Hi welcome to Busted Knuckles I’m Steve Belaire and I’m your host We’ve got a great show lined up for you today so stick around You’re going to love it! well first I’m going to pull the primary off of my shovel can’t say everything went as planned but I got most of it done Okay so next I’m gonna remove the primary Well the first thing I want to do is let the oil out I’m pretty sure it’s got oil because it’s dripping right from the plug There’s a drain plug back here Hi boys Watch out for my camera Are you going to help dad? Ok where’s your brother Go play Go play Ok lay down then cuz you’re in the way You’re still the way Over this way There you go hi brat come to get your brother Go play git em It’s got all kinds of garbage on the magnet It’s filthy Oh why is that loose oh brand new plates it looks like

I need a clutch holder okay so next the Indian Motorcycle Riders Group of Winnipeg had their first annual Ride for Rescue in support of the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter Okay hi I’m Carla Martinellie Urban and I’m the founder and director of the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter Manitoba’s first registered charity no kill animal shelter and this is Jim Small and I’m the Director of Activities for the IMRG That’s the Indian Motorcycle Riders Group of Winnipeg Chapter 1991 chapter approached me early last year to say they want to do something for the community events like this and keep it in this community also tied to the dealership which is the Headingley Sports Shop and so we kind of looked around at some of the charities that would be possible candidates and I was so fortunate to meet Carla and find out a little bit more about what she does and the credible and wonderful work as they do to save animals the bikers were all animal rescue people we all have adopted pets so we love our pets and so it’s a great mix of a great fit and so we started planning this I guess March of this year and it’s August 10th today and a beautiful day And do we have a beautiful day We were so excited that Jim contacted us We rely 100% on donations for the shelter We are full to capacity We are full to capacity for both puppies and kittens We treat the injured and unwanted There are over 300 animals on a waiting list to get in I’m really really proud of the work that we do We take care of them, we keep them, there’s no time limit impose on their stay We keep them until loving owners can be found so it’s it’s been great This is our first motorcycle Ride For Rescue I’m super super excited about it I think we’ve had a wonderful turnout already for our first ride and I’ve got this man to thank with his crew they really really put a lot of work into getting something going I have to say I was really impressed when I first pulled up how many bikes are already here I know for our first ride I didn’t know it was your first ride So where are you headed? Well we’re gonna go up the old 26 highway through St. Francis and Poplar Point and the first poker stop because it’s also a poker derby will be at Portage Tim Tim Hortons west Portage La Prairie and then from there the riders will go down to Carmen to Sills and that’s our second check stop

Sills in Carmen And then the third one will come up to Oak Bluff And that’s our third sort of check stop Then from Oak Bluff they are going to come back here for 4 o’clock We’re going to have a great Bar-b-que from Headingley Grill is donating all the food for the Winnipeg Pet Rescue event here that’s terrific and they’re opening up a new facility so all of the money raised here today is going to help the animals at the shelter We need the help We need the help and we don’t get any government funding We rely strictly on the kindness and generosity of good corporate people coming to events like Jim here what’s what’s your website in case people want to you know adopt a puppy Yea that’s wonderful they check out the animals as well It’s www.petrescueshelter.com They can call the shelter it’s 832-pets it’s a nice easy number to remember and they can check us out on Facebook as well. We’ve got lots and lots of animals available right now Kittens, kittens, kittens, we’ve got over 97 cats and kittens at the shelter we just rescued a kitten like two weeks ago You know your allowed five, I’m just saying what a great team up I think you guys are gonna do wonderful work and this was a team effort that’s a good point because all of our members just got behind it and volunteered and contacted me and said what can we do how can we help where can we go what do you need us to do so it’s a great very great bunch of folks and we all know each other we know our partners we ride together all over the place and it’s such a great group of people to be associated with The Indian Riders Motorcycle And it was wonderful for us because we were able to make friends with a lot of new people And they are good kind decent people so we are happy to be affiliated with them You can see we built a friendship yes and where can they find you well we have a Facebook page it’s just IMRG1991 and that’s the local page also on the Headingley Sports Shop page you can find us there’s a little bit of a riders guide there and you can check us out there and we always have photos of our ride and weekly ride every Wednesday they go to different places around the city we go south to like Carman and Winkler and Morden or go east to Steinbeck and Beausejour we go into the interlake to Gimli in places like that and we ride to Portage On week night ride on Wednesdays kick stands up at 7:00 we leave from the Tim’s out at Westwood here on Portage Avenue you and then we depart we have pickup spots along the way because some of our enjoy yourself a little bit somewhere north and all over so we have pickup spots for everyone and here so we don’t leave anyone behind they promote the kinship but we also promote safe friendly riding so it’s a fun time it’s a great group to be a part of everybody’s welcome we we all ride mostly ride Indian motorcycles but we have friends right other brands of motorcycles and we’re always welcoming new members hopefully we can convert them and get them into our shop here behind us to help Headingley sell a few bikes but at the end of the day if you ride two wheels you’re welcome to come check us out exactly once a ride on an Indian they will want yeah and you know what it is true for me as well and it’s a wonderful beautiful ride they’re gorgeous bikes Perfect Thankyou is there anything else you want to add If people are interested in adopting pleas come on down There’s also other ways you can help We need Canadian Tire money We go through 500 pounds of cat litter a week Any cleaning products we can use you want to buy a new bed for a dog we always use them There’s just so many injured and unwanted so please come in and visit us at 3062 Portage Avenue thank you so much okay so next we’re going back to Guy Anthony’s working on that seat for a motorcycle and you just it’s just amazing you’re just going to be amazed check this out Oh you use a bag for your pattern oh that’s interesting I’m divulging some secrets here but whatever

