(Last Week!) is back as The War to become the God has begun! God? War? What kind of god is this? (Which Gods await them?) (Stay tuned…) 1st War: Staying cross-legged the longest (Jumps with all his might..but fails to attack) Changbin kept his posture through the rough attacks God with a mentality that doesn’t break God of Sanity 2nd War: Running to the God’s Bus (Just Run!) Seungmin arrived last One who cares for others in the back 8-Proportioned God (hehe) 3rd War: Fishing (Catching fish after fish) (They’re only catching carps) Gotcha! (?) Han caught a Crucian Carp One who knows to enjoy the current: God of Crucian Carps 4th War: Determining Face Age (Cute poses to look younger) Bang Chan, 43yrs old Face Appearance time machine EoreuShin (Elderly God) 6th War: Random Play Dance Amidst the fierce competition 2 members catch our attention Elderly God who has all the choreo memorized and God of Sanity who’s feeling special Who will obtain the JYPShin title? Jarvis~!!! Jarvis! Tell us the answer~! (Members call Jarvis anxiously) The one who will become JYPShin is..! (Traditional Elderly God or freestyle God of Sanity..) (Everyone is curious about JYPShin) Congrats – Bang Chan! (Became JYPShin in addition to EoreuShin★) It was a great competition~ JYPShin (Straw shoes) – The shoes really suit you nicely! (Relief that it’s not me hehe) (Earned 2 God titles for the first time) JYP God? Woah~ JYP God! God JYP x2 You like JYP? I like JYP too~! (God of Foreign Languages instead of Crucian Carps?) He’s famous in Korea~ (We all like JYP♥) (JYPShin) Bang Chan: EoreuShin (Elderly God), JYPShin (God of JYP) Once all wars are over, member who has 2 god titles can freely give out one title after choosing one for himself The phone’s ringing! x3 (Ringing) I hear the dial tone more than the ring tone (Close but far Jarvis~) I hear it sooner (Can hear the dial tone better with the Newest Phone) (Pretending not to know) “The food you guys ordered arrived” Oh they’re here? Let’s go to the dining hall to check them out! Let’s go~ (Off to acquire the 5th God title) (The result of the food delivery mission is?) Hey! The prices are written! x2 What does that mean? Omg! Wait a minute! (The trick(?) we played this time..) (About 40mins ago) (The food members ordered arrived) (To the 8 food items that got delivered) (Put on a price tag?!) Starting now, read out loud the menu and price written on the receipt please (Menu?) (Price?) (What..is this in the order of price?) (Glancing around) I ordered juice, total of 21,500₩ I ordered sandwiches, total of 12,100₩ I ordered sushi, total of 15,000₩ I ordered tteokbokki, total of 27,500₩ Huh? Oh it’s written here~! I ordered pizza, total of 22,900₩ I ordered ice cream, total of 26,500₩ I ordered pilafs, total of 37,500₩

(Why is Lee Know laughing?) (Curious) I ordered jokbal..52,000₩ (embarrassed) (Most expensive!) They hung up! Jarvis is shocked (at the price) so he hung up He hung up~! (tries to connect again) (as soon as he picks up) “The 5th God has been determined!” (Suddenly?) (Order of delivery? Menu? Price?) (What is this..unlucky feeling..) Is it JireumShin? (God of Spending) The one who ordered the most expensive food (Jokbal!) Lee Know ordered jokbal! One who knows to spend lots of money at times! JireumShin! (God of Spending) See? I was right! (Jealous) (I should’ve spent a lot..) Thank you~ (5th God = Lee Know, JireumShin (God of Spending) I ordered something cheap on purpose..ㅠㅠ (Sad maknae) Good that I bought something expensive! You gotta spend some money at times “JireumShin” (God of Spending) (Mukbang time) What would JireumShin wear? (※Filmed safely under heat detection and sanitization) What would JireumShin wear? (※Filmed safely under heat detection and sanitization) Probably some luxury brand clothes~! (※Filmed safely under heat detection and sanitization) Would JireumShin wear luxury brands? (interested) Or maybe clothes made out of 50,000₩ bills? The 8-Proportioned God would wear shoes with insoles of 2m?? Clown outfit?! Then what would BoongShin (God of Crucian Carps) wear? Wearing the crucian carp costume? Bungeo-ppang costume would be cute (Excitement / concern) I realized it today but Han gets along great with Crucian Carps (A compliment right..?) (God of Crucian Carps) I wonder which god titles are left?! GuiShin! (Ghost) (Hm?!) (Leader Bang with 2 god titles is he really psychic?) (Something is set up on the floor) (Phone ringing) (Jarvis calls, as usual) (tired of it) Jarvis what’s up? We’ll begin the 7th War This war..is guessing the sound! (Thinking) So is it GuiShin? (Am I right?) (He is indeed the God of Sanity..) It’s GuiShin (I was right! hehe) SKZ knows everything~ It looks delicious (Pretending to be cool) Will it really be GuiShin? (Anyways! We’ll explain the rules) 2 sound files will be played Listen to them and guess the answer! #1 if you think the 1st sound is the answer and #2 if you think the 2nd sound is the answer (Understood) 1st Q: Find the real car sound! (What’s with his eyes?) Is it like a crying sound? Let’s guess it~ (Stay, guess together~★) I think this is a sports car! I agree We’ll play the 2nd sound (The real car sound is?) No no no (JireumShin (Lee Know) & BoonShin (Han) are sure it’s #2) Won’t they give us another chance if we all choose the same answer and get it wrong? He’s JireumShin indeed! Spending all our chances at once – JireumShin FLEX Didn’t #2 sound like a motorcycle? Yeah – like an off-road bike? (unsure) vroom~ (God of Crucian Carps switched back to #1) I’ll bury myself if this isn’t the answer! Oh nvm hehe (changes mind quickly) (Hyunjin chooses #2) I’ll announce the answer (Han ended up choosing #1) (My ears aren’t wrong) (My ears aren’t wrong222) #2! (Everybody Shout~~) (Excitement) Really?? (The eliminated members can’t believe it..) Knew it (What do you mean..) Why is it so? (Source: Youtube 퐝다TV) It’s a person! x2 vroom~~ (#1 is someone with an engine on their throat(?)) (Then what about #2?) (A real car) Aaaaang~~~ Aaaaaang~~~ (Hehe I got it right) It was a practice round right~?! (No way) Stay out~!! (The 4 eliminated members will stay out) Find the scream of a Stray Kids member! This is so hard (Highest difficulty) So one of it’s not of a Stray Kids member? I know this well (confident) (1st sound!) (Hm? Who is it?) (Hm? I think it’s me…?)

Aaaah!!! (Laughing) This is that!! (Everyone knows it?!) It’s that!!! The drama! (confident) (What drama..?) maybe it isn’t?;; Isn’t this a prairie dog? 2nd sound! This is I.N!! This is I.N! (very confident) (It’s me?) We have to guess the sound of our member, right? It’s #2! It’s I.N, I’m sure! (Most are guessing that it’s I.N…) I’ll be disappointed if you get it wrong (but he doesn’t know it too..) (Everyone chose #2) (Everyone’s eliminated if it’s wrong) (It’ll be my voice right?) How can you guys not guess your member’s voice? (Hey~~ We know you’re joking~) The answer is #1! (It’s really #1?) (Then whose voice is it?) It’s really #1 (shocked..) (That’s weird – no it’s not? – hm?) (Group mental breakdown) Wait a minute I thought it was #2 (unexpected result) (What happened..?) (Showing the answer video) (Laughing) (Owner of the voice) (From Season 1 – Changbin’s scream) (#2 was the sound of a marmot) (Can’t believe I didn’t recognize myself..) Acck!!! (it wasn’t me…) Accck!!!! It’s me! It’s me (late realization..) We’ve watched this so many times!! (late realization222) (Hey guys!) (You thought that sound was mine?) We play it every time we practice! (Everyone Eliminated!) (Is this the end?) Have “Production Support by: Caffe **” (Ooh..he knows it) (Supported by: Handsome even when he’s laughing carelessly) (Supported by: Baby ppang with a large mouth) (Supported by: “Finding my lost voice”) (Supported by: “Stay with God’s Menu”) Since everyone got eliminated, (Will they just pass the 7th God?) We’ll have a consolation round (Nice SKZ) We were destined to meet again~ Here’s the 3rd question! Guess the sound of a real chicken!! This is easy!!! x3 (arrogant) (I think it’ll be hard..) “Cah-caw~!!” Isn’t this chicken?! Do chickens really cry like this?? (loud) It sounds like..it was recorded! We’ll play #2 It’s #2~! (Members all move to #2) It’s #2! (Hesitant x2) (The two are hesitant in choosing) (Leader Bang moves to #2..) #1 sounds like it was mixed