hey this is Kev with blender binge back with another tutorial for you today we’re gonna be making a cool sci-fi wormhole effect like you’ve seen in probably Star Wars or sliders or Stargate or Star Trek or a whole bunch of different VJ videos and eighties stuff so we’re gonna make its really fast and cool so the first thing I need to do is get a camera and have it follow through a tunnel so we’re gonna make the tunnel and we’re gonna attach the camera into the tunnel so the first thing we do is we’re gonna add a circle and I’m gonna hit s and I’m gonna scale up the circle a bit make it pretty big zoom out a little bit and now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna attach the camera to the circle to do that first thing I have to do is the cameras out here in the middle of nowhere thank you very much blender this is great but it’s not working for me for this so we’re gonna take this and we’re gonna hit alt R to rotate it down and clear out the rotation and then alt G is gonna clear out the location what’s that right in the middle next thing I’m gonna do is you’re gonna attach that to the curve so that it goes around and around and around so the first thing I’m going to do for that is with the camera selected I’m gonna go over here to object constraints add object constraint go to follow path I’m gonna say target will be my Bezier circle I’m gonna hit follow curve because you know why not and just hit anim path and now you can see if I hit play let me pull this up for you hit play and it goes around round and around and around it goes where it stops no no probably where it started all right now second thing I want to do here is I want this to look ahead so I can rotate this or try to play with something in here and make that work I don’t like doing that I just want something to control it and make it simple and you publish it too so I’m gonna go to add I’m gonna say empty and I’m gonna say I don’t know sphere and that’s pretty big so I’ll hit s scale it down a little bit and I’m just gonna do the same thing I did with the camera to add it to our circle so I’m gonna go to add add object constraint follow path choose the path as a circle and I’ll say follow curve and hit animate path so now you can see that these go in lockstep with each other well round round round right great wonderful now I want this to be a little bit ahead of the camera so all I need to do is just change this offset push it negative and now it’ll be in front of the camera so if I hit play it was forward thank you very much hey there it goes round and round around in front of this in front of the camera all right so let’s make the camera stare at the object to do that I just hit the camera and I create a new object constraint I say I add object constraint I go to track two I’m gonna choose the target which in this case will be not the Bezier circle it will be the empty and then I will hit negative Z and the up axis will be Y boom there we go now it goes around and around around and it follows the circle so the sphere so to show you what this is doing if I change this offset you’ll see that the camera just tracked to the circle right to the sphere I mean so that’s what it’s doing and I just want it to be a little bit ahead so that the camera is always looking ahead now if I were to animate this and do a tunnel like this or a warp field like this it would get really really really really really boring really fast and you’d probably just turn off the video but we’re not gonna do it luckily we’re gonna make this cool so I’m gonna take this circle and I’m just gonna go ahead and hit tab and I’m gonna start moving these things around so I can select this I get it G on the keyboard and I can pull that out I can go here hit G pull that out so I’m gonna go mess this up and I’m gonna pause the video while I do that so you don’t get bored and I’ll come back when it’s all like cool and rollercoaster you looking alright here we go okay so now we’re back and if I hit the camera you can see that it now follows this cool little roller coaster II path and it goes around and it’s gonna be pretty cool looking now next step which is probably step number I don’t know for hopefully your accounting cuz I lost count we’re going to make our tunnel it’s not to do that blender gives us this really cool way of doing that we can select our curve we can go here to object and data as some of you say or object data or data and I can choose to do a few things first

