certified national yeah beer judges someone who is an accredited person who judges beer and lays down some knowledge from time to time oh it’s the hardest exam I’ve ever written easily sure okay let’s go all right dad I’ll speak louder it’ll help cuz I’ve been drinking for a while yeah so that was me quick outline we’re going to talk about styles so big beers over 8% and some of them get pretty big yeah we do have a cap of 12% NBC for it to be called beer and sold under beer taxation law otherwise it goes in too hard out hard liquor into it whiskey taxation yeah in that range there’s only four beers I’m sorry but also super freaking expensive but we’ll get to nurse them for a while so those are all the styles of beer and there’s gonna be a test at the end but so this is BGC stuff we’re started with light lagers all the way down to a classic rush beer at the end yeah so there’s lots of styles and then you can see that all the little bottles are the alcohol ranges so we’re gonna talk about the ones on the ends so over 8% there’s only 13 styles have fall into that and they come from all different countries because every country likes to get drunk on beer so yeah we got ice buck and doppelbock in Germany we got the strong scotch ale so the wee heavies from Scotland which I had some of those on Robbie Burns the other day I hope you guys had haggis Gabe was fantastic Windsor meat man best haggis I’ve ever had so good then we have England’s got the Russian Imperial Stout and they also have the their barley wine the French get in there with their beer two guards oh yeah the Belgians make it in with the triples and the golden Strong’s and the dark Strong’s and the quads and that kind of thing and then the Americans with their barley wines and actually a lot of the beer they like to go big go America and all that kind of stuff it’s gonna be seasonally available big grids are very hard too hard for us to make yeah which I will go into I think on there here we go they’re super expensive you need tons of malt because you have really poor extraction efficiency when use that much small so at parallel 49 where I work when we do our Russian Imperial Stout we fill the mash tun with malt add a bunch water and it’s half an inch from the manway go to the top so it’s well above our spy ring if you know what that is that doesn’t really matter it’s more full than it was designed to be and then we just drain the water out once and then throw all the malt out and you could probably make an 8% beer off of second Runnings on that but we just don’t have a second kettle or the space to do it over the time and also it’s a pain in the ass to make those beers so oh that would be awesome I would love to have another kettle are you [ __ ] me that would be great but yeah those beers are super super expensive and then you need tons of hops because they’re so sweet that your yeast isn’t gonna have attenuate so it’s not gonna eat as much sugar you’re gonna end up with a sweeter final product then if you have enough sugar to make a 5% beer yeah as the alcohol goes up attenuation goes down essentially the yeasts are trying to live in a waste product at that point they don’t like alcohol that’s garbage to them oh yeah so they’re super expensive and then we have long boils it was driftwood this year they had to dump their singularity they breed a whole whack of it boiled it all night or whatever and it turned look like crap I they had to dump it and that is a super super super expensive mistake because that’s a lot of man-hours and a lot of ingredients and time that they honestly can’t waste I’d feel super every bird it

is a big beer feels so sorry for them let me hear that and then long fermentation you’re looking at least a month in primary in breweries space is money and time is money and if you can move 5% beer through that formatter every 12 days and then this big honkin 12% thing sits in there for a month and a half it damn straight we’re gonna charge a lot of money for it that thing cost a lot of money to be there it’s paying rent at that point and then longer conditioning you once it’s out of the fermenter and it’s done and actually fermenting and it needs to sit around things that go to that high of alcohol need to be aged just like wine when you get to that level of alcohol it’s really hard on East and they start throwing off hot alcohol so higher-order alcohols so mainly in beer we get ethanol but you’ll get also good isopropanol formed you’ll get hexanol there’s about seven different alcohols typically that form in beer fermentation those other ones all taste and smell like hangover and it’s exactly what they’re gonna give you it’s pretty horrible you’ve ever had someone’s homemade wine and like oh I’ve just finished this batch of wine try it and you’re like oh my god I really don’t want to let’s see if I don’t make a horrible face that’s higher order alcohols that’s exactly what they are and they break down over time and that’s why you aged wine so wine aging and beer aging kind of line up this way you want to age that out until the high order alcohols break down they actually turn into esters which are fruity flavors which are actually alcohol is combined with amino acids I finally kind of looked it up but yeah so they’re really tough for that that kind of gets into the brewing end of things and then Aging so you can either age it in steel which is super expensive because it takes up space that you would normally putting regular beer through and though he can agent in class which is what that would be bottling your beer put it into bottles and then sticking it either at your brewery and keeping it in storage space which is a pain in the ass it needs to be climate-controlled to some extent or would also barrels are expensive her paint Lee has to keep they leak all over the freaking place they need someone to take care of them and make sure that the tops don’t blow off and stuff they’re really easy to leave in the corner and then humidity changes or temperature changes and they all blow their tops and then they get infected and then you have to pour it all out they need to check on them all the time and breweries are busy enough without it so this is why we charge lots of money for them I’m sorry it’s not because we’re dicks it’s because they’re really expensive to make first beer okay I got yelled at about this so when you want a taste of beer uh sound blah I’m sorry you got poured a little bit early but you want to smell your beer first want to look at it check the clarity see how much head there is doesn’t seem to be much now because it’s been sitting in the glass and it also gets the canted and so when you get a beer here and it’s been decanted into a pitcher we’re gonna keep all the bottles in the back you’ll get to see them at the end we’re not really in the business of flaunting name brands and stuff like that we’re talking about the beer we’re talking about what we’re tasting you lose some carbonation so if you go and buy this stuff in the store we’ll definitely taste different in your glass will be have a little bit more carbonation so forgive us for that but that’s part of the way it works yeah pretty good clarity