(bike bell) – Hey guys, hope you’re doing well As you can see, it’s still raining in the Valley So it’s time to hit the slopes Went out and rented a truck We got ourselves a loner This is the iGO Core Extreme 3.0 I checked out the 2.0, which was already a pretty awesome bike That one had four inch fat tires I talked to the founder and he was like, “I’m a fat bike kind of guy, we upgraded this to 4.5 So you get more float, a little bit more traction.” Look at the knobs on this thing, it’s massive It’s got punched out rims, so it’s a little bit lighter weight It’s got that nice sloped top tube, so it’s a one size fits all E-bike with the adjustable stem But 1899 on this thing So I’m very excited to check it out We’ve got suspension, we got aluminum alloy fenders, we got integrated lights This thing is pretty awesome So let’s get up there What are we waiting for? I’m gonna go through this thing in depth and we’re gonna try it out on the snow (upbeat music) Well guys, we made it We’re basically in electric fat-bike heaven here We got snow It’s actually packed down a little bit here Still kind of soft, right? And I’ve been riding through all this just trying to find a quiet beautiful place to talk about the bike I mean, this bike is very impressive I already mentioned the price, 1899, 2399 Canadian It’s pretty good price point in my opinion, when you really dig into it and you talk about some of the features and stuff It does only come in one size, but we got this lower kind of stand over height here with the sloped top tube This is a hydroform, custom made frame, okay? They custom designed this and the founder, you know of course it’s like, “Oh, we made this to be a bike first and then we added electric.” But it’s actually significantly different than the Core Extreme 2.0 that I looked at before It’s not just the tire size and the integrated battery that’s different There’s still 48 volt, 13 amp hour battery, 624 watt hours, pretty good Same motor So this is an iGo branded Bafang planetary geared hub motor in the rear 80nm of torque That’s a lot, that’s like a higher than average for a hub motor And you know, I ask is that at the motor? Is it at the wheel? ‘Cause when you have a larger wheel diameter like this, you’re not getting the same mechanical advantage We do have these heavier tires, 4.5, that’s the width here And then the diameter is 26 But one thing they’ve done is they punched out the rim So that reduces the weight and it makes it easier for the motor to turn the wheel So they’re doing everything they can Of course, we’ve got this awesome rack It supports up to 55 pounds, 25 kilograms on the back And it’s got some nice tubing here There looks like two pannier hangers of standard gauge tubing A triple bungee right here It’s got the integrated light, and I’m told this was kind of like a rushed order so that I could do this review And see how the rack isn’t quite flat The final build will have a flat rack, which is nice to hear They’ve got the attention to detail going on the fenders These are slightly wider than before So they added a bit of coverage to sort of support the wider tires And that’s nice These are aluminum alloy, not steel, so you’re not gonna end up with rust being a problem And that’s important when you’re out in the snow Oh, we got some yellow snow right there Can you believe it? Don’t eat the yellow snow You don’t want the rust either So everything on this is designed to be kind of stainless or rust resistant when and where possible The way that the front fender is attached down here, not my favorite They’ve just got this kind of clasp around the lowers on the suspension fork, but that’s kind of maybe your only option Really limited in terms of suspension forks, especially at the price point here So this has 80 millimeters of travel It’s got the extra wide spacing here for a fat-tire bike like this There’s no through axle It’s not like a 15 millimeter through axle, it’s just a nine millimeter quick release skewer, but quick release is kind of nice If you don’t have a truck, like I rented to get up here, it’s like, how do you get this thing in your car? It’s huge It took up the whole bed of the truck If you were trying to do two of these, you definitely have to hang the front wheel over and kind of turn You see that a lot with people going mountain biking So those are some more considerations here It’s like, how do you transport this thing? And I guess quick release is good in that respect In the rear, we just have the slotted 12 millimeter threaded axle with like the torque washer and stuff Pretty standard when you look at a lot of fat-tire bikes like this 175 millimeter hub spacing, so they do have room for that eight speed, 11 to 34 tooth cassette And it’s not a free wheel, and this is nickel plated, so it’s rust resistant as well Eight speeds in that kind of range, 1134, so you’ve got a big spread

Having a larger sprocket is going to make it easier to get started They also made the front chain ring a little bit smaller, going from the 2.0 to the 3.0 And they’ve got a narrow wide tooth chain ring So steel, but narrow wide When I first saw this, I was like, “Bummer, it doesn’t have the guide.” We just got an aluminum alloy bash guard on one side The guide would keep that chain from bouncing off, but that’s exactly what the narrow wide teeth are designed to do as well So they were thinking about that You’re not gonna lose the chain, even if you lay it down sideways in your truck And then we got these nice aluminum alloy Wellgo pedals, not gonna rust, gives you pretty good traction just straight away I’m using these like snow boots with big tread and I’m not having a problem, but they make my foot a little bit wider, and I want that extra surface area so I’m not gonna slide around Just like the tires, being wider, having those big knobs spaced pretty wide Maybe you get snow on the bottom of your feet, you wanna hop back on this thing and be able to get out of there and just get this bike going If you can’t ride the bike of course you can use the throttle It also has walk mode, which I’ll get into a little bit later So anyway, coming back to the other side here, 180 millimeter mechanical disc brakes front and rear And you’ll hear me complain sometimes like, “Why they went with mechanical instead of hydraulic?” Hydraulic requires less hand effort, but in really cold temperatures, hydraulic fluid can kind of, it can become more viscous and just not flow as easily Also if you snag a hydraulic line or something, maybe you’re riding through the trees and you snag that, it can become a problem because fixing it on the trail is gonna be a lot more difficult, versus just having an Allen key set These are Tektro Aries, pretty standard And I liked that they went with these rubberized grip kind of brake levers They do have motor inhibitors as well, so they override the powerful motor Anytime you wanna stop, the bike’s gonna respond They even got the fun bell integrated here You might notice the grips, they’re pretty basic They’re not locking, but that’s because this is kind of like not quite the final build The final one will have locking grips It will also have a plastic sticker slap guard, which I care about I don’t want the frame all nicked up I mean, look at the paint job on this It’s beautiful They’ve got this like semi matte gray with some black accents And of course black, that’s kind of your only option sometimes when it comes to getting these more affordable fenders and kind of a default suspension fork This is not air fork It’s got a lockout, not a whole lot of compression adjust, but it does have preload And it has the wider stanchions and stuff So it’s decent, but this is not a tapered steer tube So upgrading that to an air fork is not gonna You’re not gonna have as many options So again, they are trying to hit that price point And when I look at this bike, I just think they did a good job of making it look great No, the orange doesn’t quite match, but the matte black right here with the fenders, the handlebar and everything, even down here with the bash guard, they’ve got these name brand Prowheel Zephyr cranks, 170 millimeters, so you’re getting standard Just pedaling feels really comfortable on this Black everywhere else So the black with the gray, with these little highlights of like a metallic glossy red, I mean, it’s just fantastic It looks like it should be a lot more expensive And it’s getting a lot of attention up here, like parked on the side of the road, trying to find a place, and everyone’s like, “Whoa, awesome Where are you going? Like that’s sweet How does it handle?” You know, everyone’s excited about it and it’s really fun in that way I love that they squeezed in the bottle cage bosses down here, whether you actually use those for fluids or maybe a folding lock or something that you could use just at a quick stop at the lodge And the fact that it is fairly I mean, this thing can handle quite a bit of weight They’ve designed it to be very sturdy They didn’t lose weight capacity when they changed the frame because the diamond would tend to be more strong So having that hydroform custom tube where it’s a little bit wider up here and they’ve got the extra thick but very smooth, beautiful welds I just love to see that And then the attention to detail, look at that It’s like a rubberized bumper thing for oversteer So if you turn really hard, the crown could interface and kind of scratch or even dent with that down tube You don’t want that to happen So they clearly thought this through This is purpose-built You can see that the cables and stuff are internally routed through the frame We have press fit up here and then they have this like control center, electronic control center thing down here that’s custom on a lot of their Core series bikes First glance you’re like, “Oh, is that a mid-drive?” But no, it’s a hub motor driven bike, which is kinda nice because if you break the chain or something like that, you still have power And now this is more affordable, it’s just simpler than having a mid-drive, you don’t have to have shift detection and stuff It’s not quite as powerful, you’re not getting quite as much torque potential ’cause it’s not leveraging the gears The human power drivetrain is just completely separate from the electronic So you can, again, you can limp home with that But what they’ve done down here is they’ve designed this to be very easy to open, again, kind of press fit, highly water resistant, and with press fit interface for all the different control systems and electronics, including the lights and stuff

So if there is a problem, you’re gonna be able to service it Same thing back with those brakes here So a lot of attention to detail on this bike, and they’ve gotten all the other kind of basic things right in my opinion 40 millimeter spacing on this kickstand mounting Hey guys, pretty awesome, huh? – Awesome, yeah – Sweet Super friendly around here So yeah, having the kickstand be out of the way for that left crank and then also the pedal, so you can pedal backwards, you’re not getting pedal lock Little things like that, but you know, again, back to this like controller box They custom designed that, you know, again, for such an affordable electric bike, this one’s really been winning me over And it is a little bit more suited to either a heavier rider with those bigger tires or softer terrain like this You know, there are lots of other fat-tire bikes that are just the four inches, or even some now that are like three inches, and it’s sort of this like, “Well, you get stability, but it’s a little lighter and it’s a little more efficient.” This is not super efficient I mean, you can raise the tire pressure up to 30 PSI The range is five to 30 by the way I’m way down by five right now because I don’t weigh a lot and I wanna float through this like soft, whether it’s loamy, or sandy, or snowy terrain Even though this is packed, the bike can actually go off road a little bit there and it can navigate pretty well and not just like getting into a groove and sinking and completely losing control The bike controls well So anyway, good decisions there I asked about the Neco headset here and the adjustable angle stem This is nice because this is a one size fits all kind of bike And the reach is a little bit shorter than the old version They said they tried to make it a little bit more upright, give you that commanding position It’s all kind of marketing terminology, but for me, I’m 5’9, the bike feels pretty good I have extended the seat post quite high They’ve got a 350 millimeter length, 30.4 millimeter diameter instead of 27.2, so it’s a little bit thicker, a little bit more robust You’re gonna have plenty of options with suspension seat posts, or even dropper posts if you want an aftermarket build So that was nice And then look at where this is positioned You can drop that all the way down without colliding with the rack So again, if you want the rack, you got your cargo and you’re kind of doing some bike packing, or you got your extra heavy gear for if it gets really cold, you know, you take off your jacket you’ve got somewhere to stow it You’re gonna be able to do that, but still have this seat in the correct position for your body height If you’re someone who’s really tall, this could start to feel It could, you know, it’s like a medium large This is not a large frame, but with that kind of adjustable stem, you can raise a little bit or stick it way out, be more aggressive, and the longer seat post So again, I’m trying to help you navigate this and see if it’s the right thing for you I think the first question is like, what’s your budget? And then, you know, do you actually want an off-road ready fat-tire bike like this or do you want to get something that’s a little bit more like an SUV for getting around town? This is definitely more off-road capable This suspension fork for me is just one of the kind of trade-offs It’s a spring fork it’s not as heavy-duty, not having a whole lot of Like, look at this If we come down here to the clicker, it’s like locked, unlocked, right? It’s not like compression adjust And I have the preload dialed up I’m twisting to the right, I’m pre-loading that spring, but there’s still kind of a bouncy There’s not like a rebound adjustment going on It’s just not as nice as higher end full suspension