(sitar music) (chanting foreign language) (explosion) (yelling) (gun shots) – Easy honey, it’s OK – Kohabeez, they are not here, sir

– Then go find them Welcome to India, Professor Miller (men talking) – They’re following us (girl whines) – Sh, sh (men talking) – You won’t believe this They ruined most of the equipment Look at this trash – All of the navigational instruments are destroyed, too I don’t get it Who were they? – Competition Well, it’s a great way to start an expedition, huh? – Hey guys – Look you came down here as volunteers and no one’s gonna force you to stay But you came down here for a reason See when I discovered the idol 10 years ago, and found the map with the location of the great city, I knew then nothing would get in the way of my solving the puzzle And we’re here After all these years, we are so close And obviously, somebody else thinks so, too Which is just gonna make it a little more difficult to do what we have to do Now, I can’t promise you it’s gonna be easy And I can’t promise you it’s gonna be safe But I’ll promise you this That if we work together, we’ll find it The elephant eye diamond is out there It’s there, it’s real, and it’s waiting for us For us to discover its secrets Now, I can’t make up your minds for you I mean that’s, that’s up to you What do you say? – I’m with you, Dad – You couldn’t find it without us, Professor – She’s right – That’s great, great Tell you what Let’s pack up within the hour, head into town, replenish whatever equipment we can Ooh, I’ll bet Professor Donovan’s arrived by now and we all know how impatient he gets when he has to wait, huh? All right, let’s go – Donovan – Here, honey What is it, Lindsey? – Nothing – Don’t nothing me, what is it? Lindsey? – OK, well it’s just, I don’t see why it’s right to have Donovan on this I mean, you know him, Dad He takes credit for everything You’re the one who found the location, and you’re the one who’s done most of the work I just don’t see why it’s fair – Come here Do you know how much I love you? – Dad, please, I’m being serious – I know, that’s why I love you so much Listen, I probably have done more work than Donovan, but he has information that’s vital from his own research And you see, apart we’re like pieces of a puzzle, but together, we might just find it Now I know you don’t like him, but he is important to the success of this expedition, OK? – It’s not that I don’t like him, Dad I don’t trust him – Honey, don’t worry They’re gonna be OK – They, who’s they? – Oh, he’s bringing his son – What? – Yeah, and I hear he’s about your age – I’ll start on the supplies

– Yeah, you kids do that Lindsey and I are gonna go see if Donovan’s arrived and we’ll see you at the restaurant later Come on honey Stay close – [Both] Donovan – The Mugawa tribe was upon us We took one look at the sharpened spears and glistening blades they carried, and we knew it was all over It had long been rumored after all, that the Magawa were head hunters, cannibals I took one step towards them, they towards me and my team, and we just knew it was certain death And– – Then he raised the Hanshee idol and they all took off running for their lives Donovan, still telling the same stories, huh? – Always keeps ’em on the edge of their seats – We are glad you’re here – Of course you are, old son And would you look at little Lindsey Almost a woman already – Almost? – Have you met my son Travis yet? The two of you will get along like a house afire – Is he anything like you, sir? – Unfortunately, he takes after his mother – Soda, what’s with you people? Soda? They sell it all over the world, for crying out loud Fruit? Great I can’t believe this place – Travis! I want you to meet Professor Miller, and his daughter She’s as cute as a button – Whatever – Fortunately, he does take after his mother – Hush – Professor Miller, my son Travis – Hi Travis, welcome to India – Yeah, quite a place – This is my daughter, Lindsey – [Lindsey] Hi – [Travis] Hey – It was an undiscovered island, you have to understand We were the first civilized meat to ever set foot on its soil In all my travels, I’d never seen the likes of such a place And doubt I ever will again, this side of paradise I’ll never forget the sight, as long as I live The sun was just rising over the mount, when the morning mist parted like the Red Sea – Pretty weird, huh? I said, pretty weird, huh? – What’s the matter with you? – Just thought you might like some company – What, from you? – You want me to hire somebody for you? – Look, you don’t have to worry about me, OK? I can take care of myself – I don’t get it Why do you just seem like you don’t wanna be here? – You always this observant? – Well then why are you here? – None of your business – OK, fine, you’re right It is none of my business, and now you’re on your own – Wait You don’t have to go – You’re right, I don’t have to do anything – Look, I didn’t mean it I was supposed to go to Europe with my friends this summer Instead, Mom and Dad decide this would be better for me Things just aren’t going quite as expected OK, I’m sorry – Well, OK that’s understandable India does take a little getting used to So, um, you ever been on one of your dad’s expeditions before? – No, I live with my mom Dad just seems to pop in for special events and holidays, you know, that sorta thing