first I’m gonna do is resolution preview I’m gonna Jack that up to 64 resolution you I’m going to Jack that up to and I’m gonna hit this fill mode from 1/2 to full then I’m gonna go down here to geometry I’m gonna go down here and I’m gonna say depth I’m gonna pull that up a bit today like point let’s see here that’s probably good like point six eight and then resolution I’ll turn that up so it maybe 24 and now I have a tunnel pretty cool right so if I hit 0 on the keyboard you can see that I’m now inside my tunnel and if I hit play we’re in a tunnel we’re getting that warp effect well not really yet but we’re getting there right so this is a bit tight okay the camera is a bit tight I think we’re probably about 50 millimeters right now so I’m going to select the camera and yep I am focal length 50 millimeters I’m gonna turn that down to about 24 millimeters and now I get more a wider view and it looks more like we could see more of the tunnel and the sides and everything and this is just gonna look cooler for our ultimate effect okay so now it’s time maybe it’s a step five or six or something we’re gonna go ahead and give this a shader so to do that I’m gonna select this and I can go in the shading workspace here but I really don’t want to do that I want to have the shading and the timeline in the same spot so I’m just gonna go here when my mouth turns into a little little crosshair sign click and I’m gonna drag up and it drags out in another window and then I’m gonna click on this little thing here and change that to get to do shader editor so now what I can do is I can give this guy a shader so I’m gonna select Bezier circle which let’s just go ahead and call this Tuttle oops my caps lock key is on Tunnel oh one all right so there’s our tunnel and now I’m gonna give it a new shader by just hitting new and that gives us this principled shader we can’t really see what’s going on here cuz we’re just in the regular whatever this is solid view so let’s go over here to rendered view and you’ll see that because we are in Eevee we’re getting this real-time view but it just looks kind of crappy and it’s not really doing it for us so for this effect I do not need this principal shader now I know some people oh my god you can’t plug anything else into surface because that’s just not gonna work and everything’s gonna break and you’re gonna suck and your videos are all gonna be bad no for this effect we can watch this I’m gonna delete this I’m gonna go to add texture why not I’ll just choose brick texture what the hell right go to color surface and if I pull this out now you can see that I have a texture ooh look at that a texture a texture on our tunnel right but it’s not cool-looking I mean it looks they’re just this isn’t good so let’s add a vector so we’re gonna go add what say input texture coordinate I’m going to use generated and I’m gonna save vector and yeah that’s that’s not good either so let’s use UV whoo that’s much better right so we’re gonna use you V plug it into vector and now you’ll see that it’s giving us this cool effect it is a brick texture it’s just kind of really stretched so we’re gonna change that fix that by adding a mapping node in here so I’m gonna go add vector mapping and if I put it over this little line here it changes it’s bright that means I could drop it it drops and it Maps correctly and there we go so all I have to do now is change one of these values and it changes this in this case I’m gonna use X I’m gonna pull the X back and I go pretty far back and we’re gonna get a brick texture so if I hit zero now we’re in our tunnel all right so now I can hit control s every time and just save it so it doesn’t crash on me so cool so we know it works and you can just get a lot of a lot of mileage out of this I mean you can just go in here and play with these colors here and change this and like your your tunnel effect can easily be done and you can just go and play this it has some kind of trippy cool v-j effect and just be done but we’re not going to do that we’re gonna go even further and I’m

going to show you the one that I showed you in the beginning of this video so to do that I’m gonna get rid of brick texture brick texture go bye-bye boom bye-bye okay so I’m gonna go to add I’m going to go to texture I’m going to go to image texture and I’m gonna wire this guy up vector to vector color to surface and I’m gonna hit open I’m gonna load in a grid texture and I’ll show you the texture that I loaded when I load it in okay so the grid texture that I loaded in just looks like this guy and all it is is just a texture I found on the internet of just a clear PNG file I’ve had this for a long time I don’t I don’t honestly don’t even remember where I found it but I just had it on my hard drive I said oh that would work so you can just go in this into Photoshop and create something like this and all you do is just cut out you know I’ll put this in the I’ll just do this up on the website and put this in for you so you can download this in the comment section all right so if we look at our shader now we see nothing really cool to look at so in between color and surface I’m gonna add a control so we can see what this looks like we’re gonna kind of make this better so I’m gonna go ad converter color ramp drop that in here I’m gonna switch the black with the white and maybe I’ll push the white up pretty far give it some contrast now you can see that we have this grid at play we’re going through a grid Tunnel Wow pretty nice trippy wild great so we can also go ahead and scale this and use these controls to scale this back and make it more 80s 1980s grid pattern so did you that I’m just gonna go ahead and scale this in on the X and I can scale it back on the Y and get that kind of grid now I’m just gonna eyeball it for now I mean you could go ahead and make this perfect if you want in your own I’m just gonna eyeball it and be fine because I want this video to end at some point so there we go