Hi, this is John for BetterDoneYourself! Today, I want to put together a hydroponics garden. it’s not really expensive to set up, usually you’ll need to buy a little bit of tubing and some plumbing and a couple of thing that you probably have around the house. I have my goldfish pond pump that we’re going to use. But basically what i want to do is take a look at the parts that you need to put that garden together How to set it up. How to plant it and then how to keep it running over the long term So let’s get started. First thing you’ll need is a couple of bins. These will be the actual planters. These will be the garden beds. Then you’ll need a larger bin This was just an old Rubbermaid tote that I had kicking around my shop I rinsed it out real well and gave it a good scrubbing so there’s nothing bad in it. A couple of kinds of pipe: this is 1/2 inch plastic pipe. 3/4 inch plastic pipe. When you set up on any kind of water system you always want your drain to be bigger diameter than your supply. That way it won’t overflow. That way it’s always easier for it to drain that it is for it to supply. So we’ll do 1/2″ supply and 3/4 inch drain Next part on the list of the Ebb and Flow fitting kit. What these are is they’re going to connect the planters to the pipes and then there’s just some screens to keep the gravel or the debris from getting into the pipe I got two. I got one for each planter and then I picked up a packet of 1/2 inch supply T’s. Next part: a timer For the first planter, i’m going to do a rock wool system. Rockwool is kinda like fiberglass in that it’s a spun product They take rocks instead of glass. They take those rocks heat them up and then spin them so they make real fine fibers and then pack them into blocks so it looks like a wool consistency or like fiberglass or something but it’s actually made of stone. Now these are great for for growing your plants in hydroponics gardens. you can see they’ve got a little circles in them that’s where the plugs fit so what I’m going to do is with this package of plugs will start my seeds in the plugs and then once they get to be a little seedlings i can transfer them over into the rockwool cubes and then they can create their root system and grow into a more mature plant more on these later. by all these are the possible to pump this is the gardening pump this is that pump out of my pond we expect to retire the pond because the Hawks reading the goldfish so that wasn’t working so let’s repurpose this pond pump got the half-inch fitting that I mentioned happened supply and this will probably be a little bigger than we need for this project we’ll see how it goes but I’ve got away dealing with it so i think it’s going to be fine first step of setting up our hydroponic gardens doing some holes to accept the ebb and flow fitting kit so basically you’re gonna have a supply and a drain and that these are going to go down to the bottom of the bucket and the pump will feed the water up through the supply and then the couple eventually shut off and then the whole thing will drain out so we need a way to mount these very conveniently in a in a in our bucket here so it’s looking at drilling these holes in these buckets what I want to do is support the the box from the bottom it’s got kind of a recess here if i push against this well I’m drilling up in a snap it so I’m just going to prop up on some blocks and then I’ve got a one and a quarter inch hole saw amounted to my drill awesome just clean this holds up a little bit he’s just come apart there’s a couple of washers here little rubber seals so you basically have a rubber seal and then the box and then the rubber seal all

right next on my agenda is I cut a couple holes in this piece of plywood I need to cut four holes for the drain and supply here and we’ll get these runs the pipes run down to the bottom of the table safety first like it was made for it perfect ok now the other bits we haven’t located are the drain covers and the extension so you can basically stack these and make the drain as tall as you want obviously we’re trying to do is get the bottom of the drain lower than the top edge of the bucket so I’m looking at right about there so I’m perfect and then i’ll just go ahead and put a drain cover on the on the supply and as well so that rock sand and gravel in the train doesn’t get down into my pump remember the drain is the larger the larger size pipe that’s the three-quarter it ok I think we’re all set topside let’s take a look at how we’re gonna plummet on the bottom we’ve got the planter beds all set up top here let’s take a look at what we need to do to get the water circulating my plan is to have a about 20 gallons of water in this green tupperware bucket take the pump pump the water up to through the supply lines flood the planters and then allow the water to drain back into the bucket so i’ll do a drain from the very top of the drain about three inches of the bottom of the pocket right here where my finger is try to relax these coils a little bit don’t need to be coiled up i needed to be straight if you find that your hose is just persistent and it went straight now you can soak in a little hot water first boil some water and then just kind