I usually make a pretty deep hole to my trap kind of a step down plate set the x been around for a long time the legate’s in Maryland they made that pretty famous the good guys doing long before the legate’s that I don’t take actions for your little he had a bulky for the basement steps site so just picking up going out with trailer make it use anything to cover this drop I don’t work with the dirt like a piece of wax paper I don’t do that art our cap or anything no less of that I just I just put this because this is pretty light wheat wrap it in a lot of areas where it’s wet and damp and cut I mean bottom land and marshy areas and stuff like that i found it the wax paper like helps keeps the moisture from coming up into your dirt there he goes so I light over top of a cool spring you know that covered almost to the jowls yep and then put those the sifted dirt back on top of that i might definitely being leaves it from like freezing and pure and getting weary foam i trap a dollar so okay so I’m sweating flat marshy areas bottoms fog they’re like crossover points yep stuff like that round pond and I never be ratified estella where cuz they were protected a small cotton come from eunice yeah 10 or 12 years chase only okay never about 75 years you can’t go out in just cheap I was one of the biggest find you of getting Delaware she died right yeah in possession of red foxes that was old Eagle cover like they hundred years step like your family yes yes I think I’d be about like or nothing with the dude that does the hey said said Delaware breeds Fox with husband do hey that’s weird what’s the one thing again most times all right off traveling with the nose into the wind and they’re coming up out of there and I with Chester County that’s one reading we have fox right that’s definitely true and you know a lot of red then Scully’s and stuff radium guys a tag and then I’m young fox will run 50 60 miles a night right that’s a long way yeah a couple nights ago where he’s up here no waiting when they travel the waterways to like the Brandywine exactly the white clay creek yep suspicious or trickles into the brand new one right this is a headboard over brandy one right here deep on a little cricket lunch to hear stand round here down by cambridge right and it’s east and right over here wonder that I walk around the brain while I do after you’re right so yep yeah so the patient to the set I mean most designs probably know the bases in a sec I just keep this one kind of use a couple trial so it’s quickly i did fall off that oh well and then generally i’ll take the fishes for fox i would dig the whole tribe out right here how it may be back in here a little more just a little more distance but i generally big my whole just with a state like this so the hands upon the grounds horse could be holding with the trowel just got real over here I should what happened saw maybe you young guys will think this is the kind of an ugly-looking set what I’m telling you wait a sec looks a lot of times isn’t really what’s the main thing it’s keeping you trapped working good move on foxconn use any of these traps but i like i like this is for you just want to make sure your joel sittin pretty number it’s cocked up like if its way up in the air that means this has to be adjusted a little bit just download you don’t want it load of course like he’s headed up on wax paper over at the traps this sucks down here the slightest little thing to

keep us down before the whole thing is the trap bed make you attract additional in the bottom don’t take it out perfectly flat to the dish because bottom of traps not perfectly flat you and set it in there just get a little post-metal better well I just I just show them in like this I’m just trying to twist it yes ground rule or but that’s just like it is a real dropping especially close everybody is travel titleist on the mood roads at all Arden are the begging harvest or like L West it’s harder could be so you have to adapt to whatever he got hard around you just see that drops bedded pretty good now its conduct its involved so hard they didn’t see you know I would probably just push up stone under this roof stole yet that’s pretty pretty song you know what that travelator moving right that’s the idea yep my song traps & crowns is hard you know I’ll do something like that my snake would be driven in right about here at the way you said your capital an angry yeah that’s right funny i’m not sure if there’s really a reason but I end up on shutting like wow I see guys ever shows if it goes in right the other way I I guess eats his own each’s own is what’s good used to learn loads through yeah yeah how come a little Theory here not really sure if it means I’m or not but mine is this I don’t really want his toenail to catch this you know like like say he gets to dig in here and if the ground was a little softer I could illustrate a little better because a lot of times my whole and my truck bed con old running together house now dimer your home oh just like sitting much what I can remount with a steak like my brother and your wind direction theoretically if he’s really wanted he can smell it here but if he really wants to get a good Snoop later he’s going to have to get around here and the whole small that looks like he’s not done start working on a little bit behave you know but you’re baking like it is curiosity satisfied quickly right click so the way to strap setting like this if he does start scratching at it you know these clerks want my largest home I’m my fear is less chance of his toenails catching this agrawal song and this this is a very worst place for the box to step right there right there is the worst place because he steps near the trap fires and the sugar issues yeah boy yep because that theoretically is a little bit over this sinus a little bit all this I’m kind of give him a clear shot here because if you trapping us know you see the withholding from don’t hear any feedback you come around here so you just try to put the ovulation best you can we hope he’s bigger with the one fall and he steps into traffic exact hall yep I think really what you look for is getting me food does anything it’s kind of comes fronting in here and stop a little bit steps a little bit steps and Pam you got because once you start digging that’s when you get too big a gate made secret trap out by accident they’re not really know to trust their they’re just taking around right you know sculpting food flip the trap out the big enough inflation ER so yeah that’s that’s basically i just paid the traction amateur assault and i don’t have to use as if to put this torch all pre shifted I’m just tamp it in there if you use a flash paper or a pen cover now say I’m just gonna stick Lee good leave them underneath that helped me to do that my fear is if it rains even if almost at all anything over pull rank I’m remaking the set so you drive during all the time yo shift over no just press am I saw Justin low on it or you know I mean I had said but money maybe it’s better I see like this that’s what it seemed like Yelp it’s close and it’s clean yep not to me this is almost like a better title septum is a box it there’s a way on and what big in this in and I have the distance that distance yeah that’s pretty far read for Fox that’s a good that’s pretty good box up there around pretty good culture the whole eggs away football Kayla yeah if this was a photoset let’s say this for Fox it now since we this was the