– Divorce? – Yeah, modern civilization’s gift to humanity – Um, yeah, I’ve been on a couple of digs with my dad before, but, I’ve never been on a real expedition – So you spend the rest of your time with your mom? – No, I go to boarding school – So where’s your mom? – Gone – What’s that supposed to mean? – She died, Travis, OK? – I’m sorry, I didn’t know – Yeah I know How could you have? – Look, I’m still sorry I mean it – Thanks Hey, how bout I show you around a little? Maybe we can find that cola you were looking for Let’s go (ominous music) (beeping) (adventurous music) – Yeah, yeah north of here (monkey screeches) This is it, this is it! – I don’t believe it It’s really here – The fingers of the earth shall lead the way Professor, this is incredible It’s just like the manuscript says – So we head north, right? – From here, we go on foot – Wait a minute You’re telling me just because of a stupid tree branch, we’re gonna change directions and leave the trucks behind? – If that’s where the fingers tell us to go, son, who are we to argue? Exciting, isn’t it? – Come on, Travis, where’s your sense of adventure? – In the trucks, the comfortable seats Thanks – No sweat – Now if my findings are correct, once we cross the valley, we’ll be in the territory where the city should be – If your findings are correct – Well, in any case, once we find the city, it’s your job to get us into that underground tomb – That it is – So, who handles the curse? – What curse? – Didn’t your dad tell you? Very nice move, Donovan – It’s nothing, Travis Don’t mind them – It’s not nothing Why do you think no one has ever been able to get the diamond out of the city before now? – You’re telling me there’s a curse? – Just telling you what the legend says – This is a joke – It’s all part of the fun Now come on, this is gonna be great

– It’s a hunt for some old, dusty bones, and a phantom treasure that probably doesn’t even exist – You don’t think that we’re gonna get it? – A lost city, a diamond in the shape of an elephant eye worth a fortune? Look at us, we’re supposed to find it? – You bet we are – So you think they’re a two-day track there – Yeah, yeah – OK, great – We’re all set, Professor – (sighs) After you – I wouldn’t dream of it After you – (laughs) Together then – Well, here we go Smile, Travis – Why? (adventurous music) (Indian music) (beeping) (men talking) (adventurous music) – We’re getting close This way (beeping) – The tree Keep moving! – Here we go – Everybody, we made some great progress today We’re at the top of the valley, and if the map is right, we should start seeing some of the markers of the region by tomorrow afternoon – That is great, Dad – Isn’t it? Is this weird? I mean, after all this time? I am so glad you came with me, honey – I wouldn’t have missed it for the world – Listen, guys, I don’t mean to bring this up again, about the curse and everything, but seriously, we need to be really careful from now on The fact that no one has ever made it back from the city before is not something to be taken lightly – You know, she’s right I mean, for centuries, all we’ve had are relics handed from person to person No eyewitness accounts That should tell us something – Now wait Are you trying to scare us? – You taught us We’re just being good students What’s it you said, in every legend and every curse, – [Both] there exists the essence of truth – Did I say that? – First year, Intro to Medieval Myth and Legends – Kinda dorky, Dad – Guilty – Has anyone seen Travis? – Ah, he was in his tent last time I saw him – Honey, why don’t you go get him? – Why, he’s not gonna want to come out – Aw, sure he will You’ll see If you’d be so kind (beeping) – There you are Travis (men talking) Tra-vis Why don’t you come out and join us? (faster beeping) (cocking guns) (sword schings) (gun shot) – Get the gun! – Go, go! Come on! (shouting) – [Lindsey] Get back! – Ooh! (grunts) (screams) – Welcome to the jungle, Professor Miller – (whispers) No

