(mellow electronic music) – Good evening, everybody, and welcome to tonight’s webcast This is the second Dragonology event The first one was held in Sydney last week and last month, I should say, and we had a live event then where everybody got together for the first time We had presentations that gave the big picture of what was happening with speech recognition in general and also with Dragon in particular Part of the feedback from that session, I still have the arrows in the back of my back, was that people wanted to see more detail about how Dragon worked, and, in particular, the opportunity to discuss problems that people had with Dragon Tonight, we’re going to try and do that live on the web in real time We’ve already taken feedback from everybody and we have a long list of issues that people have had with Dragon So, part of what we’re going to do tonight is go through some of those issues and see if we can give you some information that will get you started on finding solutions to your problems With me tonight out of Nuance’s United Kingdom office is Gary Quigley Gary has been with Nuance for 10 years or more and is very experienced with the use of Dragon and how it can be applied to real-world problems Gary, are you with us tonight? – Hi, Derek I’m here in the UK nice and early – I think it’s a little bit earlier there and a little bit colder than it is here as well So thank you very much for joining us Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself and what your interests are and how you came to be part of the Nuance team working with Dragon? – Well, I joined the Nuance team, or ScanSoft, as we were then, about 10 years ago now I worked in IT for 25 years, but concentrated on the Dragon product for the 10 years now So, yeah, that’s me I work as a technical place as a consultant, a.k.a. solutions consultant, a.k.a. the techie for the UK and Island teams Also helping out our colleagues in the rest of Europe and South Africa – Thank you very much for joining us tonight We appreciate it I know this isn’t part of your standard job description but we were together in the States at a meeting a few weeks back and I thought we should get you along to share your experience with the Antipodean audience So thanks very much for joining us tonight Me, I’m Derek Austin I also work for Nuance but part of my job has been setting up the Dragonology user group, a user group for people that use Dragon speech recognition software for productivity purposes And this is a user group It’s something Nuance is supporting initially And we hope that over time it will become independent and self-sustaining So we hope you will all get involved with the group and help us build it into something huge and successful So tonight, I’m gonna start with one question from one of our members Trevor Butler was saying, “Are you planning “on having events in Melbourne?” So, for me, it was important that our first session together last month be a live one, that we actual had people in a physical place where we could all get together and talk and see each other in real life Obviously, not everybody could get to Sydney for that event And not everybody can join others in major centers But live events will be an important part of what we’ll be doing moving forward Melbourne being, obviously, the second largest city in Australia, we hope to have an event there early next year in conjunction with one of our partners in Melbourne, VoiceX And my expectation is that other centers will also be able to support events early next year If you’re interested in having an event, let me know If you’re interested even more in helping to organize one, also please let me know So, what I did before this event The goal, remember tonight, is to go through some of the issues that people have with Dragon and to help get you started in solving some of those problems I spoke to our support guys and asked them for a list of their top issues, just to get things going And they gave me, I think, top six support issues for the Windows product And as you can see, “unable to dictate in a specific program,” “dictation not working,” “unable to download from Digital River,” Nuance’s online partner, “installation hangs or stops responding,” “user files can’t be accessed when opening a user profile,” “or activations have been exceeded.” And I’m sure some of you will have had those problems What I’m gonna do first is just go through these pretty quickly, and take you through the troubleshooting that a support guy

would go through when they would try to sort this out Sound good, Gary? – Yep, no problem at all – Okay So, first one “Unable to dictate into a specific program.” And typically this will be something like a Microsoft Office application where you’ve been working with Word, perhaps, or Outlook, and suddenly dictation has stopped working So what do we do then? First of all, check that the hardware is working And make sure that your audio system is working, that you can actually get audio into the system separate to the Dragon environment Check then whether you can dictate into DragonPad DragonPad is the built-in word processor that comes with Dragon And, third, check the dictation source This where you tell your profile you’re actually dictating from is actually the same as the hardware that you’re talking in to So you might be talking into a headset microphone, for example, but your audio might really be coming from the built-in microphone in your laptop And Dragon doesn’t do a very good job in those circumstances Then probably the most frequent thing to do is to disable and re-enable the Dragon add-in that’s being inserted into the Microsoft app that you’re using to enable the connection with NaturallySpeaking How do we go about doing that, Gary? Do you remember how to get into Word, for example, and disable and re-enable the add-in? – Basically, – It depends – when you load most of the Office applications, there’s a, let me remind myself the points on my screen here There’s, if you go into the Home menu, in the Tools, and File menu, Options On the left-hand side of the Options, there is an add-in sensor And, generally speaking, any add-ins you have are mentioned there And more often than not, if you encounter any issues, any of our add-ins are marked as inactive there So you go down to the bottom of that screen and re-enable it So it’s basically on the File menu and Options you can follow through to any add-ins – Okay, so those add-ins provide an interface between the Office app and Dragon NaturallySpeaking, or Dragon, as it’s now known So you just need to turn that off, turn it back on again, make sure that it’s installed and that it’s working fine Number two on the list, ’cause we’re gonna go through these at a fairly rapid pace, because we have a lot to get through So dictation isn’t working So the most frequent reason this is happening is that an incorrect dictation source has been selected So in that case, again, same sort of story Check that that hardware is working Check whether or not you can dictate into DragonPad, and make sure that the dictation source matches the actual hardware So that’s a more straightforward problem that doesn’t involve the application add-ins if you’re dealing with Office The third one, much more straightforward You’ve bought an upgrade online, say, and you haven’t been able to download from Digital River Perhaps there were network issues Or perhaps you’ve lost the download and you need to get it back again or re-install the software because you’ve lost the original installation software In that case, support guys will actually help you with a download link so that you can download the software again, or for the first time If necessary they may refer you back to Digital River for some clarification on licensing or something like that Number four This has been a little bit of a frequent one I think in the last 12 months Installation hangs or stops responding In this case, typically you’re using a DVD to do the installation And the usual problem for that sort of issue is an issue with the drive Maybe the drive is slightly out of spec, or it’s very slow, or there’s a defective DVD that’s causing issues reading the information that’s on the DVD drive Troubleshooting there is, again, support can provide you with a download link Or if you’re in a location where you don’t have enough bandwidths to do the download, they can provide replacement media and organize that for you – It’s probably worth pointing out in the initial version of Dragon 13, there was a known bug with the product, but that was soon sorted and any media that’s out there in the world now should install without any further issues But as Derek’s saying, it’s probably prudent to contact the support team as they will have an answer for it – Yeah, that was a very painful bug for about a week or two when Dragon 13 – Yes – was first released October last year And it was fixed very quickly, – Yeah – I think within two, three weeks But there are still a few production DVD’s out there that were the original pressing of the DVD So if you’ve got that sort of problem, contact support and they’ll be able to help you sort that out Now, another one User files can’t be accessed when opening a user profile This one has come up in the questions tonight as well So in that case, the application Dragon will no longer open