folk six offset i would probably on the trot laying down pretty close these names up the same guy yep and then the whole thing kind of turned into warm place right like this this is kind of close up and that the trap definitely below the scope of the ground we go put my pan drove out there who are below the surface right dad about the right yes that’s deep ball right here about two inches below i got into the pan hey thank you anybody just go to a low its own it could be exaggerated I uh some of the minor do I know buddy of mine he he come into a former his trapping he said I ain’t think you were trafficking sex looks like joke you know I think they catch edit a catch a few foxy all look like junk in it doesn’t matter I mean desserts did you see you guys later 10 Fox especially if it’s been here Modi it looks like Abbott is how you’re cleaning up if you know us you’ll have to feel how this stuff all laying around but just as long as it smells there the traps bedded and there’s no obstruction in the trash man you should head moving back down though now for cats they say guys interesting chats they saved and walk them a little bit and you should actually born I think kind of kept crapping out west we called fine now one out there years ago I was great but you can walk them like with its obstacles putting much and i know sometimes we’re doing this was awesome time too but like these these cats they’re so finicky they don’t spend much time in a sec yeah they just more like a house cat penis step around or not fold like your dog how these guess we’ll see cuz will actually write punish kind of more machigi to set and come like forces foot 14 that’s it that’s one of the only difference in cat tracker for the rocking back at all yep maybe a big rock here yeah maybe a big road round yep yep something you know and then a few a few things raped and sass looks like none big you know that he definitely not gonna stand here for it right and you know it’s kind of a combination of a walk through set and all turtle said you know you got the little bit of Lourdes to get his attention and the best thing with cats catcher can’t like make they roll over there is stuff they run along the edges so it first up pretty big rockers let’s break for that if I think on the edge of the bridges they just run along the edge so we’ll say my conditions attached that if there we go it was a pretty big rock here this would make it ideal he’d be travel on your anything now I just give him a little Lord of stopping and have a movable wall to marry her meeting maybe that trap might not be coy Nadine pmo beach you know you might stop because they don’t stay long in the set so they’ll kill his bait i miss Aleeah left is over just Lord yup i use on this is king on call probably I mean a lot of canine poll I use some of Dave’s move it’s better off putting a hold of your inner I just see if I use yours right in the whole of my favorite is uh that’s that’s an old pro much bottle but I just I get a little bit of pro mix and we’re a little bit of land board and now I just keep mixing a urine from the fonts I’m catching you know nothing on the back of their just like everything down the hole to try to get them to swing over in around and once it the right way what’s your rate for go to bubble sick well it stopped to the four reasons one is your stop there anyhow you got your equipment out anymore real quickly just you know I’ve woke up for tractors throw-trap over there so it’s taking over their biggest up there my hammer know you know you can real quick to sex that’s one I’m other is if you catch a possum in this set if you’ve got notice that real close by to catch box because every animal tracks and other animals that happen they said you’ve had possible in this net anybody out there also is known you all I would think they’re your I road ahead even dogs and cats I think the dog probably comes after the fox or a lot of stuff the Fox comes after looks well he’s checking out project costing sitting there on my in all right jun you also get to to use a couple to rob on you guys will enrage my best set that grass little higher this good pinch point I said Baloo slacker

made by a six foot diameter circle one about 10 foot away good eye appeal yep guna possum fox but they were too hot set I just down just almost to the ground with a weed whacker horse I didn’t know what to do I have noticed that makes it maybe surfer Delta 6 to 8-foot diameter may no one over here we’ve got double quite often not good they’re not Fox one animal and I my mother okay yeah of course you get your two farms to you know one foxy exported in seven eight o’clock at night and he’s out there yep in a couple times other bugs yep another reason is in one trap snaps off if it’s a good location no matter how good a trample you are you’re gonna have snap traps they step at the wrong place a skunk comes along he’s big into the third in his light African door he snaps a trumpet well consider location there you lose that whole night I’m gonna travel your mind I think it’d be worked for three and a lot of fun if you’re not worried about Seth and if you have the traps and you take a look lame what is it to tread yeah help study uses to trap set to stay inside exactly yep but then you then you’ve got a good chance of something working we better boot camp maybe catching to Fox there’s there’s this numerous reasons you move it that you’re not done that before gonna put two traps is the same set you know clipboard trap hole you mean right out the exact same set oh yeah I need to get caught in the other one because I had it so far apart I spread around like whatever that why i want to disappoint okay yeah yeah yep the only reason i don’t do that i was using bait too okay i didn’t get muskrat me for bait okay the upper ducks or so that’s probably fine to it just it does take a lot of time and don’t hunt us sitting here for quite a while right and then you’re like the idea i get two sides to make two cuts with two to try and help these are bridger number two’s can we modified they have the laminations and everything else on but this when a fox steps in here he’s fully committed he’s not standing on the shore on their jaws where the jaws could pop in that when it Springs it’s totally in there whereas interviews the smaller one and a half there’s a much bigger difference big difference between the opening anything standing big difference in the jobs where if you’re standing in here you could be standing on the job here at the same time when you get there hey on top of this when I can make the set it could pop them out when it Springs for this comes up around me so I basically find this bottoms on a set like I said it can be anywhere he said any other steps or a fox and a corn too i used to be even okay i can make them in a cut-down corn field i can make it in the woods along a stream bank i can make it out to pasture it doesn’t matter the hay have two took a hey hey sets the youth ate an acre I’ll take two of these traps at Eton for one set and set them my chains are like 10 inches long so they’ll be 10 inches away from the hay bale when I set this up totally that’s just the distance is just a number I determine works best for me some people go longer some people go shorter but I like to send did it work out for what I want to do i will set it up place like that and you I could use I used to use one space in the middle here to hold the two traps I found out that once you catch a fox in the first one he’s usually one time that’s calling the second one so to make it a better chance to catch the double in the same set I take it and once i get my space and just flip it out and i’ll stake it down out here and turn this one around and take it down out here that was I catch one in that trap fox running around had less chance of getting timed up in that one self another Fox and investigate I can end up catching a double so I set these on top of the ground I don’t know if you guys work with the other Fox demonstration when he beds everything and pack sit down in I do not set them I don’t take any holes at all I just set them on top of the ground this ground here is grass that’s kind of hard and it’s kate’s down we’re in a field it lays a lot better than that it doesn’t look as bad but Emma when its way like this if you wanted to make it less wobbly you can shove a underneath this where you can take your primary to drive your spacing with and beat the ground down and then the springs and stuff will sitting there better so the trap leaves for a dress and wanted to but I don’t worry about it i just said look at that and stay calm down then i take what used to be a pledge slice of the hay bale and expanding it in the middle and then I’ll take these sticks which I had here I

