Downloaded From (Then reedited and uploaded.) – Hello? – Hello. I’m home alone. My parents went to some alumni get-together They don’t give a damn about their daughter Hey, if… Kyung-Ah just paged me She left this voicemail trying to scare me Yeah? Forget about it Hey, let’s go for a ride. – No, I can’t. I have exams next week – Don’t be such a wet blanket. Come on. – My parents are going to be home soon – Quit being a tease. You know that place… What? Chang! What’s wrong? You look good enough to put in a frame So, you can replicate me? Eun Kyung Shin In this age of modern science of cloning, I’m trying to discover who I am through the body Jin Yeong Jeong Asexuality, cloning So multi-sexuality is the key word, right? Chang Wan Kim The ancient Greeks had an affinity for bisexuality The best of both worlds, a combination of feminine beauty and masculine strength Multi-sexuality which breaks the boundaries Bae Doona

between genders was admired and worshipped two thousand years ago Yoon Joo Sang By eliminating the complications of human intercourse, half of the problem was solved Alright, sweetie. Mommy will be home soon But you shouldn’t call when mommy’s working – My outfit’s all ready, mommy – OK – Honey, you mustn’t say anything to them – Why not? Aunt and uncle will be very sad – Because of cousin Sang-Mi? – Yes Is Sang-Mi really dead? Boram Let her be. It’s OK You want something to drink, honey? Hello? Listen, kid, how many times do I have to tell you? I’ve looked for it and it’s not here! – Excuse me – Do you know what today is? Here, let me Hello? I’m Sang-Mi’s aunt I’ll find the resort membership card for you. OK? In the meantime, could you hold off on the phone calls? – Boram, what are you doing in here? – I heard something Stop that. Uncle’s looking for you It’s not here. I’ve searched for it many times Don’t open that! She was in there… dead with a fist full of her own hair Please don’t cry Sang-Mi’s in a better place now I’m not really sure I knew she was a model student. Well, I’m not an intimate friend of hers. The resort card that Sang-Mi borrowed, would you know where it is? I was going to go with them, but only Sang-Mi and Kyung-Ah went. Kyung-Ah… OK, I’ll call her But… Kyung-Ah is… – What about Kyung-Ah? – You don’t know? Don’t know what? She’s dead, too. What? When? The same day that Sang-Mi died It was all over the news. Dating Couple Dies at Midnight

Hey Did you write this? – Put on your glasses – I wear them when I need them You wouldn’t wear a condom all day, would you? Is there any other reference material? – Why are you so interested in this case? – She was a friend of my late niece She was found in a state of full arousal Just when they were about to get into it, they kicked the bucket Was there anything suspicious? Strangulation? There was no internal bleeding The police say it was a heart attack No substance abuse? What do you want to hear? The case isn’t over There is no case. It was a heart attack Although there was one weirdo at the autopsy He said something about a supernatural shock or something equally ridiculous. Pretty funny really Wait Hey, stop Sun-Joo Did you know Lee, Dong-Joon, the guy who died with Kyung-Ah? I never met him She told me he was some guy she knew Do you think Dong-Joon went to the resort with them? It’s okay. I won’t get mad Yeah, he did Kyung-Ah told me after she returned So, it was the three of them Actually, there was one more A friend of Dong-Joon went with them You shouldn’t jump into something like this There’s something strange. Why would you grab your own hair during a heart attack? Park touches his ear when he gets writer’s block. I touch my feet others pull their hair Is this the doctor with the unconventional diagnosis? He was the best at sawing heads open, but I heard he’s off his rocker now He’s not worth your time Excuse me Well Are you Dr. Choi? I called earlier today You said that the deaths were caused

by a supernatural shock, contrary to other opinions Are you claiming homicide? Do you have any medical evidence to support your claim? No. It’s just a gut feeling But shouldn’t there be evidence in a case like this? Well, Ms. journalist, do you have any evidence? It could be a new virus produced by the recent meteor shower Nobody knew what AIDS was when it was first discovered Have you thought about that? For instance, the theory that the same virus killed all four simultaneously is more plausible than a supernatural force as a cause of death These critters already know I’m getting them out to play with them or kill them Why is that? Let me guess, you wouldn’t sleep with a guy on feelings alone You haven’t been laid in over a year It’s been exactly eighteen months Are you satisfied? Dr. Choi, I’m here because of the autopsy Listen, Dr. Choi, I’m not interested in your games Two other people died of suspected cardiac arrests on the same day! Leave the dead in peace and let the case be closed Where are you going? That’s the door to the mortuary Sun-Joo, you’re playing a dangerous game It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen Be careful Did we see something maybe we shouldn’t have? – Kyung-Ah 10:52 PM What happened to you, Sang-Mi? You’re sure? Thanks The guys at the resort won’t talk

