Nobody has died I think HYUNGWON might be the mafia What’s the reason? Don’t get emotional Wait, KIHYUN. Are you really not the mafia? I feel like it’s MINHYUK Who, who, who?! Who is the killer?! This video is edited from’s livestream on November 24h, 11AM KST Nice weather we’re having Nice to see you guys Oh, to the front? It’s a beautiful day Why are you so tall? I got taller Who! MONSTA X. Hi, we’re MONSTA X You don’t know our English greeting? He’s lost his touch It’s gone somewhere else Overseas, it’s always, “Hi.” So today, we’re here at hello82 SHOWNU, can you tell us what we’re doing today? So, I heard we’re going to be playing the famous mafia game You guys all know the mafia game, right? You guys probably can say that we’re pretty much experts at this game I think it’s going to be very fun today So, I don’t know if this is the way we’re supposed to start off Is there something we’re supposed to begin with? HOST: Okay, MONSTA X. Welcome to the FANFIA GAME HOST: Do you know what the FANFIA GAME is? Mafia game Maybe Mafia HOST: Let’s take a look at the rules of the FANFIA GAME So, even if we decide who the mafia is, it’s up to the fans whether they live or die Our MONBEBE, I hope that you guys take care of me Let me explain how MONBEBE can vote during the game There are two ways you can vote Do you see the “Mafia” and “Kill/Save” tabs to the right of your screen? Click the “Mafia” tab to vote for the member you suspect is the mafia You can change your vote as many times as you like until voting ends And in the Kill/Save tab, you can kill or save one of the members The fate of the members depends on you, so please vote We’re counting on you HOST: Now before we start the game, earlier, each member picked an item, correct? Right Yup. Yeah Glove HOST: These items have another meaning HOST: They determine who will be your interpreter for the day HOST: Interpreters, please enter Come meet your partners

Hello Welcome! Welcome! Hello! HOST: These people will be your line of communication in English during the FANFIA GAME HOST: Each one, like a shadow, will communicate everything to us HOST: From your words to your thoughts, and even your emotions HOST: SHOWNU, could you please say, “Hello,” to your interpreter? Hello. My name is SHOWNU Oh, it’s like this, isn’t it? This too? HOST: Now, let’s see who the mafia is I don’t wanna be mafia HOST: Starting from MINHYUK, please come forward one by one to confirm your role I.M: Started from the bottom now we’re here KIHYUN: Poker face, please The music… It’s so tense Just like this Next Lightning stone KIHYUN: Why does this make me so nervous? MINHYUK: Are you nervous? So nervous~ HYUNGWON: I think he looks like the mafia Quiet KIHYUN: Too much acting right there KIHYUN: A little too much MINHYUK: This is our life Do you want to see? I’m not gonna show you JOOHONEY: You have a good voice Is this it? I’m an idiot I am an idiot! I hope everyone has a good end of the year MINHYUK: That face means it’s him KIHYUN: Me? JOOHONEY: KIHYUN’s good at acting HOST: Okay, does everyone know what their role is? Yes. We do HOST: The FANFIA GAME begins now The year is 2040 25 years since MONSTA X made their debut The MONSTA X members are leading new lives Until one day, word got out that one member secretly joined the mafia Sometime later, the 6 members reunited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut However, it was not a joyous occasion Each member must now prove their innocence to expose the mafia member hiding among them Trust no one And successfully expose the stone-cold mafia once and for all I’m sorry. Did I make you anxious? Okay, now MONSTA X, please introduce yourselves, starting from MINHYUK How have you guys been?

