every day people are finding unexplained objects across America they found him in riverbeds in the middle of a forest in their backyard history has received thousands of tips from people seeking answers about their strange discoveries descriptions I’ve never seen anything like that before oh my god that can’t be real but what if it is now for the first time we’ve gathered experts from around the country to investigate these artifacts following tips sent in by you it’s the perfect setup we’ll identify the most compelling cases and we’ll solve these mysteries we believe that this could be mm oh my god there’s a history behind it every object I’m sure that’s gotta be Jesse James’s blood but it’s not always the history you expect when I saw Scandanavian room down in Florida my BS meter was just off the charts BAM there’s a whole country full of people out there with strange artifacts we’re gonna get them the answers they deserve we was out walking around fishing and there was you know within two minutes in finding it I knew it was special it was just the inscription sits on it the size the shape material I’ve never seen anything like that woman so did you find that artifact here bouncing on a washout you know it was right after a flood a big chunk of Earth had fallen off and it wasn’t long after that he was yelling found a disc I have a feeling it’s been in that same place for thousands of years but that big flood it’s what actually allowed it to a surface and allow me to find it well we’ve come a long way man let’s– can we see this piece absolutely hold it out there it is well I’ll tell you what the lighter than out is soon this is this is neat it’s got some weird symbols on it well this is interesting this one in the heart we see that piece yeah it’s gonna see tell me what your thoughts are well that is super light it is some of the best discoveries are the ones you find when you least expect it every artifact and tip we receive is an unsolved mystery well we love most about this is meeting with the people directly to help them figure out what it is they found well I can tell you two things blue one thing I could see right away I know this is not stoned I don’t think it’s ceramic either but I don’t know the material it’s very very unique right I’ve done some research on cattle brands and some of these resemble cattle branch or some sort of identification mark I’m not saying that’s what you got right there was a to be symbol that really got my attention this looked almost identical to a cattle brand I’ve seen down in Florida do you guys have any thoughts on what this may be you know from just research and looking at the glyphs what we’ve thinking minoan i just due to the fact of the inscription tonot and where they looked for research we’ve done now the Minoans or an ancient civilization that existed 4000 years ago on the island of crete if this thing was Minoan we’re talking like ancient Egypt old there was a clay disc that’s associated with the Minoans ice to Phaistos disc it was a fire baked clay disk that had similar looking now the Phaistos disc was found in Crete in a secure archaeological context that’s it that’s a mighty long way Tennessee there’s been other artifacts found bronze Spears that look Roman you know within 700 yards of this and you ask yourself why does that look Roman what is this other people have claimed to have found Minoan artifacts in the United States but all of them have been faking be honest with you I think this wouldn’t be a longshot the hope in the center that’s the one that gets me you know you gotta ask yourself why right at first light said candleholder yes sir I know it could be anything it seems at the moment right another thing that came to my mind is have you ever seen hobo script hobos were travelling across the United States and in front of certain houses or railroad tracks or places you can get a good meal by a good-looking lady they would have certain symbols like these sort of a communication system that they would use that’s actually a great theory – I think the real key is gonna be the script you know there’s only a certain amount of cultures that had their own indigenous script right right no groups in North America right right most Native Americans did not have a writing sister so later on so right away I would doubt that this is going to be something local you know we just want to find out what it is maybe what time period it come from maybe what some of the symbols are raining on it well cool I tell you what we’re gonna be in Tennessee kicking around for a few days would you mind if we took this with us so we could look at it absolutely well I think we could tell you what this thing’s made of where it’s from they’d never be awesome I just be relieved to find out if it was an authentic piece or not if it’s that important I’d want the world to see it