nice amber hues pretty sexy looking okay what’d you guys get for aroma I’m gonna pick on you if no one else does anything you know that right people that have been here for the first class would you smell Oh vanilla notes like that he aplomb ‘he’s like there’s no wrong answer okay you there could be wrong answers but it’s really hard to have a wrong answer because it’s what you smell not Nestle what I smell and smell is a very interesting thing if you ask there’s whole books on it something that compounds I smell and I get banana are different than the same compounds that you get smell but also get bananas from so we all get different things so this is barley wine had that title English origin Americans like to take stuff and run with it and make their own and then say yeah we’re American barley wine the first one was bass number one 1870 bass also was the first copyright or a trademark logo and the in the world pretty great brewery in England it was traditionally produced through party guile method which was one of the questions Cary had which is you take all your grin and you mix it with a small amount of wine you drain that water off that’s gonna be really strong during

your mash after the mash comes off it’s gonna be tons of sugar in that the most amount you can possibly get from that vault and then you could add more water to that grain and still dissolve more sugar and then from it that won’t be as strong a beer you can do that so they used to use part of guile methods in England to make most of their beers so they make strong like really strong beards and then a weaker beer and then a weaker beer and then they blend them to make all their different beers so they’d probably do maybe two mashes a dark mash and a light mash and they make say three beers from each and they take those six and they can make all sorts of different stuff but occasionally they would keep some of the first Runnings of their pale or brown beer and that’s where barley wines come in so they keep those really high alcohol at the hop the [ __ ] out of them but they can last a long time and even in the times when they had terrible terrible awful sanitation you think you have bad infected beers from homebrew now is way worse than they were making thousands of litres of it but yet the English ones are traditionally darker than what we get now part of that to do to oxidation they would I definitely had higher oxygen exposure and that will darken beers over time you take the same beer and you throw out the cellar and it sits for a couple years it will come out a little bit darker typically and then they often they get released in vintages so they’ll have the date stamped on them because I’ll try and do the same thing every year but your mulch changes every year so they’re never gonna be quite the same and it’s really fun if you keep a bunch of them you get to have ever Scott and Amanda right old cellar dweller vertical I was the first time I ever had a vertical at new years or whatever and that was four years ago so they’re going I think so you get to see the same very making the same beer at the same time the Brewers getting better as it goes along so they’re getting more efficient in their process and cleaning stuff up but everything changes but it’s really cool to taste an old beer essentially they trying to make the same beer but what how that how it ages that you can kind of if you do that you’ll learn how beer ages and how long you want to cellar it and they’re better than any other description is just Michael Jackson did different Michael Jackson are Michael Jackson also deceased but yeah earthy happiness wine enos lots of fruit and toffee notes that’s a classic description of an English barley wine the wine enos comes from this high high level of alcohol and tends to certain amount of oxidation you get this venue is character in some of them and so we can taste this thing where it kind of went over seroma it was a pretty big beer its 11.8% the vanilla notes are very prominent in it so I tell you guys about it cuz it happens more and more these days this is a barrel aged barley wine that’s becoming far more and more common barrel aging rush imperial stouts that’s been going on for a while since Goose Island started with the Bourbon County which is an awesome awesome beer and super cheap teat and by little balls that all over the place it’s really good I had one two days ago but barley ones are starting to do it more this has got a pretty heavy Bourbon note to it but that stuff kind of dies down over aging also to strength this high and probably age this beer for oh good four or five years it still tastes really good probably bet it speaking that’s about three years so especially as packaging gets better more and more of these local breweries they’re all local at me know one of them is not all that to do logo there um they tend to be from bigger breweries that are really really awesome packaging so if you do a shitty job of packaging if you’re home brewing isn’t my that they don’t tend to carry that four or five year shelf life you might get two out of them but the stuff that’s coming up now from like driftwood and guys like us that have huge packaging systems they’re pretty awesome beers and they cost the same price that they did before but they’re much much higher quality any other pretty much Rafa does that we just start slamming high alcohol beers you guys any other questions about other wines and we’re gonna get into cellaring and some other stuff at the end on exactly how you want to do that oh it’s a big smaller pores man Jesus it’s a lot more funny not as funny as that so this is our Michael Jackson all right if you ever heard of the beer hunter it’s a pretty awesome show on BBC yes fine also I love the fact that he’s on his tie with a beer glass and a blue

shirt then it says the beer hunter on it he’s pretty awesome dude he passed away a while ago but pretty much wrote all the books on Belgian beer and kind of started getting people into trying beer from other countries before then you kind of tried only the beer from the country you were in and you never tried anything else and he kind of brought a lot of that into media also one of them was one of the best beer judges in the world when he passed away oh we don’t have a beer to guard well we’re gonna ignore this cuz I didn’t take the slides oh I changed the that front of it but we can talk about anyway [ __ ] it we don’t have one but beer – Gary that’s the French beer I know I used well Moe is the example of that but I didn’t want to do five strong beers after doing another class sorry it kind of beer out cuz too much alcohol for me but they’re pretty great the farmhouse style yeah saves islands are pretty well understood and some of the other stuff but the beard of guards yeah they change the different colors and stuff also this is not what we’re drinking now this is just another style I happen to leave in there pretty much always Mall focus but yeah I’ve three mo NTS twelve-mile is the brewery that you can get at legacy or Murray Creek and you know BC like shores even yeah now you can get it all over the place fantastic beer I highly recommend if you’ve never