hey everybody and welcome back to more josh l5 I’ve taken a break since the last recording session I’ve watched some the game shows on TV to let loose and unwind and now I’m back I feel pretty good now I think I’ve gotten over what happened the last video I’m ready to go ready to take on some new challenges so let’s get started with our doors always open I wonder that means that’s we have to treat these doors I don’t know does this mean that we had to not block them up or something I’m assuming we just like that I guess we guess the puzzle there’s you have to pick the the upper one first or something and then this one okay we got like a block and we just push that in the middle can’t go wrong with the middle alright says our door is always open so I’m just gonna assume that means that we can just open doors whenever we are presented with the opportunity okay well this is what the recessed wall is for okay all right so we got a tank just kind of going around I think I see what you have to do here something like this there you and okay that’s a boot I don’t want to treat boots the same way unless I know for sure that’s it’s not going to you know have a you know some sort of negative consequence okay so we had to basically unclog that area by getting rid of the tank or at least removing it such that the fireball can give us some breathing room alright so we got a lot to look at here we got this bug we got the whole deal here with this button and the boots and the stuff and the things and the other stuff and the other thing okay we can’t really do anything with the blocks for now so I’m gonna have to assume that well the first thing is I’m assuming we can just do thats and it will ya okay i’m also going to assume that we didn’t really need to do anything special with regard to timing there right okay tell you what let’s just explore now we got these think carefully about where you push your block first okay so we need to get a block up here well we’ll look at that here later but oh I bet we have to get it through oh wait to put a block there then wait to get another one in there okay I see ok let’s just take care of this yellow key here first we need to get fire boots to traverse that area ok and this is apparently what this is for I’m assuming there’s no other yellow doors I don’t think I saw one yeah there’s no one there ok so let’s just open this one up ok so that solves the issue of the tank what’s there you go ok the fireball blow something up to ok so i’m assuming we need to yeah we need to blow that up ok interesting like this this is a cool straightforward puzzle it’s not one of those obtuse puzzles like that one in the last video i know i’m sorry if i’m being way too hard on that level it’s just it was so wait was I supposed to go back ok no good i just want to make sure i didn’t have to do something there ok so let’s get something situated up here actually wait a minute ok that allows us to go around ok the the recessed wall thing is what allows us to go around that’s good to know ok I think we’re getting this I think we’re getting this just have to make sure we don’t make a silly mistake ok so we have to come back here later on so let’s just remember this stuff ok so think carefully about where you push everything um wow man I don’t know it seems like the left sides the right choice but I’m not sure so what do we get if we go to the left side we were able to escape I mean that’s that’s good we’re able to come back out here which is really what we need so I’m gonna say left side now the question is when it comes to this teeth how do we exactly evade the teeth I mean oh wait no we don’t we just do this yeah I didn’t notice where the red key was my bad okay so now we got the teeth on the button good good good um I don’t really need to take the recessed wall there I’m

just gonna go around this way I don’t know if we’ll need to use that later on I mean you never know is this right I don’t know this seems weird something just doesn’t add up here well this is the only option we’ve got so let’s okay links i would have to do this so here there’s nothing um i guess we go back to the stove right here okay we go back this way so oh I get it we flood this room with enough fireballs to make that work okay got it got it clever kind like sardines from CCL be three there you go all full um there’s nothing here so I guess our only course of action now us to do that and go back through the Blue Door and this Heath should be holding that down which means we can go through here and then okay I guess that’s just there to be an obstacle so no need to worry about it and then we exit awesome that was fun I liked that and that was actually a 50-50 that we were warned about and that was easy to figure out like we could figure out by logic so I really appreciate that a lot too temporal tower is next and we begin by dying okay so temporal tower whoa that was close all right so it looks like we just have to climb the tower from the bottom up so let’s just maneuver through each room that hopefully we’ll figure this out here um okay you just do this not bad at all not bad we just need to go push these over there to the bottom area oh we’re going to need to maneuver these around our way okay how are we going to get the second one around without that wall I mean we’re going to push it down i guess and then but how are we going to do that I how we’re going to retrieve it when it gets to the other side unless okay there’s no suction boots under that so that’s not going to work yeah how do you do that I am not seeing how that’s possible oh wait we actually had to hang on a sec okay we actually have to do kind of like a two in one thing here is that how you do it no apparently not we know it is it is you can totally do it that way just kind of in a different way that was really close to I don’t know if that’s the intended solution on but that seems to be the only solution so now let’s bring I guess I guess there’s no more blocks so let’s go this way use two blocks to partial post downward and get the toggle walls flipping to partial post right okay now when you say partial post down and write do you mean that we travel down and writes or that we put the partial post down right and we travel the other way that would be my question ok I’m assuming that this the partial post is 20 download just because there’s the two blocks their question is what do we do what about the bridging there I’m going to assume that this glider is meant to destroy that bomb I’m going to make that assumption because it makes sense let’s let’s work with that ok now that we got that out of the way really ok we can get them flipping so that’s not well no that doesn’t matter because now we block that whole thing