to figure this thing out we decided to start with the symbols so we accessed our databases to see what we could find the symbols on the disk looked like cattle brands to me and that turned out to be the key to solve this whole thing I’m getting ready to meet these guys and I’m really curious to find out what it is that they are they have what it’s gonna be afternoon fellas what up gents man I’ve got some great news for you guys we figured out what this thing is and believe it or not it was actually shocking to both of us I think this is not a Native American or a fact it’s also not Minoan I’ll present that to you this is a 1950s horseshoe game I’ll hold the pieces and you guys can start taking a look at what do you see check us out so basically an ode style horseshoe yeah horseshoes yep like that’s something it’s right here it’s about as old as my old man it was a shocker I mean never in a hundred years we’re glad to find out you know exactly what it is I mean countless nights of lost sleep thinking you know we’ve got something here or of course it is something but not what was expected but very very cool to figure out what it is what led Joe to figuring this out I was looking at the symbols and at the end of the day that was the key that broke it wide open if I wouldn’t have identified the to be as a cattle brand I never we might still be scratching our heads trying to figure this thing out right sure this toy was made by the Auburn rubber company they made a bunch of toys with the same rubbery material called bakelite and after years of being in the ground and corroding it can kind of give the impression of a baked clay object or a ceramic hmm so you know looking at it it’s it’s easy to tell why anybody picked it up you can even see where the made in USA is no longer on this disc holy cow you’re right I mean you know with the flooding it could have been washed down from way upstream and deposited where we found to that what about in that area people go to the party people go there to to camp right yeah so it makes sense to me what do you do when you’re partying in camping 50 years ago you’re playing horseshoes yeah kinda actually relieved about it’s a needle in a haystack we found a horseshoe game in the middle of a 2,000 acre field so that’s kind of cool yeah I tell you what me and my guy against you and your guy since they’re all right we know blues a Florida Gator fan he’s here in Tennessee to get that book we were playing horseshoes come on Nobby you never know how people are gonna react to answers well these guys didn’t get the minoan answer that they were after they did get the truth the rifles been passed down from my great-grandfather to my grandfather to my dad and now to me the story was my great-grandfather may have won it in a poker game with custard my years of looking at antiques you know I’ve seen everything this gun belonged to Custer General George Armstrong Custer well you know what I got a bridge in Brooklyn I’ll sell you there is hey guys what have you got for us Wow it’s a trapdoor it’s a trapdoor yes Wow Springfield trapdoor rifle may I please beautiful gun beautiful gun fantastic conditions so this is an officer’s model rifle how did your great-grandfather get this our family lore states that it actually came straight from custard won in a poker game prior to the Battle of a Little Bighorn my great-grandfather is James C Ferguson he was a doctor at Fort Totten in the Dakota Territory in the 1870s what good thing lives have hopefully many good things this could be a very valuable weapon if we can tie it to Custer this is a 200 250 thousand dollar weapon yep it’s incredible I would never ever thought it would be that much my dad had kind of put a price on it and maybe around $30,000 but I had no idea would be that that much now we’re talking if it’s Custer’s weapon correct maybe half of your dad’s estimate if it isn’t if it’s just a regular Springfield 73 officers rifle okay so the ultimate goal here then is we’ve got to figure out are there records that show this gun belonged to Custer I’m gonna focus on the genealogical story because there’s a lot

of military records out there I’m gonna go right to Springfield okay look at their records see who this gun was made for when I heard Stewart’s say that the gun could be worth up to $250,000 I was blown away I have some other sisters who would probably prefer to take the money and run I’m just trying to complete a story and have that information in our family history you know as the gun stands it’s a beautiful weapon it’s probably worth $15,000 in today’s market one sold not too long ago and not as good a shape for about thirteen thousand if we can link it to Custer it’s a whole new story you history has received thousands of tips from people who found strange objects they couldn’t identify and now we’re sending experts to get you the answers you’ve been looking for I found a stone while I was building a flowerbed for my wife I hid the stone pulled it out of the ground just look like a regular rock when I went to throw it I seen some writing on the stone I tell you what it’s cold in Pennsylvania yes it is real cold it’s about all this floor – boy I can take right here work on this wow this is actually super cool looking right tell me you found this here yes those writer on mother’s day and I decided I was gonna build my wife a flower bed I found out about a foot foot and a half to eat really it kind of reminds me of like an old field stone headstone that’s what I thought too my wife was not too happy when she saw it I bet she was they don’t want me to dig any more she was afraid I was