georgehotz: hellooo EbeneezerPrime: what’s up? toolegit2quit_: no mic? HaVoCPanda69: yo live washedeveloper: yo EbeneezerPrime: can’t hear anything, man toolegit2quit_: here we go GenericUsernameBro: wuddup toolegit2quit_: sound fafws321: Yo afk streamer? washedeveloper: no sound archiveutility: George why you gotta stream I just was about to sleep dvdutch: Is there a repo for the chess engine u wrote? davidbarreroo: New crip? filipeoliveiraa: good morning EbeneezerPrime: loud and clear washedeveloper: bzzz moizai: good morning!! gagehelton: You rule, keep crushing toolegit2quit_: are you back on the east coast? jiggliepuff1: YO George I’m from the town you grew up in k_o_r_a_l: Приветики efiggs: Whaddup foti_kasparov: yo yo kklisura: Hi George mkdrmnd: Real European Hours ogrockefeller: The Hotz Father warpoit: top of the morning everyone borang: good morning TheXtremePerson: Hahaha alexmchugh: jeez people get in here fast zeroalligator: Good morning George ThePepe3012: Are comma offices closed? foti_kasparov: Apologize Video GenericUsernameBro: lol tdubey: inflammatory + face diaper, nice Descrout: is george anti-masker Kappa ? quelsarprime: apology accepted. big pp ogrockefeller: Lolz TheXtremePerson: Agreed HaVoCPanda69: lmao on the website i clicked on the science is clear and it lead me back to politics JohnnyThe_Hobo: georgeee <3 badpartyhouse: yeeee DrewHintz: need to replace that propaganda with references to scientific studies jamieemb_: The government in Scotland have mandated that masks are required in public. A friend send this yesterday YouvanYakk: Not a viewpoint but a fact LULW efiggs: I hear schools are going to open up with the use of masks... lol badpartyhouse: no more night streams? foti_kasparov: Is anybody in the chat with covid? fury766: Hello George Hotz! I live in Korea and my dream is a programmer! And I respect you!! k_o_r_a_l: Че там у п3ндосов ща? l_mbert: hi @everyone! efiggs: Hospitals aren’t actually full.. it’s a lis taquitobandito_1: Finally! I catch one live k_o_r_a_l: Оппа levinson2504: @foti_kasparov im against covid quelsarprime: lost close friend to covid last month

breezyronster2: !uptime badpartyhouse: George can you share via set up? badpartyhouse: vim mimagind: There is no need for a formal study. Countries where masks are culturally accepted had much lower rate of transmission. QED MrJeff_: I find it funny the WHO says they’re not effectvie and now our Gov says they do. So…. yeah its all fun and games alexmchugh: bro write a sim toolegit2quit_: @georgehotz what is the cost of wearing a mask vs potential gain? dvdutch: vim foti_kasparov: @levinson2504 good for you neel421997: j washedeveloper: there may not be marginal benefits but I think it gives people a sense of security, which is what some people need efiggs: No one gave a fuck when people dies of strokes and heart attacks… why should we care about covid deaths? JohnnyThe_Hobo: @georgehotz whats would you say if something use this as evidence? roibeardo: cloth not porous? lot of ppl making masks from tshirts…thought tshirts wanted to let air in, by design! NotLikeThis 32bitrobo: Have a great day today brother neel421997: opinion on the donotpay startup? they just brought out self cancelling temporary credit cards! Tal_X_Tal: yo YouvanYakk: Seatbelts? alexmchugh: what are the negative effects of mandating the use? jamieemb_: Even the evidence showing the effectiveness of masks, specifically state that it’s just medical masks, not cloth ro6m: What about “encouraged”? 32bitrobo: have you Nicholas Nassims Medium post about evidence for masks? Kalland: but it is a math game. one virus particle does not equal you are infected. The more you are exposed to the larger chance you get effected mkdrmnd: @mimagind Cultural adherence to mask wearing is associated with adherence to social distancing toolegit2quit_: Here in Belgium you will get a 250EUR fine for not wearing a mask inside a shop efiggs: We should put as much effort into heart attacks and strokes as we do covid mimagind: Why does mandating or banning something trivial must have the same threshold as mandating or banning something important? Tal_X_Tal: i c mannekchin: yo abe8k: really nice book YouvanYakk: Rational Andy Descrout: isn’t the point of using masks not protecting yourself but other people ? allrz: PJSalt moizai: zoom in pls Tal_X_Tal: YouvanYakk LUL anguscupcake: people just don’t exercise or eat healthy seldard: Isn’t more rational to mandate masks even if they are not that effective since the inpact on wearing a mask and not being effective is less than not wearing them and them being effective? pranav1198: zoom in Tal_X_Tal: “fake news” mannekchin: copy cats dempseytr: Whats up my man maxschneider96: what if cloth masks or surgical masks consisted of multiple functional layers? that could make a difference, innit? Are there any corresponding studies? neel421997: opinion on the donotpay startup? they just brought out self cancelling temporary credit cards! numbaeon: Skewed towards preventable death pioterexe: my fav streamer hello lesserthangood: whats ur opinion on climate change zak_abdou: Hi, can you please give your personal advice how to learn and be good at binarary exploit how should a start what is your personal advice im asking because your are good on it abe8k: evidence is clear though Ceono: NotLikeThis snowbola: oh no he’s still at it ro6m: is there valid science/math for intelligent betting before that procedure is carried out? Koduck007: hey bro k_o_r_a_l: Sup dude we love from РОССИЯ mannekchin: drug overdoses is lower than what i thought

k_o_r_a_l: U Tal_X_Tal: i pray to the homie 2 pac pierzor: Is it me or is the audio fucked up? utahjazz777: Less wrong is awesome. Just saw the last few seconds. Did George recommend Yudkowsky’s book? mannekchin: when will comma become a public company? TriHard tallestmollusk: Can we go back to the log growth thing? Why does the internal growth pattern matter for the likelihood of getting sick with/without a mask? mimagind: @mkdrmnd Mask wearing cultures are in crowded countries which will correlate with many collectivistic traits like trust in government authority and fear of contagious infections Koduck007: beliefs are hard to change sadly javiercmh: metal god, that sounds so metal k_o_r_a_l: Передай привет Роме плиз чел 32bitrobo: “The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.” – Aldous Huxley Tal_X_Tal: we live in a post truth world dude haHAA b2kemann: you can’t use logic to justify logic, read godels incompleteness theorem drkolenklow: truth is delusion, logic gets disillusioned when politics and religion are combined Koduck007: logic squad PorscheWIN k_o_r_a_l: Передай привет 6tango2mango yamesboard: just to clarify why you should use medical cartridges from 3M, when the filtering membrane gets wet such by other people’s spit when talking , the filtering is inhibited. Therefore, the medical filters has a protective plastic shell. See this rundown of 3M filters by (nerd) australian doctor bichid69: lol this chart is fucking hilarious HaVoCPanda69: faith is stupid, faith is lack of logic yamesboard: basement199: newsflash…you are going to die yungtoad1: sounds like a fun party lmfao k_o_r_a_l: Передай привет Соне плез pioterexe: is k e y b o a r d word already banned? iwicdti: everything is a scam ro6m: It’s not automatic that faith is less environmentally fit everywhere, under all circumstances, at all times gouzzz: !uptime maxschneider96: do u mean, u want ur body to live forever or do u want to preserve ur consciousness somehow? zer0gap: you still believe in corona? dalvasorsali: dalvasorsali subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! welcome back ghostmars919: Hi George 🙂 ro6m: That in itself is an assumption. Probably not even in the realm of provability Einnod: !keyboarf voodoorama: drinking cofee? pierzor: !keyboarf tdubey: the boxer visual was pretty good though drkolenklow: see i am convinced thanks for addressing me bichid69: can we go back to the causes of death vs google vs media chart? it’s so fucking funy kklisura: Glad you shared that with us. Respect 32bitrobo: Yeah, but now a days questioning the popculture consensus is enough to be cancelled b2kemann: why not black background on terminal? iwicdti: Life is suffering. Why do you want to live forever? ro6m: neel421997: opinion on the donotpay startup? they just brought out self cancelling temporary credit cards! what do you feel is the legality to it? mimagind: The scientific method is hard to apply in practice to human subjects in their natural habitat musashhhi: this paper is being pushed by the news now about cloth masks IWearATinFoilHat: IWearATinFoilHat subscribed with Twitch Prime bichid69: why instagram but not facebook?

Kmerck313: That’s power c0mputable: can you name a few ways to make money? Skillath: Wise words c0mputable: online HaVoCPanda69: instagram live lol JohnnyThe_Hobo: 1 million followers 2020 neel421997: SeemsGood lesserthangood: lol he doesnt use twitter but uses instagram 32bitrobo: You think blockchain is the solution to pseudonymous work? b2kemann: zuckerberg got your back pranav1198: still not verified xD linearpup: Build P2P streaming service using PeerJs! Kmerck313: Only fans toolegit2quit_: @georgehotz what about SSC? iwicdti: G.O.A.T mimagind: Not everyone is genius like yourself, most of us mediocre mortals can easily be cancelled JohnnyThe_Hobo: you never post on instagram tho soiax_: they allow MASK DENIERS??? borang: oh the cool SF swing soiax_: LUL goeo_: “i’m not on facebook” “come to my instagram” seesdeadpeeps: Five GeoHoTz k_o_r_a_l: А как донатить ZOLD1ER: bitconnect? Rafabld1996: needs more yatchs and girls bichid69: what do you think of onlyfans? HawkMonk: monkaS B1_Renekton: i just scraped all of SSC from, will host on Github soon neel421997: opinion on the donotpay startup? they just brought out self cancelling temporary credit cards! what do you feel is the legality to it? lesserthangood: money laundering TriHard C3r0C3r0C3r0: what’s your insta uname? kklisura: Does LBRY support live streaming? joshperri: Links own wiki article, 9 of 10 pics selfies Skilion1: what did we came up with yesterday? Digital_donger: new wave PogChamp WhispyHerc: the fact that twitch can just take someones entire lively hood without disclosed reason is just ethically fucked up Rafabld1996: god bless ethereum steventwtch: I heard it had to do something with an old rock, stone kornez: yo geohot and chat HeyGuys snwlol: hewooo :3 @kornez linearpup: Linode marschr: federated networks? eaterenrgy: !uptime bichid69: can we not just do p2p? neoptomelus: good side hustles for plebs? lesserthangood: @neoptomelus drug dealing WhispyHerc: @georgehotz what are your thoughts on the rumors of tik tok getting shut down because of “extreme data collection”? do you think the allegations are real in terms of the data farming neoptomelus: @lesserthangood Sadge quinquanonagintilliard: get some vitamin D bichid69: tik tok fucking suck anyway snwlol: is George, dare I say, /ourguy/ ? NilsIRL: what do you think of peertube? sadokaah: @georgehotz monopolies are toxic, if twitch would have a comparable contender the streaming industry would change in a good way I think k_o_r_a_l: Передай привет Алексею Станкевичу

joshperri: Algorithms are the means of production in the Information Age linearpup: What are your thoughts on Richard Stallman issue? b2kemann: 70% lesserthangood: peertube is just software its nothing HaVoCPanda69: what about LBRY s3menthr0w3r: looks garbage joshperri: They take too much capital to create codingquark: Discovery on peertube is hard, and servers still have to be paid for eaterenrgy: how do you get banned from github? Pepa489: @HaVoCPanda69 ^^ leuza0: @sadokaah but which platform woud be a contender? There is always one trying but none succeed codingquark: It is like the mastodon picturer dvush: They can ban you on domain level, as they did with daily s. That’s creepy B1_Renekton: Maybe we will have to make a a decentralized internet like in Silicon Valley TV series snwlol: GitHub has contract with ICE, true? roibeardo: tnx for pointing me to rationality ebook. reading it now sk4y__: gitlab and github both are shit kornez: prolly indian IP pool was his problem LUL quinquanonagintilliard: have a mirror on your local repo via gittea oxtuq: yoo, what’s going on? Skilion1: @georgehotz can you not bang on the table? We hear it amplified ro6m: GNU Satellite Constellation bro mrr08040: mrr08040 subscribed with Twitch Prime s3menthr0w3r: lol wanna be Richard Hendricks ro6m: Internet eterna sadokaah: @leuza0 youtube is slowly growing but ideally something new would come up, hard to do that at the moment MrJeff_: bebo drkolenklow: google SEO for gitlab is poor – just an observation eaterenrgy: Intel LUL 言語サム一語言山姆: I feel like I gotta back up all my own stuff, but I’m just a paranoid maxschneider96: Do u think a platform that has an algorithm that promotes truth would be competitive to other platforms that fully rely on digital marketing? goeo_: i was very surprised about nintendo’s age Reelix: … Who remembers Yahoo? o_O Am I that old? Digital_donger: Yahoo! FeelsBadMan snwlol: I remember PogChamp zelkh9: george out here rediscovering company intranets LUL ck1956: taboo the goat soiax_: who will remember 😛 tdubey: Gitlab is selfhosted or hosted by them tjobremannen: @Reelix yes ur old Kappa bichid69: gitlab fucking sucks synthblade7080: isnt intel untouchable< linearpup: Gerrit is great ro6m: gitlab is developed on SVN in Perl drkolenklow: I meant your projects on gitlab not the gitlab website itself alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Everything is happening faster and faster now, everything will be completely different in 50 years sk4y__: look at that Reelix: What next - Do people remember AskJeeves? :p codingquark: The concepts in Accelerando are impressive neoptomelus: what type of tech companies do you think can disrupt the current leaders? codingquark: Yes bichid69: What do you think of GPT-3? ck1956: lol 言語サム一語言山姆: if you want it done right drkolenklow: sifive seems interesting HaVoCPanda69: just wait for ARM lol RapidEU: What do u think of the new DNS vulnerability that was just published? SurajkAxim: Nvidia is the future?

drkolenklow: sifive is alacart for risc v processors marschr: buy intel put LOL 言語サム一語言山姆: do you think the intel me stuff is concerning or just conspiracy Kalland: we use gitlab at work. it has lots of nice features. but i would say github is better. somehow gitlab struggles with large diffs bichid69: intel gonna go boom lesserthangood: i upload screenshots of my code to redtube to archive it deva73: do you know about jio inia B1_Renekton: ruqqus and .win is trying to compete with reddit MrJeff_: yep anguscupcake: SELL RapidEU: lol HaVoCPanda69: LUL programmingmouse: yeah Digital_donger: nearly Jebaited Warbayx: he knew LUL sadokaah: Jebaited stupac62: gitlab is great. integrated ci pipeline s3menthr0w3r: lolll neoptomelus: Jebaited yungtoad1: Koduck007: dodged bichid69: hahahaha Pepa489: LULW Koduck007: LOL snwlol: @deva73 Jio India is trash is what I know 言語サム一語言山姆: it’s their management engine on their CPUs, security flaws Koduck007: I love Product BurntOut157: hey George, long time no see snwlol: coonsooom RapidEU: @lesserthangood almost LOL Koduck007: Product helped me become more efficient codingquark: self hosted git service bichid69: is ML dead? neel421997: @snwlol even if jio is trash, it is a very very cheap option to it’s competitors and they are slowly monopolizing the market RapidEU: Really wondering his is your self driving car startup going? optimodev: “just dont have a facebook account” … ” check out my instagram account” snwlol: @neel421997 True smurfd0: decentralized youtube alternative optimodev: instagram /is/ faceobok no? quinquanonagintilliard: jeffbezos6: ni hao george, from china! linearpup: Gerrit is also pretty good: codingquark: Riot recently renamed to Elements ( follow up) JohnnyThe_Hobo: witches? monkaS 言語サム一語言山姆: hey China 🙂 zak_abdou: Why you dont make courses ? ro6m: People need ways to impose proportionate costs on each other thealtchemist: silver looks like a good buy blazelp1: Yooo quinquanonagintilliard: Gerrit ui is confusing, but I head it’s pretty powerful bichid69: @zak_abdou are you fucking kidding bro codingquark: Check neoptomelus: KKona Clap codingquark: Minimal web ui vay_man: hey whit_314: Chat, witches are a new term to me. What does George mean by ‘witches’ in this context? oxtuq: @thealtchemist yeah, i’ve been buying it for the last two years neel421997: @snwlol also, jio, reliance has the Indian population with them. And when 1.3 billion are with you, you surely are gonna grow. I honestly feel Mukesh Ambani, the pace at which he is going could become the first trillionaire, if he plays his cards right alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: @georgehotz I think they should allow everything as long as it is not illegal, spam etc snwlol: fuckin libtards with their politics in my tech, I just wanna code KKona yungtoad1: FUCK CONDE NAST bichid69: reddit started doing DMCA takedowns which sucks marschr: mops? PhosphoricAcid: clowns 🙂 whit_314: Ahh, ok Rafabld1996: PrideStrong Cancel George blconciuness: what r we doing today george? linearpup: B1_Renekton: reddit quarrantined donald for hate against police, and then they removed the reasoning after riots happened optimodev: instagram is facebook 言語サム一語言山姆: @whit_314 people deemed undesirable okonofox: doesn’t make any sense to get banner from it whit_314: Thanks neoptomelus: wait why did he say intel is gonna tank qlutoo: users should ban users, not the service itself vay_man: what are we doing today? dvush: What do you think about urbit? Can we “host” internet without big tech? RapidEU: Whats up with your self-driving startup, are u still working on it? JumpTwiice: LULW s3menthr0w3r: Check out this cool decentralized recipe database MeatSpinner neel421997: isn’t vimeo a good enough alternative? whit_314: supremeshrubbery, so people who have been ‘witch hunted’ from other platforms? Reelix: He’s self Employed – Until he gets all his accounts banned optimodev: instagram -is- facebook

言語サム一語言山姆: yup ro6m: Princes codingquark: I came to know about urbit from one of these streams 🙂 jeffbezos6: #kanye2020 whit_314: Magic, I understand now. Thanks Rygaros: @georgehotz seems drdisrespect got banned cause he talked about David icke b2kemann: i liked his quote on what power is b2kemann: in that article bichid69: how about pied piper from silicon valley? mero_1181: Is this your new home or you are squatting? okonofox: @rygaros wtf? really? washedeveloper: @jeffbezos6 Kanye dropped out the race bichid69: david icke is a fucking troll though drkolenklow: i saw an interesting webiste, unwoke[dot]hr seems funny in a way. The times we live in oxtuq: @washedeveloper no way, really? vay_man: I am conservative washedeveloper: yup 言語サム一語言山姆: im convinced icke believes what he says Reelix: @Rygaros With the recent mass banning of people on multiple social media platforms for disrespect of women, I’m not surprised that someone literally named “disrespect” got caught in the wave :p oxtuq: damn, was hoping for some epic entertainment codingquark: “esoteric jargon” is a good phrase snwlol: @rygaros so the lizard elite brotherhood got him or something? washedeveloper: his campaign team made announcement HovaCarlito: george, did you move? where is the empty kitchen-room? duncansclarke: postmodernism uses other argumentative strategies beyond just jargon QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: groceries? duncansclarke: but to be fair it’s one of the most jargon-ridden philosophy circles 言語サム一語言山姆: critical theory doesn’t have predictive power ro6m: Winning arguments not= winning ro6m: It’s weird af vay_man: is this that new os shit? illdealer: arvo is an os JumpTwiice: thats some obscure shit astrocraft23: hello maxschneider96: looks disgusting qlutoo: schizo-ism thealtchemist: Looks like brainfuck + assembly b2kemann: lool lzrdkng21: Banned Kappa 0wld3v: B) Koduck007: indigo children in action lol 言語サム一語言山姆: you wouldn’t get it harryb8Sunglassharry okonofox: is like brainfuck ro6m: I met some of the Urbit guys. I actually think the obscurity is for filtering most human interest oxtuq: lmao linearpup: Have you read White Noise by Don DeLillo? codingquark: b2kemann: showoff of brainpower ro6m: To grow slowly on purpose thealtchemist: Difficult to get hacked, when nobody knows the language, hmmm illdealer: ro6m its a waste of time through obscurity davidbarreroo: what do you think abut Urbit ? QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: so it’s security through obfuscation then

32bitrobo: You have a really high iq i think JohnnyThe_Hobo: how long until we get into magic? qlutoo: how is BAP not banned from twitter yet lmao JumpTwiice: F J3rwin: F QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: F RapidEU: f maxschneider96: F 言語サム一語言山姆: SoonerLater 2Good5You: F xksteven: F Epo97: F soiax_: F okonofox: f hi_im_drakster: f chillguy269: f ImJ4Gu4R: F OG_KNOCC_OUT: sodSAD Digital_donger: they got him 🙁 programmingmouse: F DaveSoDave: F f0xpc: F JohnnyThe_Hobo: they came after gerge pioterexe: f deva73: f snwlol: F km1no: f ImJ4Gu4R: banned? WuDC: like….? km1no: got banned RapidEU: FBI is up to him illdealer: just refresh Koduck007: f paulierco: RIP grenaderaven: LUL snwlol: TheIlluminati dra031cko: F J3rwin: You are losing frames vay_man: no joint today? Koduck007: the fuzz got him programmingmouse: twitch ban Kappa Rafabld1996: CANCELED QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: oh you’re back hi_im_drakster: FBI TheIlluminati wgz90: TheIlluminati they are watching JohnnyThe_Hobo: they dont want us to know the truth bichid69: f JumpTwiice: we back okonofox: ghahahaha bichid69: ffff bichid69: fffff 32bitrobo: cancelled HAHAHA JumpTwiice: nvm illdealer: you need starlink internet bichid69: fff km1no: f again soiax_: back THE_korbi: is anyone else hearing those bumbs whenever he types or touches his desk? programmingmouse: FBI QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: SIKE xksteven: we back bananaconda: was nice to know him hi_im_drakster: F5 nico_d0t: heloo qlutoo: comcast, not even once km1no: FBI at your door drkolenklow: they have self driving cars but stable internet is still np hard lol bichid69: u back motherbitch ro6m: GNU Satellite Constellation bro mimagind: Just as it was getting interesting CoolStoryBob qlutoo: bap book out how long???? lucretius0: thoughts on templeOS ? roibeardo: too many keywords trggered snwlol: George, who’s behind you? imgifty: @georgehotz what key -board do you have? Faceless_Bard: instagram , is that where you put your twitch schedule ? Kappa davidbarreroo: If you want to life foverer why do you smoke weed ? It can affect to your mental health in long term right ? imgifty: Kappa bichid69: what book is thet codingquark: hah, templeOS is now known because of LTT BigBurrito_09: Kappa lucretius0: yeah pretty much ro6m: haha TempleOS! The only valid appeal to authority qlutoo: BAP is modern day nietzsche codingquark: Okay, gotta read this one Digital_donger: the amazon reviews LUL programmingmouse: game of thrones book? Kappa thealtchemist: Author: Bronze age pervert what??? QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: you read too much JumpTwiice: i dont read books LUL STuaRTRuLeS: Yo cr00ze! jamieemb_: have you read mindset by Carol Dweck? ro6m: b/c Terry was the greatest programmer that ever lived, RIP snwlol: too much red pill for me crackmybones: @georgehotz half the people watching you never took calculus or pass college. you def need to say maxschneider96: @jamieemb_ nice one, yeah vay_man: I saw that davidbarreroo: Favorite book ? phrixus_bro: college makes it worse not better dude soiax_: shrinking of grey matter soiax_: LUL shaan_razal: hey jamieemb_: @maxschneider96 one of the most important books i’ve ever read jeffbezos6: yay oxtuq: lmao from the reviews on Amazon: ” You will fly through this book if you are not a brainlet soychild who has forgotten that the will is the most powerful tool in the arsenal of the human.” shaan_razal: bug fan ro6m: All human statements need a few implicit legal disclaimers codingquark: huh, interesting jeffbezos6: awesome! drkolenklow: hahaha oh george , it is so hard to be public these days. I wonder how people like Kabir survived . If he was alive today he would have been in jail 😛 crackmybones: it’s like a casino gambling slot machines quinquanonagintilliard: We need to create a new platform to have a constructive discussion, Twitter is not sufficient vay_man: we think you are on coke thealtchemist: Only dopamine -> No motivation? crackmybones: LUL that’s me quelsarprime: sounds like Japanese TV programming shaan_razal: Kappa Kappa drkolenklow: Some twitter threads are nice though, naval or chamath ipo___: Hotz i’m loosing my mind.. can I stay around? codingquark: Oh damn, so like tunnel focus of caffeine but too much? ro6m: No negative feedback, shit gets chaotic davidbarreroo: Which is you favorite book ? ebrahim_31: Slo shaan_razal: CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob BatChest BatChest BatChest BatChest BatChest BatChest BatChest CoolStoryBob BatChest CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob ebrahim_31: slow slow slow lucretius0: they are yeah JumpTwiice: F dvush: Lots of dopamine = psychosis OG_KNOCC_OUT: NotLikeThis rektiwow: f Descrout: F NotLikeThis illdealer: is he using wifi? m_o_r_g_o_t_h: DDOSED nico_d0t: f bananaconda: f QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: F lesserthangood: f crackmybones: f dcipko: f nico_d0t: ff taxad0: f nico_d0t: F

num_air: f snwlol: F HovaCarlito: for a master hacker, geohotz’ internet is hella shit JumpTwiice: they’re on to him monkaS okonofox: f nico_d0t: zF firehawq: How do you start a tweak?????? crackmybones: back? km1no: f BurntOut157: f chillguy269: If you bring down quality of video it comes back snwlol: TheIlluminati b o i thealtchemist: Maybe he’s ddosing us lzrdkng21: we back num_air: back lucretius0: schizo is more complicated but dopamine is one aspect sureom: fffff breadhamandegg: did you move house? codingquark: ISP no good? km1no: back whit_314: You are in America and it’s 2020. How can internet still suck illdealer: instead of tesla stock, you should invest in a quality internet ebrahim_31: it dosssssssse num_air: back again washedeveloper: rip O_Dunravin: oh cool, hey George, hey chat HeyGuys mimagind: Just watch on potato quality and it’s fine guchiflamingo: why don’t you use Linux as your daily driver okonofox: FBI is watching for u TheIlluminati linearpup: What is the egress bandwidth? QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: If you talk about a certain peripheral used to input data into the computer, your message gets deleted. It sounds different in NY, was hoping to find out what it is Stunt3000: stop uploading your github stuff to redtube ^^ davidbarreroo: Favorite book ? shaan_razal: yoi How to type quckly?? chillguy269: Oh, yikers snwlol: American Internet KKona bebytesback: Where are you streaming from, def not the cloud with that connection thealtchemist: You did the iphone, you can do the wi-fi haha mero_1181: Is this your new place? shaan_razal: * bananaconda: DDosed sureom: hacked monkaS mero_1181: You should invest on internet then m_o_r_g_o_t_h: linux b2kemann: close some tabs ebrahim_31: everybody telecommuting again? rektiwow: its the isp, its always the isp ro6m: Hasn’t dropped here yamesboard: just to clarify why you should use medical cartridges from 3M, when the filtering membrane gets wet such by other people’s spit when talking , the filtering is inhibited. Therefore, the medical filters has a protective plastic shell. See this rundown of 3M filters by (nerd) Australian doctor: linearpup: Comma Bio? codingquark: Alright, I’ll get it too illdealer: TheIlluminati TheIlluminati TheIlluminati u there fbi Landepbs: “/fun/corona” nice 32bitrobo: we’ll wait bro Ziv0: that 8k monitor tho lesserthangood: whats drugs my dealer drkolenklow: you were saying something about naval 32bitrobo: talk about keyboards now that he’s gone alrealre: walk more softly dude shaan_razal: How to type Quicky shaan_razal: ?? lesserthangood: they cancelling Jimmy Kimmel the King of Cancel Culture shaan_razal: How to type Quicky?? snwlol: cmonBruh shaan_razal: How to type Quicky JumpTwiice: @shaan_razal just do it 4Head alrealre: you are banging the floor programmingmouse: cmonBruh lesserthangood: f Ziv0: lag m_o_r_g_o_t_h: i also like your mic. pls, lift it from the desk synthblade7080: @shaan_razal practise crackmybones: LUL thealtchemist: yesss tyler ma man STuaRTRuLeS: illuminati is fictional s3menthr0w3r: it’s not thealtchemist: mayb enot anguscupcake: lmao JumpTwiice: LUL Skilion1: @m_o_r_g_o_t_h thank you lesserthangood: just turn the PC off 4Head rektiwow: coffe? I thought we drank tea around here snwlol: LOL! s3menthr0w3r: sometimes yes but not all of the time noob jeffbezos6: BibleThump BibleThump codingquark: On the topic of alternate internet: kornez: just dont listen 4Head guchiflamingo: why don’t you use Linux as your daily driver breadhamandegg: did you move house? snwlol: Kappa but kill themselves because of online bullying Kappa alrealre: Tea has so much Oxalate. Kidney BOOM STuaRTRuLeS: Coffee is the real deal Jski101: Nah Cofefe crackmybones: @georgehotz the problem is social media is as addictive as drugs are. it’s like saying “just don’t do drugs 4HEad ” oxtuq: Tea is an afternoon drink. Coffee is for the morning programmingmouse: so this a medical stream now xD drkolenklow: lemon ice tea! linearpup: Bubble tea s3menthr0w3r: #uncancelRKelly whit_314: Gopher? Isn’t that from the 1500’s? yamesboard: just to clarify why you should use medical cartridges from 3M, when the filtering membrane gets wet such by other people’s spit when talking , the filtering is inhibited. Therefore, the medical filters has a protective plastic shell. See this rundown of 3M filters by (nerd) Australian doctor: chillguy269: hot take HaVoCPanda69: LUL Skilion1: tea is for when I had too much coffee ipo___: You have the same curtains as I do.. super black no sunlight edition Ziv0: gopher is only good for xxe into rce LUL Ellsherlock: LUL whit_314: I’ve opted out a few years ago thealtchemist: What’s the overall goal of this series of streams? linearpup: is comma bio happening? ipo___: Luckly for facebook new people are born too nikhilr14: u been reading mRNA from last stream yungtoad1: “I’ve opted out” he comments on twitch lesserthangood: white youtube DansGame s3menthr0w3r: @thealtchemist entertainment jeffbezos6: codingquark: ha ha Skilion1: we hear nothing whit_314: I was just looking for thing to make me angry, keep scratching that rage itch lesserthangood: kanye dropped out bro illdealer: ye2020 QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: george why cant we talk about your board of keys? This one isn’t your HHKB right? Pls don’t ban me bro rektiwow: @lesserthangood incognito tab i think ro6m: I’m addicted to Twitter since I have no human contact anymore Warbayx: don’t follow anyone political on social media and you will be ok guchiflamingo: NO LINUX?! sadokaah: @georgehotz what do you think about identity verification on big social networks like facebook or twitter? crackmybones: kayne never dropped in LUL O_Dunravin: wut are we coding? synthblade7080: yes you do 🙂 mexeroserisback: friendly stream 🙂 s3menthr0w3r: don’t even disrespect kanye

Ziv0: no 🙂 yungtoad1: yes OG_KNOCC_OUT: Went for a crown replacement, the dentist had something similar to that lef_xyz: ez linearpup: Can’t they just cancel Covid-19? codingquark: Don’t get us non-subs mute dudes! chillguy269: Nancy Regan was ahead of her time thealtchemist: <3 crackmybones: LUL RapidEU: How is openpilot going george? JumpTwiice: Politics ResidentSleeper fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @georgehotz what do you think of $IDEX lef_xyz: can you link please 32bitrobo: what do think about naval? yungtoad1: poggers lesserthangood: saying no to politics is in itself a political statement 言語サム一語言山姆: WutFace crackmybones: politics is addictive tho 4Head @georgehotz kornez: @georgehotz link it anxova: Kappa Rafabld1996: total state WutFace xksteven: @georgehotz how do you recommend preparing for comma interview? s3menthr0w3r: laaaaaame lef_xyz: neoptomelus: monkaS madmocro: @georgehotz Off topic: Do you have any tips for CS graduates? I nearly finished my bachelors, and am interested in data science, should I do a masters (like Big Data) or just start getting work experience snwlol: there's politics in everything George NotLikeThis shaan_razal: Your a nerd ipo___: All that matters is rich vs poor Ziv0: monkaS Skilion1: r/enlightedcentrism lesserthangood: @madmocro go to work phrixus_bro: vry moldbugian s3menthr0w3r: brah did u used to get your head flushed crackmybones: just don't engage 4Head cactusvacuum: Maybe already discussed, but what is the viability of peer to peer replacements of YouTube twitch etc via WebRTC , only need lightweight signaling if you don’t care about turn fallback whit_314: No war but the class war! shaan_razal: Doesb he believe in god?? JumpTwiice: 4Head mexeroserisback: sounds like a guided meditation drkolenklow: check out kabir bro hiddenkumquat: thats very doomer OG_KNOCC_OUT: 4Head ro6m: You building bro? fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @georgehotz what do you think of $IDEX drkolenklow: way ahead of his time he was anguscupcake: ya just find a job, masters doesnt help that much thealtchemist: Isn't to be detached, being engaged in detachement? serRLNDT: hey geohot, are you interested at all about the upcoming apple silicon? I know you use a MBP Ziv0: don't engange cus divorce feeds 32bitrobo: You're my buddha codingquark: Alright, mRNA ro6m: The Buddha O_Dunravin: "Science the shit out of it" comatross: is this just buddhism? 言語サム一語言山姆: I mean you can avoid the politics, but they can still come for you. the academics were killed in maos China shaan_razal: what is he coding for?? linearpup: train a wavenet on george's voice kornez: if you are in your 30s, you have like 15k days of your life left, half of that gonna be wasted of sleep. Imagine wasting energy on politics you have 0 impact on shaan_razal: VAccine shaan_razal: ?? illdealer: coronoa shaan_razal: Damn snwlol: George is a centrist, so barbeque when? lesserthangood: the vaccines are already made bro QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: anyone know what keeb he has in NY? Sounds delicious Kreygasm JohnnyThe_Hobo: new data about moderna vaccine. we are close o getting one by november madmocro: @lesserthangood any field specifically as CS graduate? linearpup: HE COUGHED illdealer: he uses a hhkb ro6m: Most of us won't out-politic politics, so you need something else QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: @illdealer It sounds very different here though, not thocky like topre bichid69: can we do a dettol vaccine? phil4820: zombies monkaS shaan_razal: lol STuaRTRuLeS: @georgehotz how about this ivermectin? HaroonsLIVE: could someone explain what's going on here? lef_xyz: have you guys seen foam on github (research tool) 言語サム一語言山姆: ain't nobody kno HaroonsLIVE: kinda confused what hes doing shaan_razal: he is coding a corona virus vaccine HaroonsLIVE: lol lesserthangood: @madmocro what u mean O_Dunravin: i'm confirmed anti vaxx after reading a lot of books on the subject, terrain theory > germ theory s3menthr0w3r: @lef_xyz nah but I shoot foam out of my gitschlong aayyooo Kreygasm HaroonsLIVE: anti vaxxers NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis

thealtchemist: Did we ever find out if hydroxychloroquine was effective? illdealer: O_Dunravin idiot shaan_razal: yoo how much do you make shaan_razal: >> shaan_razal: ?? 言語サム一語言山姆: SoonerLater lef_xyz: @s3menthr0w3r Kreygasm tdubey: @thealtchemist generally ineffective against covid-19 O_Dunravin: excuse me illdealer ? snwlol: anti vaccine KKona B1_Renekton: @thealtchemist we will find on 31st july when clinical trial is over thealtchemist: @tdubey coolcool thanks for sharing HaroonsLIVE: anti vaxxers WutFace WutFace WutFace JumpTwiice: F Epo97: F lef_xyz: !uptime HaroonsLIVE: how many doctor anti vaxxers are there ResidentSleeper Thelazysinpe: howdy fellow people of twitch 言語サム一語言山姆: we can see viruses with SEMs serRLNDT: 7 drkolenklow: find z_critical using significance value HaroonsLIVE: @Thelazysinpe yoyo crackmybones: i don’t believe anti-vaxxers exist, they all actors 2Good5You: PogChamp shaan_razal: google says that George makes about $100k in A WEEK!!LOL HaroonsLIVE: @crackmybones paid actors LUL drkolenklow: higher the p value the better it is HovaCarlito: p value of 0.3 is shit fyi crackmybones: @HaroonsLIVE exactly LUL anguscupcake: anti-vaxxers were invented by bill gates Thelazysinpe: i heard that countries that have mandatory tubercolosis vaxing have lower death rates nhyy24: first time i’m catching you online. What’s up george QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: my p value increases drastically after a can of monster HaroonsLIVE: @crackmybones hired by republican party LUL ofey: is there a sync problem or is it on my end? drkolenklow: p value is the probability of samples illogicalism: i get stream cuts too km1no: my screen is black wth warriorgiggles: ’tis a bit laggy Grav48: lag between stream and sound huh Skilion1: statistic 101 言語サム一語言山姆: mine does with 🍻 fdfdfdfdfdfdff: is the p value there found with a chi-squared test? Rafabld1996: ewww p-values HovaCarlito: especially if it’s against a null Thelazysinpe: does anybody have any tips for pushing myself to study corpus_cule: p-hacking is a thing tho fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @Thelazysinpe fuckin do it s3menthr0w3r: how do I calculate the d value? mero_1181: Usually H0 is that they are the same drkolenklow: no p value is around z-test yungtoad1: @thelazysinpe don’t study warriorgiggles: yeah, study @Thelazysinpe Thelazysinpe: i have to pass my maths bout to fail fucking first year of cs mero_1181: Under H1 to be different Skilion1: tl:dr the p-value is the percentage of the standardized test to be incorrect @georgehotz snwlol: Audio isn’t synced with the video, @georgehotz smurfd0: with pictures 😛 mero_1181: So if p-value < 0.05 you accept H0 illogicalism: @Thelazysinpe the only way to study is find a meaning in the study semihisinvalid: what we making QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: audi osync is fine for me, F5? fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @drkolenklow p-value can be found from standard dervation or T test or chi squared test, silly drkolenklow: most importantly you never accept null hypothesis, you either reject null hypothesis drkolenklow: or you fail to reject it programmingmouse: LUL JustLOL__: @Thelazysinpe check out Learning how to learn course (free on coursera), deals with math learning as well 0xnan: hey any thought about the "moderna" vaccine? approach used and so on...? drkolenklow: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff agreed, made a mistake sorry snwlol: @quote_if_self_aware It's just a slight delay in audio for me. donno mero_1181: The distribution of the test statistics change Skilion1: tl:dr the p-value is the percentage of the standardized test to be incorrect @georgehotz 言語サム一語言山姆: @thelazysinpe just sit down and work your A off, I regret being lazy in college. also think of equations as black boxes and understand the overview of what you're trying to do before approaching a problem. imo harrydieehre: @Thelazysinpe moving your ass. Nah just kidding. Try some background music. It helps me alot and I forget time so thats great thealtchemist: ^background music without vocals prefferably s3menthr0w3r: because when you get a nice bell curve the hard d value is somewhere on the right side and the soft d value I believe is on the left bignickyg123: HACK THE WORLD b2kemann: p val -> prob that you observed the given data if the null hypoz is true crackmybones: one day george will be president

s3menthr0w3r: yes yes the mega d value is located around the mean Thelazysinpe: thanks for the tips, i will try illogicalism: as a dev anyone else feels sometimes completely inferior to practicioners of true science? bignickyg123: mega d lol thealtchemist: @Thelazysinpe Don’t just try :-)) randomuser27485: hey, how did you remove the fake box on chrome new tab? @georgehotz serRLNDT: @illogicalism that’s some dumb shit JumpTwiice: D: Thelazysinpe: i need to pass only one math to get to the next year, calculus and the second one is discrete mathz biniar_: ublock can remove things snwlol: imagine falling for college scam Jebaited anguscupcake: tfw high iq but lazy genes 言語サム一語言山姆: @thelazysinpe also I guess its a lot about time allocation. computers and smartphones are huge distractions. if you can manage it, I would just bring pen and paper to class thealtchemist: @Thelazysinpe If you show up from the beginning and read the course work, then it’s not difficult chillguy269: @Thelazysinpe Separate yourself from distractions, if you are sitting in a Twitch chat asking people for tips, you are probably just stalling. Learn your shit, get it done, feel good, and profit 言語サム一語言山姆: @thelazysinpe I’m so passionate about this because I’m finally tryna get my stupid ass bachelor’s QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: being intelligent and not pushing yourself enough will be a fking disaster mero_1181: Did he get Corona? Is this why he’s home and working on this again? Grav48: JUST USE BRAVE b1nk: s is standard deviation mkdrmnd: @georgehotz pieter levels posted an extension that does this about 15 minutes ago (twitter) fdfdfdfdfdfdff: i just tutored my girlfriend in stats and she got an A+. I’m so ready for this B1_Renekton: @georgehotz you can use ublock origin to delete certain html elements based on tag/class/id from a webpage so that will do ghostcomrade: @thelazysinpe for most topics, if you can find em on YT, just play a video and sit back, and then try another video, and things sometimes start to click Skilion1: tl:dr the p-value is the percentage of the standardized test to be incorrect @georgehotz nanbread_: first time tuning into the stream, just curious on your background I didnt see anything in your bio. Didnt even realize science & tech is a category on twitch which is cool semihisinvalid: its all of them not clean Jehhred: s = sample size most likely smurfd0: the 2 in those pictures is x^2 so its like (-10)^2 = 100 chillguy269: stand dev sum of the variance squared and square root no? adroniser: standard deviation is square root of the variance which is the average squared distance from the mean s3menthr0w3r: tl:dr the b val is calculated from the p val + the hard d val. hard d val = soft d val + p2 fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @georgehotz you probably have to use a T distribution here, given that we’re talking about a sample space and not a population space Thelazysinpe: the shit that we dont have a textbook, so i am finding stuff online from other colleges thealtchemist: @nanbread_ clever it-guy that is now trying to decipher what vaccines do in regards to the covid MRANA vaccines Rafabld1996: @georgehotz can you do something with Pymc3 to teach how real scientists do inference fdfdfdfdfdfdff: if im wrong someone correct me Skilion1: sigma – epsilon Thelazysinpe: but imma go study now, have a nice day guys illogicalism: i really hate the font they use for math notations, there are so many more friendly fonts that coule be used CompestLive: Hey Thelazysinpe: also gl to anyone that goes to college hah chillguy269: @Thelazysinpe good job my friend get after it 言語サム一語言山姆: cya sinpe ty thealtchemist: @Thelazysinpe go get em b2kemann: standard deviation is : sqrt(E(x)^2-E(x^2)) b2kemann: width of the prob-dist drkolenklow: sample mean = population mean – zc*(sd/(sample size)*0.5) semihisinvalid: its m thealtchemist: Is the “Introduction to algorithms” book the best for an indtroduction to the basic algorithms and datastructures? tdubey: If you are using the chi-squared test for P value, that isn’t “x-squared” that is “chi-squared” tdubey: That x is the greek chi z0rac: what is he rly doing in this stream? xD adroniser: mero_1181: Standard deviation is estimated mero_1181: As well thealtchemist: chi-chi do you love me CompestLive: First step to not be a newb, is don’t think like a newb

mero_1181: Is the sqrt of variance illogicalism: confirmed by greek guy Rafabld1996: look de moivre laplace theorem wiki article drkolenklow: proportions tdubey: you can calculate P value from any sort of “score” test, such as Z score, T score, Chi Square (X^2), or F-score mero_1181: A robust estimator of the standard deviation is sqrt(s) b1nk: p-hat is the population proportion drkolenklow: those are proportions xksteven: why do you try so many things? why not just leave stats to those who know? like you said isn’t it worse only having a little knowledge and doing things incorrectly? @georgehotz O_Dunravin: numpy np.std() bignickyg123: whats the point of this math? Toastie1: evaluating the meaning of life tjobremannen: @Toastie1 Pog bichid69: lol this stats stream is hilarious adroniser: @bignickyg123 Figuring out how significant medical results are depending on how big the sample size is and how pronounced the effect is jBRADY: @xksteven its just for his personal knowledge Skilion1: tl:dr the p-value is the percentage of the standardized test to be incorrect @georgehotz Skilion1: just read my message lol drkolenklow: you need a significance level for p value relation adroniser: He knows this lol @Skilion1 QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: @xksteven I guess the reasons are (a) for fun; and (b) cos it’s interesting to watch thealtchemist: above 0.05 is bad drkolenklow: @bignickyg123 thealtchemist: how many tests? Skilion1: @adroniser so what is looking for aleDsz: KEKW xksteven: @jbrady but then won’t be just be doing what he complains about? spreading bad info potentially? comatross: i would assume for medical tests its one sided tdubey: above 0.05 isn’t necessarily bad, it depends on the test you are trying to do adroniser: There’s an xkcd about the threshold. thealtchemist: makes sense jBRADY: @xksteven he isnt spreading bad info this is called learning. He is saying over and over again he’s a noob at this QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: @xksteven Benefit of streaming it: you get people who call you out on your shit 😛 Skilion1: chi has a differnet standardization tjobremannen: @georgehotz can you make things bigger so its easier to read on stream? z0rac: I think it depends on the way they defined the hypothesis. two tailed or nah

gettinggroceries: two tailed is less than or greater than gettinggroceries: one tailed is only less than or only greater than comatross: two tailed is 2x one tailed xksteven: @quote_if_self_aware that’s only true if there’s an actual statistician watching though gettinggroceries: stats major here adroniser: Its pretty obvious that hes just trying to learn it. Dont think anyone would take away “incorrect info” from this nanbread_: ^ b2kemann: don’t give the idiot any attention gettinggroceries: it’s possible that he makes an incorrect assertion AliFromThe313: intro to stats – hotz nanbread_: you dont come to twitch for a course lesson lol gettinggroceries: unless your school has moved to 100% virtual and your prof is streaming kenqzzzz: sup george <3 b2kemann: we're hanging out nanbread_: i really like the channel premise codingquark: You like doing this and we like taking part? tdubey: yoooooooo 4 gang Krakatoa77: Sadge tjobremannen: @georgehotz have you moved? Zippy_NZ: I dont even know how to read mathematical notation just9nFeet QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: @xksteven but yeah you do have a point; I find these inspiring, though I don't believe and learn everything he says thearthtyagi: yo whaddup bruh nanbread_: i havent done stats since second year university ughh soiax_: so what is your longevity stack then? :P mozzerbob: haha lesserthangood: just invent general artificial intelligence and make it do the work for u 4Head thealtchemist: WE'RE HAVING FUN WITH STATISTICS BOYYS thearthtyagi: we need coding today man thearthtyagi: a lil bit thearthtyagi: stats is cool tho harrydieehre: Cheer100 just trashtalking and saving the world doing so.. SeemsGood SaiBavun: Snake Pog jluiiizz: @georgehotz Totally extreme off topic question, did you already had to deal with rsi or wrist pain in your days of hacking/lot of time coding ? tjobremannen: simulations austin__be__saucin: sudoku solver adroniser: Code a simulation of the human body codingquark: This stats will help us in reading papers boys C3r0C3r0C3r0: hack the internets Toastie1: bubble sort Pog Krakatoa77: PogChamp math guchiflamingo: why still using MAC? nanbread_: code this lol QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: molecular simulations/protein folding? thearthtyagi: carpal tunnel syndrome drkolenklow: this stream got me thinking drkolenklow: this is nice - linearpup: Coq! QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: PogChamp

linearpup: Sony got him maxschneider96: back harrydieehre: We should get starlink this internet sucks Jehhred: He’s BACK! guchiflamingo: still using MAC OS? thealtchemist: he didn’t leave us :O steventwtch: PogChamp soiax_: how would u upload you mind with this connection?? pfff codingquark: ah hello tjobremannen: phising link Kappa QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: george keeb in NY? Jehhred: down and up speeds? brofessorbob: You not in SD anymore? dark_krotonus: How’s the new place? fdfdfdfdfdfdff: is anyone else’s streams buffering a shit ton? case89: George don’t become a douchebag like Martin shkreli harrydieehre: 7 viewer lol nanbread_: mine is clear now tjobremannen: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff no fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @case89 wtf did you say about pharma daddy codingquark: And the odds have to be… low? comatross: if shkreli wasnt in jail, there could be epic george + shkreli coronavirus stream colab asdhxc: free shkreli linearpup: Build a fast nearest neighbor search case89: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff fuck that guy u1337ochka: looks like this shit always happens in clinical studies aleDsz: LiveCoding is growing well on Twitch joeyskitkat: you east coast!! adroniser: Theres a stupid amount of fundamental clinical studies that haven’t been able to be reproduced nanbread_: F Krakatoa77: did you look up p-hacking Skilion1: @comatross lots of profit opportunities there for shkreli drkolenklow: bye george time to cook some dinner. Bye everyone aweasadbek: Why do you closed windows with closet aleDsz: Here in Brazil we are trying to make LiveCoding something more remarkable comatross: @Skilion1 yea, i wonder what are his options from jail case89: George do you use scihub? programmingmouse: i like pics too 🙂 Skilion1: I don’t know, is he even still CEO of the pharma company? @comatross adroniser: when was martin sentenced? comatross: @Skilion1 no zeroalligator: Every new technology was once never available for use, it’s a little dismissive to say since no current vaccines use the tech this one will not work thealtchemist: Score system for tests significance? QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: protein folding linearpup: Monocular depth estimation lesserthangood: simulation for Kanye West winning 2020 illogicalism: can we code my master thesis? comatross: pong maxschneider96: can u use machine learning to predict mutations for sars-cov2? aPosterior: corona could use a patch JohnnyThe_Hobo: can someone code my job task tjobremannen: what is considered good? QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: robots in disguise quinquanonagintilliard: hacking stuff with ebpf SlenderSC: more than meets the eyes

thealtchemist: play me innn chess xksteven: @georgehotz why not try out DETR from Facebook 🙂 joeyskitkat: Design a free platform for online schooling for school kids TessituraAQ: I like this, keep doing this Skilion1: @georgehotz so far do you reckon we gonna have any effective vaccines? jib1337: Pog tjobremannen: god i love cookies Kappa case89: imagine George on methylphenidate linearpup: Do this NIPS-2020 challenge thealtchemist: Trials will take yeears volkerai: check out indias scam cure for coronavirus QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: @georgehotz Look up a bioinformatics course, find a thing they teach that you’ve not done yet, and do that if it sounds fun codingquark: scan cure? codingquark: *scam iwicdti: do this–nd320 codingquark: What did they do now? patrickgekko: do a project euler lol jib1337: This looks good volkerai: some scam dude came up with ayurvedic cure for corona case89: George you’re a boss for talking to chat and learning at same time oosed: never knew this guy streams volkerai: claims it worked on many ppl QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: isn’t that what ML is? Learning to assume? volkerai: it is overpriced tablets codingquark: Didn’t Misky say something about making computers less uncertain? zeroalligator: Moderna 3rd trial starts end of month on 30k ppl… they’ve never brought anything to market previously though, so QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: or kina like genetic algos thealtchemist: What’s the next big thing in tech boooyyys thealtchemist: Are we over blockchain yet? oosed: @thealtchemist 666 thealtchemist: what is this linearpup: The idea is to build a better ayesian optimizer. Finding better acquisition functions mostly zeroalligator: Yes jib1337: monkaW zeroalligator: Very small trial size though mero_1181: George, did you get Corona bobrussel: yo what u up to

oosed: what’s this guy doing, btw? case89: George learn to Alt-Tab between windows more oosed: developing covid vaccine? JohnnyThe_Hobo: hacking corona jonnie_dilly: Finding a cure for Bat Aids zeroalligator: Moderna released phase 1 results recently, showed effectiveness in creating antibodies hsk1903: @georgehotz k3yboard? Frenchism: When did georgehotz turned out to be Martin Shkreli thealtchemist: alrealre: @mero_1181 every one I know in real life got corona but they don’t know or deny that they got it linearpup: Predict when geohot opens a new tab vs new window 😀 alrealre: there’s no third option RallPatej: yes geroge your alt tabbing skills are lacking n00b if you want to be a skilled hacker one day you need to be able to alt tab zeroalligator: Lol exactly Koduck007: well I run arch covid so i get exactly the symptoms i want codingquark: *Real hackers* use tiling WMs linearpup: *Elite hackers oosed: breaking the lockdown on mass scale will prob work better bobrussel: its so bright Idanbotbol: Hello volkerai: Idanbotbol: Black windows, his room is in DarkMode Denis0109: @georgehotz hey, how are you? Is everything doing great? 3lava: you moved? maxschneider96: U could create a machine learning model that predicts antiviral peptides based on the sequence. There are research groups working on it. U could use data from this website for ur model: case89: alrealre: Yikes that cough hurt codingquark: @maxschneider96 interesting! Thanks for the link! Rain__1FPS: what r u doin Ahowe444: It ruins the internet

ALICAImusic: Tru lmao maxschneider96: @codingquark u´ re welcome, enjoy! bobrussel: Pepega programmingmouse: WutFace I_am_paranoid: hachuDisgust ratrapist: NICE FargioFarmani: Nice Digital_donger: accurate LUL linearpup: See this cool paper on fast similarity search: codingquark: damn demo JohnnyThe_Hobo: relase comma ai for free and charge people money if they don’t want to get car accidents koudbi: ahahah J3rwin: Nice DarkShadow1250: if i sub would you stop screeching 🙂 friedbeefed: my ears STuaRTRuLeS: LUL jonnie_dilly: You just scared my dog you son of a bitch Jehhred: My neighbours are going to be so pissed TessituraAQ: and it worked Skilion1: sign up you cheap fuck robodemia: geohot is a quack CreedGamesOA: I just came in and got scared by the screaming sound gg’s zeroalligator: Signing up now illogicalism: i also agree, it is crazy how dumb people are to create so annoying business concepts TessituraAQ: bought spotify premium immediately aensaevhaerne: you didn’t have to screech to demonstrate your point joeyskitkat: LOLLL !!!! her3hero: nice RallPatej: lmfao benjaminbreeg: WHAT THE.. I wasn’t here for 2 minutes and I came back exactly in the moment when he started sreaming parktype: parktype subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! PogChamp airinspiration_: im gonna suscribe so I dont hear that sound Denis0109: is the problem, cuz if you block it, nothing will work…What a bullshit joeyskitkat: Do that again ! STuaRTRuLeS: 🙂 her3hero: no taco bell in Europe 🙁 tjobremannen: you computer is hacked, sign up for spotify to get rid of it Kappa codingquark: I like that is closer to Hacker culture than any other company RallPatej: @georgehotz del taco is superior xEHLE_: you trying to get a deal with taco bell? 4Head zeroalligator: Buying a comma when I get a new car later this year… very excited JohnnyThe_Hobo: @her3hero we have it in romania gigafact: gigafact subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! always interesting bobrussel: can we get hotz screaming as a sub notification? kuzan8: LUL airinspiration_: @her3hero glad to hear that, tacobelll is Trash 🙂 TessituraAQ: every word in that abstract had at least 10 words yikes THE_korbi: @bobrussel +1 TessituraAQ: letters linearpup: finding nearest neighbors on 1 trillion vectors QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: 1 trillion and 1 RallPatej: which was worse, Ceaucescu or Taco Bell? @her3hero QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: obviously bobrussel: ure cute <3 Tefosker: @georgehotz Hey George huge fan here! Did you see what we have done to BMWs? Letrons we made them as real transformers Rain__1FPS: spread operator 4Head linearpup: You train a network that maps inputs to a spherical lattice programmingmouse: how to spread vectors? what does that mean lol Einnod: !commands Einnod: !commands

ToshiCZ: will this be uploaded to youtube? alrealre: Bike trip ? you must’ve inhaled a shit load of vehicle fumes and all that local air pollution illogicalism: can we make a vaccine? Frenchism: But they also assume it’s linear and that they might use traditional stats such as P-value and those kind of BS. Isn’t covid-19 non-liinear ? Maybe check this THE_korbi: @toshicz certainly robodemia: quack bobrussel: LUL THE_korbi: LULW dunehazard: KEKW wutango: LUL maxschneider96: hahahaha myasovlavashe: LUL skandd1: LUL NotKarar: LUL Bretel: ahahahaha alliums_: hi George Kreygasm THE_korbi: get rekt skunsy: !uptime parktype: OmegaLul robodemia: is a quack illogicalism: is hotz trump supporter? QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: damn I missed that nudax: WutFace asdhxc: libtard gets btfod her3hero: the vector stuff sounds like lattice space in physics jib1337: Libs lose again ToshiCZ: Corona cant be worse than inhaling diesel fumes whilce cycling crispi____: KEKW astrocraft23: Squid1 Squid2 CrreamAwk Squid4 jeffbezos6: HeyGuys hi george Gefluegelrolle: this description is so woke, much wow B1_Renekton: safespaces LUL ck1956: you need to supress cytokine storm jeffbezos6: Ni hao from beijing medismailben: What are we doing today ? dunehazard: oh shit, i love that term. PopScience ck1956: exactly linearpup: crispi____: lmao Forcepain123: Is viral load a thing? Would make sense to reduce it by 40% then, no? Frenchism: Sure, because it”s not linear, there are super-spreader, such as a single individual in South Corea contaminating a whole hospital if i recall correctly

ToshiCZ: what was that coough @georgehotz corona incoming? jeffbezos6: Why c++? volkerai: c++ can do shit java can’t volkerai: and that is facts Tefosker: @georgehotz can do something like this in the future? RichyK1: c++ vs java… ResidentSleeper jeffbezos6: Sure but c is better volkerai: c++ when you need OOPs noclip32: x is better than y ResidentSleeper volkerai: for complex softwares volkerai: C for systems programming obviosly marschr: on the ebola epidemics in africa a lot of healthcare workers got infected when undressing the PPE (in related to masks) Denis0109: @volkerai java is used in android programming, so it can do something that c++ cant do cod1r: bro RichyK1: @Denis0109 ? volkerai: yeah linearpup: I personally use approximate nearest neighbor search to find query similar images from millions of images. I vectorize the images using a neural net and index them in one of these indexes. Search is usually < 1 sec cod1r: broskie volkerai: but c++ > java jeffbezos6: Oops are fine in c iwicdti: diskrrrtttt pilliam2: i wish i had better discrete math skills haircutjimmy: Hi @georgehotz volkerai: C++ is superior for OOPS her3hero: do a college course on stream PogChamp serRLNDT: any thoughts on the upcoming apple silicon? Are you excited at all? TessituraAQ: yeah I wish I watched educational youtube in highschool rai0xff: best streamer ever ! THE_korbi: yeah 3blue1brown is awesome ck1956: 3blue1brown is the GOAT Denis0109: lets go assembler jeffbezos6: What advantage do u get? aensaevhaerne: yeah linear algebra classes are shit in college joedcv: what are we working on today? volkerai: pointers volkerai: vs java that is haircutjimmy: Been a while – good to see the fella back on it bobrussel: i may be to stupid to follow whats going on tajpouria: Remdesivir has positive effect? linearpup: Use it to build a similarity search for comma street level videos and search for similar images for data augmentation volkerai: C with OOPs is basically C++ jeffbezos6: C data type is more efficient ent but i agree this is just semantics volkerai: if you are doing OOPS in C then you are programming in C++ rather than C jeffbezos6: Im not sure entirely volkerai: C doesn’t have OOP volkerai: look it up jeffbezos6: Oop is the link right? volkerai: C is not an OOP THE_korbi: good points QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: o7 RallPatej: wait whats wrong with masks mozzerbob: hmm volkerai: object oriented progamming language ck1956: – Jeremy Howard any_truers: new here looks interesting so far volkerai: classes, inheritance, etc zeroalligator: *cloth masks Frenchism: Am i a looser if I assume that since there’s a slight chance we’re better off with mask than without than I should use mask ? :p volkerai: that stuff is not in C aPosterior: NotLikeThis imgifty: hahaha, is he saying wearing masks is useless? angusmiguel: omg i just noticed @georgehotz looks like a younger David Costabile t3rabyt3_: Hi @all holysons11: whats wrong with mask jeffbezos6: Oh i see jeffbezos6: We dont use that language here nudax: no mask in sweden jeffbezos6: Sorry for bad english deanfx: What’s up man! Hope you’re doing well jeffbezos6: Not my first language t3rabyt3_: t3rabyt3_ subscribed at Tier 1

thealtchemist: no mask in denmark either mozzerbob: I’m just oing to wear a mask, even something shitty, its not going to make me more reckless, and if it helps in anyway even small good thealtchemist: yay science volkerai: regardless, c++ is better over C for software engineering and encapsulation zeroalligator: N95/P100 masks are effective if used all the time… and none are available so THE_korbi: @imgifty he says it might be useless thodeannn: @volkerai u re boring, nobody cares ur opinions about languages. everybody aware which language offers which features bobrussel: why is not wearing a mask believing in science Denis0109: @georgehotz do you think that there will be a second wave? jeffbezos6: I will have a look as i always avoided classes in anything as c was fast bitcoin_to_zero: LULW bobrussel: true thealtchemist: :O robodemia: DNA is a quack illdealer: truth hurts oxtuq: I’d subscribe if you streamed a lot, but I see you like once a month Jehhred: Australia got a second wave 4_realzies: check florida B3by11: who has a similar dashboard with cases per million haircutjimmy: bottom right ebrahim_31: For second wave look iran pilliam2: check victoria australia B3by11: Frenchism: Germany, they closed some departments there to avoid a second wave ck1956: phillipines is interesting, no deaths maxschneider96: austria Galveri: thats austria brofessorbob: Look at case fatality rate per age group binned djokaraaa: serbia JohnnyThe_Hobo: romania got a second wave 2 linearpup: There are no cases if there is no testing Forcepain123: but they had 500 cases at peak lol her3hero: i like this dashboard on corona. ck1956: lol RallPatej: @georgehotz why not look at there is clearly a second wave of infections if you look at reproduction rate quinquanonagintilliard: Can’t beat Vietnam though Poisonslash: LUL CyberNuance: lol probably_sleeping01: oo shit what did i miss out on pilliam2: we’ve had 5 days concurrent of +200 infections a day in Victoria Australia skandd1: LUL maxschneider96: search australia, not austria NotKarar: Yep B3by11: 0 cases in north korea too unrandomknown: LUL ebrahim_31: lol you still remember that? joedcv: lol adroniser: UK has defeated the coronavirus mozzerbob: Austrailia is a pretty big country too Skilion1: @georgehotz spain number are kinda sketchy. They get 600 cases, then 0 for a couple of days, than 800. There are 200k people isolated in catalunya Ahowe444: Vietnam is the one with no deaths subwaymonkeyyy: Australia was more 1.5 not a wave 2 brofessorbob: 93% of covid deaths in US are of people over the age of 55 skandd1: link for that ? Poisonslash: Seems like the homies in the Arctic are doing just fine xqcF RallPatej: @georgehotz effective reproduction number shows second wave in every state including NY subwaymonkeyyy: we never really had a inital wave jamieemb_: @adroniser hahahahaha, everywhere in the UK except England has defeated the coronavirus. FTFY serRLNDT: @Skilion1 did it ever cross your mind that maybe they don’t report everyday? Skillath: I flew from Sweden back home to Spain on Saturday and it’s getting kinda interesting down here ido1m: @georgehotz Look up Israel’s daily cases graph for a real 2nd wave ck1956: sorry Vietnam is the one with no deaths tajpouria: Iran more than 220 death per day any_truers: I think the link you are using for the corona map is not trustable, I heard something about malware there, use the official site: lzrdkng21: the covid median death age here was above the avg life span ck1956: lol Skilion1: @serRLNDT wow. thanks, genius her3hero: D: Theguywhobea: vietnam made a cool song about how not to get it serRLNDT: @Skilion1 then don’t call it sketchy dumbfuck quinquanonagintilliard: arc gis is a GIS company arhamkaiser: what is a israel alrealre: Covid is Tide for boomers linearpup: Fun fact: The average age of Covid-19 deaths is higher than the average age of ALL deaths Digital_donger: @any_truers that site is just a frame to the original site LUL Frenchism: I’m still confuse about the f(x) you associate to the spreading of covid, if there are super-spreader, should we not use a Power law distribution that forbid P-value and this kind of propr. ? case89: HeyGuys bored_spagetti: finally george you are live ! bored_spagetti: how is your summer everyone ? Poisonslash: @georgehotz There were some map sites that were infecting people with malware but those are sketchy sites lmao. I doubt you’d fall for one of them bitcoin_to_zero: drugs?

Ohi3enn: Geographical Information System company Digital_donger: what does he sell? monkaS Skilion1: @serRLNDT lol. you don’t even know what you are talking about. They actually reported 0 cases for that day, and then the day after 850. 2 days before 652. dumbfuck bobrussel: yourself aPosterior: ye we know Theguywhobea: dash cams arhamkaiser: drugs? alrealre: @linearpup yeah cause stillborn counts as a death and adds to that number ItsAMarcos: I have drank too much beer so I can not keep up with yesterday’s criticism MajesticMack: Wait you dont sell life insurance? mero_1181: Why are you not at work? FirstNameAndLastName: YES zeroalligator: Sure arhamkaiser: watch sum steins;gate ivylions: inserted furin site adroniser: Mutation G614 thealtchemist: ayyy ck1956: you should may be do a stream on economics of cornoavirus QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: Entropy analysis of the genome Jamsong8667: build something cool noob maxschneider96: u could look at genetic susceptibility ionelaipatioaei: when is the next programming stream? LimeTimeee: diabetes=insta death from covid ? guchiflamingo: Listen Hotz rektiwow: entertain us streamer ItsAMarcos: I wore a face diaper for groceries today 😁 sliceserve: “keep it up” Jensb6: must also note that the coronavirus also causes damage to organs and brain jorijnsmit: did you hack it? where can we download vaccin? THE_korbi: haha linearpup: Build similarity search for comma Skilion1: @serRLNDT come to spain, read local new, than give your opinion kklisura: BCG vaccine protection from severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). aPosterior: what’s been your angle so far? cure? CyberNuance: here for you, not the subject qezuke: any good idle for C? robodemia: blockcahing on corona insignia_microwave: hey how are you today? FirstNameAndLastName: Psychological impact of all this isolation? jib1337: I’m feeling bullish on corona pilliam2: what are we using spreading vectors for? kvndsantos: This is just fun to listen to while getting some work done guchiflamingo: Luc Montagier – nobel prize winner discovered HIV virus RNA sequence in Covid-19 qezuke: @georgehotz any good idle for C? arhamkaiser: fuck rona robodemia: blockcahing on corona zeroalligator: Leave it up, you’re making my work day far more interesting t3rabyt3_: t3rabyt3_ is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 1 in the channel! t3rabyt3_: t3rabyt3_’s Gift shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! t3rabyt3_: t3rabyt3_ gifted a Tier 1 sub to jo_renttt! thodeannn: @qezuke ed serRLNDT: @Skilion1 yes, I’m going to assume that you have uncovered some grand conspiracy that Spain has been hiding numbers foxubu: Thanks for the PrideWorld @t3rabyt3_ serRLNDT: @Skilion1 even though I can’t find anyone reporting on it qezuke: @thodeannn thats the name ? QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: PogChamp Skilion1: @serRLNDT ok, thanks for your input DesolderingPump: @qezuke Have you tried Vim? d4rkvist3r: hi QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: hype train ItsAMarcos: George you’re awesome, loved your talk on the simulation ak0ya_: @georgehotz what was your final opinion on muzero? thealtchemist: they found some bubonic plague around the world, pretty interesting, not deadly though zeroalligator: train hype jib1337: Scam train serRLNDT: @Skilion1 gracias por el tuyo cabrón fowlmoves: !commands maxschneider96: genome wide association study of susceptibility to coronavirus: fowlmoves: Bogus lul Denis0109: what’s with hackthebox? don’t you like it anymore? I mean there are a lot of machines, that don’t require VIP guchiflamingo: Luc Montagier – nobel prize winner discovered HIV virus RNA sequence in Covid-19 DesolderingPump: Like my paper 🙁 insignia_microwave: I found a pretty cool paper on coronavirus. if you want it just ask @georgehotz theknip: @georgehotz What do you think of brofessorbob: I say we throw a “free” cochella for the age group that has a less than 1% (people under age of 35) case fatality rate and build the heard immunity anguscupcake: free corona guchiflamingo: Luc Montagier – nobel prize winner discovered HIV virus RNA sequence in Covid-19 guchiflamingo: look it up Skilion1: @serRLNDT Skilion1: @serRLNDT no coverage

ItsAMarcos: George have you had a look at the ARC challenge by chollet? ItsAMarcos: energy based models? what’s the path to AGI? thealtchemist: pretty graph is pretty guchiflamingo: bloopsterr: f thealtchemist: f hi_im_drakster: f5 jeffbezos6: F FirstNameAndLastName: laggg THE_korbi: not f zlziga: george can you show desktop please bloopsterr: short f insignia_microwave: george how long you gonna stream cause I get paycheck on friday so I’ll sub then THE_korbi: @bloopsterr yeah ^^ jorijnsmit: did you cough in your elbow? jeffbezos6: HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HeyGuys HI GEORGE ChronixSC: corona was found in spanish waste waters in march 2019 apparently. maxschneider96: illumina is the leading next-gen sequencing company linearpup: Build an image super resolution GAN from scratch PunchTrees thealtchemist: damn why are subscriptions so expensive tajpouria: ‘Iran Guards Commander Claims Machine Can Detect Coronavirus 100 Meters Away ‘ wrap up researches with this! pielliepalie: We still busy with the rona? guchiflamingo: Luc Montagier – nobel prize winner discovered HIV virus RNA sequence in Covid-19 bored_spagetti: @ChronixSC just yesterday a university in Greece found covid in waste water here too guchiflamingo: jeffbezos6: SeemsGood Kappa RedCoat TheRinger StoneLightning OptimizePrime BCWarrior MrDestructoid Kreygasm SSSsss FirstNameAndLastName: @pielliepalie yes alrealre: rona’s not going to go away for at least 2 more years jeffbezos6: Iam gay THE_korbi: KappaPride FirstNameAndLastName: rona owes us all child support money thealtchemist: @alrealre maybe one if we’re lucky xxblueshift: xxblueshift subscribed at Tier 1 thealtchemist: Kinda hope i can work from home next year, not gonna lie ItsAMarcos: I lagged did he reply to the chollet stuff? neunaaz: any advice for a startup?? bored_spagetti: guys have you had a chance to find a girlfriend during the pandemic ? maxschneider96: genome-wide association studies are usually quite good for complex diseases maxschneider96: polygenic diseases alrealre: @thealtchemist European govt officials said that their experts predict global market to be closed at least until 2021 Q4 tajpouria: Maybe create another like that phone call? FirstNameAndLastName: @bored_spagetti no 4a6f686e446f65: @georgehotz You are such an inspiration to me! zlziga: can we see your desktop wallpaper? jeffbezos6: Europeans arent good at science and stuff Skilion1: @serRLNDT sketchy means exactly sketchy, nothing that you assumed, no need to attach or be offensive. Just got to fuck off now thealtchemist: @alrealre noot bad bored_spagetti: @jeffbezos6 4Weird THE_korbi: phenomena thealtchemist: @jeffbezos6 stup we smart thealtchemist: stop* soiax_: and then you dont believe in correlation with mask studies… lol Ahowe444: me too but kind of expensive for me covac123: LUL hi_im_drakster: LUL QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: not gonna be cheap Forcepain123: monkaW dogslayes: KEKW Skilion1: @serRLNDT ok cutza: you’ll be hacked

Digital_donger: PogChamp insignia_microwave: goodbye chances of being a murderer Kappa thes1nbad: go! BloodTrail imgifty: this guy on coke all the time marschr: git clone geohotz l1ttlemtman: sup Vackin: it few thousand still holysons11: debate destiny jib1337: DO IT Pog phrixus_bro: no trouble here boss xxblueshift: git clone george darkzade: monkaS BabyfaceKappa: @georgehotz im looking forward to it and greetings from germany Digital_donger: no sir monkaS gtnftw: sequence my dna mami insignia_microwave: yeah you did tell us alrealre: is he seeing things? LuL superluminal86: is that a wise thing to do? atthem0ment: reeeBrr reeeRrr reeeRrr QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: @xxblueshift LOL mozzerbob: @georgehotz good I have a few pull requests to make shrysk: I’m a make a georgebot jeffbezos6: Wow 4a6f686e446f65: but you didnt send it because you might have became a serial killer xD musabkilic0: hi george, have you heard about Project Evidence?: “Evidence SARS-CoV-2 Emerged From a Biological Laboratory in Wuhan, China” FirstNameAndLastName: samshoOs samshoOs samshoOs samshoOs samshoOs samshoOs samshoOs samshoOs Zeldorino: monkaS QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: George, do it and I will sub alrealre: lol yogi_1010: ‘Career path’ lol Whynox: ola, tudo bem? lesserthangood: shoutout edward snowden atthem0ment: reeeD marschr: tinder would become “pull requests” LOL lzrdkng21: Is that only for US nationals ? gigafact: stixeeHuh wootawee: ffsk not the lab conspiracy Skilion1: @serRLNDT im sorry, you’re right. thanks for correcting my grammar insignia_microwave: btw I’m logi I changed my username numbaeon: I used for my dna but I have doubts of their privacy policies xxblueshift: lol maxschneider96: Systems biology is very powerful generally, all omics like genomics, interactomics etc provide powerful tools for the future of drug discovery prince___amir: hi bro 不好意思: YEP FirstNameAndLastName: SSSsss SSSsss SSSsss SSSsss adroniser: If china made a very infectious deadly bioweapon they could release it in the us and the shut all flights and it would be like a nuke without mutually assured destruction musabkilic0: yeah, i agree with you on the Project E DeepBlender: Yes, no one knows. So why is there a need to pick “sides” about where it came from? insignia_microwave: could someone plant your DNA at a murder scene. I doubt it but THE_korbi: …relevant? hugokeys: These guys weren’t even able to prove twins were identical tho. Not sure I’d trust their results RapidEU: there’s myheritage aswell I think SpaceGhost8: blockchain PogChamp hi_im_drakster: why is the screen so small XD okeeeeeee: bingo iskjmss: LUL thealtchemist: YES BLOCKCHAIN BUY! Zeldorino: KEKW THE_korbi: @hugokeys who? jamieemb_: who owns the data after a genome sequence? Does the company own the data? jib1337: SCAM linearpup: powered by AI Sleeper009: This is good for bitcoin marschr: genecoins d4rkvist3r: how do viruses arise? insignia_microwave: cant use blockchain cause we lost all our house in bitcoin Kappa synthblade7080: PogChamp ActForImpact: just curious, why would you want to sequenz your genom? numbaeon: I have results from them after months of waiting hugokeys: @THE_korbi Ancestry, MyHeritage, 23andMe, fasmilytree, and living all failed the twin test maxschneider96: it´ s usually with saliva, right? holysons11: pogChamp

THE_korbi: @hugokeys thx hugokeys: jamieemb_: just wait for celebrities to start licensing and selling their DNA for the inevitable designer genetics boom that will happen within the next 10 years hugokeys: They were unable to show twins even come from the same place. Twins sent samples to both companies and they did not even source them to the same origin cutza: do they offer you the raw data? okeeeeeee: im gonna clone you 🙂 @georgehotz insignia_microwave: LUL zeroalligator: phrixus_bro: thank you whit_314: Thanks Goerge! JohnnyThe_Hobo: we are gonna clone george linearpup: GPLv3 please xxblueshift: can i have ur intelligence hi_im_drakster: nice LUL okeeeeeee: PogChamp pilliam2: thanks TessituraAQ: pull requests? thealtchemist: I’ll clone it and make a super george wutango: PogChamp filipeoliveiraa: PogChamp Joy_void_Joy: Aren’t you scared someone will just do an Emulated Mind out of you o: ? numbaeon: I heard dante labs makes up the cheap tests by selling your dna data for research PhantomYTReal: Can’t wait til someone leaves your dna at a crime scene linearpup: GPLv3 angusmiguel: scuffed beard LUL qatarking24xd: PogChamp thealtchemist: whaaatevveeer we like ck1956: can you get Elon Musks DNA insignia_microwave: can I plant your dna at a crime scene? Kappa B1_Renekton: george for president Mobius5: I’d like ur DNA george, i need some more intelligence in myfamily koudbi: @hugokeys different companies have trained their model on different samples serRLNDT: what if I commit a crime and plant your DNA Kappa Ahowe444: lol yogi_1010: lol Zeldorino: phone calls DansGame linearpup: LOLOL xxblueshift: OMEGALUL PhosphoricAcid: LUL cnovacost: I will inject your dna into coronavirus so he knows how to program itself okeeeeeee: 1000-600= 400 $ 🙂 thealtchemist: HAHAHA koudbi: LUL cipher_textt: lmfao iskjmss: AHAHHAAHHA cutza: LOL 400 profit covac123: it is only logical samsara_c: You’re gonna get your great uncle arrested for a 1976 bank robbery where they found a cigarette left behind shrysk: KEKW insignia_microwave: what if I plant your dna at a crime scene hi_im_drakster: Pog pilliam2: Pog jamieemb_: does honey offer a discount on 23&me? tornix98: bat with coronavirus -> exotic animalls -> sold at wuhan seafoood market -> pass onto humans gwatts: $33 per min to speak with geohotz gwatts: bargain Burton1: Pog sanyadollar: LUL myasovlavashe: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp alexanderrrrr: EZ Clap hi_im_drakster: S T O N K S okeeeeeee: LULW anguscupcake: Damn 1k an hour is a good wage SpaceGhost8: EZ xksteven: why not discuss comma on stream? CyberNuance: free 60 PhosphoricAcid: lucky day thealtchemist: BUY MORE IT’S ALMOST FREE QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: LOL kvndsantos: LOL phrixus_bro: you should try 50-off thodeannn: how bout 50-OF alrealre: it’s always 10% off RobinMalfait: Now try 100-OFF Joy_void_Joy: Just input 20-OFF 🙂 ? angusmiguel: what about 100-off=? thealtchemist: try 90-OF anantacodes: Why not use 20-OFF now? yogi_1010: do it again 9 more time! hugokeys: @koudbi i mean the results are by them. They weren’t testing if different companies produced the same results, it was that each company had failed to id them to the same background QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: F THE_korbi: F okeeeeeee: F JohnnyThe_Hobo: they got him I_am_paranoid: -100-OFF hi_im_drakster: f thealtchemist: YES Burton1: f Burton1: saved hugokeys: BIg pharma got him THE_korbi: lol PhantomYTReal: When george gets arrested for his DNA being at a crime scene I wanna be there okeeeeeee: LUL QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: LOL thodeannn: dfjoaslfkjsalfjkasdfkjhasd;f4 wutango: LUL movAX13h: lol cutza: LOL I_am_paranoid: lol filipeoliveiraa: LUL Ropat: LUL qatarking24xd: LUL myasovlavashe: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL koudbi: ahahah alexanderrrrr: LMAO Mobius5: LOOOL jakuhor: xddd Toastie1: HAHAHA thealtchemist: WE RIIIICH! okeeeeeee: hahaha alrealre: nice hi_im_drakster: LUL 1donald: LUL insignia_microwave: LUL Koduck007: LOL TessituraAQ: loool xxblueshift: LUL filipeoliveiraa: EZ Clap NilsIRL: LUL lzrdkng21: 10/10 phrixus_bro: haaaaa thealtchemist: WE RICHHH ayyken0: LUL O_Dunravin: hax her3hero: LUL Rennem: LUL gwatts: 30-OFF bloopsterr: LUL iskjmss: HAHAHAHAHAHA jamieemb_: W Ahowe444: LMAO r0llingQUADS: LUL kvndsantos: TRY 60 samsara_c: KEEP GOING gwisr: LUL wtf angusmiguel: OMEGALUL skunsy: LUL SSayMyName: LOOL musabkilic0: LUL Koduck007: 1337 hax Burton1: LUL cutza: 100 – OFF anguscupcake: WTF bananaconda: EZ Clap PhosphoricAcid: ez onefunkynote: Try 30 and 40 thealtchemist: MORE MORE alexanderrrrr: try 30 qatarking24xd: go on random11_real: ahahahaahh Bretel: ahahahahahha wtf okeeeeeee: try 25 JAKWAI: Hackerman maikgs: Lol Repunk: WOW numbaeon: EZ QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: LUL LUL LUL CyberNuance: try free gwisr: 25? random11_real: dont stop 不好意思: LUL gtnftw: try “FREE” aensaevhaerne: EZ Clap gwatts: 25 kvndsantos: 60 movAX13h: its on the same website and they dont even check … haha thealtchemist: :(( angusmiguel: 25-OFF samsara_c: COMBINE WITH 10-OFF evildevil90: those are usually all client side. you can easily reverse that maxschneider96: type in FREE shrysk: LUL LUL 不好意思: FREE LUL okeeeeeee: HACKS LUL THE_korbi: EZ Clap linearpup: LOLOLOL bored_spagetti: EZ Clap norflin221: 2020 hacking Whynox: i was do this SigmaHeavyIndustries: hackerman thealtchemist: :(/ ck1956: try 25 brofessorbob: 100-OFF Joy_void_Joy: LUL Whynox: always aurumvorax421: who is the dumbfuck that made that ? her3hero: 100-off Pogchamp thealtchemist: We’ll resell to the 10-off suckers qlutoo: 50-off ? marschr: LOL qatarking24xd: LUL LUL musabkilic0: just saved 120$ LUL filipeoliveiraa: try FREE Kappa linearpup: Elite hacker Mobius5: Scuffed LUL her3hero: 69-OFF worked PogChamp Xiffix: great you spinned the wheel! insignia_microwave: @thealtchemist I love it alrealre: coffee is better JohnnyThe_Hobo: i already see the meeting with the programmer who did this Sleeper009: 69 nice QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: holy shit, this guy is such a good hacker that he just got 20% off for nothing alrealre: tea is some sweet kidney stone times MrBankster: hackinsack joshperri: You really did hack the PlayStation Rennem: earn 10 dollar by typing 110-off LUL THE_korbi: always keep it 69 anguscupcake: tea is less taxing on the adrenals thealtchemist: that chair has charchter mr_ahab_: I miss the kitchen background joshperri: Where did the kitchen go? ido1m: @Rennem But it’s % jamieemb_: right bois, I need a new chair recommendation yogi_1010: his beard has character. Get it from github Zeldorino: No BTTV emotes FeelsBadMan linearpup: dx racer anguscupcake: just get the leap v2 JoRoFo: herman miller JoRoFo: aeron

