g’day and welcome to a down on the young I’m your host Fiona also known as he begins I am i picking on ravelry bird twitter pinterest flickr facebook yeah everywhere basically so please feel free to look me up and friendly this is episode 12 of a Down Under yarn welcome welcome to new viewers welcome to a returning viewers welcome to people who pop in from time to time it’s great to have you here today this is actually my third recording this episode the first one the audio and visual were there’s a better five second lag and it annoyed me so I said no the second one I recorded and didn’t check the microphone level after i restarted my computer and it was too soft so hopefully this is the body locks episode which is just right it is saturday sunday i don’t know what that sunday the 17th of march which is some patrick’s day it is 1115 p.m. so this is not going to be an e belong episode i hope i have some thank yous i have uppers there like to think people have left an itunes review i was pleasantly surprised during the week to have a look and see that some people let some so thank you I understand if you go to podcasts on iTunes you can leave reviews there for your podcasts and helps us be found by other people I know when I started looking finishing podcasts whole lot of them came up based on people’s reviews so it’s a nice thing to be able to do I’m think you also as randomly acted randomly gifted a passions about a random act of battery Tuesday I was give to the turtle turtle pattern which is really gorgeous part proceeds were going to the histiocytosis association of america for research in density of psychosis as part of I think loom knit crochet has been doing a fundraiser around rare disease day so it’s a gorgeous pattern and I’m going to need it for Jasper because he is always saying awkward turtle which comes with I think that sort of motion which he planet kind of fights funny so I will net him a lot so awkward turtle so you can find that funny thank you also to Melissa of milk ran besides she is just lovely and gifted me the wisdom mix which I really am before to our meeting as well finally I was very very pleasantly surprised watching it’s been farmed with joanna during the link where she gave me a lovely review and send people over so if you’ve come from Joanna hey welcome it is evening as I said it’s just too bad out here tonight it’s quite pleasant really with her couple of really warm days but it means it’s getting a little bit chillier in the evenings because there’s no cloud cover to keep the heat in we have had a couple of cyclones during the week that have gone out to see the other way haven’t even affected us one the extra people cycling team is coming back in towards Townsville which is what 350 k is south of us we might get some rain from it but I’m not certain about that a bit more rain would be nice but hey it is what it is shout out as well to the gorgeous test who is one of my oldest internet friends and real-life friends as well she’s been in hospital for a few days they’re trying to work out what the matter is so hopefully she said she thinks monday to friday are there working out what the matter is days and tomorrow morning i hope they can work out what the problem is and what kind of had to slice and dice or medicaid whatever they’ve got to do so hello gorgeous i’m thinking of you and pay I’ve try not to make you laugh too much if you are in pain in hospital but I can’t promise with the boss Monday set it off I took us for the doctor he’s been feeling a bit down and more and then what i thought was normal and the doctor agreed with me and said yeah here’s a bit down doctor recommended exercise just was never been a sporty sporty kid he played a bit of AFL when he was really young and tried rugby for a and never got into team sports he doesn’t mind swimming but doesn’t like the idea of going swimming every night so we decided we do bookie because it’s something we can do and the plan was to go walking every day about half an hour and hopefully that would help

regulate his moves that same day on Monday a very good friend of mine put up on facebook that she has her poor babies you know husband looks technical baby in I think seven weeks and she said I don’t know how I’m going to cope with our 17 month old black Labrador and baby is there anyone out there who might be able to take him promise so I talked better with me more on monday evening and we decided that we would take ninja for a three month supply now I can say we collected her on wednesday i can say that i can’t see us handing her back she is pretty nice a ninja I’m talking about you you Joe me Joe he just woken her up I know you will do another cameo cuz she is embed tippy down oh I see ninja ok no no not lying down come on oh oh people want to see you yes Hugh her see the people want to see you yes ok meaning what so the cats really have had their noses put out of joint we I did some reading for she arrived and the cats meant to be inside cats and I kept trying to harness in Ellie she’s going to sleep in their beds now kept trying to harness and they took her inside I’ve never seen their backs arch so much Leo who’s