The process there is, and you may need help with support to do this, is check your user account permissions and make sure that your account has full control on the user folder And then restore or create a new user profile before rebooting and logging in to that Windows account to make sure you’ve got access to the folder so that Dragon can actually put information into that and read it back again – Okay, another thing on that is that sometimes, I did this initially, sometimes you think you’re being kind of a bipe setting your profile in one of these cloud services such as OneDrive or Dropbox It’s not necessarily the correct way of going forward because, of course, if it’s on the cloud, other services are potentially accessing the file at the same time So try and leave your profile in a folder that won’t be accessed by a cloud service at the same time – Yeah, so in that case you’ve got several things trying to access the profile – Certainly – at the same time and it can get quite interesting particularly because Dragon will need to have write access to that information If you’re changing it all the time you’ll have updates happening frequently The last one on the Windows top issues list is that your activations have been exceeded So each version of Dragon allows you do a certain number of installation of the software before you need to increase the numbers of activations that you’re allowed The licenses, for example, with professional, you can install Dragon, it’s licensed by profile, by speaker So if you’ve got three laptops or 14 laptops, you’re licensed to install that on all of the laptops but you may need to contact Nuance support to actually increase the number of activations for your software So support can do that and give you some advice on your particular situation And they’ll also help you with the EULA, the End User License Agreement, if any of that needs clarification On to Mac Just two Mac issues to talk about One is opening a user profile And I think, Gary, this may also, you probably don’t do much Mac work there, but I think this was also an early bug with, particularly local accounts, local profiles – That’s right, yeah – made with Dragon, where an error message was displayed after Dragon was opened and the workaround there, if those of you who’ve had that problem I know a few of you’ve had that The workaround is to create a new user profile Delete the old one, and then make sure you update to the Service Pack 5.0.2, version 5.0.2, and that should solve that problem for you So those are the most frequent problems Oh, sorry, number two I’m getting ahead of myself Problems configuring the microphone This happened a lot with version, Dragon for Mac, Dragon Dictate version 4 on Mac, because it was a little bit confusing as to how the control, the settings in the Apple menu actually worked in conjunction with Dragon So if you’ve got problems getting the audio to work, again, similar to how you would do it on Windows, check that the hardware’s working, check that you can dictate into DragonPad and confirm that the dictation source in the profile actually matches the hardware Now this in the latest version of Dragon for Mac, this is all much more straightforward and much easier to work out So that concludes the most common problems that we’ve had from support What’s we’re going to do now is turn to a whole series of questions that you guys have sent in We’ve got more than I think about 230 plus people have signed-up for the broadcast tonight And about a third of you have sent in issues I had to draw a line yesterday afternoon So I stopped at that point yesterday So if you’ve signed up for the webinar after about 3 p.m., 2 p.m. yesterday afternoon, I’m not gonna have your question in here but I will look after the event to see if we can help you with those What I’ve done is I’ve gone through them I’ve tried to collate ones that are similar so that we can talk about them as a group And in cases where there’s something concrete that we can do about it straightaway, I’ve put it in the slide Some of the other problems we’re going to be fairly blunt and fast about We’re gonna basically say, “Call Support.” So forgive me for doing that tonight But some of the problems are very convoluted and we’ll try and explain why they’re convoluted as we get to them So, first question from Gary Oh, this is an easy one I’d like to receive upgrade offers I’m currently using version 13 Premium and I’d like to update to Professional So generally here if you would like to receive offers from Nuance, you can sign up and register your product and opt in for mailing And you will in that case receive offers regularly from Nuance, possibly too many of them We’re also working with my hat on as president of the Dragonology group to organize offers in conjunction with Nuance

and our partners for you as well So they will be coming through the pipeline too So, Gary, I hope that makes sense Again, any of these things, any of my answers or Gary’s comments that you need clarification on, the lines are open online at the moment We’ll do our best to clarify things as we go along But if not, we’ll be posting in the Dragonology website and putting those comments into the webcast comment area as well Michael Gardner requested, “Will there be “a Dragon for Android? “While the new version is a great advance, “we’re not always online and need some “way of recording offline for later use.” So, Gary, what do you think? Mobile devices and Dragon Where are we at with that? – So, I’m interet (mumbles) Because we are about to launch a an online version of, Android, sorry, veriosn of Dragon, as well as iOS It’s still requires you to be online of course So, this is kind of two questions, actually Yes, there will be an Android version of the product, but in the context of offline usage of Dragon, what you’re really asking there, is there a recorder option on Android and iOS devices? So, we do provide a free app to record the, your utterances if you like And the Premium version and above of Dragon allow you to convert those utterances later when you’re back online So, basically, there are two questions there There will be an online version of the product shortly Available on a subscription basis But, if you’re out in the field and record your thoughts, using either our free device or free app, sorry, or other recording apps available on the device Dragon will basically transcribe any audio file that’s created in mp3, wav, dss, ds2 There’s a multitude of formats that we can transcribe later – And I guess the overall message is, that while the smartphones are now very fast and very capable, they still have limitations because they have to be portable So they don’t have huge batteries And, they don’t have huge amounts of storage And Dragon is, as you’d realize, intensive on both those things So, the processes in the smartphones, the high-end smartphones, are now fast enough to run Dragon probably, but they’d also burn your battery out pretty quickly as well So, those are part of the issues there is why you haven’t got a full Dragon running on your smartphone And why most of the speech recognition that’s available to you on mobile devices is actually done in the cloud It’s because you could run it possibly with the CPU on those devices, but you need storage and you need battery life So those are the main issues there Moving on to Christina Christina asks, “What are the key difference “between Dragon Professional Individual, “and Dragon Professional Group?” Good question, Christina And I’ve prepared a summary for you Dragon Professional is, as we mentioned at our last event, it’s due to be released this month, just in time for Christmas, if you feel like buying yourself a Dragon Christmas present I’ve got up there on the screen some of the differences, some of the additional features, that are in the group product As opposed to the individual product You can see, the main ones for me I think, in terms of the traditional model, is the correction only mode, which allows a correctionist to use their voice to do corrections in Dragon And have that pull against the person who’s dictating’s profile, so you’re correcting a profile with your voice And things like roaming users, which aren’t available in individual, but will be available in group All the things that an IT department would need to support Dragon in a larger environment, including network installations, remote desktop connections, support for Citrix, as well as the Nuance user management center Plus the ability to manage the whole environment centrally Anything you’d like to add to that list Gary, that you think we should be alert to – No, I think that’s pretty comprehensive I mean anything I suppose worth having is But, we could have a whole extra hour or three on the new user management center This is probably not the forum for it currently But it opens up a whole new, exciting world of capabilities for the large organizations to manage their users – Yes, if you’re in a large organization, then the NUMC as we call it, is definitely something that will make your use of Dragon more efficient as well, too So, we’re moving on rapidly So, Michael, another question from Michael “I use Dragon for Mac, to my knowledge, “there are no manuals or books one can use “to improve one’s Dragon knowledge.” So there are in fact, user guides and so on online

