Hello sir! -Sit down! I asked you to write essay on mother Did you bring it? Yes! -Show me! Chote Nawab where is your essay? Why are you not answering me? Why you didn’t write it? Do you proud to be a son of landlord? Take your hand! Don’t you able to write at least two three words about mother? At least you should remember your mother when you are being punished Person remembers his/her mother in case of injury Even animals are also calling their mother What happen to you? He don’t have mother sir Hello! Who is this? May I know who is speaking? Just a minute sir! Sir there is phone from Delhi! Hello Mukesh how are you? I am fine thank you! No, not at all No problem How much? 5 lakhs! Ok, but try to make the deal at -Munim ji! What happened son? Can we talk to Delhi from here through phone ? Son! We can talk with president of America How phone will know with whom we want to talk? When we call exchange operator will take phone when we tell to him to whom we want to talk then he will give connection. That’s all! Hello! Listen I want to talk with my mother please call her. -She is She is with god Son, please give phone to your father No, I told my father several times Still he is not bringing my mother One moment please! Ms. Pramila, son of Mr. Vyankat wants to talk with his mother on phone Mother for you I am crying every day And you will not come you will not come Renu, Venu, Balaji, Tikku … all making me cry Mother today teacher punished me as I didn’t able to write about mother I didn’t see you at all That’s why I was unable to write Mother, I want to see you Mother, please come to home I will not eat, if you will not come Mother! Mother! Papa! Papa! Papa I talked with mother! Mother is coming to our home Mother will not say lie She will really come. -Yes, son! She will really come If mother will not come then I will go to mother No, son! I will surely bring mother for you Ganga aunty, do you know, tomorrow my mother is going to come Fulwa please bring my all cloths in evening

Venu you told that mother will not come But my mother is comming tomorrow What your mother is coming? His father is marrying once again Ohh, is that so! She is coming.. she is your aunt! No, she is my mother -No she is your aunt I told you that she is my mother -No, she is your aunty Stop! Who are you? Are you my mother or my aunt, tell me! Tell me are you my mother or aunt? I am not your aunt. I am your mother Really? Really, god’s swear Mother! What a house! My dear mother! You are gem of this house My sister, why you become so pale? Sister! -My sister-in-law! My dear sister-in-law! My dear sister! Why do you become so weak? -What are you talking? She becomes so slim Brother! I visited yesterday, how can I become so slim in one day? Please come in Your brother loves you so much He is uttering your name 48 times in 24 hours in a day He used to eat 3 plates yesterday he ate only 2 plates Really! How do you come suddenly brother-in-law? Yes, brother-in-law! I will not able to stay away from my sister That’s why by selling all my farms ornaments land and property I came to my sister Sir! When we came to your village for marriage at that time we didn’t see any ornaments, cloths except you Munim ji! Brother-in-law if you say, I will stay here for looking after my sister I will remain here only Whatever you give us for eating it will be enough for us While eating your remaining chicken, mutton I will utter sister and brother-in-law we will remain in some corner of this house We don’t have any relative here You assume it as your house and stay here You are so nice brother-in-law You become fresh and rest for some time Till then I will be back after finishing my work Yes! You will look after your work and we will do our work Yes! You! What is your name? Girish chandra. -Nice! You convey my regards to your parents. -Why? Why so? You are giving trouble to others and they named you Girish that’s why! -Blood relation What will we do now? Ohh! We are finished What happen? This property is in name of brother-in-law he told you same at the time of marriage You don’t have single cup of tea on your name I collected this information while admiring that munim Brother-in-law don’t have single inch of land on his name This whole property belongs to mother of Chote Nawab Your husband is caretaker of this property It’s not enough She wrote in her will that after marriage of Chote Nawab, if he or his wife will sign then only you can sell off this property Or give it in donation That’s all Our plan is completely flop Mother! Look, how much I score in math! My dear son, you go and take bath Then I will feed you Ok, mother! Ohh, all out. -India and Pakistan You fool! This boy will become illiterate then we can influence him, that’s what I thought But if he gets 100 out of 100 and 20 grams then we will get nothing in our hand What you want to say, that Chota Nawab will remain in our influence That’s all. But it’s not that easy From this moment I will bring him up you will see! Now onwards he is live for his mother and he will die for his mother Eat properly, leave this study What is that so mother? I will not study?

What will you get by studying? Like our munim will you take job? That’s not all! Look at that side Do you know who are they? Person standing this side is engineer Middle person is Tahasildar And in black coat is lawyer They are well educated but why they are standing in front of your father? why they are standing ? -As we got money That’s why son though the person is educated but he will stand by folding his hands in front of rich people Will you stand by folding your hands by being educated? Or you will do cultivation and earn lot of money and live comfortably? What you like? -I want my son to earn lot of money and sit comfortably Chanting Chanting Chanting Chanting Super, sister! You stopped his education Now he is like a puppet We can use him as per our will Look, in same way if we able to get keys from bother-in-law then you will become home minister and I will be finance minister Listen sister-in-law Bring bottle of coconut oil Listen! Come for dinner! -Coming What happen doctor! Is he got some danger? Sorry, madam his back bone is broken Now he will not able to walk Listen, take medicines please No, I will not take this medicine This is not medicine. This is tonic Servant brought this as he didn’t get other one. -Who? Who is that rascal? -We will look after him later First of all think about your son What he did? He didn’t gone to school since last 10 days When I asked him, then he told that what will you do? And he started smoking with other bad boys Why you didn’t bite him instead of telling me this all If I will bit him, then villagers will scold me They will tell that aunty is troubling Chote Nawab! Wait, I will send him Where are going? -Papa is calling me No, son doesn’t go to your father Why mother! -He is taking drinks That’s why don’t go to him Papa is taking drinks? -Yes, son! He is drinking all the time If I tried to get bottle then he kicked me out He bitted me so forcefully He bitted you? You are learning bad habits? Why you are not learning? Are you giving back answers to me? Don’t want to come out of it? -Same applicable to you What you did? Why are you biting him, leave him Leave him What are you doing brother-in-law? Leave him Leave him You get lost Leave him please! I think brother-in-law is out of his mind Listen I will snatch away your tongue Sister stay away from him! I will kill you Sister get away from here I am saying, he is mad Stay away! -What happen? Brother-in-law became mad

Let’s go! Close the door Ohh god! God snake! By not bearing punishment of father my son didn’t opened his eyes since last 3 days Please save him Please save his life You can take away life of my unborn child I will not able to live if something happens to him Save my son’s life Son, Snake is very powerful He will listen to my prayer While taking life of my unborn child he will save you Salute him please Ohh my mother! Mother is life Ohh my mother! You are so loving You are my god Give me blessings You are so kind You will remain all times with me You are my mother and father; you are my days and nights You are my life Ohh my mother! You are so loving You are my god Give me blessings You make me forget all world Child and animals too sleeping comfortable near their mother Mother is cause of birth Its true that dreams come true through blessings of mother In my breath and concentration everything is in feet of my mother I am due to my mother Mother is way of my life Mother is boon of lord Bramha Salute her 100 of times child speaks mother for the first time I will convince god and suggest to time If mother is with me Ohh my mother! You are so loving You are my god Give me blessings Please have something before mother’s arrival