gonna find some water there’s something else oh my god my name is John Nair born in 1747 I ran from the Battle of Brandywine in 1777 the Battle of Brandywine was one of the longest single day battles in the Revolutionary War and it was one of the few losses for George Washington the battle actually took place not far from here so it is plausible that there’s a connection between this artifact and the Battle of Brandywine that almost sounds like an admission of desertion yes this isn’t that surprising more people were deserted during the Revolution than any other US war I got to tell you the one thing that’s just not jiving with me this is written first person right it seems odd to me that one person would feel so much guilt that he would scroll a confession on a rock and then leave it I feel like it may be more likely that somebody carved it to besmirch somebody else okay what I’m hoping for is to find out who John Eyre was was he a deserter was this meant for shame or was it his confession this thing turned out to be from the Revolutionary War that would be amazing well then the question is how the hell did it end up here Nick I don’t know my first thought is this was a hoax sign confession which you don’t get hardly ever you know it’s got the guy’s name his birthdate and the Battle of Brandywine I mean it’s it’s set up almost too perfect what can you tell me about this so we have a local John there as no we don’t I’ve tried to research his name could not find anything well hells bells well tell you what Nick I’d like to get you some answers we got the mobile lab I’ve got some equipment in there and we can actually take a look at this and I’ll see if I can’t figure something out for you all cool awesome I have a digital microscope so what I’m gonna do is take a look at the grooves in the rock to make sure that the weathering within the grooves is consistent with the weathering outside the rock since I got to do all my testing on-site I’m gonna need to get some help so I called Mike up asked him if he’d to search some genealogical databases and figure out who the hell John there is I’m the lab guy the artifacts come to me I analyze them I make recommendations for testing this artifact has everything you want it’s got a name a date a confession it’s almost too good to be true for this stone I’m gonna look at our genealogical database I’m gonna check military records I’m gonna check historical records and hopefully I come up with something liz is got a great family story here she says she might have get this general Custer’s rifle the story was my great-grandfather was a very good poker player and I won it in a poker game with custard the gun in America is a pretty romantic thing historically speaking you know you could say the guns won the West my years of looking at antiques I’m a little skeptical about the whole Custer lineage if it is true this is a very valuable gun everybody’s going to be

happy and we’re talking a lot of zeroes hey guys welcome back you guys find any interesting fun facts about that rifle we did we did I don’t know if it’s so fun but they’re facts they’re facts so the good news is Liz this is an authentic 1873 trapdoor Springfield rifle officers model fantastic the $15,000 weapon the way it stands it’s a beautiful gun the condition is fantastic if we can link it connect it to Custer it’s possibly a $250,000 gun eyes consulted a couple gunsmiths they said there’s a serial number under there but we could hurt the value of the gun looking for it in order to link it to Custer we’re gonna have to disassemble it that could damage the weapon liz has got a big decision to make to see what she wants to do here a few gunsmiths buddies of mine better knowledge than me said do not take it apart not take it apart it could it could decrease the value in doing it so that’s the bad news maybe that’s the good news though – so what do you want to do before you make that decision let me come in a little bit here because I’ve got some other data that that could sway your your mind okay all right it’s about the muster roll this is the key your great-grandfather was at Fort Totten and sadly there’s nothing in the muster roll that shows Custer checks in Liz is got a great family story here that relates to her great-grandfather James Seaford the military made great records in checking the mustard record and see where people were located there is no conclusive evidence that shows at one time Custer and Ferguson are together however there’s an oral tradition that has said one night a late night Custer makes his way to Fort Totten he rolls up he plays a game of cards and to see so the paper trail definitely says one thing no no no no no but the oral tradition is another source all right so the good news is we could look into it further the only way to do that is to take the stock off look for serial numbers which we may find which may lead us to Custer which may lead us to nothing what do you want to do well it it potentially severely damaged the rifle we don’t know you never know what’s gonna happen it could Nick it it could decrease the value of it the slightest Nick hurts it that’s the facts so I’m going to come at you as not just a researcher not just an archaeologist but