hey guys John Oakes here and I want to do a training here on banner ad advertising you know banners are something that are extremely simple the concept is very easy for people to understand there’s a tremendous amount of banner inventory out there on the internet so you can literally create an unlimited amount of traffic to whatever offer you want using banner advertising however there are some very tricky little nuances that if you’re not aware of these and you don’t fully understand sort of the the bigger picture and and some of the little nuances involved with banner advertising you could really lose your shorts on this so let me share with you because I’ve done this you know over a number of years I’ve done quite a bit of banner advertising in the past and I recently started to do it again with my current online business and I thought you know it might be something that would be very useful for me to share is some of the lessons learned and some of the things that I’ve gone through over the years and and have caught me up so that I can save you from losing a pile of money like what has happened to me in the past so let’s dig into this you know banner advertising there’s a number of strategies for this and you’re probably well aware that you can just go to Google and do a search and say you know whatever niche you’re in now my niche is in the home business make money online niche so let’s just type in make money online and see what comes up now obviously you know it stands to reason that if you could get a banner ad for your offer on any of the sites that come up in the in the top search results for the keywords that are you know directly related to your business and your concept that that would make you some money so let’s just click here here’s entrepreneurs about calm and when you go there you can see immediately that you know hey there’s banner advertising running on these sites so one strategy which is you know kind of common sense is you just go to sites that are in your niche that are offering banner advertising and you click on not on the banner itself but just click on the place that says you know how to ties on the site now it looks to me like these are Google so this is all being run by by the Google AdWords program and you know Google AdWords if you’re in the make money now niche make money online you know home business you’re gonna have a really tough time getting anything approved through them unless you’re doing some really advanced techniques like cloaking and so forth which we’re certainly not gonna get into here so I don’t recommend using Google Adwords if you’re in you know the the home business niche because it’s just gonna be extremely problematic but there’s no worries to that because see I’ve gone through this in the past where I spent lots of time and lots of money getting things set up on Google AdWords only to have my ads declined or you know have them start running them and I start getting good traffic and then they just shut everything off and I lose my account that’s the kind of stuff that happens in this industry so instead of pulling your hair out when you’re a brand new person looking to run banner ads there’s a way to start getting into the banner ad industry and you know really get in the banner ad advertising game in a simple way that’s very easy to manage and easy to do so let me introduce you to this site called buy sell ads now you can get there very easily you just go to buy sell ads calm and what this site does is they’re essentially a banner advertising broker so all these different publishers come to them and say you know hey I’ve got a website with a bunch of traffic and I’d like to sell banner space but I don’t want to manage my own banner advertising so they sign up here as a publisher with this site and they register what ad spots and what kind of inventory they have for for space and traffic and then people like us advertisers can come to this site and shop through all the different sites and find you know what types of ads what shape what sizes what location on the website how much traffic all this stuff is available to us so the real simple and short of it is that you just simply go through here you know you could even go here to search the marketplace and type in make now if you’re in a different niche other than home business of course you would just type it whatever keywords are conducive to your niche and and you get the selection for that but it’s gonna suggest a bunch of sites here you know there’s gaming sites there’s blog templates you know all kinds of stuff you know and you think for me you know what I’m marketing is a blogging system and a business opportunity a way for people to make money online through publishing their own blog posts and own content and selling marketing and training programs so you know all of

this stuff really is applicable so it’s just a matter of experimenting testing some traffic and finding the sites that you believe will be the most conducive to creating customers for what your offer is so let’s just go down here there’s one that says deluxe template so I’m just gonna click that and that’s gonna tell me what’s available for advertising on that site so you can see here we’ve got a top sidebar a big banner it’s a 260 by 150 top right there’s five hundred and sixty thousand impressions per month and they’re they’re basically splitting those impressions among three ads of that size so they’re going to rotate those ads through or there might be actually three physical ads at a time being displayed I’ll show you in a minute how to see that and they’re charging 150 dollars for 30 days so there’s two different ways that they charge on buy sell ads you have flat rate charging which is a amount per month which is really the recommended way if you’re gonna be sort of just digging into this and kind of getting started I recommend that you use the fixed pricing flying sites that are offering that or you you have a fixed price for 30 days you can test it for a full 30 days monitor the traffic you know be able to see what quality there is see how it’s converting for you into leads or into sales and then you can make a decision whether you want to continue that or not we’re going to talk about testing and tracking in a little bit further down the road but you know first I just want to show you how easy it is to find and and get the right kind of real estate for your ads also this same site has a sidebar which is a little 125 by 1 25 cubic image and there’s 8 of those on the side of the site and that’s $75 for 30 days now you really can’t tell you know from the information you see here there’s no way to know if this is gonna convert for you so don’t make your decision simply based on price you know the price is going to be dependent on how many impressions they have so that’s what drives the price so you know comparing a $75 for 30 day add to a $400 for 30 day ad doesn’t mean it’s a more expensive ad it just means that it’s gonna be a lot more traffic so you’re gonna get a lot more clicks so essentially your cost per click could either be the same or