I have to eat like thieves in my own home It’s better to die than this Please bring me some poison Please dear! Let me die! By blaming me a mad they trapped me in room I am not feeling bad about it But by pretending being a mother she snatched away my dear son It’s so hurting me -Don’t be sad father Some day Chote Nawab will understand truth and your good days will be back Eat please! Work with hands in this house Don’t use your mouth Do you feeling hunger brother-in-law? Wait! Are you human or animal? Brother is so hungry and you are eating alone? Feed me too! This must be hen! Brother-in-law you also have something What’s this? Go away! Brother-in-law became mad! He became totally mad Mother I will go in evening You asked me about fees, how much do you want? 2 thousand Ok, take it Study properly Don’t do any wrong thing Otherwise you have to carry dunk in farms Like Chote Nawab You will kill me some day by asking for money From where money will come? Look at your brother, how he is earning with his hard work Living like a king You also stop all these things and help your brother I will not able to do it I will become doctor after study If you are not able to teach me then say; I will manage some other thing What is going on? Sister is asking not to study and brother is not ready to leave his study From where we bring thousands of rupees? Mother if younger brother will become doctor then our respect will rise high People will call you doctor’s mother and doctor’s brother to me then we will be so happy You do your studies It’s not like that son, money -Forget about money How much money you want? 3 thousand Again, I told you not talk in English If you will talk in English then I will not able to understand it Uncle how much he is asking? Three means four Four thousand That’s all, mother please give him Mother is not having anything except bunch of keys Everything is in bank Withdrawal is in your hands Take this cheque book and withdraw as per your requirement I told you no. of times that don’t ask me about accounts Uncle!-Tell me! How much zero should be put after 4 to become four thousand? One zero for thousand, So 4 zeros for four thousand I also think so! Take this and study properly Son! I also want to say thanks to you For what? I also want to take one cheque.-What happened to you? Not to me, your aunt is ill I want to show her to doctor Please sign for one thousand Please sign! Ok! Take this! Thanks! Son, its only 10 Rs I asked you for 1000 Rs You told to put 4 zeros for 4 thousand and one zero for one thousand You want to deceive me I am not that much innocent So what I didn’t study Go! That’s nice my son! You defeated me with my trick Whom are you waiting? Chota Nawab was going to come He still not reached He gave money, now why you want from him? He has gone to bring something for you Hey younger brother! You like it so much see I brought sweet from Agra Why this all? It’s for you

Write a letter if you want money No, I have to read it from someone It’s better that you call me Study well and up bring name of mother Bye! Take care! Dont turn your face mother Look at my sister’s face once I was unable to take jewelry from you, so her husband shooed her out from his house What can I do in this? Give money to me and take your ornaments I gave all money to you with interest If you gave me whole amount then I could have gave you all ornaments Mother I beg in front of you Don’t say lie Those ornaments are life of my sister She is like your daughter Save my sister’s life by giving all ornaments You have so much; those ornaments are nothing in front of it Her husband will leave her, if she does not get those ornaments If he leaves her, then you keep her What did you said? You are troubling to my mother! Leave him! I will kill the person who troubled you I said leave him Let’s go! Stand up! Why you punished yourself by him? You can tell him whatever his mother deceived to you If Chota Nawab heard what you told just now, then he will bit you too What are you saying He will punish you, if you say against her What are you saying? -So what! You call our Chota Nawab as fraud? He is our real Nawab But he is not listening if the god says something against his mother What he says is happens Don’t know Relaxation is bad thing Everyone do hard work Work in west side farm Hey, princess! Is your interval is going on? If you want to relax then go in I am also coming there. -Why? -I don’t want Hey if you don’t agree then I will kill myself by having poison You that since when I love you You are so passionate! Ok, come fast Hey girls do hard work I am going to pump shed and start the motor Are you going to pump shed? Going to on the motor! Where is younger sir? Why are you asking? I want to tell him your pump shed case I beg you, don’t tell him anything Ok, give me 50Rs one two three four five six Why are you biting me? -You only said You told to give 50 -I don’t told to bit me Not to give punches to me. -Ok! I will also going to get if you want so much then I will ask from younger sir Go and become bald Bring your ear near Ear… not teeth… get lost! What are you gossiping, take out eggs Is this egg? Who is this bald? This is our Danteshwar Maharaj Danteshwar is this you? What is this, are your parents expired? My parents are fine Then why you became bald? I will tell you Today when they were troubling mother and he saw that loafer then he prayed for wellbeing for mother And he had gone to tirupati And he gave up his hair and became bald Really? For my mother you became bald? This is called as confidence This is called as belief Today onwards you will not Danteshwar

you are my younger brother Brother! Brother! -Brother! Brother! -Brother! Come! Umesh! How much wages he is getting? – 50 Rs, sir! Have you lost your brain? Start from today Umesh! -Yes! Give nice food to fishes So many bald! Yesterday when they noticed that mother is hurt by a throne they thought that they got hurt In order to prevent a single throne bush flourish in this village and mother will not get injured by it they prayed for it and became bald My dear ones you love my mother so much From today onwards you are my -Younger brothers Umesh! Sir! From tomorrow onwards my younger brothers’ wages will be 5 Rs Is it less, make it 10 Rs Thanks! You are making me fool! When I asked for shave to person then he told me that I have to make 30 men are becoming bald, I will not able to come today That time I suspected that They are all rascals They are fooling everyone in the name of god And by stating name of mother they Don’t do overacting I know that you suggested them to do this That’s why from this month your salary will be reduced by 200 rs Govinda! Chant it 10 times in a day, it’s good for you Go! Why you are here? -You have to go to Satara for marriage Mother called you Ok take this I will come Sudha look groom is coming Hey! I closed my eyes, you take it You are amazing my fairy ! You are so beautiful Ohh my dear! You are here! Please have it, it’s sweet Have it uncle, it’s sweet Why you didn’t give to me? You have sugar uncle You got sugar uncle You give them Sister serves this too You are calling me sister! Your eyes will get lost -It’s ok if my ears also gone You are like my sister You fool! No, you don’t step in Don’t step in. -What are you saying? If I don’t step in then who will give me money? I will give you after marriage Ok, brother carry on Thank you, brother Come in! Come fast dear! How is groom in looks? -He is nice Ok, on average Their story will be hit or not? And how is bride? Super hit! Why she runs off when I say something? -Look brother! If you want to talk with your sister-in-law then you have to do one work -What is that? See him Take that rose from her head and give it to our sister-in-law Then she will listen to you and will sing a song too Ohh my sweet sister! Why you told me so late? I will just bring it Flower came out with vase!

God! Save me! What to do! Hey stop my hair! Chanting! This marriage will not take place Is this any dialog? Pandit ji! What happen brother, though I gave whole dowry still what is problem? -We decided dowry before budget Rates are increased in yesterday’s budget That’s why rate of my son got increase by more 25000/- I will not able to give it Then my son will not able to get marry -We will leave from here papa You are going? Sub inspector in police station is waiting for you Why sub inspector is waiting? His daughter is still unmarried? No, there is one nice stick Stick, what is it for? I will make complain that you said no due to dowry So they will bit you from that stick Marriage is over, so they will send you to special room As you are in special room then you will eat dinner of marriage You got dinner, do you had it? -My son will get married I will give blessings to him Go, and sit start chanting Chanting! Wear holy thread to bride Dear, marriage is over because of you But, will they let her live comfortably at their place? Don’t worry at all uncle Males are listening to their parents before marriage After first night he listens to everything what his wife tells him If Laxmi is unaware of it, then I will tell her same You don’t worry at all Take this Ohh, master! The girl who is with you in marriage, where is she? -Why you want her? She clicked some snaps I have to give them to her Photos give them to me What is your relation with her? I will become her husband after our marriage And if you will not marry then I will become curd, why you want to know? Give those photos to me Umesh! Chote Nawab! Give your opinion about this girl by watching this photos Beautiful! So nice! Nice! You are not Chote Nawab! You are Tirupati Balaji! Tell me with a ugly man like me why are you talking about marriage with this beautiful girl? Don’t worry at all I will born child from her and will make it in your name What are you talking? Don’t you know who is she? She is my would be wife Why you made this prank? You cheated me Leave this Tell me how is your sister-in-law? Face is shining like brass What is brass? She is like gold how is our couple? Too good! Too nice! You should not stay here in farms you have to shoot dream seqence in foreign country Your behavior made me embarrassed My dear! Don’t fool me with your sweet thoughts Go, go! Your footwork is so nice, No I am a crazy person What do you, I am unable to think My dear! Don’t fool me with your sweet thoughts Your behavior made me embarrassed Your behavior made me embarrassed My dear!