off so let’s start over ok I really wished that there actually was something there not some kind of you know one way thing that we couldn’t have seen but oh well what you gonna do right at least we now know how to why did I do that ok let’s be smart about this I swear I make the dumbest mistake sometimes like this whole thing way to their you I’m such in a hurry that’s that’s my problem such in a hurry like I do it with mario 2 I know I’m talking a lot about Mario I’m sorry if I’m just talking everyone’s ears off about Mario games but I do it there too I mean it’s it’s so insane but I like the concept of using this it’s like a nail this this is cool and then we do this so it’s not exactly a two in one thing it’s more of a nail so down here is a green key how do we get the green key though hmm I mean we got the blocks up here in this area to do the partial posting with but I guess it all comes down to where the partial post leads ok we now know not to just fall for that so let me leave that there for now I’ll put it here the center just let sit on the way and I guess we’re just gonna have to partial post downward and see where it ends up aha okay here we go okay I don’t see how that really helped but all right oh wait we got the blocks here now we had the blocks here now okay so that means that we can do this ok so that was I guess that was the point of that was just getting the blocks down here and I’m assuming the one there goes up toward the water towel on the top area so I’ll work i’ll work with that theory yeah let’s do that and then yeah here we go so this is where the toggles are controlled okay of course the question now is what doors do we open to make that happen I’m gonna assume that it’s the bottom two makes sense yeah okay so now we can go over here or maybe this is just an area that’s just yet this is wait I had trapped over here what you gotta be kidding no not cool okay I guess you’re not supposed to go over there then I that’s kind of odd okay I wasn’t expecting that but normally wouldn’t you know there’s a door there you know leading to a path you kind of want to go down the path but apparently you’re not supposed to all right so let’s not do that then I’m really glad that the hid did mention the partial posting I mean I guess the one at the top was kind of obvious with the one of the left was really not obvious at all so I’m glad the hidden been dead I just wish there was some way that whole trap there could be avoided because that’s a little unfair I mean just saying that it’s a little unfair okay so go up here not quite yet let’s take care of this first I know there’s probably a faster way to do that but yeah who cares let’s just go and do this that we can maneuver the box here more easily some curious a week yeah that just lead to back up just want to make sure I explored every option never can tell if there’s another path and there we go okay so now let’s do the the stuff here again wait why did I do that I thought there was another space there ah here i go again okay I’m all I hope is that this is not going to be a nightmare like that last video was so let’s just cross your fingers and hope there are no more death traps no more unforeseen consequences not too

many necessary conditions so far I like the design of this this is again the design is just so top-notch I mean this is so decent i love the just this thin wall thing i love the force floors out there were i’m assuming you can’t get to that from what i know josh is designed I’m assuming that’s unreachable that’s just there for four sho that was close i almost miscounted that okay so let’s go ahead and put this out here do the thing here so a question of the dates for today what do you consider to be your favorite puzzle game I would I don’t know for me you know i love chips challenge as a kid I I still love it as an adult but I mean NIST man I mean this is such a landmark game I I can’t forget about in this it is just one of those things that’s I mean it’s basically an institution man it’s such a great game and an important game too I guess you could have seen this from from here so I take back what I said earlier it’s it’s really not unfair I still do wonder though what is up with this whole recessed wall even being here wait really I thought you were supposed to wash allows right there we go okay oh I wasn’t supposed to go through the top oh that’s what that’s for okay okay it makes sense now okay my bad that that was my bad it I should have looked over there and I hate using the term window shopping because that’s not really what I meant when I coined that term yeah the term window shopping I think I mentioned this in a previous trips challenge video but in CCL be three there’s a level called window shopping and it was originally called memory or more specifically memory too it’s it’s a sequel to a level called memory from the set from which it came not the level memory from shits challenge 1 but of course we didn’t really want to use the name memory to just because it didn’t really bear resemblance to the memory from chips challenge one so I started searching around for a different title and the level involved just choosing from a bunch of different items as far as like which ones you went for and everything so I thought hey you know it’s like going around and shopping and they like this is a window and you’re looking in you know so I thought window shopping let’s do that well with CC