What’s going on guys welcome back the project y’see 450f today is going to be part two of the video series We’re not gonna be getting into anything crazy today. I know that we said we’d be doing the plastics today I’ve decided not to do that only because there’s some stuff underneath the plastics that I want to take care of So we’re probably gonna do that in a later video as for today I want to address one of the only problems that I actually found on this bike Which is there are bad bearings in the front wheel? So we’re gonna go ahead Take care of that bearing and while that wheels off we might as well take the back wheel off and we’ll get to paint them And while the paint’s drying on those wheels, we’re gonna get to taking off that tank cover Now if you guys saw in the last video I couldn’t get this tank shroud off because one of the bolts has the infamous Spinning bolt syndrome. So there are a couple methods to getting that off. I did a little bit of research There’s nothing crazy at least that I found but I did find one method I’ve heard of it before I’ve never actually tried it, but we should be able to get it to work So we will be getting to fixing that shroud Also, we’re gonna see if we can get these fork guards off now I did put some penetrating oil behind the bolts to see if I could get that to soak in there Maybe that’ll help. Those aren’t stripped out or spinning like the tank shroud They’re just so tight and I put so much torque on the last time I didn’t want to strip out the head of the bolt or snap the bolts off So I decided to let the oil do the work if I can’t get them off I’m most likely just gonna clean them on the bike and leave them and last but not least I do want to pull the air filter off give that a good cleaning so that it’s nice and dry so that when the time Comes we’ll be able to throw it on and fire this thing up and if we’re lucky we’ll get the big gun exhaust on That shouldn’t be too big of a project. I’m limited to only a couple hours right now So hopefully we can get to that tonight. But if not, we’ll take care of it in another video Also guys, I did want to mention I took the Banshee out for a small ride. Nothing crazy It wasn’t even supposed to be a ride but I did get it on the trails and got the first taste of what it actually feels like I Had the jetting dialed in much better than it was before because I listened to some suggestions that you guys made and man Let me tell you this thing rips. So make sure to hop over and check out that video It’s the last video I posted I’ll put up a little tag right here. Make sure to check it out Okay. So without further ado guys, let’s get these wheels off fix the bearing and get the wheels painted So the whole idea behind painting these wheels is to bring the bike to a more modern look So as most people have noticed as the years progressed with dirt bikes most manufacturers switched to black wheels Especially in the 250 and 450 class bikes were coming off the line from the factory with black wheels It’s just a more modern. Look, I think it looks cleaner and it’s definitely gonna bring this bike back to a more modern appearance All right, so we got our wheels off fairly easy Came off without a hitch a little bit of tight bolts also have our chain off If you look closely you can see some gold coming through. So I think this thing’s gonna clean up nicely It’s just a regular roller chain, and I’m fine with that All right. So let’s go ahead and change out the front bearings So I’m going to throw down two pieces of wood put our wheel up Yank these seals out. Oh Yeah, look how cruddy those bearings are I Can feel a little bit applying them too, you could really feel it when it was mounted on the bike Now we’re gonna tap these bearings through I took an extension and a socket It’s like a cheap easy method the socket is just barely the size of the front axle. So I’m gonna put it in and Try to cock the collar in there To one side so that we can catch the inner lip of the other bearing and we’ll smash it through The collar really doesn’t want to move So there’s our sleeve our old bearing

Bearings trash don’t flip this over I’ll get the other one out And there’s the other one, oh, yeah, nice and smooth All right. So now we’re gonna get to cleaning these wheels up and Today’s dirt beatdown once again is brought to you by awesome This stuff is just going to annihilate the dirt as always. There’s really just no chance now as you can see here guys I’m using the firm bristle blue brush You can get one of these bad boys at Walmart or your local auto store You’re gonna want to make sure you’re getting all the nooks and crannies If you do that people are gonna notice and they’re gonna be like damn this guy really cares about his bike even behind a sprocket is clean the awesome just beats down the dirt and Then we’re just gonna blast it away with this water so that the dirt can trickle down into the rocks to its final resting place Honestly, I talked so highly of awesome that I should be sponsored by them But it only costs $1 to buy a bottle of this stuff so I really wouldn’t be saving that much and as some of you may have noticed the front wheel is sitting behind the hose and You might be wondering Is any dirt going to escape the wrath of