will push them in the ground after I put the hay but when they’re right now I just stuck them in there because this glass so hard I hadn’t used my driver to make holes like your sleeve the safe in there but it depends usually my rock hard I can stick them in without doing it without using this if it’s frozen on you drive pilot holes that a stand there the purpose that is fix it’s just the whole slice in place so don’t blow away in fear once I get that set up I take additional hey it’s already what’s laying on the end I’ll just sprinkle this around over top of the traps I won’t cover the traffic totally it’s just to break up the pattern and then I’ll spread the rest i get a circle around here like you see where hey Lane that is basically the way the traps look when it’s all done and I use yarn and glandular mixed together in a squirt bottle and to just go to strike down this top of the hay bale so the Fox comes in he’s trying to get off the top there with a scent is and as he’s stamping around he steps on the trust and gets caught that’s basically whole set there’s nothing to like that there’s nothing sitting here what you see here is what I do I don’t do anything drops for myself I don’t spray anything on the side of the veil it’s just all strictly on the cops’ll yes to work to get up there to get to the fish that works better out in the open where they can see the haze better or doesn’t really matter um I don’t know hi offset and open feels like I wake I want to upset when corn fields are cut down I mean everything is usually open cuz i said it i have limited time in the winner’s cheque trap so i said so i can see it from a distance but i have to go right up to it if I effect because usually when you catch something you start running around the state bill gets knocked down so if you can’t see the Fox with the hay bale fan you know something’s up there at least something was there and usually he’s laying there when I get up there but I usually set it in open areas where I can see it from the long distance I don’t have to walk up to it all is fine but i have set them in the woods along a little stream on top of the banks where the Fox I know he tries to follow the strings at home but anywhere you can anywhere you want to make a fox head at der hold you can put this in but I say like I won’t be this close to that tree line if I was setting the spot I would move it like 20 feet out to that deposit myself and I’m trying to track them into a just when it means to try to catch the farm care of the possums I’ve caught hop invented but the further I stay away from it hedgerows with three lines together off IM with it vainly anybody certified okay these are not snares because they cannot kill the animal they just hold the animal to have a relaxing lock here so in the animal gets caught it doesn’t lock down you know in fact at all we’re a snare has a lock that comes down the more you later definitely I chose you now this is anyone to go to refer the occupation behind that is it gonna catch up on a smoke or something you need 100 you get there completely on the draw breath America bulkhead economy and I’m different I’m 30 years old you can use these I don’t keep in Pennsylvania after today at the Christmas particular community Katherine and it ends on the address they in there are only four thousand tires of this excessive erection or anything like that or any other animal if you accidentally catch something from you allowed to keep it high before your foot to let it go we’re supposed to be able to kill it or anything like that you’re twisting the move sighs when you study assess the extent 10 inches in diameter I can call my brother taking around me and it must be set a minimum sentences all the ground in matteson and my gang qi cds evading struck the ground so when I’m set knees I look for a trail going through a field a deer trail if it’s a cow pasture were to count that a trail on the calendar we got any more i’ll use them Dave plus we black trail through here so I can just use in suspense Jason so basically I have a rebar stake the same as I use for the farm but on top of it i have this piece of number nine wire wrapped around it to be Mike report wire the sorting table and flexible if I can find any way I want then I have a regular in line swivel on the end of it but I can run into that my head because take it down my hammer has these three marks business 68 and you just above the ground but I don’t have the men I can line it up here so you can find a trail like this normally the trail and you get on fine sorry owning a lot narrower than this they had to do with a weed whacker so and for a lot wider but fine where we

think tomorrow you know the pocket is running it drives us speaking with the swivel around I think unless that once it’s caught yes I am in the swivel I this support wired is a piece of rubber hose on the table so that you can hook it on here and hold it in place I can pull this out anywhere I want it so I get that the roughly an eight-inch loop slice and then take my hammer that in the mill the trail and I was a support wire I can bend it up bend it down anyway I want to get it to fish in the trail where I want it once I get it where I want it that’s close to the eight inches of time too thick so it’s okay I leave it I don’t try to camouflage that like in the trail that I’m sitting on a lot narrower type like right over the center the trail when the Fox walk down stickers head throat and get the call she doesn’t smell in this morning the way I treat these is when i get them new out of the I buy I don’t make my own i buy them from days and I just take them and throw them in the dishwasher at home with regular dishwasher soap to get the to take the shine off in the fifth grease at home and then I hang them outside for a couple weeks before I use them and that’s all I do tonight is I don’t paint them I don’t try to hide on my just sick on this when I first step to the first time I do see if I was like impossible that the session was held in Africa where I said it was more an area like this where the grass was love you just do the trail who didn’t have these weeds and it’s like there’s no way from walking they did put his head right in hmm so when he gets in there he goes who pulls in it different then he pulls it off that support wire and he just starts running around you not allowed to set this anywhere he can give me tangles like these weeds are okay because the cable cut it down but if there’s a tree in the way you can’t stuck there you can’t set their fence you can’t set on a log on across the stream where you can jump off because we can get them hang or hang himself may don’t want that to happen so he just runs around isn’t but a big this is 5 foot home so into with pen full circle put that we then you got to catch up doing the stopping so you can kill in whatever ways to do that but when he’s running around in a trophy of coming to the chain to run on visas and backing up here he just keeps going back and forth so what I do is take one of these with me out will feel I’m chef and Leslie huh I just drive it into where he’s running around and then just chasing down so you wrap yourself up to a close so he hand corner and co-writer this Patrick how’d it didn’t have cable these only work for one catch if it gets all kinks up so you can always cut the pork chop and use them to make your own if you want to and the other thing that good yours and we’ll sort and explain to the stove with it you can make the table stakes out of your maker but they’re any good for one catch before the dripping what you see when you get to catch one to choose on it thanks itself kinked up at six two months its prey in places please work well if you have a place for anything said I’m where you know he’s funny if you can slide back and forth how does he not get out of it because he’s pulling up hehe and backup if he backs up it doesn’t back up like I’m pulling this back but he’s pulling me going forward so it just doesn’t lock around his neck and choke me now for the feedback sorry I cool if i’ma fox back and hope it’s not loosening up on it neck and let’s get it hands and come up and do that but have you ever had one get in on the world and these have their old rate these two ends are rated for every year disappointing and accidentally this is supposed to pop off I don’t know how you knew that because i called it dear one but it like anything then pop off rip the steak out of the ground bent this and half this is like at a 90-degree angle I found one main reason i found it was before the snow on the ground you could follow what it stays was bouncing off the ground before it finally fall his way but he destroyed everything pop off like you mr. stern but let me are very effective tool to use if you’re certified if i show you did all year long shower set up the trap early-season said it’s that much he ate that much easier we can throw 100 and using a backpack and walk across the field known as what initially they try to see if they see it from a distance when you selfie think I’m looking for if they all you ever find them because they blend in but that haze like said the visibility’s is fine even at dirt hole disability if they go looking for they’re gonna find and these costs a dollar compared to those traps they’re like the $19 people but they steal this I’m not don’t feel okay that space filled up the winter time you use