it could actually be cheaper with an ad that actually costs more for each 30 days so hopefully that makes sense to you you know always look at it on a basis of cost per click and I’ll show you how to calculate that out here in a little bit but initially you know you’re really just trying to get started so first what we’re gonna do is we’re going to go look at this site and kind of see what’s being advertised there what kind of content is there and determine if this is in fact a good place for our ad so right up here at the top you can click that and that will open up that site in a separate window and then we can kind of get a look at it you know it’s a very busy looking site for one you know it’s not really the most favorable for banner ads because it’s so busy there’s just so much going on here that the ads just tend to blend into the content hopefully that makes sense when and you see what I’m seeing with that right here is an ad and then over here are the 125 by 125 Kubik images so this one here looks like it’s a maybe a 300 by by 250 or 250 by 300 the other direction hard to tell for sure on sizing but this is going to be you know probably your most favorable spot right here which is going to be more expensive of course it’s going to get a lot more clicks than these down here partially that’s going to be dependent on the ad itself but then down here you’ve got these six looks like eight spots and you can see this is the one that’s available and you can kind of look around and see what’s being advertised here so you’ve got hosting companies you’ve got website creation tools website design this is actually an ad for the same service that I market which is empower network here we’ve got buy and sell digital goods this is a like a CPA or or a digital marketplace themes you know so you can kind of see this you know what what we’re offering make money online is certainly a good fit for this site so absolutely you could advertise on this but let me help you to avoid one of the biggest mistakes that I see people make in banner advertising and in in really

any placement advertising online to see what we’ve seen so far indicates that yes this would be a good fit in fact you can even see somebody already using this site to market the same thing that we’re marketing or the same thing I’m marketing rather I don’t know what you’re marketing you can mark it whatever you want but if it’s a good fit it’s a good fit right okay so here’s something super super important before you make a determination about whether or not you want to run your ads on this site you have to know what the demographics are for the site and buy sell ads does not provide that information they give you all kinds of other stuff over here you know they’ll talk about what the content of the site is and how much traffic it gets but they do not break down the demographics of the site and what I mean by demographics if you’re not familiar with that term is who’s going to that site you know what age group is it male or female what country are they in the country is the biggest thing were the most concerned with so again before you make a determination and say you know yeah this looks like a good fit I’m gonna go and drop my money in here and start running ads let me save you a pile of money because trust me I’ve made this mistake many times in the past and this is a huge deal so because they don’t provide that information here you just need to go somewhere else to find it so you know it’s not going to be a hundred percent active or accurate rather but it’s going to certainly give you the information you need to make your decision so what we’re going to do is I’m going to grab the URL for this site and I’m gonna go to this site here alexa.com now Alexa if you’re not familiar with it is essentially a huge website that indexes and creates metrics reports for the internet you know so it ranks websites it determines how much traffic these sites have and let me show you what happens we’re just going to paste that URL for that site in and it’s going to give us the metrics so what we’ve got is it’s got a global rank of 10,000 this means that worldwide this website that we’re considering running an add-on ranks approximately 10,000 out of the world as far as most trafficked or most popular web sites now you notice right here there’s sort of a red flag you know I’m in the United States my biggest market for what I do the make money niche home business niche internet marketing niche is is us you know it’s really it’s US Canada UK Australia New Zealand fits in there but you know when you start getting into third world countries like India and Pakistan and Africa you know yes there’s always a ton of interest from those countries but they seldom ever will will financially work out for you you know people in those countries they they just don’t spend the money they’re always into looking for free opportunities which you know anybody who’s been around for a while you know that there no there’s no way to make money for free it just doesn’t work you know you might make a few pennies here and there and in some of these countries see that’s the other problem is that you know for if you’re selling a product for $100 a month somebody in India or Pakistan is not going to buy that because for $100 a month it can feed their entire family so it just typically doesn’t work to advertise to those third-world countries if you’re marketing something you know that doesn’t fit their demographics so you know first off there’s a red flag let’s go down here and look you can see the genders predominantly male but there’s some female which is fine no college is is the dominating demographic here which is also fine you know I mean we’re looking for entrepreneurs not educated over educated people that have kind of been brainwashed no offense to anyone who’s got an advanced degree you know I went to college myself but you know you got to recognize that the education system does not breed entrepreneurs it breeds employees so the fact that there’s no college here is absolutely not an issue browsing location at home that’s really good because you know people make buying decisions typically when they’re in their home not necessarily at their work at school you know when people are at work and they’re browsing the Internet when they come across something they might want to buy or they come across a video sales letter they typically typically are gonna save it they’re gonna watch it later at home so this is really good but here’s the problem 24% of this sites traffic is India 10% Indonesia the United States only makes up 9% of their traffic and then you’ve got Pakistan Brazil now Brazil is okay Thailand is you know not so good Turkey Spain Greece some of these are okay but

