so all of the trees that are on our side they’re not that tall are though I’ve cut them all down yet say we’ve always made sure that they are they are quite short and not too tall so if they do fall over they won’t cause much damage and the roots you don’t want the big trees near your house because the roots can disturb the foundation I think so but yes if the trouble with that tree is it’s it’s so big if it did fall down you’d probably be dead so insurance policy isn’t going to help you very much no it isn’t going to bring you back to life okay if you’re not in and it damages your property but other than that Oh sue can’t has something to say as well last December during a windstorm one of our elm trees ah 16 metres that’s quite tall isn’t it it is that is toward yes so yes one of our elm trees 16 metres fell on our house I fifty feet tall Wow it fell on the house itself ah but most of the but only the top of the soft branches touched our roof so it sounds as if the the tree was quite soft

because of all of the branches but yeah that must have been quite terrifying you even if no one was injured I still think it would be pretty terrifying we used to have lots of elm trees in the UK lots of elm trees it was a very popular tree and then we had a disease I think it was in the sixties it started sixties and seventies Dutch elm disease and it killed off virtually all the elm trees I don’t think there are any left the elm trees used to be a very common sight in the UK but like oak trees and they were virtually all killed off by this disease called Dutch elm disease hmm so because elm is it I think it’s an indigenous plant to the UK indigenous tree yes so LM gone many of them have any anymore many of them have died off because because of disease unfortunately yes anyway I’m glad to hear that that your tree didn’t cause too much damage or injury that’s very good to hear so the live chat very busy anything you want to add Steve jameelah says where is Pedro from Pedro is in Brazil in a place called Amazon there we go and you could feel you could feel it felt hot and all the wildlife he really gave you an atmosphere of what the place was like definitely and I bet this forest nearby have you got forests nearby Pedro and he rainforest nearby I wouldn’t be surprised or jungle that must be fascinating I’d love to visit one day mr. Duncan hmm I’ve told you before I want to visit South America yes and one day I will I think so and I want to check into the forests maybe you Ange hrus maybe one day your dream will come true yes ana says I am reading a book about Pompeii written by Mary beard who was born in Much Wenlock yes she was she was born here in Much Wenlock along with many other well-known people but but I live in much Wenlock and I do a lot of things here in Much Wenlock to promote this town around the world and I was on the Wikipedia page but someone took me off so I’m hoping that I will be replaced or put back on there so we’re mentioning mentioning it again mentioning can’t get my words out today but we’re mentioning it again someone please put mr. Duncan back in Wikipedia on the Much Wenlock page now to say that he’s a notable YouTube English teacher who promotes Much Wenlock something like that I talk about much Wenlock all the time in fact in a few seconds we’re going to have a look at another clip of yesterday’s fun time in Much Wenlock yes and who did we bump into yesterday in the church who is follows mr. Duncan on your channel and on your YouTube and also on your visit Facebook on Twitter on Twitter the local town councilor yeah himself yes David Turner okay yes so mr Duncan is known by the local councillor yes and he has often commented that you promote Much Wenlock and probably bring lots of visitors to the town yes I wonder how many people actually come here because of by my video lessons I window I’ve got to ask him next time do you think we could get our council tax reduced yes or maybe well at least put me on the Wikipedia page for Much Wenlock that would be nice lilius says I’ve always been fascinated by trees they are rather strange creatures tall and static and massive imagine what trees would look like to an alien who hasn’t got any trees on their planet I think that’s a very good point trees they’ve always fascinated me trees yes always same here Lilia I trees are my favorite plants in fact conifers to be specific I’ve always had a strange attraction to conifers evergreen trees all the different colors not so much deciduous trees but conifers I just got a fascination for them and I want a garden full of conifers and I’ve put quite a few in since we’ve moved in I don’t know what it is I used to grow a lot of conifers when I was younger dad had a greenhouse and I used to grow lots of plants but for some reason I was attracted to conifers hmm and of course when we moved here there were there were many conifers in the garden already so it was perfect for you the zoo cat says that you have to be in Wikipedia again well su cat can you are can you are you allowed to put entries in yourself or do you know some hmm who can yes it’s a woman of

influence yes it has to be someone who is officially able and they have the status of editor so they can edit something and approve it at the same time because you can’t put your own you put yourself in there can you well know if you if I can’t write about myself hmm I can’t and enter my own details on Wikipedia because you’re not allowed to Kovan says mr. Duncan I want to tell you something I wonder what that is oh I’m very intrigued hello three liyan from Vietnam hello to Vietnam lots of people watching in Vietnam of course now Nasreen is here as well I like your lessons very much so many people watching we are going to have a look around much when lock in a minute lovely Lilia sorry just says that she also loves conifers and asks do you know if December is a good time to repot an indoor conifer plant well if it’s indoors then I can’t see why you shouldn’t be able to repot it hmm at any time of the year hmm yes go for it because they do not they do like in see Lilia I haven’t got any indoor conifers no can I see a picture of an indoor conifer we haven’t got any indoor plants we haven’t got any no we haven’t we have a ficus tree ficus yes we just have a big tree in our old house but it died when we came here moved but yes please which coniferous didn’t take a picture and show us yes because I’ve in this country would be unusual to have a conifer as an indoor plant so what am I good idea hmm why not Kovan by the way says my friends always ask where did you learn English and the answer is I learnt it or I’ve learnt it from you learnt what English oh wow so thank you very much Kovan for saying that that’s very kind of you thank you very much I do receive many messages from people around the world saying that over the past 12 years my English lessons have helped many people who have watched them on YouTube and I suppose I should put my details up very quickly you can watch his every single week our birther says that yeah he wants to come and visit much when Locke but he wouldn’t be looking for us oh holy and very much very welcome to look for us you know I have a feeling that there must be lots of people from from around the world who were who are wondering where we are so they can come round and have a cup of tea I think so well you be very you know just just messages if you do if anyone is ever visiting rich Wenlock just let us know that’s right so if you are ever here in this town please let us know and we can meet up for a cup of tea does that sound good I think so ok guess REO in my home tired town is located among Vulcans one of those is still alive sending sometimes a little oval cane oh yes not Vulcans I think I think that’s danger I think that’s volcanoes how fascinating but whereabouts are you I’d have to go to a volcano mr. Duncan didn’t you go to one in Iceland oh I did you’re right yes I did you’ve been to a volcano yes but I went to Ison once on a work trip and we went to ice and they’ve got hot springs it’s a very cold country but I’ve got these bubbling hot springs I just love the fact that you forgot that you went to a volcano but it wasn’t like a giant giant you know the archetypal sort of cone-shaped volcano because I didn’t really have those in Iceland there wasn’t lava spitting out no remember whether we went to whether we saw a lava but we said it saw hot bubbling Springs that’s it I think that’s as close as you should go really to a volcano because they are quite dangerous as we saw a few a few weeks ago in the United States where are you qu’est-ce que sorry Oh I’ll tend Neku whereabouts are you where is your volcano oh yes it was Indonesia wasn’t it where they had that big volcano as well Indonesia do you remember the biggest volcanic eruption that we’ve had in our lifetime was Saint Mount st. Helens in America hmm that was when was that was that around 1980 something possibly know what I can’t remember it was a gigantic with the biggest volcanic eruption wasn’t anything married sent Helen yes Manson I just said that yes Manson Helens it was in America I think and it was the largest volcanic eruption