– Run, lad, run! – [Bandit] Over here, over here! They’re getting away! – [Lindsey] Travis let’s go, they’re coming – This way (sword sching) – Ow! I can’t make it – [Bandit] There they are – [2nd Bandit] Don’t let them get away! Now, now, now Where do you two think you’re going, huh? – Leave us alone – I don’t think I will And you know what? There’s nothing either one of you can do about it (howling) (grunts) – [Bandit] Get him! – [Travis] Come on, they’ll be fine (groans) – Travis! Did you see that kid? – [Travis] Just run Lindsey! – The children, they’ve escaped It is of little consequence, however, they’re children, they won’t survive the night Now Professor, it’s time for you and I to do some business The maps, the notes, I need more than this Now I need you, Professor, to tell me everything that you know that you think will help me And I suggest that you don’t make this too difficult – Not a chance – You’ll have to kill us all – Well that was also part of the plan – You’re bluffing – Oh no I’m not Mr. Rahiv The professors here seem to doubt my resolve These two, oh I don’t know, kill them (sword sching) – No! You can’t – Oh yes I can It’s really quite easy Mr. Rahiv here, he well he actually enjoys it – No! You kill her, you’ll never see the diamond, I swear it – Why would that be, Professor? – It’s taken years to decipher the scriptures It’s taken years to understand the meaning behind the riddles Don’t you see? You try to enter there by yourselves, and you’ll be killed like all the rest – She knows? She knows the answers? The riddles? – We all have pieces One of us alone is useless Only together can we make it inside and back out again – You kill any of us, and you lose You have no choice but to believe us – There’s nothing out here I could find to eat

– I don’t care, I’m not hungry – I am – I can’t believe this is happening I can’t believe we just left them there – What were we supposed to do? There were like 20 of those guys – We shouldn’t have abandoned them – We had no choice – They had guns, Travis They could all be– – They’re probably fine Just knocked around a little bit Those guys are probably small-time bandits Our dads are probably looking for us right now – Good, then let’s go back and get them – What, you’re gonna go back there? What if I’m wrong? What if that crazy kid is still out there? We don’t even known what the heck he was – I’m not just gonna wait here Now you do what you want, but I’m going back (intense music) – No – At least they’re all gone – Oh great, Travis, and what’s that supposed to mean? – I just meant at least there’s no bodies It probably means they’re OK – That doesn’t mean anything – I found some candles You got any matches? – No, I can’t believe this place All of the food is gone We’re gonna have to gather supplies Fruits, vegetables, whatever we can find – Now? – You know what? You just do what you want – I’ll work on some shelter Perfect (sighs) (suspenseful music) (coughs) – Hello? Is anybody out there? Travis if that’s you, it’s not funny (screams)

(growling) (roars) (snarls) – Travis! – Don’t move – Oh my god (howls) (roars) What just happened here? – I have no clue Do you, do you think those, those animals are gonna come back? – I don’t know, maybe I’ve never seen anything like that before All those animals, together – I thought we were dead – Me too – Well, at least if they do come back, we’re ready for ’em – This stinks – At least it can’t get any worse (thunder claps) (rain pours down) – [Bandit] Come on over here – We’re not really gonna show these guys the way, are we? – Do we have any choice? – We have to escape – To where, into the jungle? We’ll never make it out there I didn’t mean– – No, no, it’s OK Christie, it’s OK The kids will be fine, I know they will Lindsey knows what to do – Wishful thinking, Professor Now we’re gonna move out and you will lead the way – And what if I refuse? – Well if you refuse then Mr. Rahiv here will start playing with his knives again Rahiv, what do you think, one finger each time that he refuses my request? Sound fair to you, Professor?