HYUNGWON: Been a long time KIHYUN: Yeah, I’m good I’m running an elementary school Yeah. Three of them KIHYUN: A private elementary? It’s called “MINHYUK Elementary” “MINHYUK Elementary 1, 2 & 3” HYUNGWON: How many students do you have? Three You’re gonna fail There’s one student per school I’m an elementary school principal After I moved back to Boston I’m just enjoying a chill life in LA HYUNGWON: Is that it? MINHYUK: With no job JOOHONEY: The atmosphere is pretty heavy So… I established a music label I made a company I’m coming up with a good boy group We’re preparing for their debut MINHYUK: What’s your company’s name? “HONEYLAND” I.M: “HONEYLAND?” I.M: “HONEY’S ISLAND?” Yes. “HONEYLAND.” The boy group’s name is “Kkul-bba-ra.” I’m currently running around eight BBQ restaurants And I’m currently living my life as a vegan He’s good! In my case, I’m currently running about eight clubs nationally Health club? What? Four are health clubs The other four are EDM clubs SHOWNU: An EDM gym? Yes You gotta have some energetic music while you’re working out So, it’s like a collaboration of those two kinds of clubs That’s it I’m a full-time investor And I have about 2 trillion in assets It’s in my hands right now HOST: Okay. You may now talk amongst yourselves HOST: Afterwards, you must decide who you think is the mafia Can we just go based off expressions? KIHYUN: We have to talk Well, on the prompter I’m in first place What happened in those 25 years? I feel like it’s KIHYUN or JOOHONEY based off of expressions Since he’s pointing me out directly right now he might be the mafia And for MINHYUK, he’s already used to leading the communication Personally, I’m kind of curious about SHOWNU Do you want to know? JOOHONEY: Tell me No Funny HYUNGWON: KIHYUN’s been investing for 20 years, so maybe he could invest in becoming the mafia KIHYUN: Wait! I still don’t understand why I’m first Do I look like a mafia or something? SHOWNU: Why don’t we go with MONBEBE’s gut? Not bad~ Right now MONBEBE is saying, “A full time investor in the mafia.” “I think SHOWNU could be the mafia He’s more talkative than usual!” MINHYUK: He hasn’t said anything So, you own eight BBQ restaurants but you’re a vegan? Yes!

SHOWNU, who do you think it is? In my case, I think it’s… MINHYUK or KIHYUN So, 100% KIHYUN I don’t think it’s MINHYUK because he’s not getting hyped Calm right now That’s why I don’t think it’s MINHYUK In Korean, “No jaem.” JOOHONEY: You have an interpreter. You can say it in Korean I.M: Should we try calling our MONBEBE and see what they think? Okay! KIHYUN: We have a box? KIHYUN: You can pick one from the box KIHYUN: SHOWNU, you look a little nervous Why are you not sharing it? The lucky caller for today is Ilanna Schlehuber Now the phone’s ringing, so please wait a little bit I’ve known JOOHONEY for 25 years In the case of him being the mafia, he has a tendency to be quiet Correct! He was a bit too silent at first And he tried to speak a little bit in the middle, but he went back to silence again I.M: I get what you mean JOOHONEY: Sharp MINHYUK: Vote is you! Me? HYUNGWON: You’re leading Alright. I think we’ve gotten in contact with the fan Hi? Fan: Hi! Who do you think the mafia is? Fan: Um.. I think it’s KIHYUN Hey! Hey! Please explain the reason Fan: I feel like he’s going to get mad Fan: Ok. Because from the beginning– Fan: I mean it’s kind of early, but he was acting a little too confident Fan: So, he was trying to pretend like he’s not, but he is His attitude is very calm and pretending? Fan: Yes. He’s trying to play it cool KIHYUN: Tell her I’ve developed my confidence for 25 years You heard her? You’re trying to play it cool You’re acting No, I’m just cool Fan: He’s going to get mad. He’s going to deny it Fan: See? That’s what he’s going to do He’s going to deny it, but I think it’s him MINHYUK: Ask her who else she thinks it is Who do you think is the second one? Fan: Um Fan: Maybe MINHYUK? Ok. Bye It’s time to say goodbye! Fan: Because he’s talking a lot He talks a lot usually He’s always talking a lot! Fan: I know, but he’s acting suspicious She says you’re acting suspicious Fan: Now I can hear myself. My live just caught up Bye~ It was a good time meeting you Fan: It was good talking to you guys I love the album. Bye-bye! Thank you! Bye! I love you! Fan: Love you guys! Love ya! As I see it It seems to me that you guys are guessing according to how we were 25 years ago It’s difficult for me to say this to MONBEBE but you guys are a little off I mean, after the call, the votes are 100% I think it’s JOOHONEY There’s this thing KIHYUN always says when he’s the mafia “You guys are really bad at this.” HOST: Times up! Has everyone decided? Is our vote important? We have to choose first for MONBEBE to vote on whether to kill or save them HOST: Please point to the member who you suspect to be the mafia on the count of three HOST: One, two, three It’s 3:3 I.M: You’re not talking enough HOST: It has been a tie

