art – of Oedipus this is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit Oedipus the King by Sophocles translation by F store my Lots be still – leaves with a life of innocent and and fly a reference and word or deed to follow still these laws ordained on high his birthplace is the bright ethereal sky no mortal birthday own Olympus their progenitor of now shall they slumber and Oblivion hold the God and that is strong and grows not old old of influence is bread the tyrant silenced influence full blown with empty riches circuited scales the precipitous Heights and grass let a throne and topples door and lies and women Pro intro no foothold on under the steep but all may have in a true patriot QT who burns with mus fail to serve the state state that is my husband hope and hope on him my waves waves but the proud sent on a sinner or in word or deed that will not justice nor weapons the shrine of images divine divine perdition cease been imagining us if urged by bleed profane grass sets in got game and lays empires hand various babies who and such deeds are done can hope heavens bones to shun shun if sin like this to honor can inspire why dance I still and the sacred choir no more I’ll see first central Oracle or Abbie’s how itself not to Olympia bring my favourite father if before all God’s truth be not babe please Oh soos revealed by my king is our name – right omnipotent all-seeing I’ll get old Apollo enter Jocasta my Lords you look amazed to see your queen with breaths and gifts of incense in her hands I had a mind to visit the heist rinds for editors is overwrought alarmed with terrors many fold he will not use his past experience like a man of sense to judge the present needs but Glenn’s in year – any croaker if he utters ill since then my counsels not avail I turned to thee our present help in time of trouble Apolo Lord lycian and to thee my prayers and supplications here I bring lightness Lord and cleanse us from this curse for now we all are cow like mariners who see their helmsman dumbstruck in the storm enter Corinthian messenger my Master’s tell me where the palaces of Oedipus or better where’s the king here’s the palace of hockey guides with this is his queen is the mother of his children children all happiness attend her in the house blessed is her husband and her marriage bed my greetings to thee stranger by fair words deserve alike response but tell me why thou comest what I need or want by news good for thy Khan sort and the royal house what made be whose messenger art thou the Isthmian Commons have resolved to make thy husband King so twas reported there what it’s not aged Philebus still King no verily he’s dead and in his grave what is he dead the sire of Oedipus if I speak falsely may I die myself quick Maiden bear these tidings to my lord yet God sent Oracle’s worst India now this is the man who Oedipus long shunned and dread to prove his murderer and now he dies in nature’s course not by his hand enter Oedipus my wife my queen Jocasta why hast thou summoned me from my palace hear this man and as though here is judge what has become of all those oil inspiring Oracle’s who is

this man and what his news for me he comes from Corinth and his message this thy father paulibus hath passed away what let me have it stranger from my mouth if I must first make plain beyond a doubt my message know that Polybus is dead by treachery or by sickness visited one touch will send an old man to his rest so of some malady he died for man yes having measured the full span of years out on a lady why should one regard the Pythian hearth or birds that screaming there did they not point at me as doomed to slay my father but he’s dead and in his grave and here are I who near unsheathed a sword unless the longing for his absent son killed him and so I slew him in a sense but as they stand the Oracles are dead dust ashes nothing data’s polybius say did not I fir tell this long ago thou didst but I was misled by my fear then let I know more way upon thy soul must I not fear my mother’s marriage bed why should a mortal man the sport of chance with no assured foreknowledge be afraid best live a careless life from hand to mouth this wedlock with my mother fear not thou how often says that in dreams a man has wet his mother he who least regard such brain sick fantasies lives most at ease I should have shared in full lie confidence we’re not my mother living since she lives though half convinced I still must live in dread and yet by sires death lights out darkness much much but my fear is touching her who lives who may this woman be whom thus you fear my rope a stranger wife of Bolivia’s and what of her can cause you any fear a heaven send Oracle of dread import a mystery or may a stranger hear it I tis no secret noxious once foretold that I should mate with mine own mother and with my own hands the blood of my own sire hence Corinth was for many a year to me a home distant and I trove abroad but missed the sweetest sights my parents face was