I think in certainly in the last hundred years I don’t think there’s been a bigger one since and it caused all sorts of weather disruption around the world we had a freezing cold winter yeah I remember that afterwards there hasn’t been a volcanic eruption like that I don’t think since okay then anyway maybe someone can look at it we’re on two volcanoes mr. doe we always like to talk about many many things later on we’re going to take a look at words and expressions to do with gender so when we talk about gender we mean of course male and female and I think it’s a topic that lots of people are discussing for various reasons at the moment but right now we are going to go back to the festivities of yesterday we had a great time yesterday so let’s have another journey back in time to yesterday afternoon in Much Wenlock town centre so good afternoon to you and welcome to a very unusual livestream today Here I am on a Saturday afternoon in the place in which I live much Wenlock mr. Steve has just disappeared into the distance to find out what is happening behind me because I think there is a band that is about to start playing I think it might be an orchestra I think it’s some kind of sort of local sort of they’re going to do some dancing I think oh I see I wonder if because there are a lot of traditions in this area that are connected to dancing and music so maybe it’s something to do with that I think it’s a bit like Morris dancing something like that anyway that’s starting it sounds quite countrified countrified I’ve never heard of that word before I think I wanted to were to point out to the viewers was that as you can see all these people are milling about for a change there are some people that are quite young because normally we we’ve had comments before that when mr. Duncan has filmed a Much Wenlock there are only elderly people but today all the young people have come out so there’s people of all ages well of course Christmas is about being young it’s about being excited and I don’t know about you but I love Christmas we still haven’t seen Jeff capes anywhere we’re looking out for Jeff capes I was told that he was going to be here today but I haven’t seen Jeff capes at all maybe we will see him later shall we shall we take a look at the dancing I’ve seen a few strongmen but no none of them have been Jeff capes nice eh finished there’s no answers to that okay we’re going to have a look at the dancing because I think it is still continuing even though Steve says it’s stopped so let’s have a look at what exactly is going on here today in much Wenlock because it is the Christmas Fair Oh welcome back here we are in the center of much Wenlock and it’s a special day to day because it’s the Much Wenlock Christmas Fair yes Christmas is on the way Steve are you excited you’ve asked me that already today and the answer was no I didn’t ask you I didn’t ask you I asked Lord Steve oh yes oh my lord siva or mr. steve you’re just plain mr. steve now unfortunately i take the cap off then there we go I’m just plain mr. Steve okay the light is reflecting their light is reflecting off the top of your head exactly okay yes keep the cap on and I’ve got a puppy a funny line across there across my forehead whereas that’s been on yes very interesting I missed Amit we got quite a response last week when you were wearing your your Squire outfits only a lot of people said it looked really good well that’s why I’ve got the Hat on today because you said mr. duncan everybody liked that hat will you put it on for the Christmas Fair it’s one thing I have noticed Steve every year we come here and it’s always really really busy I wonder where all these people come from I would imagine they come from the local area all the

little villages towns and villages nearby probably a lot of them from Telford which is a big town not close not too far away from here and of course people come too much we’re not from all over the area because it’s a medieval town and it feels old-fashioned and when people come here they feel like they’re going back into the past and it feels Christmassy and it feels like nostalgic it’s worth it’s worth mentioning that which when look is a is a medieval town and it has a lot of historical value yes and people can imagine father Christmas coming here and horses and carts people with their log fires burning away in fact I’ve noticed that because these are very old houses and they’ve got chimneys a lot of people have been lighting their fires which I’ve never seen that before in which Wenlock but they’re obviously lighting it well the Christmas failure to make people feel to give it some atmosphere yeah so it feels Christmassy because there’s nothing there’s nothing that says Christmas like a smoky old chimney we haven’t seen father Christmas yet well oh well it’s just as well because how would father Christmas go down the chimney if they’re lighting their fires maybe that’s why they’ve done it to stop him going down yes maybe they don’t like Santa Claus maybe they are antique Santa Claus and they light their fires to keep him away Oh auntie Santa and his Santa I think I’ve just invented a new phrase there fact it doesn’t really feel like a Christmas Fair to me it just feels like anything it could be anything there’s no real Christmas theme here is there no it doesn’t feel Christmasy I haven’t heard any Christmas songs yet no because those dances we filmed earlier hmm maybe just like country dances so it wasn’t there was nothing Christmasy about that yes I think that was really sort of something that happens in this area it was like a sort of I want to say Morris dancing it’s really very similar to Morris dancing but of course there are a lot of traditions as I mentioned earlier in this area I don’t know about you Steve but I’m feeling really really hungry is your tummy rumbling mr. Duncan my stomach is rumbling I can hear mr Duncan’s stomach rumbling away so I’m feeling really really hungry at the moment so I’ve noticed that there are quite a few stalls and quite a few vendors selling hot snacks well I’ve seen hot dogs I’ve seen roast pork in BAPS I’ve seen samosas an Indian food it’s just a whole variety of food here but I haven’t seen anything really Christmassy haven’t seen any Turkey I haven’t seen he stuffing or any cranberry sauce well that they’re actually selling hot turkey just behind us maybe I’ll have some of that mr Duncan I’ve got my eye on the big sausage we know that I want a big sausage German I think today isn’t it it is a German sausage and they are selling hotdogs with giant German sausages inside so to be honest I fancy one of those but in public mr. Duncan you’ve got to be careful what you get up to in public with a big German sausage because we don’t want to get arrested okay that’s it we’ve been talking too long about food let’s go and get something to eat we’ll see you later we certainly will Sunday afternoon and it’s three o’clock and you are watching live English broadcasting now across YouTube and the Internet and it’s myself mr. Duncan that’s me I’ve been teaching English on YouTube for over 12 years here on YouTube and this person here standing to my left is mr. Steve that is correct that’s not my real name but that’s what you called me from there live to the world I thought your real name is Steve yeah they’re not mr. Steve ah there’s been some wonderful comments well that video was playing something yes some interesting comments let’s let’s have a look at the live chat there it is now on the screen yes something that you talked about a lot yesterday was looking for a big German sausage yes did you find one in the end I did will be really seeing my big sausage later so you will get a chance to see not only my sausage but also what mr. Steve had in his hand as well Oh French frog’s correcting correcting themselves well

done yes you don’t need the two in they’re so well done yes it looks like that’s an interesting comment French frog I love the place where you live it looks like Normandy no well that’s probably because it’s a very old medieval town and of course I think Normandy is is probably medieval as well yes so a lot of the buildings probably went up at the same sort of time that said yes which when look very old probably I want to say six seven maybe eight hundred years I think so that’s what we’re talking so yes we are definitely talking medieval I love that word by the way medieval lilia made makes an interesting asked an interesting question although lilia do people generally know each other in much Wenlock is it a close-knit community I love that expression close knit close knit a community that is close knit it means that people are very familiar with each other they they know each other quite well so maybe a small town or a small village people will be very familiar with each other so you can describe it as a close-knit community if they depend on each other a lot a bit like if you were knitting or material having a very tight weave very all the fibers close together hmm that’s where that comes from and of course in a local community like this there are lots of people like Baker’s butchers lots of local people living here and they all depend on each other and families have been here for many generations that’s something we noticed about Much Wenlock when we came here yes we get lots of tourists hmm but predominantly it is a town for local people yes and the town exists when the visitors aren’t there there’s the community there you can see that in the local pubs in the shops because a lot of these shops wouldn’t exist in Much Wenlock if it weren’t for all the locals who still live here go to the bread shop go to the the famous butcher go to the tea room some of the clothes shops mmm we’ve lost the bank and the post office now but yes we have no bank anymore in Much Wenlock so the lest the lest bank closed about a month ago so yes we’ve lost our only bank now so that’s gone so so there are some slight problems now in much Wenlock especially concerning shops and businesses generally as with everywhere at the moment in the UK because there is so much uncertainty so much uncertainty around at the moment because of the very strange future that we have here in the UK because of various things it’d be interesting to know it because in the UK every town every village used to have a bank and a post office but because of the changing way in which people buy things now in the UK a thousands of banks of clothes hmm because people don’t tend to go into banks anymore they buy things online they get the cash out of a cash boys machine or you can get cash from a supermarket various other places use as a cash point at our local garage so 8 an ATM ATM so it’s this happening in other countries around the world are all your banks disappearing as people the old generations die out and don’t go because you don’t have to pay cheques in anymore if you want to send money to somebody you do it electronically it’s like shoppes banking is all sorts of things communicating with your relations your relatives your friends so everything now is based on the internet on the internet it’s so much easier to do things but of course you don’t have to go go in person to the bank you don’t have to go there yourself so in many places certainly places like Much Wenlock banks shops supermarkets I suppose supermarkets are okay because there will always be a need for that but certainly and and as I mentioned just we lost our we lost our last bank here in Much Wenlock about a month ago interestingly enough we’ve been here five six years we’ve never even been in the bank once you’ve never used it because you don’t have to use a bank anymore Vlad says where do we get money from well there is an ATM a cash machine hmm at the the petrol station luckily the road or what I tend to do