Do what you want, I assumed you as my dear one Don’t trouble me now! When your eyes are shine and waist gets spring your tantrums making me crazy Think about it It’s your matter Message of love Live in breath I made for you, and you are made for me. Do stay in my eyes No I am a crazy person Your footwork is so nice, Do what you want don’t trouble me Go, go! Your behavior made me embarrassed My dear! Make love with me and attack with your sight First say yes and then agree with it With love I will convince you and make you mine will give you place in my heart and show you dreams with love You are mine, I am yours Come in my arms Quench my thirst No I will not come in your arms Your footwork is so nice, No I am a crazy person Dont able to think what I should do! My dear! Don’t fool me with your sweet thoughts Go, go! Do one thing! Increase my salary by 300 Rs I will convince that girl in 3 days If you able to make pair of both of us then I will increase your salary by 600 So, I will fix your meeting tomorrow. -Where? I am blind, give me donation Thank you sir! Give me donation We are wondering since morning but that girl is not seen She will surely come I will give guaranty of it Don’t think that I am troubling you Search that side, I will search this side We will see how she is not seen To whom I love I am coming behind you I am mad about you Ohh my dear! Ohh my love! Ohh my dear! Ohh my dear! Ohh my dear! Ohh, my butter you are here? No! What happen sister! That he ran away with my flower and patting on my back He did so! Where is he? Don’t you able to see? I caught her, there is my sister-in-law I caught you Brother please come! What happened sister? He is pulling my scarf you are pulling scarf of my sister? I will punish you Take this soap You blowed baloon What you are giving me soap! Oh God! What happen? -Did you find her? How could I get her, she is assuming me as loafer There is sister-in-law Who is there with her? He must be son of her uncle

I will break your teeth He must be her brother You purchase sari I will bring Let’s go! Sister-in-law is going, let’s follow her You will follow me, not her Come behind me Ok! It’s so nice It will suit you. Take it Who is he? That day he was troubling in marriage What are they gossiping by watching us? These girls are always chatting by watching me How is it? -It’s super! It’s nice Take one meter with it It’s too thick That blue is very thin Stitch your blouse with it; so that your body could not be seen through it You are not able to talk properly who will marry with you? No one will come to your house Let’s go! Listen! Who are you? Your father witnessed me in a rep case Now I will rape you here Then I will see who comes to save you? Leave me! Save me! Leave her! Who are you? If you shouldn’t leave this place then I will cut your heads Get lost from here Get lost! Shivaji! Shivaji save me! Shivaji! No will save you! Leave me, what are you doing? Come! If you want to live then leave hand of this girl If you ever had drank milk of your mother then dare to come forward Get lost from here, otherwise you will be killed Don’t play game with Umesh! You will lose your life You fool you are threatening me! You are threatening me? -No! You thought that I will fight with you? You are so hilarious Action part is belongs to Chote Nawab Chote Nawab! Here he is, now fight with him I will take rest Leave me! Come with me! Don’t know how this rain is started? I think it will not get over with in short period Come here. You will not feel cold My dear on you!

I can give up my life On you my dear! I will finish myself This body and mind and life is for you This body and mind and life is for you My love My love with its dear one How I will open up it? My dear on you! I can give up my life On you my dear! I will finish myself There is haze in my mind My heart is engaged in your thoughts I could not able to sleep My love is crossing all boundaries Why you are not able to sleep? My love is crossing all boundaries I am out of my mind My am losing my calm My love with its dear one My love with its dear one how I will open up it? My dear on you! I can give up my life My dear on you! I will finish myself When you touch my heart! My heart became yours My dreams got fulfilled We are for each other My dreams got fulfilled We are for each other I am not able to control my heart You are mine and I am yours My love with its dear one My love with its dear one how I will open up it? My dear on you! I will finish myself My dear on you! I will finish myself Arjun So that lightening will not fall on us My mother told me Don’t you love your life? Everybody ran away by leaving me to that loafer Why you didn’t go away? Don’t you love your life? Yes, that’s why I didn’t run away. -Means! You are my life When your scarf fall on me

then I started to love you You are so shy Look if you like me then I will tell my mother to pick some holy day Why you are crying? Don’t you like me? Tomorrow is mine marriage The person you saw with me is going to marry me Till now whole people must have reached to temple I am so fool I was unaware about your marriage and I started loving you Don’t feel bad We think so many things Do they get fulfill? No one can change the destiny Let’s go! Stop! Where were you? Tell me! Where were you whole night? Tell me! Who are you to ask this? Your would-be husband What you said would be husband! You left me with that loafer and ran away to save your life Are you a husband? Husband is courageous Not a coward like you What are you saying? -Yes, father If he couldn’t saved my life then today I will not able come today I dead body could have come He saved you yesterday, and you are here today means you are paying his debt in whole night? What are saying? I swear god! She is pure Like fire Then she could have gone away in yesterday’s rain Son, my daughter is not of that type Her life gets ruined if you don’t marry with her Please let this marriage take place I beg in front of you Father there is no need to touch his feet If he doesn’t want to marry then I also don’t want it Why you started liking him? I don’t like you If you don’t able to trust your wife for just one night then how could you trust her for whole life? You trust or not I am the only support for you At least now touch my feet If I had done any sin then god will punish me Who are you to punish me? Get lost from here I will not go away from here You will not able to become anyone’s wife or keep Yesterday you saved me from loafer Today save my prestige Now I have only two options one, you tie holy thread to me Otherwise I will hang myself to death Decision is yours Chanting! Chanting! Chanting! Chanting! She is crazy You don’t know anything You will not get such crazy person in whole India She is my sister Listen! Hello! How much are you studied? We don’t have it in our family Do you think we are educated? Too good! How many fingers are there? -Don’t you know this much thing? 16 My dear! If you become finance minister of this country then our country will flourish surely What you think about my daughter If good cultivation in done then how much yield will be get from one acre? 3 quintal Look, she is so accurate Father! Your daughter’s wisdom is little less Show some dance to me You are a great artist If we make a film by taking you as dance director then it will be eligible for Oscar You are right Once my daughter showed her program in Mumbai studio They can take her A great artist like her Brother!

I like this girl Search holy day! If you don’t feel bad then can I ask you something? If your son once meet with my daughter and give his positive feedback then we will go by dancing -There is no need of it My son never deny me I said then it’s over Mother She is your daughter-in-law Male listens all things of his parents before marriage After first night he listens to his wife I had no option remain than to marry her You are angry as I didn’t tell you and got married? My son done such a big thing I feel proud I am very happy See my mother is so nice I told you that mother will not be angry Stay blessed Stand up dear Take her inside son Go dear! My father I thought you forget me in madness of your mother But you remember me He is somewhat nut Look we had married Give us blessings Stay blessed God give you his good blessings What is your name?-My name is Sudha You are looking like Godess laxmi Will you kill her? No, I want to say something to daughter-in-law Ok! They put your hands in her chicks Bad days of this house will be over with your arrival Now leave hands Stop it Listen dear, in this house people except me are mad And he is biggest fool among all That’s why we dumped you in the room you come with me Let’s go! You will be blessed by a baby You may always get love of your husband What happened mother-in-law? What to say? I don’t able to get how to tell you this Your son’s marriage is not happened in front of you that’s why you are unhappy I am not unhappy about the marriage that already being performed I am worried about first night I fear What are you saying? After 27 years also Why we didn’t thought about Chote Nawab’s marriage do you know? That there is bad happening in his faith He cannot start his family till 28 years old If it happens then his life will be in danger Astrologer told me so My son is grown up Still I am not able to share this thing with him Now there is no option remaining That’s why I came to you to tell all things What will you do till one more year? How will you control yourself? His life is now in your hands It’s in your hands dear I will definitely save my beloved one I will stay away from him till you don’t tell me to do so But, he is male I am woman I will do the thing which I had decided to do You don’t worry at all What to say dear! No one should curse like this to any enemy too By doing this please see that you both should not get hurt Today stars are going to meet on earth What happen Chote Nawab your body is shaking? Like you are practising to play drums It’s my first night that’s why And I don’t know what to do inside, what to talk with her I am nervous. -Now you will say that I am scolding you That’s why I told you once that you also go to pump shed You will get some practice But you didn’t listen to me I am like shree Ram You were posing like that Now what happened tell me? You are sweating like anything My lord don’t scare me tell me what to do? Do one thing go in room directly After going inside Do you remove it? Now she will bring milk in brass glass Is she come?