someone who loves history this piece for four generations of your family has not changed I would say you keep this as is you are holding a piece of American history so this you’ve got the facts from both of us our opinions what’s your answer originally I thought about dismantling it and see what’s inside it but it really is all about the gun and the history and the preservation in Pasadena well down to the next generation so I would say I will say no I don’t want to take it apart I will keep it in the state very good thank you as Dale says there’s always layers maybe we’ll find a layer in the future but for now great decision I’m so happy that Liz made this decision this artifact is gonna stay together it’s gonna stay complete after hearing Dale talk about preserving it I could not tear it apart the gun may be tied to Custer but I know it’s tied to my great-grandfather and that means but so much more than whether it’s tied to Custer or not so I’m here at strand Pennsylvania with a fella named Nick what he has is a stone that’s etched with possibly a confession of desertion from the Revolutionary War I’m glad blue is here I hope he can find some answers of what the stone is it would be wonderful my first impression looking at this stone it looks old but I’m not convinced that the etching is a confession it just seems almost too fantastic the stone has a name on it his name’s John NER so I called Mike up asked him if he’d run the computer for me see if we can’t find out who the hell

John there really was hey Mike what do you got for me man really Mike came through for me and he figured out who John there is now the first thing I did was I used the UV light to take a look at the stone I was looking for the false weathering pattern like something a forger would do to make the stone look older than what it is and I found no such staining so the next thing I wanted to do is I want to take a look at the etchings themself to see if the weathering within the grooves was consistent with the weathering on the outside of the stone and the good news is that it was which clears you as a forger by the way part of my job as an archaeologist is to explore every possibility which means sorry Nick I gotta make sure I’m not getting played so what all this tells us is that this thing is not a fake and we have some good news we know who John there is you do we do John there was a member of the Revolutionary Army however he was not a combatant he was a Pfeifer what’s the favor he played the Fife picture if you will a battle scene all right pure chaos you’ve got gunfire you’ve got cannon fire and you’ve got blood-curdling screams all right your general is still trying to direct his troops on the field he’d turned to a spy player and a spy player would play a note or a series of notes and the formations would know whether they would flank whether to retreat whether to advance you can imagine you hear this tune or these notes pick up over the battle and suddenly you know what you’re supposed to do how you’re supposed to move when blue says John Mayer was a fighter I was a little shocked I couldn’t imagine being a fighter I mean you’re walking headlong into a hail of bullets and you’re just playing a little instrument no protection no armor no way he’s chaotic as it would have been out there it wouldn’t have been uncommon for particularly a noncombatant to run as an archaeologist I travel all over the world this guy steps out his backyard digs a hole and he finds this awesome artifact come on now I know who John there was and I was hoping he was real and I’m glad to finally get that answer today I had an artifact in my hand it was from the Revolutionary War I mean that’s awesome that’s a part of this country’s history and it’s fabulous to be able to hold something like that in your hands you history has received thousands of tips from people who found strange objects they couldn’t identify now we’re sending experts to get you the answers you’ve been looking for when I found the flail I was probably 10 11 years old and I thought it was an old bedpost sticking out of the stone wall and I almost walked right past it we both ran into the house right away as quick as we could to show my mom we’re hoping Lily can tell us how old they are and maybe what their original purpose was I’m in western Massachusetts I’m meeting with brother and sister apparently they found these weapons in the woods somewhere so here you have some pretty cool artifacts we really do I’m excited to see them can you check them out yes or no right over here okay let’s take a look my favorite part of this is meeting people who have found an artifact and then hung on to it for you know 20 30 40 years because they have that kind of lingering curiosity I wonder if that’s important I wonder I wonder if that’s something special okay no so brace yourself these are wicked cool I’m just letting you know oh wow is medieval right where did you find this stuff just right really in the backyard here when me my sister found the knife I was oh five years old maybe six and I couldn’t really quite comprehend that it was a metal dagger in our stone wall I always wanted to kind of bring it to school and show all my friends my parents would never let me do that I had found the flail couple years later as a 10 11 year old girl out in a backyard and Western Massachusetts the last thing I was expecting to find was a flail maybe a couple hundred years old I can see someone digging around in their backyard out here finding maybe one cool thing for these kids within a couple of years found two awesome pieces what are you add to that I can’t believe so much detail is survived that’s super cool see so it’s actually in pretty good shape let’s look at this beast yeah very