lp3 was released a lot of people thought that window shopping referred to looking into another part of a level that you couldn’t reach yet I didn’t really intend for that to be the meaning of window shopping but it kind of caught on and now everyone just says window shopping I wouldn’t referring to that that practice I really wish that weren’t the case but I mean I don’t really care I mean it’s all right it is what it is um so we had to wait for this to be closed right there we go yeah I guess you could have seen that from over there too so I’m really not being very good at being observant tonight guys so now that we got everything we can go in I want to wait till I know it’s going to be open just so I don’t teleport to the wrong place there you this thing is I still didn’t really know that that would have just automatically led there by you know virtue of it being blocked up I mean there could have been another teleport that was horizontally open somewhere else that I haven’t seen yet so yeah I still not the biggest fan of that mechanism but I’m not gonna gripe about it anymore I mean it’s totally cool okay so now we got some bug dodging to do here this is kind of precarious kind of precarious there we go and now we got some chase racing going on okay that’s not really bad okay now we got a soca bands hype thing I’m wonder if there’s nae owing involved or it looks like there is there we go can we have two carries up there I wonder about that okay it looks like we’re gonna need to use the glider to get out so let’s go ahead and lead him to the bomb there we go and that should be it right there we go if that that was a good level I enjoyed that that was fun empty void use the fire as hints to collect ships and

be sure to study pink ball movements okay so what okay what am I doing here right is this an invisible maze or whoa ok honest I’m trying to figure out what the significance of the fire is and what I’m dealing with I’m looking for some definition here guys like is this a room it looks like this is like a big room I can’t get into kind of like looped around from original game ok so that’s that was kind of a little dangerous but I’m assuming the fire marks the entrances to the various rooms cuz I didn’t seem like I could get into that room from anywhere else and I sure sure we can’t get to this room from here so does this mean I can get to yeah I can get to it from here ok so I have to deal with these Falls here ok there we go ok it was this road I came in on so let’s just go with that ok so it looks like the fire refers to where you can enter a room I don’t know what this one’s all about I guess maybe two yeah it’s this room here ok so it runs across there so that’s safe oh oh I didn’t study that ball whoops my bad ok let’s try this again let’s let’s go up here again because we started off of this room there’s a certain advantage that but I feel like there’s also kind of a disadvantage to that I mean you can start off with a room you know but then when you get to the room you don’t know you could mess up and then you just have to do it all over again whereas if you do rooms that you haven’t been to before like this lower right one at least if you make a mistake there you’ll know it sooner rather than later if you know what I mean ok it looks like we found where we’re supposed to go so let’s just be careful okay good so this was the one where we died right this lower one mm-hmm and the entrance was down here was it yeah okay okay there we go I was being silly so now we just got this one so what’s the ball down there for like really what is that is the exit in an enclosed area because I didn’t think it was I didn’t really study the beginning section though okay so we got all the chips nails so now we just need to find the way out here we go all right empty voids them that was a cool concept I liked that concept manic miner looks like this is gonna be a short one so let’s see here Leslie we may have to make multiple trips ship kart 64 style so okay looks like kind of an item swapper but yet to just go through the entire thing over and over again see I kind of like chip card 64 okay I have no idea what we just did there because we just made a circle without really doing anything so let’s start over oh wait is it the the teeth I bet that’s what it’s all about it’s about the teeth yeah okay so you’re supposed to lead the teeth on okay got it okay I didn’t notice that until i restarted I saw what was going on there okay see you’re only supposed to do this like three times alright so that’s good to know so let’s collect all we can collect on our trip around the whole area here so we need to go there to open the red go okay I see how this works I think we can only collect one item I’m pretty sure we can only collect one item and there’s a yeah we need the blue okay yeah okay so now we got it pressed again and now we can go open the red door okay pretty simple it’s just a matter of knowing where everything is and making sure you’re leading the teeth monster on alright so now we got the blue key and now we can make it early this is an

interesting concept because on one hand you don’t win by being vast with keystrokes you win by being efficient with a teeth which is a neat concept I like that and least I want to come around another time here for the Yellow Door still don’t know what to do the bomb but I’m assuming that’s kind of the final challenge or something so as long as we just keep our wits about us and OH diet do I don’t leave the teeth around again okay i I don’t know so I’m just going to bring them around just in case all right let’s do this and the yellow is up here I greens ok so the bomb is yeah okay oh oh my bad I well I got totally mixed up on the geography of that and I don’t know why but for some reason i thought the bomb was just straight down there that was silly I should have studied the room yeah I really need to avoid these silly mistakes more I i know i’m just making mistakes like crazy here just focus that the thing is you know I’m getting to the point in my lping where I feel like I’m getting