Rennem: @ido1m oh, true thealtchemist: Herman miller ma duuude prince___amir: i am also drinking green tea now linearpup: herman miller mirra 2 mkdrmnd: Smh I stepped away for 20m and George is buying a genome sequencing test SSayMyName: Well I need qwerty recommendation joshperri: He dating someone again? I don’t think he got a conscience overnight and regretted diaper face jamieemb_: wish i had the money for one, the broke uni student life will pay off one day phrixus_bro: herman miller use code 20-off O_Dunravin: the DNA is worth so much more to the company, they get paid twice! anantacodes: When are we doing the house tour? mattdougherty22: why are you back in jersey? just joined Xiffix: great you spinned the wheel, 120$ brofessorbob: Greatings from North Park PhantomYTReal: George what would happen if they found your dna at a crime scene but your dna is open source? insignia_microwave: wait your in jersey? thealtchemist: good plan @PhantomYTReal thealtchemist: can’t be convicted if it’s open source PhantomYTReal: Got it crime pays and a lot at that joshperri: Is that a sign of a good person? Relmnight_Live: except tax evasion. SHit pays good Mobius5: Kinda does LUL axlebear: is his DNA MIT licensed? adroniser: What if someone uses your DNA and places it at crime scene musabkilic0: dante also has an advanced kit for 850$ hi_im_drakster: LUL her3hero: LUL egghead0102: is their 30X genome sequencing somehow lesser than 130X + 30X genome sequencing? thealtchemist: SCAM axlebear: KEKW insignia_microwave: cannabis health report LUL JakeJ24: utter bollox Xiffix: you earned 120 bucks tho 😀 Zeldorino: Scam FeelsGoodMan joedcv: yeah Repunk: $34 jeez alexanderrrrr: lmao anguscupcake: nice lulascoca: buy it PogChamp 4a6f686e446f65: @georgehotz Does that sign in the backgroudn say “Dreams” ?????? THE_korbi: oh jeeeezus tatsumiss: LULW bruh_imcoding: Georges DNA embedded in computer viruses hmmm kvndsantos: DNA App Store mozzerbob: Thats the subtitle for anything I make Digital_donger: D: SpaceGhost8: overwhelming data LUL axlebear: Cytokine storm testing is a total bait and switch mattdougherty22: just rewatched Aaron Swartz doc. Did you ever get to meet or have read any of his blogs? angusmiguel: it does english 🙂 smurfd0: damn that app seem to know everything about covid 😀 linearpup: lololol thealtchemist: big computer go bip-bop anguscupcake: computers are made of meat mexeroserisback: download more genome ram . com TessituraAQ: this is fun, I’m having fun 4a6f686e446f65: @georgehotz Does that sign in the background say “Dreams” ? PhantomYTReal: Enchancing you genomes to make sure your offspring are better than you pilliam2: liquid cooling is my computers blood skunsy: cyberpunk stuff Joy_void_Joy: *enhance* wasphy: Hey George! In the podcast with Lex you said that you would like to physically move to the cloud. Can you expand on the mechanics behind that? Thank you! tatsumiss: sophisticated scam thealtchemist: Any thoughts on nootropics? jamieemb_: @thealtchemist pretty sure he was taking l-theanine for a while kvndsantos: LOL CyberNuance: thats great mozzerbob: hah Digital_donger: LUL QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: @4a6f686e446f65 I looked it up yesterday, yeah basically, or “to dream” d4rkvist3r: lol insignia_microwave: lol PhantomYTReal: No don’t bring back the key gen flashbacks iskjmss: generic WPF project aurumvorax421: keygen music is pretty cool thealtchemist: @jamieemb_ Interesting, you shouldn’t sleep on that anguscupcake: lions mane is my favorite O_Dunravin: there’s two routes wasphy, Tron or the Lawnmower man

insignia_microwave: hiding in the bookshelf LUL maxschneider96: go one step further and do transcriptomics in all tissues of ur body lol 4_realzies: thought you were l theanine shill movAX13h: the virus in the keygen becomes something completely different 🙂 4_realzies: a* PhantomYTReal: tbh any iced tea is pretty good thealtchemist: Pramiracetam == aderall mexeroserisback: Kreygasm axlebear: What about those brainwave machines Joy_void_Joy: Chiptune Pog thealtchemist: piracetam, mixing them up, what’s what mattdougherty22: just rewatched Aaron Swartz doc. Did you ever get to meet or have read any of his blogs? cutza: lol skunsy: Oh dude I hated these wasphy: Piracetam is really really cheap in my country Ne0Zer0: LUL brofessorbob: Woohoo! SigmaHeavyIndustries: based mexeroserisback: Louder SwiftRage qatarking24xd: LUL tatsumiss: WutFace cutza: click the logo thealtchemist: LOUDER Digital_donger: 2007 again FeelsGoodMan myasovlavashe: PepePls jamieemb_: I’ve been taking 300mg caffeine and 700mg l-theanine for about a year now and barely notice any effect airinspiration_: fuck my ears 4a6f686e446f65: @QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE Yeah i figured 😛 linearpup: xD alrealre: permanent hearing loss LuL d4rkvist3r: Kappa Kappa Joy_void_Joy: What languages? axlebear: Actual banger SigmaHeavyIndustries: DAS RITE PhantomYTReal: Pen-test your own company JAKWAI: cant hear my professor anymore turn it down ^^ xxblueshift: learn html gtnftw: do all leetcode problems in 1 stream lesserthangood: KEKW haircutjimmy: lisp thealtchemist: learn css SSayMyName: nootropics not worth it JohnnyThe_Hobo: get all the followers from an instagram page in python SpaceGhost8: DNA conversion tool QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: oh man, I remember keygen music, it was so fkin garbage lesserthangood: lets beat the turing test 🙂 aurumvorax421: crack passwords from games from the 80s lulascoca: what are you trying to do with the dna? pilliam2: do some stuff with trees adroniser: english to french translator joedcv: what do you think about gpt-3 angusmiguel: create a google clone alrealre: Tinnitus PogChamp insignia_microwave: add instant messaging to voice app 4a6f686e446f65: Code joshperri: When the serialz scene was really an underground music scene 4a6f686e446f65: CodeCode] DrRobotvinnik: make a successful cartpole Kappa @georgehotz 4a6f686e446f65: Code mexeroserisback: corona dna keygen Landepbs: Python script to convert any song into keygen style gigafact: dun dun dun serRLNDT: thought’s on apple silicon? insignia_microwave: and video calls to voice app linearpup: Do hackthebox mattdougherty22: man hacks prosthetic arm to control music: stianz0: writing a patch to the dna SigmaHeavyIndustries: Learn HolyC RapidEU: create a poc to exploit the new DNS CVE! THE_korbi: best music pepePls pepeJAM xxblueshift: pirate sony vegas 2008 bruh_imcoding: I’m wondering which tiling window manager you use on the Ubuntu computer? PigeonsDontFlyFar: Mr Hotz what do I do if I like cock? pielliepalie: Raaaaaaaaaave aurumvorax421: insignia_microwave: add to voice app skykanin: did you ever finish that coq proof for sqrt 2 is irrational? 4a6f686e446f65: Code tatsumiss: W I N D OMEGALUL W qezuke: f QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: F Xiffix: F jib1337: WINDOWS OMEGALUL QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: back haizenburg__: lovingkeygen mmi18: @PigeonsDontFlyFar i dunno find one i guess SSayMyName: are you using 4K screen Hotz samsara_c: f wait no. wait f insignia_microwave: windows ew axlebear: nathanBogged asgargg: f frames f maxschneider96: create an improved version of the tinder bot: haizenburg__: glad i watched today PhantomYTReal: Love the internet company waiting over a year still no signs of normal internet coming smokyakasteve: did you see the windows dns code execution linearpup: do mashafique: Hey Geo. Great to see you live again PogChamp smokyakasteve: nice am slow axlebear: You can get a windows 10 vm for free from Microsoft now thealtchemist: windows not sexy insignia_microwave: nah let’s just add to voice app to make it more revolutionary cutza: lol the detune VegaGalaxy: is the stream going laggy only to me? xEHLE_: checkpoint research has an exploit plan laid out for server2012 i think it was thealtchemist: Link to the music? polysoulz_: wait windows have a VM? polysoulz_: orcale is better tho chemicalflash: how about the flatland reinforcement learning on trains competition gtnftw: yes, it will overwhelming your computer linearpup: implement this from scratch C4TFive: sometimes overwhelming janpoonthong: Are you in office kklisura: Build some REST API with accessibility support. 😀 joshperri: Just spin up a vm on AWS thealtchemist: NAND-2-TETRIS? SSayMyName: stream going laggy to me as well janpoonthong: !os Arxedorus: what computer is he using? mrusli70: Dude Hotz I send you YouTube message check it out janpoonthong: macbook pro 16

d4rkvist3r: hard lag pielliepalie: Lag gone anguscupcake: build a device intended for the purpose of smoking tobacco insignia_microwave: ass to voiceapp ck1956: do a remote desktop with someone you know has windows insignia_microwave: add pielliepalie: And back lol sondreal: too old LUL never too old bro mrusli70: George did your MacBook Pro 16 have T2 chip crashes tatsumiss: downloading windows in 2020 KEKW linearpup: It would be fun to make an open source version of SSayMyName: LUL C4TFive: that Fiverr name ‘SIDRed’ joshperri: You get cred jib1337: Using and caring about windows in the current year OMEGALUL RapidEU: Hahahaha mrusli70: yeah_haey: Play a ctf anguscupcake: windows is ass for everything but gaming yeah_haey: Ill sub if you play a ctf joshperri: Would you have been able to start comma without your hacking cred? smokyakasteve: exploit is on github already musabkilic0: make-a-lisp? maxschneider96: @mrusli70 great stuff smurfd0: do something with machine learning?! mrusli70: Check livescience and science direct website on Coronavirus xEHLE_: @smokyakasteve got a link? xxblueshift: teach us plebs something RapidEU: Predict Tesla stock using machine learning haha musabkilic0: GiantSweater: how is it going mrusli70: George heard of Copper mask sondreal: I would invest in geohot blabbernab: confuse them with tech jargon RapidEU: who wouldnt? @sondreal sondreal: RapidEU wheres ur investment star? pielliepalie: How about making an opensauce selfdriving platform. OmegaLUL smokyakasteve: @xehle_ alrealre: breathing copper is going to trash their liver the organ LuL thealtchemist: copper be expensive mrusli70: Copper can kill COVID-19 in 4 hours?!!! ephil01: Build your own gameboy emulator RapidEU: @sondreal 🙁

sondreal: LUL blabbernab: run it LUL gtnftw: decompile Android apps and remove their ability to show ads, then recompile and release xEHLE_: ofc its a troll OpieOP RapidEU: copy it! what can possibly happen insignia_microwave: oh fuuuucccck no Lol_for_lol5: it’s a rick roll qezuke: teach C @georgehotz cutza: program a program that programs SigmaHeavyIndustries: bruh a link musabkilic0: JPEG decoder maybe SigmaHeavyIndustries: MYSTERY LINK jasondesante: we need neuralink dammit hi_im_drakster: lmao VegaGalaxy: Do the CVE please JohnnyThe_Hobo: get a noob from chat and teach him to program @georgehotz sondreal: when my boss asks why I spent 2 days on 7 lines of code Kappa RapidEU: teach us god-level python linearpup: Make an image super resolution model maxschneider96: python ftw tjbrother: You could write a program that writes programs PogChamp eldac_kno: heard latest news about nanite in Unreal engine 5? In the last video they said it doesn’t work with foliage and skinned meshes. Now pretty bummed about it, was hyped whit_314: Pihole get you an installation option for curling and piping into BASH GiantSweater: me 🙂 yeah_haey: Play a ctf Ill sub Ne0Zer0: me 🙂 polysoulz_: C is cool angusmiguel: i do! her3hero: pick me, im a sub maxschneider96: teamviewer FargioFarmani: MEEE musabkilic0: repl mattdacentaur: i do xxblueshift: me# cutza: insignia_microwave: lol THE_korbi: mee samsara_c: csvode can collaborate i think? Poisonslash: @georgehotz Just wondering how long have you been doing comp sci? I been doing it for 5 years now but your technical analysis skills and aptitude for this stuff is impressive ephil01: vscode has collaborative editing TekniqueTrading: vs code liveshare samsara_c: vs* I_am_paranoid: has collab edit xksteven: c vs c++ vs rust? yeah_haey: PLAY A CTF ILL SUBSCRIBE axlebear: me 🙂 pilliam2: me! PhantomYTReal: Me? NilsIRL: google docs Kappa myasovlavashe: LUL ephil01: so can atom Burton1: yeah me insignia_microwave: vscode live share maikgs: Me i1uvatar: Vs code live share pilliam2: jupyter? qezuke: @georgehotz i want to learn C , I’ve never code maxschneider96: teamviewer? NilsIRL: me yeah_haey: C IS TOO EAYS MAN TEAHC SOMETHING HARD haircutjimmy: embedding Lua in C polysoulz_: repl it??? joshperri: tmux Xiffix: her3hero: me, im a sub PogChamp patrickgekko: me pielliepalie: Google colab? insignia_microwave: vscode live chare okeeeeeee: zoom kvndsantos: I’m in myasovlavashe: C Pog polysoulz_: repl repl repl Xiffix: insignia_microwave: I’ll do it marschr: from the transistor qezuke: pls I want to learn @georgehotz Ne0Zer0: her3hero PogChamp QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: lol, that link okeeeeeee: zoom into website b2kemann: zoom her3hero: PogChamp tatsumiss: PogU mrusli70: Ha ha ha ha tatsumiss: Pog polysoulz_: we love repl all my homies love repl qezuke: @georgehotz invite me , i want to learn C xksteven: PogU i1uvatar: Just use vs code live share musabkilic0: dont you need subscription for that? jamieemb_: @georgehotz what do you think the future of cybersecurity looks like with continued incorporation of machine learning in the industry? I can’t decide whether to do my masters in AI & ML or Cybersecurity polysoulz_: i think there is share feature samsara_c: lol here i come Bankshots7: Hello G haircutjimmy: Just do it in Vim @georgehotz pilliam2: does george write java?\ linearpup: just try this xxblueshift: Vim Diesel tutorial her3hero: nice insignia_microwave: vscode live share FirstNameAndLastName: nice polysoulz_: nooooooooooo pharaohskaro: !uptime RapidEU: codeshare looks good thealtchemist: @jamieemb_ do what you think is fun, you can always educate yourself afterwards her3hero: lul tatsumiss: LULW Plurmorant: PogChamp real programming language norflin221: baba is you + tatsumiss: KEKW insignia_microwave: yeessss Poisonslash: Teach us how to code in Arnold C PogChamp parktype: lets have a minesweeper tourney KappaPride xksteven: baba FTW daTruth: I do collab editing with my class, you need to sign in with an account eldac_kno: heard latest news about nanite in Unreal engine 5? In the last video they said it doesn’t work with foliage and skinned meshes. Now pretty bummed about it, was hyped xxblueshift: download templeOS insignia_microwave: learn temple os yeah_haey: Play a ctf man ill subscribe if you do or anything with vulnerability explotiation qezuke: @georgehotz teach me C pls b2kemann: lets do monads in haskell polysoulz_: t0m C xxblueshift: @insignia_microwave lol RapidEU: Easy, github – “merge sort” adn then filter C QUOTE_IF_SELF_AWARE: did george actually buy the dna sequencing kit? thealtchemist: merge() synthblade7080: WAYTOODANK jamieemb_: @thealtchemist i love both, although I have more fun working with data than I do with any of the cyber stuff I’ve done. I know there’s a steep learning curve to be good at Cybersecurity though compared to AI tatsumiss: PogU georgehotz: Plurmorant: let’s do it

JohnnyThe_Hobo: lets goo cbrahCheers pielliepalie: @georgehotz how about duplicating this? pharaohskaro: surrreeeeeee thealtchemist: @jamieemb_ I would think that ML/AI would give you more general information aswell, where cybersecurity is more focused on one area Ahowe444: recursive calls to mergesort cutza: laggy link qezuke: @georgehotz it doesnt load her3hero: link not work 🙁 GiantSweater: we broke the link illdealer: we ddos the site luchesijoao: HeyGuys i1uvatar: Vs code live share? gtnftw: recursive or nah Ne0Zer0: LUL JohnnyThe_Hobo: this is why communism fails pilliam2: divide and conquer! sondreal: this is why we cant have nice things!!!!!!!!!! RapidEU: Lets show how team work makes it work VegaGalaxy: You can use much better parktype: @JohnnyThe_Hobo lmao kalbermatteralan: can someone share the link again arbitrandomuser: how do they do the whole C repl thing ? xxblueshift: LUL Digital_donger: this isn’t going to end well LUL GiantSweater: OMEGA LUL SurfCat: 800 man code session, yeah LUL axlebear: This stream is only for the learned dynamite_dragon: NotLikeThis Repunk: I don’t think this is gonna end well :// DeepBlender: Faith in humanity is lost I guess smokyakasteve: FailFish xksteven: LUL tatsumiss: OMEGALUL synthblade7080: TriHard FirstNameAndLastName: someone keeps writing 696969 pilliam2: need a partition function kalbermatteralan: could someone share the link again phrixus_bro: uh oh myasovlavashe: LUL iskjmss: hardcoding legend ELITEGAMS: NotLikeThis Ne0Zer0: Twitch Plays MergeSort thealtchemist: can’t get on 🙁 Digital_donger: site is down 🙁 jib1337: Stop messing around mrusli70: LoL!!! kalbermatteralan: my chat was closed when he shared qezuke: i cant join qezuke: @georgehotz i cant join polysoulz_: they cant do it lemmywemmy: I think all hope might be lost LUL smokyakasteve: LUL LUL LUL georgehotz: asdhxc: crashed site? kvndsantos: I think codeshare is overwhelmed GiantSweater: we broke the link bro jamieemb_: @thealtchemist yeah true, the masters courses in Scotland are quite in depth when it comes to the particular subject you’re studying Denis0109: be NICE to GEORGE plss kalbermatteralan: tnks Digital_donger: it’s dead 🙁 Poisonslash: The link is laggy af LUL numbaeon: Site don’t update her3hero: I think we crash the site qezuke: the link is broken fstab: type it in the morge sort functiom NilsIRL: kinda mashafique: I never knew how PepeHansd bloopsterr: site crashed? insignia_microwave: I’m joining now I’ll get it kvndsantos: Codeshare is dead pharaohskaro: bro the site won’t even load lol ck1956: DDOS haircutjimmy: Link is dead Ne0Zer0: hahaha mendax1: link is broken thealtchemist: link broke tatsumiss: DDOS linearpup: YES! cutza: write your own code share app instead kalbermatteralan: actually what we have to do? hunt_fmj: nice clicky sound 🙂 t3rabyt3_: link is loading and loading Roman182: LOL the whole website is actually down xksteven: I does but I got a PhD so it not fair qezuke: i cant see your code ! @georgehotz Mobius5: wtf is mergesort?!? insignia_microwave: we ddosed codeshare jib1337: Yes write our own distributed coding app knilecrack: I can’t see it insignia_microwave: its dead insignia_microwave: codeshare is fucking dead aloofbit: the site it broken :< axellben: !uptime qezuke: site is broken musabkilic0: we killed it boysss iotku: I don't know how to program I only know golang PhantomYTReal: We did it we crashed a website qezuke: Find another one gtnftw: write a function that merges 2 sorted lists first tatsumiss: even the site cant load up KEKW pharaohskaro: Happy: time here. its DONE pharaohskaro: from heapq import merge import time import random #m= random.sample(range(1, 100),99) #m= random.sample(range(1, 1000),999) #m= random.sample(range(1, 10000),9999) #m= random.sample(range(1, 100000),9999) #m= random.sample(range(1, 10000000),99999) m= random.sample(range(1, 100000000),999999) arr =m # sorting m with amerge sort def merge_sort(m): if len(m) <= 1: return m middle = len(m) // 2 left = m[:middle] right = m[middle:] left = merge_sort(left) right anguscupcake: this is where I would just google mergesort and copy and paste it musabkilic0: WutFace FirstNameAndLastName: WHAT ARE WE DOONG AGAIN iotku: twitch character limits be like 5GToren: LOL janpoonthong: is this c or c++? ph1shstyx: I finally made a twitch stream! iotku: yes @janpoonthong insignia_microwave: I just for a 524 error from codeshare JAKWAI: why you code in vi? Denis0109: vim is better than anything! janpoonthong: what yes? xxblueshift: vim is king joshperri: #include Denis0109: vim is love thealtchemist: void merge( int arr[], int lower, int middle, int r) arbitrandomuser: is some alarm going off in the background ? Suspecthum: jesus ph1shstyx: emacs PhantomYTReal: Ah yes construction noises insignia_microwave: down detector has codeshare down sondreal: void mergesort(int a[], int i, int j){ int mid; if (i

lzrdkng21: Well could also be C++ since c is a running subset iskjmss: >not using ml to merge sort lzrdkng21: but c cutza: merge merch tatsumiss: hacker right there tatsumiss: hackerman linearpup: can’t be done quiqeh: whats merge sort? xksteven: you also need the else Roman182: Have to create a copy I think Adolfich: what he is doing? eddyrdqsk: u can thealtchemist: I’m out, have a great day boooyyys! vloood: Yes using pointers FirstNameAndLastName: George just flexing on us on his INstagram Dabux_: @georgehotz are you a good singer? mashafique: It’s time to unlock our galaxy brains aensaevhaerne: yes pointers zazealot777: FeelsGoodMan iotku: Just load the NPM module it’ll be fine LUL Smoress: They usually give you like 10 minutes for this question. Wouldn’t you have failed by now? Kappa jamieemb_: @thealtchemist have a good one insignia_microwave: codeshare is dead gtnftw: split list in half repeatedly, until the size of list is 1, then merge the sorted lists, which is trivial axlebear: Somebody’s grinded leetcode M03x: @georgehotz which is harder competitive programming or CTF ? oguwan: What’s the point of memorizing B1_Renekton: its easy if you have done segment trees arbitrandomuser: poor backspace key Talgathy: code is done on codeshare RapidEU: Easier to go to github and find a sampel code LUL pharaohskaro: link doesn’t work but I am happy to post mine if you want it done FirstNameAndLastName: His keys are triggernig me snapcs1: cool yeah_haey: Write a fuzzer that_lad_koby: Finally made it to one of the streams! YES! angusmiguel: what is * ? yeah_haey: Write a fuzzer with RL for the mutation RapidEU: pointer metallsimp: pointer pharaohskaro: @yeah_haey that actually takes quite a bit more effort 鼻史: @angusmiguel pointer ? angusmiguel: what’s a pointer @鼻史 snapcs1: lol ykahveci_: use temp? RapidEU: address knilecrack: don’t you want to sort them 1st? jamieemb_: @M03x After learning the key CP concepts and putting in a lot of effort you can solve most problems if you try hard enough. It’s basically the same with CTF although you’ll have to understand more technologies insignia_microwave: let’s just add to voice app illogicalism: old man coding asdhxc: @georgehotz chat was faster than you Poizzoned: is that C++? machineman101010: it is knilecrack: no, c myasovlavashe: C machineman101010: C Level_002: question, isnt there libraries that actually already do this? knilecrack: yes lzrdkng21: yes lol Digital_donger: @Level_002 imagine using libraries in 2020 LUL RapidEU: He’s just having fun @Level_002 tatsumiss: yea its also all over the internet insignia_microwave: click answered on voice app zenderbeg: I haven’t seen C++ in years xD mendax1: it’s c people RapidEU: MERGE SORT does NOT exist on the internet, he is the first one who is gonna implement it ykahveci_: why he using pointer? RapidEU: you were here! enders0uld: where did you learned coding? 鼻史: @angusmiguel basically a pointer points to a memory location, and that’s how we keep in touch with the memory space illogicalism: kinda verbose answer Level_002: because is c @ykahveci_ THX1342: chat is subpar today esk0p: What is he trying to accomplish? illdealer: easy to sort 0s lol ykahveci_: @level_002 but he can handle merge without pointer insignia_microwave: yo get a voiceapp id

pharaohskaro: code a mergesort lucasfernsilva: dont know how to use pointers til today eldac_kno: quality content mendax1: can’t you just use undef? pharaohskaro: data structures and algorithms assignment / coding assignment in a coding interview linearpup: Please use GDB pharaohskaro: check line 29****** mryosta: whats up my man hotz maxschneider96: Any other dart programmers here? (flutter) axlebear: not using ZZ to save and exit vim PepeLaugh 鼻史: let’s go with gdb peda LUL loreleva: That’s c insignia_microwave: @linearpup we use qira around here Kap0a illdealer: linearpup he has his own dbg insignia_microwave: Kappa tdubey: are we back writing voice app the best 2020 Hotz corp startup? pharaohskaro: your line 29 and line 40 are the problems Roman182: Pog Poisonslash: PogChamp linearpup: oh yeah qira is the shit cutza: how long will it take you to now write it in python? yogi_1010: PogChamp tatsumiss: PogU chemicalflash: try the Flatland competition: (scheduling trains) NilsIRL: @cutza sorted() Kappa machineman101010: you gave 10min for that lzrdkng21: its just annoying af to do that shit in c linearpup: Please timeless debug mergesort pilliam2: can you walk over it? machineman101010: who* J3rwin: lol 不好意思: yes python Pog mryosta: what vim application do u use FirstNameAndLastName: python is FAST boi iotku: ngl I thought you were going to type import mergesort at the top linearpup: vanilla vim Poisonslash: Hacker mode activate Appz_x: lol wtf mryosta: oh whatt erminal is that that lets u open tabs FirstNameAndLastName: George hacked my bank account and GAVE me money NilsIRL: @mryosta tmux joshperri: @mryosta iterm2 machineman101010: :DD illogicalism: can we stop with the hack remarks, this is mid level developer stuff oguwan: @mryosta iterm2 FirstNameAndLastName: George “Dont talk to my son” Hotz maxschneider96: pace bro Level_002: i sadly havent learned vim yet, I know some super limited vi and the hated “nano”. More of a vscode guy or atom BrodatyWhiteBear: @mryosta vanilla like linearpup said. You can also check we’re true in the bottom of therminal; tatsumiss: hacking stream PogU TRIMES1: hEY snapcs1: vscode supports vim keybinds oguwan: @Level_002 It’s definitly worth learning illdealer: illogicalism u never watched kung fury? oxtuq: Learn it, then @Level_002 insignia_microwave: @level_002 vim is not for everyone but I think its great FaceTheWolf: line 6 is missing a colon, right? smurfd0: python is cheating 😛 converted some neuralnetwork stuff from python to rust was abit tricky coProof: Oh no 🤦♀️ rifukkawa: @Level_002 learn emacs Kapp rifukkawa: Kappa oguwan: both are great eldac_kno: hey completely out the field question, but don’t you think that infinite sums explanation of zenos paradox is kinda overrated. Like change the problem to runners who pass a baton after they run half of the distance and then the question won’t be answerable with infinite sums, because we assigned halves of the distance with a person B1_Renekton: @georgehotz implement quicksort? iskjmss: else if OMEGALUL Smoress: It’s incredibly sad that you do not get to write a lot of algorithms in what’s seen as “programming”. You just work with new requests and implement new logic + UI in the apps. That’s the usual case at least machineman101010: line 6 rifukkawa: @oguwan emacs + evil is Kreygasm oguwan: @rifukkawa LUL