intimidating still intact yeah everything every part of it it looks like you’re not missing anything the flail aside from being capable of demolishing a small child has some really cool details it has definitely a strong nod to Western European royal court culture whoever made this knife clearly knew what they were doing and clearly had an eye for detail it makes me think that maybe it was even a custom piece that’s such a strange shape for the blade this sort of like Plus shape so that’s that ridge get going on there yeah cuz I’m just so high going along here that you know you think that’s more for support I’m thinking that it’s a the type of blade that is not meant for slicing I think it’s more of a stabbing weapon daggers over that shape are meant for gutting people they’re meant for bleeding this is a tool for killing when I was young I always imagined they were involved in hand-to-hand combat you know with Knights and maybe even monsters depending on what I was thinking at the time this top figure here it does look somewhat like a Jesus figure you know you got that we always figured yeah you got the long hair you got the the loincloth he got his hands looks like his hands his wrists are bound I mean it’s in the same kind of what they call in Greek and Roman are at that contrapposto kind of like hanging out with your hip kind of cocked out and that helps us date this this your sort of basic medieval style flail we’ve got these you know ball and star with that with the the five points you know in flails our ancient you know they’re they go beyond weaponry they’re originally used to beat the seeds out of wheat in ancient Egypt even someone thought well if it’s good for hit and crops it’s good for it in people throw some spikes on it and make it kind of pretty and then off we go right into battle with it so as a kid I always imagined these were used by in battle as a knight and suit of armor and stuff like that is that possible I certainly wouldn’t rule that out so what are you thinking you know we found it in in Western Massachusetts where we had a lot of a lot of British coming in a lot of the French coming in before you know everything really started flourishing here defined some medieval tools in western Massachusetts that would be super cool I brought a little bit of equipment with me you know I’ll run a couple of tests and we’ll see what we can see great all right obviously she can’t find out why they were here but I think I just really want to find out what they are potentially and how old they are because they don’t look like they’re newer made items they look like they’re pretty old I’m really hoping that she’ll tell us that they were actually used in combat and they were actually swung by a medieval knight at some point in history David and Suzanne have been creating stories about these pieces since they were little kids I mean you know a little kid finding weapons in the in the florists imagination goes crazy there they think maybe it was something that was used in battle maybe some kind of medieval pieces I hit it with an alloy test first thing I did was I had to give it a little swab try to figure out what it’s made of one more thing that I did today was I got a 3d scan of these artifacts sent it off to a weapons expert really getting hands-on with these kind of things is the best part but I get to kind of dive into this little gem of a memory for this whole family and I get to maybe help them solve a little mystery in their past so we hit these with an alloy test the alloy test let us know that this is made of iron and if it’s made of iron that’s definitely not medieval immutable times I think these kind of weapons would be made of steel the next thing I did was I hit it with the 3d scanner given what they look like given their rate of decay given what they’re made of they’re probably around 18th century pieces which is pretty old actually I was I was pretty shocked now they’re basically in pristine condition so that really lets us know that these were not used in battle at any point so they were either ceremonial they were sort of commissioned just for display I think these pieces could definitely function as weapons they are fully functioning weapons because they’re so decorated I’m not sure that that’s their original use but if there was someone coming at you I’d reach for the flail what is your just your thoughts on where these came from how they got here in this area there was a little known tradition where people would take these beautiful daggers and stick them in a grave as sort of an offering to the to the person who’s buried there in sort of in memoriam would that be the only grave marker would that be in addition to a tombstone in addition to a