of Bend this the wrong way and stick it down in a pot of the of the water taking out the so put the tube in the hot water for 15-20 seconds and then you can hold it straight and stretch it out i might it might come to that but this is good enough for now you probably see I’m just screwing this onto the the barbed fitting you can use the the reinforcement that this the reinforcement almost acts like a screw and you can turn it right up onto the barbed fitting gonna take a little persuasion now here we go alright one more for the other side and it’s just making about the same way ok that’ll drain into the bucket this will drain into the bucket ok that make sure all of our drains let’s take a look at what we need to do to get the water out of the basin up to the pump and then to our-our Phil’s here and a package of teas what I’m going to do is come up out of the pump and then he it to go to each of supplies lot easier to cut them to reinforce stuff let’s cut this in half past now we just need another piece to go

from the tee fitting down to the pump so we’ll look at just a straight shot down behind the pump they’re all right here’s the whole system we gotta pump down the bottom of the bucket coming up to this T which goes up to the supply line and that feeds the supply so then it’ll the water fill the bucket and then it’ll rise up to the level of the drain here and then we’ll go down down the three-quarter inch pipe and then will drain out into our bases all right its water test this thing and this is what may be a 20-gallon tote so I’ll just fill this with water from the hose I’ll fill it within a couple of inches of the top alright so we’ve all been waiting for its presented see how r pump does the one of our bases sounds promising good water school and take a pretty happy with the the size of the pump i picked out that was just kind of my stomach lock that’s my old pond filter but it looks like we’re about halfway down on our water level here and we’re about halfway up on our water level here so i think we might have a volumetrically balance system but the rains are just now starting to work i can see some water trickling out of them’s and here we’re stuck at the pump sucking air so i actually got just exactly enough water I think I’ve got 50 quarts of water down there and at this point you’ll see what the timer this is where the pump kicks off so it’s gonna happen in our evidence flow system is that was the flow of water flour and phillips at the planters and then the pumpkin run for 15 minutes and then the water will add and received back down into the into the basement on the floor and here’s the final part of it to the puzzle here’s the art our final build implement this is a 24 hour timer remember I said that the pump would come on for 15 minutes and fill the planters and then the water would flow out and back down to the base and this is how i’m going to achieve that effect this is basically a 24 hour timer and what you can do is move these little switches out and so every six hours the pump will come on for 15 minutes and fill the basin continue to run for a little while to circulate the water and then after 50 minutes it’ll shut off and both handled rain there it’s just finish training so this should be good so basically what will happen is the public commodity six hours 15 minutes run and fill the basin up with water saturate the rock wall growing media with water and then will drain out the rock was absorbing enough that it’ll hold just enough water for the plants roots to get moisture into enter drink but not so wet the brutal drowned roots still need air yeah this is hydroponics but we still need to get sure getting some air into the system roots breathe Bruce will drown if there’s constantly soaking in water so that idea behind my might even flow system is that I’m gonna fill it up it’s going to flow with water and then the water will add about after 15 minutes and then those that the plants will hold onto the the water that stored in these Rock blocks all right now we’ve got a garden is a couple of plants let’s take a look at how we’re going to get our ceiling started that I’ve got my hydroponic bad operational I want to start your feelings I’ve got these macro plug again I guess that isn’t a rock wall and they’re basically just a cylinder of a rock wolf that as a little split in the middle and what you need to treat them first the instructions tell you it soak them in 5.5 peach solution i’ve got some water here is grab yourself like a ph tester I’ve got a link down below for one of these this is about twenty dollars i think a lot of you haven’t been keeping a supply of pH paper on hand let’s take my waters about 6.7 slightly acidic should provide my five little bit