usually very very quiet was hissing both of them were meowing and they just ran away so I brought it straight outside try to placate the cats what the cat’s left a nice message on my bed a steaming hot turd which was very nice of a message received thank you very much so I’ve been trying to give them lots of attention to I’m keeping the wire door closed during the day but the wooden door open when we’re here and that means that they can see each other through the wire it security make sure they can’t actually put Paul’s through or anything and leo has been a lot more inquisitive and instead of sniffing around max or still kissable if he sees that ninja sitting there introduce wags at tail and sometimes as a little girl or a little bark and which scares buy from them away and it will take time but I’m hoping that they will become really good friends at some stage but from that I’ve been cleaning since I’ve been off work I’ve actually not been claiming probably clean more when i was working and I think part of it is probably mental health state you know when you get down yourself and I just put it all off plus I felt I just had time and I could just knit just spend all day natima on be km’s or watching podcasts and now I’ve had to try and put small structure into my days so that I do spend time cleaning preparing me lots of preparing meals of course but please planning into things that I’m not thinking at five-thirty night would be happy to dinner nothing’s out freezer let’s run off to supermarket so that’s all been quite interesting this week I put in for job which I was quite positive about had a good feeling about because it was a receptionist position at the place I knew one of the former partners and he’s do this I’m very well with the other partner and when I spoke to him before i put the application in said you know what they’re looking forward as i noted i’ll have a good word for you and obviously even his good word to help that in any an interview so I did what I should have done and got my movements of credit card many untroubled for projects but I knew what I was getting them knew I was getting yard for it’s not like I don’t have enough yarn at the moment and it really was a silly thing to do considering what finance is a pretty shot at the moment but hey it is what it is I think by adding itch hopefully I will not do it again and I’m also planning a bit of a d search this week so I will work out what I’m going to put up the dish and put a link up on the Australian music group it’s usually a bit of D sociable place in there um 0 then it along is going swimmingly I am really thrilled at how well it is going I’ve had people tell me about secret projects they can’t put up yet there’s a couple of projects up in the thread which is just beautiful I’ve had people telling me that they weren’t sure who to knit for and with her conversations back and forth and they’ve come up with something someone’s knitting something for their mum she said even though mums there to add any infertility issues her grandma died this person’s grandma died and it meant that they interested her mum now finds mothers they really heard sorry about that image and just interrupted me anyway so I’m minute along now I guess

sorry key from younger so somebody’s got in touch with this week she is dying up some yarn especially for mental health for a prize um I know we don’t need along surprises we doing it along for the joy of doing them but prizes are always nice so come along join in and yes that’s open until the end of April idly won’t be closing it until my record the first Sunday in May and yeah it’s when then so that people can hand there hugs over before Mother’s Day and hugged me anything you wanted to be it can be a shawl or free Iraq it can be a cow in your scarf anything that someone can wrap around themselves and know that they’re being hugged even though they magnify the day difficult I’m finished objects I’m going to show this again however I got buttons now this is my hollow heart and as you know imagens off to japan in less than three weeks which is wee bit scary um but she’s going to have an absolute ball for her birthday I got her a canvas satchel the scraps of ghosts like me across her and with the sexual she wanted to spam pin little pin back buttons onto it so I was looking on etsy see what buttons they had and some felt came up with a previous search which was buttons and I had favored these buttons and I don’t know why I didn’t get them at the time possibly because there were five and iron in it for I don’t know but I got them sewed them on I’d blocked my cardigan and see there it’s probably the Lighting’s of the best because it is in well there we go they really are beautiful I took some photos this afternoon with my hello olo ha and I love the way it fits perhaps wee bit snug around the belly I am wearing some jeans that I haven’t been wearing for a very long time so they I supposed said my very fat cheese in my fat jeans and I do a bit of a muffin top over the top which showed up in one of the photos which was quite funny i assured everyone is just facts not a baby or anything like that yeah so this is knit