(flapping) – Show off (fire crackles) Good morning – Morning – You, um, OK? Yeah, no, me too Hey, at least we got breakfast – Yeah, it smells great – Yeah Dig in Well? – It could use a little salt No, it tastes pretty good – Thanks. (laughs) So, um, how’d you catch these guys anyway? – What are you talking about? – What do you mean, what am I talking about? How’d you catch the fish? – Me? I didn’t catch ’em I thought you caught ’em – If we didn’t catch ’em, who did? – It’s him – Obviously it’s him – Come, come – Who are you? – Come – Do you speak English? Well let’s go – Go? – I think he’s trying to help us – Help us? For all we know he could be a cannibal or something – What are you, your dad? – Lindsey Lindsey, this is crazy We don’t know who he is Or what he is Do you even know where we’re going? Woah Woah – No, no, I really don’t think we should– No, no! (screams) That was so cool Come on, come on – No, no, hey, look– Ooooh myyyyy god – Come, come – It’s

a cave – This is so cool – You’re not actually gonna go in there, are you? Dumb question – Incredible (monkey screeches) (growling) The animals, they were with him – Come, eat – I really think we should get outta here – Come on, he’s trying to be hospitable I’m gonna eat I don’t wanna insult him or anything – Insult him? This panther is staring at me That can’t be a good thing – Then do whatever you want Are you seeing this? – Yeah, you ever hear of rabies? – She doesn’t have rabies Oh she’s so cute – It’s a monkey (growling) Uh, Lindsey? – No, I see him What do I– Oh my gosh, this is the most incredible thing I’ve ever done (gasps) – Eat, good Good – I want to thank you, for before You saved us from those men Do you even understand me? – Yes, me save – Yeah, you did My name is Lindsey Lind-sey – Lin-zee Mowgli – Oh my god Oh my god, Mowgli – Mowgli – I know him I don’t believe this I know who you are When my dad came back from India, he always used to tell me stories, but I just thought they were fairy tales – What are you talking about? – Well, the legend says that his family was attacked by bandits when he was just a baby And that he grew up with the animals This guy is unbelievable – Unbelievable? He was just eating what most people use for bait – Shut up, Travis The animals, are they your friends? (snorts) – Family – You know, this is really interesting and all, but er, I really think we should be going This doesn’t really seem like the right crowd that’s gonna help us save the team, you know – Family Danger – What? – Bad men take – Wait a minute, you’ve seen them? – You know where they are? – Mowgli help – What is it? – Look at that tree line there at the end of the clearing We must be near the valley – And the river – In the heart, a path will lie,

where gold and silver no longer divides – The river of gold – We can’t let them get away with it, Professor Not after all we’ve been through If they get the treasure and the diamond, they’ll keep it for themselves The world will never see it Forget the museum – All right, you’re right – About what? – We may be near one of the markers of the valley – The river of gold I’ve studied your work for years, Professor You really are quite impressive – (sighs) It’s just riddles, word games – Well let’s hope, for your sake, that you’re good at such games, Professor Shall we? – Come, come – He’s gotta be kidding – Well, you know, it doesn’t look that bad – What, you’re actually gonna climb? Hey, be careful – [Lindsey] I’m doing the best I can – [Travis] Where’d that kid go? – [Lindsey] I don’t know, just keep climbing – [Travis] Is he just gonna leave us here? – [Lindsey] Relax, Travis, don’t be such a wuss – [Travis] You’re standing on my head – [Lindsey] Sorry ’bout that – We made it – Come, come – Where the hell were you? – Travis, stop – Stop? He abandoned us – He did not, he helped us – Helped us? Were you just on the same rock as me? – Come – Come? I’m not going anywhere with you I’ve had it – Travis – What? You can go if you want to, but I’m staying right here – Travis, family – I’m sure you’re leading us right to them – Yes – Man, I miss New York (men talking) – Oh my god, it’s them It has to be Do you see my dad? – No They must be in one of those tents – Well, what do we do now? – Must wait Soon – Wait, wait for what? Hey! (howls)