awesome? Well, I’m going to put at ease all the people wondering that very thing There will be no dirt escaping this evening, but in all seriousness guys This is a crucial step if you want to be painting your wheels You got to have them clean because any kind of contaminants that are on that aluminum They’re gonna make the paint not bind. It might look good at first but it’s not gonna hold up so it’s definitely important to be very thorough using a degreaser and Scuffing up the surfaces making sure it’s nice and clean So you might be thinking how come I’m spraying down the back wheel when I didn’t take those bearings out You’re gonna get water in there. Well, that is true but I am gonna blow it out pretty thoroughly and Hopefully get all the water out before I put the seals back in And while we have all our cleaning stuff out I might as well go ahead clean up our chain See if we can get that looking good and I’m gonna go ahead and clean up our axles and studs Well there you see it We had a really nice di D gold chain under all that grit and grime and It came out pretty nicely You can see this thing still has all that nice gold finish So that’s gonna look really nice on a bike Cleaned up the axles Our spacers the rear studs So that stuff will be ready for the wheels as soon as I’m done painting them So now we’re gonna get these wheels prepped for paint really simple. We’re just gonna take some steel wool. I think this is 2 or 3 grade it’s a little bit rougher and I’m just going to go around and scuff up the surfaces so that there’ll be more prone to binding to the paint get a nice bond and Then we’ll go ahead clean them up coat our spokes. I’ll show you how we do that and then we’ll paint them Now when I’m doing this I usually pick a spot like I’ll take out this mark right here I’ll take our valve stem and you Just kind of plug away until you make it all the way back around that same spot So, you know, you’re not double coding or double steel rolling. It’s just a method. I like to use Alright so there’s the finish I didn’t go crazy with this guy’s remember it’s a dirt bike it will look really nice But I didn’t, you know take so much time That this takes forever. It’s supposed to be a quick cheap easy mod and believe it or not. This will hold up Like I said before I’m not like crazy with riding dirt bikes. I mean if you do some crazy Cross-country stuff they probably get shipped up pretty quickly. But this isn’t the first time I’ve done this and it usually lasts pretty well Just got to make sure they’re really clean and you rough them up just like I did and it should bond pretty nicely alright, so there’s the finish on the front wheel and you can see These spoke nuts get cleaned up From this the steel wool flying by it. So it does a nice job of cleaning everything up you could use a scotch brite – I just think that the steel wool is a little bit easier to work with so I’m gonna wipe them down with some acetone I’ve got the surfaces nice and prepped then we’ll put our spoke guards on and put some business cards around the outside or index cards Mask everything off and we’ll get the pain Boom so, we got our wheel cleaning kit here. It’s just a bunch of straws cut in half and index cards

McDonald’s for the win so you can see I’ve used these before and I have a split right down the center and basically These just slip right over your spokes and they’re gonna guard everything so that when we paint we don’t get any paint on the spokes Now before we get moving, I’m going to take out our valve stem because we’re gonna be taking index cards and going around the exterior of the rim or the perimeter of the rim and If we deflate the tire, it’s going to be much easier to tuck those cards in behind the rim and between the tire Okay, so these spokes are all covered You can see that there’s a little bit exposed at the bottom That’s because the Excel spoke nuts are a little bit bigger, but that’s no problem we’ll put a little bit piece of masking tape on them, and we’re also going to mask off this and our valve stem just so everything looks real nice and then we can go ahead and put our index cards around the outside and This wheel will be done So this wheel is entirely ready to go I’m gonna go ahead and do the same thing to the other one. The hard part is done painting them is easy So let’s get it done, all right, so I got the wheels all masked off We’re gonna take some self etching primer, and I’m trying to do this quick because it’s pretty windy out I think it’s about to rain so we’ll see if we can get these done without making a mess All right, I think those wheels are gonna turn out awesome But while we’re waiting for the paint to dry, I want to see if we can get out this stuck tank bolt So the spinning tank bolt is a notorious problem specifically with dirt bikes It’s not the first time I’ve run into this a lot of you guys probably had the same issue now I did a little bit of research. I’ve tried a couple methods in the past I did put some PB Blaster on this in the last video if you guys saw that Now it’s been about a week and I put it on there a couple times So it’s had some time to set in but if the brook if the bolt breaks free from that it’s not really solving the problem Because that nut starts still gonna spin