out of malabrigo yes you sleep a full load Holloway I just can’t wait for it to get cool enough to wear it as I said I’ve loft up last night it ran on what really ran a lot but the color seems fine I did alternates gains throughout except on the sleeves and even there it’s very difficult to tell so I’ll probably would still make colors in the future perhaps not as anally as I did at this time I don’t know anyway so that is that excuse me I’ve got path everywhere I said him I think version 2 after recording version mommy I had everything laid out properly the sight of me I put things down now scrubbing them it got even worse last time so anyway I have a home I have the first of my Mabel Sox’s my mother for her birthday which was in February now put it on my ghetto blockers just so i can show you the beautiful cable pattern that goes up an image of each leg and the instep gorgeous pattern really really really love it I last week i think i had finished a few rows of the top there one day in the BK n i got down to the heel flap and i put off i’ll leave it there and i’ll do some work on my other project and the following morning just a heel flap will do the heel flap then i thought i’ve just turn it by the time I turned it picked up the gusset stitches and done the dirty questions I figured I was halfway done if what I might as well finish it so I’ve been working mainly on this this week I did finish this last night really thrilled with my kitchen art or my best kitchen II yet in that like I can’t even tell where it’s been which is pretty much a first for me but sometimes my kitchen is get twisted sometimes I casts on the second sock you can see there I think I’ve done a couple of rows of ribbing actually not done any meeting today I have been there busy with cleaning and on i have i tell a lie sorry i did some not haven’t they were that knitting is a date lost I’m sorry anyway I’ve been trying to podcast as well I am itching this out of soft like kittens young now this is the clear at the button to me and where I got them

from did I so I put the card here there we are excluded creations living clay creations and i’ll put a link to that up in the show notes sorry these mobile socks back to these is that of soft like kidneys the state soft base now and natural a nettle who has a gentle ribbing podcast that dies the soft like kittens yarn and she has is not using this base in him all i can say is the other bases that she’s got to replace this must be absolutely amazing because this is pretty good itself probably doesn’t have the tightest twists that would be my only thing but i understand the new basis do so i really can’t comment on this because it’s been discontinued this is the weather denim color way and i really really love it perhaps a bit masculine that would be my only thing for my mum but I think these are socks that will go with anything and she’s not a deal of your life any type person anyway really so I think it’s really appropriate but if you were looking for a color for a guy that’s not black this would be a fantastic color whether denim mum’s coming up after Easter just perform goes away so I’m going to give them to her then I would like to get the 2nd soft knocked out ASAP so i can get on to other things my second work in progress did i say that i was keeping my needles in I don’t think idea in my needle look I think I even said these are my mid pro needles you don’t need to have my nails done I’m sorry there’s my nikk pro needles the wooden needles really enjoy them I know that if I sit on them they’re going to break but apart from that I love them and I can’t do my needle look for a little bit of protection so they don’t poke through bags and things my second project has received a lot of love this is my day break which isn’t it along that I have been doing with some other folk and inform the little long on ravelry i am using cascade heritage silk in the charcoal gray and the wisdom yarns pawn sock into a rainbow color i think i’ve got a couple more stripes from last time I think I’ve got a purple one and a pink one that I haven’t actually out of the gray to the it and I can see yellow in my me a future coming from there and there’s a bit of yellow on Pete they’re really enjoying it but I told inside one evening when I’d been cleaning up some things I’ve been doing is actually cleaning my bedroom which has been long overdue for clean and in doing that I think I i was listening to podcasts in my iPad ran down of my Wiles in charge here but anyway I had to go in there near put on meeting beam I don’t usually meet in B and by put the new g next to my bed and stay there so it hasn’t been out here samee to just pick up as mean on the computer desk which is the other place I pick stuff up when I come out here to sit down i’m using my adding long lace needles these are us for three point five millimeters not the best needles for this because you do have to push stitches up and they don’t really take world pushing stitches up i use this for my use these for my hoo-ha and hadn’t open-source le sigh i haven’t had any problems that I’ve knit things on bigger needles I suspect on knitting this tighter