It’s to respect the privacy of the guests or something Let’s have a drink in accordance Room 105 Do you want me to come with you? Hey, Kim! There was a gas explosion! What? We’ll have to go there later Alright, go you ahead. Take this You’ll regret it if you see it! – The 4 men of horrors – Maybe we shouldn’t have watched it. May I borrow one of these tapes? Yes, of course Do you remember the kids who stayed in room 105 last week? Sorry, I’m usually just on night duty Watch until the end… or else death will swallow you. If you play in the water, the spirits will come for you. You will soon bear a child next year.

Listen to your granny. Whoever watches this… will die exactly one week from now. If you want to live… Mommy, aren’t you going to work? December 1st, Tuesday Let me see the videotape first

No, it’s too dangerous Then why are you here? Didn’t you come for help? Do you not believe what I’m saying? Do you want me to shake in my boots? I’d like to see my own dead face, if I could So now I’m involved? Maybe it’s a practical joke Like one of those chain letters Have you ever seen a joke this serious? Why did those four idiots die? The video contains the spell to break the curse If they knew, why didn’t they use it? They might have seen the tape after the end was recorded over Whoever erased that part, you have to find out We can’t ask the dead now, can we? Do you know this program? Find out when that greasy looking dude was on as a guest That’s the day the ending was erased It wasn’t recent. The clothes they’re wearing are out of fashion – Should I find that out, too? – Of course. Did anyone else see the video? Show it to people and afterwards, you’ll see how quickly they lend you help Why aren’t you in bed? Could you make me a copy? I want to review this undisturbed Cheers! Pretty exciting, huh? A game of life and death Seven days left And you’re one day ahead December 2nd, Wednesday It’s all right. You don’t need to watch it But I want you to help me The VCR in the room was installed in September Who left this in room 105? That would be too much snooping! Okay, narrow the search to November It was probably before the quadruple deaths If you can find the culprit too, that’d be great – Sun-Joo, sit – I only have six days left Hey, come back

Mr. Kong? I need you to find out something The guest that was on the show… yes Mysterious Death During Brain Surgery December 3rd, Thursday This looks like the tidal wave in the video Judging from the height, it’s definitely a seismic wave From 1951 to 1983, there were only four of these which occurred in the East Sea If it was filmed with a video camera, it must be that of 1983 The television in the video is a 1971 model The tape was filmed and left in room 105 by someone, but who? A family stayed in that room three days before the four victims Their kid probably left the tape in there after… he tried to record that show. Then the four victims stayed there next and watched the videotape on a whim. They probably thought the whole thing was a joke and erased the spell at the end to scare the next people. But why was this recorded on a blank tape that was in the VCR? Is there anything else? That’s all I have What about you? Stop it there Don’t you feel something peculiar when you watch this part? Look closely That dark obstruction, what is it? What about it? Is it important? Aren’t we impatient today! If you want answers, then you’ll have to find the person who made this Alright. I should go back to the resort where the video originated from By myself obviously – I’m sorry, doctor, I thought you were alone – Come in This is Ji-Yeon. My one and only pupil This is Sun-Joo, a devoted believer of modern science – I got a call from the publisher – What the fuck do they want now? – They couldn’t get in touch with you – Tell them to fucking wait You should call them You may be given another week Everything is in a week. Go buy some of these and not those that expire after a week

Let’s not waste any more time How will we find out who made this? By putting an ad in the newspaper? You have a day less than I do You’re the one who should move their ass I’d like to see that smile wiped off your face after I’m dead You’re my partner. You can’t die No… Why? Why?! Cousin Sang-Mi told me to watch it What did you find out? For heaven’s sake, tell me! I’m not offering a solution, only evidence that I’ve uncovered I want to know what you’ve thought of There are only four days remaining, but there are so many barriers My daughter saw the damn video All the more reason to calm down Go splash some cold water on your face I divided the video screen into two Abstract images in the head and what can be seen with the eyes There’s that dark obstruction over the actual images – Remember this – Go on The characters behind the obstruction are all real How do you feel? Don’t you feel as if you’re being reproached? These images, we thought they were captured on camera But…? Look closely Those faint shadows Why do I feel as if I’m actually there? How come? This game just keeps getting better