HOST: In this case of a tie, we will go straight into nighttime without an execution HOST: Everyone, please put your head down and go to sleep HOST: Mafia, please wake up and choose who you wish to kill HOST: Mafia, please go to sleep HOST: Doctor, please wake up and choose who you wish to save HOST: Doctor, please go to sleep The next day has come. Everyone, wake up MINHYUK: Wait, there’s a doctor? KIHYUN: There’s a doctor HOST: During the night, the mafia tried to kill one of the members, but nobody died HOST: Once again, you may talk amongst yourselves Doctor, don’t reveal yourself JOOHONEY: This is just my opinion The two considered the most suspicious members are KIHYUN and me I think KIHYUN was trying to kill me You… are a doctor? I am… the doctor Really? Yes, of course Wait, does that mean that you healed yourself? I can’t say that That’s what happened I.M: That’s the result The result does say that HYUNGWON: This is getting fun! JOOHONEY: Let’s make it fun MINHYUK: Wait, KIHYUN and JOOHONEY are the most suspicious But KIHYUN killed JOOHONEY? That doesn’t make sense Why not? Wouldn’t he not choose the one that’s most suspicious? He should put doubt on them That makes sense Then we have to be suspicious of others HYUNGWON: We have to keep it this way first KIHYUN: Guys, while we are speaking, JOOHONEY is hitting number 2 You guys are really off right now SHOWNU: I have a question Can the doctor be revealed right now? Are you the doctor? Oh… no KIHYUN: You look embarrassed I.M: JOOHONEY said he’s the doctor JOOHONEY: Yeah, I’m the doctor I.M: But that could be a lie, too MINHYUK: The real doctor could be hiding Who else can claim they’re the doctor? JOOHONEY: Who else is the doctor? KIHYUN: Alright, at this point, let’s raise our hands Who’s the doctor? So, you saved yourself? Is that what you’re saying? Exactly The comment says, “Look at his nervous eyes! It’s HONEY.” Wait, hold on. You guys are pushing it to me and KIHYUN, but there are other people too HYUNGWON: There’s a possibility MONBEBE, don’t give yourselves into the flow While we’re talking, the votes from MONBEBE are almost equal for me and JOOHONEY If you take a look at it, I.M and HYUNGWON both aren’t really talking What do you guys have to say?

Well… JOOHONEY… I think he might be the doctor I just got one question to ask Can the mafia not kill anybody? They have to kill, right? Can I say something? I think HYUNGWON might be the mafia, actually Me? MINHYUK: Because whenever we play these kinds of game, HYUNGWON never stays quiet HYUNGWON: I’ve been talking ever since What are you talking about?! KIHYUN: I agree MINHYUK: And there’s a specific reason When no one died, KIHYUN was a little too happy And I believe JOOHONEY is the doctor In the revelation of someone dying When I saw his behavior, I think it’s HYUNGWON HOST: Time is up. Has everyone decided? HOST: Please point to the members who you suspect to be the mafia in count of three HOST: One, two, three! HYUNGWON: You picked me? HYUNGWON: This is nonsense KIHYUN: HYUNGWON got 3 votes MINHYUK: Okay, bye~ HOST: HYUNGWON has been chosen as the mafia HOST: HYUNGWON, what do you have to say in your defense? Let me tell you why I asked about whether the mafia cannot kill somebody Just in case that JOOHONEY is not a doctor, he might be revealing that he did not save himself And I thought he is the doctor because mafia can’t skip killing And If I die, I really hope that KIHYUN is going to die It’s right to kill the most suspicious person HOST: Okay, MONBEBE, you have two minutes to vote on whether to kill or save HYUNGWON HOST: The voting starts now I think they’re gonna save him This kind of statement, “If I die, kill him too,” is a wrong act in this kind of game That’s not the case It’s saying to kill first whoever was most suscipicious Mafia is not an emotional game MINHYUK: Can I say one other person? Him Me? JOOHONEY: I mean he’s not even talking even after several rounds Why I find him suspicious is Last time, when we voted He kind of behaves like when he is the mafia His acting is a little too much Because of that, I think he’s a little suspicious I think JOOHONEY and KIHYUN actually might not be it In the comments, ID: “Kihyun’s Hamster” said, “Maybe MINHYUK is just playing with our heads.” JOOHONEY: That’s possible No, that’s no fun If it weren’t a broadcast like this, it’s possible MINHYUK’s behavior would tell that he’s the mafia But since it’s a live broadcast, I’m not really sure I’m 100% not mafia Yui says, “But HYUNGWON is a good liar though Can we trust him?” She says I’m a good liar. Do you know me, Yui? Kiheonyy says, “I feel like it’s not JOOHEON like he’s just acting suspicious.”

