alright thank you for joining me for another easy mesh tutorial in this tutorial I’m going to be showing you how to use blender to make XY text prims for second life so basically you’re going to be making mesh faces to display text on like you see on contest boards and stuff so let’s get into it i’m not going to go to incredibly into blender i’m just going to show you what you need to know like i always do so here we go let’s load up blender and if you just got blender i’m using kind of an older version because i like it and you know i use version 2.69 you can look it up and find that version or most of the hot keys and stuff are the same for the newer versions so it’s your choice on how you want to do that anyways um let’s get started first here you’ll see you’ll probably see a little cube in the center I would right click on that cube like this light and then you press delete and you delete that little Q we don’t need that cube what we’re going to do and I’m leaving these things in here they’re actual actually lights and they might help us but they might not I don’t know so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to add and the mesh and what we want to add here is a grid so we’re going to add this grid and you’ll see it down here and I’m going to position it kind of more in the center here by clicking these little arrows and just kind of positioning it like that okay now the next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to zoom into this and to do that you just use your middle mouse wheel and then to pan around you use your middle mouse wheel again use it like a button click it and then just rotate it around you’ll see that this is kind of underneath these lines and stuff so I’m going to bring it up okay it didn’t position itself perfectly but that’s okay for what we’re doing next we need to be able to see the grid because this is actually not just one square it’s a whole bunch of squares so if we click down here at the bottom and go to edit mode you’ll see each individual square the problem is is that they’re all highlighted and where you can only use eight of them so you press a and then that gets makes them so they’re all not selected and if it didn’t work the first time just press a again and should work next down here at the bottom you’ll notice there’s this little face tool you click it and you see all these little dots you’re going to want a hold down shift and right click each one of these one at a time I know there’s a way to just select them all with you know by pressing B but I’m not trying to confuse you all so just click them all it takes only a second to do that all but eight and you want your eight to be in a row because you’re going to be able to use this mesh for a lot of different things in you can also you know once you’ve tried this and done it and made sure that it works you can have different configurations if you’re making different projects maybe you want to use one text prim that has you know four squares on the top in full on the bottom or something like that you can do that but for now I’m just going to show you the straight across like you’re going to read it off of a page here so I’m going to click all but eight of these if you look there should be two sets for yep and then you press delete and then you want to go to two faces so it will get rid of everything but eight of those right so next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to I’m holding down shift and using my middle mouse wheel to kind of go up a little bit but I want to get these things in a view so that I could see them pretty good okay so next we need to make each one of these faces represent a texture and in to do that I just grab this little thing and slide it over you’ll see this little circle and this little checkerboard okay the circle is your materials and your checkerboard is your faces so first we need to make a material so we add a material and I’m just going to go through and add these new materials and i’m going to rename them okay i’m going to name this one and then you know i’ll make another one i’m going to name this one too and if you will if you watch what I’m actually

doing here is um is I click this little plus button to add a face and I click new to add the material and then in the material I’m going to change the name of it so I can keep track of these things and i’m just going to do that all all all the way until i get to eight so excuse me there for a second for add a material i’ll call it five ok now we add material will call that six i will add material just almost done here seven and eight ok so for each one of these oops let’s get rid of that one was a mistake ok it doesn’t want to let me that’s ok ok so for each one of these we need to now assign a texture so we do that by selecting one of these and then clicking this little grid so we’re going to select one and then we’re going to click new or I’m sorry select one and then click the little checkerboard thing up here that’s your textures and then click new now this is where it gets kind of confusing but right here says type and we need to change this type 2 image or movie ok now if you go down you’ll see it says you know here an image it says open you’re going to want to find a set of basically numbers that are perfectly square so I’ve already made some so I have them all here labeled 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 right so I open one which goes in one then I go back to little circle thing and I click to and then back over here to the checkerboard and I’m going to do the same thing change this to a movie or image or movie and then I’m going to go and continue to make this number