– [Instructor] In today’s video we’re gonna talk about every S Pen feature on the Galaxy Note 8 Let’s get started Hey everybody, welcome to Tech With Brett, where I help the S Pen work for you and we have a lot to talk about so let’s dive right in, but first, make sure you check the description below as that will have a time stamp to all the features I talk about and exactly where you need to go to learn about this So, first thing that we’re gonna talk about is the off screen memo So, to do this all you need to do is have the screen locked and then you eject the S Pen and that will automatically go into the off screen memo I didn’t have to open up anything, just pull out the pen and this pops up Here I can start writing my note and here up at the top you can change the settings for how thick you want the S Pen So, here is the thinnest setting, but if you want it to be a bit thicker you just click on that and you can choose it right there If you have written something and you messed up all you need to do is hold down the button on the S Pen and it then becomes your eraser You could click up here at the top and erase line by line or you can click again and click erase all, but the quickest way is hold down the button and then you can erase So, here we’re going to finish writing our little message The next trick is if we want to keep going, let’s say we finish filling out this page and we want to go to the next page all we need to do is click this little down arrow Now, Samsung has said that you can do up to 100 pages I did test this out and you can go more than that So, you have plenty of room to write there Now, if you stick the S Pen back in it will automatically save this note or you can click save in notes But, I’m going to save this to my locked screen by clicking the pen right here That will then pen this to the locked screen and you can see that this is the current always on display pen that I have, but this is going to be the new one and here I’m going to say pin to always on display Now, once I do that this will stay on the screen for 10 minutes and after 10 minutes it will hide, just like this, so that you don’t see it But, if you wanna get back all you need to do is double tap these little circle icon right here on the screen and that will open up the always on display again Now, if I wanna delete that message all I need to do is double tap the trash can right there and that has deleted the pinned note Now, next let’s talk about how to use the S Pen So, when you pull out the S Pen on the home screen it automatically pulls open air command and you can scroll through this list and I’ll show you how you can add and remove items there in a minute So, air command is right there, you click that button and it hides it A cool trick, if you press the button, you just click it once while you’re hovering over the screen, so there you’ll see that little dot that is underneath the pen When you see that you can push the button, it will automatically pull out the air command You can push it again to hide it so I don’t always have to click this If you want to use the S Pen but hide that you can hold it down and remove it, but if I wanna pull it back up I just click the button on the S Pen and that will pull up again So now the S Pen will work within 10 millimeters of your screen It uses electromagnetic chip that’s in the S Pen to sync with the phone There’s no batteries required, it’s really cool how it works and that’s why this phone is so awesome Let me show you another cool trick When you hold down the button on the S Pen and tap the screen twice that will pull up your note, so you can create a note at any time, you can be on any screen Here I have all the pen options and some different colors that I can make a note I have erase, undo and redo and then I can minimize Let’s say I want to hide this note real quick, I can minimize it and it will pop it up into this screen I can click on it again and get it to be full screen When I pull up this note it will only recognize the S Pen, but if I want it to recognize my finger I click the menu here and say turn off S Pen only and then I can write with my finger So, that’s really cool It makes it nice if you are trying to prevent extra things from being written Say I’m putting my palm on the screen and I want to write, that way my fingers aren’t gonna register when the S Pen only is on So now, let’s dive into more of the air command features So here you can actually customize this to be any application that you want it to be So, let’s say I don’t want to have translate, I can just hold it down and I can move it to any order I want or I can click remove Now, I have a new one and you can add up to 10 icons here on the air command If I click plus, this will show all the applications on my phone so that I can easily add them onto this list And like I said, you can choose anything you want, but here at the top it will show you the S Pen features So, let’s say I wanna add translate back and view all notes here it says you can only do 10 commands So, we’re gonna go through each of these real quick and show you what they can do So, starting at the top we have create a note So, I just showed you the quick way to do that by holding down on the button and double tapping,

but that is how you can quickly pop that up Next, let’s go into smart select So, if you wanna see a full version of smart select make sure you click the popup on top of the screen, but there’s a few things that the S Pen can do that it can’t do on the regular Galaxy S8 So, first I’m going to go into a picture that I want to use smart select on So here I have Batman I took a picture of that I want to crop out and place Batman in the bat cave So if I pop open the air command, select smart select and then I’m going to choose rectangle and now I’m just going to rectangle over Batman’s face here So, what this is going to give me is a new option, auto select, extract text or pin to screen So, pen to screen just pops that up, so it’s hovering at any time so now that I have selected that area I wanna use the auto select feature So, that is going to automatically crop the image out on the edges of the object So I’m going to click auto select So, here it has selected the border of the screen, but I wanna add a little bit more So all I need to do is click the add