HOST: The voting has ended I feel like he’s gonna live I have to live. I’m a civilian, I have to live HOST: The results are in HOST: MONBEBE has voted HOST: to save HYUNGWON HYUNGWON: MONBEBE knows what’s up HOST: It is now nighttime Everyone, please put your head down and go to sleep HOST: Mafia, wake up and choose who you wish to kill HOST: Mafia, please go to sleep HOST: Doctor, please wake up and choose who you wish to save HOST: Doctor, please go to sleep HOST: The next day has come Everyone, please wake up! HOST: During the night, the mafia went out to explore to kill one of the members But once again, nobody has died HOST: Once again, you may talk amongst yourselves Hey JOO! Doctor JOO! I’m getting chills Who did you save? Who did I save? Honestly? You Then it’s him “I.M! I.M! I.M what I am!” I am the game king! You think I’m the mafia? So, it’s been confirmed. I’m not the mafia Do you guys agree? SHOWNU: What if JOOHONEY is mafia? That doesn’t make sense A… Are you sure you’re the doctor? I think we should believe him If JOOHONEY is the doctor, and he saved me, and no one died, then I’m a civilian This makes no sense, however, there’s one possibility What if MINHYUK is the mafia and He could be making it all up by saying that that’s what the mafia did You can kill yourself? You can’t I’m for sure a civilian HYUNGWON: Okay, nevermind KIHYUN: Oh, in this moment… I.M’s votes are MINHYUK: Our MONBEBEs are so gullible KIHYUN: I.M’s first place right now Your first feeling… You didn’t feel it for no reason I think we should go back to the original cause I’m sorry, but you should’ve talked more before So you think it’s KIHYUN? I think it’s either KIHYUN or maybe HYUNGWON HYUNGWON: What’s your reason? HYUNGWON: Don’t be emotional MINHYUK: Relax, don’t get mad I’m getting emotional. Just tell me the reason I.M: I’m not emotional. You’re emotional right now JOOHONEY: Time out Give some time so they can interpret. Please Let’s kill KIHYUN first We need a reason to kill I think this person’s confidence.. it seems fake I also think it’s I.M but I also think it’s not bad to kill KIHYUN first HYUNGWON: That’s what I was talking about SHOWNU: Wait, but the doctor saved you

So in this situation, we’ve kind of confirmed two civilians 99% It’s not us two So, the first person that we suspected, let’s kill him off And let’s just go by the order So, let’s do that. If it’s not KIHYUN, then kill me HOST: Time is up. Has everyone decided? HYUNGWON: So, what are we doing? KIHYUN: Please trust me MINHYUK: Who? Tell us I.M: No, time is up. Time is up HOST: Please point to the member who you suspect to be the mafia on the count of three HOST: One, two, three Me? MINHYUK: Okay, bye~ HOST: I.M has been chosen HOST: I.M, what do you have to say in your defense? Mafia, fighting! Good luck! Good luck! HOST: MONBEBE, you have two minutes to vote on whether to kill or save I.M HOST: Voting begins now Why are my votes not dropping? That’s right, because of that big thing in the beginning But I’m just an innocent, pure civillian I really don’t have anything. If you’re gonna kill me I’m also very innocent! MINHYUK: SHOWNU? KIHYUN: That’s really But SHOWNU isn’t talking at all It’s a little bit suspicious Suspect me, please MINHYUK: Who do you think it is? I thought it was JOOHONEY at first because JOOHONEY saved himself, and he seemed nervous MINHYUK: See, it’s not SHOWNU You can’t determine that so quickly Let’s listen to him first Then, JOOHONEY said honestly that he saved MINHYUK Since MINHYUK suspected I.M, he thought that I.M might kill him So let’s say I was the mafia, and I tried to kill MINHYUK, I would have become suspicious, so that’s why I would have been suspicious of MINHYUK KIHYUN: I.M’s hands are really sweaty KIHYUN: He wiped his hands once on his pants He keeps squeezing the sponge JOOHONEY: That’s sharp, very sharp KIHYUN: He keeps twirling it HYUNGWON: Twirling and twirling, lol KIHYUN: He couldn’t just let his hands stay KIHYUN: He realized that he’s being cornered So after all the time we’ve spent together, you guys don’t know me at all It’s not that we don’t know you, it’s that you’re not talking a lot Normally, I don’t talk a lot At times like this you have to reason yourself out MINHYUK: Let’s hear him out Can we just cut KIHYUN? MINHYUK: Okay, I’ll think about it I.M: We can cut him, and then HOST: The voting has ended, and the results are in HOST: I.M? Bye-bye HOST: You HOST: have been saved by the MONBEBE MINHYUK: MONBEBE are just saving everyone! JOOHONEY: They’re saving everyone right now! MINHYUK: Stop saving them! They’re not really dying! HYUNGWON: This isn’t going to end! MINHYUK: We’re not really going to die! It’s just a game! “How can we kill our I.M?” Wow! Look at that rate He almost died Looking at the voting rate, to KILL was 48%, and to SAVE was 52% There is only a 4% difference MINHYUK: Is there a point?! They’re not killing anyone If you’re the mafia, think well and make sure you kill someone MINHYUK: SHOWNU, JOOHONEY, and I are all civilians