had it also really really good French beer French style you have a salad character a lot of them are pretty gross because they’re old and funky doesn’t really work well for the style in my opinion but yeah they’re brewed for for keeping so a bearded guard beer to keep that in French beer Damaris is a smaller one yeah this is what we’re gonna be drinking now right oh yeah it is alright so quads kind of fall in technically they fall in with Belgian Derrick Strong’s I still have a problem with that because quads tend to be extremely light there’s only a few breweries that label their beers as quads but everyone’s heard of Belgian triples and doubles and if you just keep going up you get two quads it’s just even higher alcohol levels but yeah the trap so Kona Chauvin the job was the first one to come up with one they kind of coined the term and now I think there’s three big Belgian breweries that do them that would all technically fall under they don’t not also use quad as the name I think one other uses the name and then another one produces one it’s pretty much the lines up has a different name it’s stronger than a triple dice so you thought that triple was strong this is stronger they’re typically amber de chestnut in color which is why I kind of tend to drive a line between those and Belgian dark Strong’s which would be rush fort ten and West Elektra twelve and all these other amazing amazing Belgian beers that are quite quite dark definitely in that porter range almost too stout for being dark and then people want to lump this in with it which it’s not supposed to be that dark it’s not supposed to have chocolate notes or any of that stuff it’s definitely quite fruity moderate esters the different low and the phenolic some of the triples can kind of get crazy in the phenolic this is definitely an ester base beer so fruity not spicy high and alcohol the alcohol typically or in triples alcohol hides really well they’re dangerously strong they taste like cool only 6% no no it’s like almost 9% but though we’ll find you tomorrow just rate your address on your arm and you’ll get home it’s fine don’t worry about it quads don’t hide the alcohol so well they definitely are boozy not even after age because the alcohol is so high for their malt character but you get into that date figs plum a nice caramelized sugar you get some really like burnt sugar flavor in them sometimes it’s pretty fantastic and as I mentioned all right well clothes like females shouldn’t be there and alcohol is super apparent it’s more like green apple kind of here’s the date thing I can get that in those that’s pretty nice aroma anything else who smells something crazy different or has a really good word for

it most of development palate is just having the word to describe what you taste or smell it’s not being better at it that’s only at a really high level you’re kind of stuck with what you’re born with but if you can describe it really well you have a good palate it’s all vocabulary that’s why everyone should read more I’ll come to lectures like this they got the wheel and the PA is a really good flavor and aroma wheel we can throw that up on the with the video for that yeah you jeebies get the the checklist the the checklist guide for marking beers is just filled with vocabulary I find that really useful for for building that but I have pretty prominent when you tasted the the banana characters pretty huge yeah bubblegum yet so yeah banana and some low phenol medicinal characters that kind of tends to make that bubblegum anything super tasty though like that any other questions and slowly setting into an alcoholic stupor sure so a triple so doubles tend to be kind of [ __ ] I don’t need the b2c exam guidelines all the time a doubles they’re a bit darker you tend to get some nice Esther character but females are totally present so you get some kind of spicy fruity notes and definitely some malt character and then you go two triples and me quite blonde it was also tend to be a little bit happier the stuff that we get out here really fun Belgium it does not carry the hops very well and definitely drops out if you have some triples from out here Four Winds triples pretty good the trip olicity but it’s got the hop character that is exactly the freaking hot flavor that you’re supposed to have in a triple it definitely is there belgian golden strong on the other hand does not have the hot flavor triple and golden strong are super similar the golden Strong’s the Duvel is a classic example delirium tremens falls in there they’re extremely pale but not much hot character quite sweet definitely based on the Belgian candy sugar and the triples bring in some hops with them but they’re just bigger than the doubles kind of and for they’ve turned into having a different style because someone one of the monasteries started making a really nice blonde one and it started selling better than all the islands so all the other monsters said screw it we’re making a blonde one too and that’s kind of how those Styles develop over time ade says the level of strength alcohol and pretty much yeah alcohol level no so they a Belgian monasteries would traditionally make a single or a powder spear a father’s beer so there’s the monks beer that’s what they would drink day today and that was a very low alcohol and they wouldn’t sell that and then they would make stronger beers they would sell that so the double is like a double amount of malt I don’t know whatever actual rule they they used by they also the Belgians had an entirely different way to measure alcohol at gravity than every other country on the planet for a good chunk of time so yeah the double was stronger than their single or their powders beer and then their triple was stronger than the double and then that’s kind of all that was around until the trap did the quad and that was quite you know in the 20th century it’s not that old not a very old styles quite quite recent but it’s just as people got more and more into big beers they said screw it let’s make like another big one and go back into the kind of amber e colored malts and all of the trash beers are great all them for the Trappist beers are fantastic and they’re all quite different I heard four or five different yeasts amongst them but they all treat it quite differently so they’re all completely different even though they fall in the same style Group Belgian beers very hard to clump together it’s quite wild and crazy’ alright okay this next guy going can’t keep up I know it’s tough guys they’re pretty much done on that end of the room it’s as easy as I see some metal glasses a stain around all right eisbock whoo so this is the German representation of very high alcohol beers yeah so originally poveri up 1890

