hi in today’s video we’re going to be looking as I purchase PLR I look at PLR content while I analyze it I don’t use it prepare to use it for use on my website my blog hi this is George from digital high road the channel where I review the latest products that are being sold online I provide tutorials designed to guide you and save you time for the channel where I give you tips on what works online today in 2020 if you receive value from this video please like it also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and to hit the bell icon So that you receive proper notification every time I publish in the video now let’s move on to today’s video subject So in today’s video-first we’re going to look at found a site by Wright Consultants it’s called PLR mini-mart com and it’s on my other video where I talked about the 10 best sources for PLR in 2020, anyway I found an article here and let’s say I’m going to do I have a website that’s about lawn care gardening outside summertime springtime type of events I found it Here’s a PLR package here and it’s done it’s kind of cover lawn mowers and some outdoor care products so what I did that was all we do is it research this to see what the products look like and how the products on I’m maybe a site that I have Target or Walmart or at Amazon how they’re doing there before I purchased a product so let’s take a look I went to put the first on the first products no spill 2 1/2 gallon pilot gas can and preparing Google and we get the Amazon page so into the Amazon page and like there was they get here and look and see first of its available item secondly if it has good ratings and did some lots of sales I think this one in particular looks like we’re at – 1458 reviews for it so that’s very very good to go to this one this would be one maybe I am an Amazon affiliate so we don’t pick up and put my affiliate link and the page every write the article use the content so this one qualifies the next one would be let’s look at the next one here would be Fiskars 7870 of word long time so thank over to here I put that in Google – and see down here is but at Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot if you are an affiliate with any of these sites if you use that let’s say I’m using Amazon so I clicked on that and I get this and this has got 781 reviews and it’s a star review it’s four out of five so it’s 4.0 O stars and so it’s got good rating it’s selling really well so this phone call if I said go back let me get the drift of what I’m doing here and put in no-spill I’ll be there and push callin cable it’s a milder extension cable so quick that name I came up with an orange cord so I clicked on that so I solved this problem I found a Coleman hundred foot red cable but don’t worry she doesn’t matter to me so they see this one it is 350 full ratings and this is for of twelve point four out of five even better ratings so I went and looked at another one the next item is a green works 21:21 213 age for HAMP edge tournament tournament so I went to check that out let’s go 5556 and if you look at the ratings amazon says usually one out of ten purchasers will write a review so this is probably over 20,000 this got a 4 out of 5 star rating so I’m not going to say okay that’s pretty good so I like this package and said since this matches my my niche I think I’ll purchase this so what I did was I purchased it now what we’re going to do next step is we’re going to download it and look at that team okay so I downloaded the article pack I need to extract it so I

downloaded my lawn care articles pack and I just purchased and I extracted it was a zip folder and here’s what we get here’s the articles okay so we’re gonna do is wearing look at each article and we’re gonna see what we got and will be purchased so we purchased this PLR content package from bright consultants and I show you above the job this is the open folder of what I downloaded every purchase these articles all match up push mower Fiskars no-spill coleman on the cable Greenworks okay there’s a lot of our texting here what you’ll want to look at is your pilar rights and what they’re basically that will do is i’ll move this over and you only have two rules anymore don’t use my name on it don’t pass along the pr rights to your buyers that’s it and joe and stuff back so check that out if you get the package now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna what I normally do is I’ll take one of these articles okay I’m gonna open it up I’m going to do is I’m going to copy it I’ll select all I’m gonna copy it and I’m going to do is I’m going to open a new post in my website and then here making sure I’m in text and then I’m going to put copy and paste that in and this title test post up here I’m gonna save it as a draft okay yes we do we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have come up with okay I’m gonna come up with what she gave us okay she’s the one it’s 416 words and I’m gonna look at the visual now this basically what we have all you can do is go in here and you can you can format everything the way you want it but what I would suggest doing first would be to copy and paste say copy and paste a sentence or two okay then take this I mean like this first like my test is I’m going to put it in Google put about three sentences in Google you can get some kind of results that’ll help you see what Google’s saying about it and what they’re going to do is they’re going to give you some ideas of what these the words you put in are going to come up that they’re these phrases exactly as a printed they’re coming up very closely probably enough that these all these sites have have been looked at by Google for having this content exactly how you wrote it so what I would do is obviously you would be the first person to have this now they’re not going to penalize you for not having but they’re not going to help you so they’re not going to help you remain ratings what I was going to do is second thing I know I can do is that go back go back to Tiffany’s account here and what she’s saying in here and she looks when you look at these is that continue on here what you’re gonna do is okay she said she’s limiting selling means to 250 buyers so it’s strong possibility at this point time this content has been out there and she’s been selling it for a while which is most likely that there may be 200 people at this point that purchased it a lot of people don’t know what I’m telling you I don’t do with it and telling you how to set this up and use it properly so she this is coming up that Google has we were looked at that only three paragraphs there was a lot of a lot of sites are showing that this is I mean they put all the pages their pages own okay so the thing is what you need to do and people have to realize when you’re looking at at buy and peel our content is that it’s what I say usually it’s a good starter okay so I will go back to my post what I do is I end up probably rewriting a lot of these

