back but I think would be something little different today I think I’m gonna do something about knitting I picked up some like ginormous yarn like this huge thing gets called grande which is large umm yarn from the craft store and I thought this would be great to like show people how to knit with because it is so big so you could see everything so I thought maybe I would do a little um little series of videos about knitting because I know a lot of people want to learn but they don’t really know how to start or like um where to look up for tutorials and things like that there are a lot of tutorials online already on youtube you can find just about anything um but yeah I’m going to teach you all the basic stuff that I didn’t know when I first started knitting that I wish I knew um stuff that they didn’t talk about in tutorials I had to figure out on my own and so that’ll all be in this video so if you already know how to knit this will probably be really pointless for you to watch um but if you don’t have a net and you want to know just like the basics of knitting I will totally show you that in this video so when I first started to UM knit I just started to like collect a lot of different yarns and like things that I thought were pretty so I just grabbed a bunch of stuff and I didn’t really know like what needles do use your like what pattern I could use or like how much yarn I would need to like make something that I want to make so um a lot of people they’ll do it the opposite where they where they like find a pattern online and then they find yarn based on the pattern and help what the pattern tells you to get so if you want to do it that way that’s a good way to do it um the only thing with that is that when your very first starting you pretty much want the most simple project ever you could do like a scarf or like a hat that is knit flat and then like seamed up the back or something like that but you don’t want to like start with something that’s like really intricate because if knitting is kind of difficult and you start with something like I tried to when I first learned to crochet make a stuffed animal which is way too hard for somebody who doesn’t know how to crochet so you want to start of something really really easy I my first thing that I ever needed was a scarf and my best friend taught me how to do that so but we just started with like straight just knitting just the net stitch nothing fancy and I made like I think three scarfs in that exact same stitch I didn’t ever learn how to purl um until you defused like later I think maybe a year later I learned how to curl so um so yeah I’m just going to teach you basically all those little like super easy things today okay we need to know stuff about what kind of yarn you have it’ll be here displayed and like the first time I saw this little area I didn’t know any of the stuff meant um so the type of yarn you’re getting like is right here and it says six super bulky um and then it’ll tell you in the next box like what kind of needles you’re going to use this is for knitting this is for crochet in the next box there so for this one it says 15 millimeter or 19 us on so I got these ones which are as you can see here they’re us 19 in there 15 millimeter so the sizing can be a little like okay usually I don’t use plastic and anneal but because they are so huge there’s only one type of knitting you boy that’s yarn it’s like the biggest year one I’ve ever seen I that’s I think why I was so enticed by I think I make myself a really chunky scarf like I don’t have enough scarfs already but I always like to make a good good scarf for myself every year so yeah all that information will be right there so if you have a pattern and it says that you need a worsted weight yarn it’ll be right there if it’s worsted there’s a lot of different names they don’t think about knitting is that it’ll say worsted and but that doesn’t always like there’s different names for the same things so you’re just gonna look here and then sometimes you’ll get like have to google it and like what does six mean or what does super bulky mean or you know anything but you’ll figure it out I have faith in you Constance I am making like a super basic kind of scarf and I have lots of yarn I’m gonna make it a mug board or form collar um I’m not really going to use a pattern cuz I think I’m just going to do the knit stitch because it looks kind of nice it’s like bumpy and it’s got some texture on it so it’ll be even know what they call that because I know that if you do it all knit stitch on once yeah I don’t know but that’s I’m gonna do I’m gonna do that so I’m not going to use pattern about I’m just going to kind of like guess how to do stuff and yeah it usually works out pretty well so I don’t know what color to start with I’m going to start with the flan you can take this out and roll it into a ball if that is easier for you sometimes that does make it a little bit easier so isn’t getting its tangled I don’t always do that with my yarn I just usually kind of leave it like this unless I am traveling a lot with it and then rolling middle ball is more compact um so let me show you how to cast on the first thing you’re going to want to do to cast on is you’re going to want to take your needle

in your right hand now if you are left-handed you probably want to do this the opposite so take it in your dominant hand um you need to leave a tail when you’re knitting like when you first start out you need another tail because this is all going to get knit up in when you make the scarf so I always kind of guess and usually I guess wrong and then I have to tear it out and restart but it’s okay because we’re just casting on and sometimes you got to do things more lonesome knitting it’s just the way she goes so I didn’t even show you that so to make a slipknot I always put it around my two fingers wrap it this way and then you’re going to pull a loop through like that and that is a slipknot and it should you know slip around I’ll show you that one more time because that was probably not a good demonstration so around the fingers like that and then I pull a loop through so you’re basically pulling a loop through the other loop should it look like that then you just pull it tight and then you want to pull it on to your your chain nose hole this thing is so bad I’ve never net with anything that’s large and in charge before it’s quite it’s quite fascinating to cast on you’re going to put your fingers in between like this in the yarn and you’re going to want to grab these two strands so like that so your hand is like this you got those and you want to keep that tension there and then to cast on you’re going to want to go under the thumb and then this way and I’m going to show you that obviously more than once because you know so you want to go under and that this