they’ve been around for a while icebox got a pretty great little fable story around it there’s a few of them but my favourite one is that there was some assistant brewer and a brewery and they were making a bunch of Bach which is their big start dark strong lager in Germany like I’m Beck was very eunuch made some [ __ ] fantastic Derek lagers then but he left some barrels out at night they Oktoberfest and so I’m October to March as when you’re allowed to brew in Germany because that’s what it’s cool traditionally and then in the summer it’s really hot and there’s lots of yeast and there’s lots of bacteria in the air so beers would go sour really easily so they decreed like the Germans like to do you can only brew in the cool months and then that and you made way better beer so they would make a lots of really strong beers typically or beers that were low strength that lasted a long time because they only brewed during part of the year in England you can brew with everybody freaking time you wanted but so some guy left with some barrels of baucau he got distracted left them out at night and then they close and like broke the barrels and then his boss came in the next day in the car you’re in trouble you’re gonna have to drink whatever’s in there cuz you [ __ ] up that beer and then they kind of like hacked it apart and knocked open the ice and then he had to drink what was in it and it was this amazing beer super strong that’s just a con like condensed flavor of the buck and that’s the fairytale about ice buck so it’s freeze distilling a buck so typically freestyling a regular bock not a doppelbock which is a stronger version of a buck you freeze until the doppelbock that hits a little funny but if you make a buck and freeze to fill it there pretty fantastic most a nice great example that freezes telling had a commercial scale so they just took their lager and then they froze it and they filtered out all the ice crystals voila you have higher alcohol you can’t really heat a beer to make higher alcohol because you’re gonna drive the alcohol off first and then you’re gonna change all the caramelization of proteins and all sorts of stuff so you’re it’s not gonna taste the same if you’re done yes but freezes healing is great and some people get really really crazy into it and I can’t remember the German brewery and brew dog got in that pissing contest oh yes think the bit while I remember yeah so Breda I got a couple beers tactical nuclear penguin was there freeze distilled Russian Imperial Stout I have a bottle at home that’s a thirty two percent and then sink the Bismarck I think was their next one that so they would make one and the German brew make one stronger it was the world’s strongest beer between these two breweries and I think the Bismarck I think was already something percent which was the fleeces tailed Imperial IPA it’s a terrible idea I’ve had that and it’s grown it’s really bitter and then I think it kind of crapped out but I think the top one now is like 60 sophomore saying which hmm and today’s that was the one with the taxidermy squirrels yeah so all the bottles were fit into a taxidermy squirrel and they didn’t make many bottles cuz it’s hard to find a lot of squirrels maybe yeah so freezin ceilings really cool storm brewing Amanda you remember the his freakin mammoth whatever freeze distilled storm I know what it’s called I’ve tried it it’s amazing wait yeah glacial mammoth extension is a yeah it’s super strong it was really tasty though James did some bizarre stuff it storm brewing if you don’t know if I’m already yeah so this beer alcohol is super proud of it but the richness is insane it’s not something you can only pull out in a regular beer because you’ve made a strong beer and then just pull the water up and everything gets more condensed it’s quite a bit different than barley wines or rush imperial stouts or any of those kind of things and then you buys an icebox is another thing that you can get which is a wheat based version of this Iying or does one that is phenomenal and Aventine us and that beer ages beautifully wheat beers typically don’t age well that beer is unbelievable and it gets this weird nutty level around like three or four years and it’s pretty amazing so what do you guys think of this beer it’s pretty light in the nose it’s got that lager thing going on there’s no esters or anything just kind of some light dark malt compared to the last period which is pretty paramitas all the other beers are gonna have a massive aroma compared to this a little green anything to it

I get those like the burnt raisins that you get on the other side of cinnamon buns it’s pretty good so alcohol – Wow I don’t know about you but I’m feeling it well calm down in the year I think this is the New Year’s stuff all right yeah so I mentioned it before but so hot alcohol is as high order alcohols when the yeast is from ending to a really high alcohol level and starts throwing off isopropanol and hexanol and I’ll be and Octonauts and stuff like that those are the they’re a bit solvent II almost I kind of you can if you imagine drinking mouthwash it’s that kind of alcohol burn it’s got a bit of a burn to it and this has got a tiny bit of heat and you can get a bit of that from a methanol but it tends to be actually quite smooth and we all know what ethanol tastes like because that’s what fun cut tastes like but yeah it’s a little bit off of that is tiny bit yeah I feel just rake down the back here throat well yeah yeah that’s where I get it but it’s there’s a little bit hot still but I think it’ll be in a year that’ll calm down beautifully that’s really good oh they’re doing great little beer I had to say before you say oh yeah Oh box a likewise a nice box age unbelievably well really one of the only wheat beers other than sour beers that I would ever consider aging and they age exceedingly well up to like 10 years yeah somebody the barley wines and stuff when I was in Colorado last year for the craft brewers conference that in 1997 Thomas Hardy and it was fantastic everybody doesn’t even exist anymore and it was so good that was not a bad beer it was not oxidized it was just unbelievable and came in tiny little bottle all dusty handwritten numbers on it as pretty as pretty fantastic and only cost me $25 which you think is a lot but it’s a beer from 1997 from England that’s pretty impressive keep doing it up we got another one I go England knows some of the best long-term engaging for yourself their barley wines and Russian payrolls had been they’ve been doing it for a long time a whole cellaring things at the end yeah oh that’s good dog crap it’s so strong okay they’re gonna run around pour that I’m sorry I’ll speak up again Russian fuel stoves everyone’s heard of these because it’s a great name the Russians didn’t brew them at all they’re Braden England for the court of catherine ii of russia rails 18th century they kind of had the first one that was actually officially titled as a russian imperial and something i learned from many other awesome beer education peoples and bc Russia had craploads oak and England had pretty much run out of oak by the time the 18th century rolled around so Russia was selling oak to the UK to make barrels with and in return they sent beer back and then it took off really well they had to make a big strong stout and Katherine had had a visit to England and enjoyed the stove so like oh I really like that one and then they’re like oh well we’ll send you a giant version of that so that’ll actually they were also moving them on freaking carriages and boats and stuff so it took a long time to get there said really high alcohol so it was stable enough it could last and enough hops that would balance it out cuz high alcohol means you’re gonna have high residual sugar so you gotta add a bunch of hops to that which also helps with aging but that’s where Russian Imperial Stout comes from made it to Russia they freakin loved it so we had to keep sending it to them you don’t want to piss off Russia and yeah and then at some point most of these English beers that they export they just kind of say Margaret we’ll sell some here and they tends to know me work out well IPA is a good example of that and East India Porter was a good one that actually took off for a while there’s not many around anymore it’s a couple breweries that brew them again the US gets a hold of something they go [ __ ]

