good morning get afternoon and good evening I’m Lisa X here you’re here doctor and of course you see I’m kind of messing with my crowd this is definitely a I’ve had I do something special to you with for you today because I’m having to apologize because you know what I’m supposed to be doing right yep that’s right I’m supposed to be doing the roller set but I’ve been so busy because listen what I have to do with the roller step there’s some a little bit of editing that has to happen because what I want to do is roll the set my hair and show you that and then try it and then come back and stomp and and I just have not done that so the easy way to do it would be to Roller set it dry it then come back but I just thought of that so we’re here today dry excuse me Roma said you have the dried already show you the finish work and then go back and whit wet it while I’m on anyways I didn’t do it so anyway here’s my collar this is definitely a top the collar day because I I have my seat gigantic crow ponytail ever good you think of it but anyways lots lots to talk about scout to get to work here and wow this is really a little cool chin because I can’t see I can see this earring Tigers Center profile alright I’m gonna do that you can’t see both my earrings so either that means I have a really cool chin which I do I know I know don’t don’t come it oh I have your ears they fit close to my hand probably both okay so another nothing to do with anything but we’re family you know family would seem to rattle on about stuff that has nothing to do with anything all right guys well let’s get to work okay first you know we did the book black on this guy’s too beautiful here and I promise I will keep and completed that so if you didn’t get this one then make sure you go back and you know see all the videos on the back of my gun I promise I will keep is look everyone was guys to beautiful hair at any age we will start that next week September 2nd it’s taped onto my laptop I will not mess it up and you are getting a roller set clatter I promise you that so whatever I am definitely doing that but today we’re gonna get some questions and I’m going to go down the list and we are going to talk about together here I’ve wondered that one I didn’t know what y’all were talking about it just threw me for a loop I can’t even pronounce it gab err but I did a little research watch all girls video this week and I was like okay we’ll talk about it but let’s get to the first question thank you for the video or the comments you said thank you for the video your makeup looks gorgeous your skin is beautiful beautiful blow love the hair be blessed this high power I’m gonna have to meet you because you just you just sleep you just give me all kinds of compliments and you too miss Nikki love and there’s the boy y’all but she says you’re here it’s so beautiful and and so is your skin can you please tell everything you use lol I’m determined to have my hair as beautiful as yours listen to God be the glory of Jesus what my grandma DISA the Lord is keeping me yeah that’s true and and and you know just really um it’s really about taking care of yourself um one of the things that I still AM which I’m working on I’m still overweight and I really want to and I’m working on that but I’m doing it and says a slow way because I’m really doing just the complete healthy way I’m a vegan as you know and I don’t drink soda every now and then I may drink a Diet Sprite um let’s see a vegan sodas agent I use lots of flax soy cuz great for women and right I could tell you what my breakfast this morning will be I have some organic cereal grain cereal with bananas with lots of soy Siwon let’s see what it’ll be grinded up and excuse me black and several sesame seed all this grinds up and I always sprinkle it over the top bananas Oh organic raisins and then I’ll have soy milk and I’ll pour it over it Sheila just eat it right now okay I’m

gonna have I’m gonna have that later Oh Bini wait I’ll pour it up and then I just eat it and then for lunch I have this huge salad and it’s spinach it’s tofu I’ve got raisins and dry fruit in there I’ve got some steamed vegetables in there I’ve got romantic romaine lettuce in the and I use vegan aids a little bit of vegenaise and I made a tofu mock Sunnah and I just you know with tofu and and those some of the seaweeds some of the other sea plants and and then herbs the earth and I just kind of closed all it up and stir it up and make this it’s great so I know I should do this for y’all but you know this is about here anyway I do yes thank you thank you thinking but this is what I do and it’s worse my face I am now seeing an esthetician and I see her at least once once every maybe between four and eight weeks just to do a you know a clean on my face and some other things that she was just gonna get anti-aging and I everyday I clean my skin and hydrated every day i hydrate under my eyes i hydrate my face and then i use minerals I don’t use a remember we used to use that thing and I won’t say the name because I think it was great I love that company and I love their makeup but I used it and it was hard to clean off and we gotta get on my collars and it was a pace who and then I went to theirs to play and it was it was great I love the way it looks and I still love the way it look and feel of the way and but it would just be sticky and on my face and never get all of my clothes now I use minerals there’s just a powder and so I love it and I just do and then if I have to have something really you know a perfect look which I think that still with the minerals is great it some interviews how it is is something like that I might use my airbrush machine but other than that that’s it in a nutshell okay it’s a sergeant on your care form but I have been using regular conditioner without silicone some moisturizers give somebody I’m sorry and Nikki love back to you lots of hugs and lots