(dramatic music) # Six Texas Rangers # Hi oh, hi oh # Rode in the sun # Hi oh, hi oh # Six men of justice rode into an ambush # And dead were all but one # One lone survivor # Hi oh, hi oh # Lay on the trail # Hi oh, hi oh # Found there by Tonto, the brave Indian Tonto # He lived to tell the tale # Hi oh Silver # Hi oh Silver, away # Hi oh Silver # Hi oh Silver, away # His wounds quickly mended # Hi oh, hi oh # And there in the night # Hi oh, hi oh # Six graves were put there to hide from the outlaws # That one man lived to fight # He chose silver bullets # Hi oh, hi oh # The sign of his name # Hi oh, hi oh # A mask to disguise him, a great silver stallion # And thus began his fame # Hi oh Silver # Hi oh Silver, away # Hi oh Silver # Hi oh Silver, away # The Lone Ranger # Is his name # (trumpet music) (“William Tell Overture” by Rossini) (horse neighing) (“William Tell Overture” by Rossini) (gunshots booming) (gunshots booming) (bullet whizzing) (fists thudding) (fists thudding) (yelling) He won’t be talking to anybody What about that masked man and Injun? They could cause us plenty of trouble We got what we were after

No matter who that masked man is, he’d never be able to figure out what that was Come on We could do nothing, Kemo Sabe The Mission Sandorio isn’t far from here Maybe the padre can identify him Let me get horses (horse neighing) What is it, big fella? Him act strange, Kemo Sabe He’s trying to tell us something What’s the trouble, Silver? Tonto, something’s wrong (baby crying) A baby! (Long Ranger chuckles) Him must have been put in rocks before outlaws attacked Silver found the baby and it looks as if he plans on taking good care of him Don’t worry, big fellow, we’ll be careful with your new little friend (baby sneezing) (mission bells ringing) Kemo Sabe, them think we kill this man Woman: Padre, Padre, come quickly! Welcome, my sons Lone Ranger: Hello, Padre We didn’t mean to frighten your people Yes, yes, I know, my friend, but Lone Ranger: Do you know that man? Woman: Padre, it’s Koomani from the village He was attacked by a group of hooded outlaws Padre: And the little one, is he all right? Yes, he was safely hidden in the rocks Oh, come, come, Paviva, you mustn’t be frightened These men are my friends But the mask, Padre He doesn’t hide behind it for evil purposes, like those who call themselves the Hooded Raiders (praying in foreign language) Take Koomani It is hard for them to understand, and their fears have grown worse since this all started Have outlaws killed others? A wave of robbery and murder has been going on for over three months They look to me for an answer, I don’t know what to say to them And now, this little child of Koomani’s The mother is already gone So tiny to be without a home and loved ones Oh no, Padre, he will have a home here And I will love him (baby cooing) Paviva will take care of you, little one Padre, do you not think it wise to send for the doctor? I would rest much easier if I knew that the baby was unharmed Me get doctor Where I find him? In his office, in Sandorio Dr. James Rolfe Gunman: Brady, come here Ah, that’s the Indian that was with the masked man And he’s looking for the doctor Barman: What are you doing in here, Injun? Me look for Dr. Rolfe Man tell me he is here Did the man tell you I don’t allow no redskins in here? Me leave, after me find doctor The doctor’s upstairs in lock-up, attending one of my prisoners