Now look here and there and put 50 Rs. note in her blouse And see the effect Where is mine? Now you will tell that I am scolding Go inside Go away from here I knew that that day you didn’t marry for me You did it in order to save your prestige Save prestige of your father You don’t like me You find me uneducated so I am not eligible to become your husband I love you so that’s why you pity on me and got married I don’t want to touch you without your wish Look, as a husband and being a man I can do anything But I will not do this Do you know its reason? Because I am a human by understanding togetherness of husband and importance of holy thread of his name when you will come near to me that time I will assume you as my wife Gauri you are taking this for whom? -For elder sir! This type of food for father-in-law? If mother-in-law see this then you will be thrown out from your job She instructed me to give this type of food everyday Ok, give this to me Have food father! Father! Yes, I am your daughter-in-law Daughter-in-law! My wife is better than me At least she was with me till birth of our son You threw your husband right in the first night The thing is it is written in his destiny that till the age of 27 he will not able to start his family Otherwise there is danger to his life Life is in danger? Who told you this? -Mother-in-law told me That’s the thing There is nothing like this in destiny of my son Then mother-in-law -She lied to you. -Why? She noticed that she cannot able to stay in front of you While departing both of you, and bringing some fool as daughter-in-law she planned to take away whole property By not becoming puppet in her hands make him a human being She is not goddess She is devil Make him understand this Ok! Now I will show her! What is real colour of mine? Shut your mouth Mother! -I am your mother! I gave birth to you Any you brought some unknown and telling to your mother Get lost with her Look at me. She is daughter of Bush And she is not useless Your son loved her and got marry with her He told that he will wear her holy thread Now you are asking to leave, then we will leave this place We have all things Rubber factory in Russia Cement factory in Sidney Milk factory in Dubai We are owners of 62 buildings in America We will live with pride Come on! Listen, please stop. -Let them go! What do mean? We are poor! Stop it! Mother why are you cursing instead of giving blessings That’s not thing what is their cast and religion? Sudha and me were married in same way, that time did you said anything? Justice with me, and injustice with younger son! They are in love and got married what is wrong in that? Mother will keep on arguing You bring the girl. -That’s not the thing You don’t say anything and come with me Hello Mr. Russia! My name is not wush, its Bush! Bush or anything comes here Where? Inside the house This is home? I thought its hut You fool! This big house is hut for you? Yes! Villagers are living in this type of hut Hey man! What is this? This is brinjal. -I see! You see, let’s go! Let’s go! I will not come You will not come? -No! Really! -Not at all! Go to hell! Going! Take this here and bring mogra It will require Chote Nawab where should I put these bananas? You will faint down if I bit you Take them there Today is first night of younger brother Don’t you hear? First night of younger brother I am bringing -Do you heard properly? Today is first night of younger brother Sir where should I light this essence stick? There in corner, there should excellent smell Today is first night. -Nawab are you saying first night every time?

I remember pump shed. -Stop it! Do you forget anything? I forgot one thing? -What? Weighting machine What is its use in first night? -For weighting Weighting of what? If I say something then you will say that I am scolding Is this room looking like as first night room? Flowers shop at one side and there is sweet mart at the other side Like I am going to sell it, and you will purchase it. -Stop it They have to eat this much You go and bring milk, I will bring fan Ok! Where are you taking this? -To my younger brother’s room I am taking fan -It’s not fan it’s FAN Ok, that only! Fan. When I will switch on it, his room will get cool If it is our room then our room will also get cool Who are thinking that sleeping with their husband is wrong what is cool and hot for them? Stop it! You are behind first night! -Yes! Means younger brothers first night is more important you than mother’s life? What are you saying? There is danger to your mother’s life due to your younger brother’s destiny Danger to mother! -Yes! If he celebrate first night before completion of 3 years then … -Tell me! -I will not say it from my mouth What will happen if younger brother sleep with daughter-in-law? Then mother will die It’s written in destiny of your brother that if he celebrate first night before completion of 23 years then your mother’s life will be in danger That’s why due to their marriage we were so worried But now what will happen? Your younger brother is 22 years old If he waits for one more year then your mother life can be saved Younger brother Stop it! Come with me Where? Come with me Umesh come fast Catch him tightly otherwise you will get punished I will not let him to shake You want that our mother will be alive? -What are you saying brother? There is danger in your destiny You don’t start your family still you will be 23 years old 23? -Yes! You don’t start your family till 23 years old Later on your wife, your room and your wish If you have temptation then mother will be killed Umesh! -Chote Nawab! From today it’s your duty to stop meeting younger brother and his wife I will not flatter my eyelids in order to keep them separate If it will not possible; then my eye lids and your boot What? – Sir If I flatter my eyelids then you will bit me with your shoes It’s mean From today onwards I will sleep on bed of younger brother And sister-in-law will not come in his thoughts And if by mistake she comes in his thoughts then I will put garland of basil in his neck And will pray for Hanuman I will make it What are you looking like this? Come and sleep that side. Come! Mother-in-law! How are you feeling? You departed me from my husband so I separated your son from your daughter-in-law Its called as tit for tat Trick on trick in Hindi How is it mother-in-law? I am appreciate your trick as I was helpless You played very well I learned it from you mother-in-law But remember one thing I am old player of this game and you are just a new comer The one who fights with me will not able to survive You must have played with looser You must not play with excellent player like me Playing with me is dangerous There will no joy if danger is not there in play I will not get chance to play well trained player like you Now you got it Now you will see Ok, take some rest now mother-in-law Please come! -Rascal! You assumed me such cheap! -That’s why I get angry I am not one who called you My husband is there! He is there Shobha darling! darling! What happened? At least look at time Remove your blanket If you delay it, then Umesh might be come I am feeling shy Switch off that light Give one kiss I will not give. You take it What is this cigar smell is coming from your mouth Don’t insult me by saying smell of cigar I don’t ask on back, I asked on chest It’s not back, its chest Hey! Darling! You asked for switch off the light So this You have this bad habit! Don’t say anything to me Live with him and start your family No problem sir, we will start Now they will not perform first night for life time Come father!