Someone recorded these images through telekinesis A man blinks twenty times per minute, a woman fifteen It’s highly probable that this tape was produced by a woman What do you mean? The blank tape in the resort room A woman with super natural powers transferred images from her head to the video I can feel it The damp darkness Exactly who are you looking for? Someone with telekinetic ability, who’s probably in hiding now Telekinesis. There are too many cases and most are fraudulent May we try? December 4th, Friday Are you sure it’s here? It’s very likely Concentrate on the southern province That old hag in the video was speaking in a southern dialect I asked a friend about it If you play in the water, the spirits will come for you. You’ll soon bear a child next year Listen to your granny What does that mean? Don’t ask me. That’s your job Is this it? Maybe. Write down the name and address What’s the matter? Nothing It’s here. It has to be Park, Eun-Suh This is her invitation Are you still busy these days? I guess so… I’m sorry, mom It’s all right, honey We love having Boram with us – But is something wrong? – No, everything’s fine

December 5th, Saturday Those four dimwits, why didn’t they execute the spell? Simple. They didn’t believe in it The fear of death is a basic instinct It can’t be ignored easily At least one of them should have tried to prevent it Perhaps what needs to be done to break the curse is very difficult to execute If so, what will we do? It depends on what we find out We only have the name Park, Eun-Suh Man, what an ordeal Why? Everyone reacts badly whenever anyone mentions Eun-Suh They considered the mother and daughter to be witches – Mother and daughter? – Didn’t you hear? Park, Jung-Sook, Eun-Suh’s mother had incredible powers At one time, they were amazing They would predict the rain They would predict the high winds After Jung-Sook committed suicide, Eun-Suh lost her powers You mean her powers and foresight disappeared? Yes. She normally lived with her uncle and disappeared after high school Did she jump from here? Yes. This place hasn’t changed since then Why did Jung-Sook kill herself? Do you need a room? We’re looking for Park, Eun-Suh – What? Do you not need a room? – Yes, we do need a room Sir, we’re looking for Park, Eun-Suh You journalists should know better She’s not here. When will they stop this? Father! I’m sorry My father-in-law doesn’t mean it that way

Do you know where she is? Did something happen to her? – I don’t know, I’m not from here – Wait Your room is ready It has a good view – Could we have another room? – Pardon? – Another room – Of course, right away – Father – Just do what I tell you – At this hour of the night? – The guests are leaving! Sir, you know where she is, don’t you? This is a matter of life and death That time… was a matter of life and death, too Ma’am, help us, please I hope this helps This was the last thing we got from her I know my father-in-law misses her, too Park, Jung-Sook had supernatural powers? She met a man named Oh, Chang-Joon when she was twenty-one years old. – Oh, Chang… who? – Chang-Joon. He was a professor of psychiatry. They started out as patient and doctor and the relationship became amorous. Park, Eun-Suh was their daughter. Park… What are you saying? Dr. Oh was a married man He already had a son. That’s life Hey, there’s a storm front heading this way Either way, it caused quite a media scandal Jung-Sook killed herself and Dr. Oh died a ruined man. Can you find anything? – I got it. I’ll look into it when I can. – When? Hey, I’m swamped! I have two deadlines to meet How can you say that? What about me? I have two days left to live! Okay, which one first? Mother or daughter? Park, Eun-Suh holds the key. There’s more

Park, Euh-Suh predicted a huge seismic wave at the age of eleven Well, on that day, an enormous tidal wave devastated the island as well as the mainland – That’s what I saw on the video. – That’s on the video? It wasn’t shot by a person 1973? Are you kidding, Sun-Joo? I can barely trace information from last year That happened two decades ago! You’re saying Park, Eun-Suh was a nightclub singer? Mukoy Dong? I’m the one who phoned Please take a look Park, Eun-Suh You mean Sunny Park. Singer, my ass She was a gofer for about a year Do you remember her? Was she pretty? Well, she looked like December 6th, Sunday I found something interesting Why did he die? What did he see?