Now if you got any business with him, get on outside and wait for him Me find doctor I said outside, Injun! Pale Hat Man: Maybe you’re hard of hearing, Injun? Blue Hat Man: Maybe he don’t know it’s the sheriff talking to him (clattering) Take it easy on the woodwork, boys Costs a lot of money to keep this place solid (fists thudding) Stop! Let that man alone Pale Hat Man: Better keep out of it, Doc That’s enough! Pale Hat Man: Doc, what’s the matter, you gettin’ queasy or something? Sheriff: Yeah, kind of out of your line, ain’t it, Doc? How come you’re taking the side of an Injun? I’ve got enough work to do without patching up after your saloon brawls I told him we didn’t allow no redskins in here That doesn’t give you the right to stand by and see a man almost killed It’s supposed to be your job to keep the peace Tonto: You’re Dr. James Rolfe? That’s right Padre sent me from Mission Is the Padre ill? No, but him want you come Certainly Another one of them charity patients, huh, Doc? Oh, now don’t get sore, Doc You know how it is, I gotta see to it the place is run right (baby cooing) Sound as a dollar He’s a fine boy, Paviva I hope you can get the men who killed his father It’s too bad the law can’t help you I’m afraid Tonto found out rather painfully what kind of a man our sheriff is Bruises on body go away, but Sheriff have sickness can’t be fixed with medicine Padre, we’ll be heading for our campsite By the way, the first Indian who was killed, were there any surviving relatives? Yes, his widow Her name is Caulama She’s working for Frances Henderson Thank you Well Speak and you shall see Here’s Frances Henderson Do you wish to see her? No, Padre Tonto and I will leave through the back entrance The fewer people that know of our presence here, the easier our work will be (knocking at door) Come in, my dear You’re a welcome sight to the tired eyes of an old man Oh, a man’s never old when he can make a woman’s heart flutter with such charming words, Padre I bet you were a devil 20 years ago Oh, hardly a devil I saw horses outside I’m not intruding on something, am I? No, Frances The horses belong to some friends of mine (baby cooing) Oh, what a precious child! Paviva: The baby’s father was attacked and killed by the Hooded Raiders How terrible! Why did they kill him? Same as before. No apparent reason Oh, this is terrible What kind of men do we have in this town? As of right now, I’m doubling my reward for the capture of the raiders What about the wire I sent to the Federal Marshall’s office? Have you received any word? Not a word, Padre I doubt if anyone even knows this town exists anymore, including the Federal Marshall’s office I sometimes wonder why I stay here If it weren’t for men like you and the doctor, I would have left a long time ago Tell me, Doctor Rolfe, what keeps you in Sandorio? It’s my home But a handsome, intelligent young man like you, why, why you could make twice as much money in some other town It’s his job to heal the sick in body, my dear, just as it is my job to heal the souls If money were the important thing, I’m afraid Sandorio would lose both of us I just wish I weren’t so disgustingly healthy, Doctor Believe me, I’d welcome a chance to become your patient Padre, I’ve got to get back now But please, if there’s anything I can do, just let me know And try not to be so serious, Doctor You’re so much more handsome when you smile James Why do you make it so difficult? There’s nothing to discuss, Paviva I told you that How can you stand it? How can you just stand by? Because I’ve learned to live with it I’ve learned to resign myself to what I’m doing I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do My child, what is it?

What is wrong? (Paviva sobbing) (crickets chirping) (Silver neighing) (cans clattering) [Native American With Rifle] You have killed our friend Koomani For that, you will die You’re wrong We tried to save his life but we were too late That right We take his boy child to mission where him be safe One hand not clean the other Padre will tell you, we speak the truth We come as friends Friends? Friend not fear to have face be seen I only wear this mask as a symbol of justice Does this mean anything to you? A silver bullet That great silver stallion Hoo-wa-ka When I first saw the mask, I thought Thought I was one of the Hooded Raiders? Yes I am called Redbird I understand the men of your tribe have accepted the laws of the land Why are you now taking the law into your own hands? Two of my people have been killed The law seems not to be written for us The law was written for all men Kemo Sabe, look It is beginning of ceremony of Lake of Fire Torch will burn till five suns have crossed the sky Padre spoke to me of the festival your people plan You have heard the legend? Yes Tonto told me the story, but it was many years ago Redbird: It is told here on stone by my ancestors It was many, many years ago, when the shiny-headed Spanish warriors came up from the sea They plundered the villages of my ancestors, and many were killed Spanish soldiers hunt for seven cities of gold They care not who die The Indians can’t work with arrow against gun and armor It is here where this lake now ripples in the moonlight that the legend of the Lake of Fire began The Spanish warriors had made campsite here, put guards out Spanish know that my people were to attack at dawn, and know they fight to death But Spanish not worry They know that only miracle can save Indians from slaughter But then, miracle happen A great ball of fire came out of the heavens Ball of fire fell straight at Spanish camp (dramatic music) The Spanish were destroyed and my ancestors were saved The great hole made by fire from heaven soon filled with water, and Lake of Fire was born It stays to give my people truth of the great power above That is why we have ceremony Crater Lake The ball of fire of course was a meteorite That is what white man believes But to the Indian, it was dropped by the hand of someone above (coyotes yipping) Redbird: We must return to our village I will tell our chief that you are here His heart is heavy with sorrow now because of the death of Koomani Redbird, you will keep your promise to the Padre? Redbird cannot say what will happen when next the sun rises Only that he will fight for his people Ross: Make out anything? Frances: A little, it’s too early to tell We still only have two medallions, and I need all five If you’d need a thousand, Fran, I’d get ’em for you Frances: I know you would, Ross Please, Ross, not now We’ll have plenty of time together after this is all over