I’ll be giving you a reference to that at the end So you can have a look at that And part of the process of this user group is to start to get those materials together so that people are more aware of what’s available and what’s out there So, I’ll link to that at the end so you can see what’s online And more and more, there’ll be videos and so on that will help you come up to speed too Many of our partners in Australia will provides you with training too So if you want one-on-one training, they will help you do that And they can do that remotely too Perfect segue “How do you become a Dragon certified trainer?” Talk to us, and we’ll take you through that Tandon has asked, “I need to have medical “terminology included when I dictate.” We have a whole separate Dragon medical series of software, which includes I think, um, Gary, do you remember how many specialties we support in Dragon Medical Edition? I think it’s – It was like 14 separate – Yeah – Specialities – So everything from general practice, ophthalmology, anest, I’m losing my voice, all the medical specialties Anesthesiology, I could say that last time I was alive Psychiatry I think is in there as well You can get the medical software And just shoot me a note It’s sold through different channels to the professional stream of software, send me a note, and I’ll make sure, or I’ll send you a note, Tandon But if anyone else needs an introduction to one of our partners that can help them with that, just let me know Information on server-based Dragon voice recognition I guess there are two things to talk about here One is that we provide software development kits that would enable a software developer to build a server-based speech recognition environment So, if you’re a software developer, and you want to add speech recognition to your app, then we can help you do that for transcription purposes The second thing to mention is that we have partners, the two that pop to mind, are BigHand and WindScribe, who integrate the Dragon technology into their bigger workflow solution So, if you’re again, looking at a larger organization where the transcription workflow is important Perhaps you’re automating a typing pool, or something like that, these guys can help you do that, and you’ll get the quality of Dragon speech recognition at the other end So, again, we can introduce you to people who can help you with that Okay, this is one of two questions So, the first one here is, “I record interviews “in my role as a consultant, and I’d like to “have them transcribed with Dragon, any suggestions?” The second one is, “I hope Dragon would transcribe my interviews.” And I’ve added a sad face there Because Dragon does not transcribe interviews I’m sorry It works with one person at a time If you want a more efficient way of processing interviews, probably the best way to do it is to re-speak the interview So, put a set of headphones on, playback the recording of the interview, and speak it back into Dragon And that will give you a transcript straight away If you’re doing this for a living, there’s even specialist software, for example something called AudioScribe, that again has Dragon embedded in it And it provides a very efficient way for taking live proceedings of say committee proceedings and so on So, some people make their living doing that And there’s a couple in Australia doing that too Who just do nothing else but sit in meetings, parliamentary committee proceedings and so on Use the keyboard, use their speech, they wear a steno mask so that nobody can hear them speaking They look at little bit like a horse with a feedbag on They can speak very rapidly, and at the end of the meeting there’s a transcript of the proceedings available for people to look at Okay, so, let me talk about Dragon Anywhere, which we spoke about at the last event Dragon Anywhere is, as Gary was talking about before, cloud-based software It lives on your Apple phone, your Apple tablet, your Android device And allows you to do speech recognition, with the same sort of editing capabilities that you’ve got on the desktop version of the product So, it’s not yet available in Australia It is available in the UK I believe Gary, has it launched? – No, it’s not. It’s not no – When’s it coming, do you know? – It’s coming shortly We were promised it last week It’s not here yet – Okay, so what about Germany? No luck there either So, it’s available in the US So, if you’re in the US, you can actually access Dragon Anywhere I know a few people in Australia are doing that as well They’re signing up for a subscription service on the US servers The issues are, as you’d be aware, that speech recognition software has to be localized for the audience It’s not like a Microsoft Windows program that you can basically change a few ises into izes, or vice versa, and you’ve got it localized for British/Australian English from American English Speech recognition requires adaption for the local accent

So, at this point, first we don’t have an Australian accent support for Dragon Anywhere The second issue is that the servers running this process are based in the US And the latency is a little bit longer than we’d like it to be And thirdly, there are issues with data security So the sort of organizations that we think might want to use Dragon Anywhere So, for example, social workers, finance people, lawyers doing file notes, it’s important that the data is kept in the country And we need to provide a solution for that So, we’re working on that And we hope we’ll have some news on that soon Dragon, you will need, so to answer the question, Shannon, finally, you will need to have Dragon Professional Either Dragon Professional Individual, or Dragon Professional Group Same question, Joe is asking a little bit further “What’s the link, if any, between “my desktop corpus and the one online?” Do you want to have a go at that one, Gary, while I have a sip of water? – No, I think you should (laugh) No, so you can save your utterances and your documents off to Evernote, to Dropbox, so the moment you finish it on your mobile device, you can reconnect on your PC using Dragon to that Dropbox or Evernote, and you can continue there So that’s the main link between the two parts – Yeah, it’s important to understand the link isn’t with the audio So the audio stays on the mobile device, it goes to the cloud, the text comes back You can send the text wherever you want to The integration with the your desktop machine You can load up word lists on either your desktop or your mobile device And you can load up what we call auto-texts Which are a little bit like simple macros that you can do expansion on on your mobile device And those are synchronized between desktop and mobile But, that’s the extent of the synchronization at this point in time You can see a strategic direction there – Just on that note I mean it’s quite a powerful feature, the synchronization of the auto-texts and vocabularies I had an instance the other day, where I had to start on a new laptop Wanted to create a new profile I linked to my Dragon Anywhere account, and instantly having created my new profile at Dragon Anywhere pulled the new auto-text and vocabulary straight into a brand-new profile Which meant that straight away, I could use commands I’m used to and words that I’m used to Without ever having to go through the whole process of re-importing these So, it just became a no-brainer to use the product – Understood The last in this series of questions again, from Shannon, “I’m wondering if “Dragon Anywhere is going to be able “to be used with Dragon 13 or Premium.” So, we’ve answered that question “Is it possible to get more options at set-up “with regards to regional voice setting “So, South African, for example, “New Zealand settings and so on?” Again the issue here is how much localization we can get done We’d love to have support for multiple accents The best thing at the moment is probably, I hate to say this to Gary, but use the UK option Because that has a very broad sampling of accents in it, and you probably get best success there if you’re a South African, if you’ve got a South African accent, using the UK model – Exactly right I mean, I look after the South African market And I’ve traveled over there a number of times And you’re quite right, we’ve got a broad accent And we cope very well with the South African slant on that And anything that’s non-UK actually copes quite well in the UK profile modeL – Understood Moving on, a question from Jerry “Tips and tricks on getting an effective “start to using Dragon Pro “How important is a good microphone? “How far behind are free applications, “like the Android software S Voice.” Which may or may not have been written by a company we know about “The speech recognition build into Windows 10, and Apple.” Gary, do you have, let’s start with the Let me do the tips first So, I think the most important thing with getting started is to feel comfortable with basic dictation And if you can work through the introductory material, where you learn the basic commands And then spend some time to get those better down Preceding that, you need to be able to dictate of course Many people that use Dragon have a long history of dictation But, if you’ve not dictated before, learning to dictate is a skill that you learn And you just need to practice it One of the legal firms we work with they put their, they make their new lawyers learn to dictate because they think they’re much more efficient using dictation, than using two-fingered typing or even reasonably efficient typing