you know of countries that are gonna actually buy this product or you know are people who can afford to spend money and get educated for internet marketing you know be able to start a home business and and treat it like a business there’s just not enough you know nine percent and you add a few of these others in you’re looking at maybe 12% 15% of the traffic of this website is even applicable to your offer so what we thought from looking at this was a viable opportunity to advertise is in fact not I would not run any better advertising on this site so you can see how you know knowing that extra little step sorry gotta get a sip of coffee got my fresh roasted Stumptown cup of coffee here if you don’t know what that is look it up its best best coffee around anyway a little sidetrack there with the coffee we’re just having fun here right so you know you can see that that knowing that little bit of information to go and check the Alexa rank ranking and the demographics of the site first can save you a ton of money and trust me I learned that the hard way many times over so now we just go back to the drawing board and you know this process right here might be a little bit tedious but trust me you know if you spend you know say a couple hours and you find two or three good sites that meet your criteria to run some banner ads on that’s time well-spent and let me just show you now what happens let’s let’s hypothetically say that this site does in fact work okay now I could I could sit here and I could go through this process until we find one that matches but it’s gonna be too long a video so we’re gonna make an assumption that this right here this one 25 by one 25 now if you remember right that would be this spot right here let’s say we like that and we’re gonna go ahead and purchase that ad space then we just click the Buy Now and it puts it in the cart and you could continue to shop and put as many of them in your cart as you want and then checkout all at once and set up all your your actual ads all in one swoop if you want to do that and kind of keeps your time a little bit more organized but let’s just for the sake of this let’s just do this one so I’m gonna click on the item in the cart and you can see here’s our or requested ad space yeah $75 for 30 days and then right here you’ve got a green button that says upload creative so that’s the first step in checking out so the creative is your actual physical add now this part is something that also catches people up they’re like well I’ll crap I don’t know how to create an ad you know it’s all these extra different sizes and I don’t know anything about graphic design I don’t know what to do I don’t know how to do this let me show you how easy it is to come up with an ad this should never be something that that is a challenge for you so what you want to do is go to Google Images and if you don’t know how to do that you know you can just go to google.com and you’ll see up in the top says images just click that or you can go directly there by going to images.google.com and type in your niche make money online if you’re marketing a specific product then you can you can type that in also in fact let’s just do that for me again my niche and my product is empower network so I’m just gonna type that in and hit enter and you can see that’s gonna give you a ton of stuff now what we want to do is we want to narrow it down because we’re looking for a 125 by 125 pixel image so if you go over here and you click on search tools and then you go right over here to where it says size you can go right to the bottom of that and click this where it says exactly and put in 125 by 125 click go now you’re gonna get exactly what you’re looking for now let’s see think you could find something in these results there’s probably what four or five thousand 125 by 125 pixel graphics for your offer you know so what what I do is you know just go through and find some that maybe appeal to me and then grab those out so you know let’s just go down here and here’s another thing to keep in mind to that you know I just kind of thought of and I’m gonna in it now you know hopefully you find this stuff useful this video might be a bit a little bit long but you know there’s a lot of stuff that I’m thinking of as I’m going through this that I want to share with you guys to kind of catch you or keep you from getting caught up in some of the mistakes that I’ve made

in the past let’s go back to the site again and look now remember this site is quite busy so you can kind of look at the site colors and what you want to do is you want to be sure that you know if you’re running an ad on here now I’m gonna show you you’re gonna want to experiment around and run some multiple ads but you know first off creating something that’s gonna stand out a little bit is a good thing and you can see as we scroll down here actually this red the secret’s out empower network ad actually stands out pretty good among the rest of these I mean that’s the first place my eye trains as I’m going down the page is BAM right there on the red because there’s very little red on the site other than right there so what we’re looking for for this is maybe something with some bright colors that will stand out so let’s go back over here and see what we find you know this one’s a nice stand out one but I don’t really like it when you’re dealing with 125 by 125 pixel images sometimes they’re a little bit more tricky because the text if they try to cram too much I mean here here’s a classic example this is a ridiculously stupid ad you know who’s gonna be able to read that right there’s so much crap on there so what happens is people’s eyes just right over the top of it and go to the next one so you want to do something you know this is okay it stands out something with fewer words that’s gonna grab attention yes no that stands out pretty good you know it’s not quite as bright as what I wanted but it’s got the orange and red text in it so I’m just gonna click that and for the sake of keeping this video short you know let’s go ahead and use this one so I’m just gonna go here and I’m gonna click view image and then I’m gonna do a right mouse-click save image as and look at that I already had that one in there so yeah that’s already already in my in my folder so apparently I’ve seen that one before and I believe that that’s actually a pretty decent ad for that ad size I think that one actually converts pretty well it gets a decent click-through rate so I’m not gonna save it since it’s already there but let’s say that’s the one we want to use now we just go back here to our buy sell ads check out and we upload the image that we want to use and there it is so one more thing I want to mention you see this spot here where it says yes animation accepted that’s a good thing if the site that you’re advertising on accepts animated graphics then you can use what’s called an animated gif file and that’s this format right here and you can often find those you know in the Google images where you can find the ones that blink or you know have maybe the arrows flash I’m not going to take the time to go find one but something with this one might be that the button flickers or the arrows kind of flash on and off so that will grab someone’s attention more than just a static image so keep that in mind if it accepts animation then the alternative text you could just put something in let’s see this says 653 a day so I would just put