inside the tank. So the method that I’d like to use is Its I mean some people called the burnout method. I’ve heard the melting method you can call it whatever you want and essentially, what you do is you get a an impact on here or a drill and you spin the drill with the nutsert just until it gets hot enough from friction and then you pull the entire nutsert out and then you can get a vise grip on the nutsert and Back out the bolt now after that you can’t screw anything into the tank But you can take that nutsert and jb weld it back into the tank and then that should be a permanent fix Alright, so this is the culprit right here. This bolt just does not want to come out So while we’re spinning it there I’ve heard of people actually Creating so much heat that they push the nutsert through the tank like the tank itself actually melts like the entire wall I guess it depends how thick your tank is. So we definitely don’t want to do that So to prevent that I’m gonna make sure that we’re holding plenty of pressure On this fairing so that as soon as it’s hot enough it’ll lift right out so I’m gonna take this screwdriver and jam it in the back so that we’ll have all kinds of pressure and Then we’ll get to spin in and hopefully this method works I

Really don’t feel like screwing with this much longer. I want to get those new plastics on Okay, that’s pretty tight Wow That’s amazing. I did not think the nut certs were that deep I Don’t know if you guys can see in there. That’s really deep. Wait till you actually see the nutsert that right There is the nutsert. I mean that thing is huge How the hell did that get stripped out I Mean that is beyond me But that’ll be easy to get off We can put a wrench on that or I can put it in the vise When we should be able to get this 8 millimeter bolt out and amazingly we didn’t ruin the fairing Not that that really matters, but at least we’re safe. We didn’t put a hole in the tank So I’m gonna fill that hole up with j-b weld Pop this off and then we’ll smash it back in there and hopefully that’ll be a permanent fix So we’ll mix up some jb weld here the sad thing is that bolt really wasn’t that tight so It must have just been spinning real freely in there All right now I’m gonna drill this hole out a little bit because this nutsert Doesn’t even come close to fitting in this hole. It’s amazing that this came out I guess when it was soft and malleable So I’m just gonna drill it out a little bit And then the rest of the way hopefully I can smash it through but this way the jb weld will be around that surface and Hopefully bond to the plastic Well not the most graceful fix But once that jb weld hardens that nut search should never spin again and it’s behind the fairings So it’s something that we’re never gonna see now the real question Can we get these fort guards off? So if you remember in the last video these things were rock solid like not budging at all I’m guessing the metal has fused in the aluminum. I’m not really sure I don’t want to heat these because it’ll ruin the fort guards and I was planning on reusing them So I’ve already made up my mind. I’m gonna giving them a couple snaps with a really big impact gun and if I can’t break them loose I’m just gonna let them be and I’m gonna clean off all this stuff and Leave them as they are and then when it comes time That I do have to take these things off that can be something I addressed later. But for now, it’s just I Don’t want to drill these things out right now and if they’re gonna look perfectly fine and be functional For now, it’s just fine. So I’ll give them a try with the impact gun. All right, let’s see. What happens here This is a big impact gun. There’s a good amount of bite in these bolts These Allen heads. So we’re just gonna give it a couple snaps I’m not gonna like blast them because it’ll strip these damn things right out or snap the head off So, let’s see if we get lucky. Oh Look at that The m18 comes in for the kill now keep in mind these things were soaking in PB Blaster so It’s cocked in there, so I’ll have to pull that off. Hopefully we can get the other ones off too There we go, no problem All right So that’s definitely a relief getting those bolts unstuck Using an impact gun is definitely a little trick of mine a lot of times if you have a stuck bulb especially a Philips head you can use an impact on you press you put a lot of pressure on the back of the gun and you just snap the Trigger a couple times and a lot of times you can get those bolts unstuck But you have to have a good feel for it. If you go too hard, you’re gonna strip out the threads right away So the wheels aren’t quite dry enough for me to be comfortable to put them on