now is get cash out when I’m out and about my day-to-day job but all the shops now when we first came here a lot of the shops you still they didn’t have card readers no so you had to pay by cash so you couldn’t play with your credit card or debit card you still had to provide cash you still had to hand catch over which is very old-fashioned well that’s all change so many businesses now or maybe most businesses in Much Wenlock now have those little card machines in their shops so you can just put your card in enter your number and take the card out it’s so easy so that’s another reason why we have just lost our last Bank here so it’s a very sad state of affairs I think so how Mira mentions about Christmas fairs okay being in Manchester she must have read about that what’s very what’s very popular now in the UK are the Christmas German market yes and there’s a very big one in Birmingham mm-hmm and I’ve been to that several times with friends of mine literally the whole you know huge area just German market so they’re selling those big sausages that’s the place to get your your big German sausage from mr. dhowan and beer lots of beer and lots of stalls selling things that you would expect to find in Germany it’s got a Germanic feel to it yeah and these are popular all over England now I believe the German sausage is called a burst yes very it is a verse thank you Berta a big giant sausage it’s called a versed something versus I think frankfurter is a type of sausage but the versed is the the big one that you see quite often in Germany I think so I’m sure there’s someone in Germany who will correct me if I’m wrong but yes I we will see the sausage in a few minutes time today we are also talking about other things as well not just about big sausages although we might be talking about big sausages who knows because we are talking about gender today and that includes the generic term for male that’s one we know quite well isn’t it we do male and also the opposite female so generally speaking people accept that there are two genders but of course this is open for debate these days because many things have chair changed open discussions taking place also when we talk about men we often talk about being masculine masculine so masculine relates to manliness being a man the things that appear manly so maybe if you have big muscles not earth or maybe a beard not earth you might say that a person is very masculine masculine and of course the opposite of that is feminine feminine which is ladylike very gentle maybe a feminine scent so maybe if you smell something it smells very feminine it’s light it’s sweet feminine where is where we talk about masculine things are very spicy so maybe you have aftershave this smells very strong very masculine so we have masculine and feminine some men can be described as feminine Kia is having having feminine qualities yes I know I have in the past I’ve been described in my life as being not very masculine and nowadays even when I used to grow up in it sort of in the sixties seventies there was a very distinct it was a very big quite a distinct distinction between men and women so men did certain jobs women did certain jobs men dress in a certain way women dress in a certain way a distinct difference distinct difference but it’s crossed over now so that it’s quite okay for a man to release and show his feminine qualities and it’s okay for a woman to show her masculine yes I mean talk about my parents my my

mother’s still got this idea that women should always be in nice little neat dresses look like a look like a woman and a man should be a man hmm and that’s how what she grew up with but of course that’s not the way it is now no but there are lots of shades yes so I think they’re the best way to actually express it is to say that there are lots of shades of masculinity just as there are lots of shades of feminine quality is black and white nothing is blend life very few things are black and white that’s it yes oh so I suppose when you talk male-female masculine feminine it’s probably more realistic to say that there are shades of these things yes different hues different colors for want of a better word and different different cultures allow that expression hmm more than others yes of course for some reason in the UK certainly in the West it’s very easy now there are those there are laws against prejudice so it allows people to express themselves so in the past you might have had a man who wanted to show his feminine qualities but couldn’t because he’d be ridiculed by his friends but now now I thought I probably people still get bullied at school for things but I think society is a lot more tolerant certainly in the UK yes and it was when we were growing up that’s it I mean you couldn’t wear have long hair as a boy when you were growing up it just it would be yes well I suppose I’m not sure about that because in the 1960s all many young men had long hair yes they did but the older generation would always complain about it though we don’t we don’t think it’s right for boys to have long hair they look like sissies somebody has already mentioned while we were showing the video of Much Wenlock yeah we mentioned we said we were going to talk about gender yeah hermaphrodite okay the hum one used the phrase hermaphrodite Oh I thought you were going to reveal something now no am Aphrodite is an animal it’s got both male and sex organs at the same time yes examine they have male and female qualities apart literally very productive parts yes the the these bits and and the you’re gonna do there mr. Duncan some animals naturally are any worms worms are hermaphrodite aren’t they don’t I don’t think you get male and female worms worms are hermaphrodite they’ve got both male and female at the same time I thought Steve was going to tell me that he is actually hermaphrodite well some humans are born with both sets of sex organs so they would be probably described as some Africa I mean that’s quite rare I think what we’re talking about what they’ve gotten who it was it’s gone now off the off the live chat but yes hermaphrodite just means male and female sex organs in the same in the same animal the sound at the same time which some animals naturally are like that and I’m sure worms are one of them hmm I think you’ll find they are not frogs no I don’t think frogs are see that’s not stray onto subjects we know nothing about well well you’re straying but I think worms are I’m saying nothing but obviously humans aren’t normally but you can be born with both that subject what are you talking about man see I’m gonna put one of my cards up okay then other uses the word man obviously it means an adult male mmm-hmm now but it didn’t used to mean that years ago because the other use of the word man means mankind no just the the whole human species male and female so when you talk about man that he talking about the human race hmm man’s quest for peace hmm you don’t mean F feet a male hmm you mean the human race or the old yeah so but this the use of the word the original use of the word man was just to mean humans a human race male and female together so it’s an archaic term for for human being human beings and they used to be in the past hundreds and hundreds of years ago different words for a man and a woman so it wasn’t a man didn’t used to be a male human mare wasn’t called a man until a few hundred years ago a man only was used to refer to the human race as a whole yes and then later on it was adopted and the word man was used to

