what up guys this is showing a ka hai role in 1969 coming at you today from high roller customs on a little video tutorial that I like to do every once in a while for you guys because I am a car guy and today I’m going to be showing you guys how to do a brake job on it and the thing I want you guys to take notice to is that this brake job is like pretty much like a setup that most vehicles have so this is nothing that’s going to be like you know form to everybody else in the world but the suspension system and a braking system is pretty much common on a lot of other vehicles pretty much the suspension to me looks just like a Dodge Neon suspension other than just affect it’s a little bit bigger honda civic same setup you know mcpherson strut setup teach you guys how to do this real quick whether if you’re a first timer or whether you’re do it yourselfer or you want to just save a couple dollars on your own maybe this video will help you guys out so i’m just going to take you guys right into it show you guys the tools that you need different ways you could do this and why your mechanics charts you so much yeah all right let’s show you the tools first this right here is pretty much just like some of the basic tools and advanced tools there’s going to be like two different ways that we could do this here i’m going to show you guys i want to show you all of them this right here like an advanced kit you know made by Mac oh um it’s I call it a whirlybird break compressor this is mainly meant for the back side of breaks but you can use them on the front calipers as well but not everybody’s going to have one of these not everybody’s going to spend three hundred dollars on this either so we’re going to move to more of a basic tool if you’re going to be doing brakes and you plan on long-term doing your brakes I suggest you get yourself one of these at afraid caliper core processor you know pretty much you squeeze it and then it pushes that forward and it’s going to compress the caliper on the piston if you don’t know what I’m talking about right now it’s okay please hang in here for the rest of the video you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about ah and we have our favorite tool pry bar or a very very very strong screwdriver if you have one instead of a pry bar basic c-clamp RC clamp this one here is just like a basic three-inch c-clamp and of course your you know little socket set nothing too crazy you don’t need you know to spend mad money and go up by the best of the best of everything so let’s take you to the vehicle and get you started here okay so here’s our vehicle here and one thing that I that I want to do before you even get into is I want to do a little bit o of a visual inspection it’s just nice just what the cost for know what’s going on and you know yourself as well so I’m gonna check for tie rod and play and I’m gonna check for ball joint play okay you guys hear that you could see it you see it moving chef thumping ok now that thumping right now is coming from the bald right on the bottom of the vehicle here now if it was Wiggily from side to side then it would show right here on the tie rod end this tie renan right here’s will greasy grungy dirty crappy stuff so I’m just gonna get the crebbil fight in high school up there oh no why I’m gonna grease that up for her before a you know good before I button this whole thing up her so if this right here had to play in it and that would be your indication that you need to change your outer tie rod ok in which case there is no play in it looks pretty solid it feels pretty solid oh maybe we have a little bit here no ok let’s go to if you if you notice that let’s say that your eye your outer tie rod end is moving but it’s not moving here at this joint then the other possibility could be an inner tie rod which would be located down inside of this boot over here but the tie rod seemed to be pretty sturdy pretty strong I’m just going to repack this right here with grease well one thing I do notice that is that the boot itself is ripped I

just mentioned that to to my friend here so but the experience the experience of the moving is definitely coming from this lower ball joint here get you guys in there to see a UH right here is the lower ball joint okay right there see if we get you a little bit better view okay there we go see right here is lower ball joint there you see that movement right there okay you see that movement right between this one here is called your your suspension arm right over here would be the bottom part of your spindle and right in between here’s your ball joint so your spindle on this vehicle right here is moving back and forth but the a arm itself has not try to keep doing that a little bit better and you can see that play there see that another way to check it is to get in here with a pry bar be careful not to rip your boot sometimes it’s a good way to check it hey well that’s okay we know that it’s bad I could see that movement so that’s a lower ball joint and we will also you know greased up this front end well at least the the tire out here will make sure that that stays are properly lubricated for the customer okay so move it on here ah this is your brake caliper as you can see right here this is your brake caliper piston next piece in from that this is your brake pad as you can see there is nothing left on there followed by your rotor and then followed by another brake pad so i’m going to show you guys i’m going to show you guys the tricks here you’re gonna love it okay first thing i want to do is I want to get the wheel point it out that’s interesting sound I have to address that so anyways here we are now sorry about that there you go boys and girls first thing we’re going to do is we are going to remove this caliper there are two bolts that are holding the caliper and place one right here and then there is one right up here now what’s holding the caliper to the vehicle is called the caliper bracket which is very here so we’re going to remove that bolt as well and this bolt right there as well no like I said this is pretty much the same on i just bought all vehicles so I i turn the wheel that way I can have all this extra room in here for my camera and my my tool as well so bring it back out here so you can see maybe a little butter with so going on here get our light set up for you guys my little studio for right now okay you’re going to remove that top bolt I’m going to remove that bottom bolt now these right here these are here called sliders you want to make sure that these are free you want to make sure that they slide easy reason why that they are so important they really really are important if your sliders are bed then you’re going to have uneven break where which is going to distort your rotor you’re going to have an even