nuts so the I mean if it’ll bring a barrel-aging now it’s the don’t thing I actually bring it up anywhere else the Americas really like to bourbon barrel-aged the russian imperial stouts and that kind of started only ten years ago fifteen years ago with the Goose Island brewing started doing with bourbon bar all beers used to be kept in wooden barrels they were also beer barrels they were sealed barrels they were sealed with brewers pitch our Cooper’s pitch they were not of wood was not meant to interact with the beer so the IPAs are the yeast to send to India did not taste like wood when they got there they were actually sealed inside resin for the whole trip and the people try and put IPAs of wood in and go oh it’s a traditional wines like no it’s not you’re just making [ __ ] up that’s not never [ __ ] worked so would impact on beers actually really a pretty new thing that’s because we have access to there’s massive distilling industry now and we can get all these barrels for pretty cheap and they use them for a couple times and like yeah if we need to get rid of them so then birds like that [ __ ] we have all the planters we need so I guess we’ll start using it to put beer in and you can get some really great flavors out of them you can get some slow oxidation characters and stuff it’s something that the Belgians have been doing for ages with wine barrels and when Belgian beer kind of came up thanks to Michael Jackson and then the world understanding of beer than other birds and other countries are like forget let’s try putting beer in barrels and maybe barrels that have cool character and now you see beers getting put in gin barrels and sherry barrels and all sorts of really awesome stuff that lends really cool characters that you couldn’t normally get in to be a Russian wheel studs probably one of the best barrel-aging beers if you could design one yeah super strong dark stout Americans love throwing it and do bourbon barrels and it picks up all these wonderful vanilla characters and it’s just like a liquid brownie with tons of alcohol but roasty finish sweet dark fruit always alcoholic especially and the some of the barrel aged ones especially they first come out of the barrel they pull a ton of alcohol out of the barrels so they do increase an alcohol a little bit they get that bourbon II note or that whiskey note or that scotch note in them that will die down over time but they come across exceedingly boozy when they first come out of barrels it’s a very yeah quite a variable style you do have some that are just black as ink and some that almost get to be trying to Brown they’re very fun everyone kind of makes a different one and then there’s the whole is it just a black barley wine I it’s quite different if you consider what a lager versus a black lager is you can definitely add dark character without adding dark flavor Russian Imperial stoves are built on that dark flavor I think there are totally different styles they definitely deserve their own place but they’re the other giant beer there’s a giant pale beer from England in the giant dark beer our Imperial Stout and barley wine and you don’t tend to get the vin uest thing in these guys the roast character covers that up and barley ones you can get that wine ish almost character which I can see for the name but what do you guys think I haven’t had it yet I’ve been talking there’s no ads there’s some nods there’s glazed eyes definitely in the back row sorry so this time of year all the new brush imperial stouts and Browns are coming out from BC we only bring them in the winter because you guys don’t drink [ __ ] in the winter you drink like Mad Dogs in the summer give you that and we are barely keeping up with you but that’s our crazy time so our Brewers do not get to take summer vacations because we work all the time in the summer but we can take winter vacations and during that time when we’re not pumping beer through our breweries that’s the only time we can afford to have something stay in tank for that long and actually spend the time and spend that extra money on making these beers so this is when Russian people some fresh imperial stouts and barley wines and stuff come out also unfortunately the time that you want to drink them but there’s something you buy now you’re gonna buy it by multiples have one now and then keep the rest cuz honestly they don’t taste great this time of year when they’re new and I’m not bringing you my [ __ ] salad beer sorry and buying new stuff I could have brought aged stuff but I’m waiting to drink that later yeah but yeah it’ll be a little bit hot it’s alright got some decent complexity it’s got some body to it solid bit history some Apple notes probably shouldn’t be there any Russian Imperial Stout a big fuck-off sized piece of chocolate essentially or a brownie or something like that or there

those are all like really good oh I wouldn’t put this with any fatty meat no it’s this would just obliterate a steak you wouldn’t be able to taste it it’s too thick it’s too heavy doesn’t have a carbonation character they can come off that yeah if you’re gonna go steak I’m gonna go like a nice amber ale or something toasty whoo all beer somebody’s got to make more all beers than BC okay that kind of stuff yeah I know this is definitely dessert beer they’re really good in an ice cream float big old glass of that ice cream in that and there you go it’s pretty awesome the doppelbock we had thoughtful box are very very good for that and the maroon yeah and a sour Brown is also very good for that but that’s not a strong beer we’re not gonna talk about that today okay so we’ll move on you guys can keep nursing that I get 10 minutes to kind of blow through a couple slides so we’re double cellaring and Ageing as we tried a couple big beer or a few figures and yeah how they change is pretty important they were all new beers they’re all this year’s production essentially oxygen is the main factor for aging beer if you have poor packaging practices and some of that and you get oxygen in your beer so we have a very fancy oxygen meter at parallel 49 it so it measures down to parts per billion of an accuracy of two parts per billion down to zero parts per billion of beer finishing fermentation you’re looking at about four parts per billion of oxygen which is pretty much [ __ ] off that’s very very very low and if you go and rack her