I’m going out in front I genuinely certainty you need this in your life hi guys my name is Kiera your name here and today’s video is going to be something a little different from what we normally do I am gonna do like a haul for you guys so I don’t normally do haul videos because one I’m poor and two I don’t really like to feed into that whole like we need need me more and more and more like consumerist mentality I try to fight that much as possible but I have a weakness guys I have a weakness in life and it is this brand tala like I I just have a problem and then accepted it as part of who I am and I hope you guys can too I’m actually like slightly embarrassed for like if any of my friends see this video because they’re just gonna get a cure what you’ve spent that much on those things like I think I’m embarrassed like I’m sorry but like you gotta do what you gonna do also I’m really sorry to hear like noise in the background but if you know if you’re if you’re new here I have a pup her name is lanta and she just had um like an operation last week so she’s a little conehead and when she walks around she kind of drags the comb with her so if you hear that in the background my deepest condolences but obviously I’m not gonna tell her not to move so let’s just jump right and that was way too long of an interval already but I wanted to start off by just letting you guys know what we’re gonna go over in this video so I have acquired like I said like an embarrassing amount of tall and gear maybe you can see it’s on the couch back there but the pup maybe not we’re gonna we’re gonna back it up all the way as possible I literally moved a table to film this for you guys so like don’t say and I’m not putting in effort to make this go in time for you so I thought we would go over like sizing the colors like different products what I like what I don’t like and they have had this kind of like recurring issue with their leggings now you know you don’t know I’ll tell ya but they have this issue with their seniya levees yeah they’re hostage shorts which I’ve never seen anyone complain about but it happened to be where it rips like the seam on the inside of the crotch and I have had this happen not once but two times actually three if we’re including the shorts so this has been like you know an ongoing relationship I’ve dealt with their customer service a little times but I’m gonna get into all of that later so I can just give you guys like a real clear picture of what’s good about this bread and what’s not I do want to point out that they’re still very new like I think that they started a year ago so and kind of have to allow for a company to have some growing pains nothing is going to be perfect to start and I really support their message of she dropped her phone there you go okay I really support my message of like diversity inclusivity sustainability like I just like what the brand stands for and I feel good giving my money to a brand that supports all those things and is also owned by like a badass young female entrepreneur because I just think that grace Beverly the girl who owns the brand is just like an inspiration in life she’s younger than me and she’s just killing it and if you don’t know who she is you should look her up because geez Louise this girl’s crazy she actually started this brand while she was at Oxford which is wild okay this is now like really three minutes said we’ve not discussed anything so let’s go let’s get it going so obviously I am wearing taller for my taller video this is the Aster crop and sea-green which is one of their newest releases they do release very regularly so they kind of are trying to keep up with like a fast fashion brand where you just got constant releases all the time so they just came out with this color and then a tricolor any other colors and tigers obviously don’t have money to buy everything and all that I have it is more than enough but this is the Aster crop so I will turn around so you guys can see it from all viewpoints this is a size medium so I get a size medium I mean the double-deep bra size and so I felt like I do need a medium just to like accommodate but the only thing I will complain about is that it sticks out a little bit here on the waist because my waist is a little bit smaller like I think I would actually be but you can see there’s a little bit extra fabric I don’t really mind it that much like I think it still looks just fine but I would probably be like a small around and like a medium up here but that’s okay you got to do what you got to do the Astor crop I have all the prices right here this is 35 pounds which I haven’t converted it into like dollars and euros but I’ll try to put it up on the screen for you guys so I can finesse those editing skills and let you know the prices and all the different currencies so that way you know but in pounds it’s 35 pounds which i think is a good value like it’s a little steep I’m not gonna lie it’s a little steep but it is like a high quality product like it feels really nice the material is thick