And they give them tasks to do every week, where they practice dictation Once you’re okay with dictation, make sure you’re comfortable with basic text entry commands and get it all going And then you should be comfortable moving forward after that If you can, get somebody to help you set up the software A couple of hours of training will help you get going very quickly indeed So, moving on, how important is a good microphone Gary, what’s your opinion on microphones? – It’s the start, the finish, the middle of using Dragon To be somewhat facetious, I mean, the name of the product, or the nature of the product is speech recognition, and if you don’t have recognizable speech, you’re not going to be able to get a good, usage model out of the product So, a microphone is highly important Preferably a USB headset with noise cancelling capabilities Many people don’t realize that a noise cancelling headset basically has two microphones One on the inside that’s listening to your voice One on the outside that’s removing all the outside noise I’ve demonstrated Dragon in a call center with 200 agents on the phone because of the capabilities of a noise cancelling headset So, the headset is, is everything to getting on well with Dragon – So, and I agree with you I would just add one caveat When you will typically receive Dragon This is changing now with the new products But, when you get Dragon, you’ll get a headset in the box You’ll often find that headset is perfectly adequate for what you need But if you need a headset with special capabilities, then there are a myriad of things you can choose from The new laptops that are coming out now, we had some input with Intel to work on the specification for the Ultrabooks that were introduced a couple of years ago And the audio environment, those of you what saw me using Dragon at the last session I was using the built in array mic in the Surface Pro 3 That works really well The microphones in the Macs work really well now And have noise cancellation built-in As long as you’re in a quiet environment, no trouble whatsoever But the headset’s noise cancelling devices will give you the best results So, how far behind are the free applications? What do you think of Android, I guess Windows 10 and Apple OSX built-in speech recognition are more relevant Gary, how do you rate them at the moment? – I would never say that they’re bad I mean they are good, introductory pieces of software to start using speech recognition software But if you’re dependent on speech recognition to do a day-to-day task, then, like anything in life, it’s best to get the professional tools Most of these things work It comes back to the old adage, doesn’t it, things are likely worth what you paid for it And if they’re free, you’re not likely to get support And I’m not saying the recognition is going to be any worse, but you’re pretty much on your own Whereas, one of the things we do pride ourselves on is that speech is what Nuance is about And, of course, to that end, we offer support on the product to any stage as well – Yeah, remember Dragon is personal to you It’s personal to what you sound like And it’s personal to what you say So, it learns all of those things Remember also that, the focus of other speech recognition systems tends to be on the US market And one of the areas, I think, that we do better, while we may not do South African specifically, I think we have better coverage across the planet for different accents as well Moving right along From Evan Parker, “Why is Dragon “Naturally Speaking the most difficult “software that I’ve ever seen to install “Such that I’ve given up, and am using an old version?” Evan, most people don’t have that experience I complete understand that some people do have the experience But, we need to refer you to support so you can get that checked out There are some things we can help with Most people don’t have that sort of experience John Highland “Why do I get better accuracy on my Dragon NaturallySpeaking instead of my Dragon Dictate?” That’s the Mac product I don’t really understand the second part there, John I think Dragon Dictate, the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but then Dragon forgot that So, I guess Dragon Dictate wasn’t treating you well I think, to some extent, there’s a couple of things here First there’s a measure of expectation The Windows product and the Mac products have different histories, they are still separate products because of the historical way that they came into being The Mac product is at this point far superior, far better for just doing text entry

rather than command and control The PC, the Windows product, is excellent at command and control, as well as text entry And has many more bells and whistles than the Mac product, so that’s the first point The second point is there are, so there’s expectations there in terms of what the product can do If we’re talking just about accuracy in terms of speech recognition For entering text The other thing to keep in mind is that the products are often on different release schedules They use the same speech recognition engine internally, but it can be the case that typically, not always, the Mac software will be a version behind the Windows software, or on occasion, vice versa At the moment, with Dragon for Mac and Dragon Professional Individual, they’ve got the same version of the speech engine inside So the accuracy from the engine itself will be the same Hope that helps From John Buck and also Mario DeCruz, it sounded like the same problem to me So, this was mentioned at the beginning “When exiting Dragon or saving user files, “I sometimes get the error message “This file already exists, is that because “you’re doing something wrong?” No, it’s not As I mentioned, there are a couple of tech notes out there that you can look at that will help you get around this But, please call support if those don’t help, so that you can get maybe a new build to download to make sure that problem is resolved So again, contact support We’ll show you how to do that at the end From David, “I can’t open Dragon “Tech says it will be a major job to remedy, “presumably Dragon needs to be removed.” Gary, what’s your reaction to that one? – Not all technical staff are created the same (laugh) There are some IT departments that their answer to everything is to rip everything out and start again I don’t necessarily concur with that thought What you probably need to do is engage with a Dragon reseller or our support team And they would probably need to talk you through that That issue I don’t believe that’s um, in that instance an IT department, are quite understanding the issue that you’re encountering So, I would encourage you to engage with our support team – Okay, thanks Gary David “I’m using Dragon Premium for dictating “translation, Japanese to English, on a PC “I started two and a half years ago “with Windows 8.1 and I’m now on Windows 10 “Ever since I started using Premium on 8.1 “and same with 10, whenever I have PDFs “on-screen and start up DNS, DNS “immediately closes the PDF “This didn’t happen before “What’s going on?” I don’t know what’s going on here Some hints would be, from my, I had more questions about this one, so I’d be saying, first of all, what’s the nature of the operating system you’re using? There’s probably at least three different ways, if you’ve got Japanese enabled on the system Maybe you don’t, but if you’re using Japanese on the system, there’s at least three different software configurations you can be using for Japanese scripting environments We don’t test English Dragon on non-English systems So there may be an issue there The other question is, how are you opening the PDFs? What application are you using to open the PDFs? Can you open the PDFs with a different application? Does it do the same thing? So those are some starting points Maybe try– – Just interject There was for a short while, a known problem with Adobe X So, again it’s one of these things, it’s something that rings a bell in my head And I don’t have the note to hand So, sorry to sound like a scratched record If you engage with our support team, they should know the tech note that’s associated to that So, if you do have this particular environment that you have the Adobe X Reader product, and this, I think there’s a known issue So engage with the support team I think there’s an answer for this – Thanks Gary One from Dan Hamlin “Why can’t Dragon save training between versions?” So, I think this is referring to the upgrading of profiles from one version to another That shouldn’t be a problem Dragon in probably 90%+ of cases will upgrade a profile without a difficulty Sometimes there are issues Often when a profile has been corrupted, or something like that In that case you may need to create a new profile to get around it Always back-up your profile before you upgrade, so that if something bad happens, you can get your profile back again Then just make sure that you call support, if you need help in that case, and they may be able to help you get through that Medical application So, a problem opening the Dragon box