break pressure it’s going to be a mess so make sure that these are nicely lubricated make sure that they move freely in vehicles the 2009 they feel great doesn’t have a whole heap of miles on it so I’m I’m just gonna leave these way that they are and i’ll need for repacking them they’ve got a great seal so now we’re gonna go little ghetto and the reason why we’re gonna go get up is because i just want to show you guys like just a few simple hand tools it’s not scary to do this job take out those two bolts first obviously your next step is going to be to free up this brake caliper okay and you’re going to want to compress this piston here I’m sorry about that yeah we’re going to want to compress this piston here and that’s going to reset it and the whole reason why you reset it is because you’re going to be able to make room for the new why the new brake pads so I’m going to go get oh and i’m going to show you guys how to do this well at the expense of tools okay just got to get something to bite on first oh yeah before you do it like this make sure that you’re gonna be replacing your rotors because sometimes you can ship the rotors and that will lead to like a an unbalanced rotor what a bit of play here okay now I pulled the caliper out a little bit freed it up a little now I’m get in the pry bar in right between the brake pad itself and the caliper not the rotor okay and I’m going to push this and you can see this say here is already compressing on the inside here okay that’s what you want don’t worry about that crunching noise live upstate New York so we have rust that is ok now at this point you can see you can really see how big that that piston is here so what we’re going to do I’m going to show you a couple i’m going to show you three different ways one way is this are here was still on the vehicle okay you can’t actually compress the whole entire caliper with just your pry bar sometimes we have to throw one bolt in place just that one or two of them just to hold them in there make it a little bit easier okay bring it to this side there okay now i’m not going to do the whole thing though it’s very very easy to i’m not going to do the whole thing right now because i want to show you guys the other ways now when you have a caliper in your hand don’t just let it fall drop down to the floor because you can pinch off your brake line and you can actually have a collapse brake line it may look completely straight completely beautiful and perfect your brake line but if you drop this down and you don’t care about it and staying on there or whatever that can lead to a collapse brake line so here we have our our caliper oh it’s actually resting right real nice right there it’s good balance the other way that we could do it is if the pry bar method doesn’t work for you you can take an old brake pad from your vehicle okay just set there in place take your seat clamp okay looks like I’m going to need a bigger seat clamp okay you’re right back okay when I discovered here is that I didn’t need a bigger sequin up instead what we’re doing is we’re going to go through the back side of the caliper here okay you guys could see that caliper there you go okay we’re going to take our c-clip RC clamp with our old brake pad and there is nothing left to that she was definitely metal on metal so we’re going to slip that to protect

that piston don’t wanna you do not absolutely do not want damage to that we’re going to set this over the top of this here we go just like so and then we are going to clamp it ok now what that’s doing is yet again it pushing in this piston you want to reset your cowl / got to make room for your new brake pads ok now I’m going to show you the other way here I got this in there pretty far i’m going to show you the other way over here to do this going to leave don’t forget your old brake pad inside there just to walk you protected i show you how this awesome tool work this is like Tim mechanic’s dream we are all very excited that this tool exists just trying to set my light here for you guys you can see I good enough ok we’re going to take this tool here our compressor compression tool we stick it in here ok ok let me show you what we’re that’s going to do here I’m going to do this quick for you ok then use two hands sometimes it takes a little bit of time because you got to let that fluid or go all the way back up into the brake reservoir sweet there we go that’s fully compressed now we’re going to take this and we are going to carefully set it outside there so let’s chillin I sit comfortably take you guys back in the back side here okay you see this old head right here Wow yeah there’s nothing look at that guys there’s nothing there all right we’re going to want to make sure that these are real cleaned the grooves sure that there’s no rush to them we’re going to remove the back two bolts here yeah topic 2 sizes up yeah okay take those two bolts out don’t like just take your balls out and like throw them in the dirt please t responsible like respectable of them okay and this here is our rotor okay we’re gonna probably going to have to beat the crap out of this to get this thing out of here just not going to be the best thing for that ball joint give it a couple light taps she’ll come right off for you now i’m gonna show you