Where? -Down stairs Out of this dark room No, leave it I am not able to see person’s reality in light I don’t want to see it After staying 9 months in mother’s womb Infant is sustaining light of this world Father you should not fear from light of life You are owner of this house Why are you fearing? Owner of house! I forgot this since long time I am getting you outside in order to remember this thing only Let’s go! I don’t have strength to walk I am your strength I am your strength father Ohh my god! Yes, he is your god Psycho! Who is psycho! He is god of this house Understood! Hey you are going beyond your limit So what you call as good behavior brother-in-law? He was in dark room since so many years and today when I got him out then you and your wife are feeling bad? By blaming a nice guy as psycho he was dumped in room from so many years Dear Sudha, stop arguing Take him inside I will not able to do it He will stay outside.-No! It’s order of your mother-in-law I will not obey it It’s wish of your daughter-in-law You are denying rule of my sister! Rule and governance was ended long back Right mother-in-law? I will break your teeth if you talk nonsense Don’t show tantrums Don’t talk that much If I give you one fight then you will not able to talk You want to control me like your son I will cut your hand You want to throw me in dark room like father? I will put fire in that dark room flowers in hair, vermilion on head, colorful saris, bangles in hand the things are you wearing are due to him Due to your husband You say no to bring him outside What do you think about yourself? I can talk all this mother-in-law But I will not tell it Because I respect father-in-law I love my husband Come father-in-law Hey Nageshwary! I am going out Take care of house Uncle! What dear? Now you will feed me? I am busy, I will feed you later Please take care of mother-in-law Her BP might have increase Ohh, she is not small player She is no. one player Chote Nawab! Chote Nawab! Younger madam is making big arrangement for you Do whatever she wants, I don’t care You don’t understand If you visit for one hour..-Not at all I am not that shameful that I will go inside once she said no to me Not only she but even Rambha came from heaven You stopped suddenly! Listen you love this sari? And you also love this blouse -It’s so nice But we have to do so many things in order to start family How I look? You are looking like fairy She is your wife and my sister-in-law What are you saying? -My wife and your sister-in-law She is like mother to you Husband and wife are talking with each other then why are you coming in between us? then why are you coming in between us? Get lost from here Hey, what is between you and me? Why you are here? What you think I will not go from here? I am going You keep quite How can I sit here? My game is getting over I have to do pomp pomp in pump set Yesterday only I watered farm Its too much hot, so that it is drying suddenly I have to water it Now I understand that why you want to go in pump shed You will not go there even though you are finished I will go alive there Farm is getting dry in front of my eyes How can I see this? I will show you in morning Let’s go, and see my work till morning What do you mean? When you order me I will come and when you order me to go, I will leave. Do you assume me a servant? I am son of king -You will not come? -No! No! You will not come? Not at all come Ok, I will also see What will you see! Saying that she will see I saw many like you What is this going on? When you don’t like me then why should I wear your sari?

Ohh that’s the thing then that blouse is also mine. -Take this! Keep that blouse with you I will not wear as you don’t like it Means how are you inside? How means.. As I should Ohh my god! Means when I will come inside for drinking water then I will see the things that I should not see What means Come if you dare I could not have come But you were talking about daring that’s why I am coming I will create drama if I come inside Where is she? You told that you will creat drama Then do come! I don’t like these things Ohh my god! Something happening with me What is going on? Don’t do this! Don’t kiss me Don’t take my kiss Otherwise! Ohh my god! What are you doing? Don’t do this Something is happening to me No! No! Don’t take kiss Don’t take it Don’t take kiss Don’t take kiss Don’t take kiss Don’t take kiss Chote Nawab! Mother is calling You can go later You don’t hear that I am calling you? I am hearing I am your wife are talking I will come after some time Come outside I am coming Please tell her that I will not come -I will not go! Then mother will get angry I will come soon, you please don’t sleep You don’t sleep What happened mother? You were sleeping outside son I am feeling cold outside Here is warm sleep here -Inside is hotter This is ashad month This month newlywed couple should not live together This is Ashad month? -Yes! Its starts from today.-It may be starting from tomorrow You must have not checked calendar carefully Panditji told in evening Why he had come? I will go and tell to Sudha Can you come back after telling this? Its little difficult Go to sleep I will sleep I will sleep I will sleep How younger madam looks, we didn’t looked her As daal in roti Do your work. I am so much busy Look at him sister-in-law. He doesn’t want to talk about his wife He want just work He is new groom You troubled me a lot. Now work What is she doing here? Like she is here for visiting in fair Look there! Why you came here? Why you are here? I am here for work I am here to do work Can we go to hut? Come! Ohh my god why we should go in hut? I brought fish curry for you Give him lot of curry Keep there. I will eat later It’s hot! Come please.-Why you are coming near to me? Everybody is watching Let them see. What happen? I am your wife Let’s go! Please come! Why you are making drama in front of whole village? Now come! They are going in the corner Why you are locking door by telling me about food? Why you are looking like this to me? I am feeling something in my heart Don’t come forward I have sin in my mind Don’t touch me like this otherwise something wrong will happen My whole body is shaking What to do? I could not able to control Doesn’t bit like this I will not able to control myself Who stopped you? Start then! I want to start But mother told that don’t do in Ashad month But mother told that don’t do in Ashad month Do you know my mother-in-law told this? She told that it will not good -For what? For it! If we meet in Ashad then our children will take birth in Chaitra Chaitra is summer season Due to hit mother and child can become ill That’s why it is told that Don’t meet in Ashad Look how much my mother loves to you and your would be child I will start boring, otherwise whole water will pour down You go to home and sleep Why to home? -Ohh god! If you stay here for some more time then our child will take birth here I took contraceptive pill What is it? Show me! What is this? It is contraceptive It’s for people like us

Ohh my dear! You are telling this thing to me now? Just now! But this is your first marriage too How you know about this medicine? My friend told me about it Ohh my sweetheart! Whether to take it with water or milk? How can I convince him, listen! What are you talking? Don’t shy like this Come please! Salute to contraceptive! Sister-in-law! -What happened! I am going to home -What happen to you? I am missing my husband Ohh you are amazing Why the door was shaking Why it was locked? Why bed was broken? Why you got sweated? Please tell me prince! Due to air! Door was shaking When the bell was ringing It was locked by mistake Listen you all! Why your sari gets wrinkles? Why your blouse torn off? Why your blouse got torn off? Why your blouse got torn off? You were telling secrets of your mind I was sleeping on bed My blouse stuck to pin I was going to shore sari got thorn in it What to tell you friends Why your dhoti is unclean? Why you are sweating? Why your dhoti is unclean? Why your dhoti is unclean? Tell us Prince! There was water in fields My dhoti got wet in it When I ploughed the fields Then I started sweating Listen to me guys Why your chicks are red? Why you are going? Why you are going? Why you are hiding? Tell us whole story I give kiss to parrot

He bites me You are brave like lion Then why you become cat when you see your mother? Why you are so scare from her? Its not fear its love You love her, do she love you? Yes! She loves me like anything She don’t love you She is behind your property Her love is false If you argue with her! That’s why she didn’t give you education She didn’t make you educated but made her son well educated Why is so? Because, her son will become wise Kind person like your father she throw him in dark room No one should listen to him that’s why she told all that he is mad and stay away from him Snake has little poison But You mother is poisonous What is going on son? What are you doing mother? She is blaming you She is telling that your love is false You are interested in my property That’s why you stopped my education You made my father psycho That day you told me that you will hang yourself that’s why I married with you When I brought you as daughter-in-law of this house that time my mother kept you in this house You don’t have feelings about it? Animals are giving milk after eating hey You are throwing poison after drinking milk Son, don’t be so excited I will make her understand I never assumed her as daughter-in-law I treated her as daughter.-Did you listen it? Do you hear it? She is calling you daughter Blaming this goddess don’t you ever feel ashamed? She is innocent Someone must had influenced her Keep quiet son! If someone talk with mother like this then how can a son will keep quiet? How he will bear it? And how he cans start his family? Yes, brother take decision on this matter Say sorry to mother Will you ask or get out from this house? Things which are between you and me you reveal them to whole family I understood from it that how much you love to your wife I love you and also respect you But I will not touch feet of your mother I will not say sorry too I am a educated girl I can earn through hard work I will tell one thing before leaving Lie is sweet poison And truth is better amrit You will understand it soon Will it solve though you say sorry? No, I will not convince You also don’t agree Son, throw her out Why you are pushing me? It’s her mistake Mother also forgives her, then why you are bothering? Don’t we make mistake, leave this place Don’t assume me witch I am big witch Now onwards you will open your mouth only for eating Get lost Open it So many bundles! Where do you got them? This is from coconut This is from jiggery This is from rice This is from fishes And this is from expert You are big thief Don’t feel bad! Ohh my god!