Park Eun-Suh’s supernatural powers couldn’t be suppressed and instead, just got stronger – She turns on the television… kills the man – Hey! The ferry has been canceled! The ferry has been canceled! What do we do now? We won’t be able to leave for at least a day We have to get out of here Tomorrow will be too late This storm is our chance The key to the puzzle is in Eun-Suh’s home We never should have come here That goddamn video I shouldn’t have stuck my nose in this Now, Boram’s been dragged into this mess Nice to know you care about me She would’ve been quite attractive, I think Supernatural Powers Revealed What do people think of at their moment of death?

That video is We saw something not of this world No, Eun-Suh’s not dead She’s alive – Kim? – It’s over. We’ve lost the trail. – What do you mean? – Further investigation is impossible.Park, Eun-Suh has disappeared. – Kim She’s not dead She’s disappeared What did the old woman say? About giving birth? Who is the man in the video? Don’t ask me. Use your own head! What should we do now? We’ve uncovered a lot But we’re not even close to solving the fucking curse! You’re afraid, aren’t you? Only of one thing That I’ll die before I solve this third-rate riddle! That’s the only thing I fear You still think it’s a game? Then what about two years ago? Was that patient a pawn in a sick game? I shouldn’t have trusted a quack like you That was no game She was Boram’s age Everyone said there was no hope There was no possibility of revival but I did it. The operation went well I was at the top of my success But I heard someone whisper “I’m taking her…” She suffered for two days

I killed her Do you regret having seen the video? The game isn’t over We still have a day You have one day more I know who led Eun-Suh and her family to ruin They placed her on a pedestal and then tore it down But why me? Why am l being cursed? You’re a journalist, just like them Somebody painted that picture on the wall They were probably the last person to see her You know something. We have no time We need to break the curse It’s strange. I’m not scared at all If we die now, I’ll just die a day early What happens when you die? I don’t know That’s what scares people If the woman in the picture is Eun-Suh I would like to meet the artist He’s the only one who was there You know who he is? He’s her half brother Chang-Joon’s son The storm has passed I guess we made it I’ll call you when we find her December 7th, Monday This is the fun of the game

Oh, Gyeong-Pil What did you do with Park, Eun-Suh? Why do you have a scar on your shoulder? Boram? Mommy’s going to get you tomorrow I’m busy. Be good for grandma At what time did you watch the video? 10:06 or 10:07 It was definitely before 10:10 I was admitted to a sanatorium for smallpox Eun-Suh came to nurse me We loved each other in a special way It was so simple. Everything began here – I need some rest – We don’t have time Calm down Eun-Suh was here Found it! Here! I saw male and female within her body and then I could not remember what I did She could still be alive Are you all right?

Quit worrying and drop the bucket I don’t have enough time – What is it? – Your turn I need to rest before I Have you forgotten your call? Your daughter is at stake here Is that what you want? Do you really think this will work? Just get down there Gather her remains and put her to rest That’s the way to break the curse Park, Eun-Suh, wherever you are please appear Rest in peace, Eun-Suh

Sun-Joo The time of death has past We’ve won the game Park, Eun-Suh survived in the well for a week She transferred all her fear and suffering to us Why did she not curse Oh, Gyeong-Pil? She may have wanted to die With some help, maybe Because she lamented her condition Just as light and darkness existed as one before the Big Bang, Man and Woman probably coexisted as one A perfect combination of strength and beauty But she was the target of ridicule all her life She just wanted a normal life To have children Her only legacy is the video We only know part of reality We cannot know the beginning and the end That’s life So, it’s over, huh? Hey, I was having a nice dream I was actually flying Hey… do you like beer? I thought you’d never ask Set the date If you don’t want my curse Sun-Joo! What’s going on? You ever heard of cell phones? Hi, I’m Hong, Sun-Joo, please leave a message.

– When did it happen? – Last night around ten And the cause of death? They said it was cardiac arrest Did he leave any information about the videotape? What videotape? Why am I spared?

You know. Please tell me! Please! Boram is next! What I did and you didn’t What I did and you didn’t What I did and you Is this your curse? You’ve given birth to something, haven’t you? If you want to live, copy this tape and give it to another. Mom, it’s me. How’s Boram? Yeah, I’m on my way Mom, do you have a VCR? Stay there. I’ll be right over I have something you must watch It’s for Boram Downloaded From