haircutjimmy: How about doing it in Racket?? insignia_microwave: noice Raiwo: Pog cutza: nice worraaa: what are we doing Streetmaniac: what is he working on yeah_haey: Make a mario rl bot or play ctfs please sorting code is boring Poisonslash: @georgehotz Now write mergesort in genetic code Kappa worraaa: merge sort in 100 languges? iskjmss: Time both programs? machineman101010: 2.36 min pharaohskaro: posted mine in code share gtnftw: now java insignia_microwave: ruby mryosta: scheme RapidEU: GO haircutjimmy: Racket hi_im_drakster: java LUL b2kemann: haskell cutza: php! themorph3: go Digital_donger: php PogChamp J3rwin: php KEK ZuppaSalata: java THX1342: brainfuck RapidEU: Golang worraaa: lean metallsimp: LUA oguwan: brainfuck Timeisnotrelative: java iwicdti: hoon xxblueshift: ASSEMBLY# lzrdkng21: StandardML DuifjeRoekoe: assembly 7martim7: JAVA DesolderingPump: My C is a bit Rust-y 😛 colanzio5: APL FaceTheWolf: brainfuck worraaa: coq BrodatyWhiteBear: golang illogicalism: COBOL bobrussel: PHP Appz_x: html Dabux_: fortran metallsimp: LUAAAAAA bloopsterr: binary b1nk: NIM reesync: haskell Entrodox: haskell THENEXTMOSES: go snapcs1: brainfuck haircutjimmy: LISP zenderbeg: php b2kemann: haskellhakell phrixus_bro: rust woodmann: Java LUL metallsimp: LUAAAAA mexeroserisback: julia NilsIRL: brainfuck turkkk: Java EsKuel_: Brainfuck RapidEU: Goalng xxblueshift: ASEMMBLY cutza: PHP linearpup: GO tornix98: SWIFT b2kemann: HASKELL mryosta: haskell yeah_haey: Assembly PhantomYTReal: Assembly actuallymad1: HOLYC 7martim7: kotlin kklisura: java xxblueshift: ASSEMBLY musabkilic0: haskell blabbernab: haskell Raiwo: PHP LUL tomaesh: cobol Mathews02: ASM Streetmaniac: Motorola 68k assembly sendmeintothevoid: GO GO GO 不好意思: LISP djokaraaa: GO Roman182: Ocaml Xiffix: LUA RapidEU: Golang insignia_microwave: haskell 1donald: PHP foon123456: JS arty_a64: java davidnsun: SML knilecrack: assembly ephil01: RUST Appz_x: templeOS codegito: java OttoCavalry: COQ pielliepalie: Golanf Saeq1: assembly metallsimp: LUAAAA aleDsz: Elixir? worraaa: COQ pilliam2: java probably_sleeping01: haskelllll gtnftw: Dart mattdacentaur: B smurfd0: rust 4_realzies: asm arbitrandomuser: JULIA THX1342: ASM kvndsantos: Swift aleDsz: Elixir? Elixir? Elixir? pilliam2: JAVA kklisura: javascript cutza: PASCAL lulascoca: assembly oxtuq: Ruby adam_xxd: swift pielliepalie: Golang qatarking24xd: holyc Level_002: C########### HiyeTide: am i watching a wizard or something machineman101010: ruby:DD DrRobotvinnik: LISP ToshiCZ: Pascal janpoonthong: java asdhxc: assembly i1uvatar: Lisp Impod10: Haskellz tdubey: rust!! maikgs: Assembly O_Dunravin: Rockstar Xiffix: make a strawpoll! axlebear: assembly jib1337: JavaScript FirstNameAndLastName: C# B1_Renekton: HASKELL ZuppaSalata: machine language advik_77: rust arbitrandomuser: its ghc b2kemann: yey 不好意思: assembly lul Smoress: @georgehotz Cobol FTW iotku: GHC OpieOP Appz_x: templeOS arbitrandomuser: not haskell data_dude: MORSE CODE iwicdti: hoon colanzio5: APL Merge Sort Syrkaz: it’s just macOS now 😛 THENEXTMOSES: brew has haskell THENEXTMOSES: brew joshperri: holy. C FirstNameAndLastName: George “I know every language” Hotz turkkk: Binary TasosTheLord: c++ LUL imagine that you have to declare the type of a variable on 2k20 WutFace qatarking24xd: do it in holy c leuza0: fortran tatsumiss: coronaS hi_im_drakster: make a poll @georgehotz Syrkaz: `brew install haskell turkkk: Binary! JakeJ24: GO data_dude: Morse quinquanonagintilliard: emacs lisp xxblueshift: assembly Digital_donger: emojicode PogChamp white_rose: what are you doing haircutjimmy: Racket coProof: monkaW colanzio5: iskjmss: @quinquanonagintilliard pls no pharaohskaro: use brew to install smurfd0: you have a haskell-stack in brew insignia_microwave: lol aleDsz: asdf haskell? weeva: 8051 plz ephil01: Got any life advice cutza: PHP joshperri: Just use a repl Wrathedd: haskell DansGame pharaohskaro: do you want another in the code share? DesolderingPump: LOLcode? gtnftw: should have chosen Dart smh O_Dunravin: Shakespear turkkk: Binary! iskjmss: oneliner LUL eldac_kno: hey completely out the field question, but don’t you think that infinite sums explanation of zenos paradox is kinda overrated. Like change the problem to runners who pass a baton after they run half of the distance and then the question won’t be answerable with infinite sums, because we assigned halves of the distance with a person quiqeh: where can I start to learn about ai? lzrdkng21: haskell’s mergesort is around 6-7 lines colanzio5: quinquanonagintilliard: you can use instead colanzio5: APL is shorter lzrdkng21: maybe less bruh_imcoding: would love to learn how to use qira lzrdkng21: theres no arrays J3rwin: how did this stream turn into this musabkilic0: cutza: CODE IN TURING MACHINE celike1ns: Use rosetta code 不好意思: can he write machine code haircutjimmy: Yeah – Haskell is weird iskjmss: assembly next lzrdkng21: let me check my old assignments lol b2kemann: haskell is so smouth lzrdkng21: nvm they were on a vm lmao Avelansh: yo Goerge where you’ve been, hope everythings good linearpup: just do ALGOL 60 white_rose: this is interesting b2kemann: x:y:[] for two elements white_rose: hey geohotz, what is the key board that you are using? linearpup: hhkb snapcs1: he loves that question

linearpup: lol t3rabyt3_: lol bigbawsboy: Do you have any plugins on your vim @georgehotz ? Lite98: “fun -> corona” lol kvndsantos: LUL lzrdkng21: fak I only have insertionsort and quicksort in haskell on hand Vinndy: solve this next in haskell haircutjimmy: TDD Alpasfly: what is he doing? weeva: haskell 13 lines Agren__: mergesort elixir Pog lzrdkng21: mergesort in haskell white_rose: how is george able to analyze the output so fast lol jamieemb_: wait wasn’t this supposed to be teaching a coding noob? LUL moodoo80h8: new here…what’s going on??/ thank you for showing there are not only videogames on twitch insignia_microwave: @white_rose you only have to look at certain parts DevoE444: @georgehotz IS THERE ANY PYTHON PROGRAM FOR AUTOMATING CAPTCHA? mattdacentaur: @jamieemb_ a noob for him is basically a cs major musabkilic0: @moodoo80h8 he is coding mergesort algorithm in haskell programming language FirstNameAndLastName: @white_rose MAGIC white_rose: honestly george is so smart jamieemb_: @mattdacentaur you’ve got a pouint hahaha lzrdkng21: im pretty sure that using an auxilliary function would avoid the need for the let moodoo80h8: @musabkilic0 roger that, much appreciated yeah_haey: Write it in assembly or it doesnt count linearpup: tr00 hack3r Tsoding: That’s a weird looking Python. Kappa illogicalism: infinit

cutza: LOL insignia_microwave: lol tommee23: NomNom NomNom Tsoding: `div` 2 musabkilic0: @moodoo80h8 np mate parktype: you forgot to cherish her Kap takkeo: @tsoding, HeyGuys doomhammerorgrim: I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to coding, in what aspects is haskell better than python? Tsoding: takkeo, sup 🙂 bobrussel: PogChamp ? pilliam2: i need to start learning vim, anyone know how i can go about getting started? linearpup: m̴͛͝ė̵̊ř̵̓g̸̑͗e̵͗̄s̸̋̉ö̴́̒r̵͇͘t̷̋͐ oguwan: @doomhammerorgrim not better, different snapcs1: haskell is functional programming Waldoqq: does mergeshort solve the coronavirus???? PogChamp insignia_microwave: @waldoqq yes oguwan: @doomhammerorgrim it’s a functional language alganet: vimtutor is a great start @pilliam2 parktype: @pilliam2 I had to use it for a class a couple years ago and the best thing I found was just to start using it regularly FirstNameAndLastName: Hebrew is like Arabic Chinese bobrussel: why code in a vim to begin with? janpoonthong: When do you usually stream janpoonthong: When do you usually stream? nzack_: @pilliam2 just search for “basics vim movement” doomhammerorgrim: Hmm, I’ll have to look that up more in detail @oguwan @snapcs1 linearpup: george got his monads in a twist xlbLoOdlx: The Legend jaegerbott: Why would someone use Haskell linearpup: to flex xxblueshift: @janpoonthong whenever he wants pilliam2: did he do his python mergesort recursively or iteratively? oMYTHRA: @pilliam2 ThePrimegean has good videos on YT, he is also a streamer on here JAKWAI: 90% of people here for ASMR :,D pilliam2: @alganet @parktype @nzack_ @oMYTHRA thanks all <3 Joy_void_Joy: Oh some haskell <3 lzrdkng21: the pattern matching for the single element and pair are redundant no ? JAKWAI: gg linearpup: HOLY SHIT alganet: pure bash now bobrussel: good job insignia_microwave: lol haircutjimmy: Functional programming Waldoqq: lol turkkk: Binary iskjmss: @georgehotz assembly next LUL cutza: ASSEMBLY linearpup: TR00 HACK3R FaceTheWolf: brainfuck xxblueshift: ASSEMBLY ph4tal_: ASM RapidEU: Goalng OttoCavalry: COQ or RIOT Level_002: @georgehotz c# RapidEU: Golang white_rose: GOLANG jamieemb_: hahahahaha Digital_donger: php or emojicode haircutjimmy: Common Lisp Impod10: ASM JAKWAI: java janpoonthong: brainfuck programmingmouse: RUST ZuppaSalata: LUL OttoCavalry: COQ weeva: 8051 xxblueshift: DO IT Farkzax: ASM PogChamp SigmaHeavyIndustries: Do it inside of TempleOS in HolyC you coward Ahowe444: x86 64 qatarking24xd: HOLY C hjklhjklhjkl2008: brainfuck takkeo: maybe some GO OttoCavalry: Coq cutza: php iwicdti: hoon ltjrpliskin: you gotta do ASM hjklhjklhjkl2008: turing tape machine xxblueshift: HOLY C iotku: golang gonna be the longest LUL DaveSoDave: DO IT Fettyawper: java gtnftw: Dart alganet: rust? deva73: c++ santi_264: go knilecrack: :D hjklhjklhjkl2008: Q# pielliepalie: Golang oguwan: ASM will be like 300 lines LUL cutza: go Ne0Zer0: machine code Kappa colanzio5: APL lasercatboss: you wanna do the hard things or the easy things santi_264: gooo OttoCavalry: Coq xd agravkire: Holy C programmingmouse: GOLANG or rust bobrussel: rust? blabbernab: PUSSA hjklhjklhjkl2008: dude Q# santi_264: goo insignia_microwave: nah let's do something else RapidEU: Oh my god assembly! B1_Renekton: i did it in assembly for college project Ahowe444: x86-64 iskjmss: oh no no no no codegito: holy c LUL b2kemann: looool xxblueshift: GG BOYS LUL cutza: LOOL Joooooooooonas: rust pilliam2: java knilecrack: yesssssssssssssss synthblade7080: PogChamp 不好意思: LUL MrBankster: nasm linearpup: WTF LOL eldac_kno: c# ido1m: @georgehotz No, do ARM FaceTheWolf: LUL gigafact: wow Rafabld1996: algol Kappa qatarking24xd: LUL whit_314: Yes knilecrack: at leat give it a try foon123456: js RapidEU: OH MY GOD OttoCavalry: PogChamp oguwan: LUL LUL LUL LUL colanzio5: Dyalog APL SigmaHeavyIndustries: do it in 6502 8bit fam white_rose: hhhahahaha iotku: LUL bigbawsboy: Do you use any plugins on your vim or its vanilla @georgehotz ? oMYTHRA: ARM Assembly Pog xxblueshift: CHEATER THX1342: ASM linearpup: xD renerocksai: 8051 asm or 6502 asm SigmaHeavyIndustries: do it inside of Mesen it has a great 6502 debugger oguwan: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited alganet: now refactor that assembly code Kappa reesync: 5Head anon543264: xD THX1342: brainfuck yolargg: golang! Toastie1: hey that's cheating colanzio5: APL insignia_microwave: loo Ne0Zer0: ez programmingmouse: LUL insignia_microwave: lol jamieemb_: hahahahahha DesolderingPump: D: Impod10: Lol Tsoding: AT&T DansGame snapcs1: lmao Ne0Zer0: LUL FaceTheWolf: nice 👏 fstab: bruh parktype: Kappa Fettyawper: looool doomhammerorgrim: Assembly LUL hjklhjklhjkl2008: Jebaited cutza: lol santi_264: lol ltjrpliskin: THATS CHEATING ᅟᅟᅟᅟ: :) Clap oguwan: Jebaited bobrussel: rust Digital_donger: no cheating 😡 deva73: lol jaegerbott: what is that parktype: SeemsGood dr_set: hey that's cheating :D knilecrack: ahahha

lasercatboss: @georgehotz when did you last pussy out on sth hard wtf Toastie1: LUL Farkzax: LUL colanzio5: alganet: Refactor it Kappa Rafabld1996: speedrun davidnsun: isn’t the first merge pattern redundant? the second clause should match it too janpoonthong: lol Fettyawper: big brain Ahowe444: He’s not wrong t3rabyt3_: PogChamp RapidEU: Hahahah takkeo: cheater KEKW ZuppaSalata: LUL metallsimp: LUA whit_314: Cheating eldac_kno: c# weeva: looks good to me LUL colanzio5: APL bobrussel: @georgehotz rust? ido1m: @georgehotz DO IT IN BRAINFUCK janpoonthong: go aleDsz: Elixir 3ygun: LUL Snobbysteven: Wait a minute aleDsz: Elixir Elixir Elixir Elixir janpoonthong: golang Fettyawper: 5head kenqzzzz: You’re becoming popular on twitch geohot @georgehotz davidnsun: lol linearpup: ALGOL 60 PLEASE programmingmouse: rust bobrussel: try rust? Ahowe444: Perl xxblueshift: HTML Level_002: c######### gtnftw: Dart cutza: Pascal darkronus77: RUST? ltjrpliskin: lets do it in clojure! Joooooooooonas: rust snapcs1: LUL Farkzax: HTML hjklhjklhjkl2008: coq DuifjeRoekoe: assembly qatarking24xd: holy c XeLiatH_: brainfuck zokimacola: Rust ck1956: write in COQ pielliepalie: Sql ido1m: BRAINFUCK ZuppaSalata: SCALA bloopsterr: brainfuck asthmaa: vlang oMYTHRA: Rust Kappa foon123456: COUGHING monkaS josergdev: COBOL naaabed: rust colanzio5: APL ᅟᅟᅟᅟ: PixelBob hjklhjklhjkl2008: use coq or agda DesolderingPump: KEKW programmingmouse: yeees 7martim7: kotlin darkronus77: HolyC iotku: My mom could do it in golang and she’s dead takkeo: pascal LUL linearpup: FORTRAN deva73: kotlin legalogen: PHP Kappa Kappa parktype: Haskell Pros PogChamp eldac_kno: c# DrRobotvinnik: LISP janpoonthong: java leuza0: fortran Fettyawper: do you ever write java? @georgehotz jamieemb_: C reesync: C AlgoRhythmical: php Kappa xxblueshift: C B1_Renekton: if you code in Rust it will be top of HN tomorrow joshperri: At least use the optimizer santi_264: c knilecrack: are you practicing for some job? Impod10: Swift fstab: HotPokket HotPokket HotPokket adnaann: Swift pilliam2: c pielliepalie: Julia Rafabld1996: machine code tjobremannen: swift Puke WutFace hjklhjklhjkl2008: oh god oh fuck affine types THX1342: brainfuck Fettyawper: ever write java ? @georgehotz Tsoding: oh no no no PepeLaugh oguwan: uh yeah daddy gimme sum lifetimes MJT_au: @knilecrack yes, there are jobs that require you to use random languages each day parktype: The one he wrote for C is literally on the screen you pepegas blabbernab: ls -al aceboi69: #perl next Farkzax: lisp THX1342: LUL thatwas fast xxblueshift: rm -rf koudbi: Nex has to be Matlab gtnftw: Test with an odd-length array too @georgehotz agravkire: Are you going to hack ps5 ? Kappa koudbi: next* Fettyawper: do java @georgehotz oguwan: Welcome to the Borrow Hell ck1956: write in COQ insignia_microwave: pip3 install mergesort comatross: pascal next please white_rose: what key board is george using tho Sleeper009: R next please clearsense: @georgehotz learn rust in y minuts has all main syntax marschr: yay, the borrowchecker lol clearsense: “learn rust in y minuts” parktype: @white_rose care of timeout KEKW Bretel: marge sort to linked list white_rose: @parktype no risk no fun ArcherCreatlol: lmao Sleeper009: do Assembly next please takkeo: RUST is so difficult than haskell Kappa riseglory: learning rust? SpaceGhost8: now this is Rust programming themorph3: LUL joshperri: Don’t forget mut! Tsoding: GachiPls Cannot borrow as mutable because it is also borrowed as immutable Killeraing: how far are we on a cure ? parktype: @Killeraing we found it already Kek smurfd0: b2kemann: write size Farkzax: code the MNIST NN in ASM joshperri: We’ve cured unsorted lists b2kemann: [int; 8] marschr: hahaha the magics of rust lasercatboss: powerpoint mergesort next parktype: @joshperri lol Muzyd: Abort jamieemb_: @joshperri hahahaha Roman182: LUL hobocoder: NotLikeThis takkeo: LOL oguwan: You must return a reference too b2kemann: [int; 8] in function ZuppaSalata: LUL Killeraing: i thought rust was a videogame :/ stephen422: LUL we gotta get Rust maintainers right here DesolderingPump: Is FX888D good for casual use? SpaceGhost8: everyone starts off fighting the borrow checker stephen422: this is the classic ‘First Rust’ moment jamieemb_: @Killeraing rust is built with rust joshperri: So the Iron moment? Tsoding: I wonder what’s easier. x86_64 by hands or Rust. Kappa ᅟᅟᅟᅟ: KeK stephen422: @joshperri PogChamp

SpaceGhost8: LUL hobocoder: LUL Roman182: Dam feels good to have good compiler error messages oguwan: & mut SpaceGhost8: EZ takkeo: @tsoding, definitely rust trestorm: lol Ne0Zer0: LUL oMYTHRA: Where my Rustaceans at Kappa bobrussel: so few lines ;D Tsoding: @takkeo, sure Kappa volkerai: which terminal is he using here? arbitrandomuser: why dont you write a random text generator and compile its output till you get mergesort ? iotku: Do not pass golang, do not collect $200 parktype: lol joshperri: tsoding in the house??? ZuppaSalata: LUL SpaceGhost8: panic WutFace Tsoding: joshperri, PogChamp jaegerbott: im panicing joshperri: Do a joint stream with tsoding! Tsoding: ( =_=) TheZanke: the people that like rust really seem smitten by it Vinndy: @tsoding Pog M03x: he did the golnag verisn ?? Bretel: implement quick sort Fettyawper: so tricky this guy M03x: golang version * musabkilic0: nope name100015: x = x+y insignia_microwave: LMAO MiserableGarbage: LUL stephen422: LUL parens PTSD stephen422: Abusive parens parktype: parenthesis monkaW aleDsz: what about the language be OCaml or Dlang? parktype: my spelling monkaW voodoorama: is he implementing mergesort? MiserableGarbage: parens trauma NotLikeThis r__o__b__e__r__t: imagine using rust qlutoo: you’re about to have a bad time insignia_microwave: @r__o__b__e__r__t imagine having to spaces between every letter in your name oguwan: Oof lzrdkng21: Bruh Fettyawper: pls make an ai-compiler that corrects errors PogChamp Toastie1: what do people even use rust for volkerai: @georgehotz which terminal are you using? pharaohskaro: okay well i put one in java and one in python in the code share. much love gotta go back to work lzrdkng21: I guess it becomes more intuitive but why ? oguwan: 800 ppl watching a dude code merge sort LUL

volkerai: in RUST Streetmaniac: bruh i still dont understand mergesort 1am2stoned4this: LUL SeemsGood alganet: @volkerai looks like the vanilla macos terminal with tmux inside palac105: Dude its a Wednesday morning – why aren’t you at work. I thought work was life livehoc: @georgehotz Title is still coronavirus follow up visit Fettyawper: I’m rusty in that language NilsIRL: @Fettyawper pharaohskaro: @Streetmaniac I am gonna watch til the end of the rust code out what don’t you understnad? volkerai: @Fettyawper oof iotku: Thousands of people watching someone play videogames instead of merge sort LUL @oguwan jamieemb_: gtg boys, enjoy the rest of the stream stephen422: anyone who’ve been here long, how come george come to the Rust land insignia_microwave: @streetmaniac did you not pay attention at all he did it 4 times in front of you do I need to write a babies first mergesort book advik_77: F oguwan: @stephen422 chat wanted Toastie1: @stephen422 masochism MiserableGarbage: poor fbi agent watching trying to make sense of this on his report gigafact: programming is the only game in the future Fettyawper: @NilsIRL perfect mattdacentaur: HeyGuys renerocksai: parens again 🙂 stephen422: Ah, classic chat at work palac105: if the universe is all random, why sort anything? lzrdkng21: @Streetmaniac you basically split the array until you have n arrays of size 1, then you merge them back sorting them at each merge Streetmaniac: ok dont bully me i just dont understand how merge sort is any different than any other O(n) sort illogicalism: image the if parentheses he will have to remove haircutjimmy: Cannot take any more Rust. Gotta go. Bye! volkerai: which sort is O(N) lmao’ lzrdkng21: Its not O(n) ArcherCreatlol: dude brackets wtf 😠 Vinndy: @tsoding how would you rate George’s rust skills from noob to 5Head Streetmaniac: n2 stephen422: Rust designers should have been real burned by Lisp Streetmaniac: woops volkerai: it is O(Nlog(N)) volkerai: average case Mamba12: its nlogn volkerai: yeah Tekrific: @palac105 cuz it’s only pseudo-random Toastie1: @Streetmaniac its o(nlogn) RapidEU: ewww rust volkerai: Rust do be gay ngl Streetmaniac: i know its nlogn volkerai: some sorts have an upper hand given certain kind of input volkerai: in most average cases quick sort is best volkerai: but some cases certain sorts are better Mamba12: some sorts are faster than others depending on the data you give it Mamba12: yeh stephen422: idiomatic rust – that’s not real, run george volkerai: @Mamba12 this dude out here spittin’ facts Fettyawper: Dear FBI agent. this is a code for producing meth LUL B1_Renekton: merge sort is nlogn in every case (best, worst, average) oguwan: Use Box agravkire: Do you do any hacking these days ? arbitrandomuser: nextum quantumsort Poisonslash: LUL Sniky83: what is he trying to do actually ? Streetmaniac: hack cia mattdacentaur: mergesort Poisonslash: Save the world pilliam2: is it worth using merge sort for every sorting case or is that overkill? or should i just memorize insertion sort lol palac105: is this a corona stream or a freaking rust stream Fettyawper: mergsort array @Sniky83 musabkilic0: mergesort in rust @Sniky83 alganet: I’m here for the google searches arbitrandomuser: you should use the library sort aymen_kh: what is he doin this time? ratirlCoffee

Poisonslash: @palac105 It’s a rustona stream Streetmaniac: dont libraries usually use quicksort arbitrandomuser: this took longer than haskell arbitrandomuser: are we still on rust ? Sniky83: thanks iskjmss: what are his splits rn? arbitrandomuser: i tuned out a bit iskjmss: mergesort speedrun any% Fettyawper: so many lines MonkaS Poisonslash: PogChamp insignia_microwave: noice puckered_starfish_sniffer: python uses timsort mattdacentaur: @iskjmss WR incoming palac105: i’m only staying here because i’m on company time. not a fan of this rust hobocoder: lmao Ne0Zer0: LUL semPa_: PogChamp stephen422: LUL TheKnopex: LUL stephen422: We got rust! bobrussel: LUL 1am2stoned4this: PogChamp Tekrific: burn linearpup: XD SigmaHeavyIndustries: DAS RITE semPa_: PogChamp WR foti_kasparov: Do Euler project Roman182: Now prove mergesort correct in Coq FaceTheWolf: now brainfuck? programmingmouse: WR PogChamp SigmaHeavyIndustries: but it was safe fam don’t you feel safe? insignia_microwave: these streams are great PhineasPhreak: do it in pure assemblyh Tekrific: rust is rusty Vinndy: now benchmark them Farkzax: lisp linearpup: FORTRAN NOW TheZanke: php MyLoveSachan: hi. new to the stream. what is he coding? adn what language? cutza: which one is faster musabkilic0: lisp MiserableGarbage: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Ne0Zer0: hahah Mathews02: FORTRAN! Thiagovgamg: 4k display? Streetmaniac: motorola 68k assembler DrRobotvinnik: LISP musabkilic0: common one aymen_kh: ratirlRiot ratirlRiot ratirlRiot ratirlRiot ratirlRiot gtnftw: Test with an odd-length array too @georgehotz Fettyawper: what are you doing SigmaHeavyIndustries: download the TempleOS ISO and do it in HolyC you coward GrumpyJeff_TTV: ADA arbitrandomuser: can you profile them ?? Poisonslash: @georgehotz What language do you think would be fastest to code mergesort? doomhammerorgrim: BASIC pharaohskaro: lol mine in python and java are pretty esoteric hahaha g____: brainfuck ArcherCreatlol: do it in piet pielliepalie: Do Julia TheZanke: cobol Ne0Zer0: julia stephen422: ADA linearpup: FORTRAN qatarking24xd: holy c pielliepalie: Julia Bretel: implement quicksort .. complex is O(logn) arbitrandomuser: what about SPEED? insignia_microwave: If I buy a meeting can I just say bullshit alganet: esoteric: piet btastical: yea do it in HolyC skatan87: brainfuck nbkar: brainfuck! Bowlgirlblergh: HolyC smurfd0: this is for rust what numpy is for python b2kemann: do it in javascript using only strings bruh_imcoding: alganet: brainfuck is too hype, piet is the shit SigmaHeavyIndustries: TempleOS has a JIT compiler and you can jump to any function from anywhere else in the editor TheZanke: write Shakespeare next Fettyawper: run every single one > write a run SigmaHeavyIndustries: the whole OS is basically scriptable C aymen_kh: ratirlRiot alganet: TempleOS HolyC + arbitrandomuser: use vim to modify all the files RapidEU: C doesnt have 2 i think Bowlgirlblergh: HolyC would be the greatest thing ever btastical: HolyC, do it RapidEU: ah hs doesnt ArcherCreatlol: do piet PogChamp insignia_microwave: who bought the meeting with comma myaocat: hello! anguscupcake: period myaocat: what do you think about🦀? stephen422: q.e.d Bowlgirlblergh: do HolyC. do it for terry. BibleThump mattdacentaur: gg b2kemann: lets benchmark Poisonslash: I wonder how many keyboards George has gone trhrough LUL palac105: Are you on PTO? It’s freaking Wednesday man, godamn AI aint gonna solve itself linearpup: PROLOG aymen_kh: ratirlKing coconutiraqi: MY BOO Fettyawper: mergesort in PHP LUL @georgehotz qatarking24xd: LUL alganet: you can get a VM coconutiraqi: how r u GEORGE? myaocat: @bowlgirlblergh did he say how he design the language? im very curious on how you write one SigmaHeavyIndustries: no you gotta run the TempleOS ISO ck1956: asdhxc: you need temple os coconutiraqi: I miss you dawg pharaohskaro: so quicksort in the code share? alganet: the TempleOS vm is pretty easy to use cutza: clap btastical: you gotta do it in templeOS anguscupcake: Owner of the company doesn’t have PTO lol 不好意思: gg drumbledope: hello 🙂 insignia_microwave: hope your meeting goes well btw gigafact: this was fun robg_10: templeos b2kemann: BENCHMARK num_air: more coding ! qatarking24xd: only 2 mb asdhxc: rip Terry Davis myaocat: hello u the boss PrideLove 1am2stoned4this: Kreygasm Digital_donger: terry BibleThump AlfaAnanasz: what kéyboard? i want my timeout and the answer too linearpup: How much did you earn this stream? 😛 aymen_kh: ratirlRiot LOT OF VIEWS ratirlRiot LOT OF VIEWS ratirlRiot LOT OF VIEWS ratirlRiot LOT OF VIEWS t3rabyt3_: SeemsGood xVipzin: greetins from brazil joshuena: After the technological singularity AI will make this look too easy. Will be interesting to see where things go from there MiserableGarbage: smoking fingers NotLikeThis SigmaHeavyIndustries: it’s basically just C but you gotta do it in TempleOS which is the fun part Ne0Zer0: LUL templeos