You Why you are biting him? Don’t bit him Should kill you You are biting old servant of this house don’t you feel ashamed So ! I share your joys and your sorrows I share your profit and loss Don’t I punish your servant? What is his mistake? There was fire in jiggery factory He could have take care of it When fire took place in jiggery factory? When! I don’t know Chote Nawab If I will say something then you may take other meaning of it in storm rice flew away, we had 2 lakh rupees loss There was a storm? When was it come? I will not say anything If I will say something then you may take other meaning of it Fishes died due to coconut fall down in lake There was loss of Rs. one lakh Coconuts fall in lake? When it fall? Ohh my god! Ohh god there will be big mistake if I say something Who never give answer, same person is asking me questions today Ohh my god! Why you are taking big exam of me If you don’t believe on me, check this, it’s written here Who wrote it? Munim ji Where is he? I am here only Tell me my fortune from today’s news paper Your? – Yes In Scorpio horoscope it is written as your life will be become like a dog Munim ji! Read these accounts Sir!- Read it! Loss due to fire in jiggery factory rs 2lakh rs In strom rice flew away, we had 2 lakh rupees loss Keep quiet! If you read without specs then it will make huge difference There is profit due to fire in Jiggery factory 2 lakh rupees In strom rice flew away, there was profit due to it 1.5 lakh rupees There is profit due to fire and storm? Look uncle, my wife read it There was loss The thing is, she is educated from govt. school She read profit as loss Will you keep your mouth close? Munimji what is wrong in accounts? The thing is…. -Umesh! He will not tell, bring my gun What is need of it? Fire him! When bullet will reach to his heart, then he may speak truth. -Don’t kill me I have children Your uncle told me to write wrong accounts You are cheating me? I never counted money in your hands Mother promise. -Keep quiet! Tell me where you kept all money, otherwise I will kill you You will do sin if you will kill your uncle Sin, my foot! Anybody did sin by killing Kansa! Press trigger! I don’t have to say anything Everything was spend in your aunt’s treatment I don’t have single paisa Father’s promise Snake! Here is snake! Yes, I also seen it.-Big snake! He has gone in your uncle’s room And he is in your aunt’s bed He is bed’s snake He is bed’s snake Is he bed’s snake? He is wondering everywhere I will catch him Nagraja, come out! Stop it! Where are you going? My bed! My bed! My bed! Leave it! You saw him going in bed! You was talking about that snake, brother-in-law? Yes! He is my pet! He is pet! -Yes! If we worship snake then we can have children! Someone told us so! Where should we search snake? That’s why we brought a permanent snake We kept it as pet Pet snake After worshiping and drinking milk he is going to this bed for sleeping Please call him once! Sorry! It’s his rest time He will not come out. -Umesh! There is something fishy! Please shake this bed! Ok! No! why are you taking out my pet snake, he is my prestige Why you are taking out our prestige? Why you are insulting us? Taking out our snake? -If there is snake in it in real then he could have died as they are rolling on him Shake it! Do you see, these bundles of notes are bed’s snake So, Mr. Thief uncle! You are deceiving me? -No! He didn’t deceive you He deceived your mother Just have a look at mother-in-law! Due to cheating of her brother she is feeling so ashamed I don’t like to see your uncle like this! So just think how your mother must be feeling! You are brother of my mother That’s why I am leaving you alive Umesh! Tomorrow onwards take them with other workers for field work We don’t able to do that work

Hello Mr.! It’s my responsibility to take work from you for three times in a day Today laugh as you can take this money -Ask mother to keep in safe You will keep this money with mother? So! -Don’t you like that she is alive? What do you mean? -You saw your uncle’s nature When your mother will sleep and if he ran away by hitting her big stone then? You are right He can do anything for money Keep this money with you -Me! If he will kill me then! You will create a history if you will give up your life for your mother-in-law Don’t you able to do this much for your mother-in-law? Ok, as you wish! I assumed her ordinary brass But she is not ordinary brass she is extraordinary brass Well done! Well played You are good actress Everybody knows it And you too! will recognize it in some time Fool! I am better actress than you When I started my acting that time you didn’t even born I will speak in such way that you will not at all understand it As you are little bit dumb Mother-in-law who appreciates her daughter-in-law can be find so rarely I am so lucky I was winning games since so many days you must be happy for that Right! -Hmm! If you jump in absence of knowledge about height then your teeth will come out from your mouth It’s not my opinion You don’t have to say anything mother-in-law I know it very well One more thing! This time you have to be more cautious for my next move You are just 20 years still you are saying nonsense things I have 60 years experience! I will not speak like you You should be retiring in 60s And give all right to your 20 year old daughter-in-law Don’t you feel like that? Listen to me dear! I didn’t tell you one thing if I told you earlier so you could have feared from it That’s why I am telling it now Within 24 hours means within next noon 12 O’clock you will give this bag to me by your hands If it will not happen then my name will not be Nageshwari! Don’t insult us Don’t go! What happen mother? -She wants to go to his father’s home Why ? What is problem here? He is doctor, he want to open hospital in city. We need money for this What your mother told you know? This property belongs to Chote Nawab It is not for donation to anyone This whole property belongs to my brother There was lot of expenditure on my study Now from where money will come for hospital? That’s why I am saying I am going My father also has power If you leave this house then I will hang myself -What you are saying mother? Your husband wants money for hospital.. just that! How much money do you want? 5-6 lakh rupees Sudha bring that yesterday’s money What are you thinking? Bring it! No, son! It’s your hard earned money You are saying to give it to other person That’s why she is thinking -Who is other here? I am giving it to my brother Who is she to say no Go and bring it Wait! My sister’s hand is very nice Give it to mother-in-law Dear what’s the time? Tell the time Correct one minute less for 12 0’clock For what mother? Rahu period will start after 12 That’s why Listen what I am saying What’s that? There are many hospitals in city He is building one more hospital there Our village doesn’t have single hospital Now listen to me carefully If in the name of Nageshwari we will build one hospital in village? What do you think? Nageshwari! Nageshwari hospital! Yes, hospital in name of your mother Your brother will give life to everyone There will be lot of name of your mother Her prestige will increase We will be so much happy Ohh my sweetheart! You suggested nice thing See mother your daughter-in-law is so nice

But for making hospital in this village Hospital in your name! Villagers will be happy I will make arrangements for inauguration I am not just like that! Calling brass! Don’t tell that I am blaming Don’t worry Say all that I had told you I am not nervous I want to say that this is hospital You know that I am not much educated But my younger brother is doctor He want to build hospital in city But my wife want to build hospital in the name of my mother That’s why Nageshwari Charitable hospital I am going to open in the name of my mother And I want to tell you that in our hospital all poor people will be given free medicines by my brother Just have a look Chote Nawab! It just 10 minutes passed police is coming to us Why you are here? My brother is building hospital for poor people not for police We are not here for treatment We want to check whether your younger brother is doctor or not You are talking like fool I made him doctor by spending lot of money He did it studies hard You will tell that I am making argument Why will anyone not build hospital if he is doctor? Tell him to show his certificate Just a moment inspector! Rascal do you find me low grade? Hey, are you biting my brother? Inspector, why you bitted brother-in-law? Is he thief? -Yes! Without studying MBBS doctor is called as thief If he will give treatment to anyone then he will be called as murderer He tried to give be bribe That’s why I bitted him We should not let this type of guilty free. Constable! Arrest him! Inspector! I beg in front of you Don’t arrest him Till now no one has gone to police station from our house Due to mistake of brother-in-law Look how much mother-in-law is feeling guilty If you arrest him then mother will feel bad Forgive this mistake I will teach him lesson Mother’s swear This is his first mistake that’s why I am leaving him Now your brother is not doctor and this hospital will not be exist too Let’s go constable You cheated me It’s ok that you didn’t study It’s ok that my money has gone But you insulted mother in front of whole village Don’t go near him. His is very angry If you also become angry then what will happen with brother-in-law If you will shout as kill him, show him lesson then what will happen with brother-in-law? Don’t be angry mother-in-law Tomorrow onwards you and your wife will work in farms like uncle and aunty Take him! -Chote Nawab! I will take care of it Dear what will I do with this money? Father! If I will take this money from mother-in-law then it will be good , don’t you think so! her hands are very dirty Take it from my hands How do you find my game? She is out of her mind You will use it one by one What is its loss. -Ok! Let’s go and ask him Listen! What happen to your voice? -It’s not my voice It’s hers. -Come here Come! -Don’t you see that I am working? Come fast, I have some work! What! We don’t want Medicine of Asha! -Why? Shravan comes in morning. -Means! Means! Ohh my dear! What are stars? What is melody? You are my star and my melody