Ross: That city of gold’s been there a long time It’s not going anywhere Frances: I know that Don’t get sore, Fran What’s the matter, getting scared? Maybe I don’t like having that masked man after us Particularly after what happened today Ross: Ah, what could he find out? Maybe it’s hard for you to understand, Ross, but, well this is something that I’ve thought about for over five years Ever since my late husband and I found out for sure that the city of gold existed We collected and read hundreds of books, deciphered thousands of documents And then we found it, in the journal of one of Coronado’s lieutenants One of the seven legendary cities of Si-pet-a was a reality It’s right here, Ross, near Sandorio The five medallions are a key to fabulous wealth We must locate the others Don’t worry about it, we will The boys are getting kind of anxious about another payday They’re tired of collecting Indian trinkets They think I’m a little loco Frances: You haven’t told them anything, have you? Of course not But like I say, they’re running short of whiskey money You think you can get them together by tomorrow afternoon? Yeah, sure, what do you got in mind? Well, there’s a payroll going out to the Dallas mine Dallas? That belongs to you That’s right, it does Don’t you think it’s about time I was a victim of the Hooded Raiders? Fran, you’re great Frances: So are you Ross: I know, but convince me (dramatic music) (gunshot booming) (gunshots booming) (outlaws yelling) (coyotes yipping) (crickets chirping) Long Ranger: Tonto, I don’t understand it They kill a poor Indian for no apparent reason Then they rob Frances Henderson of a payroll Tonto: You think maybe them try to throw suspicion away from Indian killing? I don’t know I wonder The legend the of the Lake of Fire Does it have any connection with these mysterious killings? (horse snorting) (horse whinnying) (laughter) Kemo Sabe? Lone Ranger: Brett Reagan, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at your service, sir Seem that you failed to provide your steed with a horse blanket Ah, Scout, him plenty funny Get up, Scout Go on Go on! Why you wear disguise? Well, it just seemed to me that a nice Southern gentleman like myself could get more answers in Sandorio than that masked man you ride with That right, but who you talk to? Tonto, my first stop will be the Indian woman whose husband was killed two weeks ago Maybe she can help us You ride Silver? No, it might be that some of the Hooded Raiders are in Sandorio I’ll get a horse from the Padre When you leave? Well, as my daddy Colonel Beauregard Reagan

was fond of saying, there’s no time like the present No, sir You’d better stay here I’ll contact you shortly Mr. Reagan, Caulama will be out shortly I hope you won’t upset her, she’s very old and her husband’s death was quite a shock to her Well, I’ll try not to, ma’am You like my painting? Well I never did care much for Velazquez Can-no was more to my liking Why, you surprise me, Mr. Reagan You don’t look to be an art lover Well, you can never judge a book by its cover Like this ranch here of yours I never expected to find all this inside My late husband was quite a collector of early Spanish art, and fortunately I’ve had the money to keep up the same interests myself Sit down Lone Ranger: Thank you, ma’am Tell me, Mr. Reagan Why exactly did you come here? To speak to the Indian woman Well, I know that, but why? It could be that thousand dollars you’re offering for information about the Hooded Raiders Oh, are you a lawman? No, ma’am, not exactly Then it’s the money that you’re after That’s right I understand one of your wagons was robbed yesterday Does that up the reward? Possibly What is it then, are you a bounty hunter? At your service To the highest bidder I admire your frankness, Mr. Reagan But isn’t it a rather dangerous occupation? Well, hoeing a field can be dangerous if you whack your foot Mr. Reagan, you’re priceless Not quite, ma’am, but I do have my price Depends on the circumstances, as to how much it is Oh, Caulama, come in Mr. Reagan would like to ask you a few questions about your husband Him die Do you have any idea why he was killed? Why moon rise? Why cloud cover sun when rain is come? Caulama know not why her man is die Lone Ranger: But was he robbed? Was he carrying anything of value? Like money, or gold? Husband not have gold Evil men steal coins, bracelets, neck piece him get from Chief Tomache Not worth money Then there’s nothing else you Please, Mr. Reagan, there’s nothing more she can tell you That’s all, Caulama, you may go I’m afraid you’ve picked out a rather difficult job this time, Mr. Reagan And you’ve got some competition Ma’am? Frances: A masked man, who rides a white horse He’s also on the trail of the Hooded Raiders Yes, I believe I heard something about that myself However, it doesn’t bother me too much See, if the masked man gets there first, well, I’ll just have to find another way to get some money Ross You might extend us the courtesy of knocking This is not the town saloon I wanna know what he’s doing here Mr. Reagan is here on business He’s a bounty hunter He’s, ah, interested in collecting the reward for the Hooded Raiders I don’t like strangers comin’ around here Get out, Mister I’m here visiting Mrs. Henderson, sir I’ll leave when she tells me Tell him to leave, Fran Now! I’m sorry, Mr. Reagan, perhaps it would be better if you left Yes, ma’am If you say so We’d probably make quite a mess in her living room Good afternoon, Mrs. Henderson No more, do you understand? You’re my woman, and it’s gonna stay that way! And don’t you ever forget it (bells chiming) Padre: Oh, forgive me, my son I didn’t mean to intrude I was just about to leave, Padre You’re not very good at keeping secrets, James Your troubled heart is very apparent It’s something I have to work out for myself I’m not a mind reader, James, I’m only guessing But if I’m right, Paviva’s in the mission garden James: Paviva?