and then I just drag around the area that I want to add in, so there you can see that it has added that section This section is not added, so I select that and then you can go through and get the exact portion of the picture that you want selected into your little image here And you can get pretty precise or you can just quickly go through it and select the different areas and here we can add the ear back in So then, what you can do is click save and it will save that cutout or you can click share and here I wanna share this into a awesome application that works with the Galaxy Note 8 Sketch Book for Galaxy So, this is gonna add it as a PNG file and you can see that I didn’t get very accurate, but you can easily go in and make that as accurate as possible Up here at the top of the screen I’m going to click and add a new layer and now I’m going to select import image So then I’m going to find a recent picture that I downloaded in my downloads folder Here we have the bat cave already and I’m going to go and say, let’s zoom in on this so there we have the bat cave, and then I’m gonna go to my layers and drag Batman up to the top layer and there we go, we have Batman in the bat cave If I come up here, select the transform tool I can then change Batman around Let’s see, there we go, Batman is in the bat cave So you can do some really fun stuff with this So there you go, that is how to use the sweet smart select tool on the Galaxy Note 8 So, for the next feature we’re going to go into screen write So, this will instantly take a screen shot of your screen and then you have all the options up here to change the pen and settings So you can go in and mark up any document Say I want you to download this application, I can highlight information It makes it really easy to show people what you’re talking about You can also come down here and click the crop tool, so maybe you only want one portion of the screen you can easily do that And then you can click save when you are done You can also click the back arrow to cancel The next feature we have in air command is called live message So, this is a new note feature to the Galaxy Note 8 Here at the top we can change our glow effects So, when you hover over with the S Pen it’s really cool It will show you these little popups so you can know what things are Here we have ink, we have glow and then we have sparkle We can also change the thickness of the pen So here we can choose how thick it is and then we can also change the color And then over here we can change the background So here we can choose a color background or we can choose any picture and then we can write a message So I can say done, I can align the picture where I want to and then I can change the color, let’s say pink here and we can say, first day of school And then, when you send this, so if I click done, it will save this as a GIF file and the receiver will see it played out like this So, it’s a really cool animation You can add lots of effects, drawing on people, whatever you wanna do So, a cool trick here is when you draw up at the top you will see this little bar going across the screen So, the slower you draw the faster that will go, so once you hit the end that means you have run out of the effect that you can do, so there I was only able to draw a simple line But, if I reset that and then this time I drawer faster, so you can see that I’m doing lots of lines and then let’s say I stop right there This is only half way through and let’s keep going and then now it has finished It is good to note that the longer you do it the higher the file size will be and you may not be able to text it, depending on your network

So, I suggest just make your note as quick as you can so that you have no problems when you send this on Now you can go down here at the bottom and see the collection So this will show all of the different notes that you have done before You can open them back up and then see what they look like and here when you click share it will give you the option to send it as a text, send it to any of the other applications that you have available on your phone So that’s a really awesome feature Next feature on air command which is bixby vision So, bixby vision allows you to hover over any part of your screen and learn more about it So, here when we just hover over this part it pops up that we can get texts, we can learn about the image or we can click shopping So, I’m gonna click on the image and it will then pull up Pinterest images and you can see what it found So here we can see that it found some different web articles about that picture Now, if I go in and let’s say I go into my gallery and here I have something that I took a photo of or something I downloaded and I’m like hey, I wanna pay off a 256 gig SD card from Samsung I just hover over and bixby is telling me I can search text again, images or shopping So let me click shopping and there it is going to pull up results in Amazon and I can quickly see what the price is and go in there and purchase that item So, that’s bixby vision with the S Pen Next, let’s go into glance So to use glance you first need to open up a application that you want to glance at So, let’s say I’m working on some finances and I want to quickly glance back at the calculator often First I need to go into the app I wanna use, then I click on settings and click glance And now, it is going to put that application down here in the bottom corner And now, let’s say I’m working on a file or reading through the web and if I don’t wanna glance back at that application I just hover over and it pops up that app and I have the full control of the application Then if I move the S Pen away it hides that app This is really good to be used when an app is not supported in a multi window application So, some apps just don’t do that You can put it here maybe Instagram or another app that’s like that You are working in one app, you hover over, it pops that back up and you have full control as long as your pen is hovering over you have access to that app and as soon as you move away it hides that You can move this into any corner that you want it to be at, but then when you are done using glance you hold this down and you put it in the delete bucket up at the corner and it has turned off glance The next item in air command is magnify