i trapped welcome to my class dr. with you on friday the 30th may 2014 I’ve got two finished items finish this week but before I show you those I just a I want to talk about hooks just for a moment because this pattern i’ve been doing which is now available and i was using a seven millimeter hook and that’s what’s quoted on the pattern so I’ve just said seven millimeters I’ve not said what letter equivalent it is or whatever but and the main problem is I didn’t realize that a seven millimeter hook was so difficult to get hold over in the states and the labeling system for hooks anyway generally is crazy it’s kind of like terminology you know the terminology in the UK for writing patterns is those stitches the names of the stitches is different and the way the patterns are quite often described obviously it depends on the designer anyway but slightly different way of writing things maybe and you know but it’s this the hook sizes at the moment that seemed to be doing our heads in at the moment on openings driving Pam crazy and all of us crazies it just seems it just seems very strange so now Pam inria are swapping countries so Pam if you want to come live over here because you seem to be quite happy with the British er availability of hooks over you and I’d like to move to the states so but yes i will be bringing my hook supply with me not living behind sorry Bella anyway um yeah so when I wrote the pattern i was i was using this hook for the Miss good young maid which is my seven millimeter so the only addy is the number on the addy hooks is the millimeter size and i did a video in january describing hooks and all the different types i’ve got i’ve got some metal the usual metal gray ones and all sorts of different ones i’ve got big ones these prim big plastic ones made by prim and all sorts of hooks anyway but after after i did that video i bought this one which is an it pro soft touch one and that actually says millimeters the addy he doesn’t actually say I think doesn’t say mm after it but that number does refer to the millimeter size is on here which will people see but it does say five point five millimeters mm anyway the grip on this the knit pro soft touch I don’t in fact grip feels the same as the clover grip because I’ve not got any clovers more tulips so if anyone can tell me if you’ve got an it pro in a clay but be interesting to note that handles feel the same is it the clover where I think is slightly more shaped this is quite straight it sort of comes out slightly in and it in again the clover ones i have a feeling a bit more shape not shaped like this one but this the white part is very shiny plastic the colored bit this has got slightly more of a grip feel to it but not like that that the the soft touch feel and the grip is very grippy that makes sense it has a real grip feel grip um you know till it to the handle the the colored bit whether it’s you know that sighs whatever size you have different color for each size and the colored bit it still is it’s a lot smoother than they handle the grip on on this one so I almost prefer that the feel of the material that they’ve used on that and that still does have a grip and but it does feel more plasticky slightly and they’re certainly the shiny is very plasticky that’s very shiny but the bit you likely to want a grip death of a bit of a grip but and it does feel like they’ve used something different than the handle on that well but anyway yeah so your opinions on hand on on hooks and handles and hooks would be a very useful so and yet so that’s that i have about hoops i think the moon and yes kind of driving is crazy i was looking up charts on the internet and i just mentioned this quickly because if you look at conversion charts and comparison charts so i’ve got two websites i’m not going to mention the particular websites because i know we went person to the difference i’m just looking at my screen behind the camera there and so this one particular one we says a a G sighs hope so using the letter system OG hook is is a four point two five millimeter hook I’ve never seen a four point two five millimeter I’m sure you must be able to get hold of one if they’re quoting it well maybe not that I so cutting to this website it says G is the equivalent of four point two five millimeters but I go

to a different website look up what trees according to them aji hook is a football a four point naught will me to hook so so in my mind I think the best way anyone can ever describe hooks if you’re going to quote it in a pattern or on a website whatever is just use millimeters because a millimeter hook size is going to be an exact obviously because it’s a measurement you’re not using a letter system and because if letter systems are going to be inconsistent and there are other websites that quote other letters for other sizes and stuff and and then there is a numbering system you can have as well but if you’re quoting a millimeter size then you know that that hook size is going to be you know for instance seven millimeters is going to be seven millimeters there’s no question that it might be half a size bigger or whatever and but if a seven millimeter hook is difficult to get hold of mistakes just seems crazy and what surprised me most though about the range that addy dirt does they don’t have a six point five millimeter hook which seems to be old I don’t know why that’s not other I suppose that’s quite a big hook high space the upper end of the range is am quite big but I’d still expect to be able to get hold of a six I do have a 6.5 hook but it’s a separate boy one but I’m just a bit surprised that addy don’t do the 6.5 and a 7.5 hook but you know yeah enough about hooks is going to move on now anyway and yet on to until what I’d be working on this week so yeah a couple of things and things are on my hoodie I showed you and yeah last week I had nothing finished but and there’s goodie i finished two weeks ago so this is the same pattern exactly the same pattern but i’ve added an edge to it so i think we go um and I think this is really rather good with the white or age so the pattern is exactly the same there’s that darker one so this is james e britt and i’ll put thee I’ll put the shade number in the description box because I haven’t got have got the label two hands at the moment but if you’re interested in knowing what color this particular reason at this particular goodies