mean a a male and female for a woman yeah and I think relatively recent I think that I think that’s why there is so much confusion nowadays with the use of gender words because in some cases the word doesn’t relate to gender yeah so that’s that’s the bizarre part of it and I think that’s how we’ve got into this situation where there is so much confusion and and even arguments over over which term is right so when we talk about man we are actually talking about humanity so the famous the famous speech given by the first man to step on the moon it’s one small step for man one giant leap for mankind yes so there you go you see so that refers not to men as male but humanity so that I think that’s where that sometimes gets a little bit bit mixed up and that’s the original use of the word man hmm didn’t mean a human male it just meant man men and women all of humanity hmm but the word man was later adopted I think it was Medi or maybe before medieval times to actually mean a human male yes which people think is a bit sexist people get upset about the use of the word man hmm because they think it’s sexist but you’ve got to remember that the original use of the word did just mean humans that’s it humanity yes mankind even now you will still hear people like David Attenborough so David Attenborough will still use the term man so maybe he might say a certain animal their their enemy is man yeah it doesn’t mean that men are attacking the animals it means that human beings or human an kind yes so Humanity is that particular animals enemy so man a generic term for humanity else yes there are lots of gender of course specificness can can relate to occupation ah yes and this is this is where this is where it gets interesting yes because and a lot but for example a fireman a fireman this so milkman gender specific gender something’s a gender specific mailman fireman policeman because hundreds of years ago there weren’t females doing these job were the firemen a milkman a hunt hundreds of years ago but the the weren’t for females do it so it’s interesting no but I wonder if that relates to just so those do specifically rate relate to a man Oh a male doing those jobs but of course there weren’t women police officers which would be the generic term now we would say police officer instead of you can say policewoman you can say policeman but the gender the one that’s not specific would be police officer yes arm behind I still Italy correct I still want to see I’m still imagining milkman from hundreds of years ago maybe there are carvings on walls and caves of the of the ancient milkman delivering the milk so I love that but yes he never did those job did they win it there weren’t female firefighters yes that’s right right well that’s how it all came about because traditionally so when we talk about traditionally I’m not saying what is right and wrong and this again is where everything gets mixed up so tradition doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s the only way something can happen it just happens to be the way it was so normally only men would be firemen so that’s why we call them firemen are normally whatever what other examples policeman policeman milkman because normally it would be a man doing the job so it’s not saying that only men can do the job yes it just happens that traditionally that’s who tended to do the job because those jobs required a certain physique if you’re going to jump into burning buildings and or keep law and order you wanted somebody who is big and strong and that is a man so you know you some obviously we do get police women now and a lot of women are doing

what used to be traditional male jobs and that’s fine so you can just change it so you can have a police woman change it but still those jobs are tend to be male specific because you need certain you need if you need a job where you need somebody who’s really big and strong let’s face it you’re gonna need a man to do that job although I was wouldn’t beaten up by a woman a woman once beat me up that thought that’s not anyone could beat you up mr. Duncan thanks Steve oh dear there are I was looking this up actually we don’t tend enough you’ve said this before mr Duncan there aren’t that many the English language isn’t that gender specific no that’s that that’s what’s interesting the other interesting thing as well is in certain language Cheers there is a feminine and masculine use or terms that are only used towards men and women so a good example is French of course and Spanish French Spanish and I believe please don’t quote me on this but I think also in Turkish as well so I believe there are also words that you use to a woman and a man so the certain words like I think thank you is a plague our dough in obrigado so I think those are both used to certain genders and and English people find that very difficult to learn French and in Spanish and and languages like that where there’s a lot of gender specific words and phrases because we’re not used to that most of our words the vast majority of our words are not gender specific at all so when you say thank you to somebody it you don’t have to say thank you female thank you may or hmm we just say thank you so it’s that’s an aspect that might be easy for people to learn English but difficult for us to learn their language because we there’s more words to think about by Kayla Kayla’s going bye bye bye bye yes so there we go there are there are certain less mr Vieau you’ve got actor or actress but nowadays in nowadays they’ve just adopted the word actor so now actor is is the general term for a person who acts so although again this is why it’s so confusing because some people prefer to use actress and actor and to make things even more annoying there are some actresses who want to be called an actress no not actor and this is how it this is why we live in such a strange time you get one group of people who want one thing you get another group of people who want another thing and in the middle you this other group who want their own thing and everyone is busy falling out and arguing and fighting over it when really it doesn’t matter and I think that is the bottom line isn’t it yes a lot of it is is the end of the day is political correctness again which is talking about which is going a maybe gone a bit too mad and certain groups that service groups but that’s a good example though you just made that actress actor and the general term now is accepted as actor but of course the reason that there are two separate it is because so that you know that person doing that specific role is either a man or woman and did that’s white there yeah so if you say an actress and the name say the name was Joe what Joe is a male or a female name you wouldn’t know whether that actor was male or female you know say if so I don’t know why people get upset about it but it’s this trend or culture to try and be politically correct can I just say that in this day and age people get upset about they do everything every single thing not everyone and that’s the difference you see so people get annoyed about everything but it’s not everyone who is getting annoyed about everything if that makes sense yes yes so certain small groups I don’t get annoyed by everything and and in my life I have been called some terrible names some words that I can’t repeat on here because YouTube would probably take me off so you can see that but it doesn’t

matter it’s only words we get to upset so long as you can be understood yes and if you don’t if you don’t remember the the specific female or male version you can just say oh so Marie delivers milk who’s a man now as long as you’re understood yes matter we don’t say milk we don’t say milk person though we never say milk person no some people would like us to say that I’m sure mirror milk operative that’s another one operative so an operative post postal operative or post person but people don’t say post person now person who delivers your mail is a postman or a post woman that’s it it’s simple dr. Dow the doctor is an interesting phrase because you don’t have a male and female words of a doctor in the you in English dr. s you don’t say doctor s whereas you would say stewardess a female person who who works on it on an aeroplane serving drinks and things you would call them a stewardess he would call a male equivalent a steward but a doctor you just say doctor you don’t know whether they’re male or female so the rules in English there are no specific rules some words do have male and female versions others don’t but there is no specific rule hmm and a lot of these words that do have male and female like they’ve got like actress they’ve got a double S on the end o they’re derived from French words anyway yeah as a lot of this a lot of this because English parently didn’t use to have any or very few male and female versions of words but of course we would the French had a big influence on our language particularly when not the Norman Conquest and we became Catholic and all these French words started to influence the English language and they have stayed over the years hmm just because of influence and language is constantly changing all the time which is something you point out a lot and this is something this is something I say almost every other week every week almost I say English is a constant changing evolving fluid language it is always changing there is nothing set in stone and if we look around now at how English is used by people of a younger generation very different from what from maybe how we use English but it doesn’t make one or the other less important they are both able to exist in the same world yes Member of Parliament MP very good that’s not gender-specific although you think it would be because women have only been allowed to be MPs relatively recently I think with it certainly within our lifetimes only so they obviously didn’t think of a specific word that related just to members of parliament being male they always used to be male yes and now there’s a mix but there’s no word for that just as there’s no word for doctor bachelor is that why doctor who is still Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who you see so Doctor Who is is seen as masculine but of course and Doctor Who is now a woman but still they use the masculine terms so it seems as if they haven’t changed the name but in fact it doesn’t matter because it refers to both see I met my job is sales and so I would be called a Salesman hmm but the term sales woman is used but not that much you tend to you say you tend to use the word salesperson yells a salesperson hmm but it sounds odd to us because we’ve just grown up with salesmen because they didn’t use to be many female many females that were in selling jobs no and of course once again that comes down to the trends that have changed over the years where more women are choosing to maybe have a child and called a career yes so again you have these changes these very very chain of small changes that occur over a long period of time so that is really what it’s all about so in the past fewer women did a job whilst they were raising children exactly traditionally the man went out from caveman days he would go out and

kill all the beasts and bring them back bring the food back the man was the provider yes because men have muscles and they’re strong and they can go out and do the hunting whereas that would be more difficult for a woman to do so the woman used to stay at home cook the food bring the children someone’s gonna raise the children and that those those sort of distinct roles of male and female have merged considerably now and you get you get men staying at home looking after children guys go to work yeah anything anything anything goes now and it’s just a mixture of different things different ways of doing things different styles you have two men raising a child two women raising a child a single parent be it a male or female raising their child alone so there there you go oldest use of the word man is just means the human race that’s it male and female right so I’ve got quite a few words here we go no man is a there are lots I’ve looked up words with Manning and words with woman in and unfortunately don’t want to upset women but there are a lot more words with the word man in yes there are woman that’s just so great because a lot of the words refer to just non gender-specific Terrence’s so they instead of man male gender it’s man as in person human so there’s one here no man is an island it means no person is an island and this phrase really is is a metaphor really it means that when you use this phrase you’re a phone – the fact that everyone needs somebody at some point in their in their lives no one can be truly independent nobody is like an island an island exists on its own doesn’t need buddy else it doesn’t interact with any other bits of land anywhere but human beings human man as the use of the phrase here not a male referring to man as in mankind so you can use the phrase what we’re social animals aren’t we so you use that phrase to somebody don’t shut yourself off from the world no man is an island that’s right so when you say that to somebody it means that they need contact even if somebody decides to live on their own and isolate themselves miles from anywhere they’re going to have to come into town at some point to pick up some supplies or no one can mend all their own clothes do their own cooking and bring up children on their own fix the roof over their head I think we do everything I think we get that one man it’s really got 25 minutes 25 minutes the health made man now this is this just referred to a man really a human male a self-made man is a man who is a man who builds his career builds a successful business using his own efforts and hard work and he’s probably come from nothing so somebody who comes from a very poor home who builds a multi-million pound business can be called a self-made man nobody’s given him money to help him out he’s built that business up on his own and become successful a self-made man so somebody for example you would not describe Donald Trump as a self-made man because although he’s rich and successful he started off with lots of money his father gave him a lot of help that’s not a self-made man self-made man is somebody who starts from nothing and builds up a successful career and becomes financially builds himself up through the ranks and maybe comes from a poor home with no education whatsoever but starts to build a business we’ve got a neighbor here who comes from a very poor background and built up this this this skip hire business and you could describe him him as a self-made man because he’s come from nothing and become very successful why are you touching about that mr Duncan I was just showing an example bill came from a very poor home I’m looking forward to being thrown out of this village but as built his up a successful business and he is a self-made man and we know examples of people who become millionaires and they came from very poor homes but they did it all on their own and hard work a self-made man and of course you could have a self-made woman I expect now I bet you could have a self-made woman man’s best friend man’s

best friend um the man in here refers to mankind man’s best friend a dog so we describe in this country I don’t know about in other countries but we always say man’s best friend is a dog it does because dogs are very very friendly there they’ve been bred to to look after you to be very friendly and comfort and and and and be a companion to us haven’t they so you can describe a dog as man’s best friend because the dog will always be loyal to you no matter what you do you will come home and there’ll always be there if you are a nice of a friendly hello and unlike your partner who might be moody towards you one day and not the next your dog will always be your best friend and in fact man’s what do you do mr Doggett so am I still on the screen or not you are man’s best friend a dog dog there’s a dog barking man that makes noise dog yes man I don’t mean yes man yes man yes man I don’t mean that yes man mean a a yes-man is a person a man usually it is a man a human male who agrees with everyone because he wants to be popular and wants to be liked so a yes man at work is somebody who agrees with the boss oh yes you’re right oh yes everything anything you say a yes man somebody who agrees with the boss at work all the time he’s just a yes-man he will only say what the boss wants to hear somebody who wants to look good somebody who wants to get in the boss’s favor will agree with everything they say and some bosses of course like that you don’t want people disagreeing with what they say but some bosses don’t want that and they might employ somebody and say look I don’t want you to be a yes-man I want you to tell me exactly what you think a good a good word to use to describe a yes-man is of course sycophant sycophant yes sycophant a sycophant is a person who will say and do anything to gain another person’s favor and of course it was also a movie starring Jim Carrey yes aunt yes man okay right man of the house man of the house who is the person in the household the husband or the wife which partner is in charge of the house who makes the decisions the man of the house the person in charge now normally you would think that in a traditional relationship male and female the man would be in charge he would make all the decisions all the financial decisions everything but sometimes you can describe the woman as the man of the house or she’s the man of the house in that household we had a similar phrase to this last week coming but it was now man sized size this is this this one this one at the moment is causing a lot of controversy here in the UK because this also happens to be a brand of shoo yep so man-sized means a large piece of something hmm a man-sized piece of pie so if somebody has a large piece of pie you can say what a man-sized portion extra-long extra-large big big meal that’s a man-sized portion or a job that in recalls that needs the strength of a man really you can say that’s a man-sized job or that’s a job for a man hmm that’s sometimes males will say that amongst each other oh you can’t do that that’s a job for a real man that’s a man-sized job you couldn’t do that males often ribby each other about things like that but as you were saying there is a brand of tissues yes in the UK called man-sized Kleenex tears and there’s very big tissues so the brand is Kleenex but they call the man-sized Kleenex because they’re bigger so the box is very large but now people not everyone just a small group of people want Kleenex to take away the term man-sized yeah because they say it’s sexist pathetic pathetic stop the world I want to get off yes

it’s ridiculous well why argue about things like that because men do need bigger tissues because we view bigger noses that we’re producing a lot more fluid from our noses you need big tissue so and if why not call tissues man Santi let’s be honest men men sneeze more we we probably vomit more we probably break wind or fart more than women I think so and so we always need these big tissues took to wipe up all of our myths so I think you do need man-sized tissue who do my father always had man-sized tissues because the the normal-sized tissues weren’t big enough yeah and your dad had a very big nose he didn’t used to be anyway that’s good but I think Kleenex are thinking of changing the name aren’t they I’ve just that I know but haven’t they actually said that they’re going to change it I think I think they are the large sizes emphatic supersize pathetic they shouldn’t they shouldn’t give in to this sort of thing these companies they should they should say no that’s the name of the product and we’re gonna stick to it nation worry about these stupid political groups what man-eater what you have to bear in mind talking of that because that’s so that’s an interesting point but I think nowadays with businesses and brands they are all trying to compete with each other so they have to appear to be in tune with what people want so sometimes they they change their ideas or their brand names because they think it will help their their brand to survive in the marketplace yes so there is a sort of I I suppose you could call it virtue signaling which is something that happens a lot in society now where people change things or say things to suit certain ways of thinking to appear better or to appear more virtuous Pedro has been blocking people today well done and we will show your video at the end yes we’ll get through these quickly so we can show Belarusian video which I haven’t seen yet and Pedro’s videos man-eater because we’ve still got to show another part of our right when a man-eater a man-eater this is a woman who who controls men who uses them for for sex I would say wouldn’t you mister don’t get a mani to somebody who who who normally see a man is the person that that is is is is trying to attract a woman and he’s being very very obvious in what he’s doing but a man-eater is a woman who specifically goes trying to chat up men for sex yes all and they need to of course they also entrap entrap a man by using their sexuality their sexuality or maybe their attractiveness and they draw the man in and then they ensnare him and they get what they can from him and then and then afterwards they might throw the man away toss him away just sorry and then on to the next so we might describe that kind of woman as being a man-eater that was also a song by Daryl Hall and John Oates we’re quite a phrase the phrase which is that the male or the female equivalent to that a man cave a man cave now he looked puzzled mr. Duncan no just wedding cake that is a place of solitude for a man to go to escape usually traditionally to escape from his wife sorry but that is true so men like to maybe they’re getting a little tired of their partners company and they want to escape somewhere and they build themselves a bit nice big shed in the garden or a workshop or somewhere where they can get out of the house and somewhere on their own to pursue their own little hobbies and just escape from the wife do you know a few hours and a lot of men do this I’ve got a lot of friends at work who are married and they’ve all got these man caves they’ve got these sheds in their garden and sometimes the wives tell them to go in there to get them out of the house but do you realize man cave a place of solitude for a man to go I’m wondering if Steve realizes that you gave this word about three weeks ago did I yes and talked all about it in this way don’t remember that you did we were talking about buildings and houses in words related to in man cave was one of them I don’t believe you mr. Duncan I don’t