mountain bikes that I check out And I guess that’s okay It’s just about giving you some comfort on your wrists and stuff It’s still steers all right And you can always lock that out if you’re getting bobbing or it’s just not performing the way that you want it to While we’re talking about some of the hardware, I’m gonna turn the display on right here There’s a button on the bottom And you might notice that there is a USB charging port just to the right of the display That is new and very welcome Maybe you have your phone out for GPS or additional like higher powered lights or something This is like a 50 lumen headlight, and to activate that I’m just gonna hold the plus button for a couple seconds and see the backlighting on the display And then we’ve got this awesome headlight with side cutouts The branding on top, which to me you could always put like some electrical tape there if it’s distracting, and then an aimable light It’s decent, you know, it’s pretty good And in terms of visibility, I don’t know if it’s really gonna light the trail super well So just kinda keep that in mind And there are no reflective sidewall stripes on these tires or anything, and it’s a darker bike, so having those side cutouts on the lights and then two LEDs in this rear light, to me that’s a win, you know, safety wise I’m always thinking about that And even just a little bit of branding here on these Kenda Juggernaut tires 12 gauge spokes in the rear to be extra strong, and then upfront 13 gauge, a little bit lighter weight, maybe a little bit more flexible And yeah, at the end of the day this thing weighs about 73.8 pounds or something So we’re getting close to 74 pounds

Roughly seven pounds on the battery and nine and a half pounds on the motor The weight is distributed fairly evenly across the frame I was able to load this in the truck on my own, just kind of grab the right brake and then tip the bike up like this, using that back wheel as a pivot and then just kind of walk it up and then lift the rear into the truck I did just fine So even though it weighs a lot, I had the battery in because I just didn’t want that to get wet and roll all around, but you could take that out to reduce this by seven pounds and then start removing other accessories While we’re looking at the battery, I love that they put the charging port on the right side of the bike, the drivetrain side, and high up along with the key locking core right there Do you see that? So a lot of times, for whatever reason, especially on like Bosch bikes and stuff, the locking core and the charging points will be down low Like they’ll be right there by the crank arm, and that just requires you to lean down Or what if the bike tips over, you always want it to tip to the non drive train side You don’t want to bend those disc brake rotors, but you know, really this is the side of the bike that’s the most sensitive So to have these interfaces so conveniently located, just very nice It’s another really thoughtful touch from this company And then while we’re on the topic, this is a two amp, 54.6 volt MDA, pretty standard charger It’s like a pound and a half, maybe 1.8 pounds It’s nothing like too special, but it’s light, it’s small, it’s gonna kinda get the job done, and it sort of fits into that like value price point I think they’ve also designed this to be pretty affordable when it comes to battery replacement Then there’s a little led light here that, you know, red, green, blue for how full it is It’s giving you some feedback It does not turn the bike on from over there I think I’m gonna actually try to unlock this real quick and show you guys what that battery looks like So we just insert the key here, twist, battery pops up, there’s a little ridge right here to grab it That’s actually pretty, pretty easy No handle or anything, but again about seven pounds Yeah, 624 watt hours iGo has been around since like 2006 They were one of the early companies in this space, and they’ve earned my respect in so many ways Like some of their earlier bikes where, they were a little wonky or just kind of basic, but then they really got the hang of it And now they actually sell through dealers some of the models, and then they sell some of the more affordable models like the Core series direct online This one does not have a smartphone app like some of the fancier ones, but I actually really like the display So let’s jump into that next Got the power button here at the bottom, hold it for a couple seconds, comes to life fairly quickly We’ve got current speed right here It’s in kilometers per hour, but we can change that if we want to And then we got trip distance down here, as well as a battery infographic, five bars So each bar represents 20% It’d be nice if there were 10 bars, or maybe an actual