so now we have that 1980s kind of grid look but no 1980s grid look would be complete without making it that iridescent purple color so I’m just gonna go here to this white make that that 1980s purple color and boom there we go you’re saying but kev-kev I can’t see the tunnel I mean I can see it but I can’t see it haha here’s where we get really cool with Eevee now in cycles I could go and do this like transparent mix and do all this stuff and it probably works an Eevee too but I found a really quick way to do it it works you can try it you can play with it all I do is I go to the shader so I go here I’m on a tunnel I go to my material I go down where it says under settings blend mode Oh too opaque I change that to additive and all of a sudden ooh that looked really cool but it still doesn’t look really cool because now it’s all stupid and washed out so I’m just gonna go change that if I go in a world taking this gray and turning it all the way down to black and all of a sudden now we can see our tunnel and we’re following our tunnel and it looks pretty cool all right pretty cool trippy effect we could also add a glow by turning on some of the Evie things so if I go here to render and I can turn on bloom and I can turn on motion blur and you don’t really see anything with bloom yet because we’re not really pumping any kind of power into this thing to do so we can do one of two things we can change bloom intensity and that’s going to change the anything anything hot in the scene is going to react to that or we can tell the shader itself to get hotter and there’s a really cool trick you can do by hitting this color and if you’re on RGB great wonderful but go to hue saturation and value and change value to anything but one I mean higher than one so I’m gonna go to like three and now it starts glowing look at that glow glow baby glow look at oh that’s cool I dig that oh yeah alright so that’s fun and so that we didn’t even have to touch bloom for that trick right so there we go so now we have this kind of cool eighties thing and it’s going a bit fast right so it’s actually only at a hundred frames right now and I can show you that by going to the tunnel going down to this object data and going all the way down to path animation and it’s as frames 100 let’s change that to the end frame 250 so now it’ll slow down a little bit and it’ll do one revolution

in 250 frames alright so that looks a bit better right so now we’re actually going on and it looks more realistic it’s slower and cooler and you can actually see more all right very cool great so if nothing else you could render this out now and be happy with it and have this cool 80s tunnel but wait there’s more we can actually go ahead and add something even cooler we can add like energy effects to this it’s I want to go ahead and I’m gonna take this material and I’m gonna call it a grid grid shader cool right and now what I can do is I can take tunnel and duplicate it so I’m gonna go to tunnel I’m gonna hit shift D and I’m gonna hit enter so that way it doesn’t move if I hit shift D and tried to move it or scale it up here none a bad bad move that’s just gonna move it and things are gonna suck for you so I’m just gonna go to tunnel o1 no one right so I’ll just call this tunnel Oh – and I can go and play with my depth bevel depth and I can take the bevel depth and put it up and now I can get a much bigger tunnel over this and it still follows and everything still works and now what I can do is I can go to shader for this guy tunnel o2 shader grid shader I can add a new shader hit new I get hit tab I get a sign I can get rid of this guy I don’t need it oops let me hit tab again let me get rid of grid shader and now you’ll see that we are we have this material Oh 200 1 now let’s assign it I’ll hit tab again and I’ll hit a sign it select it and now we have this so let’s get rid of this see if I go to material here you can see that it doesn’t have that great anymore it’s gone and it’s just really really dark and it’s just got this principal shader on it right so I can go ahead and call this energy and we’re gonna make this energetic so I’m gonna get rid of principal shader gone yeah way to go to add a go to texture I’m gonna say Musgrave I’m gonna change fbm to ridged multifractal I’m gonna plug that in the surface and you see that we’re getting something but we still don’t have the vector and everything set up so let’s go add input texture coordinate I’ll use generated this time put it into vector and I can use mapping now so I’ll go add vector mapping throw that in there and then I’m gonna change the color in here so I’m gonna give it a color cuz this is kind of boring I’m gonna add converter color ramp throw it in hit the white and make it like blue and there we go you’re not seeing much yet but you will we’re gonna go ahead and change some values in here so my scale I’m gonna scale this up to about I don’t know 30 9.5 detail I’ll do some more detail here dimensional leave alone laocoön arity I’ll change that to I don’t know 7.6 or something off set I’ll change that to point 4 and gain I don’t know I could play with that it’s not gonna give me much and then I can play with the color ramp and just kind of bring that back I can add a new color in here alright I can make this one black I can push this and I can push the value up over here to like value of I don’t know 2 and now if you see if I hit play I get this kind of cool energy tunnel and then I can also play with the scale a bit and I’ll just kind of find a happy place and the last thing I want to do here is I want to add in something to control the dimension so I’m going to go to add I’m gonna go do input layer weight and I’m going to say facing I’m gonna plug that into dimension and now I get this kind of weird weird like real kind of energy effect and then I can go ahead and start playing with this stuff and every scene