make from i’ll put the i’ll put the description of the yarn in the description box if that makes sense yeah so and yeah so it’s exactly the same as a young one so this is the one I showed you two weeks ago and yeah so the only difference is I’ve got an edge around here so and for the edge for this one I use um two strands together it was a bit of the Karen simply soft white and some and fun fair I think it’s called eyelash yarn or whatever you want to call it and which type was it it was the white version of this so I haven’t got any left there wasn’t no one yeah I’ve lost it how here we go wait it’s a white version of this funky fur so I do have about three different brands of eyelash yarn so I had some of this but this brand smc brasília there’s a slightly more cottony cotton feel to it slightly whereas this one has a slightly more silky field and so it was this brand I used but in the white for the age so I had a strand of the Karen simply soft to end a strander thee at the eyelash on together I went round to the whole age in single crochet so I did like a single crochet and then a chain and single crochet Randall wit nor way around the edge and then I went round again just in the eyelash yarn so the eyelash work yawns gone round twice and yep thing and but yeah just trying to join the hood normally like like the other one but so I thought that was rather greedy I think you know this there this said she wouldn’t have gone very well on the other on the dark one but on the blue I think he’s rather rather nice and steady so yeah don’t it doesn’t like them so I’ve got a friend on Facebook and then you have from somewhere else but on facebook she sent me a message and center she would like me to make her one of these so probably chat about their and so I shall be making another one and

this one is going on display at an auction it’s like an art show and auction thing so if I’m with you I’m lucky somebody might pay quite a bit for it but I don’t know I kind of at a quandary how much I should be charging for something like this if it’s obviously going to be a lot more expensive than just a hat there’s so much more stuff in this one actually put a bit more yarn in this one compared to the the darker one the scarf bit is like two stitches wider and the young left over from the hood I actually added to the Scalf so i did use three full balls of the gem see Brett on this one and yeah because I just added the leftover from the hood to the length of the scarf so this does actually have three balls in it and it comes almost done to my uncle’s almost and yeah not quite but so nothing that comes down rather nicely hangs nicely the back knee sure thing that looks rather good and yeah very pleased with that so I’m wondering whether I ought to sort of like make some to sell sell through etsy or something I’m kind of worried about the the cost of postage there because this is relatively heavy if it’s the equivalent of three lots of the gen see Brett and that 200 grams each so that we 600 grams plus any other tiny bit of the white stuff as well sending that to the states might be quite expensive so um yeah um yeah there’s an event in July in Minnesota that I’m going to where they have an art show and this is a science fiction convention and if any of you’ve been to any of those sort of things they do all sorts of kind of extras which have a kind of science fiction theme obviously because people to go and display their stuff their fans science fiction fans anyway but quite often stuff there that’s not really anything connected them you know you don’t have to display and show things and make things that are strictly science fiction they don’t have to be all about Doctor Who or Star Trek or whatever and there’s lots of things people just they’re a really nice jewelry your paintings drawings and more 3d things hats all sorts of stuff knitted crochet stuff all sorts of stuff and so I should be displaying some things that’s a little bit great fun and yeah so in fact if you want any details about this event and then let me know in Allah and send me a message on facebook or ravelry or somewhere isolate yet anyway so yeah the other item I know you forgot yeah how can I forget this other things I hope you’ve got your sunglasses on because this other ones a bit bright some of you may have seen this already on facebook so this is basically the same pattern in fact I did show you the beginnings of it last week so we’ll be got quite way through it actually last week let’s put this on as well so I shall try not to make Cheryl dizzy I understand Danny Lee made you a nearly hypnotized you last week so this is pretty much essentially the same pattern I had to fiddle slightly at the back because the way the colors worked I couldn’t go backwards and forwards when you get when you finish the crown section that you then go backwards and forwards but I had to do some a bit different because of the colors on this but essentially it’s the same pattern so um the stripes on the scarf bit we’re driving me crazy and it’s so if you’re used to Karen simply soft you know it’s um you have to be really careful with your ends and I was I decided I can’t be bothered to say the mauling throw a lot of ends on the only stripes so I thought miss various things I could do I could I could make sure they’re knotted correctly but the knots come undone and the knots don’t stay in place or the camera simply start welding with this I don’t know if it’s me what are your experiences I’d love to know and i have seen comments before that people don’t like working with it because it is quite smooth and slippery and and i did those sort of square knots you know how you sort of tie it and then you tie it again but the other way so you get like a square knot or books not is it called sometimes and then that is normally pretty good with it with almost anything but this this stuff doesn’t always stay in place it worked pretty much worked pretty pretty well and but what I decided to do was use some fabric glue so if you remember maybe sometime last year I did one of my haul videos and one of my videos I showed some glue headboard some fabric glue with all some discussions going on I think it was Sarah in Germany was talking about gluing something because she didn’t want to show up something I can’t remove what it was and she was looking into getting something to secure as fabric glue or something like that and I just remember