For the three of us, let’s decide on a kill order If I.M and HYUNGWON get chosen again, they automatically die So, think about that HOST: This will be a special round HOST: I.M, did you have something to say? In the event that you guys suspect me, I’m too lazy to explain myself, so just kill me This time it doesn’t really matter because there’s no voting HOST: This will be a special round HOST: The mafia will kill two civilians, not one HOST: Everyone, it is nighttime HOST: Please put your head down and go to sleep HOST: Mafia, please wake up and choose two civilians HOST: Mafia, go to sleep HOST: Doctor, please wake up and choose one person to save HOST: Doctor, go to sleep HOST: The next day has come HOST: Everyone, wake up MINHYUK: I think I’m dead HOST: In the midst of the night, HOST: the mafia pulled the trigger HOST: on JOOHONEY and SHOWNU He killed all the civilians They all died? JOOHONEY saved me! HOST: JOOHONEY and SHOWNU may no longer talk MINHYUK: JOOHONEY saved me! This is crazy MINHYUK: KIHYUN, wait wait wait MINHYUK: Are you really not the mafia? MINHYUK: Can I trust you? Then who do you think it is? Me? MINHYUK: Should we just kill off HYUNGWON? MINHYUK: Wait So if this is the order that they killed, this person is pretty good at this game, right? Among us, we are the civilians If they have the brains to kill these two- Who?! Who?! Who?! Who is the killer? Who is the killer?! KIHYUN, I can’t kill someone I’m confirmed as a civilian, silly How could I be the mafia when JOOHONEY said he saved me? A mafia wouldn’t kill himself What if JOOHONEY was just acting as the doctor? Then who’s the doctor? If he was the doctor, wouldn’t he avoid revealing himself to avoid being killed? You’re wrong Really? I’ve got a strong gut feeling We have the answer but HYUNGWON: You know what’s making me so mad right now? HYUNGWON: Because I told you we have to get rid of the most suspicious person first so the game can continue MINHYUK: Who do you think? MINHYUK: KIHYUN? MINHYUK: But, the reason I want to choose HYUNGWON is if we choose KIHYUN, MONBEBE is going to save him again Since one of two of them will die right away, let’s go with HYUNGWON HOST: Time is up MINHYUK: Are you dumb? KIHYUN: It’s really not you? Yes, it’s confirmed HOST: Please point to the member you suspect to be the mafia HOST: One HOST: Two HOST: Three HOST: Please vote MINHYUK: Who, who, who? I.M: KIHYUN! MINHYUK: KIHYUN? You choose I.M? Then it is you Why would you pick I.M? You should’ve picked HYUNGWON If you were the civilian, you would have listened to me HOST: KIHYUN has been chosen HOST: KIHYUN, what do you have to say in your defense? SIRI: I’m sorry, that is not a registered contact on your phone Okay, be quiet, Siri!

Siri isn’t helpful So, my last words are I have no idea who the mafia is, but he’s doing really good MINHYUK: Why didn’t you trust me? HYUNGWON: You’re on the right path, but then you make a sudden turn MINHYUK: Wait, is it I.M? You should have just chosen I.M when I chose him It’s still 2 vs. 2 anyway HOST: MONBEBE, you have two minutes to vote on whether to kill or save KIHYUN Please save! Just kill HOST: Voting begins now Just kill MINHYUK: Guys, let’s talk HYUNGWON: I kept telling you! HYUNGWON: I kept saying let’s kill off the most suspicious person! Since I am a civilian, you have to trust me! I.M: I suddenly think it’s MINHYUK That makes no sense! There’s no need to suspect me! Calm down, MINHYUK I’m going crazy! Since it’s a show, let’s be professional Hey, JOOHONEY. Shhh Just hurry up and die or do something Shhhhh MINHYUK: MONBEBE, kill please Sorry. I changed my mind So, the mafia can only kill one person now, right? So, let’s just kill KIHYUN first and then go from there Okay, kill please! Well, if MONBEBE kills me, the game will be over So, let’s just end this game Seriously Is it HYUNGWON? MINHYUK: Why do I feel like it’s HYUNGWON? HYUNGWON: I’m going to go insane Is it I.M? I have no idea anymore HOST: The voting has ended, and the results are in They’re probably going to save him HOST: MINHYUK Huh? KIHYUN HOST: Hi, MINHYUK. KIHYUN He was just asking HOST: MONBEBE has voted HOST: to kill you off MINHYUK: Wow, for the first time! So, mafia is KIHYUN? HOST: It is now nighttime once again HOST: Please put your head down Wait, the game’s not over? HOST: The game is not over yet HOST: Mafia, please kill one person HOST: Please put your head down HOST: Mafia, wake up and choose who you want to kill HOST: Mafia, go to sleep HOST: Doctor, please wake up and choose who you wish to heal HOST: Doctor, go to sleep HOST: The next day has come HOST: Everyone, wake up I.M: We lost MINHYUK: We lost MINHYUK: It’s him HYUNGWON: We lost HOST: In the dead of the night, HOST: our innocent kindergarten owner, MINHYUK, HOST: was killed by three of his students HOST: Goodbye, MINHYUK Thank you I’m not going far MINHYUK: It’s him It’s him? That brat HOST: The mafia’s identity still remains a mystery HOST: Yet, HOST: the mafia wins HYUNGWON, congratulations I told you it was him! KIHYUN: What do you mean you said it was him? MINHYUK: What are you saying? I kept saying it was him! In the middle, you said it was him HOST: MONSTA X, The FANFIA GAME is over now HOST: Mafia, mission accomplished Congratulations This was fun Alright, the game is over Everyone, since this is a show please liven up your faces Get your faces right. It’s too stiff How was it? MONBEBE, suddenly killed me in one go How can they save the other two

and kill me in one go? Shall we see the final votes? There’s nothing to see actually. I’m first by a lot Now that I see this, MONBEBE has no sense No sense This was a fun experience playing all together like this You were the doctor, right? I was the doctor Who did you save the first two rounds? I believed in myself until the end, but then I died That’s a shame At first, I saved myself Secondly, it is true that I saved MINHYUK I saved HYUNGWON the third time MINHYUK: You trusted him too much I killed him, but I’m feeling sorry There was nothing too suspicious about him MONBEBE’s reaction: “HYUNGWON is too good.” Sabrina says, “We murdered him.” She’s talking about me, probably “I don’t even know anymore.” Me too KIHYUN: But HYUNGWON did a good job MINHYUK: That’s right HYUNGWON is very good How did it feel when the doctor guessed right in the beginning? When I killed the first and second round, he saved everybody I really had goosebumps I wasn’t able to calm myself down That’s why I just remained silent Why’d you kill us two? I really thought I had to kill the doctor For that reason, I suspected the two of you Because you’re smart What’s different from how we normally play, is if the mafia is in between a lot of people, they usually kill the two people beside them This mafia is too eccentric to just kill the two beside him He killed all of his neighbors Trash So, it was so fun playing the FANFIA GAME with our MONBEBE We will see you soon and thank you hello82 and MONBEBE! We love you guys! Bye! HOST: It is now nighttime. Everyone, please put your head down and go to sleep HOST: Mafia, please wake up and choose who you wish to kill (JOOHONEY) HOST: Doctor, please wake up and choose who you wish to save HOST: The mafia tried to kill one of the members, but Nobody has died HOST: Mafia, wake up and choose who you wish to kill (MINHYUK) HOST: Doctor, please wake up and choose who you wish to save (MINHYUK) HOST: The mafia went out to explore to kill one of the members HOST: But once again, nobody has died This is crazy! HOST: Once again, you may talk amongst yourselves HOST: Mafia, please wake up and choose two civilians HYUNGWON: (SHOWNU)(JOOHONEY) HOST: Doctor, please wake up and choose who you wish to save

(HYUNGWON) HOST: Doctor, go to sleep HOST: The mafia pulled the trigger on JOOHONEY and SHOWNU He killed all the civilians They all died? JOOHONEY saved me JOOHONEY saved me This is crazy HOST: Mafia, wake up and choose who you want to kill (MINHYUK) HOST: Mafia, go to sleep