Isn’t that something, Paviva? There’s nothing like a mother’s love, I guess Paviva: Oh, James! Paviva, don’t Please try to understand, Paviva I have tried to find the right answer, the right words to make you realize how I feel Nothing comes out the way I want to say it But why, James, why? Can you not be proud instead of ashamed that you were born an Indian? I’m not ashamed I’m doing this for my people, for our people Only in this way can I make enough money to give them free treatment Paviva: Surely there must be some other way No, there’s not I saw the suffering my mother went through because she was an Indian Do you know what that meant to me? I only know that you live a lie But with reason This way my plans for a mission hospital may someday become a reality If I admitted the truth, the people of Sandorio would not accept me But to do this, you must deny your love for me You must deny how we feel about each other Paviva, I love you Nothing will change that But it means nothing, James Love is something one must share You ask me to understand But how can I forget my love for you? How can I renounce what is in my heart? I can’t answer those questions I only know that you and I are not important We’re only two people My work involves the lives and dreams of many I hoped and prayed so, that our baby James: It’s not our baby, it’s not even your baby I know, James But the little one is so helpless He needs the love of a mother and a father I thought that No, Paviva But you are a fine doctor, James! The people could not deny that, even if they knew It wouldn’t work, Paviva You must try and understand You must forget me Forget all that is in the past You are a coward I cannot stand by and watch any longer while you listen to insults against our people Do not worry, James Rolfe, I will not speak your secret But I think that you will be a lonely man You will always know in your heart the truth You were born a red man, and you will die that way (wagon rattling) (hooves pounding) (townspeople talking) [Stagecoach Driver] Well, we found Koomani’s killer Voiceover: Who was it? [Stagecoach Driver] Old Charlie Gray I found him out the weigh station Excuse me That station’s burnt clear to the ground Must’ve been them Hooded Raiders again Lord knows why they’d wanna kill old Charlie Couple you boys get him over to the coroner’s I’ll be right over Horse tracks, Kemo Sabe Five of them Men ride out that way Hooded Raiders, no doubt of that Mystery is, what were they after? Tonto