some discussions about some stuff so you can’t see what we’re done with I don’t think he’s lying around here I’ve got some fabric glue wish I showed in the in the video so I literally went along the edge all the way around the whole thing I didn’t have to on the hood because I actually I change color in a different way on the hood and that was nothing like the same problem and but on the scarf I I did these kind of books knots all the way all the way along both sides both sides have both been so the scarf and did these nuts and then put a blob of glue which I kind of smooth pushed into the each not all the way around and and then as you can see you can still see bits I possibly cut the cut the bits a bit short but I did some really chunky black edging and the fabric glue is just like I think it was Bostick was the brand I think that I’ve used so and it dries just like that school glue and it just drives rubber even if it gets new fingers it’s no problem you just rub it off you know how it dries kind of rubbery and it’s actually great stuff and it seems to work fine but because I’ve got these sort of gloves globules mm-hmm Oh kind of glue stuck to the side of it I thought I need to do something really chunky and them and cover up these kind of rather ugly messy bits along the sides so this is a black Karen simply soft and three strands over this so this has got four strands work together around the edge so three strands of that and one of them Karen simply soft together so it’s really chunky thick going around the edge it’s made a sort of quite wobbly through age because just because it’s I could have missed mr stitch going across but this made quite a nice and early age but as you can see I do have some little bits coming through and I thought well I said okay I thought if if that ends up being a bit of a feature then that’s fine and so I’m going to have to not worry about the fattest bits so just that’s actually going to have to just be a feature of the whole thing that it’s got bits sticking through the black and I think if there are only two bits two or three bits sticking through you’d be a problem but as you can see they’re pretty much the whole thing’s got bits of bits of color sticking through but the main objective really was to cover up the and globby glue kind of thing although i worked in quite nicely but and it’s paul more of a mess without the black on and ice cream it quite an isagenix pays but I’m what I might do with this this have it more of a display kind of thing i’m not sure if i’ll sell it unless somebody really wanted to buy it i actually connected the connected the hood with this as well because obviously there’s not one color i could really have done it in and because my song is not not neat so there’s no way i could have got a neutral color and hidden the stitches down to sew up the hood so but actually appreciate the back end a bit more detail I’ve lined up the colors by the way service sort of think that there should be lined up pretty well anyway the yeah see if I can hypnotize Cheryl having you know what Ronald to try not to me anyway but um yeah the colors had to be done the hood had to be done slightly differently he’s pretty much following the pattern but there’s some point I just had to in the other ones when you get when you finish the crown you then just go backwards and forwards like that put on this you can’t really do that you just have to go over and start back here and go over I am sort of that way I think that’s how i did it in here um yeah anyway so so that’s that and surprisingly didn’t take very long to do things and these goodies but with a seven millimeter hook I suppose it shouldn’t shouldn’t really take too long today um actually this one I think I might have used a smaller hook I might have done that in a six millimeter hook I think which may be of interest to Pam because I know you’ve tried doing a swatch in a smaller hook size and I did measure my original again because when I was writing the pattern for it and obviously part of a proper pattern will give you some numbers and stitches per number of stitches per four inches or whatever so when you were doing your swatch and you did that video yesterday and you were doing you showed up your little sample of your your swatch that you’d started doing

and you said that your your stitch count was seem to be different you done i think was it 65 millimeters you’ve tried so and i did measure again and yes it is front post and back post stitches in this watch I’ve corrected the pattern i’ll put that milk i’ll let upload the pattern again since it says in this watch now hey that this what should be done in front post and all back post stitches was all words to that effect so yeah I didn’t measure this again and it seems to be correct so but I’m quite a tight crochet ER so and that possibly might make a difference i suppose but this is quite a loose garment anyway and really the you can make the scarf wait whatever with you like cream and the hood it’s not a it’s not like a hat where it has to perhaps fit better this is supposed to be a baggy sort of hood so and strangely enough though until it’s kind of attached to the scarf it’s difficult to know exactly how baggy it’s kind of feeling so when yes it’s kind of a bit difficult but you can see this quite loose and so I don’t know me trying it on helps you decide whether a six and a half would be good or not um yeah but yeah I did the idea to measure again with the ruler tape measure I’m here and it seems to be Crips so anyway i think i have finished rambling for today and i got so much yarn i’m very tempted to buy some more of that gem see Brett in the blue shade and I must remember to put the shade in the description in the description box but I’m very tempted device more than by got so much yarn of all sorts in the in the cabin I got plenty to work on something and I got all that red hard as well to make my blanket with which keeps being put on hold because of these strange ideas I have for more patterns and yeah okay so I think that’s about it from that for now and I shall get this uploaded and think about doing some more videos I’ve got the other types of videos I must get done as well fairly soon so anyway oh I shall say bye for now and i’ll put links to other cast or crew members in the description box and i shall see you all again see hyphen you