the next step alright so here we have our our wheel baron just check for x we’ll play yeah that decent ok now show this rust in here that’s what had that bond that’s why that rotor just now you had to use a hammer to get it off a lot of times rotors they just kind of fall off soon as you want to doing i usually like as soon as you take the tire off they just kind of flop around but um you know some vehicles there you know they have an attention to are an attempt to bond the wheel bearing to thee to the backside of the rotor so to correct this problem if you plan on doing your brake job again yourself in the future or you just want to be considerate person to the next mechanic take a little bit of grease or what I’m using here is anti seize and I’m just going to put that onto the little wheel bearing here get it give it a good covering that way if I ever have to come back in here which more than likely after I i know this customer she’s good girl she knows how to take care of her vehicle pretty well um well she has me take care of it but more than likely i’m going to be back in this vehicle again to be to do that bad lower ball joint so I want to be considerate to myself so that I don’t have to go smashing up a brand new set of rotors to to get to the ball joint so that’s why I’m painting this side anti-seize up on here okay i’m also going to put a DAB on on the lugs here as well how the stud sorry no hey guys need to be politically correct gotta be politically correct when the clothes the freaking car is too yeah anyways okay so you take your brand new rotor make sure to wipe down the insides with some sort of degreaser or I i like to use lacquer thinner or brake cleaner but you could just honestly if you’re not really worried about it just throw it on whatever but I I clean them before you put them on because I when you get them in the package I have a plastic package around and I package contains oil so that these rotors don’t Ross I mean who the hell wants to spend forty dollars fifty dollars or whatever it costs on a brand new set of rotors to have them arrested that’s not cool now I’m going to take a little bit of grease you get them like at the at the store in those like little tiny packets you know the like fifty cents or whatever alright we’re going to take a little bit of grease and we’re going to stick it right where the break is are gonna be riding in because you brake pads move believe it or not your brake pads are going to move back and forth with compression of your brake pedal you want to always make sure that your brake pads are sitting on a little metal tab sometimes you get a brand-new sometimes you know if they’re decent you could just keep on reusing them they’re fine but you want to make sure that you have something in there you need need to have a metal shim between the cast and of your brake caliper bracket and your brake pad so a little bit of grease just to keep them nicely lubricated or whatever okay now we’re going to take this we’re going to install this back into position and just in case I’ll bring this back here for you guys to see

this now I don’t want to use anti-seize on these bolts I feel that if you lubricate a bolt that has something to do with your safety you have a chance of it ever loosen up due to vibration don’t even bother taking that chance just put it back together you know is happening please okay make sure you got the right there for you guys see I put my gloves on so i keep my pretty hands nice and soft and clean for the ladies and before you take a caliper yeah we have to jump into conclusions here and i let me explain this real quick these are you brake pads okay this right here is known as a squeaker okay a squeaker is a safety precaution when you start hearing your brakes like really squeak it means that you don’t have any break okay so now we’re going to put our brake pads on right here is called a squeaker okay you want to make sure that squeaker is willie’s at the top so we’re going to want to install that right let’s sit right into that channel nice way I’m just going to fall in together like a little puzzle perfect look at that no movement and play up and down we do the same thing for the outside here just going to take it oh yeah there’s another thing i want to say if you can’t get your brake pad in sorry i had dust on there if you cannot get your brake pad in you know the first time really fast perfectly don’t worry about it all right it’s gonna take you a second it’s normal it’s fine you may have to sit it in an angle like this see that to get it to fall into place okay next thing comes the caliper itself like I said make sure your make sure your slides slide back and forth these William freely take our caliper make sure that your brake line is straight and that there’s no kinks and all that other jazzy jaz ok so nice that one on real simple push your your slide in the calpro fall into place hey you don’t need the crank crazy hard on these you know i’m using like this big ass snap on air gun okay because they’re just a little tiny bolt so sorry okay if you have aluminum Leo’s this is this is so important got the wheel on you can see I don’t have the lug nuts taiking yet guys use a torque wrench seriously look it up what your manufacturing specs are for your lug nuts in this case for this vehicle it is