tombstone almost like a decoration or a gift set of flowers like we do today right there’s a bit longer lasting than flowers yeah yeah and kind of cooler my opinion kilometer but then in my will yeah the Mesa is something a little bit more of a mystery we’re not really sure you know how it would get out in the woods but the earliest European settlers could have settled here and then try to recreate something that was akin to what they were familiar with in Europe okay so Lily we kind of have a family thing out of those two items which you think is cool we got 50 bucks riding on this and that’s a tough one I mean the the mace kind of a appeals to my to my bloodlust you know that that desire to just go screaming into battle but I have to say I got to go with with a dagger I think it’s it’s the detail on it is so

fine first glance you don’t see a whole lot and then the more you look the more there is to see so that one kind of sound kind of charm to me the truth is you know even if these aren’t you know the 500 year old artifacts that we were hoping that they would be these siblings found two artifacts out here that are just spectacular and it’s really unusual for people to have items this old just sitting in their houses it’s pretty cool I’m so glad that Lily was able to come out here to on earth some answers for us really getting hands-on with these kind of things is the best part of it I mean meeting the people just feeling so welcome and really being able to explore with my own eyes that’s such an incredible experience that’s why we do this just because these didn’t turn out to be as old as we might have hoped they are still incredibly old and it doesn’t really lessen their value that they weren’t used to actually kill another person that’s actually even a little makes me sleep a little bit better at night so it’s kind of funny I never mentally detected before I bought one about a year ago and my third time out with it I was in Utah up towards the old Lewis and Clark trail and I found with these coins or whatever they are what your mother’s tell you about meeting strange men on the side of the road don’t you Tommy it sounds like you got a partner in oh you know can I help you sure yeah by all means well my truck my Harley and my dogs are pretty much my life I go home once sometimes twice a year I can tell she rules the roost yeah what so you would a little out here you want to go back here yeah Wow all right these are pretty neat where were you where did you find these it was last spring I was up in Utah and I went out in the desert a buff little Lewis and Clark trail and started swinging metal detector you know they call swing yeah really yeah metal detecting is awesome it’s archaeology its history its intrigue every time it goes off your mind and your heart go wild because oh my gosh what did I find there were about eight inches down buddy ten feet apart from each other what are your thoughts what do you think this is I have no idea when I looked at them I’m taking pictures of them with my iPhone and blowing them up and then blowing the blow up up and you can see little grooves and lines like fish scaling so to me it said that there had to be some at least some significant age the most passionate somebody is is when they’re giving you the details on this object the theories the thoughts what it may be you can tell these people who spent many hours thinking and dreaming about these objects it looks Roman but it has the wreaths on the outside of the helmet so that looks great the Romans used coins as far back as the 3rd century BC and Greeks use them about four hundred years before that they usually showed profiles of prominent figures like gods and Kings your reflexes and looking at the helmet and trying to figure out you know what kind of culture that represents is pretty spot-on Tommy said he found these objects along the Lewis and Clark trail but after talking to him it’s clear he thinks they’re much older than that it doesn’t look like a coin to me because you know it’s one sided right we don’t have a denomination there’s no numbers so I didn’t think it was necessarily money but I still call him a clinks I don’t know what else to call him now I know you’re ex-military and the X law enforcement so you have to be familiar way a challenge for ya well I don’t have my military won but I got my Masonic one no you got it’s believed that the Romans actually invented the concept of the challenge point but they had a coin that was awarded for bravery or heroics in the US military it’s meant to solidify your unit it says a bond it’s a team building morale building thing coin carrying people to challenge their comrades to ensure that they all had their coins with him as well the guy who forgets to bring his coin buys the round I went in the military right out of high school I did my for years did a tour over in the Middle East and then decided to use my GI Bill to go back to college we can run some tests on it and figure out what material it is we’ll be able to get it under a microscope and be able to get a more detailed look at it there might be worth 50 cents it might be worth a fortune I have no idea lily and I are skeptical that these things are coins but it’s definitely worth taking back to the lab putting them in front of Mike and running some tests see if we can’t figure out what these things are of course your mind runs wild with possibilities if there is old is I think they possibly could be there could have been travel thousand two thousand years prior to Columbus here you once we get a lead we look at the artifact and we we feel it in our hands if we feel like it needs some testing we bring it back to the lab we’re really putting these things through the wringer to try to figure out what the truth is