within your medical application software I guess, if you’re using medical application software, we’d recommend that you use the Dragon Medical software That will give you the best results There are some issues and some restrictions, in terms of what you can do with medical software at the back end Maybe that’s the problem, I’m not sure Gary, have you got anything to add to that one? – No, I think you’ve covered that – Okay Are training files transferable from Dragon for Mac to my Dragon Professional 13 Not at this point, unfortunately As I said before, they’re two separate lineages if you like Hopefully at some point, we’ll get them so that you can actually move your training from one to another But, at this point in time, you cannot do that. Sorry When will dss files, this is the format that Olymus supports, be directly transcribable in Dragon for Mac? Don’t know at this point It’s on the request list And I know many people would like that to happen But we are aware of that It’s obviously supported in the Windows version It may appear in the future Wendy’s got an issue downloading the software, and then installing it Looks to me there, Gary, like she’s able to download the software okay, but the installer’s not launching, it sounds like to me I think probably that’s a job for support – That’s a job for support It sounds like anti-virus is coming into play, and stopping you doing your day-to-day job, as it sometimes does So, yes, please engage with support – Okay, well, that’s something you could try beforehand Disable your anti-virus and see if that makes a difference If that doesn’t help, please call support And they’ll be able to look at it for you “It won’t work with Word on desktop.” From Wendy again “I followed two sets of instruction given in help “to rectify the situation without success.” Please call support It does work with Word on the desktop, so we need to work out what’s going on there to try to help you with it “Why is the Dragon dictation box necessary “for some programs like Mozilla Thunderbird?” Now, I’m going to hand over to Gary on this one, because he’s the expert on things that live in the world of Java and so on – In essence, it’s just because every program, we do need to have sort of an interface between Dragon itself and the product So, it’s kind of where we started In the Office world, we have an add-in that is required for Dragon to communicate with Word on an easy level And it’s the same with browsers So, the common browsers, like Internet Explorer, and Chrome, and Firefox, they all have add-ins RIA add-ins, which help interface with the whole browser environment I think basically because Thunderbird is written in it’s own, sort of, proprietary way, we don’t have an add-in that will jump in there and do the grunt work if you like So, that’s basically the reason why there’s going to be problems there We always bring up the Dragon dictation box when we can’t natively talk to an environment The dictation box would come up to allow you to dictate, and then transfer into that environment – We’ve got breaking news, Gary Question from Simon, who’s asked four times, and I apologize that due to some technical glitches I’m not able to monitor the questions in real-time But, I have been handed a piece of paper “Should I upgrade from Dragon Legal “to Dragon Professional Individual 14? “I received a newsletter saying that “DPI 14 is the latest and the best.” That’s undoubtedly true And Gary, we have an Australian version of Legal so it gets complicated here – Okay – We will be upgrading Dragon Legal Australian to work with Dragon Professional Individual and Dragon Professional Group next year So, bear with us, while that happens, and please wait until then to upgrade And we’ll help you then at that point It will be the best, but you just need to wait until we make sure that it’s all working well with the latest version of the software So, I hope that’s okay, Simon – It’s probably worth pointing out that sometimes the Australian market feels that it’s left behind with some of these product features, but there is going to be an Australian Legal version of the product As you say, there is not a UK legal So you guys are ahead of us – Yes We succeed sometimes because we’re small and insignificant Okay, “I’d like to learn how to use Dragon Pro “to surf the internet on Chrome.” How can Michelle do that, Gary? What’s the best way of learning that sort of stuff? – When you create a profile in the first place, a video is shown at the end of the profile creation process, that will walk you through a bunch of the capabilities of Dragon And I believe Chrome is included in that

But, we do have tutorials on the net I forget what name the YouTube channel, but we always have tutorials up there on how to do it But in essence, it’s no different from using Dragon on Chrome as to Internet Explorer It’s exactly the same – Thank you, Gary Noel asks about the Dragon vocabulary training on Mac Every time he tries to load files, the program quits and then there’s no way to get it back So, I guess the things that occur to me is what files are you trying to load? What’s the format of those files? Are they unusual? I’m sure they’re not If it’s not working, it sounds like you’ve got a problem Call support, they’ll be able to help you with that one Noel also says, “I have three Macs “Couple of times I’ve tried to open Dragon “on one machine and forgot it was open “on the other, it destroyed the profile.” Dragon isn’t that smart, Noel It really doesn’t know what’s going on on other machines, and doesn’t punish you, so it may have been just coincidence that that happens But that’s not how the profile was destroyed, sorry Don’t know what happened there Okay, Michael, is “Concerns over “performance degrading over time.” So “the accuracy drops for short words, “sometimes abysmally, performance is worst in Mail, “second worst with Word, and best “with DragonPad and Note And the third point is that, “I’ve got problems “with my speechware mic, it’s got amplification problems.” So, maybe, I don’t know, my inclination would be to tackle that in reverse order and fix your audio first, Gary, what do you think? – Absolutely I think the first problem is probably caused by the last So, yeah, get your microphone sorted The accuracy drop, especially for short words, it’s probably worth pointing out at this point, that Dragon always benefits when you talk in half-sentences or full sentences So, try not to talk to Dragon in singular words Dragon benefits from speaking in half-sentences, full sentences, so So, it’s a convoluted answer, but as Derek says, get your microphone sorted Then, perhaps have a bit more practice with the dictation – Exactly One from Janet, it looks like she’s installed a new keyboard, probably I guess maybe a new driver for that keyboard was installed as well, so some new software was installed in your system And then something horrible happened to Dragon NaturallySpeaking So, it seems like Janet, you’ve lost the media for installation Give support a call They’ll help you get hold of a download link, so that you can actually get hold of that software, and are using it again One from Jeff Gibson “I’ve just started “How do I change double-quotes to single-quotes?” These are the commands I hope this is what you’re asking Jeff So you can say begin single-quote, open single-quote, close single-quote, end single-quote, open quote, begin quote or close quote, end quote If that’s not the question, let me know, and we’ll look at that further Also Jeff, “Can I limit the correct “function to the last use of the word? “Now, I get numbered words.” This was an innovative feature that we introduced And of course, as soon as you introduce an innovative feature, people say, I don’t like that, I’d like it to go back to the way it used to be, please And there is actually a setting you can choose in the options Slightly confusingly, it’s under commands rather than under correction, but if you turn off enable multiple text matches, that will get rid of that option for you And just select the last occurrence of the word or phrase that you mention And finally, two more “Can I change the words of a command?” No, you can’t, but chances are good that you could introduce another command with different words in it So that you could use a different way of saying the command if that’s what your after And fourth, “Why don’t the instructions, “such as they are, start with the “most frequent commands?” If you look at the tutorial, and the Quick Guide that’s available as well, I’m pretty sure those are the most frequent commands in terms of getting going with dictation, doing simple corrections Maybe I’m missing the point there – Don’t forget that at any stage with Dragon, you can also say “What can I say?”, and it’ll bring up the help, context sensitive help file to help you with some appropriate commands – Yeah, so “What can I say?” is a good way of getting across all of those commands as well Now, Chris is interested in a problem with Windows Live Mail And there’s a problem accessing information in a library there Please call support That’s, there’s obviously something going on there that needs debugging You’ve got something in the system that you shouldn’t have, or you’re missing something in the system that you need to have Here’s a good one, from Stephen Vaughn “Dragon keeps inserting the word will