more comfortable providing you know commentary that’s not always just here’s what I’m doing right now and here’s what I’m doing next and here’s what I’m doing them once another second for now and you know just you’re just narrating what I’m doing it’s you know I want it to be more conversational you know I want to talk more you know about stuff you know just whatever and still be able to play the game and I feel like I’m getting there it’s just I need to do it more and I feel like a game like this is a good way to practice doing that especially this set that’s you know not quite as difficult as Josh l4 was I mean it really does help a lot so I’m glad to play this set its it’s been fun so far it really has so I don’t think there’s another toggle wall is there wait did I bring him or item bring him around they’re you and I don’t think we can go inside the teeth area like I don’t think that’s no we can the green doors whoo whoo so if we get the green key I can’t remember if we get it there in the ba marry or not if that’s case we don’t really need to press this again yeah we do okay so forget about deleting the teeth on let’s just go ahead and make our last round and wait did I even go in through there wait did I just open that up and I didn’t even get the blue key did I just do that oh my goodness okay wow I really am out of it tonight okay let’s let’s try this again bring the teeth around in the second time make sure to catch we get the key good grief I cannot believe I did that you know I’ve had a lot of stupid cooks and my Let’s Plays of chips challenge but I gotta say that one might just take the cake okay so first things first let’s get this I want to forget about this key okay make sure he actually comes around the bend and they’re coming around the bed okay oh I I want to ask you guys something I I hesitate to even mention these things because I feel like these are obscure references that no one gets but that and they’re coming around the bend that’s a reference to a game thy own as a kid that I still love quoting today it’s the sorry pc game that hasbro interactive released back in like nineteen ninety eight or seven or whatever i don’t know if any of you guys played that game or not but it was so much fun basically the different ponds i think i forgot to bring the teeth around again the different ponds you know red yellow blue and green they all had different personalities and they all talked they all had these animations for when they all you know stomping each other and slid around the board and you know just did different things or switch places and all that stuff that you can do in the game that was so much fun like I love the quotes of the various pond taxes they had such funny personalities I mean they were so silly but it was just so much fun like red was this like tough you know macho sports obsessed guy blue was like this proceed british lady and yellow was kind of like this bookish

nerdy guy and like green was like a surfer dude guy i love green like green was my favorite he mean he was my bro I mean he was cool I love green of death but there’s so many quotes like I caught myself saying one of the quotes from green today at work to myself I mean thankfully not to anyone else because that would have sounded really silly but I don’t know man it was so much fun that game was just so much fun and what do you want or even will not even when you want when you when you finished a game there would always be like an endgame kind of animation thing that would show the win that was cool I really like the wind but oops oh look at time limit yeah we we kind of noticed okay i’m guessing the exits in the middle but yeah it was just a blast I love that game okay so we just need to press the button and slide there we go manic miner is done you know what i think i’ll stop here guys will continue was stuck in emerald in the next video and this was a great episode i enjoy the levels a lot the sets definitely getting underway we were 15 levels in I don’t think I’ve even mentioned yet how long this is because I’ve just been so busy having fun with us this set is a 75 levels long it’s five less than Josh shelf for so this prop this help he’s probably going to go a little bit faster than Josh l4 stood just by virtue of that and the fact that the levels so far Lee seem to be easier so with that being said we will continue next time at before we ice I go though I would like to say and I’m gonna start saying this kind of periodically if you liked the video be sure to LIKE the video on YouTube and hit the like button below the video I don’t say this just to boost my ego or anything i’m not trying to you know jump ahead of the game I don’t say that just to say I mean I know I’m just a you know I I’m just a small channel with you know some dedicated subscribers I appreciate you guys a lot i mean III wouldn’t be here doing this if it weren’t for you guys but the reason why i asked for that is because i want to just get an idea of what you guys like seeing i mean if you guys like ships challenge and it seems like you guys do I mean please I mean that’s a way i can quantify that you know by the like button hits i mean i don’t expect to you know get a lot from you know as far as you know YouTube popularity out of that so that’s not why I asked that that’s why I qualify that statement earlier I just ask that just so that you know at least I know that you guys are watching these and I you know besides the few counts and everything and I know you guys actually like them so even if you enjoy the video just hit the like button you know the least I’ll know you know and the same goes for you know anything that you you happen to enjoy her this challenge you don’t enjoy it just you know don’t hit the like button you know if it’s just something that is alright but you know you know you don’t really care about seeing more of it you know don’t worry about hitting the like button but if you do enjoy it you know please do I mean it helps me out a lot anyway with that being said i will see you guys next time so take care and see you next video