and even mastered and #2 sounds like it was taken with a phone I’ll believe in #1! (I.N switches to #1) (Will the answer be #2? More than half of the members chose it) (The faith of the 8-Proportioned God and maknae will be?) The answer is #2! (Bye bye~) (Exits instantly) Go away~ don’t come back~ (Almost as if getting kicked out..) What was #1?! What was #1? (curious) (#1) (Just someone who’s good at mimicking a chicken’s cry) He’s so good! (approval) (Let me try) (Chorus) They’re good?! He’s super good (1 more time) Cah caw~!!! (Han found his talent haha) (Trying so hard) *Vocal Cord Nodule Warning* (Trying hard) (BoonShin can’t give up on mimicking a chicken’s cry) (Next question~!) (Answer #2) Guess the sound of a human’s laughter! Sound of laughter? Oh~ Let’s listen to it as human : human (confident) (Confident weakens right away) (Laughing – what is this) (Falls down) (Falls down222) (Questioning their ears) I got goosebumps..! x2 (Laughter #1 gives them goosebumps) (Is this really the sound of a human’s laughter?) (unusual) Isn’t it Park Narae sunbaenim? Here’s #2~ (… What’s this?) (Flustered) I’m sure it’s #1! Isn’t #2 a goose? (Everyone seems to pick #1) (But Felix moves to #2?) I’ll go with #2! (Mom told me not to hop on the bandwagon) (contemplating) (The answer of a human’s laughter is?) The answer is #1! (frozen) (Yong Bok got it wrong? Hehehehehe~) (Bye bye~) Now, guess which is the sound of a real mosquito~! Oh it’s my friend! (Glad★) I think one of them will be Felix’s sound (Heh! I’m good at mimicking a mosquito) Here’s #1! (Focusing) I’m sure it’s #2

This is just Yong Bok (Switches to #1) (Just sounds like a human mimicking a mosquito..) (detailed) I choose #2! (going back and forth) Let’s listen to Felix! Buzz~~~~~ (Mosquito Bok) He really sounds like a mosquito★ Hyung, can you fly around when he makes the sound? (Hm?) Me? (Collaboration between mosquito-looking(?) & mosquito sound) (Mosquitoz formed★) Buzz~~~~ (Anyways, the answer is #1!) (#2 is Mosquito Bok) (All members are choosing #1) Someone has to choose #2! At least one (Quick understanding) Loser of rock paper scissors stay at #2! (We can’t all be eliminated again!!!) Let’s do rock paper scissors! (someone be it) (rock) (scissors) (rock) (scissors) (scissors) (God of Sanity & God of Spending are excluded) (3 of them play again) (paper) (paper) (rock) (Lost!) (He offered the idea and lost himself) Whoever suggests the idea loses every time (Unlucky Han) (Knew it haha) Next question~ Guess which one is the sound of rain! I think one of the options will be the sound of grilling pork belly #1 (Opening their ears) It sounds like pork belly (Dropout agrees) (sizzling) #2 (super focused) I’m sure it’s #1 I’ve been into ASMR for 2yrs! Ahh~~~ (Someone is deep in thought..) (Will he take the road most taken) (or make his own path) (The choice of God-rich Leader Bang is?) (Chooses #2 by himself) The answer is? (Show the power of majority?) (Is he about ti win 3 god titles?) (I’ve been into ASMR for 2yrs!) (Doubtful that 3 people’s ears are wrong) (Will Leader Bang be able to take 3 god titles?) The answer? is #2! Wow~~~~ (Leader Bang is on fire) (What are you saying..?) (Gasp) (#1 was the sound of making seafood pancake) (#2 was the real sound of rain) If you’ve watched ASMRs so much, can’t you tell the difference between grilling pork belly & a pancake? It’s the sound of grilling a pancake! (blaming him) I’ll stop listening to ASMR from today..ㅠㅠ Wow Chan hyung has 3 titles (They exit sadly..) I wanna hand over my titles right now! (phone ringing) Ah! (Jarvis makes everyone come to the center) (Jarvis! Tell us what God it is!) The 7th God has been determined! He’s taking all the gods! Precious God with ghost-like senses – GuiShin! (God of Senses) (Knew it) (Leader Bang do whatever you want today!) “GuiShin” (God of Senses) Bang Chan: EoreuShin (Elderly God), JYPShin (Straw shoes), GuiShin (God of Senses) (Achieved a Triple Crown★) To be honest, I felt a bit greedy about this round because we’re singers, we need to listen to a lot of sounds Hyung, you’re really the best! So I wanted to do well (Handsome) (Indeed, Leader