is gonna be just a little bit different because of the way you create the size of your tunnel but you’ll see that any zero also out and here we start getting some really kind of trippy effect all right and if we bring it just down a little bit more maybe up the detail a little bit you see that we get this really interesting kind of tunnel effect and it’s kind of giving us is somewhat of a somewhat energetic effect and if I rotate these now I start getting a really interesting kind of weird undulating energy effect and I can also pull this in a bit and a little more black gives it just a little bit more break up and you can see here that I’m getting this total energy thing happening right so that’s really cool so I’m kind of digging that and what I can do is I can key the rotation here if I want so I can go all the way back here to one I can go on save like the y-axis here for rotation right click and I could say insert single keyframe and then I can go over here to 250 and I could say I don’t know like I could keep it really really tight I don’t know like 30 okay insert single keyframe and now you can see that I’ll hit play and it jumps so you could do it like a full-on 360 here that might get a little crazy alright so replace a single keyframe or might not let’s see what it does that gives kind of a really crazy tunnel effect really crazy energy effect right so you could probably even try like 180 it’s not going to give you a perfect loop but it all depends on what you want to do with this if you want a perfect loop then you can you can do that and you can slow it down and add more frames to this or you can keep playing with it but this gives like a more I don’t know sliders we kind of look and let’s see what happens at the end here alright I think with enough glow I think that might not jump but you can play with it and see again like if you do 360 it’ll be a perfect loop it’s up to you however I’m gonna pump it up now so I’m gonna go to bloom here under Evie I’m gonna say intensity to take the threshold up a little bit maybe 4 no no 8 now I get a really wild really wild kind of energetic effect now and I can do that trick now where I can go on the shader and change it from opaque to additive you see now that we could see the tunnel the energy effect in the tunnel as we’re cruising along alright so that’s pretty cool so we can now put both of these together by just turning this guy back on and now we have this really trippy tunnel effect and we could go back here to tunnel o1 and turn that turn that turn that craziness down a bit because I’ve got a tunnel here and I’ll turn this down so I think this was really hot I think we had this so I can go to like 1.5 turn that down a bit bring that down and if I turn this guy on again you can see that we’re mixing it pretty well together and there we go so now I got this really trippy tunnel effect going I just tweaked it to whatever you want right so it looks like value of two here’s good these settings are good and I’ll leave it at that and that looks pretty trippy and I’ll just leave it and you can play with that and have fun with it so to render this now all we have to do is go to output and where it says PNG I’m gonna change that to ffmpeg you could do a series of PNG that’s fine I usually do actually when I render out I usually do the open EDX or a multi layer and then I have a bunch of layers that I bring into like digital fusion or nuke

or whatever you can do that but for this I’m just gonna do ffmpeg video and I’m gonna change encoding here to h.264 in mp4 alright and if you open up encoding you can see that that was plugged in output quality let’s see well it’s quite a few screw it I’ll do lossless why not it’ll be a bigger file but it’ll probably look better and then I’ll just tell it where to save it and render it out so let’s do render render animation I’m gonna pause the video and we’re gonna come back when it’s done and all will be great okay so here we are back and here’s the animation and it’s playing pretty well and it looks pretty cool so you could always add more contrast and do whatever you want with it that’s it’s up to you but this is pretty much how you set something like this up and go ahead and animate it and you can head this to your little arsenal of visual effects tricks and motion graphic stuff alright so if you got something out of this hit like subscribe share it hit that little Bell notification and all your dreams will come true or at least you’ll see the next video that I make alright thanks talk to you later bye