pistols for the trails or what if you have a patch of grass legacy take lead what I mean one of them is dead pretty much ski invicta you can make your own Trail but you should make them in advance so that they know they’re they are using it every time it’s different it’s like if it knows the the fields the farm silent I trap on on allowed to drive across drive on so I’ll Drive my truck and a tire track on set please write an entire truck for the walk down in park and you can see if you follow formally where tractor drives out there if you walk out there in the snow you’ll see that the is walking right hand on car I’ll just do that with my truck wreck and drive because if you have a sink down trail like this in grass or in the field and its nose you go out there the Fox will run that drummer you’ll see in the snow that one all over the place and I guess they’re sent stations and all covered up on it snowing again would you say you put the tape back on the hand of Cameron my hammer Tiffany 686 means of the month lexus the minimum you have to be 10 to the max and you can be like Dayton and all the same with the loop when you said it this is a minimum of us with music and the Maximus you make the loop too big on these the Fox will walk and somehow instead of getting by your head you’re going to behind me and that makes it a lot I’ve never damaged the Fox when I had him by the neck but my back by the back legs when he’s running around this Fergus broke and you can rub market until as wonder if it didn’t rub them on the neck but it does yeah I’ve never had a problem mean it gets tight there and then once you get it all for one skin you can brush that right out the homes on the back by the back hind leg that’s in the belly button got jelly so now you have you noticed Eva are coming along here coming out here what you do is you may see it all money here sign down to the dirt if this was all this grass and there was no opening here let’s make your own opening shine it up make it wet kick some water there now you’ve gone from them coming up anywhere they’re going to come right they figure any other guys are already here so now you want to set it again continuing this is very 20 but this is a kind of overkill for this time of death but you could use it the rocky bottom people have dependencies he hit a rock I’m going to get that you’re here and put your foot in here and flush and then you’re going to catch your foot you don’t want to do that that’s why this is kind of overkill but you can use this here this is mainly designed for more open channels Bieber is going to instinctively dive to the bottom when that traffic is right so you’re going to want to put this trap all the way is the bottom so I’m has deep water that you can’t get down and set it that’s where this is going to come in you may be walking along here and you’re walking in and all of a sudden you go down you know that’s where the beaver running and that’s where this will come in you’ll find that channel and you put that right in there okay now he’s going to swim the bottom then what you want to do is some guys will put what they call a dive stick one here I’m just going to use this as a stick but you just get a non green piece of wood if they’d stick if it’s green they’re going to want to eat it then you just put this here and it will float it can wire it on you can put it in like this when they see that stick they’re going to taco over it they’re going to go under it and they’re going to go all the way to the bottom they instinctively swim along the bottom that’s how those channels get there that’s that’s a good area to use one of those and where you can’t get to the bottom with your arms or anything like that so that’s where you’ve agreed to stand like that but to set something like this it’s just a regular slide have your traffic make sure that spring safeties are all I like putting the trigger at the bottom so when he’s looking through their he’s not seeing that big hunk of metal no put that right in there thank you c bar you don’t even

need a hammer I wouldn’t normally have those foot holes in there I was purposely 30 I need just push these end I’m really only stabilizing the track and then I use an additional stake this is to secure the trap for the win so if it does fire he’s not going to go anywhere with it sometimes there’s a tendency how you catch them don’t let them spinning it will pull the seat down you don’t want to mess already you can’t get the mail you just closed stabilize the track when that fire will be caught you want to ask you answer these ultimately go for what they call a suitcase catch behind an alley across the ribs going through sometimes you might get texts ahead might take a little longer for them to God you want to make sure the trap is secure it’s very quick compared to what I’ll show you foothold around the Moose use windex Ovid a couple inches out of the water well that’s the thing some fake site it has to be completely submerged now I could leave it like this tomorrow which it could be that much underwater or tomorrow it could be that much out of the water depending that’s why it’s so difficult to deal with these things because of the regulation everybody’s interpretation of the law the best thing would be is to have it completely submerged and put it dies stick over we’ll see that sick it’s going to go on that’s as far as I can get it down that’s why I know if you’re putting it close to the bank like that you couldn’t get that far down right yep just back it up back and they say for those guys to go so that’s pretty much your snot now you know they’re going in and out of here now if you had an area where in Maine will drive along will either actually see the beaver will watch the beaver or we know their fever there but you don’t want to be walking so wolf make a dirt hole sex for people if they’re home to bar the whole word you’re making you’re going to lure the beaver in here what you’re going to do and that’s called a caster mail set beavers identify their area they take a bunch of leaves and sticks and they make a mound and then they put mud on it and then they put their past reward the caster is just like a must and it says hey I’m here so what you’re doing is you’re putting another musk down when they patrol at night they run the edges listening for water flowing out looking for breaks and dams and he’s going to smell that and he’s going to want to investigate that so now you’re actually luring that beaver in there so you’re going to make their set the same here as far as the 330 goes same exact set but now you’re going to make what they call a caster ma’am and by doing the caster ma’am you just take a bunch of debris hold this all this muck here and you’re going to make maybe pick the size amount of leaves and sticks and grass and then you really want to get mud off the bottom and since this is a rocky bottom it’s very hard I’m going to make maybe a six-inch mound of muck and that’s where the casters going to go that keeps it up high the Beavers know that and it keeps it keeps it moist so it smells better and now you’re going to have your mound of caster big pile here any of the speaker beaver castor I’m going to put someone this caster here is a liquid because it once we get beaver and we get to the tester it dries out we ground it in a meat grinder the old hand grinder the stuff that’s left over the fatty sacks the junk grind that up and we just put it in glycerin and we use it as an enticement when you’re making ask can surmount that you want to put a heavy with scent but sometimes will this make it set we’ll just put a little bit of castor oil this even on a slide with no caster man we may put a couple drops of cancer up here that’s what we use this

piss stuff we’re not waiting just to lure that beaver up here so now you have your caster mounds and that is what he’s going to do to walk there we’ve watched them we’ve watched actually beavers in Maine do what they’re supposed to do but they don’t always get that we watched a Menken main that was supposed to do what it’s supposed to do we watching a manga at one of our texts that we’re supposed to go through if this one over it went on this way so you can’t predict what there’s in the zoo like that’s pretty much it as far as working with the 330 if you know where the beaver are they’re very easy to catch their like muskrat but bigger they’re hard to get out because depending on the weight and the traps are heavier all the equipment heavier so i’ll show you now using a foothold you might not be able to use a 330 once i grabbed 330 here I usually grab it so this the trigger release is so now the only way I’m I know I’m going to get caught if I’ve mess around with his tracks though I feel that pressure on my hand and I know that trap is ready to go and I hold it and I cut the safety spring and then I know I can’t believe this but I have my own way of doing things as long as I know that pressures in that my hand I know it’s ready to get me and it constantly makes me think I got to take care of his tracks that’s 330 now with the foothold and it depends on the wall I like to use the 330 they’re quick they kill them right away are they quick to tutor leg off to get out of a foothold well most of the time when you think things like that it’s not that they’re chewing their foot off or spinning out of it mink that’s why I put a lot of swivels especially Fisher like even with the Conibear I have two swivels on and if it’s a foothold trap they’re going to spin and they spin until the trap gets hung up and then they spend till they break the bone in and they spin till they rip the flesh it’s not really then chewing it off above the track below the track they chew because they have no feeling here but they’re not going to choose through their leg that they can feel that’s why if you need the right size trap you wouldn’t want you know user number 2 for minx because he’s got all that room to get his head on there that’s why you use a number one and you can’t get under there too so now with the foothold trap by using number three Frazier and it’s double trouble what I like to go for is the hind foot when you catch them by the hind foot I have one thing on their minds and that’s getting amazon I know something’s got them and they want out can catch them by the front foot they’re going to see it and they’re going to want to deal with that’s where you get them spinning that’s where you get them breaking that foot we were in New York last year okay with someone else’s that he had a beaver in it and he was just ready to get out of it this almost threw his flesh so we just shot it and left it lay there for the guy and eventually he met him two days later with poison so did you shoot we said yeah and he said banks and all that but again you’re not supposed to do that either fight if we didn’t he was going to lose it and more importantly he’s a number three Bridger when this is stay that’s just about as big it’s not a little smaller than the hind foot is revealed that’s why they’re trying to get bigger traps in Pennsylvania receivable that’s a pretty big foot for a hind foot and then you need it a slide one folded rounding rate this is this quarter inch cable and I just take a piece of steel I bend it on a 90 and device well first I drilled two holes drilled hole on each end put it in the vise spend it on a 90 put it on the