is going to be a ginormous scarf I already know it so we’ll do that again under over pull it somewhat tight you don’t want it super tight so if it’s super tight won’t be able to get your other needle in there too um knit more stitches so you want to make sure that it just moves easily that looks really awkward and so yeah under the thumb over the top of this one and then you got a stitch over there and over hold tight so it should look like this on the back maybe I should take a shot with me like doing it just with my hands I’ll do that for you guys look at those it’s just my hands so magical so under over through so let me show you that from the top so you go under so typically your pattern will tell you how many stitches to cast on and so you just count how many stitches out and since I’m not using a pattern on kind of playing this by ear I’m going to kind of probably going to go to about here because it will get bigger as you knit more it’ll like look longer once it’s off the needle and it has more other stitches attached to it so I think I don’t want it to be too wide because I’ve made that mistake before when I’m kind of winging things making it far too wide I would maybe try to look up a really simple pattern from like a lot of the brands that make yarn they will have free patterns available on their websites like red heart and like Lion Brand yarn all those kind of brands that like sell in most craft stores they will have very very simple patterns for you online I really like this giant yarn it’s very very interesting feeling so we’re getting close to the tail here if you can see so it is good that I left quite a bit because that is concerning to me I might have to start over if I don’t feel like it’s enough stitches here but yeah like I said that happens to me quite a bit because I don’t often use patterns for things like this and so I never know how much of a tail to leave because sometimes in patterns you know they’ll

tell you stuff like that but you know when you’re winging it like I said before sometimes when you wing it you get you get yourself in trouble so there are all your casted on stitches and I think that that is going to be maybe I’ll do let me see how many 20 22 maybe I’ll do I can’t decide if I should do more I think that’s good I think I’m going to leave it there at 22 this yarn is so ginormous that you know you don’t really need a ton of stitches to make it so now that we have all your stitches cast on and you’ve got your little tail here you wanna make sure it’s short because I’ve made the mistake of like knitting with this tail for a little while and not realize and then you have to pull all of that out which is not very fun really so you’re going to take this needle with your stitches on it and your left hand and then you’re going to take your other needle it has no stitches on it in your right hand and what you’re going to do to do your first stitch so I’m just going to show you how to do like a basic knit stitch and this is what I said I did for a whole year before I learned anything else and see how it’d be easy to grab this and start knitting with it you do not want to do that you want to keep that tight I always kind of grab it between my fingers just so it doesn’t get loose and then you want to go in between and like that pull it up and that is your first stitch so that was that was pretty easy let’s do it again under around and back down through off under around the needle you know I should have done the pink because it’s this is like kind of the same color as the needle and I feel like it kind of blends in kind of funny and we’ll make it work so go under the loop around and pull it off and it’ll kind of look like this except for if you’re using small yarn of course it will not look like this because this is huge so you want to go under around down and through so you pretty much just do that same thing forever until you have a scarf so it gets really quite easy after you’ve been doing it over and over and over and over again you just got to practice it it does take like some time so you might get frustrated and have to pull it out by you know it gets easier after a while um once you get the movement down and everything it will um yeah I’ll just become easy for you and say I’m making a scarf and this I can actually show you a scrap that I made that is in this exact stitch where it’s just all it and it was one of my first scarves that I actually liked that I made so let me grow that in the show to you the scarf I made um I think I needed a few years ago actually kind of a while ago but I just did um just the knit stitch just a normal knit stitch hem and I used like a big needle and then I use kind of a thin yarn so I used a bigger needle than what was advised for the yarn and it made it kind of this loose type of fabric but as you can see it’s probably so my scarf that I’m making right now is probably gonna look like this but obviously more large more large I think it’s going to be pretty like just doing a knit stitch with this kind of giant fabric and I actually got this yarn at Joey ends and it’s the brand red heart so if you want to make something with Genoa Marcion – um you totally could and I mean the needles are a little bit strange but I’ve never used it a knitting needle this big before so maybe that’s why I’m feeling a little weird but I think whatever you learn on is going to feel good this might be like way too big for a scarf now that I’m 22 stitches might be too many stitches might be too mini I might want to go down to 12 it’s not like so thick you can’t even wear it because I’ve done that to myself before I’ve done it and it is not good I made the whole scarf and I sewed it together and I put it on it was like a Cobra a Cobra strangling me way to Cobra strangle people do Cobra strangle things they’re snake they probably do anyways let’s see here as I’m like not showing you anything that I’m doing I’m just like I said doing the knit stitch just doing it up alright and get to the last one over the top and you know down down