beer if you’re home brewing and you move a beer into a carboy that you have a perfect co2 you probably picked up about 200 parts per billion of co2 in that our cutoff for our packaging total packaging so we centrifuge we have to move stuff into different tanks and then we have to put it into bottles and kegs are cut off as if it is if it’s over 300 we really screwed up we’ve had a lot of beers most of our beers tend to come in around 140 so less oxygen exposure than you racking it from one vessel to another oxygen will screw up your hops really bad so it’s really bad for fresh beers lower alcohol beers oxidize very readily and with just the worst results they get terrible I get awful they start tasting like cardboard all the cool flavors go away they taste bland we may as well be making [ __ ] bowls it may be a lot cheaper but in big beers oxygen is a huge factor they can make a big beer turn good different or awful I had a Russian Imperial Stout this Christmas that had and I’ve been waiting to have one of these for a while because I’ve heard the description but a soya sauce level of oxidation and it tasted like freakin soya sauce and it was gross and I was so excited and everyone at the table was like you’re [ __ ] nuts oh my god I’ve heard about this I’ve never had it it’s a horrible horrible flaw but I am NOT [ __ ] you if you expose one of these things to enough oxygen for enough time it turns into soy sauce it’s gross it’s it’s it’s almost almost salty it’s really weird it is bizarre I don’t know how it I would love to read a paper on the chemistry of that nobody’s written it when they do I’ll let you know ya know it I don’t know it said I don’t know what it is it’s not a massive Tallis assails it’s that there’s a PhD thesis in there but like that’s how bad it can get to the point where it’s hard to imagine drinking soy sauce it’s very very hard trick that is a [ __ ] up beer it has not been aged for Eberly their oxygen is a huge issue but you do have internal oxidation and just like some compounds break down over time and then they have free oxygen and that reacts and that is just general aging inside of a beer that’s been sealed well and packaged well that will happen that’s called the aging of beer that’s same way wine as those hot alcohols break down that is just internal enclosed oxygen oxygenation temperature and light external factors that stuff you can control so oxygen that’s my fault if you ever beer like Oh oxidize blame me if it’s my beer it’s not my beer don’t blame me but that’s our fault that’s the Brewers fault that’s totally do packaging and to do with production of beer you’re in charge of temperature and light if those are the problems I’m blaming you don’t send me an email saying I had a beer it was terrible we

get a lot of those you’d be surprised patience is the philosophical factor you have to wait you know buy a bunch of beer oh my god it’s 50 yellows in beer oh [ __ ] I don’t know buddy is in the fridge maybe I should pull something out of the cellar don’t it’s for next year when you planned on drinking it don’t drink it you know you’re like uh I’m out of beer in the middle of summer [ __ ] it let’s drink a bunch of Russian Pierrot stove it’s July it’s super hot it’s gonna be gross whatever yeah yeah and then Oh aspects oh yeah caps and quarks quarks are super super repellent of water and everyone thinks of God you got to keep them hydrated they don’t want to be friggin hydrated keep them upright it doesn’t matter if they’re now gonna drive it if they dry out as a bed –cork there’s nothing to do with whether you keep another side or not you can keep it up right it’s totally fine caps you want to kind of keep upright anyway because there’s more efficient for space and you can see the label but caps have a gasket coating on the inside so that’s plasticky kind of thing compounds love to stick to like they just love it it’s just they’re very sticky compounds that’s why they’re antimicrobial they actually stick to yeast cells which can handle it and they stick to bacteria which are really tiny and can’t handle it like a Christmas story like ticking sticking the kid in a snowsuit just push them outside zing go forage for food and he can’t because it’s just he’s so covered in stuff so they that’s that’s how they’re antimicrobial is they’re just really sticky really rough a lotta laughing no but I’ve made that joke so many times none of them left music but that’s all I was wearing it makes sense though if you get enough coated on there they just they can’t produce they can’t bud they can’t get any food so they just kind of go to sleep cats will absorb a lot of those compounds as well if you take a beer and you pour it from the fermenter like say a break tank so something that’s already carbonated he poured new glass and you drink that and he port in a bottle put the cap on it give it a little shake and then you pour it into a glass that whole inside of the bottle will be covered in hot compounds and that cap will be covered in your hot compounds and Sierra Nevada did a study years ago and I think you lose like six IBUs by putting a cap on a beer just just by having cap contact if they absorb an amazing amount of hot compounds so yeah I wouldn’t worry about upright inside four quarts of stuff wine people keep their stuff on the side good for them high alcohol beers aged better especially multiple Spears absolutely hops break down over time you have that internal oxidation happening that’s gonna break down all your hop essential oils I’m gonna [ __ ] with your alpha acid see if bitterness is gonna get all screwed up most of the high alcohol beers selaron beers you’re gonna get a probably american-produced they’re not gonna be German style made with noble hops with a super stable hop character they’re gonna have high alpha to get it up there to make the beer last probably two three years they’re not planning on something lasting ten years you get more of that from European producers so that’s something to keep in mind how to do age you can’t get some absolutely fantastic hot flavors from some old ales and some barley wines we can get these marmalade cherry notes the sherry and cardboard notes that you do so sherry is the good point my lights to start and then sherry and then it goes to corrugated cardboard everyone knows what that tastes like everyone’s been a kid man like oh I’m gonna chew on this piece of cereal box but everyone knows what that tastes like and that is exactly what oxidized beer tastes like it’s creepy similar and those are all hot compounds that have been oxidized I’m assuming they flavor cardboard with hot compounds that’s the only reason in my head that they could taste so similar but that’s the bad end but if you have these high alcohol things and they’re super stable and well packaged you can get these marmalade a kind of orangey notes that are not from the original hops it’s a very odd transition of compounds and sour beers arguably there’s Brewers in BC people say there are no beers you should age other than sour beers if they aged beautifully well they’re like wine they’re super low pH they’re incredibly stable over time and they can deal with fluctuations and heat and all sorts of stuff and they don’t really screw around they tend to be live so their acid ratios do change and you do tend to get a degradation of the acetic acid over and you start pushing for years I think I still have a bunch we have a keg of James’s sour lambic and it is it used to be vinegar and it is getting so much