So, magnify allows you to magnify your screen So here you can quickly see that the screen is being magnified and it is set to 300 times right now If I wanna change how much it is magnifying I can go up here to 150 There you can see it just barely increases the size a little bit I can go to 250 and do that and then right here I have the option to expand, so I can make the size of the window bigger or I can make it smaller There’s the smaller one and there is the bigger size on the screen and if you wanna close that you just come up here to this little box, you can move it around, you just click on the box and that will close it Next we have the coloring book So this option is really cool To use this option you will need to sign up for a PENUP account which is unique to the Galaxy Note 8 You can just use your Google account, your Samsung account, anything to sign up So, here you already have 200 preset coloring book pages that you may want to use It’s really cool that they’re already on here You will need a network to use them, but if I want to color an item, here I can see what people have colored already, or I can click and I can just start coloring and it will open up this item and if I want to I can just come up here and choose any brush setting that I want Let’s say I wanna color with this oil brush which is really fun When you color with that you can also choose another option and kinda mix those together, but let’s say I want to be more accurate Down here in the bottom I can click the fill tool and when I do that I can zoom in here a bit further, when I click it automatically fills in so it makes it really easy to use Now the great part about using a S Pen when you’re writing, so, say you have a kid that doesn’t know how to put their fingers off the screen and they wanna draw sometimes when you’re using your finger to do it, it won’t recognize your touch With the S Pen no matter what you do, the S Pen always overrides the finger that it’s on So, here you can see Claire when she draws, she uses the S Pen for excellent accuracy to get her drawing just perfect So, that is how you use the coloring tool

When you are done you click done and you can save it and post it to PENUP or click save only and you can go back in and edit it later Okay, so the next feature on the air command is Samsung notes So, when I go onto Samsung notes it pulls up my notes application I can then click the plus down here to add a note This is a more fully furnished note taking application Here I can simply do text, so I have the full keyboard here One other thing that is really cool about the S Pen that we’ll talk about right now is down here on the settings of the keyboard, if I hold down the settings it pulls up a bunch of options Right there I can do the live message, but right next to it is the T and the pen, so when I do that now it has turned my keyboard into a place where I can write with the S Pen So, here if I’m taking my note, I can write my note and it will automatically convert that into text and I can keep writing then it’ll add the space and everything So, it takes my handwriting and converts it into text If I wanna delete something I can just click back and it’ll erase that I can click these settings right here to learn about all the quick commands, how to overwrite a letter, how to delete something, how to add a space, all those settings are right in there And then if I wanna go back to the keyboard I can just click the keyboard down here and I can type out my message or I can swipe with the S Pen So that makes input really easy Here I can go up to the pen where I can just write my note and then if I want to go and do brush I can color and it will make all these different things you’re doing into a new section So, here I’m gonna quickly draw, you know, a sweet circle and it adds that in there as another object Let’s say I wanna import an image into this I can go into my gallery, I can go into my camera and add anything right here into my note Then if I want to add a voice input, okay, this is a test of voice input, you can do that so if say you’re doing a lecture, you’re taking notes, you can also add a voice note very easily with that And then, when I’m done with my note I just click save and it has saved that in here One thing that I suggest you do, click the back arrow here and click settings and then go into settings again and sync your Samsung account That way it will back up all of your notes to your Samsung account so in case anything happens you still have them available Next feature I’m gonna show you is the translate in air command So, here if I go into translate, up here at the top it shows what language I’m going to translate into and what language it is from So, here I’m using English and I’m gonna translate it into Spanish So, if I just hover over gallery here Here it says gallery is galleria, and then if I want to go into a web page and hover over it will then just do one word at a time If I want to do the entire sentence I just click the T up here at the top and then when I hover over it will translate that entire sentence into Spanish So that’s really handy to have You can click on here and choose all the different languages that are on this list to translate into and to translate from So, it kinda varies what you use and then up here at the top you’ll see the recently used So, that is all the features on the air command So next let’s dive into a few more hidden tricks that you can find using the S Pen Okay, so next I wanna talk about inputting text So, I showed you how to change the keyboard, so right here you can click the text, but another option is whenever you see a text box and you hover over it with the S Pen you’ll see this T So, that is the direct pen input If you click on the T it automatically pulls open the text box where you can write And so, let’s say I wanna search for Tech With Brett and it will automatically pull open that information So, you don’t have to change your keyboard to always be the handwriting keyboard All you need to do again, is hover over and click the T and it pulls open the direct pen input and you still have all those settings where you can go in, scratch things off and everything right there Here we can also click the search and there it searches for that item So, let’s say we want to change it so instead of my keyboard popping up, whenever I have the S Pen popped out you can actually have it show your S Pen keyboard So, here I can go into the settings of my keyboard and then, if I go down here you will see pen detection So, when I turn this on, whenever I have my S Pen out it will now only show the S Pen keyboard All right, so the next feature I wanna talk about is copy and paste with the S Pen So, like a mouse all you need to do is click on a button and drag across the screen