than otherwise or something I don’t know but it is great this would be amazing travel knitting because once you’ve got it down it just goes just meeting so if you’re looking for a travel project I would recommend a day break even though it is two colors we need to have the two colors with use it is something you can just go back as megan from the stockinette zombies Ted and Kiki for me under system is that there’s out in about week so I’m still going online i’m not i’m not really a monogamous nature i have more than one thing on the needles at a time but i like to see progress on what I’m meeting i see i see i’ve done two stripes in that this week and i don’t see that as being a lot of progress so there you go another thing that I picked up in every canyon because we’re sitting out here in its bag is my anorak shop now I showed this very early on in the podcast but I haven’t given it any love for a while I am on to the fourth color which is sort of a ready orange this is in the big arm designs 8 ply yarn third full iron pipe line and it’s superwash merino it’s an Australian company really love it and I really like the motives there easy to get done so I should just put it to myself that whenever I’m in a vkn I just make sure I do at least one so that’s something I would like to do learn really want to get this finished sooner rather than later so that was my third work in progress that I touch this week my acquisition I think I told you

last week it’s arrived in extra special super time i think it was in 11 days which is unheard of from the state’s my highland handmaids strike to the maple sock yarn arrived look at those colors this is the villainous colors that’s inspired by the princess provider I really enjoy and the sequence is five yards of I used to trying to win just the gold five yards I knew who has been off it which is the Red five yards if someone was looking for you which is the charcoal and five yards of I always think everything to trap which is the purple and it’s for just it’s a thicker sock yarn essence almost a sport weight so i’m probably going to use has teamed up some it’s just because i think it would be just awesome as in its villainous yeah so yeah i’m getting a bit for the villainous yarn is really lovely this week we have a japanese exchange student coming to stay with us for 10 days she arrives tomorrow another one of the reasons i think cleaning and tidying I don’t put her to see think that all sprayin houses somewhat which will be getting closer to just a bit messy um so she’s coming this week next weekend we are celebrating jess was but they were the birthday but it’s all over the place sorry at the coconuts resort from the coconut Ken’s coconut resort started off as a caravan park he camping ground and they’ve seen since put villas in there but you don’t go for the rooms you go for the actual resort it has it has two gorgeous pools it has tennis courts it has trampoline mats inflatable trampoline mats that kids can run and jump and play on it’s God ah things you had a lot bikes the got bikes but also buggy things that you hire and wheel around on so for just this birthday it’s his birthday present from my mom and brother and he’s getting two friends to come along so they’re getting a nice big heaven it’s better every with him and his two mates Imogen and our exchange student and myself and we’re going to have fun live tonight so friday night said their night i’m looking for the saturday just relaxing by the pool knitting going in for a bit of a swim getting out it’s relaxing and then on yep a memorable bear likes this week I don’t feel like it when he’s on nights I worry even though we don’t live together as such and during the week don’t usually spend lights together overnight we spend my evenings together I worry that his job is a risky one times he deals with some very sick people and sometimes especially at night beneath very sick people come in they’re influenced by drugs and alcohol and things can get out of hand quickly I know the security staff are brilliant and they’re always there to back up America stuff but he has it a couple of instances i think that time he was on nights there was an incident that wasn’t actually in any of the boards or any of the units that you’d expect someone went off and i didn’t had the required drugs there so someone else had to go running for him so he’s trying to talk this person down with the security guards and try to work out you know what they’re going to do he’s been assaulted at other times by patients but the patient don’t wilt so and Haley has to be there to help them which I understand so thing with the Knights boat seven months in a row from 8pm to eight en so it’s it’s a really long week and less not a full moon this week that’s one thing to be thankful for but it’s usually very busy we’re hoping to catch up for breakfast a couple of mornings this week which will be quite nice apart from that yeah I’m going to try and do some good sleep hygiene go to bed a bit earlier this is quite late for me to be at what’s not like for me to be up but later than it should be up so I’m going to put on meditation that I’ve got on my phone and iPad and play them and try and get myself ready to sleep that little keke keke keke boys that was a gecko put some bugs up there around the light and there’s a geek oh that’s fine to catch them so yeah um our other big news okay memel is from South Africa his family is