So I guess that means we just have to put the slip on muffler on That’s right. It’s unboxing time It’s been a while since we’ve had unboxing time and it feels good So this doesn’t even need to be unboxed. We already know what this is the gun exhaust So let’s bust this thing open and see what it looks like Don’t you look it Wow? That looks badass This is the first ever brand-new four-stroke exhaust I’ve ever had. Oh Man, this has scratches and stuff on it Well It is a dirt bike so I Guess it is what it is, but it does have some small scratches on it However in its entirety this thing looks really cool. I always thought big gun was badass. I’ve never had it though I really like the red tips. I think that looks really cool. So Yeah, man take a look at this thing that’s definitely a sharp looking muffler and it’s the Evo R series Which they’re the ones that come with that red tip, which is really what I wanted Came with a spark arrestor which probably won’t be using and of course it came with a sticker so You can see right here It’s a little scratched up Which I mean normally, I wouldn’t really care but like I said This is the first brand new four-stroke exhaust I’ve ever bought my entire life I’ve had plenty of used ones, but I never got a new one. So I Don’t know if that bothers me or not. There’s a little bit of wear up here to this is most likely new old stock it’s probably been like in a box kicked around and Moved around a bunch of times and that’s usually when little scratches and stuff like that happened. So I Mean, I don’t know if I really would complain about that. I might say something to the seller take some pictures Just to let him know because other people might complain if they have a bunch of these sitting around I don’t know it wasn’t it was a good deal. So I can’t really complain Well, it definitely gives the bike a unique look it’s a really long muffler and It kind of sticks out a little bit like if you get behind the bike like this, I feel like it sticks out to the side like an abnormal amount and it almost looks like it’s not going to fit but I did put the side plastic piece on Get that in there And I mean it fits It’s just I Don’t know Maybe it’ll look a little bit better once all the plastics are on it and everything. I Don’t know it just seems like Ridiculously long and like in your face, I mean geez, I think sticks out really far But hey man, maybe when we put that back fender on to the look, okay And this might be a candidate for a chopped muffler and we just cut it right there. I Think it would look a lot better that way but damn man that thing is really long and Guys I do know This subframe looks like it is slightly tweaked Not a hundred percent sure But I think it’s tweaked to the right side just a little bit that’s all right I can either get a new subframe or maybe try to tweak this one back. It’s kind of hard to tell but Yeah, and the last order of business is gonna be cleaning up this air filter so that it’s all nice and dry Come riding time All right, well that filter was so dirty I just decided I’m gonna get a new filter But anyways, those wheels are pretty dry. Check out how these things turned out These things came out awesome

They’re definitely gonna change the dynamic of the bike They’re not perfect, but they did come out really good. There’s some paper stuck behind That’s from the index cards. I don’t like to rip that stuff out or dig it out until the paint is completely cured So for now we’ll just leave it like that. But these things really came out nice now that our paints all cured Let’s put these new bearings in Oh Yeah, man. This thing is looking awesome So much better than it did before The black rims with the gold chain Really good look in my opinion When we have those yellow plastics on there Man, it’s gonna look sweet and the pipe is looking a little bit better. Now that the back tire is on There it really looked guy ganic Without the tires. I mean, it’s still a big pipe. There’s no doubt But you can see with the whole profile of the bike It doesn’t actually look quite as out of proportion as it did Because I was actually getting a little bit worried there that it might look kind of silly but Yeah, man, it’s coming together. It looks good. Alright guys, so we got a good amount of stuff done on this bike today I mean between getting off those stuck bolts fixing the tank Painting the wheels putting that exhaust on taking the air filter off. I think we did a lot of progress and I’m really happy with the way this thing’s turning out So I’m gonna go ahead and order a new air filter for this thing. It definitely needed it I didn’t tighten down all of our bolts for our wheels and everything I want to make sure everything’s lined up get the chain all lined up and all that stuff That’s probably one of the things I’m gonna do later on or at least in the next video and we’ll probably get in the plastics On in the next video and that’s what we’re really gonna get to see what this thing is gonna look like and that’s pretty much It for this bike. It’s not gonna be a crazy build We’re also gonna do grips levers just really basic stuff like that. And of course guys, you can’t forget graphics That’s really gonna separate this bike from the pack Also guys remember to give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video it helps me out a lot Leave a comment below. Let me know if you like all these modifications that I’m doing to this bike You think I should have left the wheel silver maybe painting them a different color? Let me know in the comments below. Also remember to check me out on Instagram. It’s Michael Sabo 350 on that page I do like to post updates about what’s going on in the shop So if my videos are lagging you can usually hop over to my Instagram and see what’s going on But until the next video guys, have a good week