Maybe this is the answer Small chain What it mean? I don’t know exactly Maybe nothing Remember when we found Koomani? His shirt was torn open at the neck Hmm, that right The old Indian lady told me that her husband wore a trinket around his neck You know, this could all tie up You mean, maybe hooded men after what Indian wear around neck? Looks that way The old woman told me the trinket was given to her husband by Tomache, chief of the tribe Tonto, maybe Tomache can help us A day’s ride back to Indian village, Kemo Sabe We’d better hurry Another life may be in danger (dramatic music) (telegraph clicking) This is it, Ross What we’ve been waiting for Mm hmm Redbird: Welcome to our village Thank you, Redbird I’d like to speak to Chief Tomache He lies outside Council Hut Greetings, Chief Tomache We come as friends, to speak with you Chief: You man who ride silver stallion? Are you Tonto? Redbird tell me you come help us Lone Ranger: Yes, now we want you to help us Tomache can do nothing Much evil come to my people Evil, perhaps, Tomache’s doing Three die Who know how many more? You know why them killed? Tomache only know is him who put curse on people Piece silver, touched by hand of evil spirit Silver? What do you mean? Chief: Oh, it’s many year ago When Tomache young chief, find silver in canyon Got pieces Give friends How many, Tomache? Five All man who died have one Then these killings do tie up Tomache, you must tell us who else has those medallions There are two left One belong Tomache daughter Her marry soldier Leave village, not see her again But the medallion Would she have given it to anyone? Daughter have boy child But Tomache not know where he is Never see him, will not see boy child Tomache die soon You’ve no idea where this grandson is located? No way to tell us how we can reach him? Not know Dead maybe Who have other medallion? One belong to Tomache’s brother Him die many years ago He give silver to boy And this boy, do you know where he is? He work on ranch, uh, three, maybe four days’ ride He come to village for ceremony Him here now? No, man from Sandorio bring paper to Tomache this morning Paper come magic wire What does it say? Tomache no read Redbird read for him Masked man look at signs on paper He’s due in Sandorio on the stage in less than an hour There still may be time Tomache, we thank you for your help If we’re not too late, this is one death we may prevent Go-heh (dramatic music)

(explosion booming) Raider: All right, get down Hurry up (gunshot booming) (gunshots booming) (gunshot booming) (fist thudding) (gunshots booming) Who do you ride for? Tonto, take him to the mission Have the Padre go with you to Sandorio to lock him up Only jail is room over saloon, Kemo Sabe I know, but we have no choice Our one chance now is to get him to talk Save your breath, Mister Silver! (Silver whinnying) Where you go, Kemo Sabe? After that stage The young Indian might be able to give us some information Sheriff: What in the thundering tarnation is going on here? What do you Injuns want? We come for prisoner Give keys Now look here, Injun You can’t order me around, I’m the sheriff here That prisoner’s my responsibility, I just won’t allow it

Fat man stop us? I’ll lock you all up! No bunch of redskins is gonna come bustin’ into my place and tell me what to do! Put that prisoner back in his cell! Prisoner: What kind of law is this, anyway? Redbird: Indian law Tonto: Kemo Sabe Padre, what is it? Redbird, the Indians in the village, they’ve taken the prisoner from Sandorio Taken him? Do you know where? To their village I don’t know what they will do with him Indian justice is swift Let’s hope it’s not too swift That prisoner is our only lead to the rest of the Hooded Raiders Come on, Tonto Hyah! No, no! (arrow whistling through air) No please! White man, tell us who else killed my people No, no, don’t! (arrow whistling through air) (prisoner groaning) Who you work for? I can’t, I can’t, they’ll kill me No! (dramatic music) No, I can’t, don’t shoot, no! No, don’t! Any idea what’s going on? No, but I can see him good enough You think he’ll talk? Wouldn’t you? Grab those horses White man, tell truth Who are the Hooded Raiders? Why you kill Indian? Prisoner: Oh please, please don’t! Stop, I’ll talk (gunshot booming) Lone Ranger: Redbird, you’ve broken your promise to us No, my friend This man was our only clue to the others Now you’ve killed him No, Indian did not kill Bullet fired from over there Indian only try to frighten outlaw We have many way to loosen tongue of silent man But now he’s dead White man die, but tell me name of man he work for Say Brady Brady? Redbird: Brady is man who lead Hooded Raiders Redbird speak truth, Kemo Sabe Me find rifle shell and tracks of two horses What else did he say? Say outlaws steal medallions Not know why. Only Brady know why There only one left, Kemo Sabe Maybe outlaws already have it Maybe Brett Reagan can find out a little more about this I have a good description of those medallions, and Brady might be convinced that Reagan has the last one That dangerous, Kemo Sabe Maybe Brady already know where medallion is That’s one chance I’ll have to take (knocking) Frances: Mr. Reagan Afternoon, Mrs. Henderson Sorry to bother you like this, but I’d like to speak to your gentleman friend Mr. Brady Frances: What makes you think he’s here? Well his horse is outside, for one thing And you, for the other Frances: Come in, won’t you? Thank you Afternoon, Mr. Brady