– [Bandit] What was that? Was that an animal? – [2nd Bandit] What was that? (howls) – There they are (men talking) We have to do something – But Mowgli said to wait – Oh, so now you wanna listen to him? – We are so close Tomorrow I cross into legend But not you This is the end of the line for you The game is over Now with the map I can find my way through the Lost City With Professor Donovan’s notebook, it will help me avoid the deadly traps within the chamber Now, I want you to give me the last thing that I need Or you will all die – You have it all There’s nothing else – With dragon’s head, the elephant eye will open Without it, you will unlock the fires of hell Yeah, the golden dragon king Without it, we will all perish within the chamber once the diamond is removed – We’ve no idea what you’re talking about – (sighs) I find it really hard to, er, to imagine that two esteemed archeologists like yourselves don’t know about the key! Now logic dictates that one of you knows where it is Gentlemen, do you like fishing? I rather fancy myself as a fisherman Bait, the most important thing I prefer worms Of course these are not ordinary worms, oh no, no, no, no These are the Indian death adders Very poisonous One for you And one for you, Professor – Oh my god – We have to stop him – Please don’t worry about a thing You won’t even feel the bite But, during the next 60 seconds very, very, very excruciating really But then it’ll all be over (grunts) The key Where is it? Where is the key? – Leave him alone! I have the key – Lindsey – Go get ’em – [Men] Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go Get her, get her! (cocks gun) – You’ve had the key all this time

That’s incredible – Ever since my mother died – How touching At last (howling) – Duck! (men yelling) (roars) – Lindsey, what’s happening here? – Don’t worry about it – [Lindsey] Hold on, we’ll explain later – I say wait – Lindsey – What in the name of St Burge is goin’ on here? – He’s Mowgli, remember? – Mowgli – He’s real Dad, just like all the stories we’ve heard about him He lives with the animals – Pretty weird, huh? – Come, quick – Like he said, come on – It’s mine (owl hooting) (men talking) – Is he out there? – I think he may have left in the middle of the night – Strange, isn’t it honey? All the stories I told you, the Lost City, the wild jungle boy I never thought we’d be living them Any of them But that’s it, it’s over – [Lindsey] Over, what do you mean? – We gotta go back, tell the authorities what happened – But they’re gonna get to the city They’re gonna take the diamond Then there’s gonna be nothing for the museum and it’s gonna be lost Forever – Lindsey, it’s over What else can we do? – Nothing’s ever over, Dad After all these years, I mean, you’re just gonna give up? That doesn’t even sound like you – I’m with her, I say we go for it – What are ya talkin’ about? – Nothing – It’s not nothing We can’t let them get away with this – Getting there first, that’s the only answer – There? We don’t even know where there is He’s got all the maps Come along Travis, don’t be daft

– You’ve been focusing on this for years, right Dad? So it’s gotta be important to you – Aye, that it is – Then I say we finish it Together – Just how do we get there? – What is this supposed to be? – Breakfast – I’ll pass – [Lindsey] Where have you been? – Mowgli watch – No thanks – Watch what? – Bad men go to city Go to treasure – How’d you know about that? – Gold, around your neck Gold come from old city – You’ve been there, you’ve seen the city? (men talking) – Sh, quiet – What? – You hear that? – Hear what? – The river – All right This way – It’s– – Beautiful – I don’t believe it – It really does exist In the heart, a path will lie where gold and silver no longer divide It’s just like you said, Dad – [Christie] I don’t get it How is this possible? – Volcanic residue from the mountains, that’s what causes the color change – Mountains cry, make water sad – Er, I kinda like his explanation a lot better – Yeah, me too – Where to now? – The city, which way? – Where mountains start to cry – Birth of tears – What, what, what, what? – The relic, the very first one you ever, ever found – She’s right, the inscription read, It all begins with the birth of tears – Up river, at the top of the mountain – Precisely (gun shot) (intense music) – So what’s next? – What? – What riddle, what landmark? – I don’t remember – A walk in the clouds, step from earth to earth – A walk in the clouds? Walk in the clouds