better and that was mm [ __ ] 13 maybe doesn’t like that and I guess getting pretty old now but it’s really really good they don’t tend to get that high yeah you’re you’re not gonna age a Berliner Weisse when you’re you know hitting two and a half percent on a beer don’t age it that’s just stupid once you’re over 8% honestly fair game go for it as far as I’m concerned as long as it’s not a style that doesn’t want to be aged but ours should have 5% less things aged great yeah I was dried up I [ __ ] we have a dry hub sour at the brewery now and it was gross and it was dry ops two months later it’s drinkable and then ya know like honestly I think that in bottles would would age great we’re not bottling any of it but [ __ ] I would I’m not a big fun to drive house hours so I’d probably age about oh I got a sour great I’m gonna add pesky dry hop in there yeah I don’t like dry house Harris I think it’s a silly thing to do it’s a gimmick and we’ve done it all right I think it ruins a beer underneath but yeah sorry there’s a really fun to age they’re remarkably stable like they do not let up typically built on the same malt flavors they don’t have the hop they don’t have the hot content so the hop content can’t turn into that sherry cardboard thing like they just never do it cuz it’s just not there we’re almost there okay this is the last and then there’s a picture after this one you guys aren’t dead your beer I’m almost done I’ve been talking Jesus even in the back striped shirt go on that no colorful striped shirt black and white striped shirt keep very good so setting up a cellar dark space cuz this in cool temperature around 10 degrees year-round is ideal it’s a little bit warmer than that’s fine but consistency is a pretty important thing you don’t want increasing decrease and pressure against your caps or your quarks which is potentially gonna push some air out and maybe draw some air in you’d be amazed how much air can be drawn into a pressurized vessel and in increasing temperatures when you have absolutely zero oxygen in a pressurized vessel oxygen will find its way in there it’s amazing it’s like putting on siding and saying oh no water can never get in my house it will find a way it will climb up walls to get into your house interior closets are really good you don’t want a closet on like an exterior wall into your wall mix it a little bit easier basements really good storage lockers tend to be awesome the ones especially this ones below ground I know some who live in apartments and they’re below ground storage locker is just a giant seller of beer and a bike they never use is a great way to go garages laundry rooms our tops garages tend to heat up pretty bad and he often tend to get there the exterior walls and garages often aren’t insulated those suckers heat up in the summer and they get super cold than winter so those aren’t good laundry rooms although they have internal heat humidity is worth thinking about if you’re doing a big thing on corks if you have a massive essentially inside the bottle you’re at a hundred percent humidity for whatever temperature it is but if it drops super low we’re not too bad here if you move to like some desert area or shed even back east if you have super high humidity and then it goes super low in the winter when it’s really cold they can [ __ ] with your corks it can make them crack your shelves so yeah you know what tall bottles then you’re gonna have short bottles so it’s good to maximize your space and then you gotta buy multiple bottles this is the tough part with salad ring you can’t just buy one bottle of it put it away Mike oh I’m gonna sell it for a couple years cuz you’re probably gonna forget about it and then you’ll have it five years later and it’ll be gross you wouldn’t think that gonna happen but you can totally forget about beer in your house buddy system’s really good so of when I was a budding undergrad we buy I buy a bottle and the other guy would buy a bottle I would say would have this one together this year and will have the other one together next year it doesn’t cost you any more money but you get to have the same beer one year and when it’s a year old that’s a really good way to do it when you get irresponsible with your money and feel like I’m gonna dump I’m just gonna buy a case of it [ __ ] it it’s a lot of money but unfortunately I have big boxes of beer at my house there’s like I totally should not have spend money on that I

could have bought better groceries and maybe done my laundry more often but vertical tastings are awesome if you can have a group of people that sell other beer well enough I’ve had this problem before we’ve had a bunch different years of the same beer and we’ve all tried them together and one person salad them in a very warm horrible place and their beers were awful and the beaters older than theirs were great and that beer is younger than theirs were great and it’s sellers really important is really gonna impact your beer the better you cellar your beer the longer that yes boom that’s my foot the slower the beer ages slower ages the wider that range when the side is prime is gonna be and if you can stretch that out and you know how where that prime is gonna be and really by tasting verticals and having that beer at 2012 2013 2014 2015 and you can see how it ages you can kind of go I bet you that Peters gonna be great in like three years so have a couple of them try it in three years and then try the next one in four years at some point you’ll be like oh I tried it for years and it was shitty so then I drank that second one right though that last one I had right after and then I don’t remember the rest of the night but at least it didn’t make it a whole year later you ever like oh I’m gonna have it the next day you’re in the breaking at the same night which is awful here’s examples of sellers so some of them are pretty reasonable the top left is much better lit than mine but it’s a that’s fairly close to Matt and wise my roommate nice we have a lot more cork stuff than I do but yeah that’s all right IKEA shelving super freakin cheap in the closet that you have inside your house you don’t really need a linen clause come on you can pile that somewhere else fill it with beer there you do one side beer one said I wouldn’t do beer over linen maybe would be something that I wouldn’t recommend but you can do one side the other not all of us have a cave to work with which is pretty sweet but that’s a pretty cool way to light a house just big strip the lights going down the cave is awesome because he’s got coolers in there which you gonna imagine a cave is pretty stable but if you have that summer cooler that you never freakin use except for like one two weekends out of the year it’s a really good place to store beer because it’s super temperature consistent it protected by light