“randomly into my dictation “How vindictive of it “It doesn’t matter which microphone you’re using “It doesn’t matter which position “or ambient background noise “It happens despite the updates “Any suggestions.” Well, I’m suspicious of the profile Gary What do you think? – Yeah, I mean there’s, Dragon isn’t naturally vindictive So, I would perhaps retrain your profile There’s something odd there Or sometimes, it might be environmental as well It may be that there’s a clock ticking in the background, or something odd like that, another noise that’s been added That provides a sound that Dragon’s trying to make a word out of – Yeah, so try making a new profile You don’t say what version you’ve got, oh, you’ve got the latest version So, try a new profile, see if you’ve got the same problem If you have, that’s really weird The environment may be the place to look then But, it’s not happening to most people This one, Patrick, this is a problem very specific to Excel Where Patrick tries to insert comments into a cell, and they don’t work Patrick, I replicated this on the latest version of Excel, on Windows 10 today, it’s still there I’ll look into that and get back to you on the status of that one It is a bug. I apologize for that One from Johnny “For whatever reason, I lost my full-stop “The dot’s missing when I say full-stop “It won’t reset using defaults in the vocabulary editor, “nor can I train it on the vocab editor.” Gary, what’ve you, got any ideas on that one? – It’s an odd one I think the universal answer is create a new profile Start again Something odd’s happened there – Yeah, I agree I think the profile is probably the problem there Try a new profile, see if you can get around it that way There’s obviously something corrupted there And full-stops happening as well “How do you make Dragon put a full-stop or a period “all the time instead of just often putting stop?” And, “Why does it sometimes jump “down to a different place on the page?” So, James, you don’t say if you’re using Mac or Windows This sounds to me like you may be on a Mac This occurs, and you don’t say what version you’ve got This used to occur on previous versions of Dragon Dictate, where you were dictating into text windows where Dragon didn’t have full control of the information in the window In that case, if you mixed keyboard input or mouse input with speech input, Dragon has no way of knowing what’s changed in the window And that can lead to erratic behavior of the type that you’ve described There’s a command in the Mac software called Cache Document that you should use after you’ve used the keyboard or the mouse, if you’re in those sorts of text windows And that will just get Dragon to reacquaint itself with what’s in the window so it can accurately edit the text If that’s not the case, send me a note, and I’ll look into it further for you – And sometimes it’s worth enunciating the punctuation a little more I sometimes, I find that when I get into a long dictation session, I get kind of a bit blase and I’ll say you know, blah, blah, blah, full-stop And I lose my enunciation So, just make sure that every time you do a semi-colon or full-stop, that you perhaps expand that word in that kind of manner Full stop – That’s a good catch, thanks Gary That is one that happens a lot You do get lazy saying full-up, full-stop at the end of a sentence And it can, often come out as will stop or something like that So just remember to speak it continuously, use phrases, and you should be okay Julie, had Dragon for two years, kept having to retrain it all the time It wasn’t, I guess basically that was a problem for her as a quadriplegic person Again, Julie, in that case, it shouldn’t be happening If you’re able to speak fairly consistently, Dragon should behave fairly consistently So, perhaps get some expert assistance on that one, and follow up, I’ll follow up via email and see if we can help you further One from Mi Ling, which I thought raised a more general principle So, “How do I attach an electronic signature “or picture to a document?” Now, the answer to this one is how would you do it if you weren’t using Dragon? Because there’s nothing particularly magical here about what Dragon does Except that you can have boilerplate text in voice commands if you like, in voice macros, that can put a whole lot of text in there But, if you’ve got an application where you’ve got the ability to attach things to a document or whatever, then you can basically use Dragon in the same way You can use Dragon with keyboard shortcuts to attach documents, or you can use the menu commands to choose particular items that the program would normally use, and attach them that way

Dragon doesn’t do anything magical here It allows you to exploit the capabilities of the application you’re using using your voice So think in terms of what you might do with a mouse, and then you’ll be able to automate that using Dragon And always keep in mind that Dragon allows you to send keyboard shortcuts, or keyboard commands So, you can say press enter You can say press control G You can say press function four And it will actually do that for you So, keep that in mind when you’re using applications, and that will help you automate things Damon writes, “I’ve been doing fine with “Dragon 13 as opposed to Dragon 11.” And, he’s been using Dragon really successfully He wants to know, “how I can protect my “extensive built-up vocabulary of surgical terms, “and retrieve it if I happen to lose it?” This is very important You can spend a lot of time getting your profile correct It’s nowhere near as important as it used to be Because people used to spend weeks, and months and years getting their vocabulary just the way they wanted It’s now much quicker to rebuild that from scratch But, that shouldn’t stop you from making sure that you have accurate back-ups, up-to-date back-ups, of your voice profiles You can do that in a couple of ways One is to export your profile and store it somewhere else If you go to manage profiles in Dragon, you can export the profile to a place that you want You can put it on a USB stick or another drive, and store it away safely You can also, and better, make sure that your profile is backed-up as part of your normal back-up procedure, which of course you are all doing to make sure that you’re data doesn’t disappear Using the trustworthy and reliable high-speed bandwidth of our national broadband network that we now have in place, you can easily create yourself an off-site back-up The only challenge there is that Dragon uses different places to store profiles, depending on the version that you’ve got I’ve put up the path names there, but you can easily find them in our support site Just make sure that those files are backed up, and you can recover them and get them back Anything to add on that one, Gary? – The only thing I was going to add is that you’re talking about the profile in it’s whole context, but, don’t forget, you can export the vocabulary as a separate entity itself As a word list So, what you said is completely correct Store it within the context of the profile, cause you’ve built up contextual data But as a sort of a secondary back-up, export your word list, and save that as an independent thing anyway – Fantastic Karen writes, “I do work as an editor ‘using the review tab in Word to make “comments in comment boxes for the writer “Dragon allows me to speak into the comment box, “but only picks up the first fragment “And the second fragment goes in some annoyingly “random place in the original document “Is there any easy way to fix this?” I’d try this again, using, again we don’t know what versions of Word you’re using there, which may be relevant here I tried this today, again in the latest versions, and inserting text into comments seemed to work fine for me So maybe get some help from support on that one Just to see what’s going on It may be related to the version It may be related to other software that you’ve got installed on the machine The second point, I haven’t had a look at Endnote on Windows for a while But again, if you can navigate Endnote using keyboard shortcuts, remember you can do that in Dragon And you can also set up macros, if you’ve got a Premium or above version of Dragon, that will allow you to press keys with commands, and navigate around that way Arthur writes, “I have a Phillips voice recorder “that’s compatible with Dragon, but I’ve got “problems recognizing the speech on that voice recorder “Is there something I can do to rectify this?” Arthur, Gary, would you like to have a go at that one? – It kind of depends how you’re transcribing the audio file Sometimes, you can get away with transcribing an audio file with the same profile as you use with your USB headset But Dragon also has the capability of creating a brand new profile based entirely on the audio that comes from a separate mobile device So, I would look into creating a profile that’s dedicated to that USB device Sorry, that mobile device – Yeah And Arthur, just check the basics Make sure you’ve got the high quality settings turned on on the voice recorder All those sorts of things, so you make sure you’ve got the most accurate, the highest quality audio you can get for recognition This one is also about using digital recorders And John wants to get some help with a similar sort of problem And John, we’ll send you an email with an introduction to somebody on the Gold Coast who’ll be able to help you with that So, again, getting help from people on these sorts of issues is always good