sentences I take ideas I changed paragraphs and now change the headers I come up with an original title for the post but it’s a starter for me it’s not a cut and paste drop in my site and post it because you see what you’re getting you’re not getting any credit you’re not going to get anywhere with it if you’re not going to get ranked for it if you were to take some keywords from it say if you establish a key couple key words from this that you want to rank for in Google most likely that’s not gonna rank if you take it directly from this article it’s probably not gonna rank very well on Google because it’s being alternative and Google already has it’s this content already has Google’s attention let’s put that away the way it’s written the way the sentence is structured way the paragraphs are read and then we’ll play the paragraphs from the orderly our Google’s all this so you’re not going to get any traction I’ll give you any credit I’m just going to show up here somewhere and as you see there’s I think there was 10 for an eighth and Beyond four pages for content so you can take the content that you purchased and you peel our packet and I’m going to copy and paste this into a free copy plagiarism checker okay now I found a couple of put links for these and the description okay there’s one this um sites called paper reader calm another free one is duplicator dot-com went through the same in here okay and we’re going to check for plagiarizing I’d you raise them I’m gonna start check this to get report in this at the Terms of Service okay okay now the other thing is there’s an excellent one that people out of people use it’s called copyscape but it’s not free any longer a couple years ago it was you know to limited use now they’re charging at three cents have to sign up to be a user it’s provided a username and email and you have to buy credits and we’re from five to funnel here dollars to have like money in the bank and then once you do that and you have credits then you are taken to a page where you can post in your content and then check the seat we each time you do it could cost you three cents so that may be some one way to go to if it’s something you’d use enough you want to pay for it then feel free to do that that’s I’ll put the link for this in the bottom of the page as well so the results are back on the article that put in and paper raider it says it’s 100% of a gel so hasn’t been plagiarized from anywhere else and this one the report came up it says zero results of plagiarism and a percent unique okay so you’re off to a good start there now the thing other thing is I mentioned is take some of this and put it in Google and see what Google has to say mine because that could make a difference but the thing is I’m encouraging you to please please take the time to rewrite and and your your own voice do it so that it matches up with the other content on your site because if you don’t do that like I said Google will not help you they want hurt you probably could just show up on all these pages but they will hold you back from getting better range for keywords so that’s important I think that’s very important when I looked at I decide and then as I moved on into the spin writer will talk about spin writers and how to use them next so as you take the content will continue on your another thing that I’ve tried in the past is I use this of a spinner contents better this has been right over that I

app I’m going to take this whole article and slipped off and copy I’m going to put it in here we’re gonna spin this article okay and I’m going to rewrite the article so it’s going to be spinning the article for me and I want to show you what happens when you do this the reason I don’t usually use a spinner for this kind of thing I’ve tried in the past but didn’t really work that well I kind of explain why and you can agree or disagree with it it’s your business that’s what up to you but this says this is the spun now it’s 99% unique so I’m going to do is finalize the article and as we do this this is going to go through and finalize their article them you’re going to see has different choices for it okay so this article has been spun now and let’s say if I needed generate unique article I’ll just click on this and there it is so I can copy and paste this and I’m going to just copy this and I can go to my pleasure is emini short story I’m going to pour it so well this is happening yeah yeah okay anyway there’s the article it’s been spun and now it’s 20 some things that look kind of weird okay for spelling grammar errors were choice errors okay okay so I take my thumb report and I’m going to copy and paste it I’m going to go to my to my website and this is what I’ve done before um I’m going to create a new post Jane what this is going to be is test post two and I’m going to put in the put this in I’m going to say this now the article I believe the first article was 416 words now this one article is 445 words but the problem is not what you need to do is you need to look at this and you need to read it you need to actually read it put the work and the time and effort in okay what you’re going to do is read it and find out if it makes any sense says what some extension cables you have to have for your life maintain quicking or whatever you’re doing to go back and also plug up to connection once again due to the fact that maintains coming loose that doesn’t make any sense that all of those that’s what happens with spinners is that they make the content original but many times the article doesn’t make much sense so what you have to do is you have to go in and rewrite again so what I found through trial and error myself is that I usually do not like to spin it and rewrite I would much prefer to take what the human being wrote okay and then take that article and then go through and rewrite that article so so the original article is she wrote and as we put in your test post the first one is this one here so I would go in and spend my time and my effort and you can’t avoid the work you have to do the work you have to take your time go through make it right sound like it you were talking to the person that has come to your site to look at I mean the other choice is you can have articles written specifically pay to have a article

written and we’re going to do that in another video I’ll explain how to set that up and how the right corrections descend to thing but if you have that that cost money too so as we’re covering this video PLR this is how I would use and set up PLR content from this site in this video today so if you’ve got anything out of this video paying value please like it please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and please hit the bell icon so every time I post a new video to the site you will be notified about that and you can go to my channel and look at the new content thank you for watching so long