and you can throw stuff in there and then the weekend you go to use it to throw it in a cardboard box and wrap a towel around it that’s probably stable enough screw off with that and it also limits to your size of cellar very you know your significant others that are like how do you have this much beer around it’s not a real investment come on think something better with your free time I don’t have one of those I have a roommate that’s an enabler so but you can go there like a fancy shelf system like that and I don’t yeah that guy’s got kind of rack things he stores everything on this side that’s also all sour beer I’m just gonna bet ass I like the dusty stuff in the corner in the basket that’s a picnic I’d go on we got crews are really good you got into your closet throw it in the cooler stick it away that’s a super cheap easy way most people have a cooler kicking around anyway but anything you can insulate and keep it in there but a lot of the boiler lines and rush bill stouts you’re gonna see from driftwood in parallel 49 Central City anybody’s got a centrifuge and like some of the new bottling systems are coming out those beers are gonna be fantastic for years the first time BC you can say we’re gonna have beers that’s gonna be good you know seven eight nine years from now no problem ya know to be pretty fantastic Portland’s got some great stuff anything a lot of stuff in Morgans pretty awesome sour beers always good investment finish your beer questions and then we’re gonna leave comment go coolers also great we’ve definitely had beers explode to my cellar you will cry and you hope to replace your carpet yeah now you’ll cry you let’s replace your carpet you could damage the person that lives downstairs from you beer has a wonderful tendency to find the corners of walls and then leak down through the ceiling beneath you especially dark beer light beer never seems to do it the dark beer does yeah I think the cool is a really awesome thing I wish I had known that

years ago now it’s just how did the by so many coolers oh yeah but that’s you could do one of those coolers and throw it in the garage it gets hot and cold there’s many of those things in Slate so well you’re fine yeah but it’s a lot of fun most people just throw their [ __ ] in there when you buy stuff on the bar code right the date when you buy it because I forget all the time when I bought these things because I have five of them and I don’t know which one’s the oldest one because they haven’t vintage dated the bottles sometimes the cap design changes sometimes the bottle size changes but if we were only so lucky all the time but now I try to organize the cellar so that the bottles go on a shelf with the year I want to drink them so if it’s something I want to drink a year from now it goes on the 2016 shelf two years 2077 by three of them I’m gonna put them on different shelves and then you won’t you just have to drink everything on that shelf but it also makes for a really cool end of the year you’re like oh my god I didn’t rig all this stuff well [ __ ] it we got to get it done by tonight right now remember the new year but it’s great awesome pens on the style yeah I wouldn’t do it for a Russian Imperial you want that body in a Russian pillow you don’t want it to be thin and dark and chocolatey and stuff it doesn’t support itself the same way you want you want to mimic that heavy weight of the fat in real chocolate like that’s kind of what you want but in the Belgian beer it would taste horrible if it was thick and you want it to be thin as it ages it’ll get a bit thinner you tend to lose some body during oxidation you go through some of that character but yeah I know it’s awesome and you get it in barley wines occasionally not super typically a bit more than American styles than English styles but yeah that’s fine Tim is another style honestly a lot of it a lot of the new breweries will will throw recommended drinking dates on them yeah a lot of beers if it’s a selling quality beer higher than a percent hop focus training at that and they have a best after date or best before date you have it after that there’s no way you’re good typically you want a little bit older that’s gonna be their maximum fresh-tasting shelf-life is how we tend to write that shoots as good as that but if you want to just try I got barley wine American barley wine that age is really well and that’s a hoppy beer or a Bigfoot from Sierra Nevada you can buy down in the States like a couple bucks they come with little bottles they’re so good you can go to a lot of liquor stores and find vintages of them you can find like three years of them all on the shelf buy one of each and go try them together and it’s a really cool that the American Bar lens with the hot content age very differently and it’s really neat that’s one of the few styles that with hops to ages really well modern day alcoholic penpal yeah we do we do you think salads for it’s like alright everyone come over and we’ll all do yeah bring like four bottles in your

cellar and then we all sit together and drink way too much beer so good yeah and I got I brought four doesn’t matter I tried 15 not a big deal no there’s a lot of fun but yeah once you start it it’s kind of gets kind of addictive and yeah it’s a lot of fun it’s really interesting to see out of your ages it’s not just for wine and that kind of stuff yep hey it’s a quarter after I would say that you guys are tired cuz I’m exhausted oh well bring all the beers holy [ __ ] yeah barley wine was first-rate ours yeah that’s yeah bourbon barrel-aged we’ve had it in barrels for ten months it’s almost a year old already but it probably won’t hit his prime for another two years but yeah four beers gonna not get good until it’s three in my opinion a sucker will probably last seven or eight should be good though for the other super-good also very easy to find right in big bottles now which is sweet you see it in six-packs and yeah I’ve never had the Russian Imperial Stout I saw there and they didn’t have enough bottles of any other Russian Imperial steps to feed all you guys so anyone with that one that’s pretty good I liked it yeah you using the sweater in the back put your hand right after yeah like kind of last Tuesday of the month is tend to be when we run it unfortunately occasionally it lines up with a connects game and I end up showing up late every time if it’s a Kinect game yeah we’re meeting in two classes a night from now on out we have enough classes that we have enough people so we rockin crappy R 101 102 and off-flavors is the first class kind of on rotation and then the next one’s gonna be beer and food pairing and then I think beer history after that and then it’ll go yeah ken’s agreed to that it’s pretty good we’ll do another one yeah but it’ll be at the end of the year we line that up when the when they start releasing their sliders so during the harvest is when that happens Sam yeah we’ll do a booth there camera education class to come out all the events that are going on not too far own community verily severe releases basically anything that’s crappy really is happening Vancouver BC we got your chemistry and Thank You Danny you