something in it says like now to earn six fifty three birthday click here I always like to put a call-to-action in the alternate text because sometimes if somebody’s internet connection is slow the image might not load but the text will display and when they hover over the image the text will display let me see if I can give you an example of that see ya see that when you hover over the image you get it that says living the Mobile Money lifestyle this one down here says buy or sell themes for Twitter he noticed that none of these guys put that ones kind of got a call to action get started today you know it makes a difference put a call to action in there I like to just use click here because it tends to incite the right response from someone when they see that text they are tempted to click so that’s you know a good thing to know right there and then the link now the link is where you’re going to put the URL the full URL of where you want the person to go when they click on your ad now before we put that in there we’re going to talk about that because this is a huge huge huge deal we’re gonna talk about tracking because if you’re doing

paid advertising and you’re not tracking every click that comes to your website so that you know where it’s coming from being able to track the country you know be able to track whether or not it converts to a lead then you’re going to lose in the end in this game you’re you’re literally playing the odds you’re you’re gambling if you’re not using tracking with paid advertising you are gambling with your money because you have no way of knowing whether that ad is effective or if it’s simply throwing your money away so let’s talk about tracking now you know there’s a there’s a number of systems out there that will allow you to track your traffic there’s ways of just simply using Google Analytics to do it which is free but Google Analytics is extremely complicated and you’re gonna probably if you’re not already an expert in it you’re gonna get caught up trying to learn how to set this stuff up and you know a lot of this is the kind of thing worry if it’s not simple you’ll tend not to do it tracking is something that can be extremely simple but you need a third-party tool in order to do it properly so I’m gonna show you one that I suggest it’s called hyper tracker and this is a really easy way to just set up an account with hyper tracker and be able to create trackable links that you can then use and have a third-party tracking system so you can then log into your system at hyper tracker and monitor each of your campaigns individually and see you know what’s happening with that traffic you know for example let’s just say you decide that you’re going to you know it could be with any paid advertising let’s say you’re gonna do a solo ad with somebody and they say okay send me your link and I’m gonna send you 500 clicks well then two days later they say okay great I hope you got all your traffic how is that work out for you and you’re thinking crap how do I even know I got 500 clicks well unless you’re tracking you don’t know you also don’t know if you just got 500 clicks from India or maybe you got 400 clicks all from the same ip address which was somebody just you know committing fraud just giving you a bunch of automated clicks and they’re calling it traffic and then you just paid for it and if you’re not tracking this stuff you don’t know and this happens to people every day online trust me in fact I’m going to show you how somebody tried to scam me recently or you know essentially you know I don’t know if I’d call it scamming those are pretty harsh words but you tried to pull one over on me and I’m gonna show you how how that went so you know this is stuff that will save you trust me this will save you I wish I had this information when I was first getting started with this stuff okay so I’m not gonna go into hyper tracker in fact I don’t personally even have a hyper tracker account because I don’t use it I use a different service which is a piece of software that I host on my own you know my own hosted domain I don’t necessarily recommend it because it’s it’s more expensive to do that hyper tracker will totally suffice for what you’re doing here with this and it’s very easy to use you just follow their instructions but from this point forward I’m gonna switch over to the tracking system that I use and show you what’s possible now you know even though I’m not using hyper tracker you can do all of this same stuff using hyper tracker and it’s just a slightly different process but hyper tracker I think is about twelve or nineteen dollars a month something like that that will be the best you know 15 20 bucks a month that you ever spend if you’re doing paid traffic just trust me on that I’m telling you this I have no benefit of you signing up for hyper tracker like I said it’s not an affiliate program you know I’m just trying to help you guys and save you some money there are other systems out there as well that are similar to hyper tracker that you could use you know feel free to use whatever you want to use if you’ve got somebody else that recommends something different go for it use it the important thing is that you’re tracking so I’m going to show you the benefits of tracking using the the CPV lab system that I use I’ve got a number of banner campaigns that I’ve set up here let’s just look at this one here it’s my blogger tricks is the site and you can see I’ve gotten 174 clicks and I’m gonna go in here to the stats now here’s the cool thing you can do when you’re tracking when you send a tracking link to your banner provider your traffic provider they’re gonna send all those clicks to that link but then on your tracking side you get to control where that link actually redirects to so it comes into the tracking system it tracks that traffic and then it sends them to wherever you want them to go and that can be multiple locations so for

example you can see in this banner campaign I have sent basically an even split 60 to 61 and 51 have gone to three different landing pages that I’m testing out so what this allows you to do is is really split test landing pages so for example I already know that this landing page to be is getting a much higher conversion to opt-ins than the other two so once I know that for sure and I’ve sent enough traffic to really verify that then I can pause this one or sorry pause these two and run all the traffic to this one and then maybe create another one and add it to it all without disrupting my traffic or having to deal with changing the link on the traffic side so that’s one aspect of you know tracking and controlling where your traffic is going the other thing is that number one I get to see exactly how much traffic they’ve set me you know so I have another third-party validation of how much traffic and I have used this many times where I purchased traffic from a provider and they say you know hey your campaigns been delivered and I’m like no I’ve been shorted twenty-five visitors I want 25 more clicks and they say well that’s not true and I say okay here is my