if you want to get up and going quickly Ian writes, “I have trouble “training Dragon to recognize phrases “I also find that from time to time, “I need to exit the program and restart it “to get it working again.” Second, in the question from Aaron “I have trouble training Dragon to recognize “the spellings and capitalizations of certain phrases “Even after repeated training, it sticks to the old version “Very frustrating.” And from Sam “My version of Dragon doesn’t always “seem very intuitive with grammar “It also misspells words I’ve asked it to train.” And then a question about Gmail So, let’s start with Gmail first Gary, does that ring a bell? Basically, I think what Sam is saying is that when he asks Dragon to learn from items in the sent folders in Google Mail, Google comes back and says that Nuance is not a safe site Have we ever heard of that one before? – I’ve not heard of it before But, in all honesty, it’s not a piece of the functionality that I’ve tried I’m sorry to be repetitive, but I think it’s engage with the support team – Yeah. Again, I checked that today I don’t use Gmail regularly Being part of Nuance, we tend to use Exchange and Outlook more frequently I did a Gmail demo last year, I checked it again today It’s all working fine I do remember some permission style issues last year But, I think we got around them fairly easily So again, get some help from support The other questions there are about correcting, and getting Dragon to learn from mistakes that you make And that’s using the correct command to correct Dragon when it makes an error And getting those changes to stick So, there can be a few things here First of all, there’s an option in Dragon that you tell where you tell it to update your vocabulary Just make sure that that item is checked So that Dragon is actually updating your vocabulary Now, even if you, remember that Dragon is statistical So, even if you correct something once, it doesn’t guarantee that it will be correct next time Because Dragon will be doing its best, but it may have overwhelming probabilities for some other version of what you’re saying to come out Things you can do to get around that You can again, go into the vocabulary and train a particular phrase The other things you can do is remove things that are misrecognized from the vocabulary So, if Dragon is always bringing up the wrong word, you can actually delete that word from the vocabulary And that may be a better way of ensuring recognition Gary, do you have any other tips there, to do with the vocabulary and making sure that changes stick and that Dragon learns what people say? – I guess the only thing I’d really add is that one of the stages that is often done in backgrounds now anyway is, optimization of the profile So, there’s a silent optimization that’s done on a regular basis When it’s got enough data to to learn how to do something with the profile But, there on the tools menu, you can also force an optimization So, it may be worth doing that, if you’ve trained something a bunch of times It may be worth doing the optimization process that helps Dragon kind of, for want of a better phrase, defrag your profile – Excellent Good advice And with the latest versions of Dragon, we’re also doing more to make some of that that optimization, automatic, so that you don’t have to worry about it so much Now, we’re running short of time here So, I’m going to pick up the pace a little bit, and get through the questions Even if we go through them very quickly, I hope that will get you started, and we’ll come back to it at the end And follow up after the event Two items One from Ada about difficulty of recognizing English She speaks Cantonese natively perhaps, as well as English What should she use, Australian, or we’ve got Southeast Asian What can she do to increase the recognition? You’ve got choices here You can start with the Southeast Asian version If you’re from Hong Kong, it may be that you had more of an English accent And maybe the UK choice is the best for you there Similar question from somebody with a New Zealand accent Again, when you choose the New Zealand option in Dragon for a profile, it’s actually giving you pretty much the Australian profile, it’s my understanding So, worth, if you’re not getting success from the New Zealand setting in Dragon, try the UK one Just remember though, spend a little bit of time correcting things to see if that accuracy improves And if you, I think you’re doing it ’til you’re blue in the face Roseanne, so it’s probably not working Shouting doesn’t help, unfortunately with Dragon You just get it cross, and you get cross So, try the UK profile would be my recommendation, and see if you have more success with that

– It’s probably worth saying that Dragon doesn’t ever kind of pick on particular accents As far as it’s concerned, ’cause I’m (mumbles) Because I’m English, and I’m from the South part of England, that Dragon would work well with me because my accent is in a particular way As far as Dragon is concerned, everybody has got an accent So, it doesn’t pick on people from South Africa or New Zealand, or whatever It’s just a case of sticking to the training – And you get some very strange accents that Dragon gets very well, like Glaswegian, which is interesting Okay, Peter, Peter’s got a problem with Dragon wanting to upgrade a profile every time he opens it up Peter, that’s odd, call support please “Is there online material?” So, we do make a video, we have online videos So this is material that will help you get up to speed with Dragon faster So, there’s material online I’ll show you where some of this material is as the last piece of this presentation Phil, you can go there and check it out We have trainers available locally as well “Is there any conflict between Dragon 14 and Windows Office 365 and OneDrive?” Pretty much around OneDrive, I don’t know of any Chris But I’ll check on that and get back to you “My mic keeps disconnecting “I have to pull out the dongle at the back “of the computer each time to reconnect it “Is that right?” No, it’s not right, Chris You need help on that But that sounds like it may be a hardware issue, perhaps, rather than a Dragon issue So, maybe check the basic functioning of the audio environment that you’ve got there, and then give support a call Angela tried Dragon with a Phillips recorder, and it’s been in her desk drawer for three years But it’s not working, it hasn’t worked well for her No joy downloading the software Angela, let us organize the download for you, so you can try it again We’ll be in touch on that one Juliet, has used Dragon for 20 years, and the biggest problem is her speech She has a mild speech impairment, with a bit of slurring, and it keeps changing depending on how tired I am Any idea on how to combat that? So, my suggestions there would be, try doing the audio training when you’re in, before you start a session if you think your voice has changed If may even be worth creating, you know, separate profiles for alert, tired, very tired, asleep, so that you can switch profiles and Dragon will recognize you in different states as it were I know I did that once Gary, is that reasonable advice, do you think? – I would absolutely recommend doing a couple of profiles A morning one and an afternoon one I had a joke for a while, probably not very funny That I had an after the cup one as well, so Yes, I would definitely create profiles for when your voice sounds different – The second part of Juliet’s question is about the colors of the correction dialog box and other dialogs in the system It would help people with particular issues, with eyesight issues, to be able to change the colors of those boxes We are aware of that one It is a feature request that’s in queue So, I followed up on that with somebody else about six weeks ago, and that is in the queue of feature requests Hopefully we’ll see that in a future version Rob, I didn’t understand this one, I’m sorry If you could send us some examples of what’s going on, we’ll do our best to get back to you Andrew here is got a problem with media Andrew, we’ll organize a download for you, and you can try that again Jim has a problem with Dragon performance fluctuating We didn’t address that in one of the earlier questions Dragon sort of starts, and then stops working Gary, have you got any advice on that one? – Um, no (laugh) – It’s usually a memory issues, right? – It’s always actually worked for me – Yeah, I mean it’s a problem that used to happen a lot more when people would run out of memory And basically it was things clogging down And people would restart their devices all the time So, without more information about what your environment is, it’s hard to comment – One other thought is, there is the cache If you go into the tools and options, there’s cache size issue So, it’s what you’re touching on, it’s probably memory availability I forget where it is on the options dialog, but there is a dialog there that you can change to increase the amount of cache size that Dragon will use – Please call support (laugh) Allen Yeah, sorry about that guys Allen says, “I’m in a law firm, “using Dragon 13 with Legal 11 “I don’t know if my Legal is connected.” You need to have the same version So, if you’re using Dragon illegal, Dragon illegal? Dragon Legal 11 is probably not working with Dragon 13 The second question is relating to Nuance releasing new versions And you bought it in April, and a few months later