musabkilic0: HOLY C codegito: Pog qatarking24xd: DrRobotvinnik: do LISP ArgieB8 b2kemann: cause you’re handsome myaocat: run it in qemu Kappa gtnftw: dart next time xSlash333: anyone care to quickly explain what hotz is programming? 🙂 Fettyawper: such a troll language LUL b2kemann: looks=viewers joshuena: coronavirus is nanomachines merging with us Fettyawper: HolyC foti_kasparov: YOU HAVE TO KNOW GOD SigmaHeavyIndustries: its simple AF just run the ISO fam btastical: yea boyyyy oguwan: @xSlash333 A sorting algorithm (mergesort) in multiple languages alganet: this is going to be fun fdfdfdfdfdfdff: its not 64 bit xSlash333: @oguwan cheers 1am2stoned4this: LUL Joooooooooonas: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff it is ? alganet: it is 64, TempleOS doesn’t run 32bit qatarking24xd: no sound card Fettyawper: 86-64 anguscupcake: very unknown fdfdfdfdfdfdff: oops im a silly boy terry knew what he was doing bananaconda: @oguwan in which languages did he do it yet theknip: Now do a real sorting algorithm bogosort joshperri: myaocat: LUL white_rose: what is he doing w/ vbox qatarking24xd: PogChamp TheLongWillow: Hi guys! What is ge doing? MatiGoG: POGGERS Bowlgirlblergh: PogChamp okeeeeeee: PogChamp SigmaHeavyIndustries: when you get in you can open up the edit with like Ed(“main.HC”); 1am2stoned4this: PogChamp xxblueshift: PogChamp musabkilic0: PogChamp white_rose: PogChamp insignia_microwave: it dont go bigger SigmaHeavyIndustries: and when you hit ESC it’ll save the file and quit Digital_donger: 640×480, that’s what god wants bruh_imcoding: spaghetti sort alganet: Now we need a parrot screaming in the background atthem0ment: what is that? hjklhjklhjkl2008: 640 X 480, as god intended SrArmando: host+C? Bowlgirlblergh: @alganet LUL lzrdkng21: the best os ever made JanTSV: HE wants it like that palac105: Resolution is fine, you just getting old oguwan: @bananaconda C, Haskell, Python, Rust M03x: no myaocat: trashOS M03x: you need to install it qatarking24xd: PogChamp hobocoder: it’s beautiful! anguscupcake: the only God-certified operating system Fettyawper: defying god with that resolution shakecross: windows xp install when alganet: the UX is glorious Bowlgirlblergh: when are you going to make your own OS dedicated to god @georgehotz xSlash333: mic needs more static noise to properly programm in temple os linearpup: please maintain aspect ratio iskjmss: literally a sin to scale the templeos resolution musabkilic0: what you are doing is a sin, god didnt intented it to be big joshperri: 640×480 thus sayeth the lord Roman182: LUL skandd1: hahaha Koduck007: Pog semPa_: dont use capture mode Impod10: What is that ? pharaohskaro: lol your computer doesn’t want you to be doing this ahahaha aymen_kh: ratirlRiot ratirlRiot ratirlRiot ratirlRiot ratirlRiot foon123456: temple os POG xEHLE_: its not lag its how god wanted it 😠 god_damn: @georgehotz thoughts on bio-luminescent african-americans working for the american central intelligence agency Digital_donger: terry used vmware lef_xyz: virtualbox is dogshit Tekrific: it’s unholy myaocat: god died stratussox: the best programmer in the word xd musabkilic0: you can never blame templeos Fettyawper: HAHA joshperri: You can just write HolyC in the shell DesolderingPump: @lef_xyz D: foti_kasparov: DO EULER PROJECT PROBLEMS Fettyawper: i need a zanax wutango: LUL hoff_meister: beautiful oguwan: The dude did this all by himself like holy f grenaderaven: WutFace 1am2stoned4this: Kreygasm stratussox: HolyC >> spacex Raiwo: LUL reesync: LUL SigmaHeavyIndustries: make sure to take your TC out joshperri: Install the vm tools Joooooooooonas: I mean it was impressive what he coded Pryetranka: LUL anguscupcake: Looks good to me Ne0Zer0: LUL the holy grail of programming SHAVEYY_: interpreted C? xSlash333: the world only had one designer, so why would templeos need another one? Kappa SigmaHeavyIndustries: I32 themorph3: lol Tekrific: this will induce a migraine attack SigmaHeavyIndustries: instead of Int oguwan: Jit compiled C LUL foon123456: Holy C best C JanTSV: No int stratussox: ¨”IT HAS 3D GRAPHICS” – Terry A. Davis

joshperri: He ded 🙁 Poisonslash: I’ve only heard m,emes about templeOS… Now I know why LUL aurumvorax421: how dare you, God is the designer, he passed the design to Terry liberscience: LUL Fettyawper: such a useful language 🙂 1am2stoned4this: BibleThump anguscupcake: Greatest programmer who ever lived hobocoder: rip terry BibleThump bananaconda: dont forget your precious channels points guys -380 Digital_donger: press F7 for godword BibleThump Sniky83: why using temple os xD ? Fettyawper: @Sniky83 for the memes musabkilic0: -380 TRAIN myaocat: lol oguwan: @Sniky83 To code in HolyC SigmaHeavyIndustries: bruh you gotta use the TempleOS editor for true experience stratussox: @georgehotz will support TempleOS? xd joshperri: Oh hey! cash that shit out -380 Poisonslash: LUL iskjmss: or just talk to someone for half an hour for 1K LUL anguscupcake: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Xiffix: 20-OFF :DD OzOfVanilla: Lets do it robg_10: what MatiGoG: what do you think about rustlang? Big_America_: Big_America_ subscribed with Twitch Prime myaocat: pls gift me i will write any code for you in python/rust/swift SHAVEYY_: I think there is a setting to type your clipboard OzOfVanilla: Save the world 1donald: what 不好意思: -380 Sniky83: okey foti_kasparov: No u can’t nudax: is that templeOS? atthem0ment: Pepehands mattdacentaur: how do i highlight? Joooooooooonas: there is no cheatin gin templeOS LUL btastical: maybe reduce the power of the VM? its not needed anyway semPa_: -380 OzOfVanilla: Sub to save the world plz joshperri: Vim == cheating Digital_donger: yeah no clipboard support LUL TusKaN_BaNaNas: how much to get dna sequenced? atzehji: chat what are we doing right now? SigmaHeavyIndustries: Ed(“main.HC”); qatarking24xd: You can create a file hobocoder: he thought it was going to be an easy copy paste LUL stratussox: deep learning in TempleOS with holyC?????? k_o_r_a_l: !time alganet: I don’t think TempleOS implements clipboard :/ You could send it char by char using VBoxManage on a serial port, but that would take some time to figure out god_damn: god will challenge you in ways you cant forsee. The mouse bug is one of them darkronus77: play some holyC games 😀 Ne0Zer0: this is honestly amazing LUL teerv: i take a small brake and i come back to templeos jessus Werrdd: press shift f6 for science SHAVEYY_: is this all ASCII characters loool insignia_microwave: gift me sub and I will write a surprise program in python Fettyawper: “Hello World” in TempleOS is literally God speaking Dicki__Minaj: would u pls show ur room and table setu linearpup: install ghc in templeos Big_America_: I’m on a higher plane of existence now that I’m a subscuber joshperri: Paste in TempleOS XD liberscience: nano vs vim 1am2stoned4this: VoteYea hobocoder: run it natively Kappa SigmaHeavyIndustries: Dir; myaocat: give it more RAM or download one Kappa oguwan: Lol the autocomplete feature works Level_002: wtf are we doing chat god_damn: if you seemingly encounter glow-in-the-dark african americans in the next 3-5 business days i’d suggest you be weary atzehji: gosh this dude makes me think I should start using vim. gosh I already know it would be fucking frustrating musabkilic0: god has other things to do too, alright? it can be laggy sometimes SigmaHeavyIndustries: @oguwan you can jump to any function from the autocomplete its nice gunz4kids: @georgehotz have you tried nim lang? its so good I can’t write python anymore Fettyawper: Why is there no epileptic warning before launching TempleOS LUL boogiebrice: oh god rip king terry anguscupcake: Vim is ez Ne0Zer0: its gonna blow insignia_microwave: lol hobocoder: LUL okeeeeeee: DONT DansGame Prinz_Sissi: hahaa 😀 skandd1: LUL GrumpyJeff_TTV: LUL flickapotamus: WutFace atthem0ment: Pepehands Ne0Zer0: #cancelculture iotku: LUL myaocat: you can do it. use sudo for help Shubsterz: !uptime 不好意思: but it’s holy c foti_kasparov: you go in hell Aenopixel: the holy spirit can puppet you pilliam2: D: Koduck007: does it use master and slave Poisonslash: Dude apparently the guy that made TempleOS did it what having manic episodes LUL I can literally see his insanity in this shit LUL musabkilic0: thats a sin Tekrific: Pope just died joshperri: Best streeeeeeeem Fettyawper: i hope the holy spirit puppets me lef_xyz: when he is back everyone spam dont tell him PepeLaugh linearpup: best geohot stream to date NotKarar: Holy C Kreygasm onpoint212: i have no idea whats happening Kreygasm insignia_microwave: do vimtutor LUL Fettyawper: don’t tell him lef_xyz: oh shit Raiwo: @Poisonslash If you havent watched youtube documents about Terry… You should foti_kasparov: government is pupping us TheKnopex: @georgehotz why are you not streaming from the cloud? semPa_: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know insignia_microwave: @theknopex he moved out joshperri: Sony wrote the PS5 on TempleOS joshperri: Safe btastical: is this due to the virtualbox scaling thing? Joooooooooonas: Codetools Ne0Zer0: you gotta let the Holy Spirit guide you Poisonslash: @Raiwo I’ll check it out, thanks zuggles: @georgehotz templeos and holyC are a real representation of every hacker movie ever, just add some more cgi SHAVEYY_: Kappa write a driver in HolyC to get networking Digital_donger: terry used vmware

yungtoad4: FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan btastical: terry used vm aurumvorax421: 30fps=cinematic experience SHAVEYY_: Terry used qemu iirc solitaryyy: Best OS aurumvorax421: terry used a vm on ubuntu Streetmaniac: your eyes cant see past 24fps anyway iotku: Terry used VMware because it had good PC Speaker emulation lithiumx4900: You can get hardware acceleration with Parallels I think musabkilic0: ctrl-m for menu foti_kasparov: Try on comma 2 btastical: Bowlgirlblergh: not holy enough zuggles: thou are not devout lzrdkng21: QEMU Kappa mattdacentaur: it was designed so you can repent yourself myaocat: run in qemu fdfdfdfdfdfdff: you dont deserve holy C george uduver: i guess you are not worthy enough YouPowerRush: haha joshperri: Oh you only gave the VM 2 CPUs? SHAVEYY_: @georgehotz Terry has a tutorial on how to get it working with qemu Kappa MRTOMZ123: hi @georgehotz fdfdfdfdfdfdff: does temple OS has emacs? Digital_donger: heresy D: foxubu: Chewing ice? 😮 joshperri: It dedicates tasks per CPU with no preemption TheLongWillow: Guys why he is writiing merge sort in all languages can you tell me ? 😀 iotku: Ported unholy C LUL Fettyawper: that’s an unpopular opinion chemicalflash: OBS stream from temple OS ? Ne0Zer0: you take that back about urbit LUL pigporkman: What are we doing chat? gunz4kids: i love it Fettyawper: no one solitaryyy: i like nim gunz4kids: nim is the best! myasovlavashe: OMEGALUL rbit mattdacentaur: @TheLongWillow because pigporkman: Did he do urbit already? myaocat: use nano! apple engineers use nano! iotku: cia foundation LUL reesync: cia-foundation LUL kuj0oo: wasn’t the guy who made temple Os mentally unstable? lol joshperri: I want geohotz to say Terry was a genius catull: how about zig Lang? myasovlavashe: LUL 1am2stoned4this: LUL insignia_microwave: @kuj0oo yeah he killed himself SHAVEYY_: @georgehotz You can get it working with qemu Digital_donger: HolyC is pretty similar to C mattdacentaur: @kuj0oo he was just a messenger of god Fettyawper: ok i agree LUL Plurmorant: Temple chapter 2 verse 5 kuj0oo: oh my Ne0Zer0: let the hun be with you weeva: that is disgusting btastical: or try holyc for linux booberrystew: how about q? joshperri: Kernel qatarking24xd: LUL mozforshort: D: PhineasPhreak: lift1 lift2 Plurmorant: D: wutango: FeelsBadMan hobocoder: come on george D: iotku: can confirm bananaconda: D: lef_xyz: true LULW god_damn: most anyone will ever do NotKarar: 100% true reesync: FeelsBadMan true YouPowerRush: ruyuF_SG BrodatyWhiteBear: FeelsBadMan Ne0Zer0: someone call the burn ward Fettyawper: if only i had Gods will in me, i would do more LUL grenaderaven: u dont kno me Raiwo: True FeelsBadMan Digital_donger: he built his own compiler mattdacentaur: FeelsBadMan pilliam2: TRUE kuj0oo: ugh built my gamer chair yesterday GrumpyJeff_TTV: NotLikeThis Werrdd: He was a paranoid schizophrenic and he built an OS that is pretty impressive linearpup: what are you eating? pilliam2: pepeHands KryekGG: @georgehotz should i start learning programming with C or Python? foti_kasparov: Building the atomic bomb uiq3eu: how is going with doomhammerorgrim: FeelsbadMan anguscupcake: He was a genius pilliam2: @KryekGG python yungtoad4: “struck by a train” joshperri: Truth Fettyawper: yes you are Kyoto_o: why would i work for google and facebook Jrfjekr: TRUE LULW pigporkman: Are you talking about Curtis Yarvin? linearpup: have you met Richard Stallman? mryosta: school PhineasPhreak: I work at Sony breadhamandegg: em 🙂 Fettyawper: start-up FargioFarmani: me Digital_donger: assuming we have jobs Kappa foti_kasparov: student zuggles: im an SE for a VAR aurumvorax421: NEETs insignia_microwave: school mozforshort: NEETs hobocoder: Kappa breadhamandegg: me 🙂 bananaconda: student Plurmorant: ? Prinz_Sissi: me ofc 😀 Ahowe444: student myasovlavashe: me 🙂 okeeeeeee: university XD qatarking24xd: im in high school data_dude: My job is watching this stream joshperri: I like philosophical hotz myaocat: me teerv: unemployed students xxblueshift: student rutynasirrutyna: SAP/CRM parktype: I watch tatted_Schnitzel: comcast IOT test automation booberrystew: google semPa_: student NotKarar: NEET janpoonthong: From Thailand pigporkman: school phsverdadeiros: poker player btastical: software engineer 不好意思: NEETs Raiwo: Me raiwoBlush Pryetranka: me 🙂 grenaderaven: me iotku: NEET korojy: student darkronus77: devops engineer here Vinndy: Amazon num_air: phd student prafaeltsantos: college grad Xiffix: Mechanical Engineer linearpup: HERE Maps masterRiddi: Cyber Analyst mr_ahab_: 16 y/o ido1m: Tesla rodeocrazy: Ad tech asdhxc: studying cs at uoft lzrdkng21: About to enter master in foundations of cs FargioFarmani: google engineer marj444n: intern tonycoco2001: Googler hjklhjklhjkl2008: i used to intern for google but i’m back at school doing research rstk1: Net infra solitaryyy: micro$oft synthblade7080: student b2kemann: phsyics Bowlgirlblergh: we are all robots MrDestructoid kuj0oo: SE ck1956: I work for a state gov uiq3eu: knilecrack: I work for BMW BrodatyWhiteBear: Invoices/management .NET C# webapp Solias_3: students procrastinating 🙂 Sleeper009: Lottery winner foti_kasparov: Phd THX1342: what’s a NEET? Prinz_Sissi: watching my furture hahah onemanarmy1147: mechanical engineer linearpup: HERE Ne0Zer0: embedded software mattdacentaur: im a master baiter TheLongWillow: Ubisoft quinquanonagintilliard: devops fdfdfdfdfdfdff: Im doing my Masters in mechanical engineering, but I do computational fluid dynamics breadhamandegg: garbage collector 🙂 TusKaN_BaNaNas: Data Scientist at tiny old private company sakateo: Aeronautics palac105: African refugee learning how to code nevermoreee: senior university janpoonthong: Students pilliam2: CS student in Melbourne rigerzz: Dutch IoT company Feeldat123: i am on my first job working with go insignia_microwave: student Markidane: Almost 24, unemployed, learning skillz jbpratt: 🙁 i work in finance industry, IT security that no one cares about SHAVEYY_: renerocksai: researcher, AI, DL pigporkman: PANW christianthefalco: Google, working on Dialer app EpicDreamGod: Amazon myaocat: i watched u since 2 years ago Fettyawper: i work at @georgehotz coconutiraqi: Devops engineer Aenopixel: procrastinator gomi_01: student MatiGoG: unemployed lef_xyz: netflix l_mbert: Web Dev Agency in Germany localcanofdutchgold: warlord hacker nbkar: biotech researcher glorybrew: NYSE ido1m: SWE at Tesla B1_Renekton: cs 2nd year, 99.91 percentile god_damn: gamer B) Kyoto_o: what do you think on writing emulators as a hobby? @georgehotz onpoint212: work at arbys recursive_x: my cellphone leuza0: Junior developer salman2301: selftaught freelancer SHAVEYY_: @georgehotz O_Dunravin: CEO of google ak0ya_: quant finance Higor12cs: vw dealer Czleqq: mechanical engineer prafaeltsantos: MIT xxblueshift: @georgehotz Professor Hotz anguscupcake: Work as dev remotely Vinndy: $AMZN DrRobotvinnik: I teach computer music mlejva: Founded software company to make development easier Saeq1: web dev doomhammerorgrim: work in Deep learning at a startup Repunk: eye bee emm not so proud loool breadhamandegg: CEO of Tesla 🙂 num_air: Phd student in Germany atzehji: data science student btastical: software engineer rodeocrazy: Ad tech in Toronto dorkmo: accounting illogicalism: DELIVERY HERO kimmie_hedd: Nasa rutynasirrutyna: Oracle silentslayer88: What do you think about nvidias self driving ? b2kemann: viking from norway Solias_3: robotics engineer student mr_ahab_: 16 y/o sendmeintothevoid: NSA bruh_imcoding: student grenaderaven: janitor FirstNameAndLastName: Doctor tatted_Schnitzel: IOT testing xxblueshift: computer science student in ireland

breadhamandegg: Thank You 🙂 Ne0Zer0: all comma ai employeese slacking off watch george stream LUL Grav48: Highschooool quinquanonagintilliard: You know, a little escape from the real world iotku: I’m doomed to fail because I don’t have a job and my skills are unmarketable fdfdfdfdfdfdff: Im doing my Masters in mechanical engineering, but I do computational fluid dynamics. gonna do my PhD. fuck a real job bomberloli01: Student sakateo: Aeronautics silentslayer88: What do you think about nvidias self driving Software? recursive_x: North American Security Agency onpoint212: i sell hacked poker chips ido1m: @georgehotz I work at commaai. I’m the cleaner Fettyawper: i write code for kindergarden math Sleeper009: PPP loan hacking myaocat: im going to mars solitaryyy: What if you work for Raytheon @georgehotz localcanofdutchgold: @xxblueshift what school? pigporkman: @georgehotz what do you think about Urbit/Curtis Yarvin? ag3n: I work at Lufthansa xxblueshift: @localcanofdutchgold ulster uni in belfast yungtoad4: I work at the NSA god_damn: @solitaryyy got offered a job there, is it good parktype: MonkaS knilecrack: what’s nim? atthem0ment: @georgehotz would you buy tesla short shorts for 69.420$ ? Fettyawper: @yungtoad4 same and the CIA yungtoad4: I am your NSA agent that watches you linearpup: Which is the cleanest looking language? localcanofdutchgold: @xxblueshift belfast DansGame silentslayer88: What do you think about nvidias self driving Software? recursive_x: lol fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @georgehotz what do you think of Chainlink (LINK)? xxblueshift: @localcanofdutchgold Dublin DansGame whit_314: Wish Elon modelled them hobocoder: bullshit Kreygasm atthem0ment: LUL janpoonthong: @yungtoad4 NSA dont have to watch this stream localcanofdutchgold: @xxblueshift assumption andy WeirdChamp solitaryyy: @god_damn I don’t work there, I just meant working there in terms of “do no evil” Raiwo: Kreygasm Thiagovgamg: display 4k? fdfdfdfdfdfdff: MY LINKY STAY SUPER STINKY xxblueshift: @localcanofdutchgold Cork DansGame Fettyawper: elon and grimes is part of the a secrets society myaocat: if someone leaks ida pro its good or evil Kappa localcanofdutchgold: @xxblueshift Jebaited al3frop: @georgehotz hey George, what do you think about the future of low level security, especially binary exploitation? christianthefalco: @georgehotz did you watch the lex interview with Joscha Bach xxblueshift: @localcanofdutchgold OMEGALUL fdfdfdfdfdfdff: O_Dunravin: fork hay gutschilino: do you know a good site to learn python? anguscupcake: Gib tendies pls b2kemann: coronoa boring, hanging out fun Bowlgirlblergh: @georgehotz did you see that the chance of “the big one” happening on the san andreas fault has tripled since the ridgecrest earthquakes last year? localcanofdutchgold: @xxblueshift TriHard linearpup: brew is slow af Fettyawper: What’s your goal with the coronavirus project? @georgehotz recursive_x: kaleiSip illogicalism: You can add and commit with one command insignia_microwave: killall brew linearpup: is zsh posix compliant? al3frop: yep mattdacentaur: NotLikeThis linearpup: cool silentslayer88: What do you think about nvidias collaboration with Benz on self driving cars ? parktype: holy shit @fdfdfdfdfdfdff thats a good video linearpup: i use fish and it ain’t zuggles: @georgehotz without giving away your IP– would you be able to talk more about comma’s approach to AI/ML compared to tesla? i watched an interview awhile back where your approach at “modeling the way humans drive” was so interesting. would love to hear more in the future. how one accomplishes said task myaocat: Fettyawper: killall bro god_damn: @myaocat thats huge hobocoder: @myaocat that’s a cool project OpieOP insignia_microwave: @silentslayer88 they will use openpilot logicny: @georgehotz tabs or spaces? insignia_microwave: @logicny spaces b2kemann: lol at his wikipedia Fettyawper: who here uses Atom? b2kemann: curtin yarvin the alt-right golden boy linearpup: @logicny he’s more of a retab kind of a guy quinquanonagintilliard: use Grav48: gnnn Ne0Zer0: also gotta install nimcompoop Poisonslash: Operation Nimrod PogChamp soreox: @georgehotz What kind of computer are you using? 🙂 fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @Fettyawper EMACS or bust ziyad_sk: @Fettyawper does anyone still uses atom ? myaocat: @soreox toaster pro name100015: nim rod FeelsDankMan gunz4kids: @georgehotz use

daxyxy98: @soreox Comodore maizeq: Is that iterm2 + tmux + vim? Fettyawper: @ziyad i do LUL myaocat: @georgehotz see my project myaocat: won first place at hackathon eaterenrgy: @maizeq just tmux + vim Fettyawper: @quinquanonagintilliard is good? al3frop: @georgehotz hey George, what do you think about the future of low level security, especially binary exploitation? maizeq: @eaterenrgy what’s the terminal he using foti_kasparov: python2 like insignia_microwave: @maizeq iterm2 JRHonda121: What is he doing? myaocat: @al3frop you can defend stack smashing and memory corruption using rust but not logic bugs ziyad_sk: @Fettyawper vscode gang here , once you use it , you cant go back lol eaterenrgy: @maizeq he’s on a mac buddy quinquanonagintilliard: @Fettyawper good! it also support vim key binding, I’d say that’s a better way to try a new language instead of installing things to your computer that you know you only use it once insignia_microwave: @ziyad_sk but I did go back to vim al3frop: @myaocat it will take at least 15 years for Rust to be close to c/C++ popularity al3frop: al least quinquanonagintilliard: or emacs keybinding if you prefer linearpup: IDA or GHIDRA? soreox: @georgehotz what do you think of Force Dark Mode for Web Contents through chrome://flags ? kingherring: based Nim! we use it in production 😉 gunz4kids: @georgehotz your type is seq[int] ziyad_sk: @insignia_microwave vim is a must but sometimes u need that visual ide with extra super powers myaocat: @al3frop facebook is using it for Libra. And for ARM the pointers are protected Digital_donger: lua Kappa hjklhjklhjkl2008: yea do matlab Kappa GrumpyJeff_TTV: lua insignia_microwave: @ziyad_sk I dont though PhineasPhreak: @eaterenrgy tf does that mean kingherring: o/ quinquanonagintilliard: lua lef_xyz: nope myaocat: Julia shanumbra: Me insignia_microwave: add to voiceapp parktype: matlab KEKW SHAVEYY_: Jython Kappa al3frop: @myaocat pointer authentication is bypassable iotku: I think people just use nim to say that they use nim B1_Renekton: 12 people ig al3frop: not a silver bullet kingherring: use seq not array, unless you want C-style array eaterenrgy: @kingherring Hello! kingherring: oh shit, sup myaocat: @al3frop you cant bypass PAC without having the key parktype: Sikh PogChamp christianthefalco: All my homies are sikhs cleofn: make a i solitaryyy: Seek kingherring: George hotz says to never call him but he never replies to email. interesting SeemsGood SeemsGood hotplay: I am really curios about asking the question…but I dont want the timeout Kappa MrYasser2194: what is this? are you not in the cloud anymore ? breadhamandegg: @hotplay just do it 4Head maizeq: What status bar line is that at the bottom of his terminal

linearpup: tmux egghead0102: just joined, what is he coding? Vinicius_Scallop: Sup hotz hotplay: anyone in chat know the model? before asking PogChamp foti_kasparov: Random shit eaterenrgy: @maizeq Ive told you tmux kingherring: @georgehotz any data visualization efforts at ? We do data visualization at scale. Previously did work at Samsung on their GPU team visualizing GPU data noodlelicker: yyjAYAYA kingherring: Nim is incredibly based. I hope George enjoys it christianthefalco: What does based mean linearpup: @kingherring browser based visualizations? NotKarar: based on what qatarking24xd: LUL 6majed: ttyped* kingherring: @linearpup yep bubblesnot: What is he building yungtoad4: Jesus boomers in the chat god_damn: @christianthefalco the ‘based mean’ is a form of average commonly used in biology 6majed: why nim ? PhineasPhreak: yooo is this iterm2? JRHonda121: JRHonda121 subscribed at Tier 1 mattdacentaur: yea pilliam2: if i had 5% of this guys skill id be set sangi_med: hello kingherring: ease of use of python, power of lisp, and performance of C or close to it 🙂 kingherring: what more could you want? bubblesnot: Is he building a time machine in 20lines or less? christianthefalco: Based apparently means addicted to crack cocaine 6majed: Nice JanTSV: -1 maizeq: @PhineasPhreak it’s iterm3 the lesser known sequel mattdacentaur: nice yardanico: @georgehotz Nim slices are different, use p ..< len(a) yardanico: in m2 MrYasser2194: just because he can, this basically anwser 90% of questions xD @6majed PhineasPhreak: @maizeq dont u dare @ me i'll bang u outsidfe lidl bruv yardanico: you're going out of bounds with len(a) pharaohskaro: weeeee still doing merge sorts? arrrdddddd yardanico: since seqs start at 0 foti_kasparov: Code in Brainfuck 6majed: @MrYasser2194 LUL yungtoad4: based just means its cool because it does its own thing garykillleesang: Leopold 750r so nice PogChamp MrYasser2194: @6majed he's in the zone right now so don't expect any awnser xD

lef_xyz: LUL mattdacentaur: LUL kingherring: don’t be mean to Nim!!! jgiljr: what lang is he using? bubblesnot: Is this R? eaterenrgy: @garykillleesang with reds Kreygasm god_damn: @jgiljr hes English yungtoad4: kekw solitarynative: bros is he programming in nim now jgiljr: programming language kingherring: @eaterenrgy tfw want to stream but all my shit is proprietary lef_xyz: @jgiljr dogshit nim JumpTwiice: what are we doing now? i was away Koduck007: light levels low: monsters might spawn soon jgiljr: lol kingherring: @lef_xyz I will kill you bubblesnot: Him yardanico: @georgehotz it’s “var p1” yardanico: “var p1 = 0” yardanico: not “let var” kingherring: kek lef_xyz: @kingherring D: insignia_microwave: take calls on voiceapp yardanico: @kingherring I like nim a lot too 🙂 eaterenrgy: @kingherring Looks like everything is working out though! recruit_main707: you can use 0..