Please don’t get up, sir, I’ll sit down You don’t give up, do you, bounty hunter? Or maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough the last time you were here Lone Ranger: I’m not here to see the lady this time, sir It’s you I wish to speak to Yeah, why? Why, business, Mr. Brady Ross: I’m not interested Maybe you’d be interested if I told you I knew the identity of the leader of the Hooded Raiders Why tell me? Tell the sheriff, he’s the law around here Well, I kind of figured you’d like to hear about it first, sir You see, I’m interested in money Information like this is only worth a thousand dollars Thanks to Mrs. Henderson’s reward I figure you’d like to offer twice that much Trying to blackmail me? Sir, a Southern gentleman never stoops to such tricks as blackmail I like to call it shrewd business dealings I wouldn’t do anything like that, Mr. Brady I also happen to be in possession of some other information There whereabouts of a certain medallion Now, if you were to shoot me, I wouldn’t be able to tell you anymore, would I? I don’t follow you, Reagan Why should I be interested in any medallion? Because it’s written all over your face Now sit down, Mr. Brady No sense in getting all excited about this Now suppose you tell me who your employer is Ross: Employer? That’s right It’s quite obvious that you aren’t equipped with the intelligence to be behind an operation like this I’d rather do business with the person you take your orders from Mister, I’m gonna take you apart! Please, Ross, let me handle this! Why don’t you ride on back to town? Look, Fran, this guy Please, let me talk to him alone, please Please, Ross All right But you be careful, you hear? Yes, yes now go on, and I’ll talk to you later You seem rather suspicious, Mr. Reagan I’ve found it pays Yes, it does Would you like a drink? No, thank you Never mix business with pleasure, as they say Well, then, let’s get along to the business, shall we? So tell me, what is this about a medallion? Well, I’m not rightly sure you’d be interested, ma’am People have been killed for having one Frances: Well I posted a reward for the killers Possibly this is the answer to the mystery No, I don’t think so That reward of yours is mighty nice, but this is something worth a lot more I don’t understand Lone Ranger: 10,000 dollars Ten? For a medallion, a trinket? Lone Ranger: Well like I said, ma’am, people have been killed for having one I imagine those people would’ve thought 10,000 mighty cheap for their lives You interested? Well, no, it’s just that, well this whole thing puzzles me Puzzled me lots more until I got my hands on the medallion You have it? Yes, ma’am And now I aim to sell it Well, perhaps I would be interested That is, you see, I collect valuable relics, and if this medallion is worth what you say it is Ma’am, I think you’re trying to play games with me I believe you know why it’s worth so much Now, can we do business? Well I’d have to see the medallion first Why, I’d sure be a fool to carry anything like that with me No, I’ve got it safely hidden in a good spot, two days’ ride from Sandorio Well then I’m sorry, Mr. Reagan Thinking it over, 10,000’s an awful lot of money for something I haven’t even seen I don’t think I’m interested Well, that’s perfectly all right, Mrs. Henderson I can afford to wait until the right buyer comes along Nice to have seen you again Wait! Yes? Please, Mr. Reagan, sit down I think you and I have a lot to talk about Yes, ma’am, I believe we do So you see, this proves that the legendary gold city of Sib-bel-a existed The leader of the Spanish exploring party that was destroyed by the meteorite found it and inscribed the location on a silver plaque Then he dispatched an Indian slave to take the plaque to Coronado The slave was attacked and wounded, and lost the plaque along the trail He died, only telling that the plaque existed Well, that’s amazing, ma’am And these medallions are cut from the plaque? That’s right