off that it’s going to be quite what do you guys think this is going to be a big thick scarf too thick I think this would be oh yeah that’s too many just too many stitches and pull it out and start over start with me yeah all right let’s start with uh let’s start with a pink this time I’m going to show you the same things let me show you the same things so you can get it and you can knit with me and this can be like knit chats maybe that’ll be what I call this I was thinking about it calling it the Nitty Gritty because I’ve been showing you the basics of the knitting and that would be upon but knit chats is also upon so maybe I’ll do that show you how to do a slip knot again so put it around your fingers do it like that and then put a loop through the loop loop the loop if a song a song if it is let me know it’s positive all right so doing it again doing the knitting alright casting on showed you the nice thing where I show you guys my hands again I probably should that would be nice of me all right here we go so casting on remember not to do it too tight but you want to do it where it’s you know on there not too on there so hard to show other people how to knit huh it’s like where do you put your hands I feel like um Ricky Bobby where he’s like I don’t know what to do with my hands well it’s kind of like that so I just don’t know what to do so I’m definitely a hands-on learner so when I see these like instructional books it’s really hard for me to understand like I tried to learn how to knit out of a book and I was like okay this is not working for me I did not understand what these little picture diagrams of hands mean like learning sign language with hands that makes sense but learning how to knit out of a book is like really hard I learned a lot of this obviously on YouTube I also learned a lot of it just from my friend like when she originally taught me how to knit and then I learned a lot of it just from trial and error 12 so I don’t know how many stitches to make this cuz I don’t want to make this Cobra I will make this go run this is this is what 12 to you 4 6 8 tall stitches okay neither one was 22 what do we think mm I’m not sure just not sure maybe we’ll do like 16 okay there’s 16 I think that’s going to be enough I think 16 is good I don’t want to go overboard again so showing yeah so just like started this is your yarn that you don’t want to knit with because it’s the tail and you will seem that into the rest of your work later so don’t worry about it hanging out you want it to hang out because at the end you will sew it in to the end of the work so you just leave it hold it tight around oh yeah you can totally see this better with the Pinker and this was smart then you want to pull it but not super tight because you don’t want it to be really really tight because like I said I will make everything harder later so you just around okay I can show you this way no I can’t there’s no way over the shoulder shots or not happening here this is not professional who see what I did here I where I caught another piece of a yarn from another loop so I’m going to exit I’m going to exit this one you don’t want to do that well it doesn’t really matter but it will make it look less pervy a good thing to remember about knitting is that your tension is really important but that doesn’t mean that you need to pull it tight it just means that you need to have a consistent tension and the best way to do that for me is I hold you know the same tension I hold this yarn in my hand and just so it stays consistent so that way when I’m wrapping my I have liked consistent pressure on it when I’m going around it’s the last thing you want is like some rows to be really really like tight and other rows to be really really floppy because then it

just will look it’ll just look sloppy and that’s kind of normal when you first started itching itching when you first start niching for things to look a little uneven don’t be discouraged by that course it’s just kind of the way she goes with knitting so even with sixteen stitches this is pretty thick but I think that 16 is obviously way better than 22 so I think I’m going to leave that at that so this will be one side of my scarf and I’ll just keep going obviously and then now maybe I’ll show you guys when I get close to the end and I can teach you guys how to cast off so if you’re doing the project with me you can knit and knit and knit until you’re ready to cast off and then you can watch my next video of knit chats if that’s what I call it just kidding but seriously that would be kind of fun if we could knit project together and then I could teach how to cast off and then I can teach you how to seam in your ends and be kind of cool so perhaps I shall do that where I show you guys that so I think even after just doing 16 stitches this is going to be so wide like this is going to be the widest scarf of all time and I don’t know if I wanted to be that one like how do I feel about this wideness I’ve got going on here because once I take it off the stick it’s going to be even wider so wide how many times can I say that word face a helpful tip for anybody looking for or a pattern like a pre pattern you can look on Ravelry com you just have to make a username and password but doesn’t cost anything it’s a great way to find patterns this the interface isn’t the best on the Ravelry but you can find a ton of stuff if you just figure out how to search for stuff and things like that um but yeah I hope you enjoyed the small video and then hopefully I’ll make more Nidhi videos for you and they can be the knit chat series I don’t know if anybody’s actually interested in watching mean it but you might be you might meet you know I tried to make a like a makeup type video today obviously I didn’t because look at my makeups not looking so good but I was thinking I was going to but it would have really awkward I’m really weird talking to yourself while you’re doing your makeup like talking yourself while you’re knitting that’s normal start a project let me know show me a project I’d love to see your projects um I like knitting and I like to see other people’s knitting and yeah it’s just a fun hobby I hope some of you take up knitting so I was going through and I was editing the video and I was knitting as I edited the video and this has gotten so long so fast so I think if you’re a beginner you would really like this Yulin because you’re going to see the results of it way faster than if you use like a really small yarn which takes bryggen forever for even someone that’s been knitting a long time like when I knit with a really small yarn sometimes it can just feel like you know a whole decade has gone by before I get anywhere so this would be like an instant gratification type of yarn that I think would be really great because right at first when you start to knit it can be so frustrating but yeah I’ve gotten this far and it’s only been like a half an hour and I ended up only doing so I did pull it out after that and I didn’t do 16 I did two four six and I did fourteen stitches yeah I think that’s going to be really cute and then on the next video I think I’m going to show you how to like change colors since I am doing like multiple colors in the same scarf I think that the next video I’ll show you how to change colors and then once I get to the end of it um which I think is going to be soon because it’s going really fast I will show you guys how to cast off and then I’ll show you how to seam in your ends and stuff like that so if you’re going to make a scarf with me then I will all the things that I do to make this scarf in other videos