Bang) Everyone, applause for GuiShin~!! (Respect) (Our hyung is the best♥) (Proud) Oh my! (Jarvis’ call breaks the silence) (They don’t seem to get used to it hehe) Finally!! It’s time to determine the last God! We’ll begin the 8th War The last war is to make the members laugh! “Make the members laugh!” Rules: Go into the makeup room and get ready to make the members laugh (Makeup, or funny jokes – free to choose method of causing laughter) -Just be funny (1st member to go?) (Baby ppang maknae is up★) (Moves to the practice room (a.k.a. makeup room) next door) What should I do? It’s difficult~ ※Utilize the props※ ※Warning: unusual※ (Eyes widen) What’ll be funny? (Skims the table for props) (Haha there’s everything here) (What caught I.N’s eyes?) Let me try it on~

(What will he look like..) (Peek-a-boo) (His handsomeness pulls off a bald wig) (shining x2) I like this one Oh!! This is it! (I.N seems to have found something else) (sounds like he’s ripping off tape…) I need to pull it~! (He’s having difficulty..?) Why isn’t it working (What is he trying to do..) Got it!! (Maknae’s look that he prepared so hardly?) What should I do? It’s really pressuring (Members are thinking of how to be funny) (Pressured) (worried) (Meanwhile, EoreuShin tests how old he looks) What age did you get this time? 32..!! again! I’ll just keep EoreuShin… (given up) Knock x3 He’s here!!! x5 Come on~~ Wassup? x4 Don’t laugh! x3 Hold it in! x3 Don’t show your gums I’m not gonna laugh no matter what (determined) (What will I.N look like!!!) (Super curious…) (Members wait patiently) (Quiet) (Need to hold it in..) (Let’s not laugh…) (Everyone supports one purpose..) (Unusual silhouette) (Turn) Ta-da (Baby ppang turned into a bald man★) (…hahaha what’s with that bald man) (Suppressing laughter) (Try doing so..) (Showing his seaweed teeth) HAHAHA (Laughs muted.. but bursts out in laughter222) (Bald man walks forward powerfully) (Attacks Leader Bang first) Excuse me..but which Choi family are you? (Already on the floor laughing) (EoreuShin didn’t laugh..how spiteful) (Searches for the next target) Excuse me..but which Choi family are you? (Not funny) (Not funny x4) (You’re not laughing?) Which Boong family are you? (What a unique name~) (Starts yelling suddenly) Your boss! Lives in the ocean right?! (Ends up bursting in laughter) (I.N’s ad-lib) With your boss, huh?! We ate baits together huh! We did everything! (Detailed hand acting) (Acting spirit) Ah my face hurts (I.N was so funny that Hyunjin’s face hurt) (Embarrassed after all) (Super embarrassed) He’s so cute – what do we do~ (laughing) (Maknae’s insane acting of Choi Ikhyun (character)) (Not easy to escape from..) (It was really funny) (Exits after finishing his duty(?)) Who didn’t laugh? Did everyone laugh except for Bang Chan? (Bald man stole everyone’s belly button except for EoreuShin’s) I’m in trouble – I didn’t expect him to be this harsh (Whew..I did my best!) (exhausted) Han is up~! (BoongShin on his way~) Wow..how do I win I.N? (Pressured) How can he break down himself like that (We’ll stay tuned for BoongShin..^^) What do I do (The 1st player was too impactful..) I’m really bad at things like this..ㅠㅠ (He’s also crying..?) Just looking at my own face is funny..haha (Members are gathering their calmness again) He’s here (Nervous) Knock x3 (Finally enters!) (Silence) (Forms the mood with a narration) I have a very sad story (His curly hair catches attention) (What’s sad all of a sudden?) (He’s just funny) (His own skit continues) I didn’t know how to do anything (Thinking of something sad) My only advantage was my loud voice (hold it in..x2) I I yearned to be a rocker and grew my hair! (Catches attention with his braided hair22) (His silhouette is funny) Hello! I’m (He finally unveils) (Only advantage is his loud voice) (I’m a pig-nosed rocker “Han”~) (laughing) Ah~oh~ (Suddenly the mood turns to Queen) Ay~oh~ (FreddieHan Mercury starts) (Tongue movement) (Let’s sing together) (Dying of laughter) (Rocker Han’s stage starts!) (Thump!) (Charismatic) (He’s funnier than me hahha) (Can’t help but to follow the beat) (Pig-nosed rocker Han’s great stage takeover) (Approved!)