the new version came out “Why couldn’t those purchasers buying version 13 “be forewarned that it was going to be “superseded within months.” So, I think there was a six month gap, after April before version 13 was brought in We normally have a period before the new release, where if you bought the software just before, you are entitled to a free upgrade That’s typically one month before the release of the software And then, also if you’re a registered user, we give you a special price on the upgrade Unfortunately, that’s the way the business works So we can’t just tell you six months in advance that we’re going to release the new software, with my Nuance hat on “Why is the Dragon dictation box necessary?” I think we covered that one Jane here was going along very successfully, and then suddenly she was asked for a microphone check and then nothing worked after that So, that says to me that something broke And it needs to be fixed Please, but it sounds like it may be broader than just Dragon If you’ve got problem listening to audio from webinars and things, then probably you need to be looking at your audio subsystem in closer detail Peter, you say correct a particular word and it comes out, the correction menu pops up twice and then disappears That’s an odd one Again, please call support Robert Robert has low vision and he’s finding it difficult to recognize and correct incorrect words efficiently He uses a strong screen magnifier, so only a small fraction of the screen at a time How should I best train Dragon? Not sure Got any suggestions there Gary? I think this is probably an area where specialist help is required – That’s what I would’ve said Particularly in the UK And I’ve no reason to believe the Australia would be any different We have a bunch of resellers that work well in any disabled environment, and know lots of good coping strategies So, I would engage with one of our resellers that specialize in that area – Exactly And perhaps look at, you may need some better software for handling the screen would be my initial thought The second part of your question is for your PhD you’ve got specialist terminology, how do you do that? You can point Dragon on either Windows or Mac at your documents that you’ve already written Dragon will process all those documents and then hopefully get much, much more accurate at recognizing the terminology that you’re using in those documents If you need help doing that, let me know Katherine, “This is when I use Dragon “in my computer-assisted translation software, it doesn’t “make a capital letter at the beginning of a new sentence.” This sounds like we’re not getting full control in that text window We don’t know the versions there So, you can explicitly, obviously say cap, and then the sentence following, sorry the word following that to capitalize that word If it’s consistent, if it isn’t, if you’ve got something odd going on there, again, call support “How do you train new vocabulary in Dragon for Mac?” There’s a menu item where you can do that Just check it out, and you’ll find it easily enough in Dragon version five in particular, Dragon for Mac If you can’t find that, let me know Peter is asking about Dragon for Mac He’s got a problem with the environment at the University of Queensland, my old alma mater So, Peter, I’ll be in touch and we’ll see if we can help you with that So, “Can I improve on Dragon Dictate for Mac version four?” Well, of course, Nuance would say you need version five, which is Dragon for Mac You should find that it’s much more usable And note my comments earlier about expectations on the different environments Richard writes that he selected a word and given the command cap that How do you stop Dragon capping as many words as it feels like that day? It could cap six on a bad day Any ideas on that one? (mumble) Sorry? – Create a new profile – Create a new profile perhaps The other suspic, that’s odd behavior The other thing is the word copy is I’ll send you a copy Again this sounds like practicing dictation so that you say things in a smooth flow without pausing between words too much Dragon looks for a pause before a command So, if you’re putting in too many pauses between words, that could be causing problems And I think there’s some settings you can change to set the sensitivity of that if it’s a particular problem Michelle asks how you can learn to set up macros And I think, maybe that’s a good one that we can come back to in the future If you look in YouTube though, Michelle, there’s people who show you how to set up macros And you get some idea of how to do it – Like you say, on YouTube, we’ve got a commentator on the live stream, Shannon, who keeps mentioning that we have some videos If you go onto YouTube.com and search for Nuance Dragon,

we’ve got a bunch of videos on there about macros And I think in times past, on my personal YouTube account I’ve done some videos I’m Quiggles1968 So, between Nuance Dragon and Quiggles1968, there’s some macro videos – Quiggles is one of the best YouTube channels you can go to – No it’s not – (chuckle) Nicholas has a similar kind of question So, again, look at that on YouTube If this is something of interest to many people, it may be some place where we can pick up later on So, that brings us to the end of all the questions I had as of about 2pm yesterday So, I hope that’s helped some of you And I’d really like to hear your feedback, so you can tell me what you think about how this went today Whether this was useful or not Whether it was boring going through the questions, or whether you got something out of it Love to hear back Just to conclude, I want to alert you, and make sure you know what’s online, as far as the Nuance sites are concerned If you go to any of the Nuance websites, and in Australia that’s australia.nuance.com Newzealand.nuance.com for people in New Zealand The UK it’s nuance.co.uk The generic US one is www.nuance.com There’s a support button in the top right of the screen If you go there, you can click on it, and it will take you to this page where you will see Dragon support for Windows, sorry, and Dragon Dictate for Mac These should be revised shortly Going in there, you have access to a whole series of things There’s User Guides, which have reasonably detailed documentation on what the software does There are Quick Start cards to get you up and going quickly There are cheat sheets, demo videos, workbooks to help you with training, if you need to do a little course yourself, or train someone else, that a good place to go And also, guidelines for some of our headsets As well as that, there’s a link to Ask the Dictator I ask for people who recognized Peter Mahoney last time, and a few put their hands up You can go and see Peter and all his glorious coverage of Dragon tidbit and features, and go through those and see what you can do with Dragon overall We also have a list of hardware compatibility where some headsets were actually tested online, so that you can see if they’ll work with your particular environment And some other issues on compatibility on OSX, on the Mac environment Dragon support forums, and also a feature request location So that’s all there online In addition, you’ve got the ability to search the Knowledge Base to actually find particular issues if you don’t want to talk to support So you can actually type in, for example here, I put Dragon, Windows 10, and that will bring up a list of articles in our Knowledge Base that you can read about the software So, if you want to try this on your own, if support’s closed it’s 2am in the morning, you can actually go there and look at what’s available And we’ll hopefully have a lot of information there that’s relevant to you Finally, you can call support And I recommend phoning them The numbers are on the website It’s open Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm Sydney time You can call in there and get help from a person who will help you with the issue you’ve got Sorry, 9 to 5pm. Customer service is 7am to 6pm Technical support versus customer service If it’s a technical problem, phone technical support Okay, so what’s next That brings us to the end And I hope that’s been of use to you What I will do now is go through and post responses to most of the questions we’ve talked about tonight, and perhaps a few of the ones that we haven’t been able to cover And we’ll put that on dragonology.com.au in the comments sections associated with this webcast Our goal is to have a monthly webinar in 2016 on different topics So, if you’ve got topics you’d like to see covered please send us a message and we’ll look into what we can do If you’d like to participate in a session, or even lead one, organize one, let me know This is a user group It’s not meant to be a Nuance marketing activity It’s meant to be a user group So, please get involved And come and let us know what you’d like to do So, I’d just like to thank you for tuning in this evening And I’d like to thank Gary Quigley out there in the UK, for coming in again Thank you Gary It’s been great having you online tonight, this morning your time And I hope we can do it again in the future – Not a problem – So thank you everybody Thanks again for coming along And we’ll see you next month (mellow electronic music)