So there are certain thing that you can do this for So here, I’m gonna click the S Pen button and drag over You’ll see that my cursor has turned into the text cursor, so now if I drag over YouTube it is selecting that I can copy, share and go to dictionary So now when I go on the web page and I wanna copy some information all I need to do is hold down and you’ll see that it converts here into the little cursor I can then drag across the screen and select all that information I can copy, share, dictionary, and do more with it Also, when I go into the gallery, so here I have a bunch of pictures Maybe I wanna go through and clean this up I can just hold down the button on the S Pen You’ll see that it adds this plus, I can then drag across the screen and select all those photos at once If I see another set of photos I wanna select I can just select on those and you can add that and then delete them and share them all So, the S Pen makes it really fast to get through your data You can copy and paste and you can do all that which you couldn’t do easily without the S Pen So now I’m gonna show you one called air command So, air command allows you to be in any application and you can simply hover over that app and you will find out more information So, here in the email I’m hovering over an email and it’s showing me that info I can easily go down here and delete it or reply, whatever I wanna do with that Now, this will need the stock email application to work Next, let’s go into video So, in the video player I can hover over any video and I can see that video It’ll automatically play You do need to download the video player from the Galaxy app store If I go into a video I can actually just hover over the timeline and it will show me more information So, I can find the exact point of the video that I want to watch Next, let’s go into the gallery So, when we are in the gallery we hover over an image it will pop up that image so that we can see more of it, then here I can edit, share or delete the image right away with the air view Now last, we have calendar So, in the calendar you can simply hover over any day if you are on the stock calendar application and then I can see some of the information that is there and easily go in there and look at that So then of course, everywhere you hover over you will see the different air command notifications pop up that’ll tell you more about what each feature does so that you can just look at it instead of clicking on it So next, let me show you how to get into the settings and turn on and off a lotta these if you don’t want to use them anymore So here you can go into air command and click the settings down at the bottom, or you need to go into the phone settings and go under the advanced features tab and here you will find the S Pen settings So, here we have the air view, so this will turn air view off so you don’t see those pop ups on the screen One other cool thing the air view does is it will scroll up and down when you’re on a page So, like say this website, I can just go to the bottom and it will scroll for me if I go to the top or the bottom of the page Here we have direct pen input You can turn that on or off Here we have the pointer, so that will remove the pointer from being shown on the screen Here we have the screen off memo so you can completely turn that off Here we have the shortcuts, the floating icon So, say we don’t want to see this floating icon when the S Pen is out, we can have that be turned off When we remove the S Pen we can choose what we want it to do, open air command, create a note or do nothing Here we have what’s called S Pen alarm So, here if we leave our S Pen and we walk away, let’s say we go and we’re walking out to our car from wherever we are, well, when this receives enough motion, so there we have the notification that says we need to re-insert our S Pen and then it’ll actually tell us in the settings when we removed the S Pen so that we can track our steps back to find where we left the S Pen So, that’s really nice, but just so you guys know, the S Pen is the same S Pen that was used in the Note 7, so if you have any of those S Pens around you can use those They will fit perfectly These can be purchased I’ll leave a link in the description for those if you need to buy more, but here you can add some style and change up your phone a little bit, so there I have a different S Pen inserted and that was one for the Galaxy Note 7 Make sure you collect them all So next, we have the power saver So the power saving mode, you would only need to use that when you’re using another S Pen So, here I have a S Pen already inserted, but it’ll still allow me to use the S Pen So, if you never need to use two S Pens you wouldn’t really need that turned off You can get a nice S Pen that is more like a full pencil I’ll leave a description to that in the link below So then, here you can turn off the sound as well as the vibrations that the S Pen makes If you wanna learn a bit more about S Pen you can go right there

So, one super hidden feature about the S Pen and the Galaxy Note 8 is if you place the Note 8 under water you can still use the S Pen So, because the screen in the Note and the S Pen work together you can still use the pen under water So, here if I’m drawing my little finding Dory, I can keep drawing and I don’t have to stop even if I want to take a shower or whatever I hope you guys enjoyed this video all about the Galaxy Note 8 S Pen If you have any further questions please leave a comment below and if this is your first time hearing and you learned something in this video I’d love for you to click the subscribe button so that I can continue to teach you more about the Galaxy Note 8 and all kinds of technology from your phone to your smart home Thank you guys so much for watching We’ll see you on the next one