(Tearing up) Ah..you guys gotta sing along! (Sing along~) (Very absorbed) (Can’t hold his head up..) Ok I’m done~ Come in~! (Embarrassed after doing everything) (My throat..hurts from laughing) I laughed too much – I can’t breathe! What did you write on your face? Heart (Heart???) (Why are they laughing?) (HEA_RT) (Both Face and heart are pretty★) Why did you write it backwards??? What? (Only he doesn’t know) Did you write it looking in the mirror? (Moment ago: Wrote something hard..) (But BoongShin didn’t know he was writing it backwards) (TR_AEH) (Both Face and heart are pretty…222) (Ohh!!) (Surprised) (Dies of laughter after late realization) (His sanity is gone) I thought it was “Umma” (Unique Yeonji Gonji.. “rouge spots”) I have to go after him..! (pressured) (Worried) (EoreuShin in the makeup room just laughs due to pressure) Let’s do well! x2 I don’t need to be funny! x2 Let’s just copy others (Controlling his mind to lessen his burden) I wonder what Chan hyung will look like (Audience is waiting for their leader’s transformation) What if he takes off his makeup? (I need to erase “TR_AEH”…) (Leader Bang keeps putting something on) (Taking double the time) (Will he be finished within today…?) (When is he coming..) (Bored Maknae) (Door doesn’t open even after a while) I’m really not gonna laugh now! I can keep a straight face Let’s look angry since he’s so late Everyone look at him with angry eyes! (I’m angry) I won’t laugh!! Emotionless! Where do I have to go? I can’t see ( (Unusual vibes with his entrance..) Knock! x3 (Determined not to laugh easily..) (As soon as he entered) Bursts in laughter (Tried hard not to laugh but he makes them laugh insanely) Where do I need to go! (Who are you) (fascinated) Yiku! (I’m not Bang Chan) (I’m Lee Sin! *game character*) (Oh my) Ah~! It’s so embarrassing! Hyung..why are you doing this..! ㅠㅠ (You already have a lot of god titles..did you really want this one too?) (EoreuShin, JYPShin, GuiShin) (and Lee Sin!) (laughing) (Maknae fell down laughing…) #SoFunny #BigFun #FuntoSpectate (Best at Martial Arts, Bang Chan★) (From head to toe..perfect Lee Sin) (Is it funny?) (They can’t stop laughing) Wow (Truly moved♥) Applause~!! (Impressed by the Leader’s spirit) (Great job Lee Sin) There’s a reason he took 20mins (While everyone is impressed..) (One man has his head down..) (I had to be after Lee Sin..) (We thought we wouldn’t be able to laugh more after Leader Bang..) (Lee Sin..how can you win him..) (He just laughs helplessly in this situation..) (He seemed pressured..) (Will Lee Know be able to overcome this obstacle?) Ohh!! (I won’t laugh!!) Don’t laugh! (His lips are already excited) (Handsome sculpture-like Lee Know’s appearance is?) sigh (Lee Know faced reality…) (concerned) Oh my (I know that feeling..haha) (No courage to turn around..) (Lee Know..cheer up! -Lee Sin-) (After contemplating for a while..) (Ok! Let’s do it!) (focused) (Bursting out in laughter?) (Imitating a famous dumb character in Korea) (Handsome Sculpture-like Lee Know’s shocking transformation!) (Dying of laughter) (Great reactions) (Wow!!! Does this make sense?) (1st time seeing him like this) (I lost!) ※Be careful of your belly buttons※ (He did it!!!) (★Craziest man in the room★) (Still not sane yet.. still funny to look at him again)

(Same person..different vibes..) He was the funniest until now! I could only say “wow~” in the makeup room Wow~~ (★Lee Know renewed his good looks★) (Anyhow..he reached the climax..) (Is he insane..?) (Pressure x 20000915) (I’m so worried..) (Next up is our puppy..what is he supposed to do?) (Goes to the makeup room with heavy steps..) (I’ll do something..ㅠㅠ) I’m gonna lose myself! (Worried) (Feeling sorry for him..) (Ok..let’s give it a try!) (Seungmin fiddled with something) (Prepares to enter with an unknown sound) (What will the puppy look like?) I won’t laugh! x4 Come on~!! (The door opens!) Who wants to fight with me? (Hat falls off) My heart hurts for you..! Seungmin…ㅠㅠ (It’s a fight with yourself..) (Lonesome..) (Picks up his hat..) (and his glasses are halfway down his face..) (♥Love for the Maknae♥) (A moment of support..) (Seungmin cheer up♥) And Changbin, you’re the most handsome right? -Yes! (A lie he said while he was insane..) (Our friend came back as Pinocchio…) (Hug him warmly♥) (Patting) *Not a free hug event* (Yong Bok from Australia..) (Tried his best…) (Yong Bok.. I’m sorry..) (I can’t laugh…) Sorry (Gives up fast) (Already crying blue tears) (On their way to hug Yong Bok too..) Mom~!!!!! ㅠㅠ (I miss mom) (Did I come from Australia to do this…) (No longer someone else’s problem..) Aren’t we done? I wanna cry right now (Please show us Hwangsual