cable put a quarter inch nut on there mash it down with a hammer and I have my loops the reason this is on a 90 this is designed this when the beaver pulled this way it’ll go down when the beaver pulls this way it won’t go back so is he pulls down to the bottom you can’t get back up a beaver is designed that they cannot drown once they’re underwater their body shut does whatever it does that they cannot inhale water the humans and other animals when you drown your underwater you’re breathing you’re sucking in water beaver sorry Eva actually suffocate they use all the good air in their lungs that’s why when you find trap the beaver we might see the back end floating or the beaver floating on the top and because it’s still full of air it’s not thinking so you’re actually suffocating the beaver at the bottom line and that’s your intention with the direction that we call it a trap and it’s the bottom of one so you have your ring when you change and you always want this this piece of metal point into the water bring it to the upper layer and have like two swivels I have a day off so you have your back rock what’s around there you got all that weight in their 40 50 families they can trap only for the other end hold it just like that we don’t miss it with my fingers hold the track walk out of commission the trap you throw the 70 pound and you’re not thinking with I have to do that trap and pull right out of the hand let me just drying it up from the scripts you want to make sure that bag is deep enough like this gain is the length of the beaver recipe we’re still going to be under the water table talk right that up see how easy they go in and now i have my trap on this slide with your caster mouth that you can take remix and you can stuff them up like that that’s like advertisements for the diesel see that green you just stick them in there too if this was like you could actually funnel the beaver with stick to your area but this is really good enough because he’s not going to go fight all this and all this is here so you’ve narrowed it down three sentences normally up he’s going to come right into there so now you have your trust and I like going for the hind foot on a caster mound set here is going to smell the caster and the way they get rid of the other person and the other beavers caster they covered with mud it’s going to go to the bottom scoop up my

he’s going to swim up here the chest is going to hit the thing as soon as it happens back end is going to fall his feet first to get stable and try and walk up the bank for the fact that’s where you want your traffic lee where’s bestie it’s going to be lunch time after this okay pretty known spot set your trap people say took your finger after your album that’s where you would be because even if it’s a bigger beaver you want to be away from the bank for his front teeth but you want to be far enough from the bank if you’re too close still going to walk forward you just don’t want to catch this one are you going to be put to back feet down here he’s gonna walk in on the track you don’t have to bury the track want to make sure it’s secure you don’t have to put anything I’m just anger just laying it on the top so it really is not angled on rocks or anything clear that with your foot is make a nice level five good luck it’s going to hit that with his chest back feet are going to go down if they’re back here he’s only using its back feet he’s going to walk right off that thanks to that clip and that’s what you’re shooting for once the trap is sprung drag that down try and get back to bag one settle back he’s going to take them underneath like a bath wash bag you don’t have a burlap sack what sexy some guy used to use the burlap sack whizzing with deteriorate in the water it was just leave everything there these are cheaper burlap bags usually running around the block of more than so that’s it there’s not much to it the other thing is as far as we have in the past I’ve always a skin fever my body evilly a skin them cottam damn center I’ve always taste it now that the trend seems big o indicates skinning the Beavers flushing them like you would have to non a flushing beam where you have the jaw and the bar head to hold it on the beam and spin it and you do while you’re flushing on the beaver and if you split it em but equal seems the element disk you’re constantly always if you have a case going from the bus with pleasure when you in and out in the circle you’re spinning it and you’re going basically against the firm that’s recommend you wearing clothes once you start testing out you don’t want to have their hands on animals look if it gets too cold up and you can just go hair rubber totally I you’d you have closed with so um terms of brats for food I used almost strictly use these braces or the technical name is actually foot and vacillating tracks okay what exactly entrap the actual name a lot of people call them DP or grises cruises the first of the mount will make CP meaning golf roof I highly advise in life that you don’t put the word proof behind anything in a sense because I don’t think there’s such a thing I’ve caught cats songs and possums in these I haven’t caught a dog yet I’m just waiting I think it’s going to happen so I don’t really believe in sultry I will say this though they have traction damn traps with a pull trigger which is this is the old style gray is right and then they have some traps like the dagger and the newer grises have a two way trigger that fires in traffic for regardless whether you pull or you push the trigger well that bushings automatically almost makes it non dog food because there’s a small farm dog six as pawns are pushing on the paint

mare it can set that crap off and you get caught fire you know oh so I don’t like the words old for it I do I will call them dps just because it’s colleagues ingrained in my head but I don’t just be mindful the fact that I don’t think of such thing as gold however that being said I believe that these are the best track for the money right now okay I don’t think these are a trap and set all one little package and once Bill Duke from Duke tracks found a way to make them for a reasonable price because the grids guy was just getting greedy they became a hunter they came a lot more attainable for the average guy so I think they’re great news now the way I anchor these traps the way act all over all my water tracks i like to use the cable cable extension it’s just three thirty-seconds table with a double purl loop on each end okay and then it clamp it off I like to use these quick quick quick carabiners like most dear trap suppliers and harbor freight will sound them both for cheap I get a hundred of them for like forty dollars i got up at the station to mention issues you got a home depot farm stores are going to be a sponger so tough to you but i like to iwi lark head loop through the terminal fastener down there that’s how i Luke this end okay and then what I do is I just throw this and around a tree around a group of Ruth’s or one big root and just clip it on like that okay okay and that’s where its wonders over Lance I’ve been doing it for about six years out it’s great works really good if you go the other way what I was doing before is I was looping around running it through it like around a tree or root and running it through like that and then clip in the clip to the track my head loss is also made me free percent so I switched around I cut my losses down to less than a percent max I think the were just getting soaked or sup sometimes if they were open up that carabiner by just jamming the wire on it and getting out if you really are concerned about it screw you can juggle to just loop around a tree like Jason and it says completely up to you move around a tree like that and your other loop on this and without the carabiner this is also it’s got beef so you can swoop around whatever it is a ruse a rude or a tree or bridge piling whatever and it goes around the tree like that and he just has an extra table on a swivel and he uses an XO cool just to close the tables on that and then you know you’re never going anywhere okay I don’t find my loss into plenty lo that I like to quick trick the carabiner and I think it’s a lot faster so I’m sticking with that that’s the way I deal with that dub lot you could do it without the carabiner anyway if you push that cable c4 enough you could just loop it back loop the whole track through it you’re right yeah yeah that’s a good doggy yes you save yourself 240 sent yep did you worry about yep you can definitely do that I’m big on involving anybody that knows when I’m only trying to get better and learn so I’m always going to suggest should always be though especially traffic things are always changing all right now away I Stephanie Pratt okay I I always set at least to her location and the way I like to do is I like to do a high-low let me call high low I’ll set one up on the high bang I was setting up there you were sitting before me you know how to lose a fine I’ll whip it around a tree up there I’ll fade it up and then I’ll come down here and i’ll set the other one down by the creek and that gets me what that does for me is it allows me if we get a heavy rain in a flood this Creek plug down that trap is still active up there okay this trap will be underwater for the theater combing through I’m still going to make a catch ok the other thing it does for me one of the best time to catch to use is after a flood and the creek in the river for the creeks are all going down the water is receding the no it’s built into their nature that everything got stirred up that night when the water was flooding and the survive or whatever so fast third the bottom up all the freshwater clams mussels crayfish the fall fish to get caught in a little pond of water because of what I went

