What’s up YouTube? Today, we’re gonna be installing the exhaust system on our 2019 Yamaha Raptor 700. A HUGE THANK YOU to HMF for sending me this exhaust system! This is the HMF competition exhaust system for the Raptor 700. This is a full system with programmer Thank you very much for sending this out for me to review I’ll be doing an installation as well as a review video in an upcoming episode So, thank you very much HMF! I cannot wait to install this thing see how it sounds and see how it feels feel the increased performance Over the stock exhaust system, which is pretty limited and also very heavy So thank you HMF for sending me this great looking exhaust system Obviously, this is the silencer really nice looking silencer You can see it’s got a spark arrestor screen and there already so I should be ready to go Good to go for the Summer months here. This HMF also comes with some different inserts So if your ride in an area that has restricted sound You can put in the different inserts and it will quiet it down quite a bit This is the loudest you can see that the inserts have all been removed. And this is the largest most free-flowing exhaust So that’s what I’ll be testing out today. I’ll be installing and then reviewing the installation for this and then if you want the Riding review you’ll have to tune in to another episode So we’ll be installing the HMF competition series Exhaust for our Raptor 700 along with a fuel tuner that they also sent to go with the HMF exhaust so since it’s a full system, this is the header that comes with the Silencer you can see it increases diameter here in the middle

so it’s one size pipe until it reaches about the center and then it increases To a larger size pipe before going back to the silencer area. In addition to the exhaust system HMF also sent me this really nice looking front bumper This is the IQ XC Series front bumper by HMF and I really like the look of it It’s got two really strong handlebars to hold on to on each side if you want to grab it and pick it up like if you get stuck in the Ditch or something. You need to lift the front end up. I like how it has really big handles The stock bumper is just this cheap little piece of plastic We’re gonna plug our computer from our Raptor into the new programmer That’s the gray factory connector and I’m connecting it to the black connector from the programmer. I’m just going to snap those together Okay, so now we’ve got the factory computer connected to the programmer. We want to connect the programmer to the Injector which is right there So here’s the green connector for the injector. And here’s the new gray connector for the programmer. So we’re plugging the fuel tuner in right Now. And now we’re all installed the only thing we need to do now to finish installing this tuner is We need to make sure that this goes to the GROUND ( – ) side of the battery This is a black wire it goes to the negative ground post on your battery Okay, so if you just pull back this little rubber flap you’ll see the black negative side of the battery right there ground post and that’s where you want to attach the black wire that comes off of your fuel tuner ( optimizer ) on the Raptor 700 There’s a nice little cavity back here where your tool kit sits There’s also a little space right behind that and that’s where I’m gonna be installing the fuel tuner at That’s where the fuel programmer is gonna sit right between your low pressure tire gauge and your tool kit is a little cavity That’s where I’m gonna be installing the fuel optimizer So we’ll take the HMF fuel optimizer and we’ll just tuck it in there for now We’re gonna velcro it so it doesn’t move around later Wow, well, I can tell you guys after just one ride HUGE difference in power and

Definitely in the sound level with this exhaust from HMF this Competition exhaust from HMF

I am so stoked. I cannot wait to get out on the trails and ride this thing Sorry, I can’t take it for a ride tonight guys It’s dark now and I got to work tomorrow, but look for a trail ride coming out soon We’ll have a real world true test of the HMF exhaust out on the trails. We’re going to take it for a spin Get some good footage of this ripping it up out there. So look forward to that video soon. A HUGE Thank you to HMF for the opportunity to test this out and review it. I have to say the installation was a breeze I’ve installed a few exhausts and this was definitely one of the easiest ones to install- all the directions were straightforward All the hardware was included. Hook it up. Bolt it on. And you’re ready to go ride. So thanks for watching everybody I really appreciate you guys watching the channel. Thanks for watching trail blogger and Congratulations to Michael from New Mexico for guessing the correct exhaust system he guessed the HMF Competition series full exhaust and he will be winning a $50 gift card from Rocky Mountain ATV. So congratulations Michael from New Mexico a fellow Raptor rider I hope you enjoy that a $50 gift card. For our next comment contest we’re gonna be stepping it up a notch here we’re gonna do a $100 gift card at Rocky Mountain ATV. We’re gonna be doing suspension next time The winner will be the very first person to leave a comment in the comments below. Let me know in the comments What kind of A-arms and shocks are we gonna be putting on this 2019 Yamaha Raptor 700? Leave me a comment guys. Let me know what you think What kind of shocks and what kind of A-arms are we gonna be installing? First person to guess the correct comments gets a Rocky Mountain gift card for $100 emailed to them So that’s our video for today guys. Let me know what you think of the HMF Competition series exhaust. Good. Bad. Ugly Leave me a comment below. Hit that like button if you did enjoy this video. Please don’t forget to subscribe to trail blogger (If you do enjoy this video) and hit that Bell icon if you want to be notified of future videos instantly Thanks for watching everybody. I’ll see you next time