Shock!) (Last person, Hyunjin under extreme pressure) (The transformation of Hwang-vely will be..?) Hyunjin didn’t go home right? Wonder what he’ll be doing~? Jarvis might be comforting him?! “Ok~ You don’t need to do it if you don’t want to~ “No..I’ll do it.. I’ll do it but…I don’t know what to do ㅠㅠ” (Hahaha I doubt it) (Don’t be funny! I’ll show you what it is) (Appears secretively, covering his pretty(?) face) (Must be here!) Knock x3! Come in~! (Welcome★) (While everyone is waiting with their breath held in) (Hyunjin comes in quietly) (Head down) (Is that part of his concept?) I’ll start~! (His voice sounds a bit weird??) I’ll do it~! (cute) (curious) Ta-da (Transformed as Hongduke’s wife★ *cartoon character*) (not much reactions…) Come here~ (Our Hyunjin needs love) (Share your love with members) (He came with thick lips..) (Haha sorry..) (Site of comforting) (Patting) Great job Hyunjin He even gave himself whiskers..(side of hair) Take it off for him! x2 (He was originally like this..) (Hwang-vely) (or Hwangsual) (He wasn’t funny but he was cute) (Everyone great job being funny) ※The staff wasn’t able to pick the last God, so the members will vote on majority※ (Vote with eyes closed) (1 vote) (1 vote again) (1 vote again) (3 votes! +1 more!) (Who received the most votes?) (The 8th God is?) (Jarvis calls) Hello? The 8th God has been determined (Rocker Han who tried his best?) (Bald man who acted with all his might?!) (Lee Sin who threw his body into it?!) (Lee Know who transformed perfectly into a dumb character?!) Lee Know! (Lee Know, the 8th God) (Shy) (Embarrassed) (Left as part of Stray Kids’ history for a while..) God of Entertainment who doesn’t fear looking ugly! MangShin (Disgrace) (Sigh..a disgrace…big disgrace..) (Good thing it’s not me~) (Time to unveil the God’s outfits★) (Nervous) (Unlucky feeling)

Will the 8-Proportioned God have the head attached to the body? What about for the God of Sanity? What do you thing BoongShin will wear? Wearing a crucian carp costume? (That’s not it) What will they give for JireumShin? Have money taped on the clothing? (That’s not it222) (Surprising) (and covetous(?)) They’re hot! (Hyunjin, Felix, I.N don’t have any god titles) (8 God’s outfits appear★) (What kind of clothes will they be?) We got pants now! (What will MangShin’s outfit be..) Hey! (What is that!) (Leader Bang also found something?!) Plastic pants! x1003 (Only the pants are a little shown) (But it feels unusual~) (Show God of Sanity’s outfit first!) I’m so curious about the outfits (Will his outfit also be sane?) The pants are yellow Oh~~~~ (Han realized something?!) “Hanging on!” … that! (Ding dong dang) (Webtoon main character outfit) That’s fine~! (Cute★) (8-Proportioned God’s outfit will be?) (Seungmin walks fast to check it out) Wonder if the pants will go up to his shoulders (High waist style?) (Cleaning the floor haha) (Correct) (The length of the pants are so long) (Not mine! excited) (Fashion King would cry at this) (Outfit for God of Crucian Carps?) I’m so curious about this I think none of them are normal I’ll see how creative they are It suits Han perfectly! (Coming soon) (Crucian carp brooch is the point!) (Typical(?) fisherman’s outfit) (Leader Bang with 3 Gods! EoreuShin+JYPShin+GuiShin) I’ll start with EoreuShin Isn’t it that~? Sauna! (Sauna clothes?!) (Nope – it’s social studies teacher style modernized Hanbok) This is EoreuShin~ (Seems about normal) I’m the most curious about JYPShin Chan hyung has to wear JYPShin no matter what! (glance) This one’s predictable Oh yeah~ Haha (Feels unlucky) (Plastic pants that had a loud entrance?!) Wow~! (reacts automatically) (and makes Seungmin’s mouth wide open) (Must wear plastic pants as JYPShin★) (Very embarrassing and unconventional fashion) (Shy x2) (Hot x2) JYPShin = JYP’s pants! (Ok let’s go! GuiShin) A school uniform? (nope) This is pretty (All white = GuiShin outfit) Let’s go~! (JireumShin + MangShin’s outfits) Let’s go~! (What shocking fashion awaits?) I’ll open JireumShin first Aren’t those Han’s pants? (Familiar Han’s stage pants) Yeah those are mine Wow~ 50,000₩!! (Have to wear this much to be a real JireumShin) (Money Flex) (Envious~) (JireumShin dignity~) (Wow) (Envious) Now MangShin -Oh you have 2? (What is that) (Reason they bursted out right away?) Why is this here (Hello♥ I’m Lee Know~) (Comes back when he’s about to forget..) (Dark History is born..) (Funny looking at it again) I wanna wear it! (Felix’s style♥) When did they print this?! (True MangShin (embarrassing) fashion) (Bang Chan will choose his own outfit and ones he’ll give out!) (Which God will Bang Chan choose?) (Decision Time) (Which God will he choose?) (God-less) Hyung, love you♥ I would do EoreuShin if I were him! I would’ve done JYPShin! I would’ve done JYPShin too! (=I don’t want JYPShin) This is an entertainment show~ The entertainment right now with makeup is you! (I should’ve kept quiet) What should I pick? What do you guys want to be? I’d like to be EoreuShin I’d like to be EoreuShin too..222 I don’t mind