down through this that know that that’s happening it’s going on and they’re coming in they’re going to hunt that Creek hard that man so this trap was underwater for 24-48 hours and get all washed out you’re not going to catch up and they’re more likely not going to get something or you still have that trap up there when that big push comes we want to make a rule dispenser okay so i always recommend at least two tracks it’s a very least i’ll go upwards you go upwards of set if you really have a lot of tunes on you have a lot of tracks if you’re looking in the tree branches and you’re seeing or on the rock when your steam toilet we call include toilets and they look fresh meaning the real green real yellow prizes happened in the last night or so that’s an awesome location okay they’re really hanging out there quite a bit it might be worth for tractor okay I you know gum would sit by you saying we’re somewhere between two and four a lot of times I kind of take the direction I think they’re coming like in this instance I can almost guarantee you is entering that fumble woods over there okay little thicker this kind of funnels add into some form feels more like that I think they’d be coming from over there I’ll put two steps here maybe and maybe a third on the other side of the road may be up on okay that’s usually the way I off the way I’ll do that any questions online so it’s pretty simple now the bait most important thing about baiting these tracks is to use an edible fate has to be edible to have 21 at you okay now if you buy a bait from a trap and supply dealer you have really no idea of its edible honestly you don’t know unless you need it right I’m not telling you to do that just a ferment that stuff when the more either baby so it’s not good for you more than like fish fish stuff but still you but you know things like hot sauce marshmallows he was all do fast food or edible he knows animal breeders i’ll give you a perfect example like vanilla extract smells real nice but it’s real bitter taste so you might have a bait and you don’t even know if it smells nice can reach it in there and start eatin is like s so is that trap a sign and moves down the road okay you don’t want that okay yeah let’s def another way doing it to you I works real good too what well I’m saying about DPP tractors is that they gotta want to get in there and keep working until they fire that trigger law so they get all pay for something and it’s no good there’s on down the road I found one of the base I’m using right now then I think it works row cups accommodates and things in their soul real cheap cheap hotdog okay what I do is I go to walmart fights and hot dogs I get a plastic container in a barbecue sauce aisles there’s something called liquid smoke all right i’ll take we cut the hot dogs 1 inch long and put them in a plastic skater and i’ll pour liquid smoke in them I’ll do that a couple days before aculon percent and track okay let’s add liquid smoke smoke in my hot all the liquid smoke is killer and they love that stuff I’m telling you what you can do it and I feel that these trappings can pre bay emaan preset up so like the night before you going to start setting traps you take those tacos and spear them right onto the trigger okay and then you set that trap rap you’re all your Ridge around it and put it in your creek and everything’s half ready to go okay and then what I’ll do is when i get out on a location okay I’ll anchor might wrap around my career my route makes my trap in and the other thing i like to use is some of those peppermint marshmallows or many more smelly okay i think after halloween is for coming out with peppermint ones they seem to work at best I’ll put some peppermint marshmallows out in the hole and then I also finish it off I like a cheap pancakes here from walmart i’ll just take a pancakes here I’ll smear it in the hole rent a lip entertain multiple dates okay what’s that still inform me is he first gets ariel X our pancakes therefore who this is good then he gets into the marshmallows ready to play let me circulat I’ll and then King go to the bottom right on the triggers a hot dog okay with some liquid smoke on now it’s got multiple things going on we always keep it as attention okay I told fan pulls that hot dog gets caught right and they’re all cheap readily available you Oh guys see a trade-in credit bank later yeah that’s I’m getting that on into that match I’m super don’t sit around a marshmallow in sunol I know I got away

from the dog for a while there I mean that works there work for me but it just seemed like this was working better how do you feel you got halfway to the hot dog on the trigger and marshmallow after yep and then some pancakes on top of that yep now get back to that high load thing I was talking about I didn’t I just told me I told Tyler I’ll have one down here went up hi there the one thing I will do in between us up up up me some trailing sent in there not to look stuff Franklin trail he’s been in there I like these fish oils it’s around go behind you over there between Tom yeah I’ll just squirt it between the two tracks from the low side to the high side I kind of connects those tracks okay so if i get to coming down this Creek that he gets caught in this bed here and he’s thrashing around making all that noise and Ike is no spoon to be they can make a lot of racket right the single greatest retractor to an animal’s another animal and distress so another tune comes in sees his body down here Fred get an old tangled up pics that trailing sent for me goes right up you can have the opportunity to make multiple textures and whatsoever is in one location another spot all within and be 21 and over so one time one night you have the whole family the whole thing or whatever now the other thing you could do up on dry land you don’t have to get real crazy with this I’ll make a couple points about it you can literally bait this trap and you put it on the ground who’s gonna pick it up and start working it anyway it doesn’t really matter how it is however a couple points if you get it horizontal now like if you stick it in the bank down here because you got a bank if it rains it doesn’t want something up for pillow what okay if you can get it up on a back way okay and what we do now you’ll have to a cure your trap off for cracker right to a free route when you stick it on a sadly you put a little gift I around a small skinny one right keep it there all 16 inches off the ground you’re going to miss a lot of the ninth organ animal don’t possumus pat they eat with their mouths okay seem to stand up on a kind leg on it but and reach into your trap you get caught anyway ok now I’m not saying that it’s one hundred percent guaranteed you’ll miss that there’s adults but it’s more likely than okay the other thing you’ll miss that the elevates trap to or your mice and rats you start using these traps and you find that your bait got completely cleaned out never got sprung it’s more likely a mouse or a rat okay because then you get in there and because its pension tire and they’re small they may not set that trap off in your court so if you elevate the trap to eliminate a lot some of that non-target problem the other thing you can do if you’re up on dry land don’t have a sapling you sire phone cups works real good if you put a cup over the track like that first of all its eye appeal because it’s a white thing going to see a brown and green but like that immediately anyway that still smells who don’t care at this coupler is going to come and pull it off and throw it out of the way maybe play with it and he’s going to work the set and get caught but if this is on here you jam it on there a little bit more unlikely the mics and rack now they cooked you through that I’ve seen if these cuffs could shoot up a little bit but it may slow him down to attune get there okay the other thing this does it starts to rain or snow and sleet to keep that stuff out of your track okay so that your bait still working that’s basically about all I do for my it’s I mean it’s basically that simple okay and that that’s where i use about 100 almost one hundred percent okay stick it inside of the bank’s ovaries out dirt or anything get in and spring or nope well remember that’s not the spring right that’s just the wait a second the spring is up here is just oh yeah I meaningful that’s it yeah right you have to do i lyrics with me crack what I say you jam this thing enough to dare you freeze you lock that off you know what I mean something they don’t want to do that I like to do back you because they got that single post on the nail I have a lot of sense now more than I have these phrases anywhere this is one of my original so yeah you gotta watch no fries that thing now yeah so yeah just be careful of that I mean that’s about all you do with that any questions on the CP traffic I mean I use a pair like see those clothes there and the only reason I use those gloves it’s not for send controls because you don’t want to get all the apple juice on your hands we got open custom stuff on your hands to no one for libel you know they carry