stats from my tracking software and in most cases they will accept that because this is verifiable proof of exactly what they’ve sent you and there’s a number of reports you know so you can you can actually break it down so we’re going to analyze this campaign my blogger tricks so remember that’s the website my blog or tricks com that I’m running this banner ad on and let me show you what we’ve seen with this so I’m going now into a different report where I can actually pull up the individual clicks for that campaign and look at it and you can see here’s all this so you can see I’ve got a lot of different IP addresses that’s the traffic that’s been coming in from this and you can see what landing page they’re going to and the referring domains sometimes this doesn’t always populate not a big deal just sometimes people are going through proxies and it blocks some of the information but here’s the most important thing I’m gonna scroll this over so you guys can see it here’s where this traffic is coming from so here we can see Pakistan United States couple united states ones india tanzania indonesia some more the united states some india this is very very very important if you’re not tracking this and you don’t know then you have no idea where this traffic is coming from and again it’s a big difference you know getting a hundred clicks from india versus a hundred clicks from the united states that will make all the difference in your business trust me so you have to be able to track this stuff you just have to you know it’s it’s part of it and it’s all goes back to you know treating your internet business as a business treating it like a business coming at it from a business standpoint getting all the tools that you need in order to do this right this is not just a you know a hobby that you’re playing around with and you’re gonna test out some stuff and see if you make money no this is a business so with that with any form of paid traffic you’re gonna lose some money as you’re experimenting and you’re tweaking things but if you’re doing all these things right and you’re measuring and you’re tracking your traffic and you know exactly what’s happening then you know when to turn off and not renew a bad ad and you know it’s gonna happen to you it happens to everybody it doesn’t matter whether you’re making a million dollars a year or you’ve not made any money you’re gonna run across those times where you start running an ad and the ad is crap and you’re getting bad traffic and you’re gonna turn it off and in fact let me just show you an example of that with a couple of the ads that i have running so real quick before i jump into that let me just show you here when you when you’re using your tracking software you’ll set up a campaign and again i’m not going to go through all the details with this because you’ll be using whatever tracking software you’re using they’re all easy enough to do but essentially in your tracking software you’ll go to you know add a campaign you’ll create a new campaign and it’ll look something like let’s just go into that same one it’ll ask you some information like you know name it and you can put a few things on it and fill in some forms or some some data fields if you want there’s some advanced stuff that you probably won’t use and then you get to choose where you want that traffic to go to and you can see here I’ve got it going to three different landing pages and I’ve got it even split and then it’s going to give you an actual URL for that campaign and the campaign URL is what you’re going to

give to your ad provider or your traffic provider so that’s what would go in this link instead of sending them directly to a capture page or directly to your sales video or whatever offer you’re promoting you send them instead to your tracking campaign and then that’s where it sends them off to the other and it’s gonna be transparent completely to your visitor they’re not going to know that they’re being redirected in fact let me just show you if we click test link on this you’ll see that you know immediately it’s gonna go straight to a capture page for my offer so you didn’t know that it went through a tracking system tracked everything and then sent them over here it just happens all you know in a split second so with that being said let’s go over here and I’m gonna show you an actual couple of ads that I have running right now with buy sell ads and we’re gonna talk about that I’ve gotten and this is in basically in one month I’ve gotten 195 thousand impressions and I’ve gotten 604 clicks so the click-through rate overall is 0.31 which is you know a a decent click-through rate for banner advertising with banner ads you know your click-through rates gonna be all over the map what really matters is you know are you are you getting is it a profitable campaign which if you’re tracking things and you’re generating leads and you’re monitoring how that’s working out for you and you’re getting sales then you know it’ll work out it doesn’t really matter I’ve had profitable banner campaigns that we’re running at a point zero five percent click-through rate so that’s a half a percent click-through rate and it can still be profitable it just depends on other factors so don’t worry too much about this but a high click-through rate oftentimes means you know that you’re gonna have a higher likelihood of having a profitable ad so let’s look at this one my blogger tricks alright so you can see that I’m paying two hundred and seventy five dollars per month for this ad and let’s actually go to the site lets you just put it in a different window my blogger tricks com alright so the banner that I’m running is is running in this space right here in fact that’s that’s my ad and you can see it’s an animated one so it tends to get a decent click-through rate as you can see click-through rate is 0.39 which is pretty good pretty good click-through so it’s getting good click-through and it definitely stands out on the site but there’s a problem here the majority of the clicks that I’m getting from this site are not in the United States so I’ve discontinued the ad now what I’ve done is I’ve gone ahead and set it to not renew but I do still have another two weeks that I’ve paid for so I’ll let it continue to run and I’ll continue to monitor it because there is fluctuation in traffic you know but if I continue to see this trend where the majority of the clicks that I’m getting here from other countries then you know it’s it’s just not something I want to continue to run in fact let me show you something here because on the other side of it which is sort of an extension for your tracking what you should be doing of course is is running traffic capture page and if you’re not doing that you’re making a huge mistake you know you’ve got to be capturing weeds anytime you’re paying for advertising and you’re just sending somebody straight to a sales page huge mistake you know rarely is that going to end up being profitable for you because you know 60 70 80 percent of the people that will buy are not going to buy the first time they see an offer and if you don’t have a way to continue to market to them over time you’re literally throwing away the larger piece of your profit so that being said on the lead side of things you have the ability to track things I’m gonna go in here and let me just a weber is the email autoresponder service that i use so this is where my leads go and it allows you to also check things and see you know sort of validate where your leads are coming from and break it down by campaign so I’m gonna go add URL contains my what’s that site called my blogger tricks tricks and hit search so you can see 28 so my blogger tricks has