this the fear that exiled thee from home yay and the dread of slaying my own sire why since I came to give me pleasure King have I not rid me of this second fear well thou shalt have you wearin for thy pains well I confess what chiefly made me come was hoped to profit by thy coming home nay I will dare go near my parents more my son tis plain thou knowest not what thou doest household man for heaven’s sake tell me all if this is why thou dread us to return lest the gods would be fulfilled in me less through thy parents they’ll shoot stew be accursed this and non other is my constant tread dust thou not know thy fears are baseless all how baseless if I am their very sad since Polybus was not to the in blood what sayst thou was not Polybius my side as much thy sire as I am and no more my sire no more to me than one who is not since I beget thee not no more did he what reason had he then to call me son know that he took me from my hands a gift yeah do you have no child of his he loved me well a childless man till then he warmed to thee a foundling or a purchased slave this child I found the in cesareans wooded glens what led thee to explore these upland glades my business was to tend the mountain flocks a vagrant Shepherd journeying for hire true but I Savior in that hour of my son my Saviour from what harm what ailed me then those ankle joints are evidence in now ah why remind me of that ancient soul I loose the pin that riveted thy feet yes from my cradle that dread brand I bore whence

thou derives the name that still is thine who did it our Geordie tell tell me who say what it father mother I know not the man from whom I had thee may know more what did another find me not thyself not I another Shepherd gave thee me who was he wouldst thou know again the man he passed indeed for one of laces house the king who ruled the country long ago the same he was a herdsmen of the King and is he living still for me to see him his fellow countrymen should best know that it does any bystander among you know the herd he speaks of or by seeing him a field or in the city also straight the are has come to clear this business up methinks Healy and snow numbers in a high right now or not or attain to see but that are Queen Jocasta best of all hotel Hotel madam dust no the man we sent to fetch is it the same of whom the stranger speaks who is the man what matter might be to our ways of thoughts away such idle words no with such guide includes I cannot fail to bring to light the secret of my birth Oh as though cares for thy life give order dis quest enough the anguish I endure be of good cheer though I be proved the son of a bonds woman I through three dissents triply a slave died armories unsmirched yet humor me I pray thee do not this I cannot I must probe the matter home just for thy sake I advise thee for the best I grow impatient of this best advice I miss down arrow discover who thou art go fetch me here the heard and leave young woman to glory in her pride of ancestry how o is the poor wretch with that last word I leave thee henceforth silent evermore exit Jocasta why Oedipus why Stein was passionate department much I fear from this dead commerce storm let the storm burst my fixed resolve still holds to learn my lineage be it near so low it may be she with all the woman’s pride think scorn of my base parentage but I who rank myself as fortunes favorite child the giver of good gifts shall not be shamed she is my mother and the changing moon my brethren and with their my wax and wane the sprung why should I fear to trace my birth nothing could make me other than I am it’s my sole prophetic hear not if my wisdom audibly out avail these citizens I shall hail as the nurse and foster mother of our Oedipus shall greet an tomorrow’s moon rises and exhaust the ashes and dance and song shall him my praises Phoebus me my words fine great child he barely sure halfway the hello my pen of did luckiest spaghetti for he hofland old sign means the order Bacchus dweller on the hilltop scores elders if I who never yet before have met the man may make a guess methinks I see the herdsmen whom we long have sought his time worn aspect matches with the years of yonder agent messenger besides I seem to recognize the men who bring him as servants of my own but you perchance having in past days known or seen the herd may better by Shore knowledge by surmise no simple hide enter herdsmen Corinthians stranger I address the first is this the man thou meanest this is he a now old man look up and answer all I ask thee what’s our once of Laius his house I was a thrall

not purchased but homebred what was I business how was our employed the best part of my life I tended sheep what for the pastures thou didst most frequent siren and the neighboring Alps then there thou must have known your man at least by Fame young man in what way what man dost thou mean the man here having met him in past times offhand I cannot call him well to mind no wonder master but I will revive his blunted memories sure he can recall what time together both we drove our flocks he too I won on the cesarean range for three long summers I has made from spring till rose Arcturus then in winter time I led mine home he his two Laius folds did these things happened as I say or no tis long ago but although sayst is true well thou must then remember giving me a child to rear as my own foster son well I just though asked this question what a fat friend he that stands before thee was that child a plague upon thee hold thy one sang softly old man rebuke him not thy words are more deserving chastisement than his o best of masters what is my offense not answering what he asks about the child he speaks it random babbles like a fool if thou lacks grace to speak I’ll loose thy tongue for most abuse rest a villain cease and pinion him like whatever would further learn didst thou give this man the child of whom he asks I did that I had died that day and died thou shalt unless thou tell the truth but it’s like jelly I am doubly lost the knave methinks will still prevaricate hey I confessed I gave men’s game it was it dying Oh to thee from whom of these our townsmen and what house for bear for God’s sake Master ask no more if I must question the again that lost well then it was a child of liars house slave born or one of Laius his own race me I stand upon the perilous edge of speech and I of hearing but I still must hear no then the child was by repute his own but she within thy consort best could tell what he he gave it thee just so my king with what intend to make away with it what he mother fearing a dread weird what weird was told that he should slay his sire what did they’ll give it then to this old man through pity master for the babe I thought he’d take it to the country whence he came but he preserved it for the worst of woes for if thou art in sooth what this man saith God pity thee thou wast a misery born me me Oh brought to pass all true o light may I behold thee Nevermore I stand a wrench in birth in wedlock cursed a parricide incestuously triply cursed exit Oedipus racism a mortal man whose life is banned I can’t for he released us none of us but the show a moment and the visions pale and baby I follow Oedipus by the piteous small warns me not born of woman blessed for he of marksman basses Zeus Oh shop the rest and won the prize supreme of wealth and power power by Henry the vulture made is weld which relayed heroes our Savior in the land strong tower our King and some that day adored

of many things a universal Oh now more desolate whose who’s a lot more dire higher Oh Oedipus this crowned head thy cradle was my marriage bed bed one harborage suffice for son and sire how could the soil by father erred so wrong in george barris violence such wrong I’ve seen time have caught guilt and to justice draughts the Sun and fire commingled in one bed Oh child I raised for he a dirge for the dead dead yet suited to say enter second messenger most grave and reverend senators of thieves what DZ soon must hear what sights behold how Willie morn if true born Patriots You Reverend still the race of lab Dukas nor I stir all Norrell faces flood I ween could wash away the blood stains from this house the ills of crowds or soon will bring to light ills wrought of malice not and wittingly the worst art to bear our self-inflicted wounds my tale is quickly told and quickly heard our sovereign lady Queen Jocasta is dead alas by her own hand and all the horror of it not having seen yet cannot comprehend nathless as far as my poor memory serves I will relate the unhappy lady’s whoa when in her frenzy she had passed inside the vestibule she hurried straight to win the bridal chamber clutching at her hair with both her hands and once within the room she shut the doors behind her with a crash less she cried and called her husband dead long long ago her thought was of that child by him begot the son by whom Messiah was murdered and the mother left to breed with her own seed a monstrous progeny then she be wailed the marriage bed whereon poor wretch she had conceived a double brood husband by husband children by her child what happened after that I cannot tell nor how the end befell for with a shriek burst on a seedy puss all eyes were fixed on Oedipus as up and down he strode no could remark her agony to the end for stalking to and fro a sword he cried where is the wife no wife the teeming womb that bore double harvests me in mine and in his frenzy some supernal power no mortal surely none of us who watched him guided his footsteps with a terrible shriek as though one beckoned him he crushed against the folding-doors and from their staples forced the wrenched bolts and held himself within then we beheld the woman hanging there a running noose entwined about her neck but when he saw her with a maddened roar he loosed the cord and when her corpse lay stretched on us what followed Oh tossed read he told the golden brooches that upheld her Queenie robes appraised them high