still there his parents his sister and her partner and their that two-year-old daughter his grandparents is to a lot of devil in 90 system living in their own home here’s his non klauser austell they does have one cousin who’s Australia but every time we’ve been down to Brisbane it’s been an inconvenient time she’s other being away or being busy so we haven’t had to catch up with her but we speak to his parents regularly on the phone we skype them but they’re also getting old they’re both retired now so we look the animal still has most of his possessions from I suppose growing up and medical school and everything over in South Africa even though he has been in Australia now for seven years lots or still there and he said it’s about time that he bring stuff over works out what he wants what he doesn’t want and shakes it over so he has been looking at I know things but time off in june and he said hey you burn the frequent flyer points do you want to come and I sort of said that would be really nice I haven’t actually been on the plane on being out of cans for almost two years so yeah it’d be nice to get away Imogen will be in Japan then there’s Jasper Cyrene my mum and brother and said hey this has come up do you think it’s possible to look after Jasper up for the two weeks away and mum said you go for it actually something that can be arranged which is just fantastic um so when we got online to see what was available said there any business said there any flights available because it can be deployed at times with frequent flyer points and every leg had seats every leg had two seats and I had almost exactly the right number of points for both of us and I said to hear I’d be happy to use my points for you to go over with me for both of us to go together because it’s part from saving a lot of money you know kids are all together the night said I won’t feel so guilty because he’s been so supportive of me now that I’m one enjoyed so that’s all been booked this evening we are flying out of cans on the first of June you overnighted and Sydney before we fly at the final morning to Johannesburg by firing a car the economy over there is just the dollar to round is really in our favor so how many car is almost peanuts it’s it’s quite sad really knowing what it would cost a hurricane Australia for 14 days compared to what it’s been clocked in South Africa it’s I wouldn’t say temper the price but it’s pretty cheap and then we get to save his family so if you’ve said with his parents for two weeks they’re already asked us not to be so messy it’s quite funny as we ran them tonight to tell them that you booked and get to meet his niece which we haven’t met yet and unguents her Milo almost solved months further never seem to get posted so can we be delivering it luckily I dude you to size up I’ve got the DF Stu sure that I needed to focus up each lesson in person so I think we’re going to leave it now and take it over in handling each so at least we know that it will get there I want to meet his mum over there for her birthday as well which is really nice a hopeless express strong but she also else so I will try and make that before we go for myself I it’s going to be read the first two weeks of winter oh how do you excited to be experiencing some cooler weather because i have my high-low car I early and I ordered boys from bendigo woolen mills some rustic yarn to meet a fisherman’s though the lighthouse keepers wife jumper which is knit with bogie wait but at a very loose gauge I say it’s a summer sweater so I think for up here it will probably be glued in the evenings as well so that shouldn’t take too long turn it up pop up these other things I would have finished our medical book talents and other things as well be nice to make something for his sister and for his grandparents so I’m just I’m thrilled never to work at what travel needing a minute um it’s two and a half hours down to Sydney on the plane and then from Sydney to Joburg I think it’s 14 hours one way 12 hours the other way but coming back it’s basically overnight so how much did a little bit done you can hear ninjas eating bones she just adores the bones we I went to the butcher and that huge bag both thread in the freezer she just loves them then they had a

special for pet shop with lamb necks and it was like dehydrated meat on the things didn’t smell or anything gave into it she’s just pull it apart and lobbed it so yep um yes so let’s a big news for June I don’t know then if I’m going to get cross of Japan see any options there which is difficult I know I’m going to miss so much while she’s gone and yes we’ll be over time I know that yeah hopefully my mom will be able to go across options there oh my that’s about it it is almost tomorrow so and I’m just oh yeah um think it’s about all until next week then i will say uru fingers crossed this one has worked and goodnight boo Cheers