believe you you should man boobs man boobs now that’s a phrase of it boobs is obviously a slang word for of a breasts breasts boobs is a slang word for breasts some men who put on weight men that put on too much weight tend to get something that looks like women’s breasts yes so they’re not breasts but we call them man boobs the fat will will will gather and though in those places and they don’t you run up and down they jiggle about sometimes when you see a man running in he’s slightly overweight you will see his his man boobs going up and down as he runs along by the way I’ve lost half a stone have you I have lost half a stone in weight where’s the applause for those who are wondering I have lost half well there mr. Duncan well done half a stone well done man boobs something that and in fact we saw a comment a comedy program years ago where they developed a special brothel for a man with man boobs okay man to man man to man okay to do this one and then we’ll have a look at Pedro and Belarus ears video clip man to man that’s a candid honest interaction between two men open frank discussion between two right your father says to you come on son I’m going we’re gonna have a man-to-man talk and I’m going to tell you about the facts of life a man-to-man talk to men just talking man’s stuff together you know my dad my dad never gave me that talk about the birds and the bees and and what mummy and daddy does mine Troy doesn’t just refer to that but any two men I thought you’re gonna tell me that your mum and dad showed you right son come in come into the bedroom we’re going to show you how how you were born how you came about the hideous thought nobody ever wants to think about their parents having sex do they nobody that is just nobody ever wants to go there a practical lesson from Steve’s mum in dad we need to have a Matt mr. Duncan we need to have a man-to-man talk about the way these live streams are going so it’s just just two men talking together openly and frankly about things let’s sort this out man 2 if you use the phrase in this way let’s sort this out man to man it might mean have a fight that’s a different thing altogether the man-to-man talk is one thing but sort something out man-to-man that means but going outside we’re gonna have a punch up that step outside and we’ll sort it out man-to-man in the car park now before we carry on we’re going to have a look at petrol and Belarus Sears video clips those in before we have to go yes well that’s what I’m trying to do now that’s exactly what I’m doing at this moment so first of all let’s have a look at this is Belarus ears clip you haven’t seen this yet and so here was – this here it is right now hello everybody how are you interesting this is my house do you want to see my street ah here’s my lovely lovely dog my neighbor’s dog Here I am in Argentina this is Sunday afternoon the trees are in bloom because we are in spring today there are very few cars because it’s Sunday the street is full of cars during the week look at the trees falling bloom well goodbye to everyone see you later so that with Belarussians clip and here is Pedro’s clip hello guys this is Pedro da mo I am here because I’d like to introduce I’d like to share to show a

little bit the place where I live so let’s have a look shall we as you can see today is a sunny day here very hot but it’s okay for me actually actually this is my street my neighborhood I hope you like hope you enjoy and I hope you understand me so this is a short a quick video in order to introduce my neighborhood for you so bye bye and sit in the see you in the class bye for now thank you very much to Pedro and also to Belarus here as well so there it’s easy to do all you need is one of these things you just point it film and maybe you can say something at the same time whilst you are doing it and then you can send it to my email address the email address is underneath this video all of the details are under this video lesson and we saw a man’s best friend which must have been Belarusian its watch lis Belarus his neighbor’s dog friendly dog man’s best friend coming over to say hello wasn’t uninteresting and I thought at first I was joking because I saw the bars I thought better if she was videoing from behind a corrective facility a prison so your so you actually thought that Belarus you was in prison well I thought the bars you see of course we all had to have bars in places to protect people coming from two robbers don’t break well when when I lived in China I lived on the ground floor and all of my windows have bars on them yes it could just in case someone decided to try and break in so I think it’s quite usual in certain places even here in the UK businesses lots of businesses have have large metal shutters and things that come down so it so it happens here in the UK as well now we haven’t got much time left Steve I know it’s going to really annoy you they trying to stop me I’m trying to pacify Steve in these words okay just just wait a moment we’re still chomping at the bit yes chomping it’s something so this is where things start to become very complicated okay he and she now in English generally it is seen that he in she of course he refers to male and she refers to female and if we don’t want to specify the gender we can simply say they they so they is a generic term for a person so you’re you are not specifying or naming their gender and then we have his and her and again this is a term or these are terms that a lot of people are debating at the moment and then of course we have theirs so it is theirs that once again is generic you are not naming a person’s gender gender neutral phrase yes that’s a great word and of course gender neutral means it exists for both genders to use or have or enjoy so I hope I’ve explained that well firefighter would be a gender-neutral that’s a lease officer yes police officer gender-neutral firefighter salesperson yes salesperson light attendant flight attendant and this we’ve touched on this before mankind womankind mankind now this is interesting because mankind just refers to the whole human race not to men to the human race mankind or shorten to man womankind however specifically means women mmm-hmm collective all women

together woman find women women as a whole radio and it’s often used woman kinds struggle for equality in a modern society so it’s often used to represent a woman’s struggle to get equality with men in terms of pay working conditions things like that there’s always a lot of debate in the UK about equality pay equality but specifically at the moment with women in the UK so womankind whereas mankind just means men and women all human beings the phrase womankind just refers to women yes and this this of course is part of that movement where more and more women are becoming very vocal about their rights and and that’s the thing I want to point out today’s as I I’m not saying and at no point today have I said that there isn’t inequality so there is a certain inequality so inequality means things are not equal so you have inequality so I do agree in certain respects that that women do sometimes have a harder time in life but not always because if you walk around the streets and you see homeless people quite often they will be men so so so they are not having any advantage so no one is going up to them in saying oh I see that you are a man sleeping in a shop-door way come on come and have a job coming come in have a job in will give you more money than women but they don’t so there is a certain amount of inequality but you will find generally in life sometimes it’s just the way it is depending on what society you you grew up in certainly in the UK and most of Western Europe in America men and women have virtually equal rights there is some controversy sometimes that that I mean it’s illegal you cannot pay a woman less than a man for the same job but it’s become headlines in the UK because but only for specific jobs by people earning hundreds of thousands of years newsreaders for example there’s been a lotta controversy about some newsreaders male earning say seven hundred thousand pounds a year yes and the females been earning three hundred thousand pounds a year there’s inequality there for whatever reason it is but in average jobs if you’re a shop worker you’re gonna be paid if you’re a woman you’re gonna be paid the same as a man because it’s illegal to do otherwise it’s only these high-flying jobs as long as it’s above the minimum wage yes you can pay a person whatever you want really to be honest with you but I think when it comes to things like celebrities and stars on television you you you fall into another area which is that person’s market value yes which has nothing to do with gender yeah be honest with you it has nothing to do with gender so again these arguments become very very confusing when we start saying that certain male celebrities get paid more than certain female celebrities because they are all different people they all have a different market value irrespective of whether they are male or female career woman now you don’t see the phrase career man used a career woman because this is a relatively recent phrase because going back just probably a hundred years or less than that women traditionally stayed at home and they weren’t going out making careers for themselves in business or anywhere really but so so this phrase career woman refers to a woman who is probably bringing up children as well as married but also has a separate career mmm-hmm maybe in business maybe working in a shop could be anywhere but specifically a woman who has a career separate from the the home life I think so you don’t see career men use because you would assume that a man would be trying to get a career because traditionally he would need a career in order to bring the money home to raise the children support a wife and and that and again once once again it’s worth mentioning that these changes are not a bad thing no one is saying that they are bad or or that change is wrong but sometimes we can confuse these changes with prejudice or hatred and they are not the same