of love and hugs okay but I skip someone it says that that would be nice if you show pictures of some of the ear problems that you discuss it really would be and I would really be smart if I did that and this is from traction alopecia I really am gonna do that I really really really got to do that and and and I have things now oopsies I’ve got some pictures and they’re way over there in my office but um let’s see hold on I’ll be right back yeah I’m right over here but I’ll be right back okay I have some hinges and you know I almost optimal this morning and I’m just gonna get a little closer and I know what you’re speaking of because there’s a lot of there’s better ways okay get over here Lisa okay there’s better ways to do this but some of these are pictures of the some of the things I see under the microscope and this is something I use and I know it all looks upside down it’s all kinda crazy but this gives you some problems with the scalp and problems with the heater so I can say that I’ve shown pictures now so now I’m having a personal summer so but I will do better I promise I promise I promise traction alopecia I would do better it’s it’s aren’t hog your hair form but I have been using regular conditioner without silicones to moisturize my in and I feel with coconut oil is that is it okay to use a regular conditioner as a moisturizer and use it as a leave-in I will keep my questions to a minimum in the future you can ask any questions you want this is for you so don’t worry about it okay now no you shouldn’t use regular conditioner regular conditioners are designed to rinse away and sometimes with the fount of protein that’s put in our regular conditioners we may find a tendency to dry if we rinse some of those out now regular conditions do not dry you out but they’re designed to heat up go into the cuticle go into the Khalid’s and far into the cortex is popov us a few tips open or damaged do some repair work rinse away and if there’s traces left it’s so menu that is not going to affect how your hair style two things three

things maybe one you they then you may dry a little bit number two you may have a little bit of a build up because you may attract some other things in the air from having that extra conditioner left on the hair and it may cause a problem with the way you style it may limit how your style your styling so if you’re doing it and it’s okay just watch for those things I mentioned please excuse my typos below oh my goodness I am the queen of typos okay these are very trips yes yes they are hi this is hi here dr. your fro looks fab I know I just love it oh and it’s really almost it’s just like a miracle that I can get it packed down this much I don’t want hot in it I just pack up anyways she says a family probably fab and soil T it is thank you people answered my question from last week I am your new hubby that is not ready to go without my four to four and four to five months relaxer touchin was looking no problem so from your tutorials jojoba and coconut and interesting oils is great for for scalp and coding the hair champ and feeling I’m just gonna say what I know she’s trying to say and she said so what about grapeseed oil I think that’s what she’s asking I know how you feel about olive oil save for the cookie saving for the salad and castor oil can I mix coconut with a hobo oil coconut could be more like a carrier oil so and hope it is as well but it’s so fine so I think it would be okay but again pay attention to the lubrication and the penetration in other words make sure it’s giving you some shine make sure that it’s very skin friendly when it starts to get that he then be careful about using it okay but you’re fine you are fine it says my ear doctor yes I am your hair doctor and I am here for you thank you it says I took your advice yay whatever that was let’s see what it was I took your advice and started braiding Midway absolutely absolutely is it eliminates lines it does us part separation it really does you’re right it says I used to have a difficult time hiding lines and closing gaps now it’s so easy and I love how my hair turns out it’s so much fuller thank you for solving the biggest one my biggest problem well from a style point of view you’re right I was thinking from a health of the scalp and hair point of view but from a stout point of view is absolutely true but this is great I’m so glad you benefit it says the next one says a hair doctor what do you know about the effects of natural jails jails that are in a natural state without natural preservatives as you go about to list several things have okay and yes she mentions in several things but Bernard yes you’ve got a whole bunch in here oh by the way I love your video they have been helpful okay I wanted to give to it that’s my pen yeah quickly because I know we’ve got several more questions if you mix a jail now one of the things we’re gonna do is we’re gonna mix them and I’ll get around to it because I think that for years we’ve had some issues with gel I mean for years and I’m looking at some of the natural things now one of the things that I like the most like I feel so far for several reasons because I know it’s multi I know it rinses clean and I know the consistency and it’s probably gonna be the flaxseed it’s gonna be one of the ones I’m always always always gonna hydrate with with aloe vera so that looks good some of the others I have not done a lot with uhm yeah I probably grapeseed maybe one of the oils because it’s a little bit more dense than a homem and it’s gonna give some shine so I’m just kind of giving you a little bit of a light formula so if I’m gonna if I’m gonna do that it will be a natural jail because if the man-made items that we found just don’t rinse clean and so we have not I have not been pleased with them so I’m not going to use those eivin’s – to develop our gym so yes we would just sweep city we can see now I have a product called hair mud which people are using that our that’s excellent it’s really dense and it helps to make the hair like black so if you’re