I can wear it to the like the gym at night I just saw it fully fall from like the chair Hey a railing hit the ground we’re just gonna leave it there it’s like if I go look now it’s broken I’m just as good on this video so this is 35 pounds like I said and it is really good like thick quality I feel like I can wear it to the gym and not like feel too hot you know sometimes you wear like a long sleeve and leggings and you’re just sweating in a way that is uncomfortable then you want to take it off but maybe you’re not comfortable in a sports bra or something like that so I would just say that it doesn’t do that for me like I can wear it for my whole session and still feel good I will say that a lot of people say these are sweat proof and that’s just like completely not true I am I’m a sweaty human life by my own admission I don’t know what it is about my body but like it produces sweat like can you see like I’m sure yep we’ve already got like a sweat patch and I just put this on a few minutes ago I’m in my apartment just hanging out and like I sweat but like I don’t so I’m not just sitting here sweating like crazy well apparently I am but so I will just say it shows sweat like whatever this line oh I got it product and this brand is like sweat proof is false the other thing I’m wearing which are actually dirty right now but I put them on for the sake of the video so if they don’t look as like black and what not as they should is because my dog gets white hair all over all of them I’m trying to back up as far as you guys as far as I can so you guys can see what it looks like these are the nova trackies they are black they go all the way down right to like my ankle I think there if I do wear them like a bit high as well like I suppose I could wear them like down here like who needs to be showing that much pooch not me sister not me so these trackies are I believe also 35 I would check but like I said I broke my computer potentially so I’ll just throw up the prices on the screen at the very least in pounds for you guys and I love these you guys like I cannot express maybe my favorite product from this company I wear them all the time I wear them out I absolutely love these trackies I also have them in white and I’ll pop those on right now just to show you guys what that looks like in another color so one second okay guys so these are the nova trackies in white for some reason I do like they’re holding my waist a bit better than the black ones but I also haven’t launched these yet since I received them and I washed the black ones like many times because guys my dog is black and white as you saw and she gets hair on everything and like not a little but like my entire apartment no matter I needs a vacuum anyway no matter how much I clean there’s dog hair everywhere so I have like my handy dandy best friend billet roller and I’m it takes about six I’m not anything like sticks of these to delinked if I deal in two by two like take off all the dog hair from the attract pants so keep that in mind that they are fitting like a much much nicer than the black wings do that black ones also as you wash them like they fold a little I’m gonna be on this guy they say fold a little not knowing where it’s bad but you do have like one string running all the way through so it can tend to like just fold over over that string but this is what they look like from every angle I hope you guys can see what that looks like and I don’t know I could do that but just cuz I think you guys can see like the full bottom of the pan but like I said ankle length and I will show you it with like a different with a different color of the Astor crop just so you guys know what that looks like so okay so this is the Astor crop in black with the Nova trackies in white say probably some of all colors so I believe it’s also 35 just like the what I have in C green but this so you guys can see what they look like with a different color I think it’s such a cute combo especially if you have like a little white peekaboo moment right there and just think it’s super cute you can also zip them all the way up like if that’s more your vibe I just personally I don’t think I would ever have it like maybe more of like in that moment I tend to keep it up like this when I’m at the gym like maybe a half and then when I’m just wearing it around violence okay so then we’re going to move right along and I’m going to show you guys some of the other sports girls if they have paired with the video leggings and we will talk about all of that okay guys so this is the Ayla support bra it has very thick straps and

it’s meant to be like quite supportive we’ll get to that in a second and these are the gray zinnia leggings so they are super cute we’ll do a squat test for y’all there you go so you can see they are squat proof at least I think they’re I guess I’ll find out right now I find it them to be schwa proof so let’s start on the bra and then we’ll get into the leggings so supportin max support I don’t know I don’t know about these claims but I will say that I did order size probably too small for me I like one or two of their other sports bras in small so I thought that like a small would be fine but I think the way it like comes down with the scoop neck is just like too low for my personal tip like I’m not wearing it like you can kind of see where it’s like supposed to be if that makes sense like it probably should be a lot lower but like I am at the gym like I’m not here I have a husband I’m not trying to meet someone I’m gonna kind of have my whole boobs out at the gym if that is your look girl good on you but that’s just not my look you know so this is the back it does have like this extra strap which is supposed to be like some support but I don’t even really feel it hit my back so I don’t know