and smote full on his eyeballs uttering world’s like this no more shall he behold the sights of woe leads I have suffered from myself of wrought henceforward quenched in darkness shall ye see those he should never have seen now blind to those whom when I saw I vaguely yearned to know such was the burden of his mon wear – not once but oft he struck with his hand up lift his eyes and at each stroke the in sanguine orbs / dude his beard not oozing drop by drop but one black gory downpour thick as hail such evils issuing from the double source have whelmed them both confounding man and wife till now the storied fortune of this house was fortunate indeed but from this day whoa lamentation ruin death disgrace all ills that can be named all all are theirs but Hattie stone / straight from his pain he cries and bar the doors and let all

Thebes behold the Slayer of his sire his mother’s that shameful word my lips may not repeat he vows to fly self banished from the land nor stay to bring upon his house the curse himself had uttered but he has no strength no one to guide him and his tortures more than man can suffer as yourselves will see below the palace portals are in bad and soon he shall behold a sight so sad that he who must abhorred would pity it enter Oedipus blinded prowling all my life around leaping with a diamond ballon town hapless wretch how can I broke on the misery to look look don’t you gaze on me I journey much to question much to learn first the way I turn I turn oh me oh woe is me yeah whither am I gone now like a ghost forlorn my voice Flitz from me on the air arm on the demon goads the end well an end to dread to tell still too dark to see dark dark the horror of darkness like a shroud wraps me and bears me on through mist and cloud me me what spasms are thought me shoot what pangs of agonizing memory no Marvel in such a place that feels double friend still loyal constant still and kind they’ll kiss for the blind I know the near and they’ll be left of eyes my voice I recognize Oh duper’s drug dealers how couldst thou my vision masters what demon gave me Apollo friend Apollo he it was that brought these ills to pass but the right hand that dealt the blow was mine none other how how could I longer see when sight brought no delight oh say friends can any local voice or touch of love henceforth my heart rejoice hast friends no fond delay take the twice curse it away far from all King the man at the Lord of gods cursed of men oh very well suits by desperate my curse on him who wear unrivalled fetters and my life revived he meant me well yet had he left me there he had saved my friends and me a world of care I too then had I never come to shared my father’s blood nor climbed my mother’s bed the monstrous offspring of a warm defiled co mate of him who gendered me young child whatever man before or afflicted us like he did this I cannot say what done was well done thou canst never shake my firm belief a truce to argument for had eyesight I know not with what eyes I could have met my father in the shades or my poor mother since against the Twain I sinned I seen no gallows could atone i but he say the sight of children Joy’s appearance eyes but born as mine were born no such sight could never bring me joy nor this fair city with its battlements its temples and the statues of its gods sites from which I now riches disturb all once ranked the foremost Theban in all thebes by my own sentence and cut

off condemned by my own Proclamation against the rich the miscreant by heaven itself declared unclean and of the race of lair thus branded as a felon by myself how had I dared to look you in the face they had I known away to choke the springs of hearing I had never shrunk to make a dungeon of this miserable frame cut off from sight and hearing what is bliss to bide in regions sorrow cannot reach why didst thou harbour me sit there and why didst thou not take and slay me then I never had shown to men the secret of my birth o polybius o Corinth o my home home of my ancestors so was there called how fair and nursling then I seemed how foul the canker that lay festering in the BOD now is the blight revealed of root and fruit eat ruffle high roads and thou hidden Glen copies and pass where meet the three branched ways ye drank my blood their lifeblood these hands spilt my father’s do ye call her mind for chance those deeds of my knee witnessed and the work I wrought thereafter when I came to thebes o fatal wedlock thou didst give me birth and having borne me sowed against my seed mingling the blood of fathers brother’s children bride’s wives and mothers and incestuous brood all horrors that are wrought beneath the Sun or is so foul to name them were unmeet so i adjure you hide me anywhere far from this land or slay me straight or cast me down to the depths of oceans out of sight come hither deign to touch an abject rich draw near and fear not I myself must bear the load of guilt that no but I can share enter Creon low here is Korean a one-man to