of apple cider vinegar 5.4 that work and just throw miss I want to do split three crops start so let’s do a squat for quality thing so i got this for clubs here just get these a soap for Adam couple minutes okay my grill plugs have gotten their asses back here up drain them and now I just want to go ahead and start putting the seeds and some of them I’ve got some basil seeds some cilantro and some amber and amaranth is what you think it is it’s an ancient grain you probably remember it from world history class but amaranth it grows I don’t six feet tall and big giant red flowers that you can take the seeds out of and then use for grain I like to grow as a microgreen or just grow it you know let it get about this tall and keep plucking the leaves off it and using it for salad greens and its really delicious and a look at it i mean it’s it’s it’s it really is great i mean this is something that you can you know imagine that you were boiling as like a gruel or something like that but again yet I don’t let it get that high i let it get a couple of feet tall and just keeping the leaves and throwing the big green leaves and myself that makes gorgeous leaves tiny little seeds like this you don’t want to really plan too deep I’m going to throw a couple in each cube just a quarter of an inch down from the top this kind of you just kind of private is open and sprinkle some seeds in so grab the lid on and you want to keep this dark and moist and warm dark moist at dark moist disease the box will keep it moist dark throw it in a closet somewhere downstairs and for the warm part i love this thing if it simply heat map it’s like a big heating pad for your receivers just go ahead and put it like that and plug it in and you can it’ll it doesn’t get very hot it literally just raises the temperature its surrounding by 10 degrees so it’s about a mile 68 degrees in here just to raise it up to 78 i’ll plug this in and it literally put a rush job on your seedlings so let me plug within that stairs where it’s dark somewhere and we’ll keep it warm for a week and we’ll check in and then we’re looking for seedlings lift that an inch and 2 inches and then we’ll we’ll pick up the video there so it’s been about a week and remember the sprouts we put down a couple the mif came up the bags of plants came up the Empress it’s pretty little red sprouts here um the coriander my cilantro plants Butkus so maybe I’ll get a couple of little cilantro plant at the supermarket or see what i can do so i thought these locks point of these out last week and these are simple this I mean what could be easier is literally take these units shut them down one of these blocks and you’re done plant it got six of these i think what i want to do is the is the amaranth alright there’s a flood and those all of those will get watered this is the hydrant on the expanded clay comes in a 50 litre bag if t is this string out it should come right apart you can rinse this i’m not going to get really excited about it you got a couple of options you can fill some mesh pots and then literally take your plugs and just embed it down and up in here and grow it like that i think will start these I’m gonna get some from plants upstairs and we’ll use it better with these so I mean that’s about that you can do it this way i think what i want to do is sort of a bed

and then what you can do with this will get flooded and then put your little plant pleasant like this and you’re planted pick this up on amazon by parts spectra 300 nice self-contained unit power plugs european plug power switch and this is that 300 watts of LED power so let’s get this hung up this is a nice LED and it comes with a hanging kit and I think that’s gonna work out let me get out fully a nail up in the ceiling and it said finally drained into the water sucking out of it I’ve got this survey your string and just an island i’ma put this up in the ceiling and we can hang the light from it couple things i’m noticing about my setup right off the bat this summer as the pump is on the water floods way too high and floods like kick over the tops of these little seedlings i think im gonna adjust this and I can literally just take out a section and maybe even two sections and we can assess the level of that just by taking these little links out and then I really don’t want to flood you know kill the plants and I trying to drown him i just want to keep these these blocks saturated fats such as for this one you can see how but that the hydrogen is is still very drive from shipping once this was a couple of times diesel diesel saturate and though they won’t float as much but I’ll probably want to check this pretty soon here and rot and and may god make sure that my little plantlets torrent aren’t sunk down into underneath the hydrogen there that’s probably a perfect level look at that it’s filling the pump is on but I’ve got my overflow lowered so it’s just the just the kind of the ground level here i’m happy with the with the height of my light I’ve got I’ve got a good with of of light here so i think we’re set my pump is set to come on i adjusted it adjusted the pump to come on every district every couple of hours because I want to make sure the hydrogen gets really well saturated and I recognize that I’ve got two separate issues here I mean the way you irrigate these blocks is probably a lot different than the way you generally irrigate hydrogen like i said before it’s an experiment will see what does well I can always adjust the timer on the pump and that’s really all there is to it that’s my hydroponics garden check back in a couple of weeks and you can see the plans to do and thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe