hey everybody I’m blitz welcome back to another episode of soul zero hey I did a lot wrong last time didn’t I um yeah first off all my doors are closed huh yeah in the red the blinking red means it’s not working I think key I’m sorry about that hi this is going to be an open door policy here we’re gonna have doors open if I do that it’ll vent everything so I need to open up this one and probably that one too I guess and down here we can open up down there is this I don’t know we do do solar panels need repair hey buddy you’re gonna do it you repair them up population two alone is for a colony so what I need to do is actually get some more methane in there and it’s repaired here that bad boy your parrot that one blight has spoiled food reserves how much food oh I got plenty of food and plenty of water excuse me didn’t I just repair this back here actually you do this one first if you’re gonna do it you’re hurt nope then we’ll go prepare that one okay solar panels I’m serious this is they’re just going crazy should have an auto repair bot something that will go and repair everything okay those are good this guy’s here we need a little more methane right 1,400 so let’s start building some more stuff actually we shouldn’t because our population is too low I’m going to close those down solar panel wow this is crazy and I dropped all the rocks down here evidently you can refine rocks in the future and get materials the forum not everything out here is good meteorite shower and the reason that these two blew up oh that’s close now the reason these two blew up was because nobody was around to repair it so that’s kind of weird – it’d be kind of nice of the little astronauts to repair it rather than having a colony but I understand okay almost there we’re going to refuel this in a second our food is decent we can handle it looks like four people I think that’s what that means what let’s this be resource profile does that mean we don’t yeah it means we don’t have enough people okay almost there almost there 13:50 I want to really see how this thing launches up – oh can I close that there we go population too low to support a colony Collister astronaut retires funnels depression and food spoiling and other disasters could occur when population is low I recycling Center exploded so that’s what’s happening they’re exploding because they don’t have people to take care of that’s the really good thing about this game is that it’s it’s forgiving because I can just refuel this oh not the thing like Oh a 72 not 27 it’s a forgiving game so if I do something wrong on the next launch I can kind of fix things up unless I get like an asteroid shower that completely wrecks an entire thing all right here we go it’s gonna launch it Oh population two though yeah I understand Thanks cool it’s good another one in all right big one so the biggest value in town huh let’s get the bigger ship and we’re going to do two of these I think will work if not we’re going to lose a couple I said I was two of two of eight population two of eight so I can only really handle one just do one for now mineral extractor I guess we can take that and then more supplies as we had plenty of food only food eight thousand yeah power is good water is plenty we could get a rover back or I should I’ll wait for the next one let’s take a bunch of supplies oh that’s the perfect amount right there so we’ve got a couple colonists where are they colonists for colonists no astronauts mineral extractor and some supplies Lodge it up and I want to watch its vindicates this was kind of cool oh yeah like I’d be a weird feeling going on a three-month journey to Mars in a spaceship that would be so strange all right so they landed let’s hope they don’t start dying now and the mineral extractor a-hole yeah that’s what I’m talking about we’ll bring that away for a little bit

all right and then they’re colonists are in it look like they’re fine right mostly they look pretty good relatively happy I can’t click on them individually these are red because these are closed down perfect I think we’re doing all right let’s get some more habitats rolling okay you come over here grab the stuff I think I want to make a stockpile area here in here and let’s see if bulldozer I get you to come down here okay so we don’t need to fold those about not right now all right so we have this forklift America grab a tomato stuff and we’re going to filled a pallet right up here I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not and I’ll take that piece and bring it down here and let’s build another four way hallway tab around there we go you come back down here and then unload that all right so I’m going to build another maybe this is gonna be tough it’d be hard to walk through there hmm let’s build a solar panel maintenance let’s just do all all the things right away as they pop up and then we’ll close them we’ll be proactive right and no not the thing that you put on your face to make as it’s going all right where did our there is what are you doing over here man okay fine I do want to try to take that’s gonna be the water we need though another solar panel prepare you maybe it’s a time thing not a random occurrence so it seemed like all of them have tips no you stay up here it’s just gonna be a repair any other load of that buddy and I guess we’ll take this yeah look a little calmness in there that is so cool little animation from walking through I like how they waddle waddle waddle walk we’re gonna have to get like a biology sector and running very soon all right you’re going in right here another one turned on come on why do you have to Waddle all the way around perfect all right let’s turn these on and then we’ll turn o media micro meteor shower frozen I have no clue who knew that Mars was square like this I didn’t over coffee all right these are still closed why are they closed then up and not have oxygen bed zero colonists dies due to low oxygen call sweet evidently one oxygenator doesn’t work those closest up oh there’s person in there ooh Kate we’re going to put two oxygen eyes right here in here bill oxygen generator no I’m not I’ll build one right here bunk and a pallet might be totally pointless hey Heather oxygen narrator oxygen and they did Rick oxygen air inator how did they just look oxygen levels going up up okay those are green how is this oxygen level doing that door not open it is okay that oxygens going up all right twenty percent I guess that 20% is max level that’s kind of what we have in our atmosphere right refuel can I refill this I can let’s launch that up as long as there is nothing in it she didn’t look like there was perfect we’re doing it let’s see what I can build right here so anything to build recycling centers we could do that again refinery refinery have to be no it doesn’t hmm that’s it let’s look at it see what it says in your own extractor fine huh that is really cool hey we should turn out this thing and

see if we can find the minerals I think red was or am i right am i right otherwise you guys said that arey has a button for explore on it the Explorer button doesn’t do what you think it does it just allows that little blue arrow thing oh yeah turn up oh wow that goes the other way I thought I was gonna go up front that’s cool a little drill wow that’s neat okay and then we needed some more up here let’s build what does this say now the refinery refineries allow to mine the Martian soil drive mineral extractors into the refinery to process raw materials into usable materials okay next to launch other than abode alright that’s a long drive areas are you doing up here you’re fine right you’re good yep sure you hey we have green lights on everything yay solar panels need maintenance course repair click repair pick repair click click oh come on dude you figure this out another one wow this is like musical music oh solar panels yeah there needs to be a little repaired drum that drives around repairing things instead of having colonist repair this alright you just dump it into here we’ll see how this works oh yeah come on little forklift Oh perfect that is sweet look at that that’s a cool little building and I want you to drive you up here I want you to come up here and you move and mine let’s move you down to here see how this looks drop the stuff off and as the solar panels dust storm again Hey that’s what I’m supposed to do right drive it into it whoo it has a bunch of or on it let’s read that again okay coffee and bill look at ones that say founders allow the colony to bind the more saucers drive a mineral extract 2 to 3 finally to process raw minerals into useable minerals huh okay let’s do the recycling centers again la this going away efficiency level one there it is alright as cool and I think we can go back writer oh wow it actually does does remove it Wow okay so you well let’s just grab it the mantle sees you know yelling and the irony to repair – so what it needs is – yep okay population 202 supportive alright then it’s like we don’t need to do that ah there’s the frozen pipes minor area clean of minerals all right good job minor minor and what just happened to my mouse whoa it’s like magic actually sometimes by mouse over onto my audio recorder yeah please ah your to mine right here because there’s a big pile of stuff right Oh big pile right in there to do that okay what’s next do we have enough we don’t quite have enough methane do you do that I think it is empty looks like it is empty and we should have okay five of 12 so we can handle another another thing another load of people works for me just need a little more methane and what

does this order do for us maybe we need another building let’s check it out kind of building can we make building launch pad we have habitat green house straight Hall refinery recycling center what are these need geology lab geology lab where’s the geology lab geology lab population of eight is required for some structures okay that’s what we need close I almost have enough give a little forklift up here so much repairing all right click it perfect now we’ll refill and lunch yay I love that animation I love the animations in this game in general miners clean out an area of materials all right so drop it off and mine again yep there’s a lot to be done here solar panels need maintenance yet again okay I thought we lost that guy all right yeah I really don’t see Airy at all that’s strange okay we’re gonna get another one and we’re gonna do one of these we’re going to do another colonist because we can handle nine if I do too one person’s going to die is that worth doing though probably not cuz I don’t know if I have enough food let’s just do it slowly and then bunch more supplies one should I get another rover yeah we get another Rover they’re tiny oh we get a lot of supplies in this one oh wow like everything supplies you grab some more food to methane extractor we have the mineral extractor we have the rover or the dump truck um methane shock you don’t need astronaut we have colonists we have nothing else let’s grab food I guess you get the rest of the truck full of food Wow 20 crates 320 kilograms of food again for colonists in a small Rover sounds great probably miss something oh well we’ll just going to have fun with it that’s the whole point that’s the reason I’m playing this game is because you know it’s fun if I do something wrong didn’t I do something wrong it just happens okay so now we have the colonists we have nine of 12 so we can start building other stuff like the geology labs that’s where I like to see you’re going to come down here we’re going to build another hallway straight hallway and then another one way I think how to do right build for way okay that’s closed oxygen levels zero I wonder if that will fill up on its own order of to see ma give me the key this is going to be a really cool looking deal I think as long as we don’t lose everything a big dust storm or something minor has cleaned the area of minerals move to a new location to return the bio to the refinery 1 let’s check them out they were to come right over here click you come back down here where is the forklift here she is yes vehicles are female build 3d printer geology lab ha come your little forklift give me your goods oh I love the forklifts I love all the little machines that we have in here makes this game a lot of fun yes come on little dump truck just dump everything in forklift there you go not Oh nice what does this do upgrade refined oh man I need to read what it actually does or any one of these so I can click geology lab must be connected to a dozer may push rocks into a geology lab to research refinery upgrades oh yeah I like the sounds of that you build

another not a habitat no no no not a habitat build a hallway click oh yes population too low to support the colony surprise surprise fire has consumed an oxygen generator snap I can’t do the next launch yet very clean materials oh yes all right not enough power what Oh mine we need that oxygen generator again build oxygen generator you go get some more stuff enough power out nah population too low again this is kind of difficult it looks like we’re going negative on food again too that’s kind of crazy bulldoze to rube rocks commander pork looks good we have Ares back see if I it was science okay that is just saying what at seasoned area check out this Explorer button Explorer just sums up that so it discover his stuff I’m going to route it away like so and an area will go water around down there close that up it’s going to tell us a whole bunch of spam link bulldoze all those that rock there money we need to start building another habitat down here solar panels need repair all over new really repair repair that one missed ha got it and repair this one and repair this one Rock oh no nope ha and dude there we go all that is cool there it is nice ok the rover right on the rover spam in the world I’m down here little forklift population too low to support I understand that’s why we’re going to build another habitat here so I can get up to 13 people okay habitat build we need a four way hallway again I feel like I’m doing something wrong with these hallways build and we’re going to do a habitat right here we’re going to send him in there we go another habitat let’s open these up just do one at a time maybe there we go oxygen is coming up nicely we’re not going to lose anyone actually if we do lose one more person population to low thank you ah launch button up okay this has eight things left I’m going to build another oxygen down here gonna do it over here I can’t I don’t want to cut anything off okay yeah we’re gonna rebuild already here and then come in there perfect call me and I think I’m going to get forklift to do the one last load drop it off here grab the other stuff then do a launch see if we can do that grab a step buddy I have a population up how’s this let’s open up these doors and open this up close I could send a little launcher to could just do that those are kind of a house alone I do have enough methane cool you grab that dude there we go let’s do it refuel and launch we do need so next episode what we’re going to do is are we down we need more power first off next episode we’re going to do more power because we’re negative 2 we’re going to do another food or two

thingies and get some more colonists in so guys if you are enjoying the episode please go ahead go ahead and click like button down below and I always remember your stick on the ice we’ll catch you next time