trying to do that also it helps with people were wearing locks and are twisting their hair it really helps you those kinds of things so it’s a pretty dense product but it rinses clean that’s a great thing see we need sometimes the product it’s a little bit dense to give us some definition but if we want more definition because I like the natural definition so I never worry about using those times the problems that I make them because people have all kinds of styles that they like okay it says you’re such a wonderful person the you know what I cannot wait for my tour I know I’m gonna meet all of y’all and I’m gonna how many grooves from the hook the hook so you guys will be to you and seduce with a wonderful person the information in this video was right on target I’ve also heard a scab here and can’t wait when you cover that I’m definitely talk about I’m gonna talk a little bit about it today but I’m gonna do girl your fro is looking a husband thank you girl okay let’s go up it says you’re such a wonderful verse and every okay another okay here’s the next one it says I have researched the topic and see that’s what I was waiting for this one cuz I saw this and I thought oh my goodness my poor baby I got to talk about this she said I researched the I’ve researched the scab hair topping extensively because I used to have that can do this condition when I went natural okay you guys are gonna help me out with this one because I am very very busy and I would love to start stop in and just do nothing for research on this but I did some but I’m sure there’s more out there so before I say what I’m gonna say I’m sure there’s more out there now what we’re looking at are two different things gab hair I’m just trying to understand it if in fact is a layman’s term for trichothiodystrophy then it is not the same thing that it’s a genetic disorder trichothiodystrophy is a genetic disorder and it is not something that goes away simply because your hair grows out which is what we’re seeing almost of these videos about cab hair guys we’re seeing African Americans women black women who are transitioning from a relaxer to natural hair have dry brittle hair because of the damage to their scalp because there’s a damage to the hair and when that hair grows out and they start conditioning their hair and treating her properly it goes away that is not this condition trichothiodystrophy okay and I’m probably pronouncing it it could be chicken without you because tricky trick try Co psychology psychology or trichology terminology varies so forgive me if I’m not pronouncing it away may have heard different else but trichothiodystrophy is a genetic disorder and it’s where there’s damage there’s informality there’s deformities within the follicle itself and it is something totally different and we’re gonna talk about that a little bit more but ladies ladies ladies what I meant about the ingrown hairs and which is what I thought you guys were talking about and it’s kind of jumped out there I apologize because I had never heard of it and I couldn’t even pronounce it I was like he’s got oh my god though it was just like it was my brain did not connect with what I was seeing surely they weren’t saying scanner but you were and I understand because the hair care natural hair care industry I would say the people out here is so strange I was telling a patient the other day I feel like within the natural hair care industry it’s slow I feel like then yeah I feel like the people who are growing natural and the movement and someone even called it a revolution and one of my interviews I think that you’re in front of the people the professionals you know and you’re out here and you’re coming up with things and you’re diagnosing your case and you’re transitioning and everybody’s trying to catch up it’s kind of like and I told the patient that’s it it’s kind of like some we as professionals silent they’ve looked around and they’ve seen this huge clientele and it’s gone we don’t have a business where nobody’s servicing natural here then everybody runs to open up these businesses and all this misinformation now with that being said we have some fabulous fabulous that’s real silence okay so I don’t want anybody think I’m not saying that but I’m just saying that we need to really stop with the misinformation and really

need to join together and I would love to do that with some of you that do some research and like she was saying that she did it extensively and I think it’s great um but I really want you since you’re doing so much research please send me some link or just post them on here because I’m having some networking issues of incident email issues with my company it’s a long story thorn in my side but anyway send me what you have on staff there now I know there’s the research and I’m gonna come back and I’m gonna articulate this whole thing and when I said ingrown hairs here when you have an excessive peeling of the epidermis because of scalp burns and things a lot of times women who transition and come out of their relaxers tend to have this then you will have ingrown hairs so those hairs and you’ll see them under the microscope and under the scalp I’m definitely gonna do a video showing that and at that time I will show microscopic images the reason why I don’t do a lot of that because you know what I had what happened I can come every Thursday and I can sit here with you and I can talk to you put my camera up there click it off and no editing just me and you talking answering questions reading my book or whatever I have to do you love it I love it we’re families I don’t stop and do the editing and so I let my team do it and I just don’t really have time sometimes so it’s really really really kind of hard for me so I apologize for that but