percentage so you don’t get stuck with like a 74 pound bike and no support on the way home So if I was going on rides I’d like always try to go uphill on the way out and then downhill on the way back So anyway, power button down here, and then there’s this little button right here It’s got the shoe, it’s kind of like a walk mode I guess, but it also changes the readout So we’ve got average speed, max speed, and then down here trip distance, odometer, and trip timer Now it doesn’t have watts, the other displays kind of do It doesn’t have haptic feedback, which I don’t really care that much about And I kind of like the gray scale compared to color now that I’ve seen it, like this is pretty easy to view on what is a fairly bright like high contrast kind of day Even though it’s fairly small you can see it from relatively high And then having that USB charging port built in, it really gets the job done This is a class two electric bike, meaning top speed of 20 miles per hour And it does have throttle on demand as well You could unplug and remove that throttle if you wanted to try to make this class one to go on certain mountain biking trails or whatever My experience sort of how you handle the bike, that really makes the difference And the throttle here is fairly easy to reach A lot of times I’m more comfortable with throttles on the right ’cause I grew up with like jet skis and snowmobiles and stuff, and it was like always on the right, but with the trigger shifter over here there just isn’t space for that a lot of time So it works well enough, you get used to it pretty quickly And I guess I should comment on this eight speed trigger shifter We’ve got a low shifter here that gives you three steps and then a high trigger up here that’s just one step and it’s only pull, right? So you can’t like push from the bottom, which to me is a bit of a bummer I kind of like using my thumb for shifting, for up and down shifting, so that I can always keep like some fingers on the brakes

And given that these are mechanical brakes, the right lever is gonna usually require a little bit more effort to actuate because that cable is going all the way down back here And you can see how it’s aimed up a little bit Water can collect or kind of condensate on that wire and then go down here and get dirt and stuff and over time it just gets sticky It’s one of the trade-offs But again, at least, even if you’re not breaking super effectively, a lot of your stopping power comes from the front anyway, but you still got those motor inhibitors that are gonna just cut power to the motor instantly And I should’ve mentioned, down here this is a 32 pulse cadence sensor design So a lot of times I’m seeing a 12 magnet cadence sensor, which is pretty good You know, a lot of it has to do with how the controller is set up anyway, but having even more or pulses and sensors in there is gonna give you a better, more responsive ride And it isn’t a torque sensor, right? So it’s not as dynamic, it doesn’t measure how hard I’m peddling, it just measures how quickly I’m starting and stopping And then it relies on nine assist levels, which is like my goodness It seems like a lot And you can’t go like down and go around So yeah, every time, you kind of start out in zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and then the little walking foot comes up and that’s where you can kind of use the walk mode at the bottom I’m actually gonna try that Oh, you know what? Even though it looks like kind of a walking foot, I’m used to calling that M, and what we’ve done is we’ve entered to settings And so to get to walk mode, I think you actually just hold the minus key Let’s double check that So we’re in one of the assist levels, we hold the minus key There it goes There’s the walk mode So as expected I’m sorry I’m confusing you guys, but to see the M right there and then to also see it right there as a foot, that’s like mode So power, mode, you hold it, it gets to settings We’ll get back to that in a second The other secret, so walk mode is hold minus, the other secret is to hold plus And we get a little backlighting and then the lights icon And I wanna show you that Again, the two LEDs in the rear, very nice, pretty well-protected from your luggage as well And it’s not buried too deeply that cars won’t see it kind of looking down at you Okay, so coming back up here, that’s really it You got all the different readouts and stuff, until you hold the foot or M button in the bottom And then we’ve got like clear, trip clear We don’t wanna do that Kilometers or miles per hour, so they just plus or minus to cycle through those And backlighting, brightness, so you can actually dim this down if you’ve got the lights going but you don’t want to ruin your night vision I really appreciate that And