You are my breath and my shine Why you are distance? We feel love in the way that I became wet without rain I am awaking whole night, every time want to meet I pray to god that I am being with you You are my life What are stars? We feel love in the way Whole night I feel restlessness What is happening with me? It’s magic of love that my mind is out of control Do you know it? I am crazy I become crazy for you Crazy! I become crazy for you I am sick due to love, its signal of love I feel love, its story of love Please have a look at me What are stars? We feel love in the way We live together till lot of births Let the people jealous Your love is in my blood You are my lover Why we should fear from world Come! Let’s go to some place Let’s come! Take me in your arms I feel love, its story of love I’m sick due to love, its signal of love Please have a look at me What are stars? We feel love in the way We feel love in the way Gauree! Gauree! Leave me! I didn’t marry with you to leave you It was for catching you tightly I didn’t think that you will be like this Mother-in-law! My dear sister, what happen to you? My sister-in-law! What happen to you? Like I slipped from stairs she slipped in same way And as my backbone was broke down Same happened to her As you became mad! She will also become mad? -100% My sister like you Will she put her feet on oil? You are absolutely correct But how you know it? I was expecting this Hello! You also walk properly There will oil in any place, and you can get slip If your leg slips then no option than divorce you will not get wheel chair Mother! What happen mother, how do you fall down? You don’t sit mother-in-law I will tell him She has vertigo! And she fall down from stairs Did you fall down from more height? Do you got injured? She is injured so badly Her back bone is broken Don’t be panic sir I will call mason quickly I will require just one hour You are talking about mason, instead of mother I had brought TB, malaria to look at mother

She is suffering from BP And you are talking about TB, malaria It’s not disease These are name of doctors TB is his name Malaria is surname He is well-known doctor LKG, UKG What to say he studied LKG in India And UKG in foreign In foreign Doctor! Doctor! I am here Ohh my god, what are you doing there? I fallen down due to chair If you fall down in this way then how will you treat those who are fall down Look, don’t make fun of me I will go from here, and this patient will die You please look her I will Pulse! is too good Fever! Fever! Examine her carefully Is this just one? Two hundred! Fever of two degree temperature! Yes! -It means that! She is very ill What to do? You keep wet cloth on mother’s head Look if you will do treatment then I will leave this place Have your seat Keep quiet son! Doctor! Please have a look at blood pressure Blood pressure! Blood pressure! Blood pressure! Blood pressure! It’s too much! Means she will not able to eat spicy and salty food? She can eat but you don’t give her Give her salt less food from today Doctor is she has sugar? No! This month’s ration is not being taken I didn’t ask you that do you have sugar at your house Tell that she has sugar or not? That sugar! Yes! Sugar! Sugar! Good smell! Smelling like sweet made from butter There is lot of sweet in your mother-in-law’s body Ghasitaram sweet’s Smell is coming out from her body Mother-in-law cannot able to eat rice? My sister will not able to live without rice She can drink soup without salt Can she have chicken soup? She can eat meet too! But she will die just after eating it If she will eat all then, what will she eat? She can eat as much her like You don’t worry mother I will bring 3 times grass for you If you want to eat dry grass then you please tell me I will bring grass from my house for you You can eat as much you want But you have to alive Doctor she can work after drinking soup? What you are muttering mother-in-law since morning Don’t want that she remain alive? Means we have to make her sleep Yes! -If she will remain in this way, then how can everything will get managed? She has to take care of servants Have to check accounts from Munimji She has to open lock of treasury for 100 of times If she will not able to get out of bed, then who will look after all this work? If I suggest something then you will say that he is talking What is Sudha sister-in-law doing? She eats and sleeps She is educated Today mother is in trouble then if she will help then will she has loss out of it? It’s none of your business I was here as daughter-in-law after getting degree of B.com I am not here to do small works What you achieve after getting degree? Educated people don’t start their family If they do so then they are doing work Mother give keys of house Son don’t give trouble to her She is small. -You are saying that this lady is small child? I will also see that how she is not taking keys Take this, you have to look after all works of this house from today May I help you? -You shut your mouth You have to do whole work alone If this key and accounts will be in other hands then I will kill you Tie it in your waist Keys are also gone from hands Mother is not well and you are crying. -Just that! I feel like crying Cannot I cry?-Not at all Listen doctor said that mother-in-law should drink only soup I am feeling so sad Can I give her rice? I will kill you Umesh! -Chote Nawab! Today onwards give mother only Medicine My eyelids and your shoes What happen? What happen to you? You are going to become father Ohh my dear, you gave such good news Mother you are going to become granny Papa you are going to become grandpa Umesh you! You! I will become uncle Here you are! What happen? I asked you to bring food

And you came without bringing anything. -Madam! She is drinking soup from that madam What will she bring to us? Hello! Hello, Jimmy! Not Jimmy, its mummy! Jimmy means dog and mummy means mother Mummy! My dress how? not knife, it’s wife Knife is for cutting Wife is your better half This get up you like? -He is looking like hero. -Yes, dear! I get satisfaction when I see he and you You both are like parrots May you will live till 100 years Thanks! Daddy!-YEs, my son! I wife going Honey moon Carry on my son! -Common my Darjeeling TaTa! Umesh I want to see him like this since long back Let’s go, We will go to Shirdi to take darshan of baba Ok, sir! Break coconut there and will eat prasad Yes! If you will not peel whole coconut then I will break your head See wife, take care Let’s go! Tata!-Please sound horn Sister, our game will not exist here We will not able to do this work Let’s go to Singapore Who is there? Our daughter-in-law’s father Bush is there He is very rich man I don’t have change Mother! Who is this person? Which fruit is that? -Taad’s fruit Ohh my god! You are Bush! I was Bush! Now I am Tuss! What is your get up sir! Sir! Do you have any connection with Mumbai bomb blast? You are wondering by changing your get up Which get up? It’s my original getup I changed my get up on that day So you are wondering in Singapore in same way? Singapore! Where is it? Where is Singapore? What are you saying? Siliguri! Means 7 floor building in America Milk factory in Dubai That was! said by my son-in-law False for what? If you find that my daughter is poor then you will not get convince If we say that she is from rich family Then you will be easily convinced That’s why he asked to say lie What is your post in siliguri? Do you know Ram temple? I got three steps of that temple Means you are What to say Give money in name of god I am a beggar How could I give my coconut in your bag? You deceived us a lot What is this bad time sister? We are getting flops one by one And they are getting hits one by one This is her last hit What is last hit? Just now you blessed them to live like parrots Parrots are not able to meet Cuckoo starts singing Anklet starts ringing Love me slowly Say yes slowly I am mad in your love Cuckoo starts singing Anklet starts ringing You are injuring with your smile You are cloud of my love I am disappearing in your arms Come near to me I will count your heart beat You are my happiness My life is from you Come near to me I will count your heart beat You are my happiness