generated me 28 leads from the traffic that it has sent go back to that right there 186 clicks has generated 28 leads so you can easily figure out the conversion rate or the opt-in conversion rate by just taking 28 divided by 186 and we’re at a 15 percent opt-in which is not bad for banner advertising it’s really not it’s not great if you’re if you’re doing other types of advertising but for banners 15 percent you know it’s it’s not great but it’s it’s not that the problem is and why I discontinued this is because as we click through here and we start looking at these we see that we got Pakistan india-pakistan Rome Italy you know that one’s not so bad there’s some of them don’t track so I don’t know where that one’s from again if they’re on a proxy you don’t get all the detail there’s Tanzania you know and as I click through here and look at these the majority of them are not in the United States and by the way with Aweber you know you might even not know that you could do this with every autoresponder service you should have the ability to go in and view the demographic information for each of your leads so for a whatever you just go into the subscribers area and you click on what’s in the name field whether there’s a name or not and it opens all this information so you can see whether you know what emails they’ve received and whether or not they’ve clicked on stuff and also where they came from and being able to break it down by campaign is simply a matter of entering in some sort of a keyword in your tracking URL so again let me shoot back here and if you’re using hyper tracker you can accomplish this same thing right here is the URL to my capture page and what I’ve done is I’ve added in a tracking part there so it says question mark SRC equals blogger well this is a different campaign but I’ve broken that down so you can easily see that and be able to monitor that and and see then that gets passed through in the lead generation part of this excuse me one second my wife just came home and I’m gonna close the door so we don’t sorry about that that kind of stuff happens when you work from home you just got to embrace it so that’s an important piece also you know that tracking part you just want to pass it all the way down to whatever level you can so it makes it really easy for you to make determinations about the advertising that you’re doing and not be throwing away money so I could very quickly see in the first month of running that ad that this one’s not working out for me so I’m gonna discontinue it let me show you real quick if we go back into buy sell ads and let’s just break this down so you can kind of get an overall picture most of the time when you’re using done-for-you traffic like if you’re buying traffic through solo ads or you’re buying traffic through other traffic providers you’re gonna be paying anywhere from 75 to a dollar a click seventy-five cents to a dollar a click that’s pretty much the going rate for done-for-you business opportunity type traffic but you can see when you’re running banner campaigns and you start setting this up and managing some of this yourself you can actually get traffic a lot cheaper than that in fact it’s it’s literally about half the price if we look at the total amount that I’ve spent so far is 275 plus 30 plus 70 for less whoops added the wrong column so yeah $30 plus 275 plus 37 50 plus $42 so three hundred and eighty four dollars divided by six hundred and four clicks so we’re running at 63 cents a click right now but you’ll notice that the dates on these we can’t see the dates on this page but this is only two weeks in well this one’s almost over and it’s been cancelled because it was bad traffic this one’s only two weeks in so I’ve got another whole two weeks so I’ll get another 186 clicks at least on this campaign before this money runs out

this one is only three weeks in so there’s another week of clicks on that one this one I just started today so I’ve got no clicks yet I just literally just got approved a few minutes ago so I will end up probably around the 35 to 40 cents per click price range on this traffic and once I eliminate the ads that aren’t working and find a few more that are demographically correct then what happens is you know those those clicks are more valuable to me and you know this is just the process you go through when you’re running banners again this is why you have to test and track so you get some that don’t work they don’t pan out you cancel them you get a few more you add a few more so I just continue to add a couple of these couple new ads placements every week and weed out the ones that aren’t really working and eventually what you have is you have a portfolio of ads that are running on a continuous basis bringing you traffic getting you leads giving you sales that are you know weeded out you’ve weeded out the bad stuff and you’ve got stuff that’s working really well for you and you’re getting a great price per click this is a nice site to use because you can centrally manage all of it instead of having to go and work out deals directly with owners of sites directly and have to keep track of all that in a spreadsheet you have one site that tracks everything for you and you also have a level of accountability there if you have a problem with a vendor so I think that that pretty much covers that side of it but before we we end this video I want to share with you mention earlier that I had an individual a private placement banner ad on a site that the guy tried to sort of swindle me so let’s talk about that real quick what happens when you start running banners on on a lot of different sites is you’ll get people that will contact you because they see that you’re running banner campaigns and they’ll make you an offer because they have a site and they’re trying to sell ad space so I got contacted by such an individual just a I think it was about a week ago and we had this you know conversation where he told me site is blogger tips tricks calm so let’s go there take a look at it and you can see this is my banner running at the top of this site its actually shows up on every page at the top of the content he’s got a lot of content on here and some of its pretty good content a lot of stuff about SEO Facebook marketing you know it’s a perfect content match to what it is that I’m marketing and what he told me initially was that his traffic was primarily US traffic let me see if I can find this in here where he said that he was talking about his blog is