– Oh – Step from earth to earth – Looks like it could use a good paint job – [Mowgli] For to take – [Professor Miller] Is it safe? – No, old like the city – Hey! – Fast, or break! – What, the bridge’ll break? – Come on, he made it – He eats worms, too, you gonna do that? – Maybe, after this Dad, we can make it – No, Lindsey, wait! – Dad, behind you! (gun shot) This is it? We’re here? – I thought it would be bigger – Now follow close Danger here – Big surprise The only thing we ever seem to see is danger – Here Shere Khan – What’s a Shere Khan? (men talking) – I cannot believe that this is all that’s left of the city – This not city – What do you mean? – City down – What, you mean underneath us? – Of course! Of course The elephant’s eye sees far and wide, but the treasure it holds– – Lies deep inside – Is deep inside – What? – It’s a riddle that’s on one of my dad’s idols that he’s collected He used to tell it to me like a bedtime story Hey Dad, I guess it’s all true – Show us, please (stone scraping) – This is so cool – Now, stop them! – They’re coming! – Hurry up, quickly! (stone scraping) – Get in there! – Where are we going? – To treasure – Go in!

Go! – [Professor Miller] I can’t see (coughs) (gun cocks) – [Bandit] Over there! – It’s them, they got in Hurry up, go, go, go (men talking) (sword sching) – That way bad – What do you think he means by that? (men talking) – Book Rajiv All right, which way, which, which path? The right choice a man will make, the first road his life will take But which way? Which path? The right choice Meaning right The right tunnel Then again, it could be a trick We go right, two men Go – [Bandit] Come on, come on, go in, go in (spears launch) (screams) – Ouch Must be the other way, Rajiv – Yeah, right – Let’s go – Unbelievable Donovan, it’s all here The throne, the treasure, everything – What about the curse, Professor? If everything else is true, maybe– – No touch – Yeah we know, danger (cracking) – Everybody, hide, hide! (snake hisses)

(gasps) – Sh, sh, sh, sh (men whispering) – Now, the most beautiful treasure on earth becomes mine You two, go (gun cocks) – All right, all right, all right – No traps – He’s gonna use the key (lock clicks) – Key bad – He’s done it (explosion) – Oh my god, come on, let’s go – Hey Dad, the diamond – Forget it, let’s get outta here (roaring) – Let me guess, that’s a Shere Khan (yells) (intense music) (stone scrapes) (men yelling) (coughing) (tiger roars) – We made it We all made it out (coughs) – It’s all mine (growling) (yells)

No! Who are you? – He’s a friend – Some things are better left as legend (howling) – I think that’s for us, Dad – That’s him, isn’t it? – Yeah, we better say goodbye – You know, we have to figure out what to do with him – Why? Some things are better left to legend Come on – Travis – I’ll catch up – I owe you an apology, lad – For what? – For all of it, for dragging you out here and putting you through all this – What are you talking about, I had the time of my life – I beg your pardon? – It was great And I owe it all to you – The hat looks better on you Go on with ya now Catch up with Lindsey – I love you, Dad – I love you, too, son I love you Go – So, what’s up next? Ruby Crown? The King of Thon? Great Emerald Ring? The Latami Clan? Huh? (laughter) – Hey Mowgli! Are you out there? – [Travis] Mowgli! – Hey! – Mowgli? – Best entrances in the business We came to say goodbye And to thank you You saved us all – Welcome Travis, Lindsey, leave now? – Yeah, I’m going off with my dad, and I’m sure Travis here can’t wait to get back to the city – Don’t listen to her, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about – I don’t? – I think I’m gonna try to stick around a little bit – Really? You’ve gotta be kidding – What, after all this? How could anything measure up? Besides, I think my dad and I have a little talking to do – Then you come back? – We’ll find you – I’ll never forget you – Me neither (bear grunts) (panther hisses) – My family want to say goodbye, too If you need me, I’ll be here – I don’t doubt that for a minute