bubblesnot: This is another highlighted message dr_set: lex interview with Joscha Bach was amazing Ne0Zer0: mattdacentaur LUL her3hero: rpi? Koduck007: what it do her3hero: it does ai codingquark: My SD cards keep dying, rpi are too risky that way kingherring: I’m sending George an email linearpup: OpenCV has a competition along with it prostidude221: ‘cute’ LUL eldac_kno: have you seen latest news about Nanite in Unreal engine 5? It doesn’t work with foliage and skinned meshes. I was so hyped though silentslayer88: Can you give your opinion on nvidias self driving software ? codingquark: Joscha insignia_microwave: if I buy a meeting does it have to be professional bubblesnot: What about 1000 twitch points? FaceTheWolf: <3 t3rabyt3_: PrideShine ZuppaSalata: LUL bigbawsboy: Do you have any plugins on your vim @georgehotz ? soreox: pretty mmuch the same @bubblesnot :) Mussels: What courses did you take at CTY when you were younger? I took robotics and forensic anthropology. robotics was cooler yungtoad4: This is a stream of diaper masks bubblesnot: Nvidia caters to the rich yungtoad4: Diaper mask streams for life foti_kasparov: Can we add more languages? omniilismo: what do you think about neuralink? b2kemann: what ? someone ordered a meeting to shittalk? but whyy parktype: Lmao you call yourself a georgehotz fan? I'm fucking loaded on channel points bro. I highlight every message because I'm just that jacked. Try talking in chat again when you're a true fan yeah_haey: Are you jewish solitarynative: real ZuppaSalata: LUL pigporkman: Would you ever get into quant trading? solitaryyy: The Geohot 2020 Sorry Tour lef_xyz: monkaS prostidude221: you look high as shit for someone that doesnt smoke LUL codingquark: ha ha drewc830: LUL d4rkvist3r: dafq MrYasser2194: some people* leander_ms: Commski never works GrumpyJeff_TTV: LUL recruit_main707: favourite streamer just for that sentence soreox: PogChamp bigbawsboy: Wait I missed that @georgehotz ... so no plugins? christianthefalco: Oh geohot didnt like the bach interview? uiq3eu: Do you think that idea behiond is still valid? Koduck007: true Ne0Zer0: LUL RapidEU: @parktype same foti_kasparov: BURN COMMUNISTS solitaryyy: Would you consider CCP communist? jgiljr: shrooms? drewc830: nice to see a techbro who isnt a commie parktype: Communism has failed everywhere it's been tried bubblesnot: CNN will twist that to “geohot supports communism” leander_ms: Is that a new appartment tho? yungtoad4: This guy says he doesnt smoke lmao man smoked on stream Ne0Zer0: the sxsw talk was amazing LUL uiq3eu: Do you think that idea behind is still valid? prostidude221: FeelsAmazingMan Drugs loopylol: muh drugs taylor96Alex taylor96Alex linearpup: have you ever tried DMT? codingquark: I agree recursive_x: lop leander_ms: FeelsAmazingMan JumpTwiice: capitalism is communism for the rich LUL RapidEU: Your competitor Elon Musk smokes yungtoad4: No no no the guy in chat said you dont smoke Ne0Zer0: drugs are for nerds kingherring: what drugs do you take though Geroge hotz? if you want to be high bubblesnot: He smoked the autism hartator1: yesterday? foti_kasparov: COFFEE IS A DRUG yungtoad4: WE all know you amoke leander_ms: Respect it dude drumbledope: KKona uiq3eu: Do you think that idea behind is still valid? prostidude221: so fucking true duncansclarke: nicotine is harder imo codingquark: I skip coffee every weekend as a rule salman2301: My Bro says you almost all the time use Drug that's why u hype most of the time eldac_kno: try nicotine then janpoonthong: What kind of weed you like to smoke? soreox: tab or space @georgehotz ? :) Zanfr1980: whats with the topic? somethingnhappened? hartator1: Did you ever try to micro dose LSD? b2kemann: computation foti_kasparov: Are you 7? god_damn: Inspiring words Poisonslash: Weed for me has been the hardest thing ti quit just cause life is so fucking boring lately, especially with the covid locldowns :( leander_ms: That is not necessarily true tho

JRHonda121: Do you believe Elon when he said they are very close to Level 5? DrRobotvinnik: will you use Nim again? @georgehotz yungtoad4: you make 1k a year we know it jgiljr: nice dose of dmt from the pineal gland? duncansclarke: Tabs are 1 finger stroke bro Ne0Zer0: this is a tab-free zone janpoonthong: What kind of weed you like to smoke? soreox: haha <3 yungtoad4: "man of the people" makes 1k a year lmao Perrrooooo: Didnt you feel like you lost braincells from smoking weed everyday :D bubblesnot: Gateway drug lasercatboss: lets be real here the only reason to not be on modafinil permanently is tolerance lef_xyz: caffeine is easy too after 1 week mazsociety: How hard is it to quit chewing ice cubes Kappa muffclap: do u think weed helps you when you code prostidude221: lmao SigmaHeavyIndustries: tabs are great get a grip Mussels: withdraarll eldac_kno: sugar is hardest to quit solitarynative: caffeine is the devil ZuppaSalata: LU marschr: reminded me of the openai code gen from comments that sam altman showed the other day bubblesnot: Coffee is a gateway drug wazaR: For me is freakin cigs, hard as shit @georgehotz SigmaHeavyIndustries: all that weed you're smoking is making you think tabs are bad Poisonslash: @georgehotz I wouldn't really say I'm 'addicted' to weed, more of that i'm just so bored these days there isn't much to do other than work and work out solitaryyy: lack of oxygen lolz eldac_kno: sugar>> caffeine codingquark: I cannot work at all after cigs duncansclarke: you never enjoy nicotine the first time around mmi18: have you ever watched rick & morty? bubblesnot: I can read, but i can not remember pharaohskaro: holy shit hahahahahaha localcanofdutchgold: lul chillguy269: LUL leander_ms: Can someone tell me what his Chrome Theme is called? LUL Ne0Zer0: yikes LUL ZuppaSalata: LUL Muzyd: BRUH bluespeck: Ever had problems focusing? how do you get around that?… having such a scatterbrain, and can’t focus on anything for longer than a few minutes lately Koduck007: broooo solitarynative: vaping is fun with low nic yungtoad4: KEKW soreox: Mine is sugar tbf :/ and aspartam prostidude221: its called snus here, pretty popular in norway iskjmss: that’s one way to avoid cigs for the rest of your life mattdacentaur: LUL Koduck007: lrn2ettan kingherring: my email is sent 😉 b2kemann: in norway and sweden we have snus weeva: nicotine poison is terrible LUL bubblesnot: No that’s the good stuff mattdacentaur: 5Head JRHonda121: Do you believe Elon when he said they are very close to Level 5? yungtoad4: My vices: sugar and freebase cocaine that_lad_koby: vaping is more fun tbh bubblesnot: Swallow the chaw joshperri: Nicotine sucks ass codingquark: I in fact feel bad, lethargic after cig arbitrandomuser: what about coffee? eldac_kno: do you eat sugar? linearpup: have you done psychedelics? charlesbukowski: nicotine should be illegal muffclap: weed + coding? b2kemann: snus is the best way to get nicotine MrYasser2194: my uncle droped a 10 year smoking addiction, can’t drop the coffee pilliam2: @georgehotz how do you stay focused? andreadaedra: have you tried LSD? myaocat: can you cheers ? i am drinking coca cola 🙂 Poisonslash: Cigs actually make me sick af. I’m convinced i’m allergic to something in it but I guess that’s a good thing LUL charlesbukowski: i mean illegal uiq3eu: Do you think stuff like GPT-3 gonna open new possibilites? janpoonthong: have you tried LSD? foti_kasparov: Suggest any book from your bookshelf ag3n: How can you earn money with programming, besides an actual job? Like working on the side charlesbukowski: not possession, just selling it yungtoad4: You already know geo is all drugs legal type guy reeldill120: sup pimp. doin some ctfs? wingdini: best strain? bubblesnot: There is already a sin tax on it wazaR: @georgehotz everything should be legal, if you die, i mean, its your problem pharaohskaro: lol why? charlesbukowski: massive companies shouldn’t be able to get people addicted to their products through a chemical dependence eldac_kno: yeah it’s impossible to avoid sugar in the US lol charlesbukowski: that we can at least control andreadaedra: have you tried DMT? Dicki__Minaj: Would u pls share ur room and table set up? bubblesnot: Have you tried a butt plug? codingquark: That’s sad, yes bigbawsboy: @georgehotz I’m guessing the vimrc on your repo is out of date? arbitrandomuser: @bubblesnot why would anyone try hunter2? num_air: Talk some more about BACKSPACE ! What tools do you think are missing ? veryape69: have you had anal sesh with your homies prostidude221: LUL RapidEU: lmao solitaryyy: dat butt plug life crawcraw66: thats addictive pxlluu: pxlluu subscribed with Twitch Prime soreox: what? feed2: you should try lef_xyz: that escalated quickly myaocat: what do you think aboht apple lie in past they won’t merge OS and now they did Big Sur is iOS with macOS mattdacentaur: yea pilliam2: @georgehotz how do you stay focused? charlesbukowski: have you tried kissing your dad? bubblesnot: Butt plugs are a gateway drug prostidude221: someones asking the real questions LUL Ne0Zer0: LUL b2kemann: loool foxubu: Shall I ban him? 😀 egilsdrups: I’m green leaf in programming 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 but as now i’m on twitch i’ll try to learn from George ….. OMG them Drug questions are like scream for help 😀 😀 😀 😀 weed is good as it stimulates neurons to creates new connections , but as you mentioned if someone smokes and doesn’t study then their brain will stay on low iq mark 😀 😀 😀 😀 her3hero: im so confused linearpup: Has Joe Rogan invited you yet? RapidEU: have u ever had an addiction to livesex cams? leander_ms: But does a technology like that not mean that people are going to be jobless? Like web desginers? Or will that happen with AI regardless phrixus_bro: hahaa marschr: the “retina” theory of AI janpoonthong: @georgehotz how do you stay focused? codingquark: lol you guys bubthefi5h: Lmao b2kemann: hahah andreadaedra: have you tried DMT? Dicki__Minaj: Would u pls share ur room and table set up? RAMBOxBEAST: What’s the latest video game you’ve played? bubblesnot: @foxubu no 🙁 Perrrooooo: Are you planning on streaming Hackthebox once more? Loved those 🙂 solitaryyy: We need the Geohot podcast chillguy269: 🙁 eldac_kno: wait you said caffeine is most addictive thing, but quitting sugar is much harder NotKarar: FeelsBadMan prostidude221: why? ZuppaSalata: D: myasovlavashe: BibleThump pharaohskaro: dude your joe rogan podcast would be SICK! yungtoad4: Sadge arbitrandomuser: then maybe he shouldnt put it up on youtube sharknight11: did you get gpt-3 api access? Poisonslash: @georgehotz How long have you been doing comp-sci for? I’m only 5 years into it but your technical analysis skills and aptitude for this stuff impresses me RapidEU: 800 viewers is popular leander_ms: I am not a computer science student, I study economics LUL qatarking24xd: you are already famous mattdacentaur: we can see your nipples whit_314: if your twitch gets too popular we’ll see you on bitwavetv! pigporkman: Thought you wanted to be instagram famous? weeva: fuck that god_damn: naval has a bit about this amuzinc: @georgehotz hopefully they wont get too popular kingherring: @georgehotz CEO to CEO, how do you continue to program when there is so much business things to do? lasercatboss: i feel like if this gets popular just code more and the morons leave again myaocat: are you for or against apple (git) merged iOS and macOS? kingherring: so many* wazaR: should we just watch on y2be? sthen muffclap: how much attention do you pay to developments in quantum computing MrYasser2194: rich > fame boogiebrice: kind of edgy dr_set: if it gets to famous just put a programming challenge to filter out the casuals bubblesnot: Serious question how can AI be implemented within cyber security eldac_kno: good looks are like fame but better

crestedpuffin: xD chillguy269: LUL janpoonthong: lol d4rkvist3r: ok andreadaedra: you’re CPO: Chief Party Officer ImNotTrolling: you are a god chillguy269: DPRK kingherring: LUL LUL yungtoad4: No that guy just wanted us to know he was a ceo solitaryyy: Vladimir Hotz muffclap: how much attention do you pay to developments in quantum computing t3rabyt3_: more money more problems codingquark: lul andreadaedra: CBO: Chief Buttplug Officer veryape69: what’s your bideltoid? egilsdrups: so true amuzinc: look at irans full name amuzinc: LUL MrYasser2194: its like markting solitaryyy: LOL leander_ms: They need to put them in there to make people believe LUL prostidude221: im ceo too 🙂 d4rkvist3r: tesla janpoonthong: Vladimir Hotz lol Ne0Zer0: lmfaooooooooo RAMBOxBEAST: Do you enjoy video games? What’s the latest game you have played? mazsociety: have you tried chewing ice? myaocat: why engineers of big companies doesn’t invest 10% of their time to make products for nurses/hospital? RapidEU: I’m the CEO of my house veryape69: ^^ her3hero: good game Jon8RFC: baba is you is a good one…check out filament, too Denis0109: @georgehotz I like your eyes, can I buy them? num_air: what programming tools are missing for BACKSPACE to succeed ? uiq3eu: Is quantum computing gonna change sth? iilliilliillli: have you tried shungite? joshperri: I’m the CEO of uranus codingquark: Yeah that game looks real fun amuzinc: Im CEO of democratic republic of CEO SigmaHeavyIndustries: I’m the CEO of the homeless shelter I stay at RAMBOxBEAST: Cool bubblesnot: I am the CEO of my buttplug bananaconda: do you play chess? JRHonda121: Do you believe Elon when he said they are very close to Level 5? kingherring: but seriously @georgehotz how do you find time to program as President eldac_kno: Baba is you turing complete btw reeldill120: have u ever got laid for hacking the iphone/sony stuff? codingquark: I am playing TIS-100 these days ImNotTrolling: jump king linearpup: Are you at your parents’ house? colanzio5: You should check out this game amuzinc: @georgehotz are you friends all CEO’s uiq3eu: Is quantum computing gonna change sth? RapidEU: Do u play COD? random11_real: try antichamber d4rkvist3r: ori an the will of the wisps random11_real: its a puzzle Dieun: If anyone wants a super chill game, I’d recommend NightSky on steam Mussels: have you considered power-lifting to increase T levels and make you a better programmer? hobocoder: LUL Roman182: LUL ZuppaSalata: LUL her3hero: wait wasnt it an hour before? leander_ms: LUL myasovlavashe: LUL crestedpuffin: LUL bananaconda: KEKW drumbledope: KKona brofessorbob: Have you been to Hong Kong in TJ yet? pharaohskaro: this is the best thing you’ve onde yet lol her3hero: your rate went up egilsdrups: 😀 😀 😀 😀 Ne0Zer0: ez LUL Arksam: Who’s comma ‘ ? redemer666: what a scam feed2: and i got you here for free 🙂 t3rabyt3_: PrideShine codingquark: TIS-100 is assembly simulation thing soreox: only 1k? knilecrack: real boos Perrrooooo: LUL litesam: What’s your hiring strategy! booberrystew: LULW airinspiration_: what a sam LUL uiq3eu: Is quantum computing gonna change sth? bubblesnot: That is hilarious knilecrack: boss* egilsdrups: time = money right done whit_314: Maybe we can all chip in chat to pay for a call myaocat: @reeldill120 he got a car and money for it. i heard about you in reddit they said you dropped hs and lockpicking :)) phrixus_bro: I can get 10 minutes with Kevin Sorbo for $100 crestedpuffin: nuance1Elon nuance1Elon nuance1Elon nuance1Elon nuance1Elon nuance1Elon nuance1Elon nuance1Elon nuance1Elon feed2: i dont support amazon that way 🙂 alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: BUT IM HOMELESS Denis0109: Can I have your mac? Then I can program too! litesam: What’s your hiring Strategy!? kingherring: kingherring subscribed with Twitch Prime xxblueshift: yo i subbed broooooooooooooooooo rodeocrazy: rodeocrazy subscribed with Twitch Prime 0xbadidea: what happened to your old twitch channel? Dieun: Common twitch primes, where ya at??? loopylol: then youll stop streaming till next month lmfao leander_ms: You have no emotes sir bubblesnot: What was the name of that puzzle game? RapidEU: Do u send Buttplugs to subs? prostidude221: SUBSCRIBE? HELL NAW TriHard eldac_kno: money>looks>fame tbh chillguy269: But you said if it gets too big you kill the stream, so Im not subbing lef_xyz: @phrixus_bro LUL iilliilliillli: i have no money bro yungtoad4: HYPEEEEEE TRAINNNNN agravkire: Are you going to hack ps5 ? Kappa ch1ck3n_b0y: FeelsGoodMan soreox: scam train Pog pilliam2: more subs = more views = less streams KryekGG: @elonmusk DONATEEEEEEEEEEE Curlicue7: @georgehotz Why do you like streaming? tdubey: sub chat only for 5 dollar convo with the president of comma bebytesback: This is great! janpoonthong: i have no money bro mattdacentaur: hack ps5 and I sub muffclap: if too many of us subscribe then ur gonna disappear though? litesam: What’s your hiring strategy!? amuzinc: 1bit too many LUL kingherring: I SUBSCRIBED christianthefalco: Has anyone ordered the meeting? 0xbadidea: what happened to your old twitch channel?? teerv: make an hour $ 1.999 deal Mussels: yeah wait, can the call have 50 people on it? lets go 50 people to chip in $20 JRHonda121: JRHonda121 is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 5 in the channel! Perrrooooo: PogChamp random11_real: im 14 and poor JRHonda121: JRHonda121 gifted a Tier 1 sub to idlewise! JRHonda121: JRHonda121’s Gift shared rewards to 25 others in Chat! yungtoad4: SourPls SourPls SourPls SourPls SourPls SourPls JRHonda121: JRHonda121 gifted a Tier 1 sub to Cydinlol! JRHonda121: JRHonda121 gifted a Tier 1 sub to 0xreself! JRHonda121: JRHonda121 gifted a Tier 1 sub to 0wld3v! JRHonda121: JRHonda121 gifted a Tier 1 sub to 1_7_2_9! Arksam: monkaS daxyxy98: are you in contact with suge knight ? ch1ck3n_b0y: Pog 0xbadidea: Pog linearpup: How much did you earn this stream? soreox: dodged PogChamp janpoonthong: thanks aensaevhaerne: dodged b2kemann: gift me a sub reeldill120: @myaocat wut? RapidEU: @JRHonda121 notice me xxblueshift: LUL iskjmss: do you have a 20-OFF code for the meetings? LUL iilliilliillli: dodged ez lef_xyz: haHAA thecoldwar32: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp vicfred: jimsQueso jimsQueso jimsQueso bubblesnot: I am chill when i have my buttplug in litesam: What!? Kabbone: what happened to the plan getting instagram famous? her3hero: can we get a train? 0xbadidea: what happened to your old twitch channel?? feed2: wait you still push to master? Kappa sawamoha20: wow NotKarar: D: nevsis: nevsis subscribed with Twitch Prime georgehotz: solyyd: thoughts about nietzche? joshperri: Why do you want subscribers? Can’t be for the money zelkh9: chess grind stream when RapidEU: Do u think your chat will ever turn to a normal Twitch spam chat? t3rabyt3_: The hype train is pulled into the station. All on board. Choo Choo knilecrack: you dind’t get verified ? hobocoder: still no checkmark BibleThump snapcs1: snapcs1 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! brofessorbob: Have you been to Hong Kong in TJ yet? airinspiration_: “sued by sony” LUL LUL knilecrack: brahhhh Denis0109: @georgehotz Do you watch porn when you don’t program? bubblesnot: You never post on insta chillguy269: That’s really a thing? solitaryyy: You live in LA now? PyotrKropotkin: wow, cool instagram, i hope you become famous someday yungtoad4: Nice pinecone eldac_kno: but you said being famous is overrated kingherring: All clubs are closed @georgehotz redemer666: I can give you a follow for $10 iilliilliillli: you cant follow if you dont have ig WeSmart sharknight11: influencer life foti_kasparov: To the Castle 0xbadidea: yikes veryape69: what’s your iq? loopylol: trueeeee Arksam: We not the elite NotLikeThis lef_xyz: healthy stuff myaocat: gift me a sub and I’ll write you a program or app in c/swift/obj-c/kotlin/rust brofessorbob: The elite club is in TJ called Hong Kong leander_ms: You are not doing very well Sir NotLikeThis mlejva: Let’s keep this underground my CS fellows Dieun: @georgehotz Have you tried faceapp on yourself? amuzinc: @georgehotz elite club with Epstein and weinstein ??? parktype: parktype is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 5 in the channel! parktype: parktype’s Gift shared rewards to 25 others in Chat! parktype: parktype gifted a Tier 1 sub to Gwas__! parktype: parktype gifted a Tier 1 sub to dafuqpod! parktype: parktype gifted a Tier 1 sub to 3aaa7923! parktype: parktype gifted a Tier 1 sub to 1donald! parktype: parktype gifted a Tier 1 sub to 32bitrobo! prostidude221: that shit sounds so fucking toxic atthem0ment: the middle one is hq 6majed: 6majed subscribed at Tier 1 arbitrandomuser: how does this work ? snapcs1: PogChamp Ne0Zer0: PogChamp ZuppaSalata: Pog renerocksai: why not buy followers on insta then? xxblueshift: @georgehotz can we start a petition to get you verified soreox: easy dodge 4Head insignia_microwave: subs comin in JumpTwiice: Pog subs myasovlavashe: Pog RapidEU: Omg wheres my sub! lef_xyz: fuck em Perrrooooo: Perrrooooo subscribed at Tier 1 JumpTwiice: PogChamp didnt get a sub jgiljr: social media is sucks!!! airinspiration_: LUL pioterexe: pog egilsdrups: 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 bubblesnot: Do you own a Ferrari? hobocoder: KKona hell yeah random11_real: i want a sub im 14 NotKarar: LUL wutango: KKona damn right qatarking24xd: Kkona damn right yungtoad4: FeelsAmazingMan lifeofjona: hi wazaR: Some people use big butplugs for follows… i mean weird world @georgehotz crestedpuffin: @georgehotz can we post links? b2kemann: WORKERS UNITE, FREE SUBS her3hero: her3hero is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 1 in the channel! her3hero: her3hero’s Gift shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! her3hero: her3hero gifted a Tier 1 sub to CampingNova! ch1ck3n_b0y: EZ yungtoad4: POGGERS PyotrKropotkin: very levelheaded. glad to help you become famous codingquark: I follow you from multiple insta accounts dude

mattdacentaur: 4Head Perrrooooo: Ez subs eldac_kno: to be honest good looks has all perks of being famous without any downsides egilsdrups: WELL SAID !!!!! nudax: !uptime arbitrandomuser: what are your thoughts on Communism ? 0xbadidea: @georgehotz whats your favourite twitch streamer? redemer666: if you tell the truth you get canceled bro egilsdrups: TRue never misguides “”” Denis0109: I told the the TRUTH, but now I’m dead hobocoder: lol foti_kasparov: Do you like our respect ? Arksam: LUL localcanofdutchgold: he 2 timed your wife snapcs1: true feed2: They found out he was not a doctor 🙂 ZuppaSalata: LUL NotKarar: FeelsBadMan RIP My doc arbitrandomuser: did communism get *’d out ? alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: When you first meet with new people do you tell them you are a streamer or the owner of comma ai? leander_ms: What happend to the Doc for real tho knilecrack: yeah GoTo3: when is Shkreli out of prison? @georgehotz pioterexe: nice bubblesnot: Tell us the truth then…where is your buttplug right this very moment? foti_kasparov: For you? knilecrack: fuck twich wutango: 2 time 🏆 that_lad_koby: true CampingNova: Didn’t dodge FeelsBadMan RapidEU: I have a friend who is a multi millionaire, and hes all about playing games all day HAHA Perrrooooo: Hackthebox when PogChamp solyyd: i told the truth, got fired three times lmao crestedpuffin: xD litesam: PogChamp guileBR: u cant be smart and good looking at same time Kappa blabbernab: clout chaser num_air: I am ugly and stupid 🙁 kingherring: same, I told the truth and I got fired her3hero: true solitarynative: not true litesam: !uptime mattdacentaur: not true airinspiration_: true redoni18: thoughts on kanye running for president?? KryekGG: Im both asdhxc: Shkreli is still in jail for another 3 years myaocat: but if you go to job interview and asked you if you know X and you lie is it bad? im not liar i tell truth but didn’t get far xxblueshift: @georgehotz can we start a petition to get you verified arbitrandomuser: socialism ? tdubey: losing weight will get you lots of friends codingquark: Are there cognitive studies around ethnic groups and their perception of good looking people? veryape69: >one chance at life mlejva: If you are a president of people republic democratic country you are respected man veryape69: >be ugly her3hero: LULW Penguino138: Mannn I keep waking up late to attend RapidEU: He said ” I TOOK MILK FROM WORK” Ne0Zer0: LUL Dieun: He told his boss about his secret bu… Nevermind foti_kasparov: HE TOLD HE HAD CORONA lef_xyz: people dont really want to hear the truth Mussels: favorite flavor of gatorade / weather phenomenon? mine is polar vortex and polar vortex TusKaN_BaNaNas: the way you tell is as important as the truth myasovlavashe: D: crestedpuffin: LUL leander_ms: You tell your Boss he stinks and you get fired that does FeelsBadMan iilliilliillli: telling the truth is a scam two_eight: He shared CIA secrets chillguy269: ROFL Ne0Zer0: hahaha alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: ahahahaha RapidEU: or “I use buttplug while at work” JakeJ24: The truth about thruthology MrBankster: 250 is healthy for me airinspiration_: lmao her3hero: any milkers in chat Denis0109: Can you have Sex at CommaAI Toilets? atthem0ment: KEKW litesam: Let litesam: My bubblesnot: I got fired for my buttplug falling out mid meeting illogicalism: have you considered doing a session with the twitch psychiatrist? uiq3eu: best tech book? egilsdrups: 😀 😀 😀 :D: DTHAT WERE BREAsT MILK I BET 😀 😀 😀 😀 her3hero: got no job, but got milk homie solitarynative: very sexy pic bottom left brofessorbob: You haven’t lived life if you haven’t been to Hong Kong in TJ though sharknight11: thoughts on personal knowledge management systems ? crestedpuffin: Milk Thefts parktype: Dr K Ahowe444: Dr. K Ne0Zer0: Dr. K MatiGoG: Dr.K lef_xyz: a new fun projects ? chillguy269: Dr K that_lad_koby: HealthyGamer? localcanofdutchgold: K dude christianthefalco: What if the truth is that there is no truth foti_kasparov: Play Life if Good by Drake chillguy269: Thats the homie prostidude221: dr.k is good lef_xyz: any new fun projects ? B1_Renekton: Dr. K leander_ms: Dr K redemer666: Dr K is the man bro corona_virus_spreader: Hey George how are you dealing with covid, has it affected you mentally? booberrystew: Dr. K yungtoad4: YESSS WE WANT HEALTHYGAMER STREAM veryape69: StoneLightning StoneLightning TheCellarDoor: Dr K is badass prostidude221: TALK TO DR. K PogChamp crestedpuffin: ActForImpact: yeah dude go talk to him alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Yes go Dr K myaocat: (not commaAI comment) but you read it. Kappa bubblesnot: When will you release tugendhat: hes streaming RIGHT now parktype: He’s not hateful at all redemer666: dr K is brown Jesus Solias_3: dr K PogChamp prostidude221: tTALK TO DR. K PogChamp Ne0Zer0: nah so=uper wholesome parktype: Just went live TheCellarDoor: Dr K is wholesome lef_xyz: he is really nice her3hero: U can have a session with dr. k. he is chill wutango: harvard andy 6majed: Yeah did he SurfCat: Oh lol if you would talk to him would be hilarious LUL soreox: No it ain’t hateful at all yungtoad4: That shit would be insane janpoonthong: Dr K is wholesome NotKarar: FeelsBadMan reckful <3 chillguy269: Stream might get too big if he talks to him kingherring: @georgehotz any thoughts on Max Stirner's egoism? You seem like a rational egoism type of guy that_lad_koby: Love him ch1ck3n_b0y: Wow GiantSweater: reckful FeelsBadMan Solias_3: it's the opposite of hateful parktype: he just went live on Penguino138: How to convince someone who believes 0 scientific evidence and studies? prostidude221: TALK TO DR. K PogChamp 0xbadidea: @georgehotz whats your screen resolution? AwaisDota: Kappa Ahowe444: LOL cringe MrYasser2194: this screams "look at me im damaged pitty me" brofessorbob: Who is this cuck eldac_kno: Lol ch1ck3n_b0y: talk to Dr. K solitarynative: lmao christianthefalco: Ewww Arksam: cmonBruh wazaR: Dr.K needs a buttplug... fuck it @georgehotz SigmaHeavyIndustries: wow this is not a christian channel janpoonthong: Dr K is wholesome bubblesnot: White knight found airinspiration_: cringe KEKW codingquark: cheesy? lef_xyz: you should go talk with destiny SigmaHeavyIndustries: swearing TomatoePasta: thats a bad clip @georgehotz Madill_: Do you believe that humans are deterministic? yungtoad4: No thats out of the norm janpoonthong: LOL cringe JumpTwiice: he talks personal problems with streamers pigporkman: What do you think about michael reeves? yungtoad4: Hes not cringe soreox: That was a bad clip I do agree localcanofdutchgold: DESTINY OMEGALUL phrixus_bro: hes the new oprah two_eight: so cringe bro 😂😂 Penguino138: Christian Channel everyone get your golden crosses out walz_: toxic??!? GiantSweater: LUL veryape69: do you still listen to lil peep? walz_: lmao JumpTwiice: how is it toxic LUL corona_virus_spreader: George how are you dealing with covid, has it affected you mentally? litesam: pogchamp redemer666: Dr K is like Jesus cortickal: Destiny is cringe. Dr K is cringe janpoonthong: so cringe bro 😂😂 paradox109: hasan leander_ms: Wow there are books in the background does that mean you read boi? foti_kasparov: Have you listened MGK EMO? alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: How often do you pray to god? christianthefalco: Doctor drew for people with gamer chairs litesam: PogChamp gcbourdon: Play league GiantSweater: Hes not that toxic eldac_kno: twitch now has its own televangelists localcanofdutchgold: destiny cucks lul linearpup: Why are you in New Jersey? feed2: Life is cringe :) RAMBOxBEAST: RAMBOxBEAST subscribed at Tier 1 3ygun: He's not toxic nathanGod1 nathanGod2 litesam: Poggers PogChamp Mussels: destiny is the geohot of philosophy only he's wrong and youre right MatiGoG: hasan streams politics topics yungtoad4: Uppercase C covid dejvid1998: lmao autistic chat calling people cringe for helping other people lef_xyz: any new fun projects ? SurfCat: moon2MORMOON wholesome channel Keepo B1_Renekton: micheal reeves codes with 15k viewer on twitch xxblueshift: @georgehotz yo bro play fortnite xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD yungtoad4: Dr k is a woke bae ego_naut: destiny white knights LUL bubblesnot: When will you release kingherring: What is your thought on rational egoism? leuza0: Look for michael reeves channel on youtube, its great TomatoePasta: haHAA SAN snapcs1: Choo Chooo HypeDaze parktype: Choo Chooo HypeDaze JRHonda121: Choo Chooo HypeBounce prostidude221: Dr. k is actually doing alot of good on the platform, he's pretty chill 6majed: Choo Chooo HypeDaze litesam: Wanna see cool! Text art two_eight: TRUE codingquark: YES MrYasser2194: @dejvid1998 on stream for views ? fuck'em TheCellarDoor: true solitarynative: real CommanderZilyana: true t3rabyt3_: Choo Chooo PrideWorld kingherring: HypeDaze B1_Renekton: true foti_kasparov: Watch this about Self Hel books janpoonthong: true sharknight11: have u tried roam research? PyotrKropotkin: if you want a book that's going to improve your life, go watch a movie parktype: Feel good books PogChamp guileBR: why read books if u can read PDFs? 3ygun: True 6majed: Got scammed Choo Choo feed2: Self help the author Kappa mudkipzzzz: so how do you get better then? eldac_kno: feels good man