90 pounds 90 foot pounds of torque okay here you can see this is going to be so hard to get an auto focus on but um there we go I had to set to 90 foot pounds of torque it’s just really difficult to try to get a camera to zoom in on this year maybe it will yeah anyways oh there we go okay so as you can see we have we do have it set to 90 foot pounds of torque because that’s what this year here is required so put the save a little bit of time just buzz am on the wall back take it for brunch make sure you have it set right to manufacturing specs if you are unaware what your manufacturing specs are seriously google it google has the answer for you you don’t need a manual for this and also when you’re doing bug nuts go on go start on one doesn’t matter which one you want to start on and then bounced around from one to the other directly across from it okay so like this one I’m going to go one two three four five in that sequence and then afterwards just the double check everything I’ll go one two three four five all the way around that’s just something I like to do I go to quick okay beautiful there we go now the next thing that you want to do the next thing that is a must is that you’ve got to pump your brakes pump much so that they up like a rock hard i’m talking like dick hard that’s what you need to do jump in your vehicle before you even think about moving it don’t even start it yet pump your brake pad our pump your brake pedal until it gets nice and hard when you do that that resets everything that puts your break page into position that it needs it compresses the brake piston inside the caliper and pretty much that’s all that there is to it so I know that this has been like a pretty long video because I’m just showing you guys like a how-to but I’m gonna go do the other side I’m gonna do it at my speed yeah like the mechanic speed so you guys will want to watch this because you need to have confidence in doing this stuff I have confidence a lot of the other wrench Turner’s around here in the world they all have confidence too so i’m going to show you true speed no talking no explain a whole heap of stuff i’m just going to go for it so let’s go to the other side ok here we go real-time girls meet you guys time is money

cleaning the rotor work

haha here it is couldn’t find that a second bolt great eye socket okay one thing I want to check what else is wrong with it yeah she’s got that play there I Hewitt from left to right I don’t feel it up and down she needs an outer tie rod on this side you feel it

okay hey now like I said before you even start the vehicle itself into the vehicle compress the brake pedal slowly right down to the floor okay if you don’t do this before you start your vehicle when you start moving it and I can have brakes for a while that could be very dangerous okay and it feels good now we’re going to take the car for a test drive and I’m gonna make sure everything everything work to ensure that the car stops how well it stops and you know obviously feel for any vibrations or anything like that so we could check the wheel bearings while we’re taking the car for a ride so let me up up the shop door get my coat on I’m gonna go for a ride okay here we are now in the customers vehicle and one thing I notice is I could definitely feel the bad ball joint on the driver side and when I go over bumps like it definitely feel it on the passenger side so I’m just going to take this thing down the road on some smoothness she needs back brake she needs back rotors I can feel it what they feel good they feel really nice car stops really really well okay so we’re just gonna go for a quick tour down this road here little side street there’s nothing here I mean there’s nobody you know I’m gonna put the get go in reverse and I’m gonna see she does backlinks little break check backwards beautiful feels good I don’t feel any pulling or anything so I this brake job has been pretty successful I like it the car feels really smooth up until you hit a bump once you hit a bump and that’s when you start experiencing the ball joint and tie rod end on the other side there so I’m going to go down this road over here and as soon as I went to hit pause on the camera for your socket and I’ll let you know when we’re on the dirt road because this dirt road is pretty bumpy then yeah I could feel everything on that road so I’m gonna put you guys on pause for a second okay so oh sorry that’s worried get on a focus there we go ok so here we are on this dirt road here when I’m listening for our squeaks and bumps bangs things like that yup there goes I just heard it squeaking that you hear right how is she she has something that she has something in the back of this vehicle and squeaking sounds like styrofoam or something I don’t know I don’t go through people’s vehicles but on this de Road I could definitely feel it in my steering um I don’t feel any inner tie rod play really I feel only the outer tie rod play especially but she definitely definitely doesn’t the ball joint so anyways i’m just going to conclude this video right now I mean I did good and I really really hope that these videos help somebody out here you know let me just get up here over for a second so that way i can look at you guys and talk to the camera correctly I’ll kind of creepy that’s kind of cool I like this little blue blue light that this thing has all right so anyways like I was saying I want to thank you guys for watching my videos

and subscribing to them please leave any comments at the bottom questions comments complaints rants whatever compliments are always a plus everybody likes to hear compliments if this has helped you guys out in any way or if you guys have any questions leave it at the bottom I respond real quick to my people on YouTube also as well check me out on Twitter and Facebook I put the links at the bottom I’m hi role in 1969 and you can also find me on instagram as well under that link tell your friends share the video if it helps you out and guys don’t be afraid get the confidence just just do a man keep turning wrenches so all right I am Sean I am out much peace and love thank you for watching