famous for internet marketing and high quality articles and he actually sent me a document which looks like it got lost in that in the document trail here but he sent me a PDF document that was a screenshot of his Google Analytics that showed that like 98% of his traffic was from the United States but when I went to Alexa and typed in his domain name which is blogger tips tricks calm I got a different story and you can see that according to Alexa sixty-three percent of his traffic is from India the United States only makes that less than 5 percent so I confronted him on that and by the way he was he was going to sell me a banner space for a hundred and fifty dollars a month on his site and he’s got about 10,000 unique visitors per month so immediately I said well that’s that’s too high a cost that doesn’t really pan out because I need to get you know a lot of leads to make that work for me 450 bucks him up and then he came down and said okay I’ll make you a deal for $100 a month and and I said well you know that’s when we got into the demo EPIK discussion and he’s trying to tell me that Alexa is not right so let me see if I can find that ya see so here’s what I told him the level of traffic you have on your site does not warrant 150 a month for me I would need to get a hundred leads per month to make that in line with what I pay on other traffic sources I would guess that your site would only net me around 25 to 30 leads a month if you’d like to make me a better offer or allow me a lower cost first month to test it out perhaps we can agree so then he came back and said he’d do a hundred a month and then I confronted him about the difference

between Alexa and what he told me you know what he provided me and then he told me that Alexa was wrong and that his his was right so what I said was let me see if I find it there I told him if you want my business you’re gonna have to run my banner for a test period before I’m willing to pay you’re asking me to trust you over Alexa and I said prove that your analytics are correct and that your traffic is worth my money and I’ll have no problem paying for ad space let me know well he came back and said yes I’m interested so I went ahead and sent him a tracking URL and sent him my my 468 by 60 banner and he put it up on the site which is what you see right there sorry wrong site where to go anyway I showed it to you a second ago so here’s what we got it’s been running for I want to say three or four days it’s this one right here and this is back in my tracking software and we can go in here and see that it’s run you know 14 clicks there 13 to that one and five to this landing page so we’re getting traffic but when I go into the visitor stats now and I look because again according to him 90% of his traffic is United States so what I should see if he was right let me find it if he was right I should see mostly US traffic right so here’s all the traffic I’ve gotten from his site and here’s where it’s coming from so I have India I’ve got one two United States one Australia and then I’ve got India Pakistan India India India India a couple of more UK which actually is the same person twice and I think there’s another one up there this same person twice but essentially these don’t jive with what he was trying to sell me so just as I suspected this is probably not going to be a placement that I’m gonna want to continue and again I go she ated with him and didn’t have to pay for anything so he’s sending me free sample traffic at this point so let’s take that a level further and we can go in here and actually see if that campaign or that banner has generated any real leads if I can spell tricks all right and we’ve gotten two leads from his site so far and what we have is India and Bangladesh so yeah I mean these are these are pretty much worthless leads you know if you’re getting leads and you’re generating leads from India and Bangladesh and Pakistan you know they just don’t back out you’re not gonna get people that are paying customers from those countries I mean it’s gonna be like a one in a thousand kind of things so this is again why you have to be so careful about where you’re buying your traffic where your money is being spent and tracking so that you actually know what you’re getting I can’t emphasize that enough that is a huge huge deal so hopefully you guys have gotten some value from this and you see that you know banner advertising can actually be very very profitable and very easy to manage if you know and understand some of these key factors and so you know the other cool thing about using buy sell ads especially as as sort of your entry step into banner advertising is that you can be very selective about the amount you’re spending upfront you know if you go to do done-for-you traffic through solo ads and those kind of things most of the time they’re gonna want minimum a couple hundred bucks most likely it’s upwards of five hundred to a thousand dollars just to sort of buy in whereas banner ads you know you can get stuff very very inexpensive and start testing it you can see I have this one for thirty bucks thirty seven fifty this one I just started for forty two dollars let me show you that site it’s already getting traffic see that so I mean literally I just set this up like a half hour before I started making this video and I’m already getting impressions it hasn’t generate any clicks yet but it’s getting impressions which is a huge deal so you can see that’s my ad and

let’s go to the site it’s called my wife quit her job calm and there it is right there at the top so I mean that that is a very prominent position for that banner and I’m I’m positive that that’s gonna get a pretty decent click-through rate because it really jumps out off the page when somebody lands on this site and it’s a perfect demographic match also this site has better than fifty percent of its visitors our United States and that’s been verified with Alexa so it’s a really good fit and we’ll see how it goes you know again it’s just a matter of testing it tweaking it but again it was forty two dollars for an entire month worth of impressions on this site and there’s other banner space available on this site as well so I might snatch up some more and that’s the thing is if you find one that’s a good match that’s getting good profitable clicks for you there’s a number of things you can do when you go into that campaign you can see on the side over here that advertisers who advertised on this site also put placements on the sites so you can go through some of these and it might save you some time in finding some good related placements it’s just a very very simple system to use so I do encourage it you know for those that have a small ad budget maybe to start that want to get some traffic coming in right away and want to start learning and and delving into the process of banner ad campaigns it’s a great way to get started you know again don’t expect that you’re just gonna instantly start being profitable in fact on the on the profitable thing I forgot to mention let me shoot back over here to my ads and then I’ll