grant thy prayer by action or advice for he has left the state sole guardian in thy stead thou me what words to accost him can I find what calls has he to trust me in the past I have been proved his rancorous enemy not in derision Oedipus I come nor to abrade me with thy past misdeeds to bystanders but shame upon you if he feel no sense of human decency x’ at least Revere the Sun whose light be holds and nurtures all leave not the snake idli for all to gaze at a horror neither earth nor rain from heaven nor light will suffer lead him straight within for it is seemly that a kinsman’s woes be heard by kin and seen by kin alone oh listen since thou presence comes to me a shock of glad surprise so noble down high so vile Oh grant me one small boon I ask it not on my behalf but dine and what the favor now what’s crave of me forth from my borders thrust me with all speed set me within some vast e desert where no mortal voice shall greet me anymore this had I done already but I deemed it first behoove me to consult the God his will will set forth fully to destroy the parricide the scoundrel and I am he yesö his fate but in our present plight were better to consult the God on you dare you inquire concerning such a wretch yay for thyself wouldst credit now his word I am on thee in all humility I lay this charge let her who lies within receive such burial as thou shalt ordain such right designers brother to perform but from myself oh never let my thebes the city of my size be doomed to bear the burden of my presence while i neve no let me be a dweller on the hills on yonder mount cithaeron famed as mine my tomb predestined for me by my tsar and mother

while they lived that i might die slain as they sought to slay me when alive this much I know fall surely nor disease shall in my days nor any common chance for I had never been snatched from death unless I was predestined to some awful doom so be it I reckon or how fate deals with me but my unhappy children for my sons be not concerned o Creon they are men and for themselves where they be can finde but for my daughter’s Twain for innocent maids who ever sat beside me at the board sharing my viens drinking of my cup for then I pray thee care and if thou willst Oh might I feel their touch and make my moan hear me o Prince my noble-hearted Prince could Iver blindly touch them with my hands I think they were still mine as when I saw Antigone and Ismene are led in what say I can it be my pretty ones who sobs I hear has Creon pitied me and sent me by two darlings can this be his true it was I have procured me this delight knowing the joy they were to thee of all Godspeed thee and as Mead for bringing them may Providence deal with thee kindly er than it has dealt with me Oh children mine where are ye let me clasp you with these hands a brother’s hands her father’s hands that made lackluster sockets of his once bright eyes hands of a man who blindly recklessly became your sire by her from whom he sprang though I cannot behold you I must weep in thinking of the evil days to come the slights and wrongs that men will put upon you where ere ye go to feast or festival no merrymaking will it prove for you but after bashed in tears he will return and when he come to manageable years where’s the bold Wars who will jeopardize to take unto himself such disrepute as to my children’s children still must cling for what of infamy is lacking here their father slew his father sowed the seed where he himself was gendered and begat these maidens at the source wear off he sprung such are the jibes that men will cast at you who then will Wed you na I ween but he must pine for maids in single Baroness Oh Prince men rcco son to thee I turn with thee at rest – father them for we their natural parents both of us are lost Oh leave them not to wander poor unwed like in nor let them share my low estate Oh pity them so young and but for the all destitute thy hand upon it Prince to you my children I had much to say were ye but right to hear let this suffice pray II may find some home and live content and may your lot prove happier than your size thou hast had enough of weeping ass within I must obey doubt is Grievous we’d not everything must have its day well I go but on condition what they terms for going say send me from the land annex I’ll ask this of the gods not me but I am the gods abhorrent then they still will grant thy plea leave me hence then I am willing come but let their children go rob me not of these my children crave not mastery and all for the mastery that raised there was thy Bane and wrought by fall lookey lookey countrymen and bands this is Oedipus the blade straight he who knew the Sphinx’s riddle and was mightiest in our stage state who of all our childhoods based not on his fame with enemy’s eyes now in what a sea of troubles sunk and overwhelmed he lies

there for wait to see life’s ending ere thou count at one mortal relaxes last wait wait till free from pain and sorrows he has gains final end of Part two