Oh really? Are you sure? How’s JYPShin? (No I think I mind) (Flustered) Ahh what should I be? (Real decision time!) I’ll yield EoreuShin to our maknae Thank you~! (satisfied) TBH I’m ok with GuiShin Oh really? (I really don’t want JYPShin) I kinda want to see Hyunjin wearing JYPShin’s outfit (Why are you doing this to me..ㅠㅠ) Ok then let’s do this! (How?) Since I’ve been at JYP for 10yrs I will…! (Really?) (Great Leader Bang) not take JYPShin! (Bad guy!!!!) (Tricked!) I love it! Respect! x2 He gave up on JYP! Choose~ (That’s my hyung!) (God of Sanity’s hand just helps) Hyunjin is JYPShin (Ft. Plastic pants)!★ (Hehehe happy) (JYPShin, plastic pants..hate it all ㅠㅠ) JYPShin~~~ JYP Hyunjin~~~ Hyunjin, don’t cry (Today is Hwangsual’s suffering day?) (Don’t cry!) (Lee Know will choose his own outfit and one he’ll give out!) (JireumShin vs. MangShin – which will Lee Know choose?) (Both are unconventional styles) (Lee Know’s decision is?) I’d like you to choose MangShin1 Me too2 The pic’s really funny (Truly embarrassing pic) Isn’t MangShin better? I think JireumShin is worse (Very controversial styles) (All over the place) (Felix gets to choose) Which do you like? I don’t like both! But ‘lix looks great with JireumShin! (Flex Felix) (Yong Bok forcefully gets JireumShin) (Lee Know is MangShin) (Congrats on becoming a real MangShin) (Done matching the 8 Gods with their Outfits) (This is not the end!) (Never-ending Jarvis’ call) (What trick will he play this time) Hello~ The members have now become Gods You’ll wear your outfit and go on a field trip! (Wearing this..?) (Doomed) But! We prepared something for those who aren’t satisfied with their outfit! (interested x2) (There’s a chance?) Before leaving, you’ll have a chance to switch your god titles! Through Scene Stealer, get the God you want! (Hm???) (What’s this about?) (Special sports event to happen a moment later) I’ll have to throw someone and get it (Declaration of war) Come at me! x2 (Racing) (From thrilling chasing scene) (Big confusion) (to bumpy fight scene!) (and a non-visible action scene!) (Fierce fight for the Gods!) (One who wants to steal!) (One who wants to keep!) (One who wants to be stolen(?)!) (The result of Scene Stealer is?!) Then I’m off now (Jarvis – you can’t just leave!) (About to become …) (Bright sky greets) (and a great day that bees dance) “Shin (Scene) Stealer: Gods’ Sports Day” (ta-da) (Far away~ let’s so anywhere!) (A Training Facility @ Paju) 1hr before shooting Hahaha what’s mine~? Handsomeness Yield Coupon Are we going to an amusement park~?? What’s with the coupon?? What’s with the boarding pass?? Oh~ mine’s fine! Infinity coupon for iced water (What does their conversation imply?) (At this unfamiliar place,) (Members are talking about their outfit and items) (Roller Coaster Coupon x2) (Field Trip 8-kit set) (Infinite iced water coupon) (Korean meal couponx2) (JYP’s corporate credit card) (1-day leader pass) (Water ride coupon x2) (Handsomeness yield coupon) (JireumShin’s item = JYP’s corporate credit card) It’s good no matter what! Ah~! Shouldn’t have given it to him! Seungmin’s outfit will be a bit difficult (example) How will he go to the bathroom (Pull it down from his neck!) (MangShin is on a streak today) I think God of Sanity’s outfit will attract a lot of bees (*Depending on perspective, may remind you of Bruce Lee) A-oh~~~! (Lee Sin reappears) Bees like handsome people~! (Maknae pulling out facts) Ah~ a bee~! (appealing his handsomeness) (So what..) I wouldn’t want to be JYPShin, no matter how many times I look at it (JYPShin Item: 1-day command pass) Say we go to an amusement park