this they carry diseases like raising to come from there now so you want to wear clothes to protect yourself don’t worry about thanks Spence I’m an issue ok so this news flows can protect yourself a lot of times if it’s not that cold out and it’s the first day I’m set and I’ll set with bare hands all day but once I start making catch it from some news river road I prefer to use their not want to make an improvement on this run with you you want to protect something only six right all right now any other questions on tune trap and her bp tracks running at the you look a little dress yeah Bobo me traffic officially winter anymore like I was day before make us like that’s something to brag about they’re not hard to definitely get more more on some oysters and I think your boys out of my disabled when I’m underwater a bunch of kisses tonight I will always set my instructing me thank you okay I’ll make something I might spend care or notice on the sick side of it yes Mr go wreck the maker male 3 American Lung and doted Likir really going to kitchen there me they’re like the big for Khun they’re just traveling now they may come back through again but they’ll travel distance so if you miss him tonight you may not see him for a week or two so far they’re moving though are a little bit different she may have a dense somewhere over down the creek 5 on yours down here may miss her tonight you may not see her tomorrow night or the next site but she’ll be back within a couple nights ok so but what I’m trying to get at is this i want to kick to make as soon as they come through i don’t want to miss them maybe I only have four nights trap you know what I mean I don’t have too weak to sit on the mink more efficient minkos we know they’re suing for peace but um I trap me let’s confront me back up and talk about the track if I’m gonna pick an all-round Pratt for all three animals whether it’s amazing lost rescuing the one and a half court every night i think is you’re done yeah okay again if I’m traffic just carrying on goal with my teepee trap and four years for tune before the dps gay man i used my number 11 double long trip these are good all-around trap for all three animals to calm but i think one hand to rule is that so also using get me wrong because i have a hundred of them or more but i’m going to use these other first okay all right I you basic sets for me I use a blind set and a baited Papa step now when I set me I always always use a beta talk a sec I always want to try to get in those possible by penn now i don’t get crazy with my pocket sir someone over here if you can get a deep pocket set and go for it but don’t spend a lot of time on it I mean 16 inches is plenty I would probably go a little deeper than this but I hit a folder backer so that was the end of that way I except for me now remember i’m still a curing my trap like i was going to catch a you got always a cure for the biggest animal you can run into it now obviously I don’t mix like I take this for even if I let this thing laying here didn’t even accurate he’s not going to get forward it’s going to get tangled up in the weeds it’s not strong animal but if I catch the two novo halfway across the county list so I want to make sure that your anchor for the heaviest anomie right to say to sound the way I like I think my pocket I like to have water in the bottom my pocket and most of my body my car okay right set my trap I like primary job the jaw with the south side facing out towards the street and I put my leaf parallel to the creek so just be careful I said the trap remain right inside the hole I like it right in the holder okay now to make the splendor animal so when that many rama daddy hugging this Bank here okay because I got that trapped in a hole because I right across left and even in our room when it goes here and make that turn is going right across I can to get in here I probably would even have this a little narrow but I I opened it I mean a rock I’m cold water well over a guy almost wanted even a lot of narrowing I could the thing with men cocoon trapping is that it’s different for each one so i can still text tuning accept this is not how I would set a pocket set for soon okay because it seemed to come up to that it could almost literally steps in front of the trap reaching the whole pool bait after the traffic flow so the way I remedies ad for soon as I set the

trap back 68 inches out from the states of that pocket now I catch that too but guess what that means blender himself in there and you miss the mint okay so there’s nothing that’s one hundred percent guarantee for any animal that have touched multiple different types of animals however how do I rectify the situation well this is how I do it I take and make that pocket that for me I put that trap in there like this I’m going to catch that mink and I put some DP traps up here so I text the before even get to that hot that’s how i do i’m walking attic Rica I’m just setting traps as Thanksgiving break I’m out there setting traps and I know I could trap all three animals well i’m going to get my up here with my with my CP traps i’m going to try to catch my make in my pocket ok the way i like to beat me is I like to use a chunk big fish p ok from me from and you can get always free fish bait you want i just donated a creak of a farm pond ok son needs work great you’ve got them out chop them up the head and tail are awesome because they’re like good i appeal that makes leave that tail sticking out the Watchers first thing you know how to do that right whether you see that in the hole who wants them back creating once you’re ready however pay state there’s nothing wrong with pacing gauge got a real good one this year it’s called the shadow oil painting that’s gonna be a killer band ok um the nice thing about pace pace is if you smear it up in the pocket with your hands they really got to work and get at it because it’s smeared all over flake it’s not just one piece ok where they can pull out get on the road right so that is something nice about that not what you do have to spend some money on it right so do you go to the bottom get overly big one Chris choc malt with him in the freezer and little baggies be crying like maybe that may be enough for like 20 sets and you take a bag out of the time right just like last year dave and i went up there called 50 confirmation i had like a buck and a half of bait yeah sliding line I put him in smaller to me take out what you needed a talking to I’m just turning back in there like a joke I would just jam it up there with my fingers in the money you could take a 16 patty now and try to stick it I don’t bother I just don’t do it put in his ticket still have to work it a little harder expect something my users instinct to remember to bring but the other thing I like to do is I like to spray some fish oil up on the top ring of that rim of that hole and I do like used landlord for me dave has a gland or cold white chin it’s a great great glen lure really smells making you put some on a little twig and shove it in the pocket let’s all you got to do all right now let me show you the other thing to other things for blind sentence and I would do for me okay so I’m always going to put a pocket in for a movie but I’m also going to look for some blind set now I want my pocket to be opposed to this focal point as possible so what mixtapes I had big boulders here I could do anything with it so I want as close as I look however vehicle traveled down these creeks banks would be real tight to the cover he’ll walk up here he’ll come that in here and I’ll hug in here to go like this and bam i got a rock through right i’m going to rock sticking out pushing them out in the water that’s the main screen blinds that okay what i did was i cook a rock it was through sleep there i put the rock in the water and I put a chunk of sight on top of it they like maybe two to three inches of water okay I put that trap wait way up against that rock edge there now I’ll accurate I trap off like I would everything else because I still may catch a in there okay now what I do though even though it’s a blind set just to slow them down I’m ashworth official right on that face of the rock it slows them down concentrate right about trapping get caught now you can even this is a good spot over here to see it felt like a natural pocket right here I makes it tougher the trap laid in there now you try to better world if there’s a crisis or even put it out in the point of this rock here in the piece aside i would probably set boat because i don’t know what Scotty is working down yet so I always thought my face it but I’m also looking for some blind locations like I said perfect two weeks ago I take in lag and I want to catch them to that move that’s all right i want to wait to know each other first thing you say with this mr. Boyett brutal research yeah yeah absolutely new turbo getcha tuner I’ve done that you know to me but I’m trying to put these PPS of here and get the two before you get to the message my main question that elastic lines that will show you for me if you want to come around the side audience you see this Conda bear inside just over the Tata bears that Isis stabilizers I’ll excuse for Kanna bears are these pieces of Steel places they make up