then how quickly the bike powers off I think zero is like it never powers off Right now it’s like one minute, power’s off pretty quickly And then wheel size And then 48 volts, that’s the battery system we talked about And then there’s a password And it’s kind of locked, okay? So again, class two, 20 mile per hour ’cause it has the throttle right there And then you hold the settings button and it gets back to the main readout again So that’s, it’s a pretty good look at this thing I might hop on this and do some more riding We’ve got like, I think we’re in a cloud right now, but it’s just been a gorgeous day A lot of fun to be out here and actually trying this thing out in the snow I guess before we get into it, I want to comment one more time on the the drivetrain here The eight speed, it’s a 11 to 34 tooth, narrow wide chain ring Very nice Shimano Altus And by the way, I think this is a 38 tooth chain ring So they made it a little bit smaller to give you a better mechanical advantage for starting and climbing And that was a good call, especially with slightly heavier tires here Shimano Altus is just like one step up from base level We don’t have like a clutch lever or anything like that We do have a barrel adjuster, so you can twist this to the left one-click over time if you feel like the shifting isn’t happening quite as perfectly You might be getting a settling, that cable going through here in the housing So you can stretch the housing or elongate it effectively without the use of too many tools or too much time Same thing up here, we got barrel adjusters So that’s what those are Trying to give you some tips so that if you’re out on the trail and you need to do some quick maintenance, you can The bike does come with a little tool kit as well, which is really handy Okay, guys, I turned the bike around, powered up the display We start out in zero, which again, that can let you see the display, use that USB charging port, and have some lights, but you’re not gonna get any throttle power, there’s no assist One of the things I really love about the way this is set up is that as soon as you go to even level one out of nine, you get full, complete power with the throttle You don’t have to click one, two, three, four, five, six to raise the power They’re not connected You just get full power instantly This is a variable speed throttle to begin with And so this is the way I feel like e-bikes should kind of all be set up if they have a throttle If I wanna feather it, there we go, right? It’s nice and slow, or I can speed it up Oh yeah! Send some of that snow flying off the rear wheel

There we go I don’t wanna track this place up too much or ruin the trail But to me, that’s great because a lot of times I’ll use a lower level of assist to actually get a workout or just to conserve battery And then I’ll use the throttle to help get started or to climb a hill or catch up with some friends So with that said, let’s do it Let’s just ease into the throttle There we go, I don’t even need to, I’m on a bit of a hill You can hear the front tire squeaking a little bit On your right Thanks It’s handling pretty well Absorbing some of those bumps because the tires themselves act as shock absorbers, but that suspension fork is doing a pretty good job too One handed is always a bit precarious Now I’m going through some choppy stuff here We’re gonna go through the really choppy stuff Oh, yeah! And then use the throttle Look at that Just blasting right through For me right now the challenge is just to stay upright, given that I’m steering with one hand and filming with the other But the fact that I can do this effectively, I think that’s a testament to the stability of this bike and the geometry giving me a little bit more upright Like I have room to steer without really having to bend forward and becoming much more aggressive like the competitive racing mountain bike or something This is much more comfortable I don’t even have the stem raised all the way So what I might do now is turn the bike around I keep hitting my shoe on that rack ’cause I’m used to swinging over It might be better just to kind of tip the bike towards you and step over, or away from you Oh, we’re going uphill through choppy stuff I’m not peddling at all, and we’re making it We’re not sinking in You got full control of steering with one hand Wow Yeah Color me impressed Super quiet too so if you’re looking for wildlife, you’re gonna be able to do that, not disturb nature See here So we were talking a second ago about whether it slides or not This guy was asking me, and actually it does pretty well I have lowered the tire pressure, but the knobs are spaced apart pretty far And they’re pretty big, they’re pretty big knobs It’s performed well I can definitely induce a slide like a