thing so that’s the problem that’s why nowadays things are very very very everything is sensitive but but life I think we come on here every week and we really do talk about things that other people don’t want to talk about even other English teachers who might talk about certain subjects but they will avoid many other topics where is we like to just get stuck in we like to talk about these things whatever they are because I think talking about things is very healthy the difficulty of course it’s it’s many women of course need to be equal and women can do job certain jobs just as well as men and you have to accept that certain there are certain jobs that men will always be able to do better than women particularly physical jobs there will be certain jobs that women will be able to do better than men as well but if you’ve got a household where the man and the woman are both working which is very common in the UK because if both partners are working it means you’re bringing home more money and you can buy more things and you can look Pasha and you can have a bigger house at all but there’s a price to pay for that and is that price the children how do you manage bringing up children in a household where both parents are working all the time not saying that the man should be the one that’s working because sometimes the woman’s working the man stays at home yes so there are all sorts of different complications involved when both partners are working so each each person each life each each existence has has different needs yes and that’s it that that’s really what it comes down to there is a lot of debate about how what effect does it have on the children hmm when both parents are working are the children as mentally stable when they’re being brought up there’s a lot of controversy about that and a lot of research has been done into the effect it has on children we’ve used a lot of word to do with man there’s a couple more to do with a womanizer bit of a negative word but a womanizer is a man who is constantly trying to chat women up for sex yeah well actually it’s almost like the opposite of money – that’s it it is a bit like that I think man eat a woman a womanizer is somebody who is probably married hmm but always wants to get women on the side a womanizer somebody who is dates lots of women yes and doesn’t stick to one part he is not he is not faithful faithful he is not faithful to one woman so he will date one woman or maybe two women at the same time or sometimes maybe three or four women at the same time so he is a bit of a womanizer my last word is positive word for women okay that I found and it’s Wonder Woman now I don’t mean Wonder Woman the cartoon character made into a film but a Wonder Woman the word that meaning of the word Wonder Woman is a woman who has a successful home life and also a successful career a Wonder Woman okay a woman a successful wife and a successful career at the same time oh you’re a Wonder Woman you can do both things at the same time you can have a happy and successful home life bringing out children and you have a career at the same time yes now that isn’t an equivalent phrase for a man there is Superman yes but now I suppose you well yes you’re like Superman so you might describe a man who is very good at things or very helpful you might say oh you are my superhero you are like my Superman and maybe a woman who is very helpful she comes to the aid or she rescues someone you can say oh you are my Wonder Woman you are the person I was waiting for oh I was yearning for you you are my Wonder Woman it smells watching tennis okay and also listening to us at the same time that’s good I’ve got some of my own words to do with man have you got time yes man made again man is the generic term for person so made by a person so not natural not occurring naturally in nature it is something that is man-made man-made fiber yes nylon man made so something that is not occurring naturally also he’s an

interesting one now we might use this expression man the boat so this means control steer drive the boat so in this sense once again you are just using man as a generic term to mean to be in charge of something or to to be in authority you man the boat you you can man the guns yes man then a gun control the good doesn’t mean a man I mean a man often would do it but it doesn’t mean that is the generic use so you are you are using this almost as a verb so you were using this verbally so man means to be in that position you are in charge of something you are doing that particular thing you man the boat you could say to a woman demand him he wouldn’t have to say you wouldn’t say woman the boat the woman the guns yeah yes you know although even if a woman was doing it he was Dulce man the boat or man the gun yes because it’s nothing to do with gender yes it’s nothing to do with gender we’ll have one more and this is my favorite of the day and then and then we’ll have to go because we are doing overtime we’re doing overtime manhole manhole manhole there are many manholes around if you look carefully you can see them all over the place and when was the last time you saw a manhole Steve Oh at least a week yes we’re talking about metal covers over over a manhole cover a manhole is actually the hole in the ground yeah yeah it’s not the missile cut all right okay yes that’s a manhole cover yes traversée in our last few moments and I just can I just say what this is a manhole so a manhole is a hole in the ground normally used to gain access to things like sewers or something that’s contained or stored beneath the ground so it is a small hatch a small hole and normally as Steve just said there is normally a cover on top that fills that hole it covers it but a ladder going down inside and that is a manhole cover so manhole I don’t know why I’m laughing at that that’s probably a more modern use of the words earlier I don’t know what this one also because Steve doesn’t want to go I don’t think you want to go today do you want to stay here all day man up man up man up it means be strong don’t stand up for yourself don’t be so weak don’t be so feeble man ah come on man up so maybe maybe you meet your friend and he’s he’s crying about something something silly and you say oh oh for goodness sake man up man or maybe your wife has been picking on you she’s been nagging and maybe your friend will say just just go go home and man up just just there’ll be a snow tell her tell her to stop nagging don’t be such a snowflake man up man up stand up for yourself of course these days a lot of people don’t like that expression they find it rather offensive Pedro has said garbage man or trash man yes Desmond actually now it’s it’s refuse collector refuse collector that because they collect your hookers still men men are they I’ve never seen a woman collecting trash actually we have a lady who takes our rubbish away so we yes very quiet you hear you’re never here to see it so there is so so we normally say refuse collector so refuse means all of the junk and rubbish and garbage they collect they take it away man hole is the same as in Arabic somebody’s last silver gold has said oh okay then I haven’t put the live chat on the screen there it is I have a feeling today that the live chat has been very very busy for various reasons we’ll have a look at that later on my my son-in-law says the manhole cover is down in the hole smashed up oh it sounds as if your your manhole cover has been damaged chucat we wanted to mention did you know the g20 summit was in Argentina we’re still

going on and we saw speeches being given by Theresa May from Buenos Aires so yes you’ve got a famous you’ve got a quite an important summit all the world leaders are there in Argentina at the moment who else is there all the world leaders they’re all there okay Putin is there Putin Putin is there of course the American president is there they’re all there that are all there the g20 that are bad I think it’s the sort of top biggest economic powerhouses yet the group of 20 so that’s the group summit of the wealthiest countries in the world the Chinese of course is a lots of things going on about the French president macron is that to come home from the g20 summit because he’s got all sorts of riots and protests going on in Paris yes there are riots taking place at the moment in the centre of Paris it was going to people complaining about what they’re complaining about taxes I think taxes fuel taxes and things like that everything is becoming very expensive in France and some people have had enough and so they have decided to protest on the streets and the Chinese and the wealth the Chinese and the American president have been having talks because they’re threatening each other with tariffs on their trade Beliveau don’t trade war over there they’re they want discussions to try and stop this going too far well obviously it’s going to harm the world economy it’s already happened so they have agreed not to do anymore so they’ve said we will we will keep the tariffs in place but we won’t we won’t bring any new tariffs in so had a bit of a truce because Trump was going to bring in some 25% tariffs in January and he’s put that on hold and China have agreed to buy some more things off of America but it’s just a truce we – the war is still continuing that’s it so lots of things going on around the world at the moment mmm very busy very busy planet we have and Trump and Putin was supposed to have a meeting and that was cancelled because of problems over invasions and things going on okay lots of things happening in the world at the moment mr. Ducote it’s actually the warship there’s it’s the ship’s brain yes yes the Ukrainian ships that were boarded and the the all the sailors were remanded in custody so yes it’s all going on at the mouth going on it so it’s almost as if you know what you’re talking about we’re a conduit a conduit for what’s happening sort of a pathway for everything to come through us and then go out to the rest of the world yes like a big sewer pipe that goes out into the ocean and all of the sewage comes out it’s a bit like this really this is what it’s like you see we’re off now because it’s quarter past four I know I can’t believe how late it is we are really doing overtime today overtime shall we have a look at who is on the live chat not only in Paris but also other towns as well are having protests says French frog well if they’re what if there’s one thing the French know what how to do and that’s stand up for themselves you know against their government because because of course I’m going to be a little biased because I’m part French not many people know that but I am part French and therefore this one thing that the French do very well it’s protest they do the French are very good they block roads they block the ports they stop everything in its tracks and if that’s if there’s one thing that the French do very well I’m not I’m not saying that I agree with what’s happening at the moment but I am saying that when the French become a little annoyed about something they really show it they just like to remind that whoever’s in power that at any point there could be another revolution fortunately they won’t be chopping anyone’s heads off so fortunately that won’t be happening but the French stand up for themselves and for their rights and we tend to back down in this country too much and allow our government to walk all over this can you hear the people sing singing this song after I was doing my Les Mis Rob then I’ve got some I’ve got some tea cakes to put into the toaster we are going to have some tea cakes talking of food we will end today’s livestream by showing what we did yesterday what’s wrong now Selena makes a comment about she’s from the Ukraine okay that’s what people are