two ok and I’m just going to continue to do that over and over again um so here we go winter movie sorry if I mumble a little bit 30 oh yeah that’s good okay then I’m going to go to four okay let’s do this new Kim eat your movie think this is five I think I’m don’t remember that’s okay I think it’s for I could be wrong about to find out yeah that was for good not messed up yet so let’s make five I didn’t I didn’t want to pause during this part and just do it because i want you to see the repetition of it i figured and I might be wrong that might help you to understand what exactly I’m doing you know by seeing it over and over again it and hopefully that will imprint it in your brain somehow I don’t know that’s just my thought so I’m not pausing the video but here we go continuing to do it new and then image your movie and then we go to six okay look at seven in here in major movie and we’ll go to load number seven ok and the last one is going to be number eight image your movie and go to number eight okay so now that we have all our textures and we don’t really have to mess with this part again we will in the end just to check things but we’re done with that so next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to change our scene here so right now it’s on the default scene but we want to be able to see the UV or basically the way that things are mapped out and map these textures on to the faces so we go to UV editor okay and I’m going to reposition this so

we could see this a lot or a little bit better here which is not liking me very much so I’m going to drag it cloves I’m going to drag this whole thing a little closer and try to cam it a little bit so that we can see it a little better okay that’s not bad okay that’s not bad okay so first thing we want to do is I’m going to press a again and just select one face so this one over here that’s going to be number one but we’re not going to be able to apply a texture to it until we unwrap it so to do that you just simply press you or you can go here to mesh down here at the bottom go to UV unwrap and then unwrap but i just find it easier to press you and click unwrap so that’ll show us square that’s the exact square we have here so the next thing we do is we go down here where it shows this picture of this picture basically and we select one of these that we’ve just we’ve already loaded in so obviously i’m going to press one and you’ll see it right there there’s one but the problem is um I’m sorry I forgot to tell you this right here next to edit mode you’re going to want to click this and go to texture mode and then you’ll see it on the actual mesh so the next thing we need to do is if you notice this one is facing the wrong direction it’s facing to the right and we want it straight up and down so to rotate it put your mouse over this area and press r and the next thing you want to do is hold shift so that it rotates this this oops messing it all up control C help press R and then the next thing you want to do is you want to get it pretty close to where you need it which is like that and then hold shift which will snap it into place because you want this thing to be perfect right okay we’re done with that one let’s move on to the next and to do that you just click on the neck right click with your right mouse button by the way to select something select the next one and you’re going to go to two and we’re going to do the same thing Oh see I messed up you can always hit ctrl Z to undo your last move or some of removes back but what you need to do is unwrapped it every time so you press you unwrap and then I can then put the texture in okay and then you’ll see it on there so same thing I’m going to rotate so it’s the right direction and then I’m going to hold shift or I’m sorry its control to snap it into position I’m going to redo this one because i think i was holding shift there we go and we just keep doing that so we you to unwrap and then we get our texture which is number three make sure these are going in order and then we rotate the texture how we need it like that and then we go to the next next you unwrap and again I could pause and you know let you figure out or pause and just show you the end but I want you I want you to see it um see we got lucky on this one it’s straight up and down I don’t know why it changes them like that but it does for some reason so we don’t have to worry about rotating that one which is probably going to be the only one that happens on but you never know 50 that one went right to I don’t know if it’s just remembering but what we continue unwrap add a texture 6 that one’s right maybe it just remembered after all those times of doing it I don’t know usually I don’t get this lucky you to unwrap and then we’ll add another texture but it’s good that you know how to rotate it in case this happens where all the sudden my 7 is crooked I don’t know why it does that but it does it must just be a flaw so our to rotate and we’ll rotate it till it’s where it needs to go holding down

the control button so that it can be it straight or square on the face and the last one is what we’re going to do so we’re going to go number eight oops I messed up it’s important to unwrap them otherwise you won’t see the texture right and it’s very difficult to position it’s possible but very difficult so make sure to unwrap um okay now let’s rotate this one so it’s the way it needs to go control and there we go so you’ll see one two three four five six seven eight that’s all we need there now let’s go back to our default mode here by going to the top and go to default and what we’re going to do now is we’re going to click the little circle thing to go to our materials and make sure that each face is assigned the proper material okay it’s important to keep these in order don’t don’t bring in sick than five than to keep them in order because that’s the face order of your mesh so do everything in order and you’ll be fine so we start clicking these and we’ll see it’s you know on one then I click and they’re not assigned right now you’ll see this should be moving down this list so basically we just need to assign them so we click that and we click assign and then we click this and we click assign oops make sure to click the right one there click assign and so on and so forth we keep going down assigning these its its material and then fly or where’s this for sign and five sign you could have done this um or I could have done this actually when when I was making these but I didn’t so it doesn’t really matter when you do it some of people for some reason think it’s very important to assign your materials beforehand but I so anyways assign so now we can go through these materials and make sure they’re all right so we’ll go this one is one two three four five six seven eight real good there just one more check i’ll go back to the UV editor and i’ll make sure that all of these are the right textures by clicking them and making sure the number changes on the left to what they need to be okay everything’s good so now all we have to do is export this now some people may not or you may not need a seven or eight or you know you might want a three face measure or you know prim and all you have to do there and let me show you that real quick go back to edit mode and when you’re in edit mode in here is you select one of these and then you click delete and then you just go delete face and then you all the sudden you know save this file because all of a sudden you can make any of them out of this a 1 a 2 or 3 4 or 5 or if you wanted to make them vertical or horizontal you could do that just by using the rotation of the texture in the UV editor okay but now all we have to do is go back to object mode here here’s our mesh and if i click textures you’ll see them all laid out on this thing here now i’m just going to go to file and then i’m going to export as a COLLADA file okay you’re not going to probably see this avistar COLLADA file that’s an add-on but just export it as a colada default colada Dae file that’s what Second Life wants and we have to find somewhere to export it to so I’m just going to export this to the desktop i’m going to call it the eighth base mesh example probably spelt that wrong but i didn’t put any spaces in there okay so we’ll export okay we’re done blender that’s it it’s all we needed to do next I’m going to open up second life and we’re going to upload that and you’ll see exactly how it’s how it works so let me just pause the video while I upload that alright so here we are back I’ve logged into second life and i said that i was going to posit while i upload but i think it’s important that i show you how to upload this it’s the normal procedure for uploading but if someone hasn’t done it before I want them to be able to do it so first you go to build and then you go to upload and mesh model next I’m going to go to my desktop and find that file this is my eighth

facematch example and we open that okay next I’m going to see if there it is okay so you’re only going to be able to see one side of this thing so I actually had to hold down the ctrl button so that I could see it because it was flipped upside down so we have all these load things here but the only thing I’m really going to worry about for now and you change this so that you could see it from further distances and stuff like that by increasing or decreasing these numbers but it also adds to your land impact so what I’m just going to do is change this 2.25 because that’s going to make it smaller when we upload so it’s not Q mungus it will still probably be big but it not as big okay so I’m going to leave it like that and then i am going to calculate the weights and fees and okay it’s going to cost me 11 Linden’s I can do that click upload and then we should see it pop up here in my recent ok so my recent objects I should have one and objects here that’s called you there’s grid if they named a grid I didn’t change it but um I just pressed it but I don’t see it oh yes there it is it’s really tiny you’re probably going to want them really tiny but um we rotate this okay here we go rotate it like that okay I’m actually going to stretch this opposite is really tiny so that you can see remove it and then change the texture to fulbright in white so that we can see it and now I’m just going to add a script into it so that you can display to the text and i will send you a or in the comments I will have a link to where you can get this script or get a script like it let me see scripts you won’t be able to get this script because it’s a custom script but you will be able to find scripts that will do the same thing so anyways here we go so i will add this bare-bones XY text script to the content ok and then i believe i just type something into local you have ever bones type forward slash one in a message for / one hi this is yo yo person then you’ll see it is upside down rotate will rotate this and you will see that voila we have made a 8 face or mesh text grip or text mesh that you can use on your projects and you can make all different variations of this so with that I’m going to go ahead and end this video thank you all for subscribing and liking please don’t excuse me please feel free to leave any comments you want or ask any questions and I’ll try to get back with you on them but uh yeah there you go