mmi18: reading makes me feel bad kavifa6176: self help olny help the author get rich and upsell their next product localcanofdutchgold: self help is decent when you’re like 18, read one and move on jgiljr: would you go to the moon if elon hooked it up? Arksam: DendiFace FeelsGoodMan But books soreox: They feel good in the sellers pocket LUIL Denis0109: how to stay motivated in this Cruel World? parktype: @6majed lmfao codingquark: Do you consider The Alchemist a self help book? linearpup: Watch some David Goggins videos litesam: Yo do HackerRank and shit! B1_Renekton: LAW OF ATTRACTION LULW lew_kas: xtheAutoW leander_ms: But then the people would realize they do not improve their lives and then they do not feel good my man dejvid1998: @MrYasser2194 He’s profiting thats for sure, and I dont like it either. But if it helps people I dont mind MrBankster: do you think we’re heading for an economic depression? prostidude221: Have you heard about HasanAbi? @georgehotz prostidude221: LUL phrixus_bro: whats the best indian food to order davidnsun: will VODs ever be made public? foti_kasparov: Have you seen the Self-Help Books – George Carlin video? leuza0: btw I think michael reeves follows you on instagram @georgehotz yungtoad4: Best self help book is lost in the cosmos by walker percy. Author says the only way to cure depression is to seriously consider suicide codingquark: LIke by design toxic? sharknight11: social media + quarantine seems disastrous 3ygun: @prostidude221 LUL feed2: TRUE mmi18: i like watching tony robison on youtube makes me feel good AlfaAnanasz: BITCOIN PogChamp BITCOIN PogChamp BITCOIN PogChamp BITCOIN PogChamp BITCOIN PogChamp BITCOIN PogChamp cortickal: In the future, PhDs will write dissertations on the philosophy of Destiny kingherring: @georgehotz have you heard of fair code ? alternative to open source. iReaper147: LuL Poisonslash: @yungtoad4 LUL wut? eldac_kno: what do you think about tik tok being chinese spyware Penguino138: Geo have you seen the new DOG E coin meme? bubblesnot: Rothschild jotembruv: like reeeeeeeallly long term fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @georgehotz do you agree with this? UrosRiznic: Choda jel gledas ? lef_xyz: its about managing veryape69: thoughts on nihilism pilliam2: bullish on crypto longterm? what does he mean codingquark: Ah, Poisonslash: You can’t just randomly ‘cure’ real depression soreox: gl curing depression GabrielHa: depression != depressed codingquark: Alternate internet: Koduck007: the emotion but not the illness feed2: we need crypto that doesnt benefit the first movers too much sharknight11: tbh would want a therapist to take me to the extremes Perrrooooo: LUL you sounded like Michael Scott there jotembruv: @pilliam2 thinks it will be in a better place in the future wazaR: everything should be legal, if you die, its your problem… i mean @georgehotz leander_ms: @fdfdfdfdfdfdff I agree with that one corona_virus_spreader: Your refreshing attitude towards mental health makes me feel hopeful pilliam2: @jotembruv thanks Landepbs: What are your general thoughts on caompanies advertising nowadays? codingquark: sharknight11: massive increase in antidepressants fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @georgehotz do you agree with this? bubblesnot: Why are you attacking cocaine man? veryape69: your thoughts on nihilism? mmi18: but how can something that makes you feel good be bad for you codingquark: is blockchain based social network ego_naut: drug addictions help my drug tolerance janpoonthong: why dont you marry? christianthefalco: Wellbutrin is a good drug for me 0xbadidea: @georgehotz what happened to your tomcr00se channel? still active? MrYasser2194: @dejvid1998 profiting for a therapy session is fine, he just said a round of a applause. it’s a performance brofessorbob: Coked up girls though wingdini: what’s your favorite strain? foti_kasparov: is nihilists and anitnatalists existence absurd? prostidude221: @georgehotz i think you would love HasabAbi’s view points pepeLaugh Penguino138: Weird deja vu we talked about this cocaine thing before? two_eight: “I would feel real trapped in this life if I didn’t know I could commit suicide at any time.” ― Hunter S. Thompson jotembruv: @0xbadidea this is it just namechange i think JumpTwiice: drugs are a cancer PhosphoricAcid: @georgehotz thoughts on chain link ? hobocoder: OpieOP uiq3eu: We need simulator for biotech! corbold: Are you back in the room where you recorded the sony rap? codingquark: is blockchain based social network Denis0109: You don’t need friends to be Happy! ConfuciusIvan: SSRIs made me feel like i was getting better but then i couldn’t cum tastedpuma581: do yo have scheduled streams? eldac_kno: scarface was pretty fun movie tbh christianthefalco: Anti what? alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: BUt you will be able to do cocked up streams! duncansclarke: cocaine is also a shit high and doesn’t last Penguino138: Gonezo fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @georgehotz please watch this on stream re: crypto cortickal: Shill URBIT, @georgehotz 0xbadidea: @jotembruv monkaHmm kingherring: +1 for coked up george hotz stream sanneck: the best book behind you? MrYasser2194: life’s kill button, a trigger foti_kasparov: LUL prostidude221: its a good 30mins though bubblesnot: Suicide is selfish lef_xyz: what is with this chat and drugs brofessorbob: Do you mountain bike? We got great trails near Balboa Park dejvid1998: Papa George, do you ever get off ampethamines? echotaco: Just stream enough to get partner and that better sub split ratio with twitch 😉 sharknight11: do u believe in tech determinism? Penguino138: Read any good books lately? astrocraft23: hi yungtoad4: Ill gift 50 subs for coked up geo stream duncansclarke: @bubblesnot bad take solitarynative: is smart contract dev a good idea zelkh9: thoughts on glizzys? leander_ms: I agree man you gotta do 1 stream on coicaine tho MrYasser2194: well thats a giff Jon8RFC: haha, not selfish foti_kasparov: I think the crypto video the guy posted is worth it tastedpuma581: do you smoke pod? sanneck: the best book behind you? Denis0109: NSA Secretly owns DarkNet MrBankster: would you recommend adderrall to improve productivity in programming? crestedpuffin: xD codingquark: is blockchain based social network (last time won’t paste again I promise) mikey9988: Kappa NotKarar: Kappa pilliam2: Dr K is live GiantSweater: Kappa klaazdw: weed localcanofdutchgold: @bubblesnot it’s selfish for others to call it selfish prostidude221: Mdma? Joooooooooonas: becareful cause of TOS musabkilic0: yo im back how is going guys and what is he doing rn tastedpuma581: sorry I meant pot myaocat: do you think Fuschia will be better than iOS? solyyd: what are you working on these days? lef_xyz: overconfidence alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Psychedelics ?? Psychedelics ?? christianthefalco: Wait why dont you like wellbutrin? Curious cuz I like it AlfaAnanasz: @georgehotz any experience with LSD? duncansclarke: works as well as placebo in terms of confidence Mussels: the only “cure” for “clinical depression” is to eat properly, wake up when the sun comes up, and lift heavy weights. It’s also the cure for “ADD” wazaR: suicide for tha virgins, good trade TusKaN_BaNaNas: @MrBankster nah just caffeine and nicotine Zeldorino: Bad at life FeelsBadMan brofessorbob: What about Provigil though codingquark: Nice feed2: Good idea

undefined_kek: Hi yungtoad4: ego_naut: fascinating Shubsterz: who can get in solitaryyy: “Truth” parktype: wouldn’t that be becoming what you hate?? @georgehotz PhosphoricAcid: we cult now PogChamp adibaby04: acceptance rate? ProfessorMagikarp0: George Academy like Khan Academy KEKW kavifa6176: What classes would you have at that college kingherring: @georgehotz microdoses , he has no need for stimulants crestedpuffin: SeemsGood Aenopixel: Modafinil is safer, been using it low doses every day, working out good tastedpuma581: What about API’s MrYasser2194: u gonna be teaching ? pigporkman: What do you think about affirmative action? veryape69: what is it like to eat ass alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: @AlfaAnanasz He said he has done it on previous streams musabkilic0: the title is still coronavirus btw @georgehotz ConfuciusIvan: Nah I took Concerta and I did SO much better at work prostidude221: @adibaby04 100% if you pay 1000 dollarsa bubblesnot: How can AI positively impact cyber security today? foti_kasparov: Education is power ego_naut: any thoughts on phenibut ? ornis1: Кодзима Гений lef_xyz: yes AlfaAnanasz: @alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx yea but did he say how was it? duncansclarke: @veryape69 tastes sour but feels good if youre horny Hawklite: that’s what Scientology is Kappa leander_ms: Yes it does MrYasser2194: sign me up weeva: you will be labeled a cult at the very least joshperri: This is the new college wazaR: just do krokodil, fuck it NotKarar: placebo PogChamp JeanFrag: how would you maintain your goal of the college after your death? @georgehotz yungtoad4: Cultism is not in what you believe but the ways you choose to follow those blieefs eldac_kno: mathematics were cult in ancient greece veryape69: @duncansclarke thanks ^^ tastedpuma581: What about Mexicans? duncansclarke: lol ch1ck3n_b0y: Русские хакеры на месте? localcanofdutchgold: ai sharknight11: as a temporary solution, isnt believing you did better not a bad thing ? foti_kasparov: stop ruski davidbarreroo: He is not going to die Denis0109: Scientology is full of ALIENS TusKaN_BaNaNas: gotta fix that problem by fixing death eldac_kno: на месте codingquark: Philosophy indeed yungtoad4: Hes not gunna die MrBankster: i can live where i want for the next 6 months to a year. where should I go? I want to go somewhere warm and cheap by the beach JRHonda121: Do you believe Elon when he said they are very close to Level 5? yungtoad4: He said that earlier ego_naut: pythagoras was a cult leader MrYasser2194: AI dude cortickal: Yudkowsky is a cult leader adibaby04: but ignorance is bliss Repunk: would you cryo-freeze your body if/when you die? crestedpuffin: Make an AI overlord to rule the college with an Iron Fist Dieun: Have you read Ayn Rand? solyyd: next big project? fdfdfdfdfdfdff: Whats your favorite designer brand? I’ve only ever seen your Saint Laurent hoodie linearpup: Any good technical book suggestions? soiax_: so why dont you believe in longevity then? Markidane: Is there an objective truth? JRHonda121: LUL Raiwo: monkaS lef_xyz: but you want to live for ever Penguino138: People used to wear less cloths in ancient times and throughout history religion has taken it backwards Kreygasm codingquark: 😀 prostidude221: you think its possible to reverse effects of aging ? yungtoad4: Do you hate noam chomsky jotembruv: living forever is a fools errand davidbarreroo: Any thoughts about Ai for trading ? leander_ms: @georgehotz when you are dead just import heartbeat again, that is the answer PhosphoricAcid: we don’t talk about fight club myaocat: why we have social media and everything but still everyone for him self? venkateshtata: Did you watch westworld ? PyotrKropotkin: lmao SnakeAz: faith, is more effective than we thought ConfuciusIvan: Well I accept the placebo effect as a truth. But I wouldn’t have gotten promoted without it alrealre: @georgehotz do you follow any longevity regime like Jack Dorsey doing 24 hours fast ? kavifa6176: Truth is fluid, it changes over time whit_314: Maybe ray kurzweil is correct and we are close to escape velocity for aging and death pilliam2: what book did he say? kingherring: @georgehotz thoughts on anarcho-capitalism? lef_xyz: do u think elon is cringe (i do) codegito: when do you think the singularity will happen? christianthefalco: Talk about Joscha Bach foti_kasparov: Would you prefer to live for 1 day in the past or the future? myaocat: @pilliam2 sandstorm by Edi Schmidt davidbarreroo: Any thoughts about Ai for trading ? codingquark: @pilliam2 the fountainhead and atlas shurgged venkateshtata: Did you watch westworld ? eldac_kno: thoughts on unreal engine 5 demo? what did you think about nanite? turns out it doesn’t work with foliage and skinned meshes ego_naut: my take on ayn rand = capitalist’s manifesto leander_ms: @lef_xyz how dare you mmi18: how do i make learning fun? Denis0109: Do you believe the good in People? duncansclarke: Chomsky’s work in linguistics is also fantastic yungtoad4: Is elon a megachurch pastor for atheists! ThePepe3012: Do you think Bezos is cringe? yeah_haey: Do you think that orgasm makes men weaker inDOObitablee: Would you have voted for Kanye? feed2: past is better pigporkman: What do you think about the discrepancy between the stock market and the economy? littlebighead82: CmonBruh feed2: Kappa leander_ms: @ThePepe3012 we dont like Bezos round here PresBObama: get those lottery numbers real quick MrBankster: haven’t you guys seen back to the future snowbola: What would u do if u were magically transported to a third-world country without any money localcanofdutchgold: will we change the national anthem once kanye becomes president Tekrific: ayn rand died while on welfare checks. The irony whit_314: I’d love to be frozen and wake up in a 100 years just to see how things are lesserthangood: KEKW aurumvorax421: live one day in the future and look all he stock prices AlfaAnanasz: @georgehotz were your experiences with LSD positive? MrYasser2194: spoilers man u don’t want that mlejva: I took tramadol (opioid) and it helps me concentrate when coding a lot and not worry about other stuff. This way I am able to do much better work venkateshtata: Did you watch westworld ? bubblesnot: How can AI affect cyber security today? GiantSweater: lol Curlicue7: What do you like about streaming @georgehotz foti_kasparov: Let’s put this too. Would you like to get back ? brofessorbob: I’m writing you in on my vote volkerai: do you support Trump or Biden? Jon8RFC: kanye? kan-nay her3hero: would you be able to build computers, if you would time travel 100 years back? cortickal: Noam Chomsky is a manufacturer of consent Denis0109: Im Voting for George next President. Make America Smart Again!” ego_naut: any thoughts on phenibut? uiq3eu: Any interesting tech on the horizont? codingquark: You can meditate to achieve such a state mudkipzzzz: @georgehotz how do i get better at life? eldac_kno: thoughts on unreal engine 5 demo? what did you think about nanite? turns out it doesn’t work with foliage and skinned meshes hackyhacks: Shouldn’t you tell the truth coming out of that booth? taylor4432: suicide is a permenent solution to a tamporary problem yungtoad4: elon is a megachurch pastor for atheists pigporkman: Would you ever be interested in a position in politics? TusKaN_BaNaNas: @cortickal manufacturing consent to what? Curlicue7: what do you like about streaming hobocoder: monkaS K177: OMEGALUL lef_xyz: @yungtoad4 I really liked that tweet rustduck: monkaS what wutango: monkaS fdfdfdfdfdfdff: queue the DFW quote in Infinite Jest about suicide Joooooooooonas: @georgehotz MonkaTOS GiantSweater: monkaS Raiwo: monkaS

ch1ck3n_b0y: monkaS ego_naut: google blacklisted poopboy7: wtf Raiwo: monkaS wtf dont atthem0ment: monkaS yungtoad4: Woah man you are streaming Zeldorino: could i commit suicide? probably not Kappa JumpTwiice: this chat is talking about depression and suicide is something you can just “get over” poopboy7: dude PiecesOW: Dont monkaS veryape69: everybody’s gotta die some time weeva: knock on the door in 10 mins LUL foon123456: monkaS leander_ms: monkaS Google does not let you do it two_eight: Use another search engine. Google is cucked illogicalism: wow your ip will be flagged hobocoder: george stop NotLikeThis ProfessorMagikarp0: monkTOS? insignia_microwave: use duckduckgo Cuke: lol that fucking number at the top kavifa6176: thats the magic of seo 😉 god_damn: nooo dont kill yourself just call the hotline noooo ego_naut: duckduckgo? NotKarar: Try bing FeelsBadMan 6majed: Google filters shit now GiantSweater: squad Michaeltth: google manipu codingquark: They’ve intentionally fucked the results up. LIke a propaganda lesserthangood: use bing bro FruitellaJesus: How do you know so much about drugs? her3hero: monkaS PresBObama: pros and cons Zeldorino: duckduckgo taylor4432: he is actuaay using Googl alrealre: google is a cringe factory leander_ms: @NotKarar Bing teills you how to do it LUL eldac_kno: it Lost all Hope? Solias_3: monkaW ch1ck3n_b0y: D: yungtoad4: FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan loopylol: i remember this wtf NotKarar: FeelsBadMan <3 davidbarreroo: linkk foti_kasparov: link please? ego_naut: subhuman? AlfaAnanasz: link? xxblueshift: link leander_ms: Link it in here, sounds interesting PiecesOW: can you link in chat? @georgehotz BurntOut157: metanoia dot org /suicide/ BurntOut157: without spaces lef_xyz: ThePepe3012: You're awesome George eldac_kno: thoughts on unreal engine 5 demo? what did you think about nanite? turns out it doesn't work with foliage and skinned meshes AlfaAnanasz: veryape69: bubblesnot: DONT DO IT GEORGIE yungtoad4: Thoughts on shungite?? hjklhjklhjkl2008: ur still streaming wot? cortickal: Wow so deep Raiwo: 5Head ahh yeah atthem0ment: u dont feel anymore codingquark: Wouldn't the state of no feelings be a great state to be in? True freedom? prostidude221: why do you know so much about drugs myaocat: can you stop answering stupid questions? why doesn't FAANG modeling human body and producing vaccines for all the diseases in the world? SnakeAz: pain is a feel too asdhxc: ??????????? K177: wat loopylol: taylor96Woodygoodpoint Cuke: well said FusRoDead: Well, isn't relief just not feeling the current pain? dontcrysomuch21: what do you think of quantum computers? linearpup: PCA or t-SNE? solyyd: tell us the google / project zero story plz :D alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Relief is the absence of pain though , so you do feel it JumpTwiice: what? NotKarar: I don't know leander_ms: That is some statement Ahowe444: t-SNE! foti_kasparov: What do you mean by consider? tastedpuma581: What have you been doing last days? solitarynative: so what do you think of niim ego_naut: that makes me an intellectual? b1nk: umap 2sin54: PCA and t-SNE do very different things lol PeinlicherAffe: @linearpup PCA lef_xyz: dogshit l_mbert: I was thinking about building a Captcha using the Heartbeat. You would put the Finger over your Cam and it would check like this if you are a Human. Do you think People would use something like this? :) mmi18: we live for teh feels random11_real: thanks venkateshtata: Thoughts on westworld ? GiantSweater: nymn Pog ? prostidude221: NymN? lef_xyz: inm mlejva: Could you share that reddit opioid epidemic post you mentioned? TomatoePasta: SoyBoy lef_xyz: nim pigporkman: What do you think about the urbit system in general? (Not just hoon) bubblesnot: Consider like throwing in one .45 and spinning the cyclinder for a one shot Ricky? b2kemann: would the world be better with more haskell? rustduck: what about Zig JumpTwiice: oh boy sad_ost: notice me senpai owo uwu o3o prostidude221: PogU NymN? veryape69: have you ever simped? sad_ost: do i have to sub to get noticed eldac_kno: thoughts on data oriented programming? newuser8000: i have a 85 iq and i cannot understand this stream, its look like magic neilsweb: Life Pro Tip: Before you commit suicide rub one off. Post rub clarity is effective Muzyd: That went from suicide talk to NIM real quick kavifa6176: its called cython codingquark: guys suggest me a good laptop for dev christianthefalco: Thoughts on Jonathan Blow? arbitrandomuser: @mlejva i think its about the guy who tried it once and got hooked on it within a week 2sin54: LUL ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You are now permanently banned leander_ms: it does exist, its Python 1.8 dude linearpup: @2sin54 both can be used for reducing dimensions veryape69: post nut clarity saves lives TomatoePasta: LULW jotembruv: you do it pigporkman: Cython? myaocat: Can you write a program that convert python to assembly? Zanfr1980: use numba bro insignia_microwave: why am I banned B1_Renekton: its called c++ lef_xyz: fast for what marschr: thoughts on Jonathan Blow? bubblesnot: How would you make python fast? illogicalism: CYTHON arbitrandomuser: its called PYPY PyotrKropotkin: julia? jamieemb_: wait why did i get banned? blabbernab: urbit thoughts? pigporkman: Jython lol kavifa6176: maybe rust? MoProject: c++thon =) arbitrandomuser: RPYTHON illogicalism: JYTHON* solyyd: google / project zero story ? UnevenSquare: I thought Julia was the fast python bebytesback: What about Rust? myaocat: convert python to assembly l_mbert: I was thinking about building a Captcha using the Heartbeat. You would put the Finger over your Cam and it would check like this if you are a Human. Do you think People would use something like this? :) codingquark: People are trying to rewrite emacs in Rust marcosbrolkin: julia newuser8000: cplusplus is slow? tastedpuma581: wha about multiproccesing task myaocat: convert python to llvm Joooooooooonas: Somebody trolled guys beginbot: 49 raiders from beginbot have joined! solyyd: thoughts on Scala ? iskjmss: julia takes forever to run LUL bebytesback: I wrote a Blas impl in Rust adibaby04: just use go pigporkman: Golang? marschr: Blow had a nice speech on education + programming few days ago alrealre: What do you think of Fortnite ? bubblesnot: Python can be used faster when you have a buttplug in codingquark: lol, seriously though mikey9988: Java LUL sad_ost: hihihihihi Jon8RFC: have you talked with John Carmack before? eldac_kno: did Jonathan Blow tried to convert you into his cult of writing new game engine? Tekrific: golang is traash lef_xyz: people learn rust just to prove that they are better than their coworkers iskjmss: <3 MoProject: facebook hack language Perrrooooo: nooooo ego_naut: <3 BaloSaar: thoughts on Destiny the streamer? AdamIsSoPro: yeeet Denis0109: Love you have a good Time baby Dieun: HeyGuys xxblueshift: LUL linearpup: codingquark: marschr: thanks bro Digital_donger: $1k meeting B) that_lad_koby: Thank you for the stream wutango: easy 1k Penguino138: Oh shiiiiiit myasovlavashe: <3 <3 <3 OddClone: <3 AdamIsSoPro: whats the phonecall for? bebytesback: Planing to improve it with Apple silicon xxblueshift: ez 1k gg B1_Renekton: <3 flmat: !uptime foon123456: <3 that_lad_koby: <3 <3 <3 Penguino138: time to rewatch the stream leander_ms: Is that me calling LUL <3

6majed: EZ Clap parktype: <3 lef_xyz: smart enough LUL foon123456: <3 󠀀 amuzinc: LUL TomatoePasta: LUL DrRobotvinnik: ArgieB8 / RAMBOxBEAST: Take care and have a nice day yungtoad4: does the 1k meeting go into your pocket or the companies??? xxblueshift: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 parktype: <3 <3 Perrrooooo: <34 davidnsun: <3 Perrrooooo: <3 hobocoder: peace george <3 0xbadidea: <3 veryape69: have you ever simped? rustduck: no one is smart enough for c++ foon123456: LUL 2sin54: cya Inexpensiive: <3 unluckychickenn: squadL Digital_donger: Kappa sinisa_koscec: <3 god_damn: ☎️ B) 🤙 That'll be $1k amuzinc: im smart as C++ bubblesnot: Put on a 30min timer and hang up right on 30min mark! SnakeAz: thx ego_naut: <3 <3 Penguino138: will always sub booberrystew: <3 BurntOut157: I <3 you George, thanks for your insights NotKarar: <3 nymnL presidentjrduppd: bye <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 bebytesback: Thats why you would use rust Ne0Zer0: o/ qatarking24xd: <3 sebtwitch2015: Hi, are you the apple jailbreak genius ? Denis0109: Can I trust you? pilliam2: thoughts on java? linearpup: SHOW THE STREAM EARNINGS :P punpunho123: bye bye <3 codingquark: See you later man! Penguino138: dotsHappy bebytesback: Thanks! myaocat: TearGlove bye codingquark: This was fun thodeannn: raid someone jamieemb_: @georgehotz read mindset by carol dweck iotku: guilty veryape69: see ya Denis0109: Use Archlinux again plss Goulfred: bye man enjoyed the live MrBankster: so one hour? codingquark: Except we took a simple algo to implement WillGreen98: Hello There yungtoad4: RAAAid mikey9988: LUL 2sin54: TRUE LULW Perrrooooo: <3 dontcrysomuch21: very nice stream PhosphoricAcid: LUL lef_xyz: bye dude feed2: bye yungtoad4: RAIIIIID that_lad_koby: bye weeva: LUL hjklhjklhjkl2008: D OMEGALUL C B1_Renekton: bye qatarking24xd: bye <3 ch1ck3n_b0y: bye localcanofdutchgold: THE SHUNGITE wutango: the 5g got him K177: lata 6majed: c ya codingquark: Bye d4rkvist3r: come one elon RapidEU: bye my friend god_damn: bye man NotKarar: primeagenRust LeeFranser: bye jule4n: bye love you TheCellarDoor: bye bye lef_xyz: shike alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: baaaa baai gigafact: thank you leander_ms: Bye localcanofdutchgold: byte Digital_donger: :) / adam_xxd: bye insignia_microwave: see ya brattstm: Bye mlejva: Have a great day! Enjoy life! Explore stuff! veryape69: have a nice day prafaeltsantos: <3 myaocat: dont go omg phsverdadeiros: tanks THE_korbi: lol just came NotKarar: Good night forsenE 0xbadidea: grubD Poisonslash: Thanks for the chill stream @georgehotz xxblueshift: bye man THE_korbi: bye awesomeo113: Love you