I with my only excuse for not to have a nice drink everybody’s questions um I don’t um and you hear me in the background of them look at on YouTube all my other computers as I have two computers enter iPad on my desk it’ll figure why but anyways um so yeah I don’t do as much editing as I probably should but in fact it’s like zero editing so that’s why you don’t always see the stuff and I love how y’all edit stuff and it’s just it’s easy to do gonna get a little bit more in technology equipped I would say because I could do it but I’m gonna get my laptop I absolutely love and it’s an old in the world of laptops probably going on four years old and I had the one I had before that was I kept it even longer and and I’m the next one is going to probably be that old Mac that everybody loves and so I’ll I have a whole bunch more technology so I can is going to go to edit and do all these things but now I have an attached camera I have a camera on the computer but my attached camera Logitech and that’s we did a research research and they were like the best that I could get to get this kind of image but anyways um so that’s why I do it long so that was my reason so I’m gonna do something on what I call gab hair or or I’m gonna and I want more anyone just send me the link and and I’m gonna a ditz ooh and I’m gonna give my opinion last one this is high here doctor your you are too sweet and you curse sweet you’re sweet I love your from the you’re sweet for saying that thank you thank you and let’s look my kids will say mom look if I get in the store and I’m out if somebody like annoys me and I’ll go look at night sit up and I’ll say something to them there go mom you know people know you you’ve got it these are like 20 puffy I’d swim and they’re in their late 20s and they’re like you know no you gotta be nice all the time this so I’ll be sweet all the time I’ll just wait till I get in my house now go to my bathroom I turn all the water on an hour yeah that’s great no really the love of God is what allows us to be sweet we can’t do it without them we can’t do it you can ask my team members they’re like okay but you know I try to be but I just you know I’m running a business but thank you so much for that you so sweet so that love your throat does your yours get bigger during the course of the day or week I always I’m always amazed of what my hair will do by the engine and of the day and week I appreciate you for answering my questions I’m mama I must fade this video and listen again I tell you I need to detoxify my mind oh my goodness that’s in my book black on this guy’s to read over here we have to take out the negatives make room for the positives so that’s another way detoxing is you stick well put it I love the way you put that and listen to and after listening to so many hair videos on YouTube yeah the vids put everything in perspective

with knowledge and truth I try I really do and only I’m not putting any videos down because two things one the one I believe that people are researching and coming up with things because they’re desperate and they no one is helping them to I believe that people have something to say and a lot of those videos some of those videos are true we just have to sift through and again I’ll be happy to give commentary and the reason what gives me the right to do that or the reason it does because I I know from a black woman’s perspective someone with natural hair from a try colleges perspective the science portion of it from a cosmetology perspective for there was a cousin of odds for over ten years before one then it psychologist and I’ve been in the whole industry for 30-plus years telling your age and you know and just from some a manufacturer perspective because I make products so there’s a lot here that God has blessed me with and I would have found this show and share it with you so that’s why I give my opinion but I have a lot of respect for people who actually do these videos because it’s like wow you um the reason I keep moving my eyes over this way they look they have another monitor and I’m looking at your person but they’re III do this because I really really want to help them bless so qaddafi the glory in Jesus you know who I serve I love you so much I cannot wait to this tour and I can tell you right now it’s or right now it’s timidly scheduled to start spring of 2013 next week the book the book the book the book every woman’s guide to beautiful hair at any age you know we’re gonna start with that and they’re just quickly some of the things we’ll be going over some of the chapters it says what’s happening to my hair that’s the first question everybody wants to know how does a gene affect my hair how do I create a foundation a healthy vehicle move towards a lot of people in my how does my hair grow and why do I how does my scalp and strands become dehydrated what happened what makes this happen what can I do about hair loss and thinning will trimming make my hair grow faster and question how can I give you a younger scalp what do I need to know about treatment where I need to know can and should I protect the south all of that and how and then Chuck your Levin says how can I protect my hair while exercising mmm and then we’ll move on to chapters whoa what can I do about gray hair let our little friends they come whether they invited enough and then what do I need to know about hair coloring all of that goes together what if I want to straighten or curl my hair if I’m someone with straight kinky hair what do I look what do I need to know about straightening my hair someone with straight hear what I don’t yeah that the book and we’re gonna start this next week September is a second alright and get those um the research into me on scab hair please please sleep and I will see you guys next week right here on after your doctor and I am your hair doctor love you have a blessed wonderful day evening morning and beach