And with yours, I’ll have the location to the gold city Seems that’s going to be worth more than 10,000, isn’t it? I believe I quoted a low price You won’t have to worry about money after this, Mr. Reagan I like you I like the way you think and the way you act You and I can become permanent partners That’s why I told you all this Oh? What about Brady? He’s a vicious, disgusting person And his only use to me has been to carry out the necessary arrangements in obtaining the medallions I think you’ll find a way to dispose of him “Dispose of,” ma’am? I think you understand Yes, I expect I do Frances: Then it’s settled? Lone Ranger: Just a couple more details, Mrs. Henderson Frances: Frances Frances I’d like to advise you of my thinking along a few lines Please do Well, it’s plain, with you owning the telegraph company, not much can come and go without you knowing about it That’s true On top of that, you’re a respected citizen here in the community Actually, you’ve got Sandorio right in the palm of your pretty little hand What are you trying to say, Mr. Reagan? That I wouldn’t stand much of a chance if you decided to have me killed Everyone would believe whatever you told them That’s why I’ve got the medallion safely hidden, in a good spot You’re not only handsome, you’re clever And fond of living, ma’am Then you think I’ll double cross you? Not exactly But I venture to say that Ross Brady didn’t think so, either One thing you’ll have to remember I’m not Ross Brady I know Lone Ranger: There’s no doubt about it Brady and the Henderson woman are behind these killings Tonto: Why we not take them to law? We could But I want all the Hooded Raiders That plenty guns for us to fight, Kemo Sabe I know I’m going to ride to Denton Telegraph for help from the marshal’s office Message not get through if sent from Sandorio Not with Frances Henderson controlling the wires Even the Padre’s messages for help weren’t sent Tonto: You not be back from Denton until late tomorrow You want me to wait here for you? No, I’ll meet you at the mission, say about three o’clock Meantime, Tonto, you better ride into town Keep your eye on Brady and the Henderson woman If they make a move, follow them Patient: Thanks very much, Doctor James: I’ll see you next Thursday, Mr. Garleen, if it’s all right with you Mr. Garleen: It certainly is Good day Hello, Paviva Padre How’s the child? Well enough apparently But we thought there’d be no harm in having you look him over He’s leaving the mission, you know No No, I didn’t know Padre has found him a home, where he will have both mother and father Paviva, I Shall we go in, Doctor? Or do you treat your Indian patients in the street? (men chuckling) Ross: Hey, Doc Sheriff: Well, them redskin patients are startin’ in mighty early Padre: Your attempt at humor is uncalled for, Mr. Matthison No offense meant, Padre You know how I feel about the doc Why, he saved my missus’ life last fall, I’ll never forget that, no sir It’s just I don’t see why he wastes so much time on them redskins, that’s all Is it a waste of time to save a human life if the skin is red? Well now, you said it I didn’t Or does the skin have to be like yours? Padre: Paviva You’d better make her shut up, Padre I’m liable to go forgetting she’s female Oscar, please “Oscar, please”! Why do you not get down on your knees and thank the fat one?

Why, look, you You not touch her Why (fist thudding) (Oscar groaning) You have the tongue and the courage of the coyote You speak much but you say nothing! (screaming) (gunshot booming) Oscar: Doc It don’t look good, having a redskin talk like that What would you do if I said the same thing, Oscar? Oscar: Well, that’s different Is it? Would it be so different? Why, because you think I’m like you? Oscar: Why, sure, Doc, I I want to tell you something I want to tell you all something I’m an Indian The blood of Tomache, chief of the tribe, runs through my veins I’m his grandson All these years I’ve masqueraded because I thought it was important I thought it would make a difference After what I’ve just witnessed, I know now I was wrong Paviva tried to make me understand I wouldn’t listen Now, before all of you, I’d like to beg her forgiveness I’ll no longer have to hide this from the sight of anyone It’s been the only thing I’ve kept to remind me of my heritage Now I will continue to wear it proudly Padre: Oh doctor! James: Quickly, let’s get him inside Reagan’s a phony, the doctor has the medallion Dr. Rolfe? Yes, he’s an Indian He just admitted in front of the whole town Come on Oscar: Sure is a surprise, huh folks? Imagine the doc being a redskin Well, it’s no sense in standing out here in the street How ’bout some drinks? On me How about it, Fred? Bill? It ain’t often old Oscar’ll spring for free drinks You’ll be all right with a little rest Padre, could you stay with him? Certainly, James, but where are you going? My people are meeting this afternoon at the Lake of Fire for the ceremony I want to take Paviva and the child with me I want to see my grandfather, speak to him before he hears from the others Padre: Surely, my son, I understand And I’ll remain with Tonto until you return Perhaps Tomache will forgive me, too, Paviva, as you have Paviva: I am sure he will, James James: And maybe Paviva will not have to give up the child, Padre I think I know of a couple who want him very, very much Of course, there are a few legal technicalities The marriage ceremony is my favorite service With all modesty, I might admit that I do an admirable job of it Doctor! Lie down, Tonto Padre Esteban Now you’re weak, my friend, you mustn’t try to talk Where Doc? He and the baby and Paviva have driven towards the lake to see their people No no, now you mustn’t try to get up Tonto: Doctor in great danger Hooded Raiders try to kill him Try to kill the doctor? But why? No time to talk, Padre, must find doctor But you can’t ride You’re in great pain Pain better than to have doctor be killed Padre, you have horse and buggy? Yes, but uh