still have still to have the talent It’s pattern making and this is right out of fashion this is called drape when you your model you’re standing there and you drape it right over her this is my model standing here and I’m now going to drape over her This idea came to me from a German leather magazine It was all in German It was given to me by someone who went to Germany it was full of Hind Garrett it was actually I was a Hind Garrett catalog and they were featuring a designer who don’t race suited and the guy was photograph was the guy sitting on his bike and there was this guy the designer of wrapping tape around his arm to create with with he had all his armor on and he was wrapping tape around his armor to get the exact position so when he’s in this position it feels great oh my god then we stood up it’s like you can’t stand up Right but it’s perfect for when he’s on the bike well it becomes here your canvas yep yep does he still have do you still have to do a lot more than just tape Oh yea this is just the first step in the pattern making what a great idea Yea it came from fashion and what he’s doing is draping He’s draping this, it’s not a runway model it’s a guy racing around Nuremberg Yup I thought it was a brilliant idea Should have moved to Germany when I had the chance I’ve never seen anybody use that technique before I’ve seen some guys fight with pattern making they’ll take a piece of paper and cut it and try and fit it They’ll take another piece and try and suffix that together and you’re creating components and then making them fit the body like just builds of components right off the body so now I’m trying to economize not economize but just realistic create a path pattern pieces like I’m gonna have a seam here okay to separate this monster single it will help create a curve as well Frig is that ever cool

That is friggin cool man this is why my seats turn out nice nice I’m so amazed it doesn’t even collapse it like it keeps the shape wow it does because of these the inherit structure and when I do when I sew this together when I sew the vinyl together same thing it’ll stand there on its own and when I pull it over top and staple it and it’s like fuck it looks fucking really good guy and this is this is why because the pattern everything is a pattern it’s not about stapling it’s not about well you gotta know how to sew I’ll say that you got to know how to sew but the the pattern making the foundation is everything the blueprint and then after the after the seats done goes in the garbage because every bike is different every single seat is a different but now getting back to that compound curve at the back here yeah now I’m gonna cut this and see how flat it lays oh if it’s flat that will be the that’ll be the shape of that yeah then I’m done if it doesn’t want to lay down as flat as I’d like it to then I’ll have to maybe make make it another seam another seam but I think it’ll be ok it’s not it’s not a mess like there’s a an absolute reason for this compound curve here because it goes up and it’s just it’s like a compound curve does this and this yes the curves on both both axes I would think this would be the hard one yeah that will be the one that needs to be there for sure because it yea dips up and this crazy oh no that that alter it but you see how these don’t line up at all so you gotta have mold it while you putting it together yeah yeah you have to and that’s this is this is pattern making 101 and when I went to college and studied fashion technology and design flat obviously was where you would have to end up from yeah because everything flat fabric is all flat yeah it’s not like it’s not like soapstone or something where you starting off with a three-dimensional object and you’re just gonna modify that 3-dimensional object there’s no three dimensions in vinyl leather or anything it’s all flat so that’s the trick is to have a flat and then this little I just do that because I’ll be easing that in when I when I go to sew it then I have to sort of ease it in which is that which is a sewing technique to use up material yeah just took to create curved make sure it’s symmetric this is this could be a little more curvy here so I’m going to re-tape it and just cut this closer so I’m gonna solve it to this piece now and use it as one of my pattern pieces it’s the backing piece the piece that you have see the pieces that get stapled to the underside then I’ll be cutting it with some what I consider Harley vinyl You’ve got some Harley vinyl do you well it’s it’s the same plain the same same thickness the same sheen the same wrinkle pattern same shade of black I’ll show it to you right away you’ll be amazed at how close it is yeah you can see the match is just bang on the linear way yeah yeah yeah same stuff so I spent some time trying to find the right black my distributor

which wasn’t that tough instead of having a seam there I’m gonna have a seam at the front and the back and now of course because it’s a knit underneath as a backer there’s there’s a certain stretch to it yeah and there’s a stability to it so like all fabric it has it stretches across the bolt so I’m going to exploit that stretch in a way that I can utilize it yeah you and you this is gonna oh you want to be able to stretch it yeah so it’s gonna bubble up nicely right right I run it this way I’m only gonna get a bubble I’m only gonna have this much space for it to stretch whereas if I run it this way I have this much space for it to stretch oh okay which allows that stretch to be you know just distanced over 24 inches instead of six inches got ya so that that’s you know when you’re cutting your vinyl you just can’t cut it all willy-nilly you have to have a reason and you like I said you can exploit that that stretch factor you could run it on a bias and get even more stretch but then your grain gets a little yeah you can see it the grain in the vinyl so I try and keep everything fairly collinear and you know I respect the grain so here that this this really doesn’t matter this has this is a flat piece so you could go either way but because there is a grain to to the vinyl embossing then I follow that and make sure everything lines up and they will have to they’re all precision they’re all precisely done so this is this is what makes and so these are gonna stretch this way and then yeah you want to make sure you’re cutting out left and right not just two left and sewing it underneath Wow was I right was that something It was a great show well hope come back next week another great one planned take care