Which do you think is the most useless item? The 1-day command pass Both his outfit and his item are the worst! (BoongShin hits JYPShin with facts) Both his clothing and item are the worst! They all suck!! (As long as it’s not me) It’ll be more stressful to command us Let’s all work together and make Hyunjin wear plastic pants! (Targeting Hyunjin) (Salty) Frankly, as long as it’s not yourself! Ok~! (salty) (Clothing you want to wear?) None! I think the bee-outfit is the most decent I’ll keep mine too! (EoreuShin) Even if they give me drawers to wear underneath, I’d reject the plastic pants I’ll put my life on the line to switch! (One who wants to keep vs. One who wants to steal) The result?! Yes Sir~! Whoo~! Whoo~! (Tension UP with the great weather!) (God Stealer will begin now) (Feat. Jarvis★) I got something I’d like to keep (Glance) I got an outfit that I’d like to keep Congratulate me pls (Congrats..but please keep your sanity too..) Then, we’ll begin the Gods’ Sports Event! Rules: Composed of 3 scenes: Chasing, fighting, action Winner of each scene can steal or keep his own god Before we start, we’ll have a warmup game! (anxious) (nervous) Warmup Game: Rubber Shoes Stealing game Go around the rubber shoes to the music, and wear it once the whistle is blown (To the winner of Rubber Shoes Stealing game!) (A benefit will be given in the chasing scene!) (Gathered around) Enjoy it~! ((While playing) Grr Don’t talk to me!) How old is this song?? (Runs around, enjoying their song) (Absorbed) (Then!!) Whistle- (Thump) (Members run to take the shoes) (Changbin didn’t get a shoe yet?!) No~!!! (God of Sanity took Maknae’s shoe) It’s nothing! (Upset) (hing..my rubber shoes ㅠㅠ) Jeong In~!! Jeong In~!! You’re eliminated! Get out! (Then) (Leader Bang with surprised bunny eyes) No!!! (He kicked the shoe and it went over?) (Leader Bang was jumping in happiness) (Excitement) (Suddenly plays soccer..) (Shoot?) (Flew far far away..) Bang Chan – fail! (Merciless) (Today’s lesson: Treasure the rubber shoe) (Leader + Maknae eliminated!) (※Collected the shoe after shooting) (Round 2: 6 members left, 5 rubber shoes) (Awkward Silence – Stray Kids) (Crow’s cry) Crow’s passing~ (Sudden traffic?) (The suspect is God of Sanity!) (Guile) (Causes traffic again) (Chaotic due to Changbin) Don’t come! x3 (I gotta keep God of Sanity!!) (Settles down on top of the shoes) (Marks the center) Whistle blows~!! (While everyone’s battling against God of Sanity) Whistle blows~ (Chaotic) (Everyone fights to get the rubber shoes even after falling down) (JYPShin Hyunjin gets eliminated!) (Hahaha guys..) Why were you in the middle!! Hey don’t be greedy! (= I’m gonna be greedy for God of Sanity) (Flustered) Hing ㅠㅠ it hurts Seo Changbin! (bad) (Coolly starts Round 3) (Spectator mode) Get cool~ Seo Changbin / a.k.a God of Sanity -Skill: Blocking path- (Gathered around..) (Walking in the same spot again?) (Suspect is God of Sanity again) Rotate! Dance! (Everyone turned away from Han) They’re cute I wanna go in too! (While they’re turning as one whole group) (Han looks for the empty spot) Whistle blows (Falls) (Secures the shoe with alacrity) (Dropout of round 3?) (Pop) (Knocked down by Seungmin at once) Bye everyone~♥ (Cool exit) (Rapping) (Moves fast to the fast beat) Whistle Get out!!! (God of Sanity you get out..) (Sad Bin) (Exits quietly) (3 members left, 2 shoes left) (“Victory Song”) (Anyone win~) (Puppy & Kitten keep Lee Know in check)

(But MangShin doesn’t move at all) Why are you only pushing me! (MangShin is fighting 2:1) (Who will become the owner of the Victory Song?) (Turn~) Whistle blows (Lee Know got a shoe for sure) (Who will go to the final round?) (Tried his best) (but Felix dropped out!) Why did it have to be Lee Know hyung..ㅠㅠ I think someone will die here (Finally the final round!) 8-Proportioned God vs. MangShin (Who’ll get the benefit?) (Only 1 rubber shoe!) (A fierce fight is predicted) I vote for MangShin’s win! (It’s alright come at me) Whoo There’s a large weight gap (MangShin plays around with the shoe by himself..) The weather’s nice today and MangShin’s condition is great He worked out yesterday so he’s full of energy! Whistle blows while broadcasting (Seungmin fights back!) (Can’t tell who’ll win) (Close fight like a final round!) (Who’ll be the winner of the rubber shoe game?) (1st time seeing the shoe, 10s after game started) (Lifts his leg and shoots the rubber shoe!!!) (Lee Know sprints towards the shoe) (But again -!!) (※Dangerous – don’t copy) (Momentarily frozen) Are you ok? He might be pretending to be hurt! (Lee Know got the shoe★) Thank you! I didn’t get hurt! (God of Acting at this point) (Great fight…★) He didn’t disappoint us! (panting) (Showed the ultimate MangShin..!) The final winner of the rubber shoe game? is MangShin! (Hanger falls down suddenly) (What signal is this..?) (Speechless) (Scared Lee Know) (Benefit goes to MangShin!) Next week! (The members’ war continues!) (One who wants to steal!) (And one who wants to keep!) (and one who wants to trick!) (glances around) It’s bad! Whistle blows (The real war starts now!) (Competition at its MAX) (They try their best!) (And a turnaround shot!) (Thrilling God Stealer!) (Can’t stay relaxed even for a min..!) (And bursting the balloon!) (Embarrassed MangShin) (Chaos) Hey! The camera (Gods’ Sports Day! The result is?) Someone take my god~!! (pleading)