My life is from you I don’t have any work than you I will be near to you day and night I will make you mine and will take you near to my heart Your world is lovable to me Cuckoo starts singing Cuckoo starts singing My both worlds are with you I don’t have anyone than you You are fairy of this earth, no one is like you My both worlds are with you I don’t have anyone than you You are fairy of this earth, no one is like you No one is like you You are my love and my life I will give up my everything for you I have to live and die with you Come we will go there where no one is there Don’t talk like this Cuckoo starts singing Anklet starts ringing Love me slowly Say yes slowly I am disappearing in your arms We are singing and collecting dunk What is this bad smell Hello! Sir is there? I am sudha’s father Hello brother How are you? Brother what is all this? Home work Today is Saturday so I was collecting dunk Hobby! Why you came here early morning? The thing is my daughter is pregnant So I am here to see her They gone to city Sister is alone in house Sister! Come! Sit down! My daughter lost her mother in her childhood, so I brought up with lot of love Do you have any problem from my daughter? Trouble, not at all! Ohh god! Not at all! All happiness is there Is it sister? -Yes brother She is fulfilling role of daughter My sister is caring her as her mother This is her luck Sister it’s said that if pregnant lady drinks saffron from milk then her child will be fair Give this to her every day in milk I will visit again to meet her Good bye! Ohh god, So much sweet, I will eat all Take this sister; you must be feeling to eat it I don’t want it Poison! Murari! Bring some poison in powder form Those you eat poison they are losing their life Why you want it? Not for me For the one who is pregnant The one who is in her womb Means! This saffron from her father will mix with poison from her husband’s place Daughter like daughter-in-law Will die being her husband is alive Son your father-in-law gave this today Give it to her What is this? -This is saffron If pregnant lady drinks it from milk then her child be fair looking Pregnant lady watches the face for no. of times her child will be like him When I open the door then uncle or household people are seen That’s why I put your photos everywhere That’s the thing Then take of all these photos and put mother’s photo here Our daughter will be like mother I want son You will have daughter I want son No, means no! When daughters are in house it feels so nice Why you are not understanding? What you are mixing in milk? Poison! You are not listening to me, that’s why I am killing you If you feed me poison

then also I will drink it If I will die before you then what is nice thing than it? Shut your mouth You will die! This is saffron. Your father gave it Look, how much my father loves me That’s why he brought saffron My mother loves you more than it That’s why she gave it while I was coming in room Drink it Stop! It’s so less If you make me drink in just one day then what will happen tomorrow? I will order 100 boxes later, first drink it Why you are not drinking it? First time I am drinking for child I will go and take blessings of god Go! What happen Gauree? Your mother-in-law wants to kill you Gauree! What are you saying? Yes madam The saffron brought by your father, is mixed with poison She gave it to younger sir He doesn’t know that there is poison in it He gave you in milk Don’t drink it. You will be finished Why you are delaying? Milk will get cold What a pose! Knife? Take this and kill me What happen are you mad? Why will I kill you? It is better Than to die from other’s poison, I will get kill by you Kill me Is it has poison? Ohh, I said just and you took it in real sense? You are crazy! You said correct in prank There is poison in saffron It has poison? But your father brought it My father brought just saffron But your mother mixed poison in it Your poisonous mother! You love your mother so much You worship her like goddess If I will say that there is poison in it, then you will not agree Your mother is not goddess, she is a snake Poisonous snake She wants to kill her child by giving it poison Stop it! My mother is goddess Goddess How can a mother give poison to her child? -You will not agree that your mother is not a goddess but a snake If some other person would have said this then I must have kill him But you are safe Because I trust you You said uncle is thief, I agreed You said brother is cunning, I was also agreed But my mother If you say she is killer, will I agree on it? Who told you this? That mother mixed poison in milk? How do you know? If you will not prove it? Then I will kill you. Tell me Tell me! It has poison Your mother mixed it If you don’t trust it then call her Call her and tell her to drink this milk Then you will believe on me Call her! Call her! -I will ask to drink! I will just call and tell her But my mother will not die by drinking this milk There is poison in this milk She will die due to this blame She will die due to heart break Ohh my god how I will convince him? That there is poison in it? You mother mixed poison in it I swear my baby that there is poison in it It has poison Ok, there is poison in this milk then to prove there is no need that mother will drink it I will drink it Don’t drink it Wait! Don’t drink it It has poison! Don’t drink it! Stop it! What you did, let’s go to doctor We will go to doctor Believe me! I will call doctor Not at all! I didn’t drink poison I drank milk Ohh my god, how I convince you! Gauree! Munimji! Gauree! Gauree! You witch my husband will die! My vermillion will be destructed He is going to die Tell him! That milk has poison So that I can take him to doctor and save his life Mother-in-law I agree that I dare to oppose you

Forgive me! Save my husband Send him to doctor anyhow I beg in front of you I know that you will not agree If something will happen to you then you will not able to get property Do one favor on me go and take care of him I will go and call doctor Mother! What is she saying did you hear it? By fearing that daughter will not give birth to grandson or granddaughter That’s why you want to give her poison Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have differences in them That’s why you are troubling to her and want to kill her She assumes that I will trust on her She gone to call doctor Let her come he only tell that This milk doesn’t have poison in it Doctor! How can a mother give poison to her child? Mother is a goddess who gives birth She is not witch who takes life My father brought just saffron You mother mixed poison in it You mother mixed poison in it I am not your aunty dear! I am your mother Take life of the child who is in my womb Mother! No, mother! You don’t look downward I will not sustain it When a child born he learns the word “mother” first Afterwards in school he learns lot of words But I didn’t go to school In your lap I stopped with the word-mother With these letters I didn’t learn another letter Then why you gave this punishment to me? Look at this blood Its calling mother If you cut in pieces then you will find each drop of mine saying name of mother Why you want to kill your daughter-in-law? For this property? If you want property then you could have share it with me Chote Nawab signs this property papers Just one word You could have spoken just one word Then I could have give up this whole property in your feet My love for you is dead That’s why you also die You could have said this Then I would have given up my life happily Now by giving this poison Why you became killer? I am going to die The one whom I was assuming goddess from so many days I am dying by taking blame of making her killer Mother! Just a one wish Last wish! Our women are not going for last rituals But you have to come for me You will give fire to me I am brought up by your hands I want to go by your hands Come doctor! Don’t worry daughter!

Chote Nawab is locked in the room Just like bank locker So as per bank rule if you want to open locker then you have to sign Same you sign on this paper My sister will give you keys You can treat him by doctor You are not human beings You are animals He is dying and you are thinking about property? Tell me where should I sign? Just a minute! Murari! Take autograph of your sister-in-law! No, dear! You will not sign it Go and save him first Take this key Mother, are you mad? No, son! My lust for money is ended Killers and demons have hearts I was thinking by saying mother, son, brother We don’t have little bit of it Then we are not humans Though we are human or animals But we want cash If we are born like human then we should have humanity in us In his last time he was calling me mother Now if something happens to him then the one who dying will not be Chota Nawab Trust on mother will get to end I see! God is not able to stay every where That’s why he created mother If mother will kill her son! Then god will not give birth to mother Then there will be no meaning for the word mother Your mother was like Surpanakha Now I think she became Seeta I am confused Give these keys and documents here Take this Give those papers to me Well done! Good shot! By saying mother the one who believed me I gave poison to that person And mother like me is getting Punishment from her own son I deserve it Mother like me gave birth to son like you Then God must be feeling ashamed Bit me! Bit me! -I just bit you now If you will not give papers then I will kill you I will not give you though you kill me I will take it by killing you Chote Nawab! Chote Nawab! Chote Nawab! Chote Nawab! Chote Nawab! Chote Nawab! Chote Nawab! Chote Nawab! Mother ! Mother! Mother! Son!

Son! Mother! No! No! Son! Son! Son! Mother! Your blessings saved me Forgive us for not being support to our parents Forgive us I lost my mother with my birth Now I am departing from you Just like other in my destiny I don’t have love of mother You will get some support That’s why I am giving whole property to your name Bye! I will go away Then also my mind will be near to you Father, take care of mother Mother! By understanding me meaning of word-mother! You will go away after making me real mother! Then this mother will not able to live Mother! Son! Mother makes forget whole world Child and animals too! Sleeping near to their mother