You ride on road Fort Denton Masked man on way from junction You tell him, doctor wears last medallion Tell him Tonto ride toward lake “Last medallion”? I don’t understand No try to understand, Padre, just do Padre: Come on Doctor, you take my horse, go to lake right fast You in much danger James: But Tonto No time to talk Me take Paviva and baby to the village Hooded outlaws trying to kill you James: To kill me? But why? For the medallion you wear Them kill you to get it Paviva: Look! Village not far We reach there and get help Hah! (whooping and yelling) What is it, Padre? Padre: I don’t quite know Tonto told me tell you that the doctor has the last medallion He’s ridden to the lake to intercept the doctor and Paviva The doctor has it Yes, Dr. Rolfe is the grandson of Tomache Tonto said you would understand the danger Yes, Padre, I do There’s no one here to help All of have gone to Lake of Fire, for celebration We can’t risk a run for it out in the open Tonto: Doctor, take Paviva and baby in there Go, Scout, go, go! Me try to make outlaw think you at other place in village No, Doctor, not worry about me, go inside, hurry Hyah! (gunshots booming) Tonto: Hyah, hyah, hyah! Ya! Hyah, hyah, hyah, hyah! (gunshots booming) Ya! Ya, ya, ya! (clattering) Spread out We’ll take this place apart till we find them He didn’t make it They’re closing in on him Oh, if I only had a gun (gunshot booming)

Paviva: My poor little baby James: Our baby, Paviva No harm will come to him, I promise (baby crying) Be quiet, Paviva, don’t make a sound (Paviva screaming) (arrow whistling through air) (dramatic music) (gunshot booming) (gunshot booming) (gunshot booming) (baby crying) James: They’ve stopped shooting I can’t see a thing Ross: The medallion, Doc Make it fast Come on! (baby crying) Kid goes with me To make sure I get out of here No, no please! Ross: Give him to me Hey! Give him here (baby crying) (gunshot booming) (Silver whinnying) (baby cooing) The baby is safe Are you two all right? Yes But he got the medallion Doctor, Tonto is over there He’ll need your help Better take this Frances!

Frances: Ross! Help me Frances: Sure, Ross What happened? The masked man, he shot me Frances! You’ve got to help me Frances: Yes, Ross, certainly, I’ll help you Ross: Fran! Oh, you! (slap resounding) (Frances screaming) (Ross yelling) He came here and he tried to kill me I had to do it Lone Ranger: You had to do it so the city of gold would be yours alone What? You know what I’m talking about, Mrs. Henderson You’ve told your last lie (medallions clinking) See, ma’am, these medallions will tell the whole story Federal marshals are on the way to Sandorio right now Why, you, you must be That’s right You told Brett Reagan all the law needs to put you in prison the rest of your life (Native Americans whooping) (drum beating) The good spirit smiles upon us, Chief Tomache The cloud of evil has been lifted, Redbird The masked man has brought justice to our land again, and my grandson has been returned to me Although my bones and flesh are old, my heart is young once more Look there! Even boy child feel the happiness of this day (baby cooing) Do you think it’s possible they will find the city of gold, Tomache? Could such a dream be true? Many of Tomache’s dreams have come true this day, Redbird Perhaps yet another will come to pass We can only wait The Spanish words in the drawings indicate this to be the spot, Doctor But a city of gold, here? It’s only rock like the rest of these hills Kemo Sabe! Behind this rock! An opening (suspenseful music) Paviva: Perhaps the city of gold is still only a legend Tonto: Kemo Sabe, over there, another tunnel Paviva: The golden city! It’s fantastic! An underground cavern! Why, it must have been here thousands of years It’s like a dream Lone Ranger: Those stalactites and stalagmites are pure gold James: And it’s on Indian land All this belonged to our people The mission hospital, James! All your dreams and hopes for the Indian! This will be the answer Lake of Fire The mystery is now revealed Paviva, they’re gone (“William Tell Overture” by Rossini)

Tomache, look! Our people have a new and shining hope, Paviva A new life stands before us None of this would be possible, were it not for Tonto and the Lone Ranger Lone Ranger: Hi yo, Silver! Away!