kind of end with this this process of testing and tracking ads you know like I told you I had 604 clicks I’ve had a total of I think 250 leads generated from those 604 clicks which you know if you if you back that out and look at your cost per lead let’s see 604 clicks pretty sure it was 230 you know don’t quote me on I think it’s about two hundred and thirty leads so if I take the total amount spent which if I remember it was like three hundred and forty two dollars and divide that by two hundred and forty leads that’s a dollar forty a lead which is a really good lead cost in this industry now remember a lot of those were garbage because they’re india-pakistan you know countries that are never gonna buy and sometimes what I do is I go through and I made those leads out of my my autoresponder over time because they just aren’t really gonna benefit but it’s part of the process you know testing and seeing what you’re getting with traffic but out of that 100 and or 240 leads I ended up with 225 dollar sales and if you don’t know what empower network is you know we have a sales funnel which you know if you’re not using a proven sales funnel in your business again you’re missing out on huge profits I have the ability to make close to five thousand dollars per twenty five dollar sign so what happened was the two sign ups that I got from this traffic made me initially $50 because they were each of $25.00 sale but one of those people upgraded to what we call our inner circle product which is $100 a month recurring product and then on top of that they also bought the next level product which is called the costa rica intensive which is a $500 product so let’s total this up I had 225 dollar sales so that’s 50 bucks plus an upgrade to $100 a month okay so that’s 150 dollars per month that that will come in residual income plus another $500 so my total profit so far from this advertising was 650 dollars and if you subtract out my 342 dollars I believe it was in ad costs I have a profit of 308 dollars just from ads that have not even been optimized so you know that’s what you can accomplish with banner advertising it’s not hard to do but you have to be able to track it and experiment and understand the metrics of your business and more importantly if you’re not in empower network I suggest that you get an empower network and start marketing that because that’s where you can really start to make money because what we offer with empower network is a complete sales funnel system that not only is providing the most comprehensive and by far the best internet marketing training products but we have a complete blogging system that teaches you how to create blog posts and create fabulous content get that content syndicated across the internet get it ranked get traffic coming in through

that as well you know this is just one one way that I’m experimenting with paid traffic most of the money that I’ve made so far in empower network which you know right now for me is about a 10 to $15,000 a month income I’ve done through free traffic so that’s just comes in month after month I work a couple hours a day doing this business and I know that some of you watching this are probably out there struggling you’re running Adsense ads on your on your blog maybe you’ve got websites and you’re trying to pump Clickbank offers or maybe jvzoo offers and you know you’re looking to make those little weenie commissions on a sale you’re gonna have a really tough time being profitable over time with paid advertising when you’re when you’re basically getting you know marketing a $35 product and getting $17 it’s just not going to happen you know so I highly highly encourage you to check it out see what it is that we’re doing with empower network and and I show you in some of my videos exactly how this works what I’m doing the empower network system offers incredible training that shows you how to leverage the system and how to you know basically go from being broke and getting these weenie Commission’s to being able to create a real business that has a sales funnel that’s doing the hard work for you you know I just I’m just pumping these people in to my system and my autoresponder is sending out messages to them I’ve got sales videos that are created by empower network that are doing the selling for me they get into the system once they sign up and they become a customer only then do I even communicate with them and get them plugged in and get them you know into the system and get them helped getting started plug them into my mastermind group you know all of this stuff that we offer it’s a full community of people that are willing to help you so you know if you’re struggling in internet marketing you’re you’re just kind of aimlessly trying to market different products just stop just stop take a step back and take a look at what it is that we’re doing because you know there’s no reason for people to be struggling like that online when you can have access to something that’s gonna actually be a solution for you and I’m certainly not telling you that you’re going to earn money immediately that you’re gonna just you know get rich overnight but if you plug into this system and you plug in with our community and you start getting the help that you need and have access to people who actually are getting the kind of results that you want you know miracles happen that’s that’s just all I can say about that so again I think I mentioned it earlier earlier but quick income disclaimer since I’ve been talking about money and income my results are not because I don’t do typical things you know I don’t teach anything typical if you want to be typical you get typical results you know I always it always baffles me how people want to know well what’s the average person doing well the average person is making little to no money at all they’re struggling they’re they’re doing the things that average people do if you want to stop being average and stop being typical then you need to step up your game and start growing a real business and start getting the tools that you really need and access to the right people and you know have a mentor that can show you what to do that’s actually doing those things that’s what we do here at empower network so that’s appealing to you then again click the link that I’ll provide either at the end of this video or below this video put in your email address and see what it is that I’m doing if it’s not a fit for you hey that’s cool that’s totally cool if you like what you see I invite you to connect with me on Facebook and open a dialog you know share with me what you’re currently doing and we can talk about this if you have questions I’m easy to reach I’ll put my Facebook connection info my facebook address at the end of this video also you know hey just start plugging in with some stuff that works that’s all I can say if you’re struggling if you’re not struggling and you’ve got something that’s working fantastic for you hey power to you keep doing it and I hope that you got some value from this video I’ll see you guys in the next video have a fantastic day you