myself and it’s dave charism basically you take your 110 trap and squeeze the spring and the shawls come around and they put the bottom of their stabilizer then he set your trigger on top and I just take a pizza 16th wire cable loop it in the hole and pearl it off and run it over the trap change when you can this will stabilize it looks great about these is if you have a concrete bottom or steel culvert pipe on it go matter sit there heavy so that that proc doesn’t move not okay well I spot on them off I put a rock on that side rock over there I want them to get in set on my trap i’m following them down okay now they’re in mind something here I would typically have this pushed in the culvert about maybe 12 18 inches okay I don’t want it right up front here and then I put it on front here so you guys can clean easy I want that meant to get up into the culvert without a lot of trouble and they go right through the center vc’s this whole mess here you may try to climb up this side and go that way miss my trap okay I want them to get in there though beside have that person a little bit note the other thing this picture is called a jump step okay well that prevented the mink if you sometimes just have to comment there he may try to jump over alright so i put a jump stick two three four inches above it to force them back underneath ok put some grass dare try to make it look natural not do a lots of braces and no lower fate there I want a min strata my didn’t going to slow down I wanted to go right through okay and i would probably set that up in this place and put these two set here and in my pocket and a mighty Pete and I be on my way again I try to get the Cooney message before your next up we may have to put one on each side to really do that right you know I mean yeah meet the tank we have to look at the situation and I mean as I take the cool more likely come from their first anyway so I probably put two here and then set my Ming click OK that’s basically i’ll use for men now there is a set it’s called a bottom mix then I can’t make it here because they don’t have the right condition but everybody seen in a bridge where the concrete bridge will sew down into the water right and they go all the way down until they hit the creek bottom actually go below the creek bottom you have the creek bottom mink will come into the water and go on through that bridge and what they like it seems they actually like to dive down swim right along that corner where the bridge will meet the creeps on top okay what you can do is just put it up like this stabilize our counter bit wait in the corner okay goes out with that put on the concrete goes down that goes out yeah right good or next time yeah and they may want to block 350 4 feet feet they’ll swim right along that bottom corner and then come up later on down the creek that’s what they like to do it I’ve seen it personally I’ve seen video of it a lot of mink trappers that we call that a bottom edge that a lot of guys exclusively sets that way actually good set if I I incorporate all three types when I’m trapping me I want all the opportunity I can get another little tricks this works pretty good if you’re using this bottom edge sex I’ll use it with this muskrat trapping it’s the same thing principle my bloody mind do this last year and it works pretty different sometimes because it’s to repeat deep even two feet deep you can’t see those you don’t really know if you got anything let the meat is to change long enough and he’s floating up there but he could get jammed up on something and be floating underneath what my buddy did was he took those my god those pool noodle you know the phone noodles was to the pool swimming in the pool playing around with the kids play with him he cut him like maybe two inches long and they sliced them into quarters and he took a piece of Mason’s line like Braden Mason’s line like four feet long and he ties it off to the end of the spring there and it was it through the noodle he did this all preseason of course okay he just jams that noodle in here sticks it in here and then set the track underwater when you make that catch that noodle floats out here and come to the top of the water you need that orange chartreuse noodle floating you got something or something spawn your Apple okay sometimes these bottom edges get closet jump sometimes you catch fall fishing you know but I mean that’s a good idea let you know something’s going on so that’s right sweet they’re big enough for me oh yeah that’s a 110 that’s where that works fine for make sure you can use 116 to 160 Sr bigger trap but if you have a big run or a big spot you need to narrow down I usually carry some however what I like to do with the bigger trap and you can do 110 too is that hobby wire it’s like I don’t know 32 wire it’s a real thin wire right yeah you put a coat of mink trigger and what you do is you just buy the electrical supplies at home people have the shrink-wrap tubing you wrap it around a piece of that shrink wrap it you hit with the torch sucks it on there

works great and then on the bigger traps you definitely want to do that because that’s the space between the trigger and the jaws becomes bigger and the main contenders way through it so subscribe so any questions on that that’s how i do my Ming practice uses we see mix early works mix order okay make sign is uh its tracks okay yankee-kun track before write the order soon track for so you’re a possum track looks like it has a drop though right make tracks look like a pole print I mean it’s a pole not really toes but then you’ll see five little dots in front of it from the nail okay and they’re small they’re about maybe like that big okay before you know your foodprint sir one more like that you know the kind of similar could get a little confused with squirrel friends too but you know usually not seeing scroll down and Colburn so let me you might but other than Shoni I mean I could show you a full but you see those automatic Duggar see that little cold frame with this five little spot man I mean you’re not making the area is a commuter link that all the road by my house oh yeah look it this is dead is dying a farmer form a platform critical answers give me a big bucks make in front of this out big one was nice so microphone make her a lot of fun to have you both to get oh not alive I only last year I got three last year is good advice go home specifically what is it you know item button I’m mostly as on water trap and I’m mostly I’m hitting the if I see some muskrats and a sign i’m hitting that too but you know i’m going to even correct you can if you yet you get it I don’t concentrate you hard on it but if you concentrate on it you catch 20 30 of them you know I mean if you really want to so I spend most of my time in the foggy line actually be honest with you that’s my staple and i’ll hit the places any other question