how actually supportive that is I tend to wear this more just like around rather than to the gym itself purely for this reason I will say as well like there’s some whining here that gets a bit uncomfortable like just right here like though the way they line it like switches and I’m not sure that is for like support purposes or compression purposes or what is something to consider because it can get uncomfortable if you’re wearing it for like a very long time and I don’t mean at the gym for like an hour or two like I wore this on a plane for 12 hours oh that’s my own damn fault but yeah real quick um the a low support bra is 30 pounds I thought it was cheaper but I guess it is not it is 30 okay this issue the video leggings are 40 pounds which i think is an amazing price point honestly and truly that is an amazing price for these leggings compared to like gym shark or Lululemon or Nike or anywhere else that you’re probably getting their leggings from if you want like a quality legging these are thick they go I don’t know why I got it like that these are e thick and they go right to your ankle I feel like they do make your ass maybe not mine it’s social we’re working on it though and yeah the compression is really nice so it goes from like here to here so you have a good amount of tummy control as well this isn’t a size extra small so like it is pretty small and I probably should be wearing a small I feel like when I first started wearing this brand I ordered extra small in the burgundy which we’ll show you in a few minutes here and they fit perfectly like no issues no complaints and then I tried the black and absolutely absolutely not like you have to size up if you get the black because I just think that the darker color away for some reason makes it more compressed and I ripped mine up like fully along the ass crack like there was a huge rip so max like my own fault for ordering an extra small and they should order too small but these are an extra small and they fit just fine and out have any problems although I did have the issue with them ripping in the scene like in the crotch theme actually I think I still have them let me show you so I do have them so I can show you guys basically what it does is like one of the seams yeah let me focus on one of the seams we’ll just like kind of start to unravel and then the whole thing like rips so it’s only on like one side of the crotch but yeah I mean it’s pretty bad like you’re not wearing that to the gem like if this whole thing split open when I was doing a squat I would cry and then immediately leave the gym so that is that on that but I haven’t had any issue since they sent me a replacement pair I think it was just an issue in their manufacturing for the first few months and hopefully it’s been resolved now not what it was like a couple months ago so I would assume that now they have fixed it and I know that they are really really great when you email them like I emailed them and just let them know what happened and they sent me a replacement pair which was so nice and they did that twice so two times boo am I not in focused I guys two times I’ve had that happen now once with my black and once with the grey and both times they sent me a replacement pair so

their customer service is super super good if you have had any issues you can just email them I think it’s like Hello at we are taller comm and they’re super super nice about like getting back to you guys and like resolving any issues you may have so now I’m just going to quickly throw on these leggings in the burgundy and in the black so you guys can see the difference between all three okay guys so now we’re back with the black zhenia leggings as you can see these are in a small real there you go you can see them every angle voila and if you feel like this small fit a lot better than that the extra small to be fair so I think I’m just gonna start ordering and a small if I order anymore on leggings from them in the future but these are like my go-to black legging and plus like it saves water they’re made from like recycled plastic bottles and up cite gold polyamide I all I know is that basically it uses a lot less water than it would if you were to order like leggings from another company and it’s all like up cycled and stuff like that and then use factory cut off so they’re just really sustainable which i think is great because when you consider all of like the huge companies that could be doing stuff like that and just aren’t it’s just sad man alright so now I’m gonna show you guys the Birkin thank you guys so here are the burgundy sevilla leggings again same price forty pounds and i think they’re really like such a nice color especially for our colors like a like a lot of people genuinely generally don’t like colors like just kind of be very neutral in gym but I feel like it’s a way to kind of be neutral it’s not like cherry red you know so I personally love this color on to the real star of the show we’ve talked to other zhenya leggings enough is this sports bra the iris bra it is 28 pounds and it is the best sort row I have ever used in my life it is very supportive there’s like no movement I can wear this for hit I can ride this for cardio I know I’m going to be supported it is definitely always the sports bra that I reach for when it’s clean I just feel like it goes with everything it’s so cute and I genuinely wish they would come out with it more colors