thinking in the end and the country’s and she said it feels like the situation is being artificially exaggerated so the present president can retain his position for it well this is what they do want it so well I don’t know what you’re saying there you’re not reading it properly I’m from the Ukraine and it feels like the situation is being artificially exactly I said that yes yes but you said yes point I was made to read so when you say current president which president well I don’t know who the president is but they cried often what happens in these countries is that somebody will artificially it fake news this is what this is what the American president is always saying that there’s that is it real news is it being art is it being exaggerated what is real what isn’t nobody can tell anymore anyway on that note before we start having an argument we’re not arguing it’s just that I’ve had quite a lot of emails and messages from people saying they they can’t understand anything you say when you’re talking so Koike can you ask mr. Steve to slow down when he’s talking well then I get excited that’s hard to talk faster and faster and faster and this is all good practice for you all out there to understand what I’m saying even I don’t understand now I’ll going off to make some tea cakes and a cup of tea mr Duncan goodbye to everybody and see you all next week that’s great so mr. Steve is going and I’m going as well I managed give me a chance to wave goodbye if you’re justyou’re to wave goodbye singing goodbye goodbye to everybody like as new cakes are coming up for him and me but you won’t see that because we will be off the air we won’t be here bye bye bye Steve just just go just go awkwardly well this was a very interesting live stream today it’s gone on so long I will leave you with something from yesterday something we did we were out and about in much Wenlock yesterday and this is the final part of our trip and much Wenlock at the special Christmas Fair before I go can I say thank you to everyone on the live chat I know it’s been a long and busy one today so I hope you have enjoyed the whole thing and I will see you next Sunday don’t forget every Sunday we are here from 2 p.m. UK time for those who don’t know I am here every single Sunday 2 p.m. UK time and of course if you want to make a small donation or a big donation to help my work continue because I do all of this for free so I give up my time and I charge nothing so if you would like to send a donation you can the address is underneath going pest right now there it is can you see it I will see you next Sunday thanks a lot for your company and of course until we meet again here on YouTube can I say thanks a lot for following me and until the next time we meet here on the World Wide Web you know what’s coming next yes you do guitar for now so here we are with mr. Steve and he’s eating his hamburger go and take a big bite mr. Steve it’s a big one hmm very tasty a gourmet burger we were just listening to a Christmas carol being sung played by the brass band and the the one of the lines in that is gathering winter fuel but we’re eating our winter fuel because we’re hungry we’ve been standing up doing a lot of filming mr. Duncan’s been getting agitated irritated because it’s a stressful business filming outside I’m not and I have to try and keep him nice and calm yes very good I’m not getting agitated I’m just it’s just a very stressful thing to do look look look what I’ve got I’ve got a big juicy hot dog it’s a very big sausage in a bun and it tastes gorgeous you’ve mentioned this two giant sausage several times already

mr. Duncan I think you’re a bit frustrated anyway I’m gonna carry on eating my burger in peace because as you know mr. Duncan films everything that’s moving and I just want to enjoy my burger in peace thank you very much you welcome back to the Much Wenlock christmas fair and it’s mr. duncan on a saturday evening even though you were watching us now on a Sunday afternoon live I hope you are enjoying this very unusual broadcast today lots of different things happening now we are outside a very well known place here in which Wenlock called the raven hotel and as you can see there are people eating outside and also if i’m not mistaken i think that is one of the chefs from the raven hotel serving food and Steve just told me you said what did you just tell me that that’s on the menu venison burgers venison venison anything yes is that young deer well it certainly is some kind of deer yes yes I think it’s I think it’s baby deers oh dear how horrible we don’t want to think about that although we’ve just eaten you had a sausage and I’ve had a burger I don’t want to upset tsukete I think we could be as a car pulling up close to his mister don’t go don’t think it’s gonna run us over I think that’s illegal in this country hazards of the job mr Duncan yes that’s it just don’t worry about it so here we are in much Wenlock have you enjoyed today Steve absolutely it’s been fantastic mr. Duncan I wish you’d tell your face about it the light’s not looking very flattering I can see wrinkles no unfortunately we are now losing the light because of the short winter days so already it is starting to go dark and can you believe it we actually missed the Christmas lights being turned on we we we missed them completely because Steve was busy eating his hamburger and I was very busy eating my big hot dog so sadly we have missed the Christmas lights being turned on but shall we now go to the square and have a look at the lights because they look very beautiful from here mr. Duncan okay then let’s and have a look at the Christmas lights in the square well that’s just about it from us for today here in Much Wenlock for the Christmas Fair and I think Steve has enjoyed it even though it’s been a little bit cold yes I’m smiling on camera but I haven’t been smiling off-camera and you are right it’s getting cold it’s also getting dark and we’ve got to walk probably a mile and a half back through woods oh yes of course over fields I forgot I forgot we we have to walk back home so just in case you never see us again this is mr. Duncan and mr. Steve saying I hope you’ve enjoyed our lives just in case we get lost in the dark yet but if we do no one’s going to see this he’s going to put it on YouTube that’s true maybe they will find maybe in 50 years time they’ll find our skeletons clutching this mobile phone and then they will be able to retrieve this footage it has been an interesting afternoon we’ve seen lots of Christmasy things and it’s got more Christmassy the day has worn on because it wasn’t very Christmassy at first but now I feel like going home and wrapping up some Christmas presents Wow and we haven’t even put the Christmas tree up yet so we still have to put our Christmas tree up although next week the Christmas lights on the front of our house will be put on so that will be next Sunday we will be showing you the outside Christmas lights and they look quite amazing to be honest yes and of

course we’ll be inviting the village to come along for the switching on ceremony and we will be charging them to come in watch our Christmas lights it’s going to have a celebrity see they’ve had the the country’s tallest Town Crier to switch on the lights here I think he’s about seven foot tall we saw him earlier on in the church and come see over year yes we’ve got to have a celebrity to switch on the lights on mr. Duncan’s house apparently yes hehe is supposed to be the the world’s tallest town crier but I’ve heard that it’s not really a town crier that’s 7-foot tall I think it’s actually two midgets one one standing on the shoulders of the other well we didn’t want to ask him that it would have seemed a bit impolite and the other thing we didn’t get to see Jeff capes I don’t know if Jeff capes was actually here today but we never got to see him did we that the World’s Strongest Man so if you saw Jeff capes today at the Much Wenlock fair you are very lucky but sadly we didn’t get to see him no that’s because I don’t think he was here I’ve got a feeling he wasn’t here at all hmm anyway it’s time it’s time for us to go and we’ll see you back in the studio because of course there is lots of live English still to come on this Sunday afternoon so for me mr. Duncan and mr Steve thanks for joining us here in Much Wenlock High Street and town centre for the Christmas Fair everything is looking very Christmasy because Christmas is on the way