little bit, I might try that in a second, but we’re on an incline here and I’m just gonna juice it This does have a little bit of a throttle so if I just do that, right? Like ease into it It’s like kinda tail whipping a little bit No stoppies though, right? You’re just sliding out in the front Yeah, it’s pretty good Do you have any interest? You wanna try this thing? I’m more than happy to – [Man Filming] I’m okay right now – He’s got the snow shoes on – [Man Filming] Yeah, I got the snow shoes on – I’ll try not to block the path here, but yeah Thank you very much, I really appreciate you – [Man Filming] Yeah, no worries – Have a great day you guys I can include this part of you two waving, or I can cut you out Are you? – I don’t care, it’s fine – Thanks you guys Have a great day Yeah, Merry Christmas, rock on Really slushy stuff right here You got to lower the tire pressure even more I’m pretty impressed Yes, so what’s your name, man? – Scott – Scott, you said you’ve ridden a touring bike across Canada, but never a fat-bike? – Never – Are you excited? You commented on this You’re like walking with your friend, you got your dog and everything – Well I was like, “Whoa, this guy is motoring up the hill through snow somehow.” – Yeah – I don’t know, it’s cool to see – Fantastic Well, yeah, basically the way it works

you’ve got pedal assist So as soon as you start pedaling, the motor is gonna kick in You’re in the highest power right here You can do minus and lower it Or you can just feather it with the throttle and it’s gonna give you a little bit power Feel free to just wander around – Let me take off these gloves so I can Okay, so the throttle controls the Controls the So like I could change the power of the throttle is what you’re telling me? – Well, the throttle is just how far you push it Pedal assist is when you pedal it just notices, “Oh, he’s peddling, let’s give him some juice.” – Okay – So you can ride it two different ways Maybe ease into it Have you ever ridden like motorcycles or jet skis? – Yeah – Yeah So just use the throttle a little bit but then when you pedal, the motor will also help – Okay – Cool – I’m gonna try going down there and I’ll turn around – Good luck, man He had a big smile – Yeah Anything crazy is good for him – Yeah He’s he’s checking out the sliding Yeah, that’s great He looks like a guy who knows how to ride I saw you swerving a little bit – Yeah, I was trying Oh, yeah, this thing does have some juice – Oh, yeah That’s great Thanks for spending some time, I hope you guys aren’t too cold – No, no, not at all Send it – Yeah, it takes off when you leave, when you go downhill – Oh yeah Lots of fun Pretty impressive for such a small little like hub motor thing – Yeah, that’s the powered from there? – Yeah, well – So the whole battery is in – Battery’s right there So they’ve done like a pretty good weight distribution, I think and yeah It’s good, do you have any questions or any other feedback? – No, I guess I’d just be wondering like how long the battery lasts for – Yeah, I’m guessing, like I’m kind of working in miles here, that’s the specs they gave, and it’s like maybe 25 to 45 miles depending, like we’re in snow, tires are low pressure – Yeah Did you come from the bottom of the mountain or did you park? – I’ve stopped a couple of places on the way up and then I found this area and I was like, “Okay, yeah, this is good.” – Yeah I mean, it would be fun, yeah – Thank you so much – Can put like packing stuff too if you needed to put it on the back – Do some bike packing or something – Yeah, for sure – Just awesome you guys I’ve had a blast covering this bike, going on a little adventure with you I hope you’re having a happy holiday season I love you lots And of course I’ve got all the specs and everything that I hand measure back at electricbikereview.com, along with the Core Extreme 2.0 if you wanna compare them back to back I don’t think they’re selling that one anymore They’ve completely migrated to this one They started with just the Core Extreme So we’re kind of on our third iteration, and just to see it overhauled the way that it has been Again, I can’t get over the price point, 1899 USD, 2399 Canadian It’s great So yeah, I’ll have that back at the site I welcome your comments and feedback I’m trying to cover bikes that I’m genuinely excited about and do a really good job But I also like to see your reviews or third-party reviews If there’s a bike you wanna see, comment on it, meet me in the forums, chat with other people, get their real insights of ownership because this is basically a brand new bike I haven’t ridden it that much, but from what I can tell, I mean, it’s working great There’s the headlight by the way Yeah So there you go guys I’ll see you on the next one (tranquil nature sounds)