I think they have it in black and Etha burgundy color but I only have it in black I don’t know if I’d like burgundy on burgundy that might video a bit too much for me but yeah I absolutely love this sports bra I think that the detailing in the back is so cute it fits great I’ve never had an issue this was something I ordered like I ordered this than this I think was my first order and I was so happy and he’s like what put me on to tell us so if you need a sports bra that is supportive but it’s gonna hold them gills in Irish sports bra from Tulla for for certain for a certainty you need this in your life this is a size small so like I said I ordered this one in a small and that’s why I got the other one of those folks I just figured it’s going to be the same sizing but it wasn’t I also think I might like it just because it is a bit more compressed like it’s a bit tight but it’s not in a way that it’s like cutting it to me but just in a way where I feel very supported and very secure so we are almost to the end I swear I promise I’m so sorry I would also like to qualify that like over the course of this past year and a half I lost like 20 to 25 pounds so I genuinely actually did need to replace like my entire activewear closet so I’m not just buying all this just to have new stuff but because I genuinely needed it and because I can’t be wearing the same language in every single day of the week that’s just bad in it says so I have one more like it’s kind of like a bra kind of like a shirt you’ll see what I’m talking about and then I have some of their bike shorts so I’m just gonna put that on and then I will show you guys what that looks like and we’ll finish up this little zit use the last two things I do have the shorts in grey that I’ll show you really fast but this is these the horror bra which I believe is 30 pounds and this isn’t a size small so as you can see like it’s the same kind of thing as the asteroids just sleeveless I will say that this feels like it digs and like it’s really tight on my arms which is why I started ordering like a medium for the aster cropped but it fits right here perfectly so does it do that weird state where it like comes out like the austere crop does which is really nice but am i blurry I’m sorry guys these are the hostage arts or hosted or are they sure I’m saying hope you can see them all the way so they do go down to like here so you’ve got like this

much length in between where they end in your need and this is one from behind pull this up a little but I know that a lot of people like to wear them like much more pull up but I feel like it does kind of cinch your your legs a bit so if you don’t kind of like that like I’m well I’m right there where fat kind of like children comes out I don’t understand I like some big deal just sits there and if you don’t like it you don’t like it so yeah that is the poster shorts and those the hard bra the shorts are 28 pounds which i think is a great deal like it’s cheaper than the bra and I would definitely rather have those shorts in the bra but I will say this is really nice it does also come with padding and I just take the pads out but it is very like compressive even without it and you can do the same thing but you can look like the Aster and you can wear all the way zipped up it’s just not really my look as you guys can see like it kind of like you can see where my arm fat like comes out right there and that’s just what I do like die for that’s why I would kind of prefer a media I’m like I think I’d rather have it a little bit loose right here then too tight right here because they do feel like it gets tight but maybe maybe we’ll lose that back fat that’s what we have problem anymore but we’ll see all right I’m just going to throw on the the gray shorts really fast for you guys just so you can see the other color and then wrap up this video and that’s so here are the gray post of shorts hope you can see that so yeah again love these shorts I actually think I like them better in gray I think they just look nicer on the peach but this is such a cute outfit when you had like either a long to hear like a little crop T these are in an extra small and same price it’s 28 as you can see they go up to like right there which is really nice I genuinely cannot wait to wear these again when summer comes around so anyway I feel like this haul was so long and maybe just because I have like way way way too many things from Dawa which is absolutely true but I hope that you guys enjoyed this I hope I helped you out a little bit like I said if there’s any questions that you have that I didn’t answer don’t hesitate to drop them below and I will absolutely get back to you as fast as possible if you guys I’m going out of breath I genuinely y’all I’ve never done a haul but like it’s warm it’s hot she’s sweaty like that was a whole moment in time like 30 that it’s are just like taking on clothes and things on anyway I don’t know I’m complaining thank you guys for watching if you like this video please give it a thumbs up down below and hit that subscribe button to let me know that you are a real one a real supporter a real fan we love to see it thank you for watching I will see you in the next one thank you so much if you stuck around this long bye guys oh and tala please sponsor me I would really like to get this stuff and not pay for it yeah and I’ll promote it as much as well okay I love you guys bye