behind these artifacts we don’t want to give these people false hope just so that they can you know sleep well at night just that they can take something back and have a cool story with our friends we want to find out the truth these are the coins with Tommy found in Utah just run the XRF on this thing see if we can figure out what elements it’s made of typically when we get a metal object here in the lab we subject it to XR f XR f stands for x-ray fluorescence it’s a really good tool for determining the material composition of an artifact my first impression after looking at the coins is that they’re really not coins they’re only one sided there’s no denomination there’s no writing of any kind the question is what are they I’m ruling out challenge coin and it’s not very typical of ancient medallions coins anything like that so if you look at the back of this under the microscope you can actually see that there are little bits of glue you’re totally right and that’s clearly glue so obviously this was attached both of these were attached to something else these are decorative elements this has a whole bunch of motifs going on it’s sort of a mishmash we might be looking at some kind of a costume jewelry like literally a late 19th century Roman costume someone you know within our era look back at you know Roman and you know greco-roman motifs and thought helmets plumes beards and I have to say you know to the untrained eye it’s it’s convincing um you know the beard in particular that kind of bubbly nature of it is not unusual that style is actually pretty solid speaking of bubbles yeah what do you see there I mean that to me is a hallmark of a bubbling or corroding if it’s corroding it’s it’s not a noble metal it’s not a precious metal it does appear that it’s created to look here’s our guy first time we met this dude he pulls up and a semi-truck this time he’s pulling up on Harley hey what’s up buddy he’s literally got a tiny dog strapped to him like a purse a dollar purse how about that I hand sewed the harness for her and she can’t go anywhere upside down sideways whatever she can’t fall off as long as it’s around my neck she loves it so we got some interesting stuff to tell you we can definitely say it’s not currency every coin on record that I know of from the Greek and Roman era is has a back to it there are a couple of things that that indicate that this has been basically falsely aged and you pointed out one of the last time we spoke there’s what you called a spider webbing where this it almost looks cracked the seal into the glaze that’s cracked and is aging sort of prematurely basically and is making the metal look as though it’s also aging along with it so we ran an XRF test and the next RF test is basically something that lets us know what the material is without doing anything invasive and when the XRF told us about this is that it’s mostly tin tin is inexpensive it’s readily available and it’s not used in currency the bottom line these aren’t ancient these are more modern pieces so it won’t buy her a new sidecar Tommy’s a pretty upbeat guy he’s such a character it’s not good news it’s not what he wants to hear but it is the truth and at the end of the day that’s what he wants what we think is that these are 20th century decorative pieces you know when they told me that it kind of sucked you know there goes that new Harley I want it Lilly was able to pick up trace elements of adhesive or glue on the back of these but these would have been decorative elements that were stuck to something you don’t do something how did they end up in the middle of the desert out by the Lewis and Clark trail that’s sort of the million dollar question isn’t it without really sure as far as you know how they got there some mysteries will never slow in the desert you know the the fact that I found it in a desert and where I found them and how they even got there I’d be lucky to find anything that light ever again they may not be worth anything but this won’t stop me from metal detecting fauna struck gold thought I had a jackpot I’m not the one buying beers tonight I’ve got no money we’re getting leads from people who have artifacts all across the country and they want to know what they’ve got they want to know how old they are where they came from if they’re important or not we’re gonna come to you we’re gonna hear your story we’re gonna look at your artifact and we’re gonna get you some answers it may not always like the answer we give them but the bottom line is we’re